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  1. Montresor

    The OaO Monday Night Raw Thread!

    Probably because he sucks.
  2. Montresor

    The OaO Monday Night Raw thread for 5/4/09!

    What a horrendous show. I hope Shane dies soon.
  3. Montresor

    The future of WWE.

    MVP is the only guy I can see becoming a main-event fixture.
  4. Montresor

    Actual Raw Discussion!

    Yeah, but squashing Rey was dumb.
  5. Montresor

    WWE 2009 Draft announced

  6. Montresor

    WWE 2009 Draft announced

    Rey Mysterio is the company's best babyface, and one of its few draws to boot.
  7. Montresor

    WWE 2009 Draft announced

    Kennedy off my show and on Raw, where he'll doubtless be buried. Awesome.
  8. Montresor

    WWE Raw Discussion- 4/13/09

    Rey Jericho Edge 'Taker J. Hardy Punk Not bad. (Until Kennedy returns, anyway.) Now cancel ECW and give me Christian and a serious Finlay. I'll definitely take it over Cena, Orton, Helmsley, Batista, Michaels, and Big Show. I actually like Cena and Show, but yikes.
  9. Montresor

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    ... UT vs HBK lived up to expectations... In that they kicked out of each other's finishers?
  10. Montresor

    The 'Unwritten' rules of WWE

    If you're black, you'll be competing in the Money in the Bank match.
  11. Montresor

    Jericho mobbed by fans, hits woman

    I have no problem with this. Dude managed to fend off the entire province of British Columbia, apparently. He's a real-life Batman. That is how it's done, Michaels.
  12. Montresor

    WWE Raw - January 26, 2009

    Hahaha. What the fuck was that?
  13. Montresor

    WWE SmackDown - January 9, 2009

    Ugh, I am so done with Kennedy and all of this crap.. seriously. What draw does this guy even have anymore? Anymore? He's always been terrible.
  14. Montresor

    WWE Raw - December 29, 2008

    I see that Orton is back on the juice. Also, nice music.