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"I am hunting for your soul..."


His fury, his frustrations, pour into his fists as they slam against the punching bag. Everyone in the gym has stopped their own training to watch the Australian as he grunts and groans as he beats the innocent bag into oblivion. Not only that, he has death metal blaring through the tiny building...


"It dwells within your heart, I lacerate the pounding flesh..."


Standing behind Sacred, giving mystified looks to each other, are Jamie Drazon and Lerran Breggan. Jamie mouths out without speech, "What the hell is wrong?" Lerrin just stares at Drazon and shruigs his shoulders. His face is beet red, exerting maybe too mcuh effort into his training as he sends the bag in front of him flying...


"Your spirits shall be mine..."


Finnaly, Drazon steps forward and puts a hand on Sacred's shoulder. The Australian turns around, his arms shaking, his eyes lit up with anger and tourment. Jamie quickly takes his hand off, frighttened he might lose it. Drazon begins to say something, but his voice is lost under the veil of an incredibly loud metal. Jamie turns off the CD player on the bench nearby.


"What do you think you're doing man?"


Sacred beathes heavily, eyes widened. "Jamie, your woman beat the shit out of me, if you didn't happen to watch Storm. Forgive me for being a little mad..."


"Your not just mad, your fucking livid." Dazon fires back. "C'mon, it's just one loss, what's the big fucking deal?"


"What's the deal?" Sacred looks at Dawg in horror. "What's the deal!? I'll tell you Jamie. I can't lose! I won't tolerate it! I will be seen as weak, as a pushover, and the leeches of the SWF wil ltake full advantage of it, because that's what people are like, they discover your weaknesses, and they pick away at them. They mock your failures at every turn..." Sacred turns around to face the bag again. "They piss on you, and make you feel like nothing."


He throws right and lefts, without any grace or technique, just throwing wild random punches, onkly wanting to beat the shit out of something. Better it be something inanimate at the moment, because he'd probably kill someone if they stepped out of line. In his current state, it wouldn't tale much to set him off...


Drazon knows Sacred wouldn't try anything on him, but is still weary. "Could you repeat that? I got lost after after 'what's the deal'. Seriously bro, you've been a bit... eccentric -"


"Fucking crazy." Breggan chimes in.


"Exactly. Your not making any sense at the moment."


Sacred turns back to his two compadre's. "Do any of us make sense any more? Everything we say is false anyway, nothing is real anymore."


"Dude! Start making sense! C'mon, you haven't been the same since returning... which is probably a good thing, you were pretty shitty after your bitch passed away."


Sacred grabs Dawg by the throat, but Breggan quickly intervenes and grabs Sacred's arm and holds it at his side. Sacred growls, "Don't you ever, and I mean ever, call Anna a bitch. I don't care if you never liked her, say it again and I will knock your teeth out."


Breggan's eyes grow wide as he hears Sacred, but Dawg luckily steps in before the situation turns too ugly. "Hold it, hold it!" He yells. "Look, we're supposed to be a team here! Jesus christ, settle down man. Breggan, let go of him." Lerrin does so, as Sacred stares at the monster.


Sacred grumbles while he punches the bag. "I'm not crazy, actrually, I'm more focused than I've ever been... Lerrin, Dawg, have you ever lost *everything*? Everything you loved, cherished?"


Dawg and Lerrin just shake their heads, having no idea where Sacred is going with this.


"Well I have, and let me tell you, it ain't fucking good. I had Anna for so long, and now she's gone. Nothing remains, just me. She's gone because a guy got too drunk and smashed his car into hers. She couldn't harm anyone, but she's dead, and that guy, he got off a criminal charge. Can you belive that? He killed her, yet, he gets no punishment in return. You know what I did? I beat the shit out of him, in front of his family. I smashed his skull, but I was justified, because he took from me the only thing that kept me together."


Dawg and Lerrin and stare blankly at Sacred, watching the vein in his forehead throb uncontrollably.


"So no Jamie, I won't settle down, not until I am successful in bringing my message to everyone. They will see what I see, they will see all that is wrong with the world, things they were oblivious too for the reason that ithey feel safe in their own little world, acheiving nothing, but at least they can feel safe in knowing they live better then most people in the world. I hate these people, I hate people who are happy, I hate people in general. Settle down? No, fuck that. I'm an angry, angry man Jamie, I will not lose again... and for the people who have beaten me, they better fucking watch out, because as they celebrate their minor victories over me, I will be plotting my vengeance, and my friends, it will not be pretty..."


