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Guest Tod deKindes

A2A Matches That Should've Won

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Guest Tod deKindes

Here's the gem I cooked up for the PPV. Read and comment.




** We view an outside shot of the Texan capital at night, as the Daring Duo calls the action. **




Stevens: There you see the outside of the gorgeous Frank Erwin Center in beautiful Austin, Texas where we have been SOLD OUT for weeks for tonight's pay per view, Bobby.


Riley: So many things have been happening lately in the SWF, Slambo, and among them is the return of one Alex Zenon, who does NOT want to be called by that one letter name anymore.


Steven: Alex Zenon, returning at the request of Annie Eclectic, the United States champion, no doubt wants to set his sights once again on glory here in the SWF, as tonight he gets the chance to become number one contender for the ICTV title.


** In the meantime, the animated graphics of Alex Zenon, Tod deKindes, and the ever present " ??? " image are depicted on screen for the viewers' benefit. **


Riley: That's right, but it's not an easy job because he has to get in the ring with the man who in my mind, has BEAT the World champion a week ago on Storm, and that is MY BOY : Tod deKindes !!


Stevens: … Right, and not only that, a THIRD man has been added, making this a triple threat match; but we don't quite know the identity of this mystery competitor, do we Bobby ?


Riley: Well, I've been on it all day and my sources have brought me back quite a few interesting ideas as to who it might be.


Stevens: Really, who could it be then ?


Riley: Three simple words, Slamball: call the hotline.


Stevens: Wonderful. Before we take you to the match, this is what our cameras caught backstage earlier tonight !



** Alex Zenon walks along the backstage area, rounding the catering table. He stops for half a second to snatch a nearby water bottle. After working the cap loose, he thrusts one hand back into his pocket, while using the other to freely chug on the clear plastic bottled liquid. He nods to a few stagehands along the way, but doesn't see the one person arriving behind him. **


"WELL !! Look who's back … "


** Zenon swallows his gulp of water and turns around. His demeanor modifies itself into somewhat of a smirk, at the sight of Tod deKindes sporting his new XF9 t-shirt with "Sole Surviving Member" slogan adorning the front ("Too Good For You To Join" printed on the back). Normally there would be an uneasyness about the two seemingly former friends meeting after a long absence … but if there's any, they're hiding it well. **


Zenon: Tod. Long time no see.


Tod: Cut the crap, Z! Oh, I'm sorry, you don't wanna be called that anymore, right? I'll be more careful, ZEEEEE. Who do you think you're trying to fool with this so called comeback anyway? God knows after the NUMEROUS beatings I gave Annie, she needs all the help that she can get.


Zenon: Let's not bring her into this. We got a big match tonight and I don't care if we used to be buds or not. Tonight, I'm -- …


Tod: We were buds ??


Zenon: Yeah we were.


Tod: No we weren't !


Zenon: Whatever.


Tod: And what makes you think you have a RIGHT to be THE number one contender for the ICTV belt ?! I mean, what have YOU done recently ? Tape the whole season of the Osbournes and scratch yourself?? TELL ME how that qualifies you to be in this match ! I am THE best United States champion that this company has ever SEEN ! I'm the LAST ever member of the awesome force known as X Force Nine (dig the new shirt) ! Hell, last week I have BEATEN the World Heavyweight Champion !!


Zenon: No you didn't.


Tod: Yes I did.


Zenon: No you didn't.


Tod: Yes I did!


Zenon: I don't think you did.


Tod: Yes I -- DON'T START ! Lemme tell you this, ZEEE ! If you know what's good for you, you'd just walk away and let ME have the title shot ... You know, we've never went full-on one on one in the ring.


Zenon: No we haven't.


