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    The OAO Post If You're Active Thread

    *sees MST3k picture* *marks*
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    SWF Smarkdown Card 10-17-05

    If I had known I would be ungrounded the day the card was up . . . *sighs*
  3. Smartly Pretty

    The OAO Post If You're Active Thread

    Ungrounded and Active~!~ w00t! That's the last time I light my sister on fire, I promise.
  4. I've been here for 3 shows. 3 were late. Is it always like this?
  5. Smartly Pretty

    Early Lockdown Comments

    And Boston
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    So I decided to do a speech for a class on

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    SWF Smarkdown Card, 10-3-05!

    No match
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    "Do Androids dream of wrestling again?"

    This makes me upset. I never got to read one of your matches.
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    IWA-MS TPI 2005 is this weekend!

    My money's on Hero. He had a 1st round elimination last year, I don't see it happening again.
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    Genesis Comments

    "twice as long as it needed to be" says the man who went 1,300 I kinda skimmed, except for matches I was really really looking foward too. Really good overall.
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    Genesis Word Count Thread!

    About 6k. Not bad for a n00b
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    Converting Video file types

    I'm trying to make a dvd, and to do so, all the files have to be in mpg. Can I convert wmv to mpg?(Note: I need a program a Mac can use)
  13. Smartly Pretty

    Lion vs. Bear....

    Neither animal lives in the Jungle. Bears=Forest Lions= either the serengetti or the sahara, I'm not a Geography expert.
  14. Smartly Pretty

    Kane's New "Biography"

    I suspose, but a Nazi would offend a lot of pepole, but I don't recall WWE ever doing anything anti-Semetic yet, so they might as well get it out of their systemes. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If it offended anybody, it would be totally ridiculous. I would laugh at the angle, and I'm Jewish.
  15. Smartly Pretty

    Your ROH MOTY

    I beg the differ. Punk/Delirious for 60 minites totally tops it. I'm posotive that ANY of tonights THREE GBH4 main events will be the Match of the Year.
  16. Smartly Pretty

    OAO Tape Recommendations Thread

    NOO! DO NOT ORDER THE BEST OF'S! The best of's tapes, are simply tapes to get you interseted in buying more real tapes, without spoiling the best matches. Take a look at Best of CM Punk. Notice NONE of his matches with Samoa Joe are on it. You are much better off buying a real card. I recomend starting at one of the first shows of the "RoH chapters" Chapter 1: "Era Of Honor Begins" to "First Anniversary Show" Chapter 2: "Expect The Unexpected" to "At Our Best" Chapter 3: "Reborn: Stage One" to "Final Battle 2004" Chapter 4: "It All Begins" to "The Future Is Now" Chapter 5: "Death Before Dishonor III" to Chicago Ridge 8/13/04 (show yet to be named)
  17. Smartly Pretty

    Raw rating

    The first Monday Night Football isn't a holiday? Damn that government of ours.
  18. Smartly Pretty


    Do I need to include all the welcome crap in the begining?(As the opening match)
  19. Smartly Pretty

