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    SWF Smarkdown Card - 8-28-2006

    Well, why not?
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    Group Discussion!

    Tiers, but JJ already called me on that over AIM, so. At first I was like, "Is that ghetto for, 'that's a good idea,'" and then I realized I'm just terrible at spelling. *waisted 10 minutes typing that*
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    Group Discussion!

    Championship defenses should count for something, in all fairness. Also, there should be a main event caliber system worked out. If you're on a role, shots should only be dished out by winning a match against a high-caliber opponent. Even if it's by no-show. Not to discredit Bruce, but if you've been facing challengers and walking on them, CC needs to be moving up that belt in importance on the card. That actually solidifies Bruce's reign, theoretically (it might not have lasted long, however). I like the idea that Toxx has, but in theory, that list could become a source of complaints, and thus, I liked the other idea. Wins and such need to be counted for something, and a list could cause a muck among people who feel they deserve to be higher. But the win scenario needs to be a tire-style thing. Based on win-loss records, and maybe a rankings system based on best writing skills by the Hall of Famers, someone should put together a tire list. Sort of like the card status, where the bottom ranked win-loss records combined with writing style are in the bottom and so on up. That list, however, needs to be made up by non-participants in the current fed, as it may create a some tension in whether or not the last is 'accurate'. Possibly three gtires, the first requires 3 wins over any same-tire opponent to move up in elevation to the next tire of opponents, requiring another three wins over the opponents on a list. Co-writes are negated, as are angles, unless said angle featured a competitive match (sort of rids some of the too anly-angles, i.e. me and Akira). A win over a tired opponent over you accounts for 2 wins on any tire below said win. Basically, because I want to keep that idea, and have it make sense, I'll write out this on a technical level, for those dazed and confused (a movie I watched today...huh): Championship Tire -World Champion -International Champion -Cruiserweight Championship -Hardcore Championship -Tag Team Championships Explanation and Rules: Any champion is listed as the top level. If CC feels like a handful of wins attained by an unworthy writer, they can throw any title match at the person who has worked their way up. Of course, this is limited on the Tag Team and Cruiserweight belts. However, there is a way to balance that out. If two wrestlers are on a similar streak and have broken through the standards to earn a shot at those belts, then they can be paired together. Also, the belts should be ranked by importance. Obviously the World Championship means a lot, but if it's tied up in an angle or hasn't been defended (like when I held that Cruiserweight Belt and never actually defended it), then that belt should slide down on the list, which pushes the champions to defend and win their matches. Champions can request a defense against any opponent at any time. However, they cannot dodge an opponent by requesting a match against another opponent of lower-tire status when theirs a challenger who has earned a title shot. In order for said request to make its way to fruition, the title must not be ranked in the bottom three. CC has complete control over defenses unless otherwise noted (like, if a champion clears an angle, a tournament, or a defense by them first). If you're a multiple champion (holding more than any one specific belt, like Toxx), then you're required to defend your belt outside your angle (also like Toxx, who will be defending against Jimmy The Doom). You should not be able to request a match outside of the one CC sees fit unless otherwise noted (same scenario as in the above paragraph). This keeps titles active. Belt rankings will be provided by active members in CC not currently holding a title. Defenses, number of successful defenses, angle status, holder, holder's record, average defense and PPV defense word count, and finally Defenses Based on Rules will be accounted for in rankings. Belt importance rankings will be listed monthly unless CC feels it necessary to change rankings mid-month. Defenses only count on a monthly basis, and do not carry over if the holder is changed during that month. If the champion remains the same, the defenses stat carries over. Number of successful defenses is specific to a belt holder, and only carry over if the holder wins the title belt back after a loss in a certain amount of time (thus, if a belt holder is incredibly talented, and they win that belt back, it could elevate the title's ranking). Angles automatically decrease the value of the belt, if the belt is tied up in a long, drawn out angle (like me, with the Cruiserweight title), the overall ranking can be effected at the discretion of the person rankees. The holder is a stat tied into the defense and number of