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Guest Longdogger_Pete

Old SWF Stats Thread

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Guest Longdogger_Pete

Longdogger Pete


Edited May 10th. He returns!


Smartmarks Board Name: Longdogger_Pete

Real Name: Peter MacDougal

Nicknames: LDP, Miami Menace, One Man Wrecking Crew, the Doggah

Height: 6' 6"

Weight: 277

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Age: 35

Face/Heel: Aggressive face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Preferred Weapon(s): Pete prefers straight-up wrestling to hardcore-style matches (though he does surprisingly well in those types of matches).


Quotes and Catchphrases:

"There's a reason I'm a champion in this bid'ness... and you ain't it!"

"Are you ready for the LONGDOGGAH!"



Looks: Pete has tanned skin and short, balding bleach-blonde hair. He usually wears dark sunglasses and a black leather jacket backstage or on the way to the ring. These days Pete wrestles in a solid black T-shirt (or occasionally an LDP "Doggah in the House" or "True Champion" T-shirt to help sell some merchandise) and black or gray jean shorts. Pete also wears black knee pads and leg braces to help protect his weakened limbs. Pete has picked up a few pounds since his last run, but has stayed generally healthy while working as an SJL road agent.


Ring Entrance:




A white pyrotechnic explosion erupts across the stage, and the entrance fills with smoke. Pete steps out of the smoke and walks down the ring, slowly and deliberately in tune with his entrance music, "Baseline" by Quarashi, slightly remixed to begin with the chorus and continue with the second verse of the song.


Baseline, baseline

we’ve got fools on the case and their giving me baseline

Baseline, baseline

Baseline, baseline

we’ve got fools on the case and their giving me baseline

Baseline, baseline


Now we’re back in the game

The Quarashi pain it’s plain

I see the suckers fall out and the fuckers call out

Pick me up. But they don’t know what it’s about

I do my shit on the mic and I’m pleasing the crowd

Jump back, get back or else your getting a smack

on your face just like your daddy used to smack you way back in the days

This ain't no silly ass game I’m playing

hear what I’m saying, now start praying





Strength: 7 (he's big, overbearing, and intimidating. he rarely faces opponents larger than him)

Speed: 3 (he has short bursts of speed, particularly at the beginning of the match, but usually not his strong point)

Vitality: 5 (he can last through longer matches if necessary but isn't used to them)

Charisma: 5 (he's developed some mike skills over the course of his career)


Style: Mostly power with some technical ability and a few crowd-pleasing moves thrown in for spice. Pete's size and strength also comes in handy during hardcore-style matches, which he seems to have a knack for, though he prefers ordinary singles matches for the chance to test skill vs. skill. He is also fond of the match he invented, the rare Miami Mayhem match.


Signature moves:

1) Lo' Dogger (Low Blow. Not used very often; "dirty fighting" isn't really Pete's style.)

2) Second rope diving elbow (Pete rarely risks his career with top rope moves)

3) Perfect Dark (double leg pickup with bridged pin attempt)

4) Dogg Pound (Standing Lou Thesz press)

5) Manhattan Drop

6) German Suplex (sometimes held in place for a bridged pinfall attempt or performed as multiple "rolling" suplexes)

7) Samoan Drop

8) Figure four leg lock

9) Longdogger Denial (This move is a reversal to an enziguri. If a smaller, faster opponent performs a spinning heel kick, Pete catches his leg in midair. Should the opponent then bring up his other leg in an enziguri, Pete senses the move and catches that leg as well, slamming the hapless opponent upside down into the mat. Great way to shift momentum against a cruiserweight opponent when Pete can't outrace him.)

10) Chokeslam (on lighter opponents only)


Common moves:

1) Pumphandle Slam

2) Kicks to the groin or midsection

3) Arm Bar

4) Spear

5) Multiple hard right overhand punches (Pete almost always starts a match with this maneuver to gain an early advantage. He also uses this as a comeback move late in the match to help regain his momentum.)

6) Angry stomps to the chest of a grounded opponent

7) Elbow Drop

8) Sleeper Hold (so Pete can catch his breath; he's not as young as he used to be. Used often in longer matches.)

9) Crossface submission

10) Standing Leg Drop

11) Second rope Leg Drop

12) Arm Wrench

13) Scissor kick

14) Sharpshooter

15) Big boot to the face


Rare moves:

1) Longdogger Legdrop (diving leg drop off the top rope. Pete signals for this by holding his hand up with his thumb and forefinger in an "L" shape. Pete rarely uses this move now due to his leg injuries.)

2) Choke Toss

3) Top rope diving elbow (as noted above, top rope moves are very risky on Pete's body and he rarely uses them)



1) Longdogger Clogger (double arm DDT)

2) Musclehead Slam (military press slam. This can be done on a heavier opponent if set up with an Irish whip. Pete uses the momentum of the return trip to lift his opponent. Pete usually goes for the Musclehead Slam if his opponent kicks out of the Clogger, in higher-profile matches.)


Titles Held:


AWF Heavyweight (7/24/00 - 8/13/00)

AWF Heavyweight (12/30/00 - 1/15/01)

AWF Heavyweight (3/25/01 - 4/1/01)

IGNJL European (5/16/01 - 5/23/01)

IGNJL European (7/21/01 - 7/25/01)

IGNJL European (10/7/01 - 10/24/01)

IGNJL Tag/Stables (12/15/01 - 12/20/01)

IGNJL World (12/20/01 - 1/16/02)

IGNJL Tag/Stables (1/30/02 - 2/17/02)

SWF Hardcore Gamers (3/31/02 - 4/28/02)




Peter MacDougal is an experienced wrestler and champion, recording three world title reigns in the independent AWF (Arilyn Wrestling Federation) in Central Florida. Pete valued his time in the independent leagues as it taught him how to truly act and feel like a champion, even while not currently holding a belt. Pete speaks with a clipped Southern accent and tends to get on the microphone and rant when he's angry about something.


Since his debut in the IGNJL, Pete moved up to the mid-card level fairly quickly, mostly thanks to Apostle's formation of X Force 9, arguably the most dominant face stable in IGNJL/SJL history. Pete had a continuous feud with Mistress Sarah, his former friend and ally (not to mention five-time champion) in the AWF. On May 23, 2001, Pete defeated Trash for the IGNJL European title, but lost the belt seven days later to Sarah.


The loss only strengthened Pete's resolve. On the final episode of IGNJL Wrath (before the merger of the IGNJL and IGNML), Pete defeated Triple E in the first Miami Mayhem match.  Two more Miami Mayhem matches would occur during LDP's Junior League career, including his final IGNJL match, in which he was victorious over Xero.


Two more European titles would follow, but the ultimate prize was yet to come. Five days before Christmas 2001, Pete finally won his most sought-after championship, defeating the Boston Strangler and Ash Ketchum in a triple threat match for Strangler's IGNJL world title.  Pete held the title for almost a month, but tragedy soon struck.  On January 16, 2002, an unknown attacker critically injured Pete backstage, and Pete was hospitalized for nearly a month.  IGNJL commissioner Edwin MacPhisto had no choice but to vacate the title.  Upon returning, Pete revealed that his attacker was the Boston Strangler himself.  Pete vowed to exact vengeance on Strangler, following him all the way to the IGNWF.  Strangler disappeared shortly after Pete's arrival in what is now known as the SWF, so Pete never got his one on one match with Strangler, but he did score a win over Mistress Sarah at Battleground 2002 to secure the SWF Hardcore Gamers title.  Proving his win wasn't a fluke, he retained in a rematch against Sarah the following week in a brutal steel cage match.


After losing the belt to Stryke three weeks later, Pete took a break from SWF competition. He made his return over the summer of 2002, quickly recruiting allies to reform the now-defunct X Force 9 with an SWF incarnation. Despite previous feuds with nearly all of them, Pete recruited several new members, unleashing his team on the SWF with the goal of becoming a new dominant force upon the league.


Several months later, Pete was forced into an early retirement when feuds with Chris Wilson and Perfect Bo caused excessive damage to his legs, forcing him into rehabilitation with the chance he might never wrestle again. After healing, Pete took a position with the SJL as a road agent, and while training the newest SJL talent, he also honed his own skills for an eventual SWF return.

Edited by Longdogger_Pete

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Guest Spider_Nekura

Good idea. Might as well use this opportunity to update them slightly.





Board Name: spider_09

Wrestler Name: Spider Nekura

Real Name: Reece Black

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 231 lbs.

Hometown: Unknown (Believes it to be the 3rd plain of Hell)

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: The Clan

Ring Escort: None

Weapon: Black Mist

Quote: “So says the Clan…”


Appearance: Reece Black, or Spider Nekura as he is known to his clansmen, is a 22 year old white male. He has newly-grown, chin length black hair which is parted in the centre of his head and slightly curves into his eyes. He also has a small, black goatee beard. When wrestling, his attire consists of a black, sleeve-less T-Shirt with an image that depicts the crucifixion of Jesus. ‘So says the Clan…’ is printed under the picture in a white gothic font. Spider wears a black elbow pad on each arm and white tape covers his fists, ending halfway up his forearms. His fingernails are painted black and he has many tattoos on his arms. The most noticeable of these are a dragon on his right arm and a spider on his left arm. Nekura wears loose-fitting black pants and a pair of plain, black boots. To the ring he wears a black, hooded robe.


Single Ring Entrance: The arena lights fade out slowly and then after five seconds of complete darkness, multi-colored lights start to flash on and off. The heavy guitar intro to Metallica’s “Leper Messiah” thunders from the loudspeakers as boos reverberate through the arena.


‘So says the Clan…’ Is projected onto the IGNtron in a red, gothic font. The text ripples and fades away…


Then the main guitar riff kicks in, marking the arrival of Spider Nekura at the entranceway, clad in the Clan’s black, hooded robes. His head is down but his hate-filled eyes, barely visible behind his thick black hair, are transfixed to the ring. Spider’s arms are outstretched in his ‘scarecrow’ pose as the IGNtron bursts to life, showing Nekura pull off various moves throughout his career.


“Funyon’s introduction stuff…”


Spider soaks up the crowd’s hostile noise for a few moments, his shadowy figure lit up from time to time by the camera flashes and spotlights, before making his way down the ramp as the riff ends. He ignores the booing crowd and then climbs up onto the side of the apron as the growling vocals kick in. Nekura ascends the turnbuckles and outstretches his arms, posing for a few moments as the lyrics “Bow to Leper Messiah!” ring out through the arena. Nekura then jumps down to the canvas and pulls back his black hood. He removes his robe and then prepares himself for the match ahead.





Strength: 5 – Fairly strong for someone of his size and stature. Able to Suplex wrestlers up to around 260 lbs.

Speed: 6 – Quick. High Flying moves quite regular in his repetoire.

Vitality: 5 – Can work a good match. Moderate endurance.

Charisma: 4 – Has a cult following. Literally. Decent amount of heat from the fans.


Style: Technical/High-Flyer


Signature Moves:


- The Descent (450 Splash)


- Crucifix Iconoclasm (Opponent is sitting on the top rope. Nekura walks up to them, facing away and then grabs his opponent’s arm, extending them so his adversary is in the crucifix position. Spider then pulls his opponent off the turnbuckle, over his head and then sits down, driving his opponent’s back into the mat.)


- Homicidal Suplex (A Capture Suplex into the turnbuckles. Very painful as the victim lands on their head/shoulders after the impact with the turnbuckles.)


- Spaceman Quebrada (Spider grabs hold of the top ropes, springs onto them whilst twisting around so he is facing away from his opponent and then moonsaults off the top rope, onto his opponent below on the outside.)


- Reverse Spinning Neckbreaker


- The Web (Nekura’s opponent is laid face-down on the mat. Nekura starts by crossing his opponent’s legs and then uses his own leg to keep them crossed together, his back to his opponent. Spider then bridges back and applies a Double-Arm Cross-Face. Usually set up when Nekura slides underneath his opponent – like Lance Storm’s setup for the Half Crab. Can be used as a submission finisher.)


- Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker


- Spider Suplex (Belly to Back Half Nelson Chicken Wing Suplex)


- Arachnophobia (Spider hits a Snap Suplex, holds onto his opponent as he makes it to his feet, hits a second Snap Suplex and then finishes it off with a stiffly executed Brainbuster.)


- Handspring Back Elbow (Usually Tajiri style.)


Un-common moves:


- Jumping Spinning Heel Kick

- Calf Kick

- German Suplex (Sometimes release)

- Superkick

- Arm Drag

- Head and Arm Suplex

- Standing Backlfip Splash

- Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex

- T-Bone Suplex

- Quebrada Moonsault (Lionsault)

- Stiff Roundhouse Kicks (Left or right footed stiff Roundhouse kicks to all parts of the body.)

- Standing Spinning Back Kick

- Hurricanrana

- Moonsault

- Headscissors Takedown


Rare moves:


- Spinning Tombstone Piledriver

- Death Valley Driver

- Arachnid Bomb (Spinning Sit-Out Powerbomb)

- Leaping Senton Plancha (Spider runs at the ropes, leaps into the air and somersaults forward, over the top rope and onto his opponent.)

- Hell Awaits (Spider bounces off the ropes, executes a cartwheel, a backflip and then a corkscrew backflip over the top rope and onto his opponent – Sasuke Special 2. Only ever pulled off in extremely important matches as a last resort.)

- Spider Driver (Old finisher which is now rarely used. Fireman's carry into a Square Driver.)




- Stigmata (Spider grabs his opponent by the inside of the left leg and drapes his opponent’s left arm over his shoulder – think Olympic Slam set-up – and then hauls his opponent off the canvas. Then, in one fluent motion, Spider twists his victim around over his left shoulder and drives them straight down into the mat, head and shoulders first, while sitting down, thereby increasing the impact… and brain damage. )


- Black Widow Bomb (A springboard Shooting Star Press. Spider uses this move against larger opponents.)



Notes: Spider Nekura is the cult leader of the Supaida-Kumo Clan or just The Clan. Nekura is of English descendant and has a fairly well-spoken, stereotypical English accent to show for it, although he spent many years in Japan. He is a committed sadist and a very dark character. Spider is a master manipulator, using people’s inner turmoil for his own sinister plans and turning them to the Clan. He can sometimes seem distant or depressed and can usually keep his cool in even the most tense situations. Spider is loyal to his clansmen but will never participate in a brawl to help them, this sometimes puts him across as a coward. He is also something of an intellectual and very cunning.




Born as Reece Black on the 25th of December 1979, little is known about the childhood of a sadist who would grow up to join the Supaida-Kumo Clan in Japan in 1998. There, Reece was given the name Spider Nekura, ‘Nekura’ meaning dark-natured. His inner-hatred for the world and the belief in that the Fallen Angel, Lucifer, Beelzebub…Satan himself, had sent Reece to Earth in human form soon made him a devout pupil of the Clan. He learnt many forms of combat, mastering the skills of Karate and Martial Arts among others. Then, at exactly 12 O’Clock on January the 1st 2000, the mass suicide of the Clan took place, believing the end of the world was nigh. The suicide was responsible for wiping out every single follower of the ancient cult…all except one, Spider Nekura. Believing that he was too important to waste his own life, Nekura broke away from the rest and fled back to his birthplace, England.


This was where the second part of his training took place and he became part of the BWA, wrestling under his Clan-given name. He soon became a dominant force in the BWA, capturing the Junior Heavyweight Title and it wasn’t long before Nekura’s sadistic ways were seen for the first time in his wrestling matches, crippling one of his opponents and severely injuring another. Nekura was kicked out of the BWA after his blasphemous views were revealed and he then fled to America…


Here he heard about a federation called the IGNWF, supposedly one of the best in the world. Nekura was put into one of it’s farm leagues, the IGNML. By this time Spider had founded the new, American-based Clan, recruiting members from around the nation and so the feared Clan of the SWF was born…


The rest is too long.

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Guest Thoth


Smark Boards Name: Thoth

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 245 lbs.

Hometown: Aechiba, Japan

Age: 25

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Tag Partner: Janus

Ring Escort: None

Weapon: None, but if he uses one, preferably the kendo stick.


Looks: Thoth has changed his looks to be a little more American. His ring attire is the same, but in interviews and backstage, he wears a sharp business suit. His hair is a little neater, too. In any case: He has red hair, and wrestlers shirtless. No arm or wristbands. He has red strap-pants like Iori Yagami, that is to say, they are connected by a cloth strap at the knees. He’s a little more chiseled than he used to be.


Ring Entrance: KMFDM’s “Go to Hell” plays, the drum beats signalling red strobe lights to flash through the arena. Thoth comes out, wearing whatever attire is appropriate for the situation. He holds his anger in check these days, walking to the ring with dignity. He sneers and smiles wickedly at his opponent, his flashiness from former days gone.


Quotes: None that aren’t cliche


Strength: 5

Speed: 4

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 6


Style: Thoth is back to his old style, albeit with a bit more charisma. He knows how to work the crowd a bit better, and can get them into a match better than he used to be able to.


Signature Moves:

Knee to the back of the head: Running off the ropes, Thoth drives his knee in the back of a sitting opponent’s head. Often uses the Snap Mare to get the opponent in a sitting position

Flipping Arm Drag: His opponent off the ropes, Thoth hooks his foe's arm in his own and arm drags him with such force that Thoth ends up on the mat, stomach-first.

Northern Lights Suplex

Downward Spiral

Knee Drop off the Top Rope

Pump-Handle Suplex: Starts as a Pump-Handle slam, but Thoth lets his opponent go past his shoulder and turns it into an inverted suplex.

Guillotine Face Driver (aka Fameasser)

Double-Arm DDT

High Leg Clothesline

Float-over Snap Suplex

Reverse Enzuigiri


Uncommon Moves:

Thrust Uppercut: Thoth blocks his opponent's punch, and thrusts his other hand under the opponent's chin.

Over-the-shoulder Back Body Drop

Snap Mare

Drop Toe Hold into Front Chancery (also drop toe hold into ring ropes)Grab the opponent and throw him under the bottom rope into the ring post: This has no name, and it’s performed like it sounds. Lance Storm did this to Edge (or Christian, hell, I can’t remember) at InVasion.

Flying Cross Body (Done off of an Irish Whip)

Running Front Knee in the Corner (Opponent dazed in corner. Thoth runs straight, hops, and sticks a knee out. Oof!)


Rare Moves:

Frog Splash

Reverse Ace Crusher: Thoth faces his opponent when his shoulder meets his foe's face.

Roundhouse Kick to the face

Mexican Surfboard into Dragon Sleeper: Thoth doesn’t normally use submission holds, but if he’s placed in a position where they are necessary (Submissions-only match, Iron-man match), this is the hold he will use. Locks the guy in a Mexican Surfboard, lets go of the arms, and locks on the Dragon Sleeper. Looks like it hurts.





(Primary)Riot of the Blood (Cradle Tombstone Piledriver)

(Secondary)Scum Gale: Thoth can now use the Scum Gale from other positions, suck as Springboard... and... well, be creative! Here’s the old description I ued when it was top rope only, you can apply this to other situations (You’ll see why Springboard is a logical choice):


His opponent dazed, facing the center of the ring, and Thoth on that same corner on the turnbuckle, facing the crowd. In other words, both men are facing away from each other. He flips over, grabs his opponent’s head while upside-down, and drives it into the mat with a sit-down facebuster (ala X-Factor). Will only use on people he cannot connect Piercing Light with on due to size... however, I once used the Scum Gale in a match on two people at once: Be creative.


Notes: Thoth also knows a limited amount of a style of Karate called Kyokugen. If using Kyokugen Karate, which he will probably only use against another martial artist, he usually assumes Tiger Stance. In this stance, Thoth brings his right arm close to his body, palm facing upward, while his left arm is extended as far as it can go, palm facing downward. Usually he will only use Kyokugen against another martial artist.


Bio: Well, Thoth came back. Surprise, surprise. He came back... aww hell, read the damn promo on 13th hour. It explains everything.

Edited by Thoth

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Guest Edwin MacPhisto

Last update: July 23. The moveset stiffens!




SmarkBoards Name: Edwin MacPhisto

Wrestler Name: Edwin MacPhisto

Aliases: The Mac Daddy, The Crown Prince of Flash and Panache

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 239

Hometown: Leeds, England.

Age: Unknown; he looks to be in his late 20s, early 30's on the bad days.

Face/Heel: Full-on flashy face.

Stable: Midnight Carnival (Leader)

Tag Partner: When necessary, any Carnival member.

Ring Escort: Ditto.

Weapon: A microphone.

Quote: "Come on down, the devil's in town!"

"Hallelujah, b*tch!"

“Step right up!”


LOOKS: Quick reference: Tall and lanky, more wiry than a model of brute strength, Edwin MacPhisto bears quite a resemblance to Edge or Steven Richards physically: thin, but with a modestly-built upper body.  He has a thin face with a prominent chin, clean-shaven of late.  His hair, dyed red and occasionally highlighted with haphazard silver streaks for big matches, is puffy, loose, wavy, and oft unkempt.  His left eye is green and his right eye yellow, and no one's really sure if it's natural or contacts.  In the ring, he wears loose fitting pants, usually a pair of bright red and silver camouflage-style trousers. Up top he’ll wear a t-shirt or muscle shirt emblazoned with either a union jack or the logo of a band from the catalogue of classic British rock--Zeppelin, the Who, the Kinks, etc. He wears black boots--ladder laced Doc Martens--and often a pair of mirrored sunglasses, which are frequently tossed to adoring fans. The one article of clothing that absolutely defines the Mac Daddy, however, is his trademark sleeveless red vinyl trenchcoat, worn both to the ring and just about anywhere else this wanderer goes. Since he's currently the world and tag champion, he wears the World Title around his waist, and usually slings his Tag Title over one shoulder.


RING ENTRANCE: The house lights drop out as the hovering, haunting beginning of “Battleflag” by the Lo-Fidelity All-Stars starts to float through the arena.  The SmarkTron fires up, providing the only source of illumination in the form of grey silhouettes fading in and out, silhouettes of a man with his arms outstretched, a man holding a microphone, and a man leaning on a lamppost. A light beat drops in, and the voice of Edwin MacPhisto rises up from the back as he cuts his trademark pre-match promo, taunt, or wisecrack.


(Insert Edwin mini-promo here)


The music swells to a thick, bumping human beatbox beneath Edwin’s words, and a pair of blue spotlights begin to swing back and forth across the entrance way, moving like pendulums in sync with the beat. As Edwin finishes his speech, the music makes its final swell and the spotlights break off their pendulous paths and spiral out into the arena, completely symmetrical in their ripping arc until they come back to the entrance stage and meet, a stuttering drumbeat echoing as they collide and send forth a wall of sudden purple strobe lights. The vocals of “Battleflag” drop in, and streaks of red and gold pyro erupt from the entrance ramp, prompting red and gold disco lights to whirl around the arena as the SmarkTron shows highlights from Edwin’s career.  The man himself steps out into the spectacle, World Heavyweight Title clasped around his waist, and Tag Title over his shoulder.  He absorbs the audience’s applause, and then makes his way down to the ring, removing his coat, tossing it over the top rope, and sliding under the bottom rope to catch it on the other side. Edwin discards his accessories and takes his place in the ring, eagerly awaiting the start of the show.


TAG/STABLE ENTRANCE: The arena lights fade into blackness as a soft female voice whispers, “Midnight Carnival.” The SmarkTron flashes blazing white in time with the opening beats of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Love Rollercoaster” as the Carnival’s anthem pumps through the arena, revealing with each flash thin black lettering that reads “Step Right Up.” As the guitar part drops in, three blue laser lights trace the arena, all stemming from the same point in the middle of the entrance ramp. As the words “rollercoaster of love” echo through the arena for the first time, the laser lights flare out into a blue haze across the entrance ramp as the members of the Midnight Carnival step out from behind the curtain. As the refrain arrives for the first time, the arena plunges back into darkness just as purple strobe lights tear through the house and the blue laser lights spiral wildly, illuminating the members of the Midnight Carnival in funky, staccato bursts. The SmarkTron video plays, flashing half-second clips of classic maneuvers from the Carnival’s members. They make their way to the ring, and get down to the business at hand.




Strength: 3 (Can handle hefting opponents his own weight or less well enough; struggles a bit when we pass 250 pounds)

Speed: 6 (Oo, he’s exceptionally sprightly for his size, quite agile)

Vitality: 4 (Can take a licking, but won’t keep on ticking all that long)

Charisma: 7 (He’s the Crown Prince of Flash and Panache! Of course they love him.  A serious fan favorite.)


STYLE: Technical and flashy, with a fair share of striking attacks, grapples, and stylish innovations. He's coined it "logical impact."  Focuses often on either the neck or the knee.


SIGNATURE MOVES (Edwin’s ‘trademark’ moves and innovations)


1. Corkscrew brainbuster – often a setup for a finisher, especially the Union Jack. Usually not straight-drop; more of a suplex onto the head.

2. Dragon sleeper Russian legsweep – again, often a setup for a finisher, especially the Union Jack.

3. Shotei. Used very frequently and in varying strengths. Pelvic thrusting optional.

4. Delayed German suplex.

5. Springing sidekick – a straight-leg jumping sidekick (re: Booker T style).

6. Inverted DDT - primarily a fast counter out of suplexes and power moves.

7. “Love Rollercoaster” - spinebuster-into-powerbomb chain. Faster than it is strong.

