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Photography at shows

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Im going to the FWA "British Uprising" show tommorow, and i was thinking of taking my digital camera to take some pics!


The thing is, i have never done this before and i dont know how they will come out.


Im in the 3rd row standing!


Will it be at all worthwhile, and does anyone have any tips or experience for how i can imporve the outcome of the pictures i take?






If anyone is interested i can post the pics i take when i get back! :D

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Hey ChUnK, are you gonna post those pictures then? Did they come out alright?

Ive been busy all this week with Uni work! Its been a hell of a week, ive been getting up early every day and after that late return on sunday night i am shattered.


Anyway, because of that i havent been able to take the photos off the camera yet. I do have a day off tommorow though (friday) YAY :-D SO i will do them tommorow!


I have no idea how they cam out, so i cant tell you. I took loads though (I filled up a 64mb memory card) and i have a 2.0 megpixel camera (well the camera i was using was 2.0 m/pixels, its not strictly mine) so the pictures i did take should be very clear.


I will upload them to the interent for sure. If you want i could PM you when ive done it?



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