successful defenses rankings - if a holder is Top Tire, the value of the title increases, if that person has held that belt more than once in their aloted time to re-attain the title they lost, the value goes up, and so on as I'm sure you get the idea. Average wordcount increases or decreases the value of the title, thus encouraging champions and challengers to increase their proportions thus ending a certain rush-job epidemic we're in (this stat should be accounted for as an x-factor for people being elevated to challenge for a belt). Defenses based on rules is simple - how many gimmick matches has it been in (negate the Hardcore title of regular, standard hardcore rules, those count as regular defenses). The title ranking should influence champions to hold onto the belt as well as push the challengers and people who want to hold the belt. If a belt is ranked over a month as higher-status over other titles, it's given number one priority (for a kayfabe example, Taz and Rob Van Dam's reigns with the ECW TV Title from 1997 through to 1999 made it more important than the ECW World Title). That means the belt will main event that month's PPV unless CC has released a mid-month ranking if a series of random title changes were to occur or if a writer was to vacate the title. Higher caliber writers are given shots at the higher ranked belts. Writers who have some growing to do but have earned a title shot are given shots against the lower ranked titles as a way of protecting the higher ranked title (no offense to anyone found in this position). Top Tire -Former champions who've just lost their title(s) -Former champions who've been active, winning, and participating -Anyone with a competitive win over any other Top Tire writer (the other writer must have showed for this win to count) -The number one ranked writer for that month -Anyone CC feels deserves credit where credit is due Explanation and Rules: Maintaining the position in this tire can only happen if the writer has followed a number of expectations (these expectations can have exceptions, as CC should have the final word). Monthly, Top Tire writers must have at least competitively faced another Top Tire writer. No Top Tire writer can no-show more than two consecutive matches, with an allowed total of 3 to 5 no-shows during their stay in the Top Tire (3 over a month, 5 overall). A Top Tire writer can't lose any more than two times during a month, and if they're defeated competitively by an opponent for the second time in that month, the second win of course representing a non-Top Tire loss, will be replaced by the person who defeated them so long as they showed for the match and did not lose to an opponent in the same tire or a champion. If a loss by no-show occurs, a rematch can be issued by CC if they feel the winner was robbed of a potential spot in the Top Tire. This tire should contain very few people, the minimum being the number of writers holding a title (if a stable holds a tag team title and inter-changes members defending that belt, the extra members do not count, the max number of writers pertaining to the tag belts are two). Not all former champions are gaurenteed a spot in this tire. CC can use discretion, however, former champions who've just lost the title should be shuffled into this tire, unless replaced by a new challenger. Any former champion who no-showed their loss without notice or reasoning should not be included in this tire. The number one ranked writer by Longdogger_Pete in the monthly Historian's Rankings must have, prior to his ranking as the number one writer must have performed to the expectations of the current tire writers in the month prior to have earned his spot without CC approval, and must have CC approval if he did not make the necessary requirements in the month prior to his ranking. Inner-tire angles between two Top Tire writers have to have an end result of at least one competitive match. Top Tire title oppertunities are delivered based on whether they win their mandatory match against another Top Tire writer that month. The ranking system for titles above should be used to determine what title shots are given to who unless CC simply decides on their own, as well as the playoff-style mandatory match in the active month. If two writers are about equal, CC can book both of them as a tag team, or in the same title match. At the end of the month, the top ranked title is defended against the top ranked Top Tire wrestler based on their activity and status inside the Top Tire (which is kind of easy - if you don't belong in a title match, you won't last). Although, as noted above, the top ranked title and said title holder has the right to request a match or an angle with another writer of their choosing, CC has the right to book them against the top ranked Top Tire opponent if they see fit. Angles must be cleared in advance near the beginning of the month, otherwise the top ranked title cannot dodge the top ranked Top Tire writer. If an ongoing angle is present, and the top writer is not present in it, they will be offered a shot down the road as compensation, regardless of whether or not they're in the Top Tire, retired, or