8. “Midnight Special” - bulldog/facebuster combo. Edwin leaps for a bulldog, sitting out and bringing his knees under and into the falling opponent's face for a double impact.

9. “Cocktail O' Shame” - two brisk slaps, "bitch-slaps," if you will, one across each of the opponent's cheeks, followed by a graceful flourish and a final strike, ranging from a spear to a snap kick to a reverse elbow to whatever Edwin's feeling at the moment. Humiliation in three hits.

10. “Sound Check” – a desperation Roll-the-Dice (inverted facelock swinging neckbreaker). Fast and strong, usually floors both Edwin and the opponent, and is almost always either a counter or the desperate last grasp of a floundering MacPhisto.



UNCOMMON MOVES (Edwin uses these just as often as the signature moves; they’re just not as fancy)


1. Dragon screw legwhip. Preferred takedown.

2. Double German suplex.

3. Half Boston crab submission.

4. Gamengiri/enzuigiri (jumping roundhouse kick to the face/back of head; Edwin often hits one, lands on his feet, then reverses direction and hits the other).

5. DDT.

6. Running dropkick (usually off the ropes).

7. Tope suicida. If Edwin’s going to exit the ring in style, this is often how it’s done.

8. Successive snap kicks to wear down the opponent, often targeting the knees/legs.

9. Hangman (neck snap over the ropes).

10. Slingshot legdrop from the apron into the ring.


RARE MOVES (in descending order of rareness)


1. “Crown Prince Clutch” – a back-mounted dragon sleeper. Edwin doesn’t usually go for a submission win, but if it makes sense to, he’ll go to this. Occasional shouts of "Yeehaw, I'm a cowboy!" have occasionally been heard during the execution.

2. Dragon suplex.

3. Kip-up DDT – laying on his back, Edwin kips up, grabs a forward-bending opponent in a facelock, and slams him down with a DDT, all in one fluid motion. Takes about 2 seconds altogether and totally shocks the opponent.

4. “Air MacPhisto” – utterly devastating top-rope falcon arrow. It is a shockingly strong man who gets up from this one – generally, the people Edwin can manage to lift for it aren’t getting up. Employed most often on opponents who’ve scouted the Encore Cross well or somehow kicked out of it.

5. “The Encore Cross” - Edwin's simpler, original SWF finisher, still potent, but infrequent. After a year of prominence in the SWF, most of the fed has learned to counter it fairly easily. Edwin stands back to back with his opponent, hooks the arms, and then vaults forward, falling to his knees and bringing the opponent down on his neck/upper back with a spike backslide. Edwin bridges the backslide for the pin as the opponent crumples. Faster than the Union Jack, but not as lethal.




Union Jack - The opponent is significantly dazed. Edwin takes him into a back-to-back arm hook, very similar to the Encore Cross...but instead of the usual vault forward, Edwin shoves his palms into the the target's underarms and tosses him up over his right shoulder, opponent's back facing down. Edwin spins 180 degrees as he holds the opponent ever-so-briefly in the Canadian backbreaker position, then takes two running steps forward and leaps. Edwin lands on his knees as he flips the victim straight down with an entirely unprotected powerbomb/piledriver, a nearly vertical bump on the back of the head/neck. Edwin ends on his knees as the opponent crumples. This is intended to look really cool, really nasty, and altogether only take about 5-10 seconds to complete--there's a lot of description, but it's actually pretty simple to visualize: back-to-back, Canadian backbreaker rack, rotate, running/jumping unprotected drop. The motions and transitions are all fluid. This will put you down for the 3-count, period.


Spinal Tap – a tornado stunner. Identical to an Acid Drop, except ending in a stunner rather than a diamond cutter. Edwin’s “come out of nowhere” finishing maneuver, and useful on large opponents.


NOTES: MacPhisto lives to entertain. He ALWAYS cuts a short promo over his entrance music. His mentality is generally carefree and whimsical, but he's taken on a progressively harder edge throughout his WF tenure. He's not above occasionally playing dirty if he needs to, especially if it'll help him put on what he thinks to be a better performance in the ring. One note: he really doesn't curse that much, unlike most of the other guys in the federation.


In terms of fighting style, Edwin wrestles with flash and panache. He is relatively well-rounded and quite agile for someone of his size, but it's not too often that he's the strongest or best-conditioned man in the ring. Edwin thus relies more on his speed, innovation, and the magic of gravity to get him through his matches, as many of his maneuvers require little input for a whole lot of impact on the output side.  As for his proficiencies: MacPhisto is a powerful striker. His assortment of palm strikes and kicks are examples of him exploiting his speed and focusing what strength he has, and if he can lure an opponent into a striking duel, chances are he'll come out on top.  A common misconception: the Mac Daddy is a showman, but not a suicidal bump machine; he's intelligent and experienced enough to put on a spectacle without killing himself in the process.


BIO: The Crown Prince of Flash and Panache came to IGN to spice things up and put on a show, and he's done just that. Rising to the occasion early in his ML career, stylish Edwin became Western US Champion in just his third match and went on to notch an 8-1 minor league record, along the way befriending the King of Hearts and Spark and founding the Midnight Carnival. Although passed over in the official talent bump, MacPhisto came to the WF at From the Fire as a surprise member of Jayson Grant's newest Corporation, selling out and arriving just in time to falcon arrow Fallout into little pieces and steal a win for his new Corporate master. Alongside Bobby Riley, MacPhisto raised bloody hell, until the controlling, hateful desires of his Corporate stablemates became too much to bear. Seeking independence and self-understanding, MacPhisto broke from the Corporation, effectively dissolving it as he went about his way, and soon found himself in opposition to Evil, Inc., Stubby P. McWeed, and his old nemesis, Fallout, as he made his way into the main-event scene and back into the arms of his funky, flashy, fan-favorite roots, the Midnight Carnival.


At the Snake Eyes PPV, Edwin won the NY title, his first piece of WF gold, a fine championship that he promptly renamed the UK belt, representing Britain (among other things). Around this time, the Carnival started to get into an antagonistic relationship with Chris Wilson and friends, and a sort of rivalry of wits between Wilson and Edwin continues to this day. After defending the belt in the first ever “Stairway to Panda” match, he went on to the Ground Zero PPV, where Grimedogg rocked his world and took the belt away. Edwin, voracious sucker that he is, kept on trucking, and went on to Apocalypse, where he won the ICTV title away from Axis and Xstasy after a truly brutal elimination match. Shortly thereafter, Edwin lost the belt to Chris Storm in his first title defense, following some nasty interference involving a dark man named Grahf and a piledriver onto a steel chair. At Genesis II, Edwin confronted Grahf, and for his troubles received a heavily smashed up knee that put him out of commission for nearly two months.


Edwin returned, but found himself once more plagued by injuries, suffering some severe neck trauma at the conclusion of a feud with the treacherous Suicide King.  Edwin finally healed up to make his return at the No Sells Christmas! PPV, winning the tag titles alongside Mark Stevens and convincing El Luchador Magnifico to join the Carnival.  Soon after Clusterf**k 2002, the Clan and the Carnival came into quite a complicated conflict of interests, and the Clan captured the tag titles, leaving Edwin sour.  However, at this year’s From the Fire, Edwin got a slice of revenge, capturing his second ICTV championship from the hands of Thoth.  After finishing out the heated program with the Clan, Edwin found himself the target of Sacred’s antagonism, as the Aussie attempted to hijack “Love Rollercoaster” from the Carnival.  Edwin proudly defended the music and the belt.  Shortly thereafter Deputy Commissioner Johnny Rotten enlisted with the Carnival on a common ground of hatred for Commissioner Stubby P. McWeed, and he used his commissionary position to restore the contract of Chris Raynor!  A nagging neck injury began to wear Edwin down and was one of the chief causes of his ICTV title loss to Thoth, but Commissioner McWeed continued to slight the Carnival, denying Mark Stevens matches and forcing Edwin to wrestle on a bad neck.  After a series of retaliatory pranks and harassments, Stubby became fed up and enlisted a complex contract clause to let the Suicide King book a retirement match between Edwin and Mark Stevens, a match that, after tremendous emotion and high levels of trickery from King himself, Edwin won.  Mark Stevens was forced to retire, leaving the Carnival at four enlisted.  Shortly thereafter, Edwin entered a program with the Hville Thugg and Perfect Bo, and at Crossfire 2002, he won his first SWF World Heavyweight Title.


Of course, with the return of Chris Wilson, things heated up. Edwin successfully defend his title at Snake Eyes 2002, but his Midnight Carnival came into opposition with Wilson's newly formed Magnificent Seven. July was all-out war between the two stables. Along the way Edwin started a second tag title reign, this time with Chris Raynor...but now he faces some of the biggest challenges of his career.  Meanwhile, other tensions boil beneath the surface, and Edwin MacPhisto is on edge and more aggressive than ever.


But, as always, the Mac Daddy’s got a few tricks up his sleeves…

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Guest TheBostonStrangler






Smarkboards Name: TheBostonStrangler

Wrestlers Name: The Boston Strangler

Height: 6'9"

Weight: 303 lbs.

Hometown: Boston, MA

Age: 31

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Metal Chain, Chair, anything handy

Quote: “Strangler…has…spoken!”


Looks: Strangler wears a pair of blue jeans and a black tank top with the letters “TBS” in white on the shirt. His arms are scarred heavily, and he has a tattoo of two hands clutching a neck on his right shoulder. He wears a big pair of black boots with the letters “TBS” down the side in white. His hair is black, stringy, and shoulder-length, looking pretty ratty. He has scars all over his face as well. He generally wears sunglasses to the ring.


Ring Entrance: The arena goes dim as the opening chords of “Godzilla” by Blue Oyster Cult start to play. As the song launches into the opening guitar riff, the SmarkTron™ lights up with the name “STRANGLER” in big white letters as a massive burst of white pyro explodes from the stage. As the pyro begins to die down, Strangler emerges from the pyro. He raises one fist into the air as he looks out onto the crowd, then slowly begins to walk down the ramp. He slides into the ring, and climbs to the second turnbuckle. He raises both arms into the air, fists closed, and then walks into the center of the ring and waits for the match to start.





Strength: 8

Speed: 2

Vitality: 8

Charisma: 2


Style: Brawler, power wrestler. Lots of punches and power moves. Against bigger men (over 300), he relies almost exclusively on punches, kicks, etc, and looks for one or two big power moves to end it. Against small men, he loves the high-impact, ground-based power moves, but will usually try something a little crazy, often ending with an unfavorable result. Also, he isn’t exactly a smart, technical type of wrestler, and usually will try nothing but power stuff, only going to submissions in matches calling for it, although he will mix in the occasional sleeper/choke hold, to weaken up the opponent’s neck for the Boston Massacre. Strangler’s biggest problem is controlling his emotions in the ring. He tends to get too caught up in the moment, and will make some big mistakes. Sometimes he’ll explode on his opponent, but then almost seem like he’s guilty about what he did, and back down. Sometimes he’ll act without thinking, like taking out the referee and then trying to pin, or drilling his opponent with a chair directly in front of the ref. Strangler isn’t the cheat he used to be, but whenever he gets ticked off enough, the rules go out the window. Basically, he’s a psychological mess, but if he’s on top of his game that day, you’re gonna have a REAL hard time taking him out, since he’s as strong as they come.



Signature moves (The order in which they are in is order of how frequently they are used, from most to least)


The Plunge (Chokeslam)

Lights Out (Double-Armed DDT) (After he hits this, he usually looks for the Boston Massacre)

Standing sleeper into sleeper drop

Guilty Conscience (Strangler puts the opponent in a double underhook, lifts him into a Canadian backbreaker, then slams him face-first on the mat. Similar to Faarooq’s old Dominator)

Lobotomy (Essentially a reverse Final Cut/Eye of the Hurricane. Front facelock, then Strangler twists around and brings his elbow down against the back of the opponent’s skull)

Full nelson atomic drop (Bubba Bomb)

Jumping piledriver (can possibly be done off 2nd rope, would be a finisher then)

Standing spinebuster (Strangler’s most common desperation/transition move)

Release German suplex (will occasionally do something crazy against a rather small guy, like throwing him across the entire ring, the 360-degree German suplex, etc.)


Common moves:


Short-arm clothesline (Strangler grabs the opponent by their wrist and pulls him into a clothesline)

Inverted DDT onto knee (like Christian’s move)

Flap Jack

Big boot

Falling neckbreaker

Fallaway Slam (if caught near the ropes, Strangler will occasionally toss the opponent over the top rope)

Samoan Drop

Stomach crusher (fireman’s carry, then slammed onto Strangler’s knee)

Double Axe Handle (can be off second rope too)

Hammer punch (to upper back)

Body punches in corner


Hangman’s neckbreaker

Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker

Knife-edge chop (usually just one or two as a transistion)

Mudhole stomping



Bearhug…….OF DOOM~!



Rare moves:

1. Last Breath (a reverse DDT drop. Set up like the Scorpion Death Drop, then used like an Implant DDT, can be done from the top rope/ring apron as well. Strangler’s former finisher.)

2. Vault over top rope to the outside (a la Undertaker)

3. Guillotine leg drop (usually a hardcore move, to the outside, through a table, etc.)




MAIN: The Boston Massacre (Impact): This move starts out of almost anywhere, as Strangler lifts his opponent into a gorilla press slam. He then starts to fall to the ground as he drops his opponent onto his shoulders before slamming him head-first with a Death Valley Driver. This move is BIG. Better be a ref bump or a World Title match if it’s gonna get kicked out of. Ask if you want to.


ALTERNATE: Southie Slam (Top Rope Impact): Strangler puts the opponent in a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. Strangler walks into the corner, with his back to the opponent. He takes ahold of the opponent’s upper arms, and flips him over his head to the mat, where he lands on his back/neck. A wicked-looking move that gets a big “OOOOH!” from the crowd. If you absolutely need to kick out of a finisher, this is the one you should use.


Bio: Strangler was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in a crappy apartment in Southie. His parents disappeared one day when he was 15, leaving him to fend for himself on the rough streets of Southie. He had no money, so he lived on the street, where he scavenged for food. One day, when he was 19, he wandered into an abandoned warehouse, where he saw lots of other homeless people fighting each other in a tournament. Strangler entered himself into the tournament, and destroyed everyone in his path. In the final, he actually choked out his opponent, killing him. He won the tournament, and joined up with the host of the tournament, a man named Scarface. Strangler and Scarface traveled around the city, and entered all the tournaments they could find. Strangler almost nearly won, and usually took out one or two of his opponents. Soon, people started calling him the Boston Strangler, and his reputation grew to a level nearly equal to the real Boston Strangler’s reputation. He started entering UFC matches, and was doing fairly well there too. He started to grow wealthy, and had his own apartment in the Back Bay. In fact, Scarface and Strangler became so close that they got matching tattoos on their left forearms: a picture of two hands clasped together.


However, when Strangler was about 23, he suffered a brutal knee injury at the hands of the brother of one of his murdered opponents. The damage done with the crowbar fractured his kneecap, and put him in the hospital for months. Over this time, he and Scarface started to grow apart, and when he got out of the hospital, Scarface had found a new talent to manage, who called himself Lucifer. Strangler wasn’t particularly happy about this, so Scarface arranged for a brawl between the two to determine which man would be able to retain his services. Strangler had Lucifer pinned to the mat, and was in the process of choking him out when Scarface attacked him from behind with a bat to the head. Scarface and Lucifer took out Strangler badly, and inflicted major damage with a pair of boxcutters they had handy. Strangler was left for dead in a warehouse, his face and arms cut up with wounds from the boxcutter. Scarface had even bladed a giant X over the tattoo Strangler had gotten to symbolize their friendship.


Strangler disappeared for about three years after that. He was rumored to be working in a small indy federation in Oklahoma for a while, but disappeared after the OWF World Champion, Moose McGowan, turned up dead from strangulation. Strangler’s next reported sighting was in Florida, but after another death, Strangler disappeared from there as well. Finally, in late 1998, Strangler, under the name of the Mad Professor, started wrestling in AVW (Appalachian Valley Wrestling). He tore through the league, and went on to have a 6-month run at the top as AVW Champion. However, every challenger he was scheduled to have ended up in the hospital before their match, so Strangler was thrown out of the federation in June of 2000. Strangler bounced around for a few months after that, wrestling the odd job here and there until the next summer, when he finally got tired of screwing around. He heard about the IGNJL, and continually showed up until someone gave him a chance. He destroyed his opponents, and was allowed to enter the JL.


The IGNJL had no clue about Strangler’s past, and Strangler intended to keep it that way. Throughout his tenure in the JL, he managed to keep his legendary temper in check, and focused his energy purely on the titles. He soon became JL TV Champion, and had the longest reign with that title as of yet. He was a member of the Alley, and managed to bring the stable a good deal of recognition. However, Strangler dropped the TV Title, and disappeared a week later. He returned at Code Red, and promptly won the #1 Contendership to the World Title. He took advantage, and won the title for the 1st time. During this time, Strangler lashed out at the stables of the JL, and vowed to destroy them all. Strangler defeated the Clan, and then destroyed Red Storm Rising and the Red Storm Reich, which culminated with his 2nd title win.


Strangler soon dropped the JL Title, and left for the new challenge of the IGNWF. He debuted at the IGNWF No Sells Christmas! PPV in December 2001, and soon afterwards joined up with the group he had destroyed in the JL, the Clan. Strangler justified his place in the Clan by quickly capturing the IGNWF Hardcore Title. Strangler had a feud where he defended his belt against Munich, but then got into trouble with the Clan. After some open conflict between himself and the Clan leaders, Spider Nekura and Thoth, Strangler simply disappeared one day. No one seemed to know where he went to, why he left, but he was simply forgotten…


However, Chris Wilson remembered the big man, and brought him in as part of his new stable, the Magnificent 7. However, soon after his return, he started to drift away from the Magnificent 7 as he engaged in one of the SWF’s most memorable feuds against Erek Taylor of X Force 9. The two men fought with each other for almost the entire summer. At Ground Zero, Erek beat Strangler in a memorable street fight, which included Strangler no-selling being hit by a car, as well as being arrested, and ended with Erek hitting a corkscrew moonsault off the SmarkTron™ onto Strangler for the win. This loss sent Strangler spiraling into a deep psychological funk. He became paranoid, convinced that Erek Taylor wanted to drive him out of the league and separate him from his “friend” Chris Wilson. He challenged Taylor to a retirement match at Apocalypse, which he won. Taylor was banned from the SWF, and Strangler thought he would finally be happy.


However, during this period, Strangler had begun using steroids. His stablemates discovered the problem, and turned him in. Strangler appealed to Wilson for help, but only received a chairshot for his troubles. Strangler was fired from the SWF, and sent to a rehab facility in September 2002. However, toward the end of 2002, Strangler broke out of the rehab facility and went on a mission to get back into the league. He appealed to Grand Slam Mark Stevens, who signed him behind the back of the subsequently-fired Commissioner McWeed. Strangler then disappeared into Boston to train, where he disappeared. Strangler’s whereabouts were unknown until recently, when he appeared as King's mystery partner, only to turn on the SWF Commish before setting his sights on Tom Flesher. What's next? Strangler might not even know himself...

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Guest Beingz0wningj00

Note: These will be constantly tweaked through the first week of April as I finally fix some of the old junk that no longer belongs


Board Name: Beingz0wningj00

Wrestlers Name: Jamie “Jay Dawg” Drazon... The Hardcore Maniac. :headbang:

Height: Six Feet Four Inches

Weight: 243 pounds

Hometown: Vancouver B.C.

Age: Looks about 30

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Tag Partner (optional): None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): He is good at turning things into a weapon. He will probably bring a weapon of some sort to the ring. It would be something brutal and unconcealable though, so please no brass knuckles or something like that. If he is attacking someone in another match, he will use a weapon that he has to put together and is fairly concealable.

Quote: “Oh (insert name)… You can’t hurt me.” Or just for Edwin. "Let me smoke my blunt, and I will kick all yo asses!"




His build has been chiseled ever since taking off. He spent the last five months training in Vancouver in an underground fighting circuit. His shoulders are no longer as broad, and his abdominals are ripped to the bone. His leg muscles have also slimmed out, giving him surprising flexibility, but it is unnoticeable due to his baggy black pants. A belt around his waist, not used as a weapon. He wairs a black pair of Lugz boots, ladder laced. Hair is shoulder length, black/brownish color, always tied back in the beginning, but it always gets undone. Eyes are blue, although they are seen very little. He either rolls them back, or has them closed.


Backstage: If he isn't in his wrestling gear, he is wearing jeans and either a T-Shirt, or a button up shirt which is left open. He also wears a trenchcoat, and is often caught smoking something. He hasn't been shaving before his camera time though, almost always showing stubbles of a beard growing.


Ring Entrance: Multiple Fireworks explode around the arena, rafters and entrance ramp. The lights go out...










The voice, obviously pre recorded, echoes through the arena. Rammstein's 'Du Haste' plays without the lyrics... The heavy beats thunder 360 degrees all over the arena... JD steps through the curtains, his head down. He walks to the top of the ramp, slowly raising his head. He lowers his head again, although a smile without good intentions is now plastered on his face.


Funyon shit.


He enters the ring, placing his hands on his thighs, and slowly cricks his neck. Then steps back into the corner, and rests on the turnbuckles in wait for his opponent.





Strength: 5-Power is used primarily in his suplexes, and his stiffer strikes. He is capable of lifting people for suplexes and will do it repeatedly like it's a drill, but a powerbomb from him certainly won't put anyone down for three. He is fond of creating high impact spots though.

Speed: 3- Movement is minimal by choice but he can of course. Climbing to the top rope and doing suicidal dives mean little to him. Also, he will pounce back up as fast as possible when knocked down, mostly out of spite.

Vitality: 8- The only thing he likes more then receiving pain, is dishing it out. Sadomasochist... He's almost at the state of breaking his hand, then punching you in the face with it. In a sense, Jay Dawg doesn't just accept the pain, he likes it.

Charisma: 4-His sheer aggression allows him to get over. The fans just hate his brutality. His conscience is lacking, if he doesn't get what he wants, he'll punish people in fits of anger.


Style: Technical/Shootfighting...Shamrock/Benoit. One tough SOB. Uses the ring to his advantage. Very stiff kicks. Painful/high impact drops and throws. Uses leverage to pick up his opponents. Displays power when highly pissed off. He doesn't roll people up, unless it is the most logical move. He knows counters to roll ups though, so you can chainlink him if you want.


Note for JD: His legs are very powerful. Hard to take away them as his main offense. When throwing kicks, they are swift and powerful, difficult to block unless your wrestler is a martial artist, otherwise have them be avoided. No shame in choking an opponent, low blows, using the ropes for leverage, grabbing the hair. He finds most of these petty tortures amusing but avoids using it as an attack, instead opting to use it as punishment. He keeps his eyes closed until he is pissed off. He rolls his eyes into the back of his head if he absorbs a painful move and looks for the person who did it, and if he applies a submission. They are always open when he is pissed off, and stiffing the shit out of you.


Signature moves:



1) Thai Roundhouse kick. This is one mean spin kick. It is fast and powerful. It is a definite two count, and if caught offguard, can very easily be a three count. The blast now sets up the Shining Black


2) Stungun Stunner. In a desperation move, JD will catch the opponent and hang them off the top rope with a stungun. As they bounce off, JD will kip up to his feet, flip the double bird, then drop the opponent instantly with a stunner. No boot to the gut. If the opponent stays on their knees instead of falling to their back, it will be followed by a Shining Black. Stevens can sometimes be caught calling the stunner portion the Final Thought, but JD refuses to call it that.


3) Piledriver- If he has the strength to Jump and spin, it can be a finisher, which is done belly-to-belly and belly-to-back. A tombstone or a regular spike piledriver onto an object can also finish. Otherwise it's a two count, but a credible one. (Crowd reactions people)


4) Swandive Headbutt-If done from an insane height, can be a finisher. Major hangtime from the top rope.


5) Counter Kick(not the name, just what it is) This is Jay Dawg's favorite striking counter. With a punch or kick, Jay Dawg will dodge the blow and spin backwards 180 degrees, kicking the victim in the jaw with a reverse spin kick. The announcers call it a modified Thai Roundhouse kick, which is true, but it's more of a defensive move.


6) Suplexes- A is most powerful, f is least.

a) Dragon Suplex-Done to all under 330 pounds, not repeated.

b) Belly-to-Belly Suplex-Shamrock or Overhead Style.-Can do a Shamrock throw to anyone, overhead to any under 300 pounds.

c) Release German Suplex-Easily done once to most... repeated is to those with a skinnier build.

d) T-Bone Suplex-Can be done to anyone he can get his arms around.

e) Snap suplex...can be repeated, like German.

f) Belly to Back suplex

(If opportunity arises, b&c can be done off the top rope, rare for c though)


7) Hangman Choke. JD doesn't display power too often outside of suplexes, but this is a case... his eyes always roll to the back of the head as he lifts the man up, he'll smile, almost demonically as his opponent has the life choked out of them.


8) "JD DDT" JD throws his elbow behind the opponent, using the higher leverage to pull them into a martial arts like facelock. An extension into the air, lifting the throat with choke, then lowers before promptly falling back with an evenflow DDT.


