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  1. v.2

    Spring Training 2009

    Al, I saw the Giants/M's in Spring Training the other day and Pablo Sandoval looked like a complete stud. He hit a homerun, bunted for a single, beat out an infield hit, and probably would have stole second if not for a foul ball. What do you know of him?
  2. v.2

    Barack Obama's Inauguration

    every election people vote for guys who they know nothing about. It's not uncommon. You don't think everyone that voted for McCain did so because they were well-informed.
  3. v.2

    Campaign 2008

    I didn't really feel much until I saw john lewis talking on NBC. That was kind of emotional
  4. v.2

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    For guys at higher weight classes, that amount of weight lost represents a smaller percentage of total body weight. Most of them have a larger frame from which they can feasibly sweat off weight from.
  5. v.2


    I've done my sausage making before, as well as smoking. It's not too hard. The best book I can think is Chacuterie. http://www.amazon.com/Charcuterie-Craft-Sa...g/dp/0393058298
  6. v.2

    UFC 86: Jackson vs Griffin

    Knockdowns are like the closest you can get to finishing a fight without actually winning, and the round wasn't that far out of reach that.
  7. v.2


    A good burger always beats a good hot dog. Though Hebrew Nationals are pretty damn good hot dog.
  8. v.2


    What can you do with chicken that you can't do with fish? Fish Parmigiana? Fish Marsala? Fish Francese? General Tso's Fish? You can sit around and watch the game with a big platter of buffalo wings. When was the last time you saw someone eating buffalo fins? The list goes on. I like fish as much as the next guy, but chicken is much more versatile, so that would have to be my pick. Although of all seafood, I don't think crab is given nearly enough credit. Good crabmeat is, in my opinion, even better than lobster or steak. Chicken is bland and to reach any sort of level needs to be paired with a sauce or filling. But when you look at a piece of fish, before you say I can serve it with so and so sauce, you can marinate it, you can serve it sliced thin and raw (you could do both of the first two for a ceviche), you can cook it to wide variation of temperatures, you can cold smoke it or hot smoke it, you can barbeque it, etc. Some of those cooking styles come into play with chicken, but some don't, and that's before you get into specific seasoning. I can take a piece of sole, stuff it with king crab and shrimp and camembert. You think cordon bleu is good, that'll knock your socks off. Tilapia with a parmigiano crust doesn't need to be drenched in marinara. You can use soul or flounder for francese, which is a classic preparation. Chicken has a limited scope in that regard, as your going to need somethinng to mask it to get it the extra mile, whereas not just the variety in fish, but the fact that it loans itself to many different ways of cooking itself, make it a more valuable agreement. I'm not going to throw thirty herbs on my fried fish because I want to taste the salmon or cod. Whereas you taste chicken, which doesn't have much depth of flavor on its own, and you know what you're getting in terms of the meat no matter what the preparation. The sauce will be different, but the meat itself will not change too much. But you take some pieces of raw salmon. Cure one like gravlax. Cold smoke one like smoked salmon. Fry one on it's own. Bake another. Deep fry another. I'm not talking about seasoning it outside of salt and pepper, but in terms of testures and tastes, your going to get more out, and that's just salmon. Throw in the otoro of the tuna. Cured anchovies, which make wonderful bases for other sauces and dressings. Dried shrimp, if we head that direction, are the basis of many great Filipino dishes. Southeast asian cuisine cannot exist without fish sauce. Fried calamari. Shellfish boils. Grilled unagi. Chowder.
  9. v.2


    What can you do with chicken that you can't do with fish?
  10. v.2

    May 31: EliteXC on CBS

    Speaking of Gina, how the fuck do you not make a weight class that was put together specifically for you, twice in a row?
  11. v.2

    May 31: EliteXC on CBS

    You can't pull a guillotine from side control on anyone but a 150 lb white belt who is a bitch and panics at the first sign of trouble. Fixed it for you. Thanks. I knew there was an easier way to say it.
  12. v.2

    May 31: EliteXC on CBS

    You can't pull a guillotine from side control without an amazing amount of strength, just because you give up all the leverage to the other guy, and by having your head turned in that direction, it makes it much harder to finish on top of that.
  13. v.2

    UFC 84 - Ill Will

  14. v.2


    It's kind of interesting that Locke chose the knife as a child, but Richard had to really push Locke into killing his father by proxy. Considering both Ben and Locke saw Richard as children, were they both meant to be cultivated, and Ben ultimately chosen because Locke took the knife?
  15. v.2


    Maybe Sawyer and Claire both get killed on their way back, or something of the sorts.