Tod: Right. And if I were you, I'd hope it stays like that. I made Annie Eclectic eat through a tube for THREE days !! … No, y'know what? Look at you! You won't even be a CONCERN for me, Z! You know I've always been better than you. So I guess it's just gonna be between me and this asswad they must be bringing up from the Jackass League …


** Despite Tod basically insulting him to his face, Zenon maintains his cool. He even releases a small chuckle. **


Zenon: (his demeanor hardens with each sentence) So it seems you've grown a sense of humor when I was gone, huh ? Keep it up, Toad. No, you see, I've heard quite a few interesting theories as to who the mystery man in our match might be. Word is, we're gonna be quite surprised; so I wouldn't count my eggs before I hatch 'em. And as for me, I'm not the old Z you've grown to know and love. Tonight, it's all about getting that ICTV title shot. I'm sure the mystery guy wants no less and I'm sure you want no less. But trust me … you get in my way and I WILL dropkick your sorry ass all the way to hell …


** As Zenon walks away, Tod squints at the remark, appearing none too impressed. After Zenon has left the shot, Tod scoffs and replies to no one in particular. **


Tod: Feh … You wish …



** Back to ringside. As Billy Chioda steps into the ring, ring announcer Funyon walks to the center of the ring, as he brings out the note cards. **


Funyon: Ladies and gentlemen, the following Triple Threat Elimination Match will determine the NEW Number One Contender for the SWF ICTV Heavyweight Championship! Elimination occurs when a man is pinned, submits, is disqualified OR counted out. Your referee for this match up: Mr. Billy - Chioda!


** As the junior ref takes a quick bow, the cameras move over to the entrance ramp, as the lights slowly dim. A few electrical sounds simulating equipment problems float through the arena, as two spotlights scour the crowd and end up on the entrance ramp. Just then, The Tea Party's "Temptation" bursts out from the speakers. Just as soon as the guitar kicks in, the arena is suddenly flooded with endless games of colored lights, enough to cause more seizures than twelve Pokemon episodes. As the lyrics start to go, the man himself casually walks out from the curtains with his head hung low. **


Funyon: Introducing first : From The Meadowlands and weighing in at 229 lbs : Alex - Zeeeeee – Nooooooon !!


** Just then, Zenon flips his hair backwards and begins to sweep the crowd with a slow turn of the head, sporting his usual smart ass smirk. The fans never forget a face, however, as they openly cheer the arrival of the Man Once Known As Z. Zenon calmly adjusts the lapels on his jacket and starts a confident walk down the aisle. The camera suddenly goes to a wide shot emanating from the nose bleed sections, as Zenon enters the ring. A blinding flash of light swoops the camera lens, as we refocus back onto the ring, where we see Zenon relieving himself of his denim jacket and handing it off to a ring attendant. **


Stevens: That man, whether it be as Z or his real name of Alex Zenon; hasn't had much of a taste of SWF gold ever since his debut and you gotta know that this match will mean everything to him. One win here can secure him the shot at a title the he would love to hold one day.


Riley: That's NOTHING ! Don't forget about MY BOY Tod deKindes who's shown on many occasion that he's the BEST United States champ of ALL time and that he is THE Uncrowned World Heavyweight champion !


Stevens: Get your facts straight !! Tod did NOT beat El Luchadore Magnifico last Friday night !!


Riley: That beating ALONE he gave him should be JUST AS GOOD as a win !!


Stevens: You're hopeless …


** As Zenon stretches lightly in the ropes, the lighting returns to normal and his theme song slowly fades into silence. As Funyon readies himself to speak once more, Zenon leans back into a corner, and waits … **


Funyon: Competitor Number Two: …


** Just as soon as those words are uttered by the announcer, we get the chilling sounds of Static X's "Cold", as the lights morph into an array of blinding strobe lights. **


Funyon: From Toronto, Ontario, Canada; he weighs in at 227 lbs. He is

The Self Proclaimed Last Surviving Member of X Force 9, And A Not So Bad Looking Hell Of A Guy, If He May Say So Himself … Tod - deeeeeeeeee - Kin - deeeeeeeesssss!!


** Tod, clad in his standard black trench coat and once again having forsaken his silver shades, steps out from beneath the curtains with his now trademark cocky yet resentful look on his face. As the fans shower him with just as resentful an amount of boos, Tod lets it all drip off of him as he walks down the ramp, shouting to anyone within earshot that he's better than them, he's champion material, that his car is rented at AVIS, not some two bit flea ridden pawn shop like Enterprise; and that he showers with Dove Natural. After goading a rowdy fan into attempting to jump the railing (and earning that fan a roughing by the arena security in the process), Tod slides under the bottom rope and into the ring. He climbs up to a nearby second rope and taunts the crowd with his usual thumping of his chest and throwing his fists high into the air, in a show of anticipated victory. **


Riley: THAT MAN right there has been on such a tear lately! He's beaten over half of the roster, INCLUDING the so called World's Heavyweight champion !