inactive (giving oppertunity down the road for those who were once consistent top writers who're returning some sort of welcoming back). Title shots cannot be saved up. However, if the top writer, or anyone deserving of a title shot can't immediately take the title shot they deserve, CC can offer them one to another title (which helps people on limited schedules who might only be able to take a shot on a certain show while the title is booked to be defended on a show that they're only available for). Middle Tire -Former champions unable to qualify for Top Tire status -Any writer with a winning record -Returning writers who've been active in the past -Anyone in an angle that doesn't pertain to a title (see below for more specific details) Explinations and Rules: Former champions unable to qualify for Top Tire status is self-explanitory. To qualify for a spot in the Middle Tire, writers must have a winning record, that record is allowed to be combined with past characters, for those who're ringers (unless otherwise requested to be placed under the Middle Tire, for the ringers out there). You must have at least faced a writer in a competitive match (Ced Ordonez and Jason Von Dierch don't count, MAN!), and your winning record must be above 5 wins. In order to move up in placement, you must consistently show for matches. Consistency is the main part, if you're consistent, your chances to move up increase. If you've no-showed without warning or a reason as to why, your consistency is set at a warning level, after a second consecutive no-show, you're pushed back to the bottom and forced to work your way back up - the point here being your rank in the Middle Tire. If you're more consistent while defeating others by competitive win in the Middle Tire, you'll be offered more shots against Top Tire writers, increasing your chances. In order to aspire to the Top Tire, you must have defeated a Top Tire writer by competitive decision (they have to have written, the rules for this situation are mentioned above) in order to replace them. They must also qualify by the standards of Top Tire or be placed their by CC. There's no official ranking for Middle Tire writers outside of the monthly SWF Historian's Rankings. That list should more than likely do in terms of the Middle Tire, as not as much work to maintain the tire should be put in. This is where you work your way up. By default, if you're in an angle not pertaining to a title, you'll be shuffled into the Middle Tire until your angle is concluded. You cannot attain a title shot in midst of an angle not pertaining to a title unless you've lost your title during your angle (by chance, however, that should happen less by the rules of the Top Tire and Championship Tire). This rule is kept only for the Middle Tire writers - you won't recieve an oppertunity to move up once you've been dead-locked into a feud. Top Tire writers feuding with Middle Tire writers cannot use a title shot during the feud unless otherwise allowed by CC. The Lowest of Lows -Debuting writers (or ringers requesting to be placed here) -Coffin Fodder Basically, if you're debuting, you're here. Either you face each other, Coffin Fodder, or Middle Tire opponents. This is where you grow. There are no set rules for this, as so few writers will probably be placed here, and the standards for moving up to the Middle Tire and Top Tire are listed above. What I think this achieves: -It assists those on a limited schedule -It keeps in mind those who're willingly participating in the fed -It forces the champions to defend more, take chances, write more, and try and elevate their status in the fed -It forces non-champion writers to work their way up the card or be sent down to The Lowest of Lows with the rest of the fed coffin fodder as meat for the eager, young, newer writers -It requires you to maintain your presence within the fed -It helps eliminate Rush Job Artists from places they don't deserve to be -It tracks stats -It puts a perspective on the rankings, allowing those attempting to aspire to the top to see what they have to do both in terms of where they are in the fed as well as the way they must do it, as there are some standards being set -It sets up a clear title defense system (alright, only mildly clear, but that's CC's spot regardless) Of course, it's going to take some effort to get this thing running, plus, people have to like it. There are some small negatives, but that comes with the territory. Overall, this combines Landon's idea with Toxx's idea in a more in-depth way. It also makes some things clear, and people aren't just being placed into situations on the card randomly. I hope people read this, and I'd like to see it made to work. But who knows? This thing solves some of the problems I've had - the lack of motivation, maintaining my character and spot on the card. It definately helps to clarify things, I think, as well as tests people. With this, the defense system doesn't end the chances of having non-PPV title defenses, and I think it sort of pushes people. But I've mentioned all this. Hm...
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    SWF Smarkdown Card - 8-28-2006