9) Russian Leg Sweep. He is fond of doing this from a high spot, or especially after he stiffly whips the opponent sternum first into the corner.


10) Suicide Dive over top rope. Only when opportunity arises, which is surprisingly a lot. ;)



Common moves: These moves are less flashy, but can often be caught done frequently.


1) Dragon Screw Leg Whip-Used kess then before, JD will still do it to gain an advantage.

2) Strikes-This includes stiff right hands, kicks, elbows, headbutts. He will stiff the shit out of you with these, then have it lead to an even stiffer move.

3) Counter punch. JD sidesteps the punch, grabs the arm, and drags the opponent into a knee to the higher area of the ribcage. Can lead to JD DDT.

4) Drop Toe Hold into a Fujiwara armbar

5) Judo Hiptoss aka over the shoulder arm drag

6) Pendulem Backbreaker-really just used to keep the opponent down.

7) Leg Sweep Kick.

8) Leg Attacks. Banging off posts, squashing ropes and other stuff. Kicking the knee.(simple set ups for leg torture)

9) Blatant choke. Will do it with one hand, then lead to the hangman choke.

10) Kneedrop to the forehead, often repeated.

11) Low Blow... this really should be a signature, due to him doing it probably every match.

12) Spinning Neckbreaker

13) Flipping Senton Splash- Front flip, land flat on back. When sacrificing his body, he will drop it on the opponent, and sometimes through tables.

14) Repeated Spinning Toe Holds into a Whiplash Powerbomb. A whiplash powerbomb is where you have the spinning toe hold on, then roll forward and flip the opponent onto there back in a powerbomb like way. This is tremendous torture to the leg, which is why JD likes it.




-Is he drunk again?(Smark name for Moonsault to outside)-Jay Dawg doesn't fly. This is done in multi person matches really, where two people can catch him. He will try it in a big match though with one person. It is slowly becoming a more fluent moonsault.

-Specialized Brainbusters(Hinting toward a stiffer style for the finish, JD can be caught using these amateur leverage moves, directing the landing as a brainbuster. Busted out in special matches with a worthy opponent. He's used these all before, getting very credible two counts and sometimes a 3.

1) Mexican Arm Drag Brainbuster -Hook the arm for a Mexican arm drag, lift, facelock the head and drop straight down.

2) Spinning Angle Slam Brainbuster- Start with an Angle Slam set up, but with them on the shoulders, he spins an extra 180 degrees, and drives them down with a brainbuster

3) Stalling Brainbuster- When confident, he will let this stall, sometimes up to 8-10 seconds.

-Kataha Jime(half nelson choke aka Tazzmission) This is busted out when JD doesn't want the opponent getting away. It doesn't matter if it's DQ or not, if he' pissed, he will choke you out.




A Page from Edwin's book... super duper unseen unless on PPV rare move.


The Hell Buster. JD's Avenge is applied, however the leg not being pulled on is now shaped like a four, with JD standing on the ankle of that leg. With this, JD leans back, still standing, but holding the leg like hanging onto a pole. Powering out does not work, rolling does not work, even help from another will not work. Any fall out will result in the leg being broken due to the weight positioning of JD. Drazon likes to think that this move will make the Devil himself tap out.



JD’s Revenge: A Crossarmed Pedigree. Victim is in standing headscissors. Then their arms are wrapped around their throats. JD will jump and smash their face, then arms, then torso into the mat. PAINFUL


Shining Black: Yakuza Kick to kneeling opponent. Set up by the Thai Roundhouse, which is often set up by other stiff strikes. JD will hit the roundhouse kick, then run off the ropes, upon the bounce he gains massive momentum, before stepping onto the knee and flattening the opponent with a stiff big boot kick to their face.


JD's Avenge: A Crucifix Kneebar. It hyperextends the knee, meaning tap out is pretty much inevitable due to excessive pain! He will use this out of A) Torture or B) Use it as an excuse to 'avenge'


His absolute favorite submission is the Crucifix Kneebar. However that is not to mean that he doesn't know others. His most prefered are any ones that can snap a limp, or make his opponent flat out scream, the shootfighting inside him. He normally avoids attacks to the back and neck, unless he wants to go on a suplex fury, which actually lead to knocking the opponent senseless or choking them to unconsciousness... so use it if you must, but it's not really his gameplan. He is trained in Judo, Shootfighting Submissions and Thai Kickboxing. This is why his moves are throws, submissions and strikes. In his years in the SWF and JL, he has learned some regular moves, and is a veteran of the sport, so he is able to do the basic counters, such as rollups and armbars and to an extent some top rope moves. Basically what I am saying is... try and avoid the scoop slams and the regular DDTs and Neckbreakers. While it may have been more common before, he will very seldom bust them out nowadays unless the match is in desperate need of a transition. ;)


Bio: Scratch the whole history before... while it did happen, it's irrelevant. Here's the short form for it. He's been in the SWF for the last two years as well as six months in the JL. He has been training for fighting all of his life. He just returned to the SWF after four months off, his reasons are unknown, however it is clear he has been training and recovering, ready to hurt once more. His build is a little lighter, but he is clearly ripped, and maybe even more powerful then before. A major alcholic and gangja chronic by the way, even bringing it out in matches. Since returning to the SWF, he isn't seen backstage without a cigarette or a dubie. He's also fond of drinking the jumbo Heinekens.


Titles Held:


SWF ICTV-Current

SWF US- 3 times

SWF Hardcore- 1 time

SWF Tag- 1 time

IGNML World-1 time

IGNJL Tag- 1 time


Bio Part 2: Jay Dawg is losing his mind, extremely paranoid these days, only held in due to the gangja mellowing him out. Before he left, traces of his lack of sanity and trust worthyness were becoming apparent as he violently destroyed anyone in his path, showing little mercy and respect. However he could control it then, and unleash it at will almost. He is losing control of his rage more and more. He has no trust. His only loyalty is a bit to the Suicide King, and that is only because the commissioner is in charge and they have known each other for many years. He is not a manipulator anymore although never much of one before, he can't lead a stable and he can not be lead, only guided to a fight.


He is very arrogant, although not in a Suicide King/Tom Flesher way. In his mind, he believes he is the best. Since his return, he has shown even more violence. The crowd continues to hate him as he shows no mercy to whoever he faces, and that does mean both face and heels. This allows him to become tougher, because in his own mind, he can not be broken, his own will carries him to heights others crave but few have the courage to do what he does. He is known to stiff his opponent with strikes and with submissions on this path, leaving evident marks at times.


He doesn't interfere in matches anymore unless under specific orders by the Suicide King. Or if someone else decides to start something. This is bizarre, because he is almost always ready for a fight. You could probably compare him to Wolverine from X-Men this way, as he is highly resilient and often pissed off. Although Wolverine has morals... Jay Dawg... well to put it bluntly, doesn't. He doesn't take anything personally anymore, as he is almost too busy to even bother. He won't send anyone to fight for him, even if he is knocked the fuck out, if someone takes his place, JD will attack them the first chance he gets. If someone tries to piss him off verbally, he will probably do nothing, this is the only case where he can control his anger, due to the fact that it's before a fight where he can lose his cool. He is often stoned backstage, so when people try to piss him off, he is too burned out to clue in. However if he's only on beer and cigz... then watch out because he is one grumpy and mean mutha fucka...


One other thing... he likes pain people. He won't tap out anymore, if he is put in a painful stretch, despite being in severe pain, he will laugh. This is a laugh that will continue until he passes out.(This will change, it's for the storyline I am working on at the moment. He isn't afraid to do a dive onto his opponent, even if it will clearly hurt him. He maybe losing his mind, but he doesn't care, he likes it better this way because he is not afraid. Each time he draws blood, or his opponent shows an injury caused by him, he will feel stronger. Hurting others, to take a line from an old friend of mine... It is the Perfect Drug. An unbeatable high. This isn't to say that he nosells moves, every single thing Jay Dawg feels. He may get up at times, pissed off, but he doesn't take a punch and shake his head, he doesn't take a finisher and get back up. He invites the pain and will gladly take it, on regular shows a finisher more often then not will have the strength to put him away, but if he is starting to fall victim to his rage, he will most likely get disqualified instead.



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Guest Grand Slam

Edit: Stats changed 6-1-2002 to reflect status as a retiree and new status as an announcer.  Just remember, he is retired now, but he hasn't forgotten anything...


SmarkBoards Name: Grand Slam

AIM: Mulkiathe

Wrestlers Name: "Grand Slam" Mark Stevens (Retired)

Nickname: The Heavy Hitter,

Height: 6'6

Weight: 296 lbs.

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

Age: 33

Face/Heel: Mega-Face

Stable: Midnight Carnival (Once a Carnie, always a Carnie.)

Tag Partner (optional): None, retired

Ring Escort: None, retired

Weapon(s): Baseball Bat (or two), occasionally even the Hardcore Special Bat (a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and able to be set on fire).  As an announcer, will use the chair he is sitting on if he has to.

Quotes: "And that, my friends, is a d*mn promise."

"Step up to the plate Junior, and find out why they call me the Heavy Hitter!"


Looks: Red hair cut pretty short and a little spikey on top (like Taker's new cut), blue eyes, close-cropped full red beard, fair skin.  He is built well, actually getting a little bigger across the chest and in his arms since he retired because of increased time to just work out.


Street Clothes: Wears black jeans, gym shoes, a gray t-shirt that reads MVP on the front, a baseball cap (different MLB teams or the Midnight Carnival logo) and a varsity jacket with his last name on the back over the number 25.


Ring attire: Black calf high boots with shin guards (similar to Jericho or X-Pac), Black tights with either a red or blue design on the legs, a black and gray suede varsity jacket with "Grand Slam" on the back (which he removes before the start of the match) and red or blue (depending on the tights) wristbands. In matches he will be wearing a knee brace on his left knee and an elbow pad on his right arm.


Announcing attire: Dark (Black, grey or navy blue, usually pinstriped) suit, shiny black shoes, a dark colored or white pinstriped dress shirt, and a flashy tie, usually with a baseball motif.  Tie tack is a baseball bat with a diamond set in where the logo would be.  He wears glasses and a baseball cap (of either a local MLB team or the Midnight Carnival) under the headset.  At the end of the show, he throws his cap to the crowd.


Ring Entrance: Music: "Born Bad" - The Gone Jackals

Then the lights go out... several seconds of hushed silence cause the crowd to become restless... they are clapping, talking, shouting, waving signs, waiting for whatever is about to happen...


The crowd, simply put, explodes!

The crack of a bat and the roar of the crowd announce Grand Slam!! It quickly fades into the opening bass of "Born Bad" by the Gone Jackals. The SmarkTron lights up with baseball highlights mixed with big spots from Grand Slam's matches while flashing the words "Grand Slam", "The Heavy Hitter" and "Midnight Carnival". The various multicolored lights flash in time with the rhythmic bass of the song until the first guitar riff when the arena is flooded with bright white light!! Red and white pyro explodes at the top of the entrance ramp!! When the smoke clears and everyone can see again, "Grand Slam" Mark Stevens is standing underneath the SmarkTron!!! The crowd erupts in even more cheers for the Heavy Hitter!!!


Funyon: ::Makes announcement::


As Funyon makes his announcement, Grand Slam runs down to the ring quickly, waving at the fans the whole way!! And they are going nuts!! Tonight, as the camera zooms in, he is wearing a (Fill in either the local MLB team or a Midnight carnival) baseball cap!! When the crowd sees this, they cheer even louder, nearly drowning out "Born Bad"!! Grand Slam steps into the ring over the top rope and heads to a corner. Stevens climbs to the second turnbuckle, looks at the crowd, then pumps his right fist into the air several times, firing the crowd up even more and causing a flurry of flashbulbs to pop, illuminating the ring like a strobe-light!! Before dropping back to the mat, Grand Slam flings his cap out to the crowd, giving some lucky fan a unique souvenir from the IGNWF!!!


Tag/Stable Entrance: The arena lights fade into blackness as a soft female voice whispers, “Midnight Carnival.” The IGNTron flashes blazing white in time with the opening beats of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Love Rollercoaster” as the Carnival’s anthem pumps through the arena, revealing with each flash thin black lettering that reads “Step Right Up.” As the guitar part drops in, three blue laser lights trace the arena, all stemming from the same point in the middle of the entrance ramp. As the words “rollercoaster of love” echo through the arena for the first time, the laser lights flare out into a blue haze across the entrance ramp as the members of the Midnight Carnival step out from behind the curtain. As the refrain arrives for the first time, the arena plunges back into darkness just as purple strobe lights tear through the house and the blue laser lights spiral wildly, illuminating the members of the Midnight Carnival in funky, staccato bursts. The IGNTron video plays, flashing half-second clips of classic maneuvers from the Carnival’s members. They make their way to the ring, and get down to the business at hand.



Strength: 8 Has been working out heavily since he retired to stay in shape

Speed: 2 Has increased his muscle mass, but his mobility has suffered

Vitality: 3 Has lost a little of his wind since retiring, nothing can match wrestling four times a week for cardio.

Charisma: 7 Loved by fans everywhere.  Pops the crowd without trying.


Style: Technical, Power. However, when angry, can brawl with the best of them.


Signature moves:

The "Grand Slam" - a face-first Full Nelson Slam

The "Double Play" - I hit the full nelson sit-out atomic drop, then maintain full nelson as I stand up and hit the "Grand Slam"

Full Nelson Sit-out Atomic Drop (Bubba Bomb)

The Figure Four Leglock

Falling Neckbreaker

Sidewalk Slam

Snap Suplex

Belly-to-Belly Suplex

Moonsault (top rope)



German Suplex

Knife-edge chops


Un-common moves:

Flying Cross-Body


Big Boot

Running DDT

Northern Lights Suplex

"Super" kick (similar to but not nearly as cool as HBK's finisher)

Russian Leg Sweep


Vertical Suplex

Superplex (off top rope)


Rare moves:

Flying Elbow (top rope)



Inverted DDT

Leg Drop

Tilt-a-Whirl Powerslam

Underhook Leg Trap (Neck submission)

Stalling Brainbuster


Back Mounted Chinlock (Camel Clutch)



The Walk Off - A Pedigree, signaled by waving my right arm over my head in the baseball signal for "Home Run"


The Seventh Inning Stretch - A Standing Octopus Stretch, signaled by holding both arms over my head, my left hand showing four fingers and my right showing three.

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Guest Suicide King

Smarkboard name: Suicide King

Wrestlers Name: the Suicide King (Nicknames include the King of Hearts, the Gambling Man, and the Heartbreaker)

Height: 6 ft tall.

Weight: 224 lbs

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Heel (take Shawn Michaels/DDP/Million Dollar Man... cowardly, desperate, vain, cunning, willing to do anything to win Memphis heel. Will beg for his life. Is intelligent.)

Stable: None

Tag Partner (optional): None at this time

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): the Ace of Clubs, a black wooden baseball bat

Quote: "That, you can bet on."

"Don't you know that a King always beats a Jackass?"

"Are you a gambling man?"


ring attire: Very much like Jerry Lynn, but slightly more clean-cut. Pretty boy, black vest, no shirt, long blond hair, short chin beard. Black tights with images of bright red broken hearts all over them. Tattoo of (you guessed it) the King of Hearts on his right shoulder. Black boots on his feet.

actual person: Built like a gymnast, prefers to wear polo shirts and jeans outside of the ring, normally with his overcoat. Wears hair untied out of the ring.


Ring Entrance: The arena goes dark as the voice of Ozzy Ozborne screams out, "ALL ABOARD!! AH HAH HAH HAH!!" The stage suddenly explodes as a wall of crimson pyro shoots skyward, deafening and blinding those closest. When the pyro finishes the wailing guitar chords of Ozzy Ozborne's "Crazy Train" pick up in volume and the Suicide King is revealed, posing cockily as the crowds pours their derision on him (save for the few sparse cheers from desperate women). Smirking in disdain he makes his way down to the ring, strutting like he is the single greatest thing since sliced bread. Making his way to ringside, he jumps up to stand on the ring apron and moves provocatively between the ropes. Once inside the ring the Suicide King circles the ropes, making sure that everyone in attendance gets a good, long look at the most talented, entertaining, and handsome man in wrestling today. The men swear, the women squeal, and the SWF collects another fortune in merchandising... the Suicide King casually brushes the hair out of his eyes and waits for his unworthy opponent.



Strength: 3

Speed: 5

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 7


Style: Small striker/grappler. Is craven and cunning, cocky and vain. Bad at tapping submissions, ok at chokeout submissions..


Signature moves:

10) Low Blow

9) "Heartbreaker" shotei (palm strike to opponent's chest, staggers them and knocks the breath out of them long enough to get off a big move)

8) Dropkick

7) Diving Reverse DDT

6) Reverse DDT onto knee

5) Hurricanrana

4) Top rope Superfly Splash

3) Dragon Sleeper, standing or kneeling

2) Superkick

1) Drop Toe Hold (often into the ropes or turnbuckle)


[The moves that make your wrestler famous. Most of the things people have in there top 10 can be considered signature moves]


Un-common moves:

1) Pumphandle Drop/Backbreaker

2) Falling Arm Breaker (not that silly over-the-shoulder one)

3) Eye Gouge/Thumb to the Eye

4) Bulldog

5) Missile Dropkick

6) Arm Wrench and Ax Kick to Shoulder/Straight Sidekick to Armpit

7) Irish Whip to High Knee (like HHH's)

8) Concealed foreign object shot (you know, roll of quarters in the tights, that sort of thing)

[The more mundane stuff that your character might use. This is outside of scoop slams, clotheslines, etc, but could include the more stylised suplex’s and the like]


Rare moves:

1) Pumphandle Low Blow

2) Fujiwara Armbar Takedown

3) Suicide Plancha

4) Tornado Bulldog, corner-assisted

5) Kneelift to Bulldog

6) Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker (only able to do it to cruiserweights)

7) Victory Roll

8) Springboard Hangman (jump on ropes, grab opponent's head on way down, snap it off ropes, land outside)

[The moves your guy might use every once in a blue moon. He’s capable of them perhaps, but might not fit his style, or he may only go up against people he can use these moves on once in awhile]




1. (Favorite and preferred) Jokers Wild: Half Nelson Forward Russian Leg Sweep. For example, I stand to my opponent's left, take his left arm and pull it out with my left arm, put his right arm up in a half nelson with my right arm, and then sweep him forward face first into the ground. For my worst enemies only, once on the ground I maintain the half nelson and place the opponent's free arm in a leg scissors, then reach my free arm across his throat, creating a leg scissor kataha-jime (Tazzmission). Very nasty submission move that is maintained until chokeout... call it the Suicide Squeeze. Not like you'll ever write it though, since it always wins.  


Psychology: Generally just goes out there with a plan, a backup plan, and three or four backup backup plans just in case. Prefers to win by cheating rather than skill, as in his mind that is the best way to show his superiority. Should he be dragged kicking and screaming into an actual wrestling match though he will focus on quick strikes and grapples to wear down his opponent. Often he will target the neck or shoulder specifically to set up his finishers.


Background: Guess who's in charge now? The Suicide King has made the next logical step as a power behind the scenes and taken the position of Commissioner of the SWF. He generally prefers to bribe others with whatever is available to do his dirty work, but he makes sure to keep in shape in case any of these idiots decide to try him on for size. After all, he is the only man who could take Thugg to school like forced bussing. No price is too high and no sin too great if it means the King stays on his throne, in comfort, and grinning all the way to the bank.

Edited by Suicide King

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Guest Xstasy


Board Name- Xstasy

Hometown- Washington DC

Height- 6’1”

Weight- 211

Age- 19

Face/Heel- Face

Weapon(s)- Chain (Used as a flail, or wrapped around a fist)

Quote- “Shhhhhhhhh…”


Looks- An X-cruciatingly handsome black man, with a chisled physique, rust-colored skin, brown eyes, and long, thin red/ brown dreadlocks, tied back. X wears a black wetsuit, and a fingerless glove covers his left hand. He wears no shoes, but his ankles and feet are wrapped.


Ring Entrance- Blackout. “Come With Me” by Puff Daddy begins, and BRILLIANT white light pours from the arena entryway. Xstasy’s silhouette is projected by this light as he stands there, and then walks down. Once he reaches the ring, the light dissipates, and the ring is illuminated as he takes to the turnbuckle and displays the sign of the X. He then scales the opposite, and does the same. Before every match, he ties his hair back ritualistically.


Stats- Strength (1) Speed (8) Vitality (4) Charisma (7)


Style- High Flyer/ Capoeira


Notes- Xstasy’s moves are graceful, passionate, but are usually more reactionary than strategic. He values intuition and instinct more than gameplan. He is also a bit more brutal than before. He never speaks aloud, only whispering to those he speaks to.


Bio- No one knows where he’s been, but Xstasy has finally returned. The more things stay the same, the more they change. Xstasy is still as loved as ever, but he seems to be a bit less flashy, and a bit more brutal. Also odd is the fact that he rarely speaks, and only does so in whispers. Still, the fans can’t get enough of the joy… of X.



Xception™- A vicious spinning neckbreaker. (Medium and smaller sized opponents continue spinning with the torque until they hit the ground, and they might roll a few times once on the canvas! The important thing: it can happen anywhere. Off of the top rope, while being lifted for a brainbuster, while springboarding, anywhere! He can even chain them together if he’s really hyped up!)


Soargasm™- Olympic Slam into a Rack. (X needs extra leverage for this move, so he usually will do it from off of the top rope. After downing the opponent, X leaps onto the near turnbuckle, where he throws his hair tie into the now Xstatic crowd. The opponent stands, and X flies off of the top rope, flipping for leverage. He lifts the opponent up into an Olympic Slam, then brings them down onto the mat, where he racks them in a flailing mass until they tap out. This move CAN occur from a simple standing position as well.)



Signature moves (strongest to weakest)-

Xclusion- This move is a Senton Bomb, but facing the audience! Basically, X leaps backwards off of the buckle, but flips forwards, creating an interesting visual picture and diving hard onto his victim! Once again, it looks incredible!

Wishbone Splint- X places his feet between his opponent’s and forces them into a split


Knee Facebuster- Triple H Style (usually sets up the Soargasm)

X DDT- X does a running or flying DDT, backrolling to his feet upon impact

Whipback Kick- X backflips with no hands, kicking the opponent in the chest with one foot, and the chin with the other- with or without a running start

Ridgehand Chop- A chop with the inside of the hand as opposed to the outside

Guillotine Strikes- Mounted on a standing opponent and punching

Upstart Slap- X brings his hand, palm upwards, hard under the opponent’s chin for the slap. This is really done as a disrespectful gesture, not as a powerful move

Get Xstatic- When the Xstasy takes over, X gets Xstatic. He starts to tremble, and conventional attacks seem not to affect him, or if they do, he gets up in anger and defiance. It doesn’t happen too often, but you can bet a hard attack and a finisher are not too far off.


Common moves (strongest to weakest)-

Moonsault Variations (diving, standing, corkscrew)

Double Footed Wheel Kick

Capoeira Flip Suplex- X pulls his opponent and backrolls, using his leg to push them overhead and back onto the mat

Capoeira Front Dropkick- X grabs the opponent by the arm, plants his feet in their chest, and pushes off, backflipping while they fall

The Crux (Rings of Saturn)

Rana Variations (Frankensteiner & Hurricanrana)

Bulldog (Often X will spring off of the second or top rope to do it)

Hard Cross Body (running or from the top rope)


Knee Strikes (Good Xception set up)

Half Crab

Hard Hip Toss

Dragon Screw Takedown (rolling or single)


Shooting Leg Tackle (takes out the knee)

Capoeira Kicks (of any variety- sidekick, roundhouse, back roundhouse, flying, etc…)

Fireman’s Carry with Cartwheel

Scissor Sweep

Capoeira Windmill Sweep (looks like the spinaroonie)

Rollups (of any variety- schoolboy, small package, clutch roll, etc…)


Rare moves (strongest to weakest)-



Piledriver (simple, but BRUTAL)

Shooting Star Press

Backwards Diving Headbutt (hurts Xstasy a lot as well)

Top Rope Lionsault

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Guest HVilleThugg

Smark Boards Name: HVilleThugg

Wrestlers Name: The Hville Thugg

Height: 7'2"

Weight: 386 lbs.

Hometown: Washington, DC.

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Angry, Sadistic Face

Stable: None

Tag Partner (optional): None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Anything he can find




HVT’s look has changed a bit after coming out of retirement…he still has black hair in cornrows that reach to his broad shoulders. He now wrestles shirtless as he used his retirement to drop a ton of weight and now has a bulky, yet ripped upper body. He wears large, baggy green and brown army pants, and a black belt. He wears Timberland boots that he has specially made for use in wrestling. The boots are caramel colored and have 1" soles. The legs of his pants cover the majority of the boot such that only the foot and sole can be seen. He also has extremely large hands, with arms that have some visible hair, but not a lot. Important to note is that The HVille Thugg has lost a lot of weight, and is now absolutely ripped. His pecs are huge, as are his biceps. He doesn’t have abs like HHH, but has a slight 6-pack that only shows when he’s flexing or using some of his other upper body muscles.