Stevens: And he's your boy, right ?


Riley: He's MY BOY and very possibly the NEXT ICTV champion !!


** Tod circles the ring with large confident steps and stops short in front of Alex Zenon, with whom he exchanges an icy stare with. Billy Chioda steps in between the two, preventing any unnecessary contact before the opening bell. Tod throws his trench coat off of himself and tosses it to the ring attendant who already has his hands full with Zenon's ring jacket. After some customary stretching, both Tod and Zenon divert their attention to the entrance ramp, as Funyon speaks up … **


Funyon: And finally, Competitor Number Three … (pause) … From Phoenix, Arizona, weighing in at 242 lbs … Accompanied by Angel, he is … Nathaniel - Kibaaaaaa – Gamiiiiiiii !!!


Stevens: What ?!


Riley: Wait a minute …


** The lights turn to an uneasy shade or red, as an unknown guitar riff begins to play, which is quickly identified as Crazy Town's "Decorated". Fog starts to come out of the stage as two figures side by side are seen walking out. The more notable is the man, with a newly shaved head, sporting various tatoos, most notably an ankh on his right forearm. Clad in full length red tights and matching ankhs on either legs, the figure walks out from beneath the smoke. **


Stevens: Bobby, look at this …


Riley: Is this who I think it is ?!


Stevens: I think so !


Riley: That's Silent! Or so it looks like !


Stevens: It's indeed Silent, who now goes by the name Nathaniel Kibagami and he's making his return to the SWF here at Ashes To Ashes !


Riley: It's been a while since we saw him and he looks more determined than ever, Slamball !


** Kibagami assumes a purposeful stride down the ramp, with Angel en tow. Oblivious to whatever screaming fans may subject him to, he slides under the bottom rope and into the ring. He sends a quick glance to his two other opponents, but then climbs up to the second turnbuckle to deliver his classic crucifix pose, while Angel cheers him on at ringside. As the lights return to normal and as the theme song fades to a stop, Kibagami slowly steps down from his perch while Zenon casts an unsure glare towards him and while Tod just tries to figure out who he'll jump first. Before anything else, Nat cracks his neck and turns around, facing his opponents. But that doesn't matter, as Tod is already charging towards Zenon, who ducks and starts things off with a series of right hands! Bell rings in anticipation. **


Stevens: And here we go !!


Riley: Closed fists! Closed fists !!


** As Nathaniel watches on and stands poised and ready, Zenon throws off towards one set of ropes with an Irish whip. Zenon bends down for a back body drop attempt, but Tod vaults right over him with a leap frog. As he comes off the opposite ropes, Zenon extends his arm for a clothesline, which is duly ducked under by Tod. A back elbow attempt from Zenon produces the same effect as Tod once again ducks … but lands in the arms of Nathaniel! Holding Tod in a belly to belly position, he PROPULSES him to the outside with a suplex!! **


Riley: What - was – THAT ?!?!


Stevens: Moments after the opening bell, Tod deKindes goes SOARING to the outside, courtesy of Nathaniel Kibagami !!


** As Tod lays agonizing on the outside, Zenon can't help but appear a little impressed at the feat of strength. Nathaniel alternates a finger point between the two, with a "C'mon, pal, just you and me" vibe in his look. Zenon nods in acknowledgement, as both start circling each other. **


Stevens: These two know each other all too well, so they're gonna see what they have in them, for old times sake.


** Both men converge in center ring for the first official lock up of the match. After some intense back and forth shoving action, Zenon takes control and grabs on with a side headlock. He tries to grind Nathaniel down to one knee, but the former Silent One places his hand firmly on Zenon's back and shoves him off towards the ropes, freeing himself of his head lock. As Zenon bounces back, Nat hits the floor, allowing Zenon to quickly hop over him. Nat almost immediately gets up and leap frogs his charging opponent. On the third bounce, Nat tenses up his muscles and remains planted on the mat in hopes of a massive shoulder tackle. Zenon arrives and collides with him … but nothing. Both men look at each other confused, until Zenon hits the ropes once again. He ducks a clothesline and then once again hits a double shoulder block where neither men budge. **


Zenon: YOU do it !!


