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Guest BA_Baracus

Ashes to Ashes 2002 - The Card

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Guest BA_Baracus

PROMO (Stubby P. McWeed);





Show: IGNWF Ashes to Ashes 2002

Theme Music: Uhm…heck if I know.

Date: Dec. 1, 2002

Arena: The Frank Erwin center in Austin, Texas!

Due date: Dec. 1, 2002 at 12PM (noon) central time.



Ced Ordonez vs. Mak Francis

- Opening match madness! Who will prevail, in this battle of staggering proportions? Which Titan will emerge supreme?! Who dammit, who?!

Send to: Suicide King



Ash Ketchum vs. Sigil

- Ketchum and Sigil haven’t got along since the very first day Sigil showed up in the SWF. Since then there’s been threats, attacks and they’ve been involved in a 3-way match together. On Sunday we’ll have a 1-on-1 match for the first time between these two.

Match Description – Regular DQ and count-out rules are not in effect. Submissions, pinfalls and knockouts only count within the ring.

Send to: Suicide King



CIA vs. Frost

- A few weeks ago Frost beat Magnifico in a non-title match, but has been unable to get a title match against the luchadore as the champs friend, CIA, has been keeping him very busy. At Ashes to Ashes CIA and Frost will be involved in a straightjacket match and if Frost wins he gets a shot at the heavyweight title and if CIA wins, he and a partner of his choice get a shot at the SWF tag titles!

Match Description – DQ and count-out rules are in effect. After someone wins the match via pinfalls, submission or knockout, the loser is placed in a straightjacket and the winner gets to beat on him for 5 minutes.

Send to: BA_Baracus



Alex Zenon vs. Tod deKindes vs. ?

- The recently returned Alex Zenon (Z), Tod deKindes (who did surprisingly well in a match against Magnifico on Strom) and a 3rd mystery opponent will face off, with a shot at the SWF’s second highest belt on the line!

Match Description – DQ and count-out rules are in effect. The first person eliminated via pinfall, submission or knockout must leave ringside while the remaining two men fight to determine the winner.

Send to: Suicide King



Annie Eclectic © vs. Danny Williams

- On Storm Tom Flesher kicked Annie out of M7, then had Danny Williams beat her silly with a microphone. This Sunday the two will face each other in a match with the US title on the line!

Send to: BA_Baracus



Tom Flesher © vs. Orochi

- A rivalry between Thoth and Tom Flesher had been steadily building over a couple weeks, ultimately leading up to an ICTV title match. Thoth lost that match, but that didn’t end the rivalry. Thoth has a new name and a new heelish attitude and he’ll see if the second time’s the charm against Flesher…

Send to: Suicide King



El Luchadore Magnifico © vs. ?

- Sacred backed out of his scheduled rematch against Magnifico, so in the spirit of competition, Magnifico challenged the man behind the mysterious “He is returning” videos. Despite Stubby’s opposition to the match, Magnifico went over his head (but how can you go over God’s head?) and got it booked anyways, so it’s Magnifico vs. the question mark, this Sunday!

Send to: BA_Baracus




Mothernature says..."

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Guest realitycheck

Oh... bitchin' card. Stubby pulls together another potentially awesome PPV out of a mediocre roster. (Y)!


Oh... and as a theme music suggestion, have we used the Faith No More song with the same name (Ashes to Ashes) yet?



Who Will Not Comment On The Mystery Men

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Guest WrestlingDeacon

That actually looks like it could be a kickass show. The mystery men are of course. Mr. Bukkake and the Memphis Eel.

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Guest AnnieEclectic

No, I'm pretty sure Open Source has that World Title shot :P


this is a kickass card, one that calls out to me... "Annie.... Promo.... Now..." or is that Flesher? I get confused...



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Guest Ash Ketchum

What a card indeed.


Sigil vs. Ash should be good... but damn... that Straightjacket Match... and ELM vs ? again...


This is gonna be off da hook.

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