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Has anyone else noticed how similar this weeks raw and last weeks smackdown were?


Both shows started with a match that created the main event.


I.e. Cena Vs Angle (Smackdown)

and Booker T Vs Lance Storm (Raw) (plus the HHH/Rock Promo)


Both shows had saw two guys wrestling twice on the same night


And both shows featured multiple tag team matches as a main event.



If this conitunes, HHH vs Rock on Raw next week will turn into a 10 man tag team match, lol! And Smackdown will have a 12 man tag team main event.


(pls note i havent seen this weeks Smackdown as i live in England)



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Guest JaKyL25

Heh. I'm sure most things look weird like that if you look hard enough, but that's kinda weird.


The first thing I thought of when I saw the subject, though, was how silly the trades are, if taken to their logical extreme. Eventually, Bischoff will sign EVERY Smackdown wrestler, and Steph will sign EVERY Raw wrestler, and we'll be back to where we started, just on different channels.


Then the cycle would just repeat itself...

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lol, yeah i see what you mean. Your forgetting one vital thing tho, the wwe would most likely have scrapped the whole angle b4 theres chance of that happening. lol



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