    Who on the roster can be spared in a hardcore bout? I think I'd enjoy writing one of them nifty matches.
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    Possible new AIM trojan?

    Someone I don't frequently talk to sent me an IM earlier today that said something along the lines of, "should I post this picture on myspace [link to image shack (as text URL)]". The link actually went to another site. Luckily, I highlight my links to make sure I'm not being redirected somewhere I don't want to be. I exited the conversation, and now I'm wondering, should I tell this person they've got a trojan. Normally I would, but it's not really someone I'm friend's with and it could've been intentional. Does anyone have experience in this area, who would know for sure if this is more than likely a trojan?
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    PROMO: A Loss Leads To A Challenge

    The screen opens, the darkness disappearing, light intruding the camera lens. Backstage, ‘Iron’ Mike Cross stands next to Ben Hardy, empty, everything he had had at one point now gone. Mr. Kobe, his former mentor and guidance has left him, flying back to Japan having lost all faith in his young protégé. The Axis, defunct, has left the side of the man they pledged allegiance to. And most importantly, the SWF Cruiserweight Championship has now left his grasp. “Words can’t describe the kind of up-and-down emotional ride you’re having,” Ben looks at the champion with a touch of empathy, “You win the Cruiserweight belt in your return, the team you assemble shows impressive debuts – one of them topping the former champion Zyon, and you attain one of the great wrestling minds – Mr. Kobe. But now, everything you had, the advantages, they’re gone. It seems like they’ve disappeared in an instant, and here you are, moments after your defeat – what do you have to say about the rollercoaster ride you’ve been on?” “I don’t think there’s much to say,” a lengthy pause initiates an awkward moment between the two. “All my life I was turned down, never once gazed upon. I was always the little guy, stepped on constantly. And then after a hard defeat, I took time off, got my head together, and came back and won that belt. I had something of my own.” “Certainly,” the Englishman attempts to show his interest. “That belt made me feel important,” Mike’s face shows the lust he truly has for attention and importance, “It was an addiction – I felt the Midas-touch, and for the first time I held something over people. I had two prospects that were dedicated to that belt, a manager willing to sacrifice himself to ensure a win, and I had the respect I always wanted – whether it was true or not.” Turning, Mike looks around the corridor, the brick-like walls rising up and over him. “And now there’s a gap in my stomach, a hunger.” “Many a man has spoken of that exact feeling – the emptiness of losing something you were dedicated to.” “Dedicated,” the former Champ’s voice openly questions, “I defended it twice; I lost it in my second. I won a match that I had no reason to be in, and I won it by turning on family.” “Was it really worth it?” “It’s bitter sweet,” showing regret, Mike slumps, head hanging, “I would’ve done it again, I would’ve done it in an instant. And there’s a single reason – to be on top, whether I was meant to be or not, whether I deserved it or didn’t.” “But what about Akira Kaibatsu?” “What about him?” “You’d have given up the greatest friend you ever had to be on top?” “In a second.” “You’re joking, right?” “No.” “…why?” “Weren’t listening, were you,” questioning, Mike recalls his earlier point, “To taste the top again means everything. For years I was tainted with defeat, never better than the very man I turned on. Continually I would receive defeat at his hands. He was the first to come here, he won a major title before me, and he was the favorite – Akira Kaibatsu made me hungry to be the best, and now I have to be, I’m obsessed and addicted.” “What does that mean for your future?” “It means I’m the most dangerous man in this promotion,” Mike boldly states, finally picking his head up, “I’ve tasted what it feels like to be named the best, and now I have to have the real thing. I’ve tasted defeat, and it’s a long road back. It’s a road I’ve faced before, and it’s a road I’ll face again. And that road ends soon enough, soon enough. If Akira refuses to acknowledge my existence, then so be it. He’s not publicly responded to my actions, so it seems I’ll have to get his attention one way or another.” “And how do you plan to do that?” “The same way I did it before,” Mike’s face creases and curls into a sadistic smile, “I’ll call him out, and then I’ll beat him. And when I do, I’ll finally be able to forget all of this. It’s because of him that I’m in this place. He tapped out to JJ Johnson and threw me from the top the first time, and now he’s forced me into a situation that couldn’t have ended up in my favor – facing Zyon twice, and then having to face Tom Flesher. Props to him, he wore me down, and I don’t deserve to hold that belt, but I don’t blame him nor do I blame myself. If Akira Kaibatsu hadn’t submitted, I wouldn’t have had to. And so now, now it’s even.” “Even?” “We’ve both faced submission,” Mike claims, “We’ve both tasted the fall. It’s tied, you see. And I’ll never tap again; I’ll die before I submit. So, at Genesis VII, if Akira Kaibatsu has any dignity and any respect for me, he’ll show up ready to submit me. At Genesis VII, I officially challenge ‘The Divine Wind’ to a Submission Match.” “You heard it here first – if Akira Kaibatsu accepts this challenge, he’ll face ‘Iron’ Mike Cross in a Submission Match at Genesis VII!” EDIT: Someone change "Smarkdown" to "Lockdown"
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    The OAO Argue With Bruce Over Shit That Doesn't Matter Thread

