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Best OVW shows?

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I was reading the thread about the best CZW shows, and so i decided to start an OVW one.


A few people gave some good advice about which CZW shows to look out for, so i thought you might be able to help me.


Im looking at buying some indy tapes, in particular OVW and FWA(Frontier Wrestling Alliance - based in England!)


Does any one have some tips as to which ones i should look out for and which ones i should avoid. (Same goes for which feds to look out for and which to avoid, lol).


I much appreciate any help.




ChUnK! :D

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Guest J*ingus

OVW? Go with one of the big shows that had WW(F)E guys guest-starring on it, like Last Dance or Rockin' Rumble.


As for indy feds, I can't pimp my friends over at NWA Wildside enough, they truly rule the fucking world.

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Guest Phoenix Fury Legdrop

I definetely agree with Jingus on both: get the shows with the WWfE guest stars, and Wildside rules the damn world. You just live on it.


If you decide to get Wildside, for starters, buy Fright Night 2001 (AJ Styles-Jason Cross-JC Dazz-Jimmy Rave ladder match that will blow your mind, and nothing's real bad), and Freedom Fight 2002 (arguably their best show ever; Briscoe vs. Briscoe on here is better than anything they've done in the Northeast, the Lost Boys-TNT match is an excellent match, Slim J vs. Jeremy V. in the match that shows how and why a "Young Lions" program works, and Rick Michaels absolutely destorys the Muto blood scale with his blade job in the "Holy Wars" gauntlet match).


Ring Of Honor's been producing some good stuff.


I've seen a few episodes of CZW Fake You TV since the Wildside invasion angle started, and if you want to see how you really do the interpromotional angle, check it out. Plus there's some damn good wrestling.


Here's some worker-specific stuff:


RECOMMENDED VIEWING: Rick Michaels, Spanky, American Dragon, David Young, Tony Mamaluke (his Wildside stuff has been off the hook, a definite departure from his old bump machine self), Jeremy Lopez, Slim J (the kid's 17, and he's already just an incredible worker), Jason Cross (the guy is an asshole, but he can work), JC Dazz, Paul London, Tony Kozina, and a bunch more that there aren't room for here.


UNRECOMMENDED VIEWING: Scoot Andrews, Mike Sullivan, some Trent Acid, anybody named "Hillbilly", and about a thousand more guys who you could probably see yourself just plain suck.

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