An unconfortable pause follows as Sacred continues his workout. Finally, Lerrin says something. "I haven't known you long..." He begins. "But I like you, Jamie likes you, and if you feel ike hurting some people, well, we'll be there too help. After all , were pretty damn good at it."


Dawg laughs and shouts, "Yeah, Lerrin and I are here for ya, we'll own this league soon enough my Aussie friend."


Sacred manages a slight smile. "Thanks, but if you'll excuse me, I must depart."


Sacred walks off, throwing his gloves over onto the bench. Jamie and Lerrin his shake their heads. Lerrin asks, "Has he always been like that?"


"Dude..." Jamie says, "He's never really been anything. Now, enoguh about that, tell mne about this chick you met last night..."


Lerrin grins, and drones on about his conquest, but this isn't about them...


This is about a man, tourmented, drifting aimlessly is a life riddled with dissapoitment an heartache. With each loss he has, he's slipped firther into madess. Sacred plonks down on the cold, hard wood bench in the locker room, alone, again. He holds his head in his hands...


I've been so many things, for the people to love or hate. I've been them to be entertaining ,but nothing has felt right. I was always riddiculed, and ultimately forgotten. I had a few voctories, but people soon forgot them. What is it about me, that people think they can take me for granted, piss on me, and throw me away like an old toy at christmas, or even, a puppy at christmas. Yes, because all people are like that. I'm a puppy. I was given to the people, I tried to make them happy, but then I was forgotten, left to fend for myself. Then I lost it all... then I lost... her...


I don't care if they like me, or hate me, either way, I have no respect for them. No one has reached out to help a man like me in need, they went about their lives as if nothing had happened. Everything happened. My whole life feel to bits around me, only fragments of it remain. Minute fragments. Only when I lost it all, did I find out what it's like to be nothing. There's alot of people suffering, like me, even more so then me in this world. I woudl rather help them, then to 'entertain' the blood thirsty fans that roll up to every SWF event. No, I have a clear mind now, I know the score, I know that the people around me in the SWF are just conceded, all of them. Hey, I worked with these people before, I respected them, but did they help either? Fuck no. They went on with their business of entertaining the masses, because they are so full of shit, all of them.


Sacred gets to his feet, not even noticing the slender japanese woman standing in the doorway. He glances at her for a second and then looks down... and then looks back to her. She stands there in silence, and bows, before quickly rushing off. Sacred continues to stare at the doorway.


She was beautiful... I haven't felt like this since...


Who was she? Why was she watching me?


He suddenly curses himself that he didn't introduce himself. Sacred sighs, and gets lost in his thoughs once more, pressing play on his CD player, letting the melodic death metal fill his brain...


"So rise my spirit rise!"


"Revel in this dead mans' body!"


"Grip his soul, sip the blood!"


"Life is death"!


"A holy carnage!"


Life is Death...




"I will be your god!"


"Carnivorous Jesus!"


"I need your flesh!"


I am Ravenous... don't forget my name again... I'll make sure you don't...


Arch Enemy - Ravenous

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Guest Edwin MacPhisto

Deeeeath metal!


Vital promo. This answers a few of the questions of "how will Sacred dwell with his new stablemate," and "what exactly is his disposition and goal." Ace stuff...but I'm not gonna call you ravenous, because then I just think of that goofy cannibal movie with Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle.

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Guest AnnieEclectic

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! ... There's a slender Japanese woman in this fed that -I- don't know about? Impossible.... :D


Honestly, top notch, althought that ending confuses me for now.


If Gade and I win, it will be funny because I didn't read this before I wrote the intro, and I rather go along with what you say in the beginning of this, lol. Dumb luck I tells ya.



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Guest Beingz0wningj00

Sacred with some deepshit as always... now with a spell checker you can conker the world! Orr at least the SWF...

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Guest BA_Baracus

PROMO (Stubby P. McWeed);

"Pfft...Anna shmanna. Get over it punk.


[stubby buys Sacred a hooker.]


Mothernature says..."

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Guest Kitsuneko

In case you guys weren't sure, I have to bring back this old promo... after some disscussing with Thoth, Annie and Muzz, *this* little n1n74 (Japanese woman to you non-l33t speakers) will be making her debut shortly.


Whee! First ref to Kitsuneko!!! W00T!!!


Thank you Muzz! :wub:

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