Ring Entrance:

The lights in the arena black out, covering all crevices of the place with a cloud of complete and utter darkness.




An electric guitar blares of the speakers, starting the introduction to DMX’s “Who We Be”, as the entire arena explodes into a frenzy of cheers. The fans leap from their seats and make as much noise as humanly possible, despite the fact that no human form has been seen on the stage as of yet.


"They don't know..."

"Who we be."


"They don't know..."

"Who we be."


“What they don’t know is…”




A huge explosion on the stage leaves a wall of fire across the stage in its wake, leaving only a small path in the center, as the fans lose their minds and the first verse of the song begins. In the path left by the wall of fire, a dark figure creeps forward, a black towel over his head (like Tazz), and as the figure makes his way to the part of the path where the fire is on both sides of him, Funyon makes his announcement.


{Insert Funyon's announcement here...}


Upon hearing the announcement, HVT begins his slow descent to the ring, removing the towel from his head on his way down the ramp. The fire on the stage ceases as HVT reaches the apron, where he holds onto the top rope and uses it to pull himself up to the apron. He, then, proceeds to step over the top rope and into the ring. Despite being a face now, Thugg still does not outwardly acknowledge the fans.




Strength: 10

Speed: 1

Vitality: 8

Charisma: 1


Style: Powerful/Brawler…uses his size and strength. Thugg is more of a brute than a wrestler. He spends the majority of the match wearing down his opponents with punches, stomps, whips, slams, and splashes. Very strong…he doesn't go down easily and doesn't stay hurt for very long. There are obvious exceptions where the Hville Thugg would remain hurt, but they are far and few between. The Thugg can overpower almost every wrestler, but is easily frustrated by the speed of some of the smaller wrestlers. However, his endurance and ability to withstand an enormous amount of pain helps to balance this flaw. His speed, however, is gruesome to watch, as he’s probably the slowest person in the fed and probably slower than a lot of valets, so his moves can be easily countered by quicker or more technically minded wrestlers. HVT usually does well against other power wrestlers simply because he can over power them, but speedy wrestlers and high flyers give him fits as they can usually land big aerial moves against him due to his lack of speed to react. Technical wrestlers match up decently too as they can use many counters to keep Thugg from landing his big blows, but his weight makes it difficult to land suplexes and other technical moves, and it’s rare that HVT will submit. Also, the longer the match, the better Thugg is…he has great endurance and his strength and power wears on his opponent, making them weary as the match drags on.


[The following is applicable for a tag team too]



Signature moves {Big moves from Thugg makes the crowd go wild and he nearly always goes for a pin afterwards}:


-Big Boot to Legdrop (Victim comes off the ropes and walks into a Big Boot, slow like Big Show, and once the victim is down, HVT bounces off nearest rope and drops a Hogan-like Legdrop followed by a pin.)


-Multiple Full Nelson Drops to Full Nelson Slam (Victim comes off the ropes and walks into a Full Nelson hold. Thugg lifts the victim off the ground and brings them down on their rear like a Bubba Bomb. HVT holds the Full Nelson and repeats the Full Nelson Drop several times before ending the sequence by slamming the victim on his/her back with a Full Nelson Slam. Pin immediately follows.)


-Extreme Stalling Suplex – (HVT will hold his opponent in the air as long as physically possible before completing the suplex. Realistically, for smaller opponents, this can go as high as 15-20 seconds, and for larger opponents 5-7 seconds.)


-Front Press Drop onto Turnbuckle (Victim is military pressed overhead, and Thugg walks around the ring for all to see, proud of his feat, before dropping victim face-first onto the nearest turnbuckle)


-Front Bearhug Slam/Stand-up Spinebuster (Victim comes off the ropes, usually going for an offensive move, and Thugg grabs him/her up and throws them back-first to the mat in a spinebuster fashion. This move is always followed by Throat Slash signal and The Last Stand finisher, or an attempt at the finisher {see finishers section for more details}.)**




Un-common moves {Ranked from favorite to least favorite}:


-Splash into the corner (with his opponent back-first in the corner, HVT runs in and sandwiches them in the corner)


-Stiff Clothesline


-Heavy Elbow Drops


-Big Boot


-Power Slam


-Short Arm Clothesline


-Side Walk Slam


-Choke Toss


-Back Body Drop


-Tilt-a-whirl Slam


-DDT (normal)**


-Rib Breaker


-Back Breaker


-Belly to Belly Suplex (the one where you turn around and land on your opponent)


-Power Bomb



Rare moves {Only used once every few matches; never more than one}:


-Clothesline from Top Rope (Kane style) {used most often; usually missed}


-Torture Rack (Submission) {used 2nd most often}


-Thugg Passion – Inverted Last Ride - Sets up opponent for an inverted DDT, and then flips them up using a gutwrench maneuver, leaving the victim in a inverted powerbomb position so they are facing forward instead of backwards. Thugg grabs him by the waistline of his trunks, lifts him high in the air. Then he slams him hard to the mat. This is an inverted version of Undertaker's Last Ride. This is HVT's old finisher and is the most deadly move in his repertoire, but the move was scrapped due to it’s slow and difficult set up. In a tough situation in a huge, huge, career-type match, Thugg MIGHT break out this move to completely finish an opponent…but it’s as rare as rare can be. I won’t say this move can’t be kicked out of or no sold, but that’s rarer than the move itself and had better be done well.


** - used mostly when HVT is in trouble or to stop an opponent’s momenutm




-Untamed – Spinning Choke Slam – This finisher is prefaced by the right hand in the air and wiggling of the fingers, like Kane and Undertaker do before their Chokeslams. HVT grabs his victim by the thoat, as if to go for a chokeslam. Lifts the opponent up with one arm. He holds his opponent there for about 5 seconds (less for larger opponents, more for smaller opponents). Then he spins in a complete circle. As he reaches the end of the rotation, the Thugg slams his opponent down with with a vicious one-handed chokeslam. HVT is more likely to use this finisher because it's easier to do and it can happen anywhere in a match. If HVT comes with this finisher completely out of nowhere, he may forgo the preface to the finisher mentioned above.


- The Last Stand – Front Press Driver – This finisher is prefaced by HVT taking his thumb and stiffly running it across his own throat in a throat-slash maneuver, after executing the Bearhug Front Slam from the Signature Moves. After the throat slash, HVT lifts his victim to his/her feet, and if the victim is a smaller opponent, HVT will military press him/her over his head. If the victim is a larger opponent, HVT will whip him/her into the nearest ropes, and upon their return, use their forward momentum to hoist him/her up into a military press. After holding the victim in the air in Front Press position, Thugg turns them so that the victim’s head points forward (from Thugg’s viewpoint), and uses the momentum to slam the victim head and neck first to the mat as Thugg sits out, as in a Michinochu Driver.


Notes: The HVille Thugg has no concern for human life. Plain and simple, he's a thug. He doesn't care about right and wrong or good and evil. He has very few friends in the federation due to his reputation of turning on his friends. He doesn't really care about anyone, or anything except what he wants. While he doesn't really need to most of the time, Thugg will do anything to win.


Bio: It's just too long at this point

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Guest TheSatanicAngel

SmarksBoard Name: TheSatanicAngel

Wrestler: Sarah Leavenworth

Formerly Known As: Mistress Sarah, the Sovereign of Submission, the Queen of Knockout, the Princess of Pain

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 160

Hometown: Bellevue, Nebraska

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: XF9

Tag Partner (optional): None

Ring Escort: Any XF9 member

Weapon(s): Whip

Quote: "You WILL feel the pleasure of pain!"

          "I don't think I like you."


Looks: Sarah is muscular but defined, and has an exotic look to her face. Her eyes are blue/green and her hair is a wavy blonde. She wears a business suit that is short and revealing. She wears black, two inch heels.


Ring Entrance: The lights in the arena become dark, as the Smarktron sizzles to life. It shows the blank fuzz of an old home movie (like Test’s opening, without the countdown), as “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones begins. When the drum beats hit, the movie plays clips of previous matches involving the Mistress, freeze framed in time with the drums. Sarah enters when the guitar comes in, smiling and waving at the crowd as she heads to the ring. She climbs the stairs and enters the ring.


Tag Entrance: Same as above.




Strength: 2

Speed: 8

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 5


Style: Sarah was a high flying, technical wrestler. Many of her moves were variants of martial arts, which she still studies profusely. As a manager, Sarah doesn't get involved much, unless necessary.


Signature moves:


Superkick to the throat

Diving hurricanrana

eye rake

Springboard hurricanrana, from the top rope. After removing her heels, Sarah will climb the turnbuckle and move to the center of the ropes, bounce a few times for momentum and spring off, hitting a hurricanrana with extra oomph.

Scissor leg choke hold.


Common moves:

Any martial arts-like moves


Rare moves:


Sit-Out DDT -- a counter to a punch or even a faked irish whip, Sarah will pull an opponent into her elbow, dazing them.  Then, she'll push the person away just a bit, axe her leg up and snatch her opponent around the neck with her leg, pressing her foot against their chest, then sit down.  Basically, she uses her leg instead of an arm for an Evenflow DDT.

Woman's Wile -- any form of low blow.



Khamsin -- an arm wrench, not taking them to the ground, but while the opponent is doubled over, Sarah brings a leg up and around in an axe kick to the back, and sits down, forcing the opponent’s forehead into the mat, finishing like a Fameasser.


Notes: If anyone threatens her, or XF9, she will have no problem attempting to rid herself of the problem. She may not be a wrestler anymore, but she can still hold her own in the ring.


Bio: [You don't need to know.]

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Guest Smeghead

Smark Board Name: Smeghead

Wrestler’s Name: Fallout

Height: 6' 0''

Weight: 185

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Age: 20

Face/Heel: heel

Stable: The Clan

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): prefers chairs, but will use anything he can find

Quote: none


Look: He’s skinny, not very muscular.  He wears a black tank top with his logo and black ripped denim shorts.  He used to have long black hair, but it is now very short and spiked.  He also wears green and black face paint in a pattern that looks a little like Road Warrior Hawk.  During his entrance, he wears a black Clan robe, although he usually removes it for a match.  He may not look threatening at first, but do not underestimate him.  He is fully capable of hurting someone, and he will enjoy it.


Ring Entrance: The lights go out.  “Scum of the Earth” by Rob Zombie begins to play.  As soon as the heavy guitar part starts, an explosion hits the entrance area, a faint green glow lights up the arena, and Fallout comes through the curtain.  He heads straight for the ring, looking at his opponent if he/she is already there.


*Funyon:  Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…


Fallout stands in the center of the squared circle, feet apart, and sets his title belt down in front of him (if he has one, of course).  He closes his eyes, and slowly lifts his arms skyward.  A huge green explosion comes from behind him.  He then removes his Clan robe and prepares for the match.




Strength: 4

Speed: 8

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 3


Style: Technical/High-flying, also very fond of the hardcore style


Signature Moves:


Tornado DDT (usually from second turnbuckle, but can do it on the mat as well)

Superkick (assisted by a chair whenever possible)

2nd rope Asai Moonsault (laying opponent inside or standing opponent outside)


Hurricanrana (w/ or w/o pin)

Top turnbuckle Guillotine Leg Drop

Top turnbuckle Missile Dropkick

Sunset Flip

Knife-edge chop

Spinning heel kick


Uncommon Moves:


Top Turnbuckle Hurricanrana (w/ or w/o pin)

Dragon Screw leg whip

Snap suplex

German suplex (release or pin)

Northern Lights suplex (release or pin)

Neckbreaker (pretty much any version)

Reverse DDT

Top turnbuckle moonsault

Fujiwara armbar


Rare Moves:




Diamond Dust

Top rope elbow drop




Meltdown (same as Gangrel’s Impaler)

Nuke (springboard 450 splash from apron to ring)

Super Meltdown (Meltdown from top rope, EXTREMELY RARE)


Notes: The crowds usually don’t like him, and he couldn’t possibly care less.  He is extremely fast, and his matches are always exciting.  He fights to win, but he also loves to hurt people.  If the match looks unwinnable, he will not hesitate to grab a weapon and beat his opponent senseless, whether the referee is watching or not (of course, if a title is on the line, he’s a little more careful).  He’s not very strong, but very sadistic.


Bio: He has been called many things:  strange, sadistic, suicidal. The Nuclear Weapon.  The Scum of the Earth.  He knows no fear. He often doesn't seem to care about anything, or anyone. He refers to pain as his best friend, because it is the one thing that lets you know that you’re alive.


Fallout had a very unhappy childhood.  His mother died when he was young.  His father was an alcoholic who liked to hit things, especially his son (although the dog was a close second).  It is rumored that he also had a sister, but her whereabouts are unknown.  His high school was loaded with gang members and dumb jocks, who also liked to hit things.  And since Fallout was, for lack of a better term, a scrawny little nerd, he was often used as a punching bag.  But one day, a masked man showed up at school with a baseball bat and single-handedly put nine people in the hospital.  He was never identified because of the mask, and the fact that the people who were attacked were stoned or had single-digit IQ’s.  On that same day, Fallout ran away from home, never to return.  (You think there could be a connection?)


Eventually, Fallout ended up in the Junior League of the IGNWF, where he formed an alliance with Prime Evil and became the first JL World Champion.  Eventually, the members of Prime Evil made their way into the WF.  Fallout had continued success, which included a brief run as ICTV Champion.  When Madrac, the leader of the group at the time, was injured during the Clusterf*** PPV, Fallout took over as leader of the group.  It seemed that the group was doing well under his leadership, as they became the first Stables Champions at the 13th Hour PPV.  But their good times were short-lived.  Fallout slowly became a power-hungry dictator.  The men he once called his “brothers” became his “lackeys”.  One by one, they left the group, and Fallout soon found himself to be a general without an army.  Prime Evil was no more.


Following a brief hiatus thanks to an injury suffered in a hardcore title match, Fallout made his return.  And not only did he recapture the Hardcore Gamer’s Title and become the newest member of The Clan, but he very quickly became the most hated man in the IGNWF by ruining the greatest bra and panties match in the history of professional wrestling!  Is Fallout bothered by the fact that everyone hates him?  Far from it.  Hate is what gives him strength.  It keeps him going.


Now the IGNWF Light-heavyweight Champoin, Fallout continues to dominate his opponents, and makes many enemies along the way.  He is the Scum of the Earth, the one they love to hate, the lowest of the low…and he has never been happier.

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Guest Tyler McClelland

Smarkboards Name: outcast11

Wrestlers Name: "The Dark Prophet" Tyler McClelland

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 211

Hometown: Springfield, Virginia

Age: 21

Face/Heel: Heel

Ring Escort: No one

Stable: Magnificent Seven

Weapon(s): His own fists.

Quote: "Feel my pain..."

Looks: Short, dirty blonde hair... somewhat unshaven, usually has some stubble... rather skinny, but containing a good amount of muscle tone... wears black, baggy pants to the ring with the word RE|defined on the side... black wrestling boots under the pants... no shirt in-ring. Out of the ring, Tyler usually wears baggy pants and either a sweatshirt or a flannel over a wife-beater.





The arena lights drop out… a harsh whisper reads the blood-red words suddenly lighting up the Smark-Tron™


...Dark prophecies fill my world...

...Magnificent illusions of grandeur act as my sword...






Out of nowhere, a massive explosion hits the stage area and “P5HNG ME A*WY”, by Linkin Park, kicks up over the loudspeaker!


#When I look into your eyes…#

#There’s nothing there to see…#

#Nothing but my own mistakes…#

#Staring back at me…#


As whitish smoke bellows from the area where the explosion lit up the dark arena, a dark silhouette is projected through the smoke…


#Everything falls apart…#

#Even the people who never frown eventually break down…#

#Everything has to end…#

#You’ll soon find we’re out of time to watch it all unwind…#


As the smoke dissipates, Tyler McClelland appears at the top of the ramp… the crowd boos as he stands there, his head down and his shoulders slumped a bit… his eyes closed…


#The sacrifice is never knowing why I stay with you…

#Just push away, no matter what you see…

#You’re still so blind to me…


With those words, another explosion erupts on the stage and Tyler McClelland, through the sparks which fly at his sides, begins his descent to the ring… slowly, he walks through the dissipating smoke and reaches the ring, where he rolls under the bottom rope and stands, almost placidly, waiting for his opponent…




Style: Martial artist/high flyer with some mat ability dispersed between



Speed - 9

Strength - 3

Charisma - 2

Vitality - 6






"Wind Combo" - A variety of different martial arts combinations done with remarkable velocity. Some of The Prophet's favorites: (1) Right hook, left uppercut, straight kick to the jaw.  (2) Right knee to gut, left uppercut, right spin kick.  (3) Right hook, left spin kick (turning clockwise 270 degrees), side kick (ala Shawn Michaels). Improvise, come up with your own combos, too.


"Retribution" – Backflip slam


"From the Depths of Despair" – Missile dropkick to the outside


"Pain Personified" – Spinning heel kick into a head scissors takedown


"Catergory 5" - Done off the top rope, he performs a flip and hits the victim in the head with his boot. In effect, a kick, but not really. Performed with the victim standing.





Martial Arts Kicks (Any variety)

Stiff, boxing style punches (Any variety, but he hits with precision)



Missile Dropkick

Flying Body Press

Knife Edge Chops


Float-over DDT

Springboard Moonsault

Senton Bomb


Simple takedowns

Irish whips

Suplexes (on people up to 250 pounds)





Headbutt from the Top Rope

Acid Drop

Standing dropkick





Any of his signature moves... add weapons, though. Tyler usually doesn't use them, but will on rare occasions




"Forceful Indoctrination" - A right hook to the temple, followed by a left hook to the temple, followed by a kick with the tip of his boot to the right temple again. Nearly always a knockout shot and done extremely quickly.



"Livin' It Up" - 450 Splash



"Heart on a Sleeve" – Springboard 450


"Fear of Death" – Springboard backflip 450





I'll update it later.

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Guest Muzz

Smart Marks Board Name: Muzz

Name: Andrew Blackwell

Nicknames: The Sacred One, Sacred (Call him that as often as you like in matches)

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 228 Pounds

Hometown: Adelaide, Australia

Age: 28

Face/Heel: Heel with a slight, slight god complex, the reason people dislike him.

Stable: ...

Ring Escort: None

Preferred Weapon(s): Steel chair, his old friend.


- Quotes and Catchphrases:


‘Nobody Expects Sacred’s Inquisition.’


Stay Tuned for more...


- Look: Black hair, reaching down to about his neck around his head, with longer bangs at the front. Bluish-Green piercing eyes, but tired and weary features are prominent, with black rings under his eyes. He also has a Dragon tattoo stretching from just below his shoulder, down the side of his arm and to his elbow.


Ring wear consists of a tight white dress shirt (without sleeves, shirt cutting off around the middle of his upper arms), black dress pants, belt and black leather shoes. Blackwell also has black fingerless gloves, and outside of the ring wears reddish tinted lens metal sunglasses, and normal ‘formal’ wear, a very classy fellow in most respects. If some people question his taste, he simply asks them, “What, am I not ‘normal’?”


- Ring Entrance:


Music: Lycia - Tainted (Download: http://andrew.murrin.net/lycia-tainted.mp3)


Very atmospheric, creepy. A slow soft bass beat in the background.


Added Effects:


The television pictures begins to flutter, becoming fuzzy, and this continues while Andrew Blackwell’s voice is heard…


“There is nothing wrong with your television set… Do not attempt to adjust the picture…”


“I will control the horizontal. I will control the vertical.”


“I am controlling transmission…”


The picture returns to normal shortly after. Before Andrew Blackwell walks out, the lights recede, not into complete darkness, but very near to, and his music begins to play, softly, at the same time. Spotlights situated to the side of the ramp way, all along the side turn on Blackwell and follow him as he walks slowly before getting to ringside.


- Stats:


Strength: 4


Speed: 4


Charisma: 6


Vitality: 6


- Style: Takes his style from many different sources. His combination of high flying, athletic offence and confining submission moves make him a well-rounded wrestler, with little unique traits that stick out. One thing that does though is his ring smarts. Blackwell is a consummate ring general, and can stoop to any tactics to prevail over his opponents, gained over years of experience in the SWF.


Psychology plays an important role in his game plan, as does mind games. His psychology is Puro-like, either focusing on a body part the whole match, or just to build to a bigger move or get him back in the match if he’s behind.


- Notes: After is failed suicide attempt, Andrew Blackwell left wrestling to pursue a normal life which is friends encouraged him to do after the loss of his wife and the afore mentioned suicide attempt. Finding a normal life of pencil pushing irritating and just damn frustrating and pointless, Blackwell planned a return to wrestling, discovering his brother, Christian, had taken heed of his plea to join the Smarks Junior League and had become the European Champion. Sacred tried to turn his brother into him, a non-caring vigilante of sorts, trying to take his feelings away and to just stop caring. Andrew found that his brother was a unique and beautiful soul who shouldn’t be encouraged to change, but Sacred did little to change his own ways as he makes his return to professional wrestling, the death of his wife behind him and a new urge to reach the top of the sport and to solidify his place in the Hall of Fame, a honour he continues to decline until he hears each and every wrestler in the SWF say he truly deserves.


- Writer notes:


Andrew Blackwell is driven by many things. One thing he desires most is to become one of the best ever, to have his name remembered in future generations, and he desires all that would come with that, money, glory and power.


Power may be something he strives more secretly to have, because he sees that with power, people will be more ‘inclined’ to listen to his message.


‘The Message’ he brings is his philosophy of sorts. Blackwell lives a relaxed life, not following any strict training regime (Although he stays in shape, no more than he has to though), and enjoying things in life. His peers can aggravate him in they claim to fight in the SWF because it is their ‘fate’, or ‘destiny’, things that Sacred does not believe in, after his wife’s death especially. Blackwell desires that people follow his philosophy, as he despises how society has become, with the domination of the media in every day life, in the way people live their lives. He believes in his cause so much that he will do anything to make people see his way, such is his hate for modern society. He wants people to say what they mean, to do what they want, something that modern society has taken away, and in some ways, Blackwell sees himself as a wiser being than most, and his god complex has grown from that.


Who knows what he will do next... but he will always fight, do whatever it takes to win, to be the best, because he wants to be the best, to live the high life.


- Signature Moves:


Shotgun AKA Suplex to Stunner

‘Spanish Inquisition’ (Booker T’s Book End, used mostly out of desperation)

‘Superman 3’ Triple Jump Moonsault (Hit immediately after a hard hitting move, can sometimes get the pin all by itself so its no throwaway move.)

Ankle Scissors (From an Irish whip or top rope position, yo.)

Various Limb Trapping/Stomping Moves (Taking an opponent’s arm and leg and say, trapping it between his legs, Sacred jumps into the air and falls back down, squishing flesh and bone, nasty.)

Tilt-a-Whirl Slam/Backbreaker/Gutbuster (Tilt-a-Whirl from an Irish whip into a slam, backbreaker, or the reverse, the opponent landing gut first on Blackwell’s knee.)

German Suplex (Can be hit from seemingly anywhere at anytime, also includes the cross armed variety and can be bridged for the pin)

‘Kamikaze’ Super Spear (A move Sacred has possessed all his career, used to buy himself some time, catch an opponent in an awkward position or to work on the opponents ribs in spectacular fashion.)

Forearm blows + Flying and Running Forearm Smash (Forearm blows done instead of right hands, and Flying forearm done instead of clotheslines. Uniqueness!)

Knife Edge Chops

Leg Roll Clutch (Opponent on back, face same way as them, put legs around their waist, turn over and drag them over, then bridge back for the pin)

Spin Kick (ALA Booker T)

Kidou Clutch Pin

"A Fair Judgement" Strangle Hold Gamma

Cross STF /w Double Chickenwing

"For My Fallen Angel" Lyger Bomb



- Common Moves


Elementary Grapple moves such as Arm drag, hip toss etc.

Elementary Submission holds like a hammerlock, arm bar, leg lock etc.

Backbreaker, Gutbuster etc. (Elementary moves that work an opponents body part.)

Bow and Arrow Backbreaker

Hurricanrana (Also into pin)

Leg Lariat (Almost done more than the flying forearm)

Diving Reverse DDT (An old favourite, also done into a backbreaker)

Flipping Dropkick

Sickle Hold AKA Inverted Indian Death Lock /w Inverted Chinlock

Chickenwing Facelock


- Rare Moves


Modified Kabel Naria AKA Elevated Surfboard /w Reverse Face Lock

Inverted Pyramid Driver

Springboard Cruel Fate

Tilt-a-Whirl Tombstone




- The Cruel Fate


Sacred’s time honoured finisher. Blackwell grabs his opponent in a front face lock position, puts his left over * over * the top of the opponents and hooks it underneath. Then with the opponent in this position, Blackwell lifts his left leg into the air and in the blink of an eye, swings it back the same time he falls forward in a front face DDT of sorts. So the move starts out in a Tiger Neck Chancre, but except for the leg going backwards and swinging forwards, it is raised forwards and flung backwards, falling forward in the process.


- Narcosynthesis


A tribute to his brother, Christian. The Narcosynthesis is the Cattle Mutilation Submission hold used by American Dragon. First Sacred grabs his opponent from behind, chickenwinging BOTH his arms and pushing his opponent around the ring, trying to get him flat n his face. If that is successful, Blackwell then flips over the top of his opponent and into a bridged position, pulling back on his arms in the Chickenwing position. His brother Christian is well known for using a chair in this move, pushing his opponent into it before putting on the bridge.