** Following that advice, it's Nathaniel who now throws himself into the ropes. Zenon tries to catch him off guard with an attempt at a hip toss, but Nat quickly has it blocked. He tries to turn it over into his own attempt, but Zenon blocks THAT and counters it with a solid gut shot. He swings with his free right arm and goes to behead Nat with a clothesline, but Nat ducks under, allowing Zenon to go into a rear waist lock. Nat quickly reverses with a go behind and into his own waist lock. Zenon quickly surveys his options in freeing himself of the hold, but Nat is too quick, as he sends both men to the ropes, in hopes of a roll up. Zenon clutches the top rope upon arrival, with the impending momentum causing Nat to do an involuntary backwards roll … Once he's up, Zenon charges with his arm fully extended for a clothesline attempt, but Nathaniel duly ducks under it, stops short, grabs Zenon's arm, countering it with his own Irish whip to the ropes. He bends down for an attempt at a back body drop but Zenon comes off the ropes and sails over Nathaniel with a sunset flip into a pin! **






** A quick kick out by Nathaniel. Meanwhile, Tod is slowly getting back up to his feet at ringside, oblivious to what's happening in the ring for now. Grasping onto the bottom rope, he tries to pull himself back in the ring. With the other two men back on their feet, Zenon grabs another head lock on Nathaniel. As Tod steps onto the apron, Nathaniel once again frees himself of the head lock with a mighty shove to the back of Zenon who immediately fires up his legs into the air for a mighty drop kick … but Nathaniel holds himself back with the ropes, causing Zenon to land hard on his back. Nat thinks that slow and steady will win the race, so instead of charging full on towards the temporarily fallen Zenon, he orders him to get back up to his feet. He eventually does so, regaining his lost wind. Just as he gets to one knee, Nathaniel charges but is stopped halfway with a drop toe hold! He lands throat first on the second rope … right next to Tod. **


Stevens: Tod took that nasty belly to belly suplex just a few moments ago, and he still looks a little bit out of it, Bobby !


** Tod's next action immediately contradicts Stevens' statement as he leaps off his feet and SMACKS Nathaniel in the side of the head with a seated dropkick! Once again grabbing onto the ropes to steady himself into a standing position, Tod barely has enough time to see Zenon charging towards him, as he counters the oncoming offensive by bending down and sending a massive shoulder block to Zenon's gut. He grasps the top rope firmly with both hands, springboards over the ropes, rolling over Zenon's back in the process. In a flash, he yanks Zenon down hard by the hair, sending him to the mat with authority. He grabs Nathaniel, who's off trying to fix his jaw, and propulses him into the ropes, courtesy of an Irish whip. A crisp and quick back elbow sends Nat back down to the canvas. With both men quickly back up, Tod dispatches them with a series of fast right hands to the side of the head. With Zenon the first back up, Tod catches him with a kick to the gut and a solid vertical suplex. He floats over into a lateral press for the pinfall attempt. **






** Kick out by Zenon. Tod immediately transitions over to Nathaniel, sending him to the ropes with an Irish whip. He catches him with another gut shot, throws himself into the ropes and connects with one of his patented delayed swinging neck breakers. Cover. **






** Another kick out by Nathaniel. Quickly back up, Tod intercepts Zenon with a series of right hands to the side of the head. Irish whip to the ropes by Tod, who barely notices out of the corner of his eye, Nathaniel getting back up to his feet. Bouncing off the ropes, Zenon has to duck as Tod leap frogs high over him … but he doesn't have time to bring himself to a halt as Nathaniel backdrops him CLEAR over the top rope! … But Zenon manages to grab onto that very same rope and land right back on the apron. Tod arrives with a solid dropkick to the back of Nathaniel, causing him to collide heads with Zenon, who drops off the apron, recovering from the bump on his forehead. Nathaniel recovers and then turns around just in time to see Tod charging full speed ahead with a clothesline, sending Nat over the top rope and to the outside! **


Riley: You see that, Gumbo ?


Stevens: What's that, Bobby ?


Riley: That is MY BOY Tod deKindes taking out the TRASH !!


Stevens: Hurray for him, eh.