    *is confooz-ed*
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    Aftershoxxx comments!

    Like I side - no excuse for no-showing a match I no-showed originally...it'll be posted Monday morning. Would've been posted on the actual card if people in my angle did their part, but alas, I was in California and got back the night it was due to find out that someone decided to no-show leaving me all the work to do. Would've had it for this last show if my brother didn't come home. Monday morning, , monday morning.
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    SWF Lockdown Card for August 9, 2006!

    By the way, that Ground Zero match will be posted Monday morning on the forums. My brother came home from a year long absence last night and we went and hung out. I place family before Zyon any day of the week!
  10. The scene opens; a young man stands in the center of a training facility, looking around. It’s empty and has a distinct Asian – specifically Japanese – look to it, the walls painted with odd text that he’s never seen. He stands, baggy clothes draping his small stature. He unzips the sweatshirt and tosses it to the ground, treating as like it's his room; a new found home, one he never had. Looking around, the young man takes a seat on a weight machine and does several repetitions, his arms wavering under the pressure, his stick like appendages swelling as his muscles begin to take form. “I see you’ve found the weights,” the accented voice of an aging Japanese man stands in approval as the young man turns to face his first glimpse of the dojo head, Mr. Kobe, “And you’re already making a mess of things like it’s your own room.” “Sorry.” The boy’s long hair shadows his hidden face as he stands and picks up his sweatshirt. He turns to the exit before he’s cut off by another young man, Japanese like Mr. Kobe, in training attire. The young man puts his hand on the American boy’s shoulder and turns him towards the ring, pointing at it. “This is my prospect,” the aging Asian man sternly says, masking his pride in the training wrestler who has stopped the young American boy, “His name is Akira Kaibatsu – he’s training to be a wrestler, under my guidance of course. And my name, my name’s Mr. Kobe, and this, well, this is my dojo.” He spins, looking it over and taking it in. “I’ll be going,” the young American boy says coldly, “I didn’t mean to intrude.” “Nonsense,” Kobe interrupts with a stern look, “You look like you need a place to stay, and you looked very interested in what you were doing before I so rudely interrupted. Tell me, have you ever had any interest in becoming a professional wrestler…?” The scene fades - the face of the young American boy clearly amused at the idea of becoming a wrestler. Akira stands next to him, also amused, as the two look up at the ring.
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    SWF AftershoXXXXxxXxxXxXxXx Card!