Edited by Muzz

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Guest AnnieEclectic

Tightened up on Jan. 23rd 2003



Name : Annie Eclectic

Wrestler : Annie Eclectic

Nicknames : Angel, Hardcore Queen

Hometown : Indianapolis, Indiana (because when the Colts win the Super Bowl, she's gloating IC dammit)

Age : 23

Status : Face

Stable : Midnight Carnival

Height : 5' 6"

Weight : 175 lbs. (more muscular, but not near Chyna. She's cute dammit.)

Weapon : Kendo Sword (Singapore Cane)

Valet/Manager : whoa. none. for a while.

Quote : "...by DECREE... of the Hardcore Queen."


HUGE NOTES TO MAKE SURE OF : During the Best of Five series and beyond, Annie has taken loads of punishment to her ribs and lower back. Her injuries are inconclusive but there. Until she takes time off from her hectic schedule (which isn't happening soon as she's still in a couple of title hunts) her ribs and back will -always- be sore from the get go and she will -always- sell those attacks more than a usual fighter would. Any finishers affecting this area will be that much more devastating and Annie will try to avoid those moves that much more. Thanks :)


Looks : Having let her hair grow somewhat, along with the recent break has allowed Annie Eclectic to grow her raven-black hair back to a longer ponytail length. It stays up in battle but when relaxing or training she will let it down. She's taking this mantle up as one of the newest recruits to the storied Midnight Carnival. Tired of her red catsuit which was only worn to please a man she never really loved, Annie has gone back to her old comfortable button-up shirt with brown slacks and suspenders. She always comes to the ring with two things, her japanese-flag stylized trenchcoat and her trusty Kendo Sword, a.k.a. Bokken.


Entrance : "I Get Wet" by Andrew W.K. plays as the lights in the arena dim, a red spotlight shining at the top of the Ramp. Annie Eclectic waits as the synthetic trumpets play, bursting out from backstage at a full run as the thrash guitar takes over. She plays to the crowd inside the ring as she swings her bokken around above her head.



Stats :

Strength : 5 (she's getting stronger but losing her speed as a result)

Speed : 5

Vitality : 7 (she's hardcore, and sometimes even -likes- the pain)

Charisma : 3 (Cute, but kinda plain.)


Style : After a month of contemplation and research, Annie E has decided that the best style to implement is a no-holds barred style. She will avoid making mistakes in the ring, wanting to out-think as well as out-fight her opponent, but if necessary, she will do everything possible to get the win.


Signature moves :

-Drop Kiss (Dropkick to the mouth)

-Superkick (Stepping Side Savate kick, more fast than hard, not finisher material)

-Running Bulldog (off ropes)

-Tornado DDT (off top turnbuckle, used to set up body for one of my finishers....)

-Death Valley/Spicolli Driver (more likely in a hardcore match than a regular one)

-Snap or Stalling Suplex (only on opponents < 235)

-Cross-face Chickenwing (Standing, or with leg scissors on ground, if done while on opponents back, will always go for the Triple C)




Hardcore Signature moves :

-Kendo Sword shot (preferably to either the head or shoulder area)

-Angel Dive to outside (either with some nasty object laying on her fallen foe, or having them draped on the announcer's table)

-Green Mist

-Death Valley/Spicolli Driver onto table, chair, or from ring apron to floor.

-Bokken assisted DDT (Kendo stick held in across throat)




Common Moves :

-Irish Whip to Clothesline

-Knee Strike to the Face (Usually by holding the back of the head and jumping up to make the attack)

-Armbar Takedown

-Bodyslam (only if opponent is small enough, if tried on larger opponents, will fail much like in WWF No Mercy)

-Flying Cross Body (off ropes)

-Flying Forearm (off ropes)

-Any DDT variant

-Spinebuster (If less than 240)

-'Sloppy' Fujiwara Armbar ('stolen' from Deathwish Danny Williams, but hasn't particularly mastered it. Not even close. Easy to get out of but will do some minor damage to the arm/shoulder area)


Rare Moves ('lighter opponents' here is referred to as 265 lbs. and below):

-Hollowpoint Driver (credit for name goes to Tom and Z for each respective word in order) This is Annie's revenge/grudge finisher. Setup like a Tombstone, but Annie lifts her victim by the belt lifting them up until both fighters form a 90 degree angle with the vertex being at Annie's head and her opponent's... well crotch. Annie then sits out, driving their unprotected head and body face first into the mat. In a Hardcore/No DQ match, will have opponent's head land on a weapon or the steel steps on the outside. If you're going to kickout, please have a high vitality (7+). The hardcore version should be even harder to kick out of (9+). This move won't be used unless there's storyline reasoning behind it so please PM me if you feel like using it.

-Annie T: Simple maneuver, setup like a normal DDT, but Annie lifts at the belt/tights/whatever to lift them up, hopefully into an angle where the body is higher than the head, then drives down in a DDT. Kinda a DDT/Brainbuster mix. Hurts, but it's more of a stun move, so if a pin is not somewhat immediately done, good chance of a kickout. Heavier opponents might have to be put onto the turnbuckles or use some other method to get them up first, as she can't lift them that high.

-Splashdown: (Not possible if opponenet is above 280. Either catches a person running and lifts them onto her shoulder or lifts them from a standing position. As soon as they're up she immediately sits backwards while grabbing the opponent's torso and pushing them away slightly. She then grabs the head in midair and braces it against her shoulder before impact. Heavier opponents might end up with their neck on her shoulder, making it a lot worse upon impact. Can be used as a finisher to opponents with vitality less than or equal to 5)


Incredibly Rare Move :

-"No Fucking Way": Usually set up with a tag partner having an opponent on their shoulders, with their back to the corner. Annie E goes up to the top rope, faces out of the ring, then backflips, grabbing the opponent's head in mid air, then dropping a vicious DDT with her momentum. This... is INCREDIBLY hard to pull off... please, ask me before writing this in, I dont even know if *I* will ever use it....


Finishers :

-Crossface Chickenwing Clutch [or "Triple C"] Crossface chickenwing on ground on opponents back. When locked in properly, will arch back to create camel-clutch like pressure on neck, shoulders, and lower back. Possible to wriggle out of before lock is cinched in, but you have to be incredibly strong [7 or higher] to lift yourself up with your remaining arm to try to break it. Preferred finisher if she's worked more on her opponent's shoulder or back.


-Daybreak Pedigree. Mastered from her first SWF lover, Sydney Sky. Preferred finisher if she's worked more on the head of her opponent.



Bio : Slightly new look, new running crew, and a lot more self esteem. Annie finally feels that she's in a place where she's not only appreciated, but that her opinion actually matters. Working with the Midnight Carnival, Annie has more motivation now than ever to set right the wrongs that she did with the Magnificent Seven.... and to avenge those that have been hurt by them as well.



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Guest El Luchadore Magnifico

New, heelish stats.


Board Name: El Luchadore Magnifico

Wrestler Name: El Luchadore Magnifico



Hometown: Mexico City

Age: 26


Stable: Magnificent 7

Escort: Prefers to go out alone.

Weapon: Mexican Flag (will usually smack an opponent with the broad side, but isn’t above pulling a Genesis II and pinning someone’s hand to the mat with the uber-sharp tip.)

Quote: "Bien, tu estupido gringo.”

Appearance: Magnifico’s skin is tan, his eyes a dark brown, and his hair long and black. It flows down to his shoulders when untied, which is whenever he’s not in a match. His tights are a brick red with a black, snaking pattern running down each leg to a pair of plain black boots. Wrestles shirtless.


Entrance: The inside of the arena slowly dims to darkness as red, white, and green spotlights scour the crowd, immediately drawing anticipatory boos from the audience. A second later, the Mexican National Anthem kicks up over the speakers, just as Magnifico slowly saunters through the back curtain, an insolent smirk on his face and the Mexican Flag on his shoulder. Greatly enjoying the crowd’s negative reaction, ELM leisurely makes his way down the ramp, mockingly playing to the crowd as he does so.


You can enter Funyon’s spiel right here.


As he reaches the ring, Magnifico climbs up onto the apron and rolls beneath the bottom rope, holding his flag against his body. Inside the ring, ELM pops to his feet and begins to defiantly wave his symbol of Mexican Pride, drawing another wave of heat from the agitated audience. Grinning to himself, ELM retires to a corner and starts to stretch, waiting patiently for his ridiculously inferior opponent.









Style: Technical/High-Flying


Signature Moves


Sangria Stretch (Magnifico hits a drop toe hold on his opponent, but grabs him around the face like a Crossface on the way down. Magnifico keeps the hold on the ankles and pulls back on the face.)


Montezuma's Revenge (Chicken Wing Jawbreaker-see WM2K or No Mercy for clarification.)


Tequila Sunrise (Second rope Sunset Flip Powerbomb)


Barrio Buster (Fisherman Buster, to be used only on Cruiserweights)


Rio Grande Slam (Sambo Suplex)


Inverted Suplex


Capture Suplex (Head and Arm)


Uncommon moves


Knife-Edge Chops


Snap Suplex






DDT (All variations...Regular, Reverse, Tornado, Top Rope, blah blah blah...)

Lowly Heel Tactics (Eye Rakes, Low Blows, Hair Pulling, Standing On Ropes, etc.)


Rare moves


Blue Thunder Powerbomb

German Suplex Bridge Pin


Spanish Conquestor (Standing Dropkick into a chair. Will use it whenever nobody is looking or when an opponent pisses him off enough.)

The Fall of the Aztecs (Super Hurricanrana. Will avoid using this whenever possible, as Magnifico despises the positive reaction he receives for the high-flying maneuver.)

Mexican Pride Press (Still finisher strength, falls under the same situation as the Fall of the Aztecs.)




Dia De Los Muertos (Fire Thunder Driver. Scoop Slam into a sitting Tombstone. Preferred finisher, as it’s quicker and much easier to use. Not quite as deadly as the Baja California Crusher, though.)


The Baja California Crusher (Grab opponent as if for a backslide, then run up the ropes and flip over opponent's head, driving their head into the mat with a Pedigree-like maneuver, minus the head scissoring.)


Notes: Magnifico has greatly toned down the high-flying offense, instead opting to use a more Suplex-based attack. That being said, he’ll still regularly bust out a Splash or a Moonsault, but usually not more than once a match, and even then, it’s with a good bit of trepidation. Unfortunately, his relatively low weight and strength causes ELM to revert to an aerial offense against larger opponents, which annoys Magnifico to no end. Because of this, he’ll automatically despise any and all large opponents he may go up against. Receiving any cheers for anything he does will infuriate ELM and cause him to be distracted from his opponent for a few moments.


Bio: Too long at this point. If you’re really interested (and I can’t see why on Earth you would be) PM me and I’ll be happy to recount the tale.

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Board Name: que

Height: 6'8''

Weight: 260

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana (Naptown)

Age: 21

Stable: Midnight Carnival

Heel/Face?: Face

Quote - "Dynomite!"


Looks -


Johnny Rotten is a very tall white male, with blonde hair that is usually very torn and tattered. He wears black pleather pants to the ring, and a Black T-Shirt which reads, "I is Anarchy." which is crossed out to read "Midnight Carnival" in crayon, and on the back, "I is the enemy." with enemy crossed out to say "Clown." He looks rather lanky, at best, but it quite vigilant. He will take a lot of punishment, and still reach his feet. His fortay is usually being the last one on his feet. He carries alot of moxie, and swagger in his step.


Ring Entrance - "Anarchy in the U.K" by the Sex Pistols starts to play, with Johnny Rotten singing, "Rrright..... now!" and a few explosions dispense from the entrance ramp, as the song starts. "I am an antichrist, yeah I'm an anarchist.. Don't know what I want, but I know how to get it..." Rotten is usually accompanied by noone, as he hates interferance. This has always been an unusual quirk as Rotten was a heel for quite awhile.



TAG/STABLE ENTRANCE: The arena lights fade into blackness as a soft female voice whispers, “Midnight Carnival.” The SWFTron flashes blazing white in time with the opening beats of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Love Rollercoaster” as the Carnival’s anthem pumps through the arena, revealing with each flash thin black lettering that reads “Step Right Up.” As the guitar part drops in, three blue laser lights trace the arena, all stemming from the same point in the middle of the entrance ramp. As the words “rollercoaster of love” echo through the arena for the first time, the laser lights flare out into a blue haze across the entrance ramp as the members of the Midnight Carnival step out from behind the curtain. As the refrain arrives for the first time, the arena plunges back into darkness just as purple strobe lights tear through the house and the blue laser lights spiral wildly, illuminating the members of the Midnight Carnival in funky, staccato bursts. The SWFTron video plays, flashing half-second clips of classic maneuvers from the Carnival’s members. They make their way to the ring, and get down to the business at hand.



Stats -


Strength 5

Speed 2

Vitality 6

Charisma 7


Style - Hardcore Brawler/Mat Wrestler. Chairs, or Headlocks, he usually sticks to the basics, relying on armdrags and hip tosses to get the job done. Doesn't do any particularly fancy moves outside his repitoire.


Signature Moves -


1. Pyramid Driver (This move will occur every match, even if it gets reversed. Rotten loves the Pyramid Driver because of the intense strain on his arm muscles. It is basically a powerbomb with the arms crossed underneath.)

2. X-Tornado (This move is a bit hard to explain, but ends up being a twisting slam. Using the arm to twist the person from a standing head scissors to an inverted twist of fate slam of sorts, spinning the person around in midair before they crash towards the ground.)

3. Rotten Spike (Thumb to the Throat. Do I need to say more? Definately not legal in any situation other than Hardcore.)

4. Rotten Urangue (A submission choke, slam. Somewhat similar to Billie Gunns finisher, but with more intrest in the choke, and the pressure of the slam. Not just falling.)

5. Shattered Dreams (This move will occur in EVERY hardcore match. It will be setup, and attempted at the very least. This is what makes Rotten. Basically, the legs are spread in the corner on the second rope, leaving the lower section revealed. Running from one side of the ring, to the other, Rotten punts the other persons tesicles into another relm. This is one of the only moves that is a must!)

6. German Suplex

7. Powerbomb

8. Baseball slide into a chair, into the face.

9. Pyramid Piledriver

10. Super Pyramid Driver (Very hard to complete. Usually done with a tag partner as to the difficulty of the move.)



Uncommon Moves -


1. The Heart Punch (Basically, lifting the arm to expose the chest, and punching them in the heart. Very painful.)

2. Mudhole Stomping, into a boot to the neck, and standing on their neck.

3. Armbar with a Nervehold. (Pretty common.)

4. Big Boot to the Face

5. High hiptoss that he falls with

6. Back Elbow to the face

7. Sitdown Dropkick

8. Anarchist Bomb (Lifting the person up, while Rotten stands on the turnbuckle, he jumps off with them at any object he can find. It doesn't matter if it's just the guardrail, It will knock both members out, yet Rotten will get to his feet relatively quickly.)

9. Stage Dive (If the other person is laying on the outside, he will run to the side of the ropes they are on, bounce off, and Jump out the other side into a guard rail. It inflicts damage only on Rotten, and always causes blood. One of those things you just don't understand, and probably for the better.)

10. Bloody Hell (Rotten with bash his head on a chair several times until he sees blood. Don't ask.)



Rare Moves


1. Passive Agressive - Code Name: I'm not hitting you. (Against a tag team, he will lift up one member, and beat the other member senseless with his tag partners body.)

2. Throat kick

3. Rotten Mistake (Any situation in which he ducks a clothesline, he will immediately follow up with a full nelson bomb.)

4. Double Pyramid Driver

5. Quadruple Pyramid Driver


Tag Moves


1. Double Hip Toss while falling to the mat

2. Anarchist Knee to the Face (After an irish whip, He locks hands with his tag partner at the top, on one knee forming an A. When the person rebounds, they take their outstretched hands and drop their face on both knees.)

3. Total Chaos (With Perfect Bo: With one of the other team to the outside in distress, a tag is made and Perfect Bo irish whips Rotten to the ropes, and as he returns, back body drops him to the outside towards the fallen member.)




1. Rotten Day -


Setup similar to the impaler (unprettier), but instead of dropping straight down, he lifts them up after he has twisted them around, and then drops straight down similar to Rikishi, or The Buh Buh Bomb with the weight of the person on his lower back. This move is very hard to pull off, and if someone attempts to reverse it by lifting him up, and over.. he will continue with the move, and hit a SNAP Rotten Day. This will cause an injury. Period. It will drive their head into the mat with no protection, and extra force. I suggest not writing this in if you don't want your charcter out for 2-4 weeks at the least.


2. He will finish the match after the Shattered Dreams, the Rotten Day, The Rotten Spike, or the Rotten Urangue. Any of those 4 could be considered finishers. The Shattered Dreams is always the finisher for a Hardcore Match.



Bio -


Johnny Rotten entered the JL under the name "The Naptown Hellcat" taking it from a band he was in, in his teenage years. His first match was against a man you might remember named "Perfect Bo". Coming into the JL, he thought he would have an easy ride, but soon found out that much more was in store for him. Perfect Bo beat him pathetically, and started working with him under wraps about adding to his move structre. At the time, he could only do the most basic of moves. After a loss to Heat, he snapped.

In the match he performed one single move, which was a hammerlock. Leaving the JL in a fit of fury, he came into the IGNML in it's inaugural, and final season. Breaking glass, and cutting his hair into tatters, he destroyed everyone in every match he ever had. Quickly creating a problem for Mercury, the Commish. Rotten performed the Shattered Dreams on a ref, which sealed the deal, and Mercury came in to take care of the situation. The feud grew intense, with Mercury being hit with the Shattered Dreams on numberous occations. Finally it was sealed, Rotten would have a match with Mercury.


Before the match, He had to take on 3 people in one night. If he won 2 out of 3, he would pick the stipulation for the match, which he failed to do. Mercury was cocky, and decided to make the match that if I won, I would move to the IGNWF.


Rotten won the match, and Mercury caused a fit and demanded a rematch which was taped, but never shown. The mysterious tape has never been found, although there are rumors that a hidden copy floats around the vaults of the IGNML, which are now gone forever. Asked about the winner, Neither Mercury, or Rotten will give out any information pertaining to what happened in the match which ended their extrodinary feud.


Showing up later on IGNite, Rotten was an outcast to the federation, and interfered in everyone's match including Cyclone Comet, and Mercury. Interfering eight times before ever recieving a match, it was widely wondered if he would ever have a match, though he finally had one losing to Cyclone Comet. Perfect Bo came to aid Rotten in a tag match, which they won together, yet after that Rotten faded away.


Attempts to revive his career failed miserably, each time causing him to fade back into the cracks. He always won his matches, but he would disapear for unknown reasons.


Back in the IGNWF for a third time, Rotten linked up with a key force in his life, Perfect Bo. Joining Evil Inc. where he became good friends with Chris Storm, and Grunge. Johnny Rotten started getting closer to the crowd, and Evil Inc was unsure of how to react. Things ended up hitting the fan, and Rotten left Evil Inc, beating most of his teammates in the process, but walking away with them. He left to start a revival of one of the most dominate stables ever. Anarchy.


Perfect Bo, and Rotten joined together bringing Grunge, and while alienating Storm, they solidified their position as friends before fighters. Rotten gained his first title through this change, and has taken up positions within power.


Now, Rotten is a member of the Midnight Carnival. We'll see what happens next.

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Guest chirs3

SmarkBoards Name: chirs3

Wrestlers Name: Chris Raynor

Height: 6 feet 4 inches

Weight: 250

Hometown: Baton Rouge

Age: 28

Face/Heel: Heel who thinks he should be a good guy.

Stable: None!

Tag Partner (optional): None

Ring Escort: None.

Weapon(s): I like 'em all.




Big guy, Test-like in appearance. Backstage, he wears loose jeans, random t-shirt, regular black tennis shoes...Nothing special.


In ring, he now goes shirtless with long black pants and big black boots.


Ring Entrance


The lights go out, and the stage lights flicker white for a strobing effect, as "The Grudge" by Tool pounds its way on out. Raynor walks into view, no longer a crowd whore but still expecting something of a good reaction. Getting none, he scowls and gives dirty looks to the people in front as he stalks down the ramp to the ring.




Strength: 6

Speed: 2

Vitality: 7

Charisma: 5


Note to stats change: He's gotten a lot more focused and driven, hence the Vitality uppage. He's out to prove that he belonged in the Main Event all along, so it will take more than it used to if you want to put him away. He'll still go down to a finisher, provided there's been a good deal of punishment before it, but it will be harder to get him to tap out.


Wrestling Style


Raynor is a power wrestler, with lots of big moves. He has a working knowledge of technical wrestling, but prefers to use it only when big boots and slams don't seem to be getting the job done. As of his new turn, he's going for more substance than style. Will now use some of the simpler submissions to wear opponents down - not much that are finisher level.


Character Notes


Raynor is now much more driven - through his misguided logic (and a little help from Wilson, Silent, and others), he's convinced that Edwin has been exposed as a fraud, and now it's his time for the spotlight. He does not play to the crowd, but does not want to be booed - he genuinely thinks he's in the right.


Important Note #1: Raynor has beaten Silent - that, combined with the misguided logic and egging on by Wilson and Co., has given Raynor every reason to believe he belongs in the main event, and that he should have and would have been there before if it were not for Edwin. Therefore, he knows he can beat Edwin, and anyone else along the way. If he loses, he will be PISSED. (if he's not still down from the fight)


Important Note #2: RAYNOR WILL NOT CHEAT. He is a heel, but he thinks he's a good guy, he thinks he's doing the right thing, and will continue to fight (almost) exactly as he always has. He will NOT cheat.


Signature moves


1. "The Grudge" - The Sharpshooter has been dethroned, and replaced by "The Grudge". This can be a secondary finisher for the HUGE guys, but it's more of a wear-down move.


Step 1: Wrap opponents arms around their neck.

Step 2: Slam opponent onto his back.

Step 3: Roll opponent onto his/her stomach.

Step 4: Roll over onto their back.

Step 5: Pull.


2. Flying Elbow (Test-like)


3. Consecutive Backbreakers (two or three in a row, more if I'm feeling very mean)


4. Mountain Bomb (backdrop/Samoan Drop combo)


5. Exploder (T-Bone Suplex, but it will be called the Exploder)


6. Big Boot


7. Irish Whip into ropes, Elbow-to-face. (Guerrero does it sometimes, VERY stiff)


8. A cruel homage to his old ten punch - he will now scoop his opponent up and hang them up in the Tree of Woe, then commence with ten hard rights and lefts to their midsection. Maybe a few kicks to the face after for good measure. This time, the crowd won't count along.


9. Irish whip to Powerslam to pin.


10. Forward Legsweep (Jericho's short lived "Breakdown")


Common Moves


1. Shinbreaker

2. Atomic/Inverted Atomic Drops

3. Gutbuster (backbreaker, but to their stomach, see...)

4. Shoulderbreaker

5. Spinebuster

6. Any basic DDT (Nothing to flashy, not gonna do a float-over or anything)

7. Any basic suplex (Again, nothing too fancy... Germans, Belly-to-backs...)

8. Gutwrench Powerbomb

9. Side Russian Legsweep


Rare moves


1. Superplex (just when the opportunity arises, which isn't often)

2. Insiguri (again, only when there's an opportunity)

3. Scissor Kick




Acid Rayn, Version 3.0 - I pick the opponent up for a vertical suplex, lift him straight up and hold him. Then push him out forward, as if turning it into a powerbomb, but at the same time I kneel down and drive the opponent head-and-neck-first down onto my knee. (I'm being told that it's an "Orange Crusher" or something close to it) As a result, Raynor will not do a normal vertical suplex anymore, mainly because if he could it'd be too easy to hit the finisher. He might attempt it early on due to its ease, but probably won't hit it.

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Guest midnight_burn

Look on the next page for my stats, sucka.

Edited by midnight_burn

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Guest ErekT2k

Stats not here, because, well.... uh..... forget it.


Let's just say Stryke dragged me down the hole with him and he'll probably drag me back out as well.

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Guest Ace309

EDIT: 7/21/03 - Removed world champion references


Smarks Board Name: Ace309

Wrestlers Name: "The Superior One" Tom Flesher

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 213 pounds

Hometown: Buffalo, New York

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Heel to end all heels.

Stable: Magnificent 7 (Leader)

Tag Team: Perfectly willing to tag, but after getting burned on his team with Frost, Flesher is unlikely to have another long-standing partnership.

Weapon(s): Not really the type to use weapons; probably nothing beyond a chair or a table.


Looks: Flesher is a fairly stocky 213 pounds on a 5'10" frame, a fireplug with broad shoulders, a barrel chest and an 18-inch neck. He wears his short brown hair combed forward and spiked in the front, nearly shaved on the sides with narrow sideburns that go straight to the earlobe. Typical Irish/German - light brown hair, light blue eyes, average-to-fair skin. When wrestling, he wears black Doc Marten combat boots (a throwback to his old look, and he's become accustomed to wrestling in them) and a blue singlet with black trim at the edges, a large black Roman numeral VII on the front left thigh and black swipes down the sides. He wears a blue warmup suit with black shoulder rings to the ring. Title belts, if any, are slung over the shoulder.