Riley: … Man, quit killing my buzz !


** As Zenon and Nathaniel start brawling and exchanging punches to the outside, Tod throws a mighty finger to the air, and then heads towards the nearest corner. **


Stevens: With the melee at ringside, it LOOKS like Tod just might wanna take it to the skies, Bobby !


Riley: Well, you know that XF9 always prides itself on recruiting only the BEST and TOP NOTCH high flyers in the world !


** Tod steps foot on the ropes, as the crowd starts to buzz. Although some of them are a little bit skeptical … Three quarters of the ringside fans DO encourage Tod to jump however. Once perched up on the top turnbuckle, Tod bellows out a rallying cry … only to hop back down to the apron and kick his two opponents in the head instead. **


Tod: I am TOO GOOD for that !! You people are not WORTHY of seeing me jump !!


Riley: AAAAH - HA HA HA HA HA HA !! Did you see that?! That bit NEVER gets old, if you ask me!! Hee hee … !


Stevens: Wonderful. He had us aaaaaall fooled, there.


** In another bit of genius (in his twisted mind) Tod quickly re - enters the ring and actually orders Billy Chioda to start up the outside ten count. **


Riley: What a great genius, Slam Ball!! Tod deKindes (1) is gonna win this one by COUNT OUT!!


Stevens: You gotta remember, this (2) is elimination rules, but if BOTH Alex Zenon and Nathaniel (3) Kibagami stay outside the ring and get counted out, they'll BOTH be eliminated and essentially (4) give Tod deKindes the win !!


Riley: Yeah, ain't that (5) a HOOT !!


Stevens: Well, Zenon and Kibagami (6) might not get quite along like everybody, they gotta realize (7) what’s at stake, here !


** Both Zenon and Nathaniel stop punching each other long enough to notice that they’re outside and Tod is inside, lazily resting up against a corner. The two other men quickly slide back in the ring and make a mad dash for the former United States champion. Tod ducks under some sort of a double clothesline attempt and then goes back to hammering both of his opponents with hard right hands to the side of the head. With Zenon dazed long enough, Tod grabs a quick Irish whip to the ropes on Nathaniel. He catches him in a side walk slam position, but Nat expertly tries to counter it into a head scissor … but Tod’s having none of THAT, and manages to turn the whole damn thing into a HUGE tilt a whirl side slam. He contemplates going for another pinfall attempt, but he suddenly remembers about Zenon. He gets up to go deliver some offense on HIM … but then he walks RIGHT into the resounding *SMACK!* of a brutal roundhouse kick to the head by Zenon! **


Stevens: A little FELINER action by Alex Zenon !!


Riley: A little what now ?!


Stevens: … Nothing.


** Zenon quickly falls on top of Tod for the cover attempt. **






** No three, as Nathaniel comes out of nowhere and yanks Zenon off of Tod. **


Stevens: Save made by Nathaniel Kibagami … which was pretty unnecessary, if you ask me. I mean, this IS elimination rules, after all.


Riley: Ol’ Silent never WAS the sharpest tool in the shed, was he ?


Stevens: Well, that’s your story. And I’m sure you’re sticking to it like Celine Dion on attention.


Riley: ZING ~ !!


** With Zenon waiting in the wings, he fires off another kick in the general direction of Nathaniel … but the leg is caught! He spins the unsuspecting Zenon around, plants a solid boot to the mid section for good measure, quickly throws his arm up and over his head, grabs hold of the pants, lifts him high up in the air and then PLANTS him with authority using a snap brain buster. Cover by Nathaniel. **






TH -- !!


** Kick out by Zenon. Having shaken off the nasty effects of having been kicked hard in the head, Tod recovers and stops Nathaniel with a boot to the gut of his own. He thrusts Nat’s head between his legs in the famed standing head scissor, wastes no time in picking him up off the mat and then DRIVES him down hard to the mat with a jumping pile driver! **


Riley: These other two may have their fancy moves and flashy karate kicks, but in my mind, NOTHING beats an old school PILE DRIVER !!


Stevens: The cover on Nathaniel !!






TH -- !


