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  1. super_tigris

    SWF Storm Card for February 28!

    ...The tag division must be in disarray.
  2. super_tigris

    Skull Radio~!

    Good show - I appreciate that it was fed related and not another Thoth Report reminiscing fest for former writers. I found it interesting, too.
  3. super_tigris

    Better Know A Writer!

    Real Name: Mike K. (something Croatian) Characters Portrayed: Mike Cross, Ultimo Phantasmo In SWF Since: 2005/2006 Real-Life Height: 5'11'' Real-Life Weight: 180 lbs. Real-Life Age: 16 Real-Life Location: Quite literally, parts unknown (also known as Bumfuck, OH) Picture: Will have one later Education: Third year of high school. Accomplishments Outside of SWF: Not very much, aside from amateur wrestling medals earned before a pretty bad should injury. Favorite Band: Gorillaz Favorite Song: "The Show Must Go On" by Queen Favorite Movie: Die Hard Virgin? Explain: I don't want to talk about it. Fuckers. Accomplishments Within SWF: Lethal Lottery winner (as Asia Underground, with Akira), SWF Tag Team Champion (as Asia Underground, with Akira), SWF Cruiserweight Champion. Favorite SWF Moment: Probably beating Team SpYon in the Lethal Lottery finals. Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): Meh. Favorite SWF Writer (Current): Meh (x2). Why You Joined The SWF: I like to write and I like wrestling. 2 + 2.
  4. super_tigris

    Promo: Losing

    “Don’t worry about it,” remarks one of the crew members in the back passing by a seated Akira Kaibatsu, looking to shake loose some ends which remained untied after a difficult loss in the annual Clusterfuck on Sunday. Akira merely grimaces, managing to pick his head up only slightly as the crew member waltzes past him busily. Nonetheless, the Devine Wind continues to bind his forearms with black tape before he pauses. “Feeling blue,” sarcastically questions an unseen voice. The camera pulls back and reveals the lanky stature of one Mike Cross, looking down at his former tag team partner with a villainous smile. “Feeling blue,” he questions again, his comment again shrugged off by the Japanese cruiserweight, “Maybe you just can’t win like you’d hoped you’d be able to…yeah, that’s it.” Once again Akira manages a glance as he lazily lifts his head, relapsing back to the tape. “It’s all up here,” the comment met with a hollow sound of ‘Iron’ Mike’s knuckle tapping the forehead of the Devine Wind, “It’s all in your head, wittle Akira.” Almost immediately the Devine Wind lifts to his feet methodically – like a machine – meeting his former partner face to face. ‘Iron’ Mike manages a smile before Akira presses his index finger firmly to his chest and nudges him back. “What you know of losing,” demands the foreigner sternly, “What you know of anything – nothing! You know nothing!” Mike steps back onto his left foot, bowing his head and the smile is dropped. His shaggy hair courses his face and he wipes it from his eyes. “You’re so naïve,” says the Detroit native, “Everything I went through; I think I know a thing or two about losing. You – Akira – don’t know shit about what losing means!” “Don’t know shit,” shouts back the Devine Wind, as Cross steps forward, “I know more than you think!” “I’m not the one who lost our belts,” Mike shouts back, “But I sure as hell had more than a hand in winning them – I fought my heart out, injured and all, in one of the most dangerous matches there is! I could’ve lost my career and then you lost it for me! You know nothing of what it means to lose, because you’ve been shrugging off losses since you tapped out to JJ Johnson in our first tag title defense!” At that point, the gloves have come off and the two begin to scuffle on the ground, throwing elbows and weakly thrown punches. It’s at this point that a man steps in and pulls ‘Iron’ Mike from the ground and then pushes him back down next to his former tag partner, the two looking up at the mystery man in awe. The camera pulls back and pans to see a short, stalky, and balding Japanese man who looks down at the two like they’re children and can only bare a smile. “Mr. Kobe,” gawks Mike Cross. “Hell you doing here,” angrily spits a sour Akira Kaibatsu. “You two got a thing or two to learn about what being a tag team takes.”
  5. super_tigris

    SWF Storm Card for January 17, 2007

    Did someone say my name? Extended weekend + the lack of final exams during exam week = a really, really, really great no-show. Seriously, don't expect a cake walk.
  6. super_tigris


