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  1. Mik

    Dissecting Ayn Rand

    I attempted Atlas Shrugged approximately 7 or 8 times. I never got more than 100 pages in. Very difficult to read. That's all I really have to add about Ayn Rand.
  2. Mik

    24 -- Season 7

    Do you guys think they have the balls to take out the White House, the President, everything? Weasel guy at the end was so uneasy to go to the White House, I'm definitely thinking that's the target. I'm not sure what they were going for with the crippled sister, but I hope it wasn't sympathy. I hated her. I was hoping that even though everything was settled down they found a way for a stray bullet to find the back of her head.
  3. Mik

    Flight of the Conchords

    THIS IS THE REMIX Another brilliant episode. Love the R. Kelly parody song at the beginning as well.
  4. Mik

    2009: The Year in Music

    The entire new Yeah Yeah Yeah album leaked about 6 weeks early. I have a feeling a ton of you will hate it. They replaced lead guitar with a synth for the most part. But I'm loving this. People hate on Show Your Bones all damn day but that's a pretty good album in its own right. This new album is great though. I think this is a good niche for them.
  5. Mik

    Eastbound and Down

    I thought Ferrell was great. You could tell that whole original scene when he's offering his services was highly ad-libbed. I don't really like the character of Kenny Powers... TOO much of a dick. But the show is fucking hilarious. So many great one-liners both weeks.
  6. Mik

    UFC 95 Sanchez vs. Stevenson

    I still think that Koscheck got robbed a bit. No doubt he got rocked but it looked to me that he was in the process of pulling guard when it got stopped. As for Diego - I think you guys should relax. Let's give him a time or two more to get used to cutting 35 pounds before we proclaim this a bad move. He didn't look amazing on Saturday but he also hurt his hand in the first round. I also think he'd lose to Florian, Penn, and probably Sherk now. But Maynard and Edgar? I don't think I agree with that. It's irrelevant anyway because no way they are going to put Diego in with guys like that. His next fight will probably either be Sherk or Huerta and if he wins he'll be in the Florian/Penn range. Diego is too big a name to throw in with Gray Maynard right now.
  7. Mik

    Man vs. Food

    Anyone watch this marvel of a show on the Travel channel? Guy has the greatest job in the world. He basically travels the US and tackles insane restaurant eating challenges. The craziest one I've seen so far is probably the "Hottest Curry" in the US... the cook prepared it wearing a gas mask. He won the challenge by eating an entire meal of this curry, which I believe was 60x hotter than a jalapeno. 8 lb hamburger, 11 pound pizza, 70 ounce steak are a few of the other ones I've seen. Basically it's the greatest show ever.
  8. Mik

    2009 Oscar prediction contest

    So much for that list. Wrong already.
  9. Mik

    2009 Oscar prediction contest

    Pretty cool opening with Jackman. Goldie Hawn needs to be put out of her misery at this point.
  10. Mik

    Funny People

    I'm sold.
  11. Mik


    Most likely explanation is that you're not supposed to think of that.
  12. Mik

    Flight of the Conchords

    I don't know - they've had some really great songs this year. The sugar lumps one, the too many dicks on the dancefloor one was pretty good, and so was the other one last week about all of the ex-girlfriends. The ones with Murray and Mel singing haven't been the best, though. I can agree to that. I'd also like to just forget the episode with the Tough Brets. Both the songs and the episode were really bad.
  13. Mik

    House Season 5

    Just saw this now. Liked Foreteen pulling one over on House like that. I didn't see that coming, actually. It's so easy to just assume that Foreman is going to be a total maniac dick at this point. Liked House playing the Stones at the end there. I just hope they pull the friggin' trigger in regards to House/Cuddy one way or another before the end of this season.
  14. Mik

    UFC 97: Redemption

    The finalized card for UFC 97 in Montreal is pretty terrible. Brian Stann vs. Krzytoff (sp) 3rd from the top? Kongo/Hardonk, and Cane probably murdering Cantwell? Throw in the epic suck potential of Chuck/Shogun and the murder potential of the main event and this is easily the worst UFC ppv in years, in my eyes. Sorry to those going.
  15. Mik


    My bad on spoiling next week. It came on the screen 3 seconds after the end of the episode so I just wrongly assumed that everyone saw it.
  16. Fixed link to one where you can see the video.
  17. Mik

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    In a move that's sure to please EHME greatly, Manny Gamburyan is dropping to featherweight and the WEC. I think that's a great move - he can probably be an contender. The division keeps getting better and better.
  18. Mik


    I'm not really seeing how 316 and The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham were interchangeable. If you open with Locke on the island it ruins the entire episode of 316. There are 11 episodes left, according to wikipedia. But they are claiming 17 eps this season and I thought it was 16. Either 10 or 11.
  19. This video will do a fair job enraging some people. http://mmamania.com/2009/02/19/ufc-94-grea...s-on-bjpenncom/
  20. Mik


    Oh - I know Ben was reading Joyce's Ulysses, but I chuckled considering Ben was going back "home" to the island.
  21. Mik

    Spring Training 2009

    Surprise, Griffey to the Mariners after all. Makes much more sense.
  22. Mik


    I appreciate having bookshelves in my office filled with books for people to browse when they are in my house. I will never buy an eBook reader (famous last words).
  23. Mik


    Dude. As soon as Ben told Jack he had to recreate his father being transported, it was pretty obvious Locke was going to come back as Christian did. I hope that C Dubya is right and it's a swerve. I figured since last season actually that Locke would pop back up when he came back to the island. But immediately after the episode ended it showed Locke sitting up from a casket, talking to Sayid's air marshall and telling her he remembered being dead. I can see it being misleading because that's insane to just give away so blatantly like that. I've been looking forward to that scene or set of scenes for months. It also appears it's different than Christian because he's just back walking around alive. Next week's episode is my most highly anticipated in a long, long time. Tonight was damn good, but left A TON of questions unanswered. Guess that's what happens when they accomplish the season 5 objective (of getting back to the island) not even half way through the season.
  24. Mik


  25. Mik


    Or what happened to Ben? (Desmond/Penny homicide?) How did Sayid get caught? How did Hurley end up on the plane?