** A kick out just in time by Nathaniel. Tod, barely seeing Zenon advance towards him, charges with a clothesline; but Zenon ducks under it and immediately scores with a big time hangman’s neck breaker, thus shifting the momentum back on Zenon’s side. He grabs Tod by his long flowing locks of hair and shoves him into a corner, where he proceeds to hammer away at him with a series of kicks to the mid section, which is then punctuated with a knife edge chop or two. Tod tries to stagger out, holding his chest, but Zenon sends him out with force; using an Irish whip to the opposite corner, which is REVERSED by Tod! **


Stevens: Reversal !


Riley: (annoyed) I saw it !!


** Tod charges out of the corner with murderous intentions, but it proves for naught, as Zenon moves out of whatever leaping attack Tod was attempting … as Tod ends up violently crashing into the corner in an upside down position, in the dreaded Tree Of Woe. Zenon capitalizes on the situation and starts pounding away with another series of brutal roundhouse kicks to the midsection of Tod. Nathaniel, who’s gotten up by now, notices the proceedings … and joins in with Zenon! The crowd starts to warm up as they are witnessing the living starch being kicked out of Tod deKindes. **


Riley: Hey, COME ON!! This is two against one!! Come on, referee!! Stand up for what is right and HELP Tod get out of this jam !!


Stevens: Wishful thinking on the part of Bobby Riley, folks. Didn’t Tod nail Billy Chioda with a title belt to the head, once ?


** Nathaniel steps back, allowing Zenon to finish up his kicking sequence. Zenon yanks Tod up and into somewhat of a sitting position, as he wraps his arm around the back of Tod’s neck. He takes a step backwards … then runs and LEAPS forward, resulting in ANOTHER big time neck breaker off the ropes! **


Riley: His neck !! His neck !! His neck, by Gawd !!


Stevens: The cover !! No, wait !!


** Nathaniel stops a Zenon cover attempt dead in its tracks; as he drives a HARD elbow to the back of Zenon’s head. Zenon doesn’t quite go down yet, as Nat puts himself in a ready stance. And just as quick as Zenon is in the crosshairs, Nat scores with a BIG time Shawn Michaels’esque superkick to the jaw. Cover by Nathaniel. Tod goes to make a save with an elbow to the head of his own … but then he stops himself short and encourages Billy Chioda to make the count. **






TH -- !


** Kick out by Zenon. With Nathaniel now the one getting up to his feet, it’s now TOD who bends his legs and puts himself in a ready position and scores with his OWN standing side kick to the jaw of Nathaniel! Nat staggers near the ropes, bouncing off and staggering back into Tod grabbing him into a fireman’s carry position. **


Riley: Death Valley Driver coming up !


Stevens: Not quite, Alex Zenon is getting up !


** Zenon charges towards his other two opponents … and grabs Nathaniel in a swinging neck breaker while Tod hits a simultaneous samoan drop! **


Stevens: And WHAT a double team move by Alex Zenon and Tod deKindes !


Riley: This is what they need to do, Rambo ! They need to team up, take out the third man in the match, and THEN settle it between the remaining two.


** Zenon falls on top of Nathaniel for the cover attempt. **






TH -- !


** Kick out by Nat, as he powers Zenon off of him. Tod quickly capitalizes by dropping his fist right on Nathaniel’s forehead, and adding in HIS own lateral press, with forearm grinding in the face for the added effect. **






TH -- !


** Another kick out by Nathaniel. Zenon retakes the upper hand on Tod with a solid knee lift to the gut. He brings Tod into a standing head scissor, lifting him up into a powerbomb. He charges towards a corner … but shifts Tod’s body so that he ends up RIBS first and UPSIDE DOWN and HARD into the top turnbuckle. **


Stevens: THAT’ll break a somethin’ .


** Zenon wastes no time, as he hooks Tod’s legs up over his (Zenon’s) head and tucks Tod’s head next to his waist line. Carrying Tod, he runs up to the center of the ring and DRIVES Tod down hard to the mat with whatever contraption that move was. **


Stevens: And there’s the Extinction Level Event by Alex Zenon !! This could be it for Tod deKindes !! There’s the cover !!


Riley: Not quite !!


** Back up to his feet, Nathaniel stops any pinning attempt with a solid elbow strike to the side of Zenon’s head. He grabs the Meadowlander in a basic head lock … but runs up to center ring and DRIVES Zenon’s head