    SWF STATS THREAD, Summer 2005 Edition

    **Minor moveset edit** Smarks Board Name: Criplercrosface9 Wrestlers Name: "The Divine Wind" Akira Kaibatsu Height: 6'0 Weight: 195 Hometown: Sendai, Japan Age: 20 Face/Heel: face Stable: Ring Escort: Mr. Kobe, a short, pudgy man in a suit. He knows his wrestling, though, and does all of the talking for the two. Weapon(s): -- Quote: Akira has none. Mr. Kobe, who out of all the American music he has listened to, enjoys the Hives, generally likes to use "Yeah I thought it all over, and now I'll spit it out. And when I spit, I spit on those that I care less about", because it sounds good. Looks: Akira is well built, with the slightest hint of a six pack. He's bald, to avoid unsightly hair sticking out from under his mask. He also has a tattoo on his right forearm, which says "fearless" if you can read kanji. If you can't, it's cool Japanese writing. In terms of attire, Kaibatsu wears long, two toned tights, colored white on the right side, blue (think New York Giants blue) on the left, as well as kneepads that are the same color as the opposite side. Blue kneepad on the white side, white on the blue. His boots are white, with blue kickpads, and his elbow pads are colored like the tights, white on the right and blue on the left. Akira's mask is similar to (read: exactly the same as) Hayabusa's, with the mask itself being white, while the faceplate is blue. Ring Entrance: "Sappy" By Nirvana hits the PA system. Please note that this song has about a billion names, because it was never released. (In the Kurt Cobain journal, he called it by Verse Chorus Verse, as well as Sappy). Akira Kaibatsu and his manager Mr. Kobe come out, after the big guitar riff hits. Akira and Kobe walk down the ramp discussing strategy. Put Funyon in whereever you want. Stats: ¯¯¯¯¯ Strength: 4 He'll have his troubles lifting the SWF's heavies (all three of them) but apart from that, he's fine. Speed: 7 Does his fair share of flipping around, but this is more mat quickness than anything. Vitality: 7 He won't no-sell anything, he's just incredibly hard to keep down. Charisma: 2 You try cutting a promo in a foreign language, see how much heat YOU get Style: When writing Kaibatsu, think The Great Sasuke. He's an excellent mat wrestler, and he uses his speed to enhance his mat technique. He also uses his speed to take to the air when there are guys that are better wrestlers, like Jay Hawke, slightly worse on the mat but faster, like JJ Johnson, or just plain bigger, like Bruce Blank. Signature moves Senton Bomb: No flip, just jumps on them back-first. Think Dick Togo. Roaring Elbow: He's no Danny Williams, but he's fast enough to gain the momentum that makes this pack quite the wallop. Divine Backbreaker: He lifts them up suplex style, then twists their body and drops them, so that their back lands on his knee, ala Roderick Strong It Came From Sendai: Some know it as the Angel's Wings, and Alex Shelley may be scrambling to sue me for using this name, but it's a swinging sitout Pedigree. Shining Gamenguri Common moves Float-over armdrag: With the opponent doubled over, Akira runs and jumps, rolling over their back. As he finishes the roll, he grabs their arm and uses his momentum to drag them over and to the canvas. Springboard front dropkick: KENTA-style, fools. Armbar DDT into Fujiwara: Grabs the arm and drops, DDT style, before floating over into a Fujiwara armbar. Simple, really. Stalling brainbuster: Strength 4 means he can't hold them up there for long, but he'll go as long as he cares to before dropping you on your head. JAPANESE MAT WRESTLING~!: As stated before, Kaibatsu can carry himself quite well on the mat, and thus knows most of the tricks in the book. Lots of flips, rolls and handstands here. Be pretty creative, God knows they are. Chops: Knife-edged, overhead, whatever. Sometimes, Kaibatsu just gets the urge to slap you around. In a non-heelish way, of course. Springboard gamengiri: Runs to the ropes, jumps to the middle, springs off and kicks you in the face. Ouch. Basic kicks. Roundhouses, etc. No wacky spinning uber-head-removal kicks, but stuff you could learn by watching a karate class for a few days. Rare moves Divine Wind '04: Head-drop Sliced Bread #2. See Bio for details. EXTREMELY RARE. Kaibatsu Drop: A very spotty move, but effective nonetheless. Akira gets them in a dragon sleeper before flipping over them and dropping into an Stunner. Finishers The Divine Wind-Sliced Bread #2 The Rising Sun: This is a combination move. Kaibatsu gets them in a double chickenwing from behind, and throws them over in a Tiger Suplex-like move. However, he loosens his grip slightly, so that they flip over and land on their face. That would be bad enough, only now they find themselves in a Cattle Mutilation. Pretty bad, and even worse if he's been working the arms. The Tiger Suplex facebuster thing could also be done by itself, as could the Cattle Mutilation. Notes: Kaibatsu has only been wrestling for a year, which means he often finds himself at a loss for what to do in the ring. It's at time like this that he turns to his manager, Mr. Kobe, who'll try to guide him along as best he can. In terms of ethics, if you're familiar with Ring of Honor, Akira is a Code of Honor following guy. Bio: I don't feel like writing a whole bio out, so I'll just explain the DW'04... In Kaibatsu's debut match on August 12th, 2004, he was booked to win. Naturally, he was very excited, and his in-ring actions showed. He was jittery, he had a huge grin on his face the whole time (even when he was supposed to be selling), and it all built up. When it finally came time to hit his finisher, he was so overexcited that he overshot the flip and ended up dropping his opponent on his head. This snapped the then-19 year old back to reality. If he kept getting excited when he knew he was winning, people could get hurt. From then on, he's carried himself like a professional in the ring, and hasn't injured anyone since. Get him too angry, though, and this may very well change.