When promoing or otherwise not in his ring gear, he'll wear jeans and a Magnificent Seven polo shirt. Whatever fits. Title belts go around the waist most of the time, except after matches. Yes, even under the warmup suit.


Ring Entrance: The SmarkTron goes white with the blue words "SUPERIORITY COMPLEX" and "MAGNIFICENT SEVEN" on it. Then, with an explosion of blue pyro, "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin bursts out over the loudspeaker. Tom Flesher emerges from the cloud of smoke, striding confidently to the ring as videos of his signature moves alternate in half-second clips with the words "SUPERIOR ONE," "AWARD-WINNING," "MAIN ATTRACTION" and "MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. Flesher enters the ring and poses in the center head bobbing in time with the music, until the symphonic hook at 50 seconds in, which cues a machinegun-like burst of blue and white pyro from each corner.


(At this point, the music fades Funyon reads the Index Card of Superiority. These have gotten lightyears less ridiculous and absurd since Flesher took the reins of the Magnificent Seven, so think "Thank you for paying me, and I'll show my appreciation by dropping this fella on his head" rather than "I walked across a pond to heal an injured swan on my way to the arena tonight.")


Flesher golf-claps for himself, ignoring the crowd's boos, and then strips off his warmup suit. He folds it, sets it in the corner and goes through a cursory stretch before the bell rings.


(On PPV, Flesher's entrance can be lengthened. Multiple pyro explosions can be cued, or just use another one of the symphonic hooks. You should all have this song, since it's one of the masterpieces of western civilization, but if you don't, feel free to improvise. It's the one Puff Daddy sampled for "Come With Me.")




Strength: 5 - He's a lightweight, but he can still hoist some guys around, being a suplex machine and all.

Speed: 3 - His speed is more a result of his conditioning training than anything else, but he's fast enough to hit a high-impact finisher out of nowhere (the Ego Buster, for example)

Vitality: 6 - Very good stamina, and hard to pin. Prefers not to submit, and bleeds like a stuck pig given the opportunity.

Charisma: 6 - The fans just HATE him. He rubs everyone the wrong way and it feels good to boo him. He gets over based on his personality, with a cult following for his ringwork and for his ability to bleed in the ring. ("Flesher Scale," anyone?)


Style: Technically skilled, with good matwork and submission skills and a dash of Memphis heel when necessary. Flesher tends to work slow at the beginning of a match, attempting submissions to fatigue his opponent, and slowly work up to high-impact suplexes and bigger submission holds. The standard strategy for anyone he can lift to the top rope is to work his opponent's legs to keep him on the mat and fatigue him for either the Boilermaker or the Superior Stretch. Against a larger opponent, he'll concentrate on targeting the head and neck to set up the Ego Trip.


Much of Flesher's early offense will consist of palm blows, boot-related strikes and low-impact takedowns.


Interaction with other characters is really a function of Flesher's perception of their place on the card. Against someone far below him, he'll toy with them like a cat with a mouse. He relishes the opportunity to mock the opponent in all his boot-scraping glory. Against someone more dangerous, Tom will be slow to start and slow to continue, taking as few risks as possible. Not reckless by any means, Flesher will take exactly the risk he believes he can handle, showboating only after the opponent is down. About the only person he'll back down from is the Suicide King, and even that's getting iffy now that Flesher's getting cockier as his World Title reign extends.


Signature moves: Any of these can finish a match if properly built, though they're not 'finisher strength' per se.

- Ego Buster (Sheer drop gutwrench suplex. For reference, see Fire Pro Wrestling Advance, 'Alevin's Lift'.)

- Logical Disconnect (Exploder '98 - "A sheer-drop pumphandle exploder," quoth Dace Night)

- Superior Stretch Beta (Back-mounted dragon sleeper)

- Cross Lightning (Ced Ordonez's old finisher, the Nagata Lock, or crooked figure four leglock. If you're having trouble, I can hook you up with a match of his; Val Venis also used this for a time. I believe they called it the Venis Fly Trap.)

- Bow Down To Glory (Hanging Dragon - dragon sleeper applied with the opponent on the top rope, then leaning back into the tree of woe position. Very cool visual, very fatiguing, but can only be applied for five seconds due to the opponent being on the ropes)

- Backdrop driver (High-angle belly-to-back suplex)

- Superior Stretch (Texas Cloverleaf)

- Yakuza kick. Deadly, folks. Deadly. (Occasionally whips an opponent into the steel post on the outside and nails a Yakuza kick that sandwiches the head between the boot and the post. I want to see blood, people.)

- Unprettier

- Straitjacket Suplex


Common moves:

- Brainbuster

- Railgun Suplex (Overhead belly-to-belly - usually catches someone running the ropes, but can initiate it from a standing position against someone about 240 or under)

- Flying headbutt

- German suplex (bridging or released)

- Diving Senton (without somersault)

- Triangle choke

- Doc Marten boot-related offense (Yakuza kick, double stomp, corner boot scrape to the face, kick to the knee, dropkick to the knee)

- Figure-four leglock

- Amateur-style takedowns (favours the single-leg into an elevated half crab)

- Elbowdrop into the knee (a la Greg Valentine)

- Shotei/Palm blow (doesn't punch - only uses palms)

- Bitchslap, bitchslap, bitchslap... because he's better than you, and he'd really like you to know that.


Striking Notes:

- Always the palm strikes, no punches, no chops.

- Mmm... bitchslaps....

- Very fond of the Yakuza kick, dropkick to the knee, and corner boot scrape.


Rare moves:

- Burning Hammer

- Released German suplex over the ropes onto the floor (reserves both of these for heated matches where he absolutely hates the guy he's wrestling and is having trouble beating them)

- Jokers Wild (Half nelson forward Russian legsweep, the Suicide King's old finisher. Used to set up a pin or the Superior Stretch Beta.)

- Any Magnificent Seven finisher, including Judge Mental's "Held Without Bail" stretch plum, Fugue's "Harmony" seated bridging double chicken wing, etc)



- The Boilermaker (Avalanche-style [off the top rope] brainbuster. Obviously limited by size. Preferred finisher. Feel free to set this up with a running avalanche or palm strike. Annie kicked out of this... once....)

- The Ego Trip (Calf Branding - generally set up by an Irish whip and a running shotei, Flesher sits on the top rope behind the opponent, plants a knee in the back of his neck and jumps off, driving the face into the mat. Mainly for heavyweight opponents.)



- Former SWF World Heavyweight Champion (87 days, over Taylor Nicholas Thompson; lost to Thoth; five successful defenses [record for most successful defenses, tied with Edwin MacPhisto]:

-- Frost

-- TNT and Frost in a triple threat match

-- Danny Williams

-- Jay Dawg

-- The Boston Strangler)

- Former Tag Team Champion (With Frost, 101 days, over Mak Francis and Ced Ordonez for the vacant titles; lost to Justice & Rule at From the Fire 2003)

- Former ICTV Champion (63 days [Record for consecutive days with ICTV Title], over Perfect Bo at Genesis III; lost to Orochi at Ashes To Ashes 2002)

- Former Light Heavyweight Champion (68 days, Over El Luchadore Magnifico; lost to Annie Eclectic)

- 3-time US Champion [Record for most US Title Reigns, tied with Jay Dawg] (17 days [over Annie Eclectic and Xero for a vacant title; lost to Chris Raynor], 38 days [over Chris Raynor and Jay Dawg; lost to "TNT" Taylor Nicholas Thompson], 35 days [Over TNT; lost to Tod deKindes])

- 2001-2002 SWF Best US Champion

- 2001-2002 SWF Most Promising Bumpee


SJL: Final record of 13-4 (12-3 singles)

- 2-Time World Champion (10 days [over Z and "Deathwish" Danny Williams in a two-fall, two title match for the vacant World Title and Z's European Title; lost to Ash Ketchum], 7 days [over Ash Ketchum; lost to Ash Ketchum in a three-way cage match also involving Frost, Tom's last SJL match])

- European Champion (25 days [over Mike Van Siclen; lost to Z in a Fatal Four Way also involving "Deathwish" Danny Williams and Ced Ordonez])

Edited by Ace309

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Guest Rabbi_wilson13

Board Name: rabbi_wilson13

Wrestler Name: Chris Wilson

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 273 lbs.

Age: 24

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: The Magnificent Seven

Weapon: Ring bell, piano wire

Tag Partner: Various M7 members


Appearance: Has a short black hair cut, very tan and dark brown eyes. Wears black cargo pants, black boots and a black tank top with a thin, silver 13 on the front. He almost always has on his Ruby Juliet Oakleys and black trench coat outside of wrestling, sometimes foregoing all of the darkness for khakis and light dress shirts in warmer weather.






A female voice coos softly over the speakers before the St. Lunatics start to blast…


"I am the king of this city, top down, windows up, puffing like diddy...."


The lights kick out and a thing layer of fog floats over the arena as the crowd rises to its feet in unison booing.  Chris Wilson steps out onto the ramp, Ruby Juliet Oakleys blazing as he scans the crowd, soaking in the raw emotion.  He begins to walk down the ramp, black trench coat swirling around him as he does….




Wilson walks up the steps, takes a look at the crowd, then steps through the middle rope. He puts his Oakleys and gloves into his trench coat and takes it off, handing it to the referee. He then bounces off the ropes once and turns to face/wait for his opponent.




Strength: 6 (Can handle most people..umm..handily til about 300 pounds)

Speed: 4 (Can't keep up with those damned cruiserweights, but can move)

Vitality: 5 (Can lose a lot of blood, take a lot of abuse, whines a lot, though)

Charisma: 5 (The masta of all things evil. People hate him. He radiates not niceness)


Style: Proficent technical wrestler, a true professional in the ring. He can brawl with the best of them but is often outclassed by light-weights who hit and move or the true hardcore wrestlers that absorb a lot of punishment.


Signature Moves:


* "Earth to McFly" 450 splash(possible finisher)

* Dragon Suplex

* Diamond Cutter(Ground and off 2nd rope)

* Superkick

* Northern Lights Suplex

* "Miami" Sidekick

* "Rim Rocka" Flying Knee

* Spear

* Jumping Piledriver(possible finisher)

* Double Arm DDT

* Gut-wrench Powerbomb

* Guillotine Leg Drop

* Figure four leg lock(possible finisher)

* Stinger Splash


Rare Moves(I'm skipping the other ones. Call me old school)


* Suicideplex

* Corner powerbomb

* Kamikaze Head BUTT

* Torture Rack


Finishing Moves


* Last Resort - Downward Spiral

* Platinum Nightmare - Full-nelson into the Stroke

* Finishing Touches - Full nelson, double STF submission hold



Notes: Wilson is an elegant speaker who seems to someone who just met him a perfectly normal person. But he snaps very easily and does anything it takes to get ahead. It took him a while to realize that and now he will attack anyone, at anytime, for any little reason


Bio: This is going to be the abridged version, skipping to the good stuff.


Chris Wilson was around when the WF started, and he actually holds the win in the first ever IGNite main event, defeating G.O.A.T. in a casket match. From there, he joined the Corporation and had a nasty feud with the Phoenix Uprising, particularly Outcast. They traded wins over the US Title, but OC came away as champion.


Some boring stuff happened, then Wilson made his return after a leave of absence at "From the Fire" 2001, challenging for the ICTV title. This proceeded to get him involved in a 3-way feud with the then champion "Grand Slam" Mark Stevens and the number one contender, Chris Storm. During this period, Chris Wilson won the Hardcore gamer's championship. At the Crossfire pay-per-view, Wilson fell short as Chris Storm came away with the win and the championship.


After that show, Wilson started to become the mega heel he is today. He got in a heated feud with the commissioner, Divefire, and eventually had to defend his Hardcore Gamer's championship against his old rival and Divefire supporter, Outcast, at the Snake Eyes pay-per-view. Durign the match, Wilson nearly broke Outcast's leg and Divefire, who was doing commentary, took his place. Divefire was preparing to polish off Wilson when he was rudely greeted by the HVille Thugg. A couple tables and power moves later, Divefire was gone.


Then the fun started. Reece Black got bumped, but was a non-factor as Thugg and Wilson began a reign of fun and Carnie destroying. Wilson's original goal was Edwin MacPhisto's UK championship, but he was shwerved away from it. He and Thugg beat the Fallen for the tag titles, but had them stripped on the same night that he lost (See jobbed) his HGC to Spark, setting up the pay-per-view Ground Zero on Sunday.


At this PPV, Wilson was thrusted into the main event, along with Bobby Riley, Stevens, Mercury and Perfect Bo. In an exciting (See storyline main event co-written by Riley, Wilson and Stevens) "Grand Slam" came away with the championship. However, at this pay-per-view, the IGNWO was formed, with El Luchadore Magnifico, Rane and Spike joining Wilson and Thugg.


Wilson/Stevens was signed for Apocalypse, with everyone figuring a token defense for Stevens. Well, Marky-Mark's never had a successful title defense, or an actually fair title win for that matter, as Wilson defeated him for the championship. Big fun, big evil.


Leading up the anniversary pay-per-view, Divefire returned and set up a tournament for Wilson's championship, trying to get the best competition to take that title off of Wilson. The plan worked, as in one of the greatest main events of all time, Stubby McWeed, Neilsen of the Jungle, the King of Hearts, Axis and Chris Wilson all fell to fellow IGNWO member ELM.


After this, short story is Wilson got bored and left. Before then, however, the Suicide King turned nastily evil and Wilson beat Perfect Bo at a PPV.


At the Crossfire pay-per-view, Wilson came back, as evil and arrogant as ever. He made it clear to everyone he was taking over, and he nearly did, beating everyone in his path except for one Edwin MacPhisto at the Snake Eye pay-per-view. Of course, failure never lasted too long for Chris as during that same match, he formed the Magnificent Seven.


At the Ground Zero pay-per-view, Wilson and his team of M7 members Tyler McClelland, TNT, Frost and Deathwish defeated a Clanival team of Edwin, Thoth, Z, Raynor and ELM in a brutal Wargames match, one of the greatest main events the SWF has ever seen.


Now, still battling Carnies and being generally evil, Wilson has set out his main goal of reclaiming the SWF Heavyweight Title, defeating whoever gets in his path on his way there.

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Guest redbaron51

Wrestlers Name: Xero

Height: 6'1

Weight: 210 (he put a few pounds on the scale)

Hometown: Port Colborne (pause) Ontario, Canada

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Tag Team: none

Weapon(s): Kendo Stick

Quote: "Welcome to the XL..."

Alias: King of the DDT


Looks: Short cut blond hair with blond goatee. White Karate pants with red flames coming from the hem of the pants upwards. Wrists are taped up, and has elbow pads on.


Ring Entrance: The lights turn to a scarlet red as "Frantic" by Metallica starts to play as Xero makes his way to the squared circle.

"Funyon stuff"


Xero comes walking down wearing wearing his ring attire along with a matching vest, and a see through shirt underneath, as he makes his way in the ring. He slides in the ring, and goes to the turnbuckles raising both his arms up in the air. Once on the turnbuckles, Xero takes off his ring enterance gear.





Strength: 3

Speed: 8

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 3


Style: Highflyer with some technical ability. Can last a long match.


Signature moves:


Crucifix Powerbomb

Reverse X-Factor (sorta like edge does *counter move only*)

Head Scissors Takedown

Single Leg Boston Crab

Hurricanrana's (any position)


Belly to Belly Suplex

German Suplex

Frog Splash

Tornado DDT

Top Rope DDT

Reverse DDT


Common Moves:



Spinning Heel Kick

Back Heel Kick

Arm Drag

Crossface Chicken Wing Submission


Armbar Takedown

Snap Suplex

Crucfix Pin

Swinging Neckbreaker

Gutbuster Suplex

Roundhouse Kick

Sleeping Neckbreaker

Fujiwara Armbar

Fujiwara Leg Lock

Head Scissors Leg Lock Chokehold

High Leg Clothesline


Rare Moves:

Xero Bomb: Double Under-hook Sit Out Tiger Bomb (opponents 230 or under)

Dragon Superplex

Suicidal Plancha (Handspring over the top rope and nails a corkscrew body splash on opponent)

Spinal Tap (Reverse Fireman's Carry into a Neckbreaker)

Twist of Fate




Xero Gravity: 3/4 Neckbreaker


The Purgatory: A sickning looking DDT (Dreamer DDT)


Absolute Xero: Shooting Star Press


Notes: Just FYI, Xero is relentless, and not forgiving person. At times he will go a bit crazy, and sometimes a little too far, like what I did to Munich, Jacob Helmsley, and Edwin. :)


Bio: Steve Simon was born in Hungary, but at the age of 9 has moved to Canada after his parents were assassinated. At 12 has got kicked out of school, and began to learn off the streets how to survive. At the age of 15 Steve joined the XWF, and quickly became the Xtreme Champion, and World Champion. At 18 Steve leaves the XWF for a shot in WCW, and became Xero. Xero has only wrestled in house shows for a bit, but the backstage people loved his work ethic. He had a shot for the cruiserweight belt at Slamboree against Ultimo Dragon, but during the match, Xero messed up on his trademark flipping fujiwara armbar, damaging some nerves in Ultimo Dragon's arm, and ultimatly forcing Ultimo to retire. Xero won the cruiserweight belt, but quickly jobbed it to Juventud Guerrera on Nitro, and was let go.


At ninteen Steve moved back to Budapest Hungary and quickly got his racing licence. At 20, Steve was racing in the Formula 3000, and quickly won the season in his first year. He was signed to Minardi at 21, only scoring three points in formula one. At 22, Steve signed another contract to become Ferrari's second man behind Michael Schumacher. Steve's first day of testing, his car spins out on the first chicane of in Monza Italy, breaking his leg. Ruebens Barrichello came in and took Steve's spot, and booted him out of Ferrari. No one else wanted him.


Steve went back to wrestling in the OVW after recovering his leg. After defeating some wrestlers like Essa Rios, TAKA Michinoku and had one great match against Dean Malenko, promoter Jayson Grant wanted to start his own federation, Steve decided to join this opportunity.


Xero never made it to the IGNWF at first, but started at the JL, only after a few matches. Knowing that he was only thinking a few months he would be back up....but he was wrong.


At first he started as Captain Insano, his first mark was probably the trade mark, falling of the rafters in a warehouse against Molock. After that match, he became Xero.


Xero joined BIO, but was kicked out after he joined with NTD to start FTW. In FTW Xero became tag team champion with Cyclone Comet, who quickly became the most recongnizable person in the IGNWF/SWF to date. When CC was bumped, he turned to Jay Dawg and became the champions, one of the longest tag team champions in the history of the JL, and undefeated.


When the JL decided to have two leagues, Xero and JD went to the ML, but without the tag belts. Xero was quickly outs early on in the tournament, and then retired.


After about a 2 month leave, Xero came back, back for more. He had numerous title shots against King of Hearts, Spider Nekura, and one hell of a match against Vlad De Burrov, but probably the best feud he had was against Iceman, in some of the most hardcore matches of the time. Xero only won one of them.


When the ML was folded, Xero was in the Euro-title range, but quickly lost it to Munich in the second round. Xero was stuck in the middle, usually fighting with Christian Fury and Jacob Helmsley a lot, and building up a good streak as well. After a while, Xero had to face Kamienn Roja for the world title, which was snatched away at the last second. (Controversial as well.)


Xero slumped, never regained that form, he just did not care. He even went back to his original name Steve Simon for a few months, but nothing worked. He even changed into Necromancer, which never worked as well. In October Xero joined Red Storm Rising, and with Jacob Helmsley, became a two time IGNJL Tag Team Champion. Xero dropped his belt a few weeks later with shoulder problems, and was on the shelf for nearly four months.


After rehab, Xero's second match was against LDP in a Miami Mayhem...the most painful match ever, losing to him. After that match, IGNWF changed its name to SWF. And a few months in, Xero faced SJL champion, Erek Taylor, and lost again going 0-3.


Xero just could not get it together. Depression sank in, and he couldn't get out, then finally, Xero completly changed. Feeling the need to do something. It was nearly 2 years since he hasn't been bumped yet.


First action was against Jacob Helmsley, nearly killing him by burning his face off in the inferno match. The fans hated it, the wrestlers hated it, King loved it, Edwin MacPhisto took action, suspending Xero, which only made it worse. Xero comes back to the next show, destroying Tom's car, and saying what was needed to been said, and only later knocking Edwin out cold.


Xero became pretty powerful, but never could become a champion out of the big three, but the CC bumped him up anyways, making him the first wrestler since nearly a year to not be a champion.



Edited by redbaron51

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Guest Ash Ketchum

Last Update: June 24th, 2003


SmarkBoards Name: Ash Ketchum

Wrestler’s Name: “The King of Nightmares” Michael Craven

Nicknames: The Gulf Coast Hurricane, The Chimera

Height: 6' 6"

Weight: 280 lbs.

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Age: 28

Face/Heel: Somewhat Cocky, Intelligent Heel (kind of like Chris Wilson)

Stable: None

Ring Escorts: The Queens of Destruction (aka Mike’s belt girls), Michelle and Kiko.

Weapon(s): ANYTHING not tied down. Sometimes, he’ll bring something with him, usually a pair of brass knucks hidden in his glove/wristbands if he feels liie cheating.


- “You may love me... you may hate me... but you will all bow before me!!!”

- “Your devastation is at hand.”

- “Prepare yourselves!” (used to finish off a promo if used)

- “Everyone has their own worst nightmare. After today, you will know yours.”

- “Hail to the king, baby!!!”

- Twists on catchphrases new and old. Craven doesn’t do this a lot, but when he does, there’s a purpose behind it.




-Physical Characteristics: His hair is now a short-spiked brown, and his blue eyes are back now that he no longer wears the color-changing contacts. His build resembles that of The Rock: Muscular, but not TOO muscular.


-Out of the ring: Out of the ring, he wears normal street clothes or expensive shit, like the Rock’s old days.


-In the ring: He wears a metallic black wrestling singlet, about mid-thigh length or slightly longer, with a life-like flame pattern rising from the bottom to about the hip of the singlet and wrap around the leg. A golden crown has been added on the side of each leg. Two silver chains cross the flames, forming an “X” across the flames on each side of his legs. He has black kneepads and elbowpads. The word “Craven” is scrawled across the back of the singlet, near his waist, in blood red Old English letters. He has a fingerless glove/forearm wristband, which looks like a seamless combo of RVD’s fingerless gloves and Matt Hardy’s forearm-length wristbands. The glove part is red, which fuses perfectly into the metallic black wristband’s flame pattern at the wrist. His boots look like this, but with more orange and yellow in the flames. He does have his Bono-style glasses with him as well, but now, they are tinted red. He also has several other costumes, but he saves those for special shows, such as PPVs.


-Cutting A Promo When He’s Not Wrestling: Craven is equipped with a “$500 shirt”, like the Rock used to wear all the time before he stopped wearing them, a pair of dress pants, sunglasses, and black shoes. Or, if his promo takes place right before or after a match, he’ll be in his wrestling gear.


-Tattoos: Craven has two. One on his right bicep: A small, unique combination of a blue star for the USA and a red maple leaf for Canada, split down the middle with a curved line like a ying-yang’s; the other is on the left bicep, a ornate black rose and cross logo. Six names encircle the tattoo: “Owen” (For Owen Hart, duh, who is Mike’s late cousin), “Davey” (For Davey Boy Smith, also a member of the Hart family, and therefore, a relative of the Craven family), “Brian” (for Brian Pillman, a close friend of Craven’s), “Rick” (For Rick Rude, yet another friend of the Craven family), “Andre” (Of course, for Andre The Giant, of whom Craven’s father was a good friend of and of whom Craven himself has great respect for), and the latest addition, “Curt” (for Curt Henning, a good friend of Mike, as well as his father during his WWF days)


Ring Entrance:


The lights cut out, the crowd begins to boo like crazy while a cursor pops up on the SmarkTron, which seems to be in DOS mode. Keystrokes can be heard in the background as someone types:




This is followed by the distinctive sound of the Enter key being hit. Popping up is the following short list.


Directory of C:\SWF\Superstars


(What follows is a list of .exe files, each one representing a different SWF superstar, usually using a nickname, but the file KingOfNightmares.exe is always somewhere on that list.












The typing continues on as whoever is typing this in types in:


C:\>Run "KingOfNightmares.exe"


The typer hits Enter again, but the screen stays, instead, the little cursor beginning to flash very brightly and rapidly for several seconds before...




A huge blast of blue and white pyro kicks up, the smoke lingering on stage for quite some time. Strobe lights pulse to the beat of the guitar and drums in the background as Saliva’s “King of My World” kicks in while the crowd really begins to raise their boos louder. As the first words kick in, the strobes cut out, a single, blinding light shines from the entryway, piercing through the smoke. The light illuminates the figure of The King of Nightmares himself, Craven’s body shadowing most of his front side. He stops to look at the fans, and quickly, he spins around twice, finishing by pointing to himself as the crowd begins to boo so loud, it hurts. Holding his pose for a second, he releases as the chorus ends for the first time, walking down to the ring. The lights are now a deep blue, Craven focused solely on the match at this point as some of the Craven Section fans bow down to him.