    I'll be promo'ing - Clark, let me know what you're doing.
  7. Alright, folks. Lockdown is looking like a fantastic card (if only the magic wasn't stripped by the knowledge of no-shows and computer 'splotions), and this place could use some more activity. The Card (and my predictions, what can I say, I'm lazy): =============== THE MAIN EVENT - SWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Michael Stephens ©© vs. "The Dean of Professional Wrestling" Jay Hawke =============== COLD FRONT CLASSIC - SECOND ROUND MATCH "The Superior One" Tom Flesher vs. "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins =============== FULL METAL MAYHEM (non-title) JJ Johnson vs. Jimmy the Doom © =============== TAG TEAM MATCH Team ZyKira (Zyon © and Akira Kaibatsu ©) vs. Team CroNson (Michael Cross and Devin Benson) =============== CRAB BATT- I MEAN, HAWK BATTLE Nighthawk vs. Trent Hawk vs. Double No Show =============== Two or three very appealing matches there, and here are some predictions: Match of the Night: Tom Flesher vs. Spike Jenkins -Tom's been kicked around lately despite being probably the best heel writer, however, Spike is constantly bragging that he's the best. Whether or not the persona has breached the writer or not, it should be interesting to see the two top heels duke this one out to keep title shot dreams alive. Writer of the Night: Jay Hawke. -Mike's undoubtedly the best writer around right now. Jay Hawke, however, has been on top of things lately, so it should be interesting. Upset predictions aside, if he shows and puts up a decent fight against Toxx, we might be looking at a new champion. Underdog of the Night: Spike Jenkins -You don't just beat Tom Flesher, you beat Tom Flesher. Spike Jenkins gets the nod, I think he can pull off a decent win and gain an upset over the master of the heel, Tom Flesher. Basicaly, I like the underdogs for Lockdown. Discuss, predict. Whatever you may.
  8. super_tigris

    SWF Storm Card!

    Hm. Requesting a match against an opponent shows before they win a title...priceless. I'll defeat thee via No Show. Fear it, no kickouts unless your vitality is above 8. PM me before writing a kickout!
  9. super_tigris

    Aftershock(s/XxxxXxxx) Comments

    What's that? That's the looming shadow of 'Iron' Mike standing by, waiting to come from nowhere in a glorious effort to knock off the 2004 Cold Front winner, Landon Maddix. There's a pun to be made here, I just can't think of it.
  10. super_tigris

    Losing matches thread

    A couple of points, just in general: 1.) I'm not disputing disqualifying him on principal, his match didn't exactly do the things I listed as acceptable in terms of eliminating people. I agree that the match didn't exactly take to advantage creative scenarios which involved eliminating more of the well regarded writers. I am disputing the idea of denying the match strictly because it does so. I think it can be made to work. 2.) I agree, his match was hindered by this. It could've been avoided, but that's besides the point. Had he effectively used some of the above suggestions I don't think it'd have mattered whether or not he eliminated the key storyline players in part due to the fact that there were still existant scenarios to be worked with as well as interactions, for example, between wrestlers like Cross and Spike. I think the bigger problem is not the hindering this did because that could've been avoided, but the misuse of what was still there. 3.) I Google searched "segway" which I knew how to spell but thought about too long and it turned up as "correct" by the search engine. It's one of those easy to make mistakes, because I'd simply let it slip my mind that there is that overly eccentric form of transportation called the "Segway".
  11. super_tigris

    Losing matches thread

    The things I noticed in general with Akira's match weren't the larger names being thrown over early - in general, that makes sense and people should at least see that. I say this with the upmost respect for Wildchild: principal in this case lacks sense, because strategically it makes sense as a writer and within the match for the wrestlers to take out the larger names to increase their chances of making it to the top and getting their shot. Naturally, the veterans and legitimate names (writers, but I'm trying to make sense of this in terms of who is considered a big name in the federation) should be able to outlast the younger ones in a few cases. I think Toxx mentioned that earlier in the thread, that it doesn't exactly credit the writer if you automatically discount their match regardless of how they did it. The problems seem to stem from the lack of flow. For one thing, a bit more structure might do you some good - you're a solid writer, but the flow in your matches comes off as chaotic. I think that's where you lose a lot of points in the eyes of a marker/reader. Less use of "..." and other things would up your match writing in my book. Character interaction seemed dull. Naturally, Cross and Akira are at each other's throats. More use of the announcers to put relationships over inbetween spots in order to allow more time for story might help you out a lot. Anytime the announcers had input, it seemed strictly related to those two characters the match was focused on at the time, there weren't really any segways. Don't be fooled, putting over story needs to be the role of the announcer, whether you take the route of the WWE or not is up to you. Use them and more effectively add them to your matches, because this is one of those extra things that, in my book, puts a match over the top. Strictly reading match dialougue gets to be an annoyance, giving a break and adding in some light interaction and story telling is a plus. The ending felt rushed, as well. I know you're under word limits, but setting up eliminations a bit earlier may aid your case. You might assume that it's unpredictable for it to happen suddenly, but once you've used this scenario, as a reader, you're looking for it again. The end felt very rushed. Maybe setting it up earlier with foreshadowing through spots and commentary and it would've been above and beyond what's expected. That's what I noticed. It was a solid effort, and while I can't exactly sit here and critique your work having not shown in a match since around June, I think those are a few valid suggestions.
  12. We'll see what you guys think - I may redo this banner, becuase I was just plain unsatisfied with how it turned out.
  13. super_tigris

    SWF Aftersho and then a bunch of X's Card!

    Well. This is a nice surprise.
  14. super_tigris

    PROMO: "Scarlet"

    OR...OR, work with me on this, SHOOTS AND LADDERS!
  15. super_tigris

    PROMO: "Scarlet"

    Should've just said, "I'm Spike-fuckin'-Jenkins, fear me, or I'll no-show!"