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  1. [TV Guide's] Michael Ausiello speculates that Pellegrino is playing Jacob in an off-island, circa-’70s flashback involving some very familiar faces.


    I'm not exactly thrilled that we're stuck in the 70s until at least the end of this season.

  2. We briefly discussed this with the last admin group. The decision, which I agree with, is that deleting posts by users shouldn't be allowed.


    Look at how many TSM classics would be lost after the original poster got mocked and decided to delete it from history? Where would we be without the $10 computer and the food man?

  3. I'm somewhat surprised this actually happened.


    I stay out of the drama, for the most part, so I don't care either way but from reading the mod folder for the past few months I figured this day wasn't coming.


    Hopefully those guys don't leave the board...

  4. I feel for this woman. Alot. She's the type of woman I'd probably relate to well with due to my own issues.


    She's like the inverse of me. Where as she has to express all her sadness, anger, and feelings and whatnot, I instead constrict said thoughts and feelings within myself without revealing anything in to a tight little ball of hate. That will eventually turn into cancer and kill me. And where as I have pretty much withdrawn from life as much as I can, she continually tries only to end up being hurt. In that sense, I am wiser.

    That doesn't surprise me very much.


    I personally see the best in everything.

  5. I'm hoping to stay awake for the whole Nova/Duke game.


    Sucks that I'm getting old enough to understand how people complain about late start times.


    Oh - this Pitt/Xavier game is turning out to be quite a nail-biter. If Pitt pulls this off, has a #1 seed ever sleepwalked through so many rounds but kept winning?

  6. The "twists" are so obvious this season.


    Looking back I don't really like the direction this season went in. I'd much prefer Locke leading The Others, etc.


    I mean - fuck. We haven't even seen Locke in weeks.


    I have to say that it's going to take an amazing run to finish the season for me to not label this season a disappointment. It had such promise to start and now... the last few weeks have been such a letdown.

  7. I just hope now that Jack has been exposed to the bio-agent we don't get some exaggerated medical symptoms like him magically coughing up blood 3 hours from now.


    I also hope they don't pull a Michelle Dessler and make him magically immune.


    Best explanation: it was inert and not yet activated making it harmless.