    I'm pretty sure I'll be able to be in it after the next show.
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    A man becomes 'Iron'

    The dark room is lit by one small lamp above the ring where the young American boy stands, centerfold, and taking in his surroundings. He looks down at his arms, sculpted, and turned into tools of his using, tools of his trade. He clinches his fist, white knuckles standing out over the black tape that masks the majority of his fist. He lifts it, smiling, and then drops it, turning to his other appendage and viewing its progress as well. “You’ve smoothed out,” the voice of one, Mr. Kobe, is made present in the silence, “With time come the abilities to carry yourself – your arms have turned to wings that will aid your flight. I can only teach you so much, it’s time to learn from your peers, learn from yourself, and sculpt into the great warrior I know you will become. And that can only be learned from first person experience.” Though hidden in the shadows, Kobe’s voice makes him more present than the sweltering heat inside the dojo. The young man looks to his right and there, standing also hidden in the shadows, is what is to be his training partner – the Divine Wind. “Show me what I know you know. Make him taste defeat. Take his wings from him.” The jeering comment seemingly inspires Kaibatsu, who stands in front of the ring now. He steps forward a foot more and then climbs up and onto the apron, facing a young man who has become like a brother to him. “I’m not ready,” the young man shouts, “I can’t beat him.” “Then all you have to do is survive.” The noises of grunts and slams urge their way out of the ring. The moves echo the empty room, marking the walls with the anxiety of defeat. Minute after minute, second after second, each waking moment sends the pain of the realization that he’s not better through his body. It’s the same depressing feeling from before, an emptiness that’s not satisfied until overcome and filled. The young man takes his punishment, learning to hold himself higher, his chin turning to stone as every strike lands yet misses, the punishment he learns to take. One more hard shot is landed, sending him to his knees, the weakness turning to a hatred that propels him through the pain and the suffering that oozes from each blow dealt out by the man he viewed as a brother. He takes a knee, looks up, and in his eyes he sees the better man standing before him. Inside he feels his tolerance building, becoming ever stronger within. Slowly, but surely, he feels himself caring less and less, becoming simply ‘Iron’, as he turns his spite and hatred into energy he uses to outlast.
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    SWF AftershoXXXXxxXxxXxXxXx Card!

    *sigh* I'm busy for Genesis.
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    Memories of the past that do not fade (Part I)

    Ever lifted? 5 minutes after lifting, your muscle swells. Also, thanks for the feed back.
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    SWF AftershoXXXXxxXxxXxXxXx Card!

    Of course you do. *slumps in chair, pissed about the angle*
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    SWF AftershoXXXXxxXxxXxXxXx Card!

    Except that idea was out of my hands, as it relied on other people. Apples and Oranges, there, Mike. And Akira, you've got no place delivering the 'OH BURN', as that is just as much an insult to you.
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    SWF AftershoXXXXxxXxxXxXxXx Card!

    Wait, wait, wait? You're already laying out a gameplan for the title belt before you've even established a reign?
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    Sorry Guys

    The Axis, aka *FUCKED*.
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    SWF.com Exclusive - pt. 2!

    That's the funniest thing I've ever heard. Besides, there wasn't any telegraphing in that footage! OH SNAP, NO BOB SAPP, GIMMICK INFRINGEMENT~!
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    SWF.com Exclusive - pt. 2!

    Bob Saget? Bob Sapp, bitch. EDIT: By the way, the footage was shot in Axis Warehouse of Combat and Honor and Doom...
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    This Week in SWF History!

    He totally ditched attempting to revive the IGNWF and came here. He pawned all the work off on me too.
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    The Wrestling Panda's SWF Results Section

  23. super_tigris

    The Wrestling Panda's SWF Results Section

    Actually, I read LockDown and saw Zyon's promo which I had to ask him to write And really, he was on the ball with that one. I'm just joke-bitching, Bruce, I'm not really all that serious.
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    The Wrestling Panda's SWF Results Section

    Nope, I meant Luxary. And I'll continue to spell it Luxary. Question it again and I'll Kerbstomp your face!
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    The Wrestling Panda's SWF Results Section

    *is a hypocrite who didn't really read the last show* Also, I was aiming more at Akira and Zyon, since they're involved in an angle with me.