*Funyon says stuff here*


He enters the ring by hopping over the top rope, title around his waist if he has it, landing on his feet. He climbs the turnbuckle closest to the crowd, opening his arms wide and soaking in the crowd’s response, a chorus of heavy boos except for The Craven Section, as a white spotlight shines down upon him, casting shadows across his face. Mike then hops off the turnbuckle, walks across the ring to another turnbuckle, climbs this, and repeats the whole thing before he hops down, turning to stare at his opponent, a smile on his face.





Strength: 5

Speed: 6

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 3


Style: A technical wrestler with (though somewhat limited) aerial abilities. Craven’s focus is on wearing his opponent down and decimating him with power moves once that has been accomplished. Can perform well in almost any type of match that can be thrown at him. He’s not super-strong or fast, but he combines his strength and speed into sheer force, making him seem and look stronger than he is. This also increases his overall power, making him tougher to stop and harder to predict.


Signature moves:

1.) The Craven Driver (Samoan Driver - In hardcore matches, The Craven Driver is sometimes hit onto the ring bell or a steel chair, sometimes ending the match, but causing his opponent to bleed. This may also be used as an alternate finisher.)

2.) Red Fusion (Full Nelson Front Slam- Mike stands behind his opponent. He places both his arms under their arms and locks them behind their neck. Mike lifts them in the air. Once they reach the apex, Mike pushes down forward and releases the hold, dropping the opponent down with great force face/chest first into the mat.)

3.) Mercury Rising (Electric Chair Drop)

4.) Five-Star Frog Splash (Same as RVD’s version, but with more height and a little less distance. Powerful enough to be a finisher, but not usually used as one)

5.) High Power Forearm Smash (A supercharged forearm smash where Craven draws his arm back like a shortstop scopping up a grounder and throwing it to first before he draws his hand close to his head and drives his forearm into the head of the opponent with amazing force that slams them hard into the mat. You’re not gonna get right back up after this... that is, if this doesn’t knock out you out cold. Most likely not enough for a three-count alone, though.)

6.) Inverted DDT

7.) Craven Kick (Mike knees his opponent in the gut and does a jumping scissors kick to the back of their neck, a la Booker T.)

8.) Gorilla Press Slam (Goldberg-style)

9.) Full Nelson Bulldog

10.) Crossface Hold


Common moves:

1.) Flipping Neckbreakers from anywhere... and I mean ANYWHERE

2.) Multiple Rib Breaker

3.) Fisherman’s Suplex

4.) Chokeslam (Done Hurricane-style. For those under 6'9", 300 pounds)

5.) Reverse Suplex

6.) Flap Jack

7.) Missile Dropkick

8.) Craven Clutch (Guillotine Choke)

9.) Sitdown Jawbreaker

10.) Drop Toe Hold

11.) DDT (done Rock-style)

12.) Sickle Hold

13.) German Suplex

14.) Enziguri

15.) Corner Shoulder Thrusts

16.) Diamond Bullet (A quick kick to the back, then a picture-perfect Roll of the Dice, and he’s got the opponent on the mat. Looks brutal, but not usually a three-count pinfall move.)

17) Basic Submissions That Focus On The Head/Neck/Body:

-Camel Clutch


-Sleeper Holds, and so on... you get my drift.

18.) Evil Heelish Moves, including:

-Eddie Guererro’s Spinning Boot Scrape

-Jericho’s Cocky Pin

-Grabbing The Tights While Executing A Roll-Up Pin

-Using the ropes to choke people

-Low blows, eye rakes... you get the point by now.

19.) Various Basics And Fundamentals:

-Simple armbars



-Roll-up pins

-Leg Takedowns

-Scoop Slams

-Snapmares, etc.: The stuff every wrestler learns.


Rare moves:

1.) Sonic Boom (A Spear/Gore, like Rhyno’s, but with twice the momentum. If done into the turnbuckle, it is a finisher.)

2.) Figure Four Head Lock

3.) Leg Drops From Everywhere

4.) Backdrop Driver

5.) The Chimera Suplex (A German suplex into two Dragon suplexes, all done rolling from one into another. There’s no Tiger in there anymore, so now it flows faster. The rarest move in Mike Craven’s aresnal.)



1. Kingdom Come (Main Finisher, Big Aerial Move)

- A Shooting Star Knee Drop. Similar to a Shooting Star Press, but Mike rotates himself around an extra 45-90 degrees, impacting the opponent’s chest with his knees. If he hits at the right angle, can land on top to floatover into a pin. And if he’s feeling particularly nasty, and/or he hates the opponent enough, he’ll drop his knee not on their chest, but across their throat. Ask Triple H how a knee to the throat can fuck you up pretty bad.

2. Gulf Coast Crunch (Back-up Finisher, Heavy-Duty Power Move)

- An F5 Neckbreaker or Stunner. Same set up as Lesnar’s F5, but Mike positions his opponent the opposite way, so their head is on Mike’s left shoulder instead of his right. He winds up, twisting his body clockwise as far as it can go. Then, he uncoil and launches his opponent into the move, rotating them around like Lesnar, but the opponent follws the same path as the F5 across Mike’s back. Craven then grabs him around the head and drops down, slamming the opponent’s head and/or neck on his right shoulder.This is supposed to look and feel devastating, so please, no KICKOUTS. Thank you. :)

3. Nightmare Helix (Submission Finisher)

-A Double Knee Lock with a Dragon Sleeper. Craven crosses the opponent’s legs at the ankles, holding them in place with one foot. He then drops to one knee, grabbing the opponent in a dragon sleeper, and pulls back, forcing the opponent’s back into Craven’s knee.


Bio: Coming Soon.

Edited by Ash Ketchum

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Guest Ash Ketchum

Would have posted this under my stats, but it is rather large. Guess I like being descriptive ^_^:


Updated on 11/9/02


Wrestlers Name: Misty

Real Name: Amy Craven

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 170 lbs.

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Cute Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: Ash

Weapon(s): Ring Bell

Quote: None, really ^_^




Out of Ring: White Tanktop, black denim pants, platform shoes, and a cute pair of sunglasses that hang down on her nose. Her hair style remains the same in ring and out.


Accompanying Ash/In Ring: Well... Click Here ^_^;;;; (Excpet her shorts are buttoned up and she's usually got something on under those shorts ^_^;;;;;)


Ring Entrance:

A blue light covers the arena as “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” by U2 kicks up. Misty enters the arena at the stage, a white spotlight shining on her and following her, the crowd cheering loudly as Ash, usually following behind her, follows her down to ringside. Ash climbs onto the apron, opening the ropes to let Misty through. Otherwise, she climbs in herself, and regardless, strikes a cute little pose in the ring as the song ends and the lights return to normal.





Strength: 2

Speed: 7

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 6


Style: A high-flyer with a few submissions and a couple of power moves.


-Signature moves:


10.) Magical Pretty Bomb (Swanton Bomb)

9.) Mistybomb (Snap Powerbomb. Only on opponents 225 pounds or less)

8.) Figure Four Headlock

7.) Misty Kick (Spinning Hook Kick)

6.) Kawaii Girl Dropkick (Front Dropkick)

5.) Mew Driver (See Ash’s Stats)

4.) Misty Flip- Misty kicks her opponent in the gut, causing them to bend over. Misty then leaps onto the nearest turnbuckle, quickly flipping off into a 450 guillotine leg drop, her leg landing on the back of her opponent’s neck.

3.) Misty Driver- Guillotine Face Driver

2.) Misty Twist- Twist of Fate

1.) Mistysault- Top rope moonsault (like Lita)


-Common moves:

1.) Any Hurracanrana

2.) Bulldog

3.) Tornado DDT

4.) Arm Drag

5.) Reverse Hip Toss

6.) Roll Up Pin

7.) Snap Suplex

8.) Hamstring Pull

9.) Sit-down Jawbreaker

10.) STF

11.) German Suplex

12.) Somersault Kick

13.) Cartwheel Mistysault (RVD’s Cartwheel Moonsault)

14.) Air Misty (Top Rope Back Flip Kick)

15.) Tilt-a-whirl Bakcbreaker

16.) Samoan Drop

17.) Spin Kick


-Rare moves:

1.) Tiger Suplex

2.) Brainbuster

3.) Big Swing

4.) Asai Moonsault

5.) Handspring Elbow



1. Mistycanrana- Diving hurracanrana, like Lita does

2. Ripple Effect- Shooting Star Knee Drop



Bio: Misty was born Amy Rose Wheeler on April 29th, 1976 in Columbus, Ohio, but at a young age, her parents, Amy Xiang Tan and Anton Wheeler, moved to Latrobe, Pennsylvania, just outside Pittsburgh. Her father was a successful construction worker, and her mother stayed at home to watch Amy and her younger brother Tom. Throughout school, Amy was the quiet, smart, popular girl every guy wish he had. She dated a few boys, but all but one were jerks. In high school, she competed in volleyball, cheerleading, and basketball, succeeding well in each sport.


College rolled around, and Amy ended up attending Iowa State University. It was here, when she was a freshman, she met Mike Craven, a.k.a. Ash Ketchum. The two remained a couple until Mike graduated. Amy remained in cheerleading and basketball, making the team in both sports for the Iowa State Cyclones.


After college, Amy decided to continue a career in cheerleading, and returned to Pittsburgh, where she tried out for a spot on the Pittsburgh Steelers cheerleading squad, and succeeded. She was finally happy.


But one night, the girls went to an IGNWF show at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh. It was then Amy realized that she could be a manager, maybe even a wrestler. So, she left the Steelers squad after the 2000 season and joined the Pennsylvania Wrestling Alliance four months later, wrestling under her real name. One night in January, IGNWF Jayson Grant was in town, and attended a show with her on the card. Impressed by her talent, he invited her to tryouts in London. She accepted, and after three long days, made the cut. She spent a few months waiting to debut, finally being paired with Ash as Misty, his girlfriend in both the storylines, and eventually, in real life. Eventually, Misty became pregnant with Ash's child, and the two recently married at the SWF Pay Per View Dissention in Misty's birthplace of Columbus, Ohio. The two are expecting their first child within a month or two.


Notes: Misty isn’t a b****. She loves Ash dearly, and is faithful to him. However, she can more than take care of herself. She is very kind and cheerful, and doesn’t have a bad inch in her.

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Guest The Myriad

Board Name: The Myriad

Wrestlers Name: Mercury

Nickname: The Regenerate King

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 233

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: Magnificent 7

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): Nothing in particular

Quote: N/A


Looks: The Regenerate King has returned, folks, and he’s as fresh as the day he debuted in the JL. His short, dark brown hair is usually done up in quarter-inch spikes, he’s got piercing blue eyes, and an evilly charismatic smile. He’s in the best shape that he’s been in since he’s been employed by the company formerly known as the IGNWF. His ring attire is a light-gray, sleeveless t-shirt and black pants.


Ring Entrance:


The opening notes of "The Grudge" begin to blast over the PA system, eliciting a huge reaction from the crowd, albeit a negative one. As a video begins to roll on the Entrance screen, it focuses in on a cloak-bearing man standing on a green, treeless hill in the middle of a thunderstorm. Rain drops fall, each of their own accord, landing at their own destination as another falls to replace it. The camera begins to cycle around the figure slowly, accelerating slowly at each pass until a bolt of lightning strikes upon him from the heavens and he bursts into flames as the arena is filled with words...


Wear the grudge like a crown of negativity.

Calculate what we will or will not tolerate.

Desperate to control all and everything.

Unable to forgive your scarlet lettermen.


The lightless arena slowly begins to awaken as the stage begins to glow in a soft, orange light as a cloaked man walks out from underneath the screen. Hesitating a moment as he stops and peers down towards the ring, seconds pass, and the air stands still until he moves again. Slowly descending the ramp, his eyes are focused upon his destination...as he walks across, up the stairs, and finally steps foot inside the ring. Revealing himself, he tosses the cloak down to the timekeeper as the lights fade back up.



Strength: 4

Speed: 6

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 4




Style: technical/high flyer


Signature moves:



Double-arm backbreaker


Dragon suplex w/ bridge

Thrust kick

Northern lights suplex

Cradle neckbreaker


Common moves:

Spinning heel kick

Pipedream - Mercury grabs his opponent’’s right hand, twisting it into a hammerlock, and then continuing the twist while holding the lock in place, putting his opponent in a hammerlock front facelock underneath his left arm. He then pulls up on the hammerlocked arm, simultaneously throwing himself backwards, driving the opponent's head into a crushing ddt.


Triangle hold

Springboard dropkick

Springboard sidekick

Cloud 9- Twisting 720 dive

Crystal Planet- Release Tiger Suplex

Neckbreaker drop

Figure Four leg lock


Rare moves:

Michinoku Driver

Samoan drop

Back body drop

Head scissors

Tornado ddt

Springboard twisting 360

Gorilla press driver

Northern lights bomb

Underhook Piledriver

Crossed arms powerbomb



Evilution - Dragon sleeper into a neckbreaker

Spellbound - Crucifix Powerbomb DDT


Notes: He’s very tenacious, but not in an annoying way...just that he doesn’t give up in matches, meaning he does not tap out. At all. He’s not a dirty fighter.


Bio: To be added at a later date.

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Guest WrestlingDeacon

Smarks Board Name: WrestlingDeacon

Wrestler’s Name: Frost (close friends may call him R.J., don't call him this unless I tell you you can. At this time only TNT and LDP are allowed.)

Nickname: The Iceman from Iceland, The Velvet Hammer

Height: 6 ft. 7 in.

Weight: 296 lbs.

Hometown: Reykjavik, Iceland

Age: 28

Face/Heel: ass kicking face

Stable: None

Partners: None (will only tag with TNT or LDP at this time)

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): a good pane of glass every now and then

Quote: “I warn you to be wary of the Touch of Frost or you shall face the consequences of an Early Winter.”

"You've got a one way ticket on the job train."

"I'm going to fold your ass sideways and cram you in the hurt locker."

Calls people he doesn't like "Face" in a derogatory fashion.

He'll never say it, but fans might have signs that read, "Frost is party!"


Looks: Frost is a very physically intimidating monster with a broad, chiseled physique. He has closely cropped snow-white hair and piercing blue eyes. Three thick, wide scars run diagonally from his right shoulder to just below his ribcage on his chest, the aftermath of a polar bear attack during one of his many runs in the desolate tundra outside of Reykjavik. He wears dark blue, full length wrestling tights with silver flecks and white, standard wrestling boots to the ring.


Ring Entrance: Silverish pyro explodes from the rafters as “Snowblind” by Black Sabbath starts on the sound system. A pale blue spotlight bathes the entrance stage and what appears to be snow flutters down from above onto the stage. Frost walks out from behind the curtain as the lyrics start to a huge pop. He’ll hold up one arm, fist clenched, to the crowd to signify the cheering and then starts a slow purposeful stride to the ring. He has a Frost Brand Cigar clenched in his teeth. Upon reaching the ring he’ll drop the cigar to the floor and grind it out with the heel of his boot. If he’s facing someone he really hates, he’ll flick the cigar at them while it’s still lit to pop the crowd again.




Strength: 8 (anyone up to 350 lbs. is not a problem for him to put power moves on, after that it starts getting a little tougher. If you weigh under 215 lbs., he's just going to toss you around like a rag doll)


Speed: 4 (he prefers a slow methodical pace in the ring, but has quick reflexes and is capable of quick bursts of speed. It's not unheard of for him to dodge a move or hit a move out of nowhere on a quick high flyer, but he's not doing it the whole match.)


Vitality: 5 (You will not be able to wear him out in under ten minutes, say 3500 words, and he won't be really winded and tired until around the 30 minute mark, say 6000 words. Could get through an iron match if need be and don't forget that this man trains in the Icelandic winter.)


Charisma: 3 (Monster face in the Kane mode. Fans react to him out of instinct and hatred for the men he’s facing. He will occaisonally play to crowds to get them riled up.)


Style: He is a pure power wrestler with some light technical skill he can use if he has too, but he usually chooses not too. Frost is methodical and calculating in the ring with occasional bursts of deceptive quickness and agility for his size. He has also incorporated a few other moves outside of his basic base of power wrestling (top rope clothesline, sharpshooter) to keep opponents off guard. He fares best against power wrestlers with lesser attributes than he possesses, mat based grapplers and those who are considered “all-around” wrestlers. Although it is rare for Frost to go up against someone who can match or better his size and strength, those who can are capable of beating Frost with a taste of his own medicine as Frost is too stubborn to alter his basic attack. Lighter, aerial based wrestlers can also trouble Frost with their speed and unorthodox style. He is a Goliath that can be slain.


Game Plan: Frost will use his strength to gain an early advantage in matches by hitting oppenents with big powers moves and stiff opening strikes (punches, clotheslines, whips, kicks, etc.) From their he generally likes to work on the neck and back of his opponents, but will take advantage of an existing injury or something he considers a weak point. Will move back to big power moves toward the end game of a match to fully wear his opponent out and set up the Early Winter. Will make a pin without resorting to the finisher, also consider the Ice Pick and choke slam as alternative finishers.


Signature moves: (in order of most likely use in a match, but can be done anytime)

1) Airplane spin slam (followed by a spinning legdrop)

2) Irish whip into inverted DDT: Frost whips his opponent into the turnbuckles or other barrier chest first. He catches them under the neck on the bounce out and drops them to the mat with an inverted DDT.

3) Icelandic Backbreaker (hanging body vice)

4) Rock ‘n Roll the Dice (aka roll the dice or test drive, swinging inverted neckbreaker, but with most of the bump being taken on the nape of the neck rather than flat on the back)

5) Touch of Frost (heart punch-setup for the Early Winter)

6) Snow Plow (aka northern lights bomb, a body slam side piledriver)

7) Snow Blind (face first wheelbarrow powerbomb)



Common moves:

1) Hands of Stone: Frost is a former amatuer boxer and knows how to throw a punch. Every punch is uber stiff and he will work a combo in if possible. Hooks, uppercuts, jabs and boxing footwork will be used early on to soften up opponents. Think 80's Mike Tyson.

2) Barrel Roll Slam (Razor Ramon’s modified fall away slam, most often used as a flying cross body counter)

3) Gorilla press slam

4) Face first drop to the turnbuckle (aka, Snake Eyes)

5) Tilt-a-whirl slam

6) Swinging neckbreaker

7) Gut wrench suplex

8) German suplex

9) Standing spinebuster

10) Brain buster suplex

11) Half Nelson bulldog

12) Slingshot suplex

13) Back breaker

14) Face breaker

15) Cobra clutch slam

16) Icelandic leg sweep (Face first Russian legsweep from Cobra clutch)

17) Hell Freezes Over: Back by popular demand. It's the stiffest fucking lariat you've ever seen. Would make Bradshaw say, "Damn, now that's a clothesline." Can be done straight, spinning, or short arm. 450 Marty Jannetty flip sell is appreciated.

18) Spinning Gordbuster (face first suplex)


Rare moves:

1) top rope clothesline

2) Hammer Jammer (sharpshooter)

3) tombstone piledriver

4) top rope superplex

5) TFDB-Tom Flesher is a Douche Bag: Double handed spinning chokeslam off the top rope. Only to be used in extreme, high profile situations. Like the blowoff match to a big feud on a ppv. Primarily to be used against Tom Flesher.



1) the Early Winter (Double underhook, sit down powerbomb where he holds on for the pin)

2) Cobra clutch

3) Choke Slam


Notes: Frost is a quiet loner with no need for a manager, partner or second at ring side. He has very few friends in life and likes it that way. He has a low, throaty speaking style that is both menacing and eloquent. He speaks fluent English with only a mild European accent. Frost realizes the power of words in psyching out his opponents and always chooses what he says carefully for maxim impact. He is intelligent and observant, but pride and egotism often makes him shortsighted both in and out of the squared circle. He fears no one and does not like mind games, although he is more than capable of playing them on others and will if he sees it to his advantage. With his recent face turn, Frost is more introspective and well mannered than he has been in the past. Sometimes coming off like a Zen master.


Extra Note: Frost has his own line of SWF sponsored cigars and Icelandic tacos. The line of Frost brand products grows by the hour.


Bio: Born Robert Jackson Frost on January 9th 1975, the coldest recorded day in Icelandic history at 47 degrees below zero. His father, a sailor, was lost at sea when Frost was 3 and the kind love of his mother was then tempered with the steely edge of his grandfather. His grandfather began training Frost for a boxing career that never reached fruition at the tender age of eight, focusing on an exercising and training regime centered on working in the frozen outdoors.


Frost took up amateur wrestling when he entered high school and used his size and strength to dominate the heavyweight division. He attended college at the prestigious University of Oslo in Norway. He was kicked off of the wrestling team there in his freshman year due to his increasingly brutal style that abandoned amateur technique for a more power based professional attack. He spent his remaining college years pursuing such diverse hobbies as chess, literature, weightlifting and taxidermy (Frost has said that the dead animals “speak” to him). His obvious intelligence and diligent work ethic allowed him to earn a masters degree in philosophy in only five years.


He returned to Iceland where he entered the professional scene there and quickly rose to the top of the sport. Then current Icelandic champion and living legend, Peter “Iceberg” Nordstrom, picked the rookie Frost to be his tag team partner in a feud with the Icelandic tag team champs, the Silver Eagles. The two were triumphant against the Eagles’ and took their titles. The Eagles’ valet, Falcon, was seen on numerous occasions talking to Frost after this. She convinced Frost that Nordstrom was holding him back from taking his rightful place as the heavyweight champion and Frost turned on his partner in a rematch with the Eagles.


This led to a match between Nordstrom and Frost. Frost not only beat Peter, but severely injured his back as well. Nordstrom was able to regain his title when he returned from his injury, but Frost won a second rematch and ended Nordstrom’s career by re-injuring the champ’s spinal column. Frost was then barred from Icelandic wrestling two months after this and stripped of his title due to malicious and conscious injury of other grapplers. While this sanctioning has seemingly calmed him in the ring, it is evident that his violent temper could resurface at any time.


Since joining SJL: Frost quickly established himself as the premiere big man in the league racking up impressive victories over most of the SJL low carders. He came out on the good end of feuds with the now departed Vanguard and T-Bone (the latter collimating in the SJL’s first Window Pain match that ended with T-Bone taking a tombstone piledriver from the top of the ladder to a pane of glass set up on the floor). From there, Frost was firmly entrenched in the mid-card and began a single minded, obsessive quest for the European title. He viewed the belt as his birthright and felt that he was the only person in the SJL worthy enough to hold it. He finally received his shot against Deathwish Danny Williams and won in a brutal match with a surprise Early Winter. Frost held onto the belt with an iron grip and his love of the title could only be matched with his new found feelings for Sydney Sky. After much romancing, Sky finally fell in love with the brute and the two have embarked on a relationship.


Since joining SWF: Charter member of the Magnificent 7. Formed a fairly succesful tag team with Mag 7 team member TNT known as Chilly Chilly Bang Bang. Participant in the first ever SWF War Games. Won the tag belts off of Edwin MacPhisto and Chris Raynor with TNT. Frost then entered into a feud with Ash Ketchum when he was determined to be the prime candidate for running him over with a car, but his first stab at redemption, a match in which Frost was handcuffed, ended with Ketchum being busted wide open with a set of industrial strength bolt cutters. After defeating the makeshift team of Xero and Danny Williams in a bomb shelter match at Apocalypse, Ash partnered with Xero in an attempt to wrestle the tag belts away from Chilly Chilly Bang Bang and continue his feud with the Icelandic Iceman. Although the team lost a tag match at Genesis, Ash did wrestle the Hardcore title away from Frost the following month at Dissention in the first (and hopefully last) Stash the Ash match. The team of Chilly Chilly Bang Bang lost the tag titles shortly before this to the Bermani Cross Wizards, followed by TNT taking a sabbatical from active duty. Frost then briefly feuded with CIA after he defeated Midnight Carnival stable leader, El Luchadore Magnifico, in a non-title match through interference from Sacred. Frost shot to the top of the SWF upon the new year, first winning the ICTV title from Orochi and then reclaiming the tag titles with Mag 7 leader Tom Flesher. Frost and Flesher were at odds for a long time with everything finally coming to a head at From the Fire when the pair lost the tag belts to stable mates Justice and Rule. Earlier in the night Frost lost the ICTV title to the returning Neilsen of the Jungle, but the grappler gave the belt back to Frost saying that he didn’t want it. These events led Frost to examine his life more closely and he decided to both vacate the ICTV title and quit the Mag 7, thereby turning face for the first time in the SWF. Frost then pursued revenge on Tom Flesher, being thwarted by him and the Mag 7 at every turn. After losing a triple threat against Flesher, which included TNT, at Battleground, Frost entered a deeply depressed funk. Commissioner Suicide King sent Longdogger Pete to Frost to help him regain his 'eye of the tiger' and they formed a loose tag team. After losing a title shot against Justice and Rule at 13th Hour Frost is now looking to rejoin the single ranks with new fire and hopefully finally wrestle the world title out of Flesher's hands.

Edited by WrestlingDeacon

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Guest Tod deKindes

the Retired Edition. I'll leave the moveset for reference's sake. Also slight look change.




Smarks Board Name: Tod deKindes

Wrestlers Name: Tod deKindes

Nickname: none

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 225 lbs.

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Age: 26

Status: retired

Face/Heel: originally heel, but left to a respectable ovation

Quote: nothing particular, but will often use " THANK YOU........ very much" in order to end a promo.


Looks: Now retired, he'll spend his time backstage as a road agent for JL shows. Gone is the long black hair, making way for a shorter Christian-style haircut, dyed a yellowish blond. He'll just wear casual hip clothes now.



Ring Entrance: A few bars from Carmina Burana - O Fortuna will fire up, leading right into Marilyn Manson's "Antichrist Superstar" (I have the mp3 of this if anyone's curious). As the guitars kick in, Tod paces out with a step matching the beat of the song, with a smartass smirk on his face. He rolls in under the bottom rope, paces a few circles in the ring, then climbs up to a second turnbuckle, quickly flashing the old reverse Guns To The Head symbol - the old signal for the Spirit Breaker; indifferent to whatever reaction the crowd has for him. (like the Hardy'z Guns hand symbol, though only done with the left hand, aimed at the temple and with the thumb pointing down). After that, the music fades out and then the opponent can enter. Or the match begins. Write accordingly.





Strength: 5 - While he won't win any strongman contests, he can do almost any of his moves to a guy like, say, Frost with a bit of effort. Obviously he works best with an opponent in HIS weight class.

Speed: 6 - Dropping a couple of pounds since his JL days has allowed him quicker, more crisp offense. He can be a fast lil fella, but his speed can easily be matched by guys lighter than him.

Vitality: 6 - After a break to get in better shape, he's found that he's increased his endurance and can go a bit longer in matches. And he's taking a few more risky bumps now.

Charisma: 5 - Same old sneaky cocky bastard.



Game Plan: Attend Maple Leafs games and follow the Avalanches. :D


Style: Tod's style is best described as technical high-flying, though he can adapt to brawling and hardcore as well. Also now trying to incorporate more submission holds. His preferred tactic is working the leg, when the context calls for it. As for covering method; when he's not doing a pinfall reversal sequence with the opponent (which is frequent in 75% of his matches), Tod will usually prefer a simple lateral press with the forearm grinding into the opponent's face. He rarely hooks the leg.


Signature moves:


- Cerebral Driver; modified neckbreaker starting from a suplex position. (former finisher, now more used as a signature move)


- Formula For Failure: spinning bodyslam into sitdown Rock Bottom (that move D-Lo Brown does, the Sudden Impact) Done on smaller or same size opponents, it'll usually be by countering a cross body attempt, shouting out a sure but intense "Aw HELL no!" then delivering the move.


- spear in the corner


- which is now followed up by a T-Bone suplex.


- Sunset powerbomb: Most likely done after suplexing the guy stomach first on the top rope. With the opponent hunched over (can also be on second rope), he runs the ropes and sails over the opponent in a sunset flip to the outside. If the opponent is willing, the move will end in a seated powerbomb; if not, Tod will simply yank out the struggling-to-hold-on opponent's legs from under him/ her, causing his/her face to smash onto the ring apron.


- snapmare w/dropkick to back of head

- Shawn Michaels top rope elbow

- DVD (sets up the HBK elbow, most of the time)

- german suplex (switches freely between bridged and overhead release version)

- Spirit Breaker. You know what this is.


Common moves:

- any basic forms of a superplex

- tornado DDT

- jumping piledriver

- floatover DDT

- springboard spinning heel kick

- reverse DDT; basic or Christian-style

- brainbuster

- tilt-a-whirl sideslam (from Irish whip)

- pescado to the outside

- sommersault flip to the outside

- spinebuster

- seated dropkick to the head with opponent layed stomach first over the top or second rope

- swinging neckbreaker, followed by throwing himself in the ropes and connecting with a kneedrop to the head

- press slam drop, into a gutbuster (done on guys smaller or of similar size)


Rare moves:

- backdrop driver (more of a face move, used once or twice as a desperation move. use only in big payoff match with fierce rival)

- Backdrop/stunner: lift the opponent in a backdrop suplex, only to backflip his body around in mid-air and catch him in a stunner. Never used due to the obvious risk of neck injury. PM me if you need a good reason to use it.

- Reverse figure four, or Jamie Noble's Trailer Hitch. The move of choice when Tod's been working on the leg.



- DVX: An inverted front facelock, with victim's near leg hooked with your own; swung backwards into a killer Russian Legsweep. This is MUCH more powerful than a mere Reverse DDT, folks. Try not to kick out of that one.

- Silent Scream: The submission finisher of choice; it's your basic Tazzmission. When both are standing while the move is on, the victim has a chance to fight it off and reach the ropes. But once the body scissors is locked in, good night Irene.


Brief Career Overview:


- After a slightly rough start in the JL, he embarks on a friendly rivalry with Taylor Nicholas Thompson.

- That rivalry turns into a partnership (T & TNT Connection) when TNT abandons mentor Danny Williams.

- Tod goes into a feud with Danny Williams, where he manages to win the European title from him.

- A week later, he loses it back to Williams as TNT turns on him.

- The feud is later settled in the epic Three Stages Of Hell Match, won by Tod.

- A few months pass as Tod remains a high profile figure, earning an almost spotless record.

- After his final JL match (a win in a Hardcore match over Mike Van Siclen), Tod is called up along with TNT, Williams, Frost, Z and Ced Ordonez.



- Another rough start, as he sees his shoulder pinned in a contender's match for the US title.

- He wanders alone for a few weeks, namely scoring a win over veteran Fallout in the process.

- Expressing his respect for XF9, he wishes to join but Longdogger Pete isn't immediately keen on the idea.

- After a series of matches, Tod defeats LDP to earn a membership in XF9.

- Another another series of tag matches with Pete, Tod makes his intentions known: the U.S. title.

- After a long chase of the title, he finally nabs it from Tom Flesher.

- Goes on to proudly defend it, until Annie Eclectic severs her ties with XF9, promptly going into a feud with Tod over the title.

- Annie and Tod embark on a grueling Best Of Five series for the U.S. title, which Tod won 3-1, in the process slowly turning his back on the fans.

- Annie reveals a scandal involving Tod and a woman, effectively turning the crowd on him. The double turn is complete.

- In a "last title shot EVER" match, Annie upsets Tod to take the title.

- Months pass as Tod scores an impressive list of wins and starts to set his sights on the ICTV title, of which a title shot never came.

- Later wins the right to choose his own entry number for Clusterfuck 2003, oddly picks #19.

- After an inconclusive brawl with Longdogger Pete, he's eliminated from the Clusterfuck match and takes a leave of absence.

- He returns a few months later and makes his intentions clear: Dispose of TNT.

- After months of mind games and sneak attacks, the two finally meet at 13th Hour in a Career Match; where TNT gets the upper hand, effectively sending Tod into retirement ...


Title history:

- SJL Euro (1) (from Danny Williams, lost it back to him)

- SWF U.S. (1) (from Tom Flesher, lost it to Annie Eclectic)

Edited by Tod deKindes

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Guest realitycheck

Guess who's back, back again...


Smarks Board Name: realitycheck

Wrestlers Name: Alex Zenon

Aliases: Z, although he gets visibly sour if you call him that.

Height: 6’

Weight: 229lbs.

Hometown: ‘The Meadowlands’ (Trenton, New Jersey. Though it’s to his chagrin to have it announced as such.)

Age: 23

Face/Heel: A somewhat dubious face; *notable* grey shades in his actions.

Stable: N/A

Tag Partner: N/A

Ring Escort: A Cyclone Comet quote.

Weapon(s): A steel chair is usually suffice.

Quote: “Whatever…”


Looks: Caucasian, six-feet even, and considerably more defined than he was when he left. The dye washed out of his hair, it’s now a very normal auburn, and dusts his shoulders. It’s usually left unbound. His ring attire has also changed, with the camouflage coat stuffed somewhere in his attic, replaced by a black tank top with a double-lined white cross on the front. His hands and wrists are done up with black tape. Alex’s pants consist of haggard blue jeans, with plain leather wrestling boots underneath. Down to the ring he’ll usually wear white jean jacket, with a gold hawk on the back.


Backstage, he’s usually content with a hooded pullover, and some jean shorts.


Ring Entrance,

Music: “Temptation” – The Tea Party (Minus the mandolin opening.)

Entrance: The house lights darken, as the sound of electrical distortion hums through the air… two white lights shine down on the entrance, appearing with the drums, and flashing like a rhythmic heartbeat. Suddenly…


BOOM! The guitars drop, and the arena is filled with every colour in the rainbow, as spotlights search the crowd! With the stage is illuminated by an ever-changing pallet of colour, Alex Zenon slowly steps from the curtain, head down. He flips his long hair out of his eyes, and surveys the crowd with a smirk, tugging the lapels of his jacket, getting a (mostly) posotive reaction. As Alex makes his way down, the camera cuts to an upper-mezzanine shot of the rampway, the lyrics calling in the background…


(You don’t have to add these, if you don’t like.)

“Driven by a strange desire…

I want… what I need

Shaking as the sex takes hold…

I lost… all control…”


The lights flicker erratically over the crowd, swooping and cutting in all directions. The camera is suddenly wiped out by the blinding flash of a passing light… and refocuses with a cut to the ring, as Alex climbs up onto it and stands on first and second turnbuckles, absorbing the crowd… finally, he discards his jacket to an attendant, and hops into the ring, focusing on his opponent.




Strength: 5

Speed: 5

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 4


Style: It’s hard to define exactly… A style with a notable base in submissions, but built up with some aerial moves, and a few good strikes and headbumps for flava’. Why don’t we call it “Thoughtful Abandon”? Sort of the style that’s becoming popular with the New Age North-American Lightweights, but with his own special mix.


Signature Moves:


S.L.E. (Suicide Level Event) – Short form, a pumphandle to a DDT. Long form is like such… Alex grabs hold of his opponents hand, pulling it through their legs for a pumphandle. He’ll then drag them to the turnbuckle, climbing up to the second rope. There, he will proceed to back-roll the opponent, clinching in a facelock as he passes their head, and drives it down in a DDT, all in one fluid motion.

Shotgun Moonsault – Former finisher, now used primarily on standing opponents.

Spaceman Plancha to the outside.

Crooked Triangle Choke - A modified version of the hold where the opponent is face DOWN, and Alex locks his legs around their neck and shoulder from the side. Notable because if they’re steadfast in not giving up, he’ll use his legs to repeatedly slam their head into the mat…

Frontflip Gamengiri - From the leg-grab, a tuck downwards for a backwards heel kick to the face, into a forward roll.

Crack Shoot – A forward flip axekick. Usually from a springboard.

Crossout – Alex winds his right arm underneath his opponents, cupping his palm to the back of their head. With his other hand, he then takes their left wrist, and begins pull them in a spin. However, in mid-turn, he pulls on the left arm, twisting their body around and driving them face first into the mat.

Jacknife Powerbomb

Shining Wizard Knee-Lift

E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) – An inverted Kriptonite Krunch. Opponent mounted on Alex’s back, back-to-back, at a 45* angle. Their legs are over his shoulder, and their head is by his thigh. He locks his other arm over their chin, and sits-out, DRIVING their crown into the mat.

Arm Wrench + Ropewalk - Usually ends in a downward elbow to the back of the neck.


Common Moves:


Russian Leg Sweep

Suplexes – In descending order of frequency…



-Fallaway Slam into bridging pin (‘Blockbuster Supex’)

-Butterfly Suplex

Hangman’s Neckbreaker – Same style of neckbreaker HHH used to use. Modifications include setting the opponent back-first on the top rope and doing the move, or using the tree-of-woe and doing it repeatedly.

Turn n’ Burn – Reverse headlock into a dropping elbow to the chest. Spiffy, preferred takedown admittedly ripped from Divefire.

Stepover Facelock

Zen Kohan – A submission where the opponents left arm is pulled across their back and through their right arm, which itself is being pulled across their chest by Alex’s right arm. Said arm also has a headlock firmly entrenched.

Arm Drag – Alex enjoys the off-the-top-rope takedown variation…

Fireman’s Carry

Monkey Flip

Arm Wrench – May be added on to applicable moves for more ‘oomph’, or if the arm is a target. Also, one of Alex’s personal favourite counters is working something into an arm wrench, then STIFFLY stomping the opponent in the head. Why? Cause it’s fun to be a prick like that.

Tree of Woe – A very versitaile move; Alex can do standard striking, or use it to assist a submission hold, or even do repeated neckbreakers on the tied-up opponent. Be creative with the usage.

Guillotine Neck Drop – Neck snap over the ropes. If you can imagine a set-up, Alex can probably do it.


Striking Notes:


Just a run-down of Alex’s more used strikes…

-Roundhouse Kick

-Spinning Crescent Kick

-Spinning Back Kick

-Spinning Sweep Kick – The kicks. These can be pulled together in any order for a combo of sorts.

-Knife Edged Chops – Alex’s primary hand strike. Though not always as just the straight chop to the chest; it can vary as a downward angle chop to the shoulder or back, or a double “Mongolian” chop to the neck.

-Ground-wise, Alex usually uses mounted (To a specific body part) knee-strikes, and the usual knee drops/leg drops/elbow drops.




Ikari Shinkan – A ground Octopus Stretch. Calling back to when the move was taught to him by Mark Stevens before WarGames, but modified somewhat...


G.L.E. (Genocide Level Event) – A sit-out Gory Special neckbreaker. Basic set-up of the Gory Special, but Alex locks his hands under the opponents neck, brining it over his shoulder, before sitting out. For those of you who don’t know what the Gory Special is… picture a Vertribreaker. Just right-side up.


Rare Moves:


Genocide Level Event Absolute – A much more disturbing move than the one it shares it’s name with… Alex gives his opponent 3-5 TIGER suplexes, finishing off the move by ducking down between their legs and standing up, pulling them onto his back… before getting a proper vise on the arms, and driving them down with a Kudodriver(Vertibraker)! Call paramedics if necessary. This is understandably VERY rare, and used only out of hatred…


Red Intruder – Alex does a standard ropewalk, but ends with a twist… instead of the usual elbow drop to end, he drops down, sitting on the top rope, slipping his feet underneath the bottom. Then, he proceeds to grab the opponent under the shoulder and by the leg, giving them an Exploder suplex to the outside! Again, rare, easy to counter, and saved for heated matches.


Notes: Obviously, Alex’s has been playing a *lot* of video games (Or he was concealing some better wrestling acumen) since leaving, as his move library has been broadened. Though weather or not his personality has changed outside of the ring is a viable question, asking weather his in-ring personality has changed is a no-brainer: It’s changed COMPLETELY. His focus is usually to work the head/neck area over in a set-up for either the Ikari Shinkan submission, or the GLE. As he’s still about keeping the fans entertained, there’s a couple top-rope maneuvers thrown in to his matches, but almost *always* if it’s convenient. He doesn’t fancy himself a risk-taker. There’s also some more refined striking worked liberally into his matches. One more thing that’s worth noting is that now, should he get frustrated, he’ll start to work *unnecessarily* aggressive on them, sometimes going to extra lengths to be a prick…


Bio: Alex Zenon was born in Trenton, New Jersey on cold December’s eve in 1978. He grew up in a very average, suburban environment, which spares him the stock tragic past. He played basketball (Okay, he *benchwarmed* most of the time, but you get the idea), he had a B- average, he graduated high school in 1996. He never logged a single moment of time with the wrestling team. Hell, he didn’t even consider joining. This is what makes it difficult to say *why* he ended up becoming a professional wrestler. Maybe he caved under the pressure of several other friends who wanted to try, or maybe he just didn’t feel he had the ability to pursue a college education. Or maybe he was just entranced by becoming one of the men he idolized as a child.


Regardless, he trained a locally run school, and bright eyed and naïve about the business, began to bounce around federations in the tri-state area as “Z”. His raw talent was considerable, but Alex knew that there were MANY other indy workers more impressive on that front than he. So he did the one thing he could: He capitalized on his unusually high tolerance for pain, and began to work ridiculous spots, bumps, and other calamities into his matches. It took 3 ½ years, and a dozen federations, but a talent scout for the SJL finally noticed his inane ability to bump, and offered him a short-term tryout contract.


His first few matches were back-and-forth; a win, a loss, a win, a loss. However, two of his first four matches were against one man… Tom Flesher. Tom felt that Z was a forerunner for the SJL Euro title, a title the Flesher wanted. He immediately tried to ally with Z, putting on his best fake grin. It worked like a charm, and Tom dismantled several opponents on his way to the Euro title. Everything was fine… for about 4 matches, until another courtship Tom had—with Shawn Brody—went sour. Z immediately jumped in to help his new ‘friend’ with his battle against Brody… “help” in the sense he was a nuisance. Flesher began to get frustrated, and felt he had to get rid of Z. Sooner rather than later…


Heading into the JL PPV Absolution, Z seemed to think that everything was still fine between Tom and he (Although it was painfully obvious to everyone else Tom was using him). The night of the PPV, Z was inducted into XF9, along with Ced Ordonez, and he sought to offer Tom a position too! Flesher was less than appreciative, ripping up the XF9 shirt after Z left. Finally, at the four-way match for the JL Euro Title (Found HERE. Read it! It’s my best match ever!) Z finally realized Tom was using him, and after Ced and Danny Williams were eliminated, Z duped Tom, and won the Euro!


The victory was short-lived. One week later, in a double-title match for the JL world and European titles, Z lost the Euro to Danny Williams, while Tom claimed his first world title. The rest of his JL tenure was downhill. Z and Ced battled the new sWo threat almost ally-less, and Z repeatedly failed to get another shot at the world title. Finally, in mid-June, good news came: Z and 5 others were being bumped to the SWF at the Snake Eyes PPV! Z was ecstatic, and left for Pittsburgh right after his last JL show. The morning of the PPV, he was confronted by then World Champion Edwin MacPhisto, who had a “Modest proposal”: The Midnight Carnival was sagging in terms of membership, and he felt Z would be the perfect fit. Z *eagerly* accepted. (“WHAT!? The Midnight Carnival!? Are you serious!? …you are? OHMYGODOHMYGODI’MACARNIEIWANTTOKISSYOU!!” “What the bloody hell!? Get off me!”) Despite losing his first SWF match that night, he helped Edwin retain his world title by interfering in the ME.


The Magnificent Severn would form that night, and it was a continuous battle between them and the Midnight Carnival for the next month. At the PPV Ground Zero, it all came to a head in a HELLACIOUS WarGames match. The Carnival fought bravely, but in the end, the M7 won out. Though he took a huge beating and bled buckets in the match, it was perhaps what happened after that would affect Z the most… A dark figure entered the cage at the end, and beat everyone except Edwin with a steel tipped cane. A demon had debuted, and his name was Silent.


Silent was an artifact from Edwin MacPhisto’s past, and he held a dark secret. Between he and Chris Wilson closing in on him, Edwin became very agitated and unusually angry. Regardless, he refused to speak on the issue. Z, feeling the need to stand up for his leader, abruptly *challenged* Silent one night on Storm. They faced in a hardcore match, and Z ended up on the losing end. Although Edwin *strictly* forbid Z to face Silent again, he was undaunted, and in Carnie tradition, ‘pranked’ Silent by painting his car pink and blue, thusly getting him angry enough to accept Z’s challenge of a cage match. It turned out to be a foolish challenge… Z was beaten pillar to post the entire match, and at the end, given a Crucifix Powerbomb off the top of the cage and through the announcers table.


One week later, Z would return with Edwin MacPhisto for a top-of-show promo. Edwin had just lost the world title to Mags, and was set to patch up any hard feelings. He then proceeded to drop a bombshell: He was leaving the Midnight Carnival, and putting Z in charge. It had been revealed that several years ago, Silent and Edwin were indeed friends, but a woman got in the way of them… Edwin ended up breaking Silent’s neck. This revelation had pushed Chris Raynor over the edge, and fueled by jealousy and anger, made a target of Edwin. MacPhisto cited this, AND the fact that Silent was closing in on him, as his reasons for leaving. For the next week, Z tried to lead a Carnival of two… but the pressure of trying to lead MacPhisto and Raynor-less Carnival finally overcame Z, and he had no choice but to give the commissioner his two-week notice.


Two months later, and purely by chance, Alex ran into Annie Eclectic at his father’s bar, where he had been working. An embarrassing loss to darts later, he left Annie with his business card. A few days later he received a phone call from Annie, who asked him to return. Despite still being *considerably* less than enamored with the fed, he made up his mind to return.


Alex Zenon still greets everyone with a smile, and he’s still usually happy and easy to talk to. But that naïve and childlike glow in his eyes is gone, and his in-ring actions are more aggressive than before… what has changed with the man formally known as Z?

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Guest Coffin Surfer

Smarks Board Name: Coffin Surfer

Wrestlers Name: Danny Williams

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 243 lbs.

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: Unholy Trinity(leader)

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): None

Quote: None


Looks: Williams is a tan Caucasian. His thick hair is brown, and grown out around shoulder length now. His hair is parted in the middle and his bangs are rather long, running down his face and covering his eyes. He is short, bulky, and wide. Most of his body weight is in his chest, shoulders, and arms. He is ripped like a professional body builder(obvious roid abuser) except his abs are rather undefined when compared to the rest of his body.


Williams wears black wrestling tights with a redish firey outline(see sig) of a triangle starting at his belt line and ending near the top of his legs on each side. He also wears red pull on kicking boots with black shin guard in front.


Ring Entrance: The gentle melodies of In Flame’s “Jester’s Dance” dances it's way out of the loud speakers, igniting the cheers of the crowd. The vocal members of the audience begin to chant "DAN-E! DAN-E! DAN-E!" as Williams pushes his way through the heavy curtains draping from the locker room entrance, and slowly makes his way out to the platform. With his head held high, Williams confidenlty marches down the aisle.



Strength:6-can pull most of his big moves off on anyone under or around 265.

Speed:3-very athletic but not very quick.

Vitality:8-never no sells, but can take nasty bumps and is hard as hell to keep down.

Charisma:3-relies on in ring work and emotion to get over.


Style: Power Wrestler. However, Danny is very versatile, capable of brawling, high flying, and working the mat.


Signature moves:

*Buffalo Sleeperhold-rear chinlock where the victim's arm is bent back under the arm pit of Danny's outside arm.

Backdrop Gotto Hell-Twisted High Angle Backdrop. Side Suplex on No Mercy.

Jumping Elbow Smash(running, slingshot, or enzui verison from top rope)

Running Elbow

Rolling Elbow

Diving Elbow-top rope flying elbow smash to standing victim.

Elbow Suicida-tope w/elbow smash.

Dynamic Kick-jumping high kick/Yakuza Kick.


*=Please don't use yet, as I'm waiting for the right time to debut it.


Common moves:

Sleeperhold(standing or doushime)

German Suplex

Second Rope Knee Drop

Western Lariat(enzui, running, or a short arm)

Reverse Elbow Smash(spinning, standing, or running)

Big Boot

Fujiwara Armbar

Elevated Half Crab-likes to stand on victim’s head.

Abdominal Stretch w/Facelock

Knee Drops

Punt Kicks-Stiff kicks to seated, kneeling or laying victim.

STIFF Elbow Smashes

basics: Vertical Suplex, Scoop Slam, Headlocks....etc.


Rare moves

Throwing Piledriver-Lou Thesz’s Ganso Bomb, differs from Kawada’s in that it doesn’t use the knee drop. Victim is lifted up for the Powerbomb, but instead of mounting them on his shoulders, Danny leans back and throws them straight down on the top of the their head. A desperaton move in a must win situation.


Powerbomb from apron, top rope, or into turnbuckles-Uses whenever opportunity arises.


Elbow Suicida Fake out-Just like Misawa, Williams will run into the ropes as if for a Tope, but instead of diving out, he will grab on to the second rope, and flip over the top rope and on to the ring apron. Used if he's going up against someone that he's hit with the Elbow Suicida one too many times.




Powerbomb Pin(Benoit’s Wild Bomb Pin)-A particularly Nasty Powerbomb where Williams lifts the victim high over his shoulders, and than in one fluid motion quickly doubles over deep, slamming the victim hard into the mat. Williams always folds the victim up after impact, and slides for the pin. Easily his most common finisher.


Juji-Gatame(Cross Armbreaker)-Not something he attempts a lot since it can be very easily blocked.




Williams is a real dick in the ring, mostly showing very little respect for any of his opponents. He loves dropping knees, and kicking his opponent while there down. He is often cold, focused, intense, and all business. However in big matches, he can be rather passonate and emotional. Strongly believes that wrestling is a sport, and will refuse to participate in cheap gimmick matches.


Game Plan:


Depends on his opponent, really. On average, Williams likes to soften his opponent up with his strikes and wear down holds. Sometimes he will build towards the Twisted Backdrop, which like his elbow variants can be a weaker finisher or a set up for the Powerbomb, his primary go to finisher in big matches. He likes to catch his victims off guard with the Juji-gatame, because it can be easily blocked.




-an amateur wrestler in high school.

-never made it to the college level, because of steriod abuse.

-was trained in puroresu dojos in Japan.

-joins SJL, where he moves up to heavyweight division.

-Williams was undefeated as SJL World Champion in a long winning streak that includes a major victory over Frost.



-joins M7

-participates in the first ever SWF War Games

-becomes 2 time U.S. Champion

Edited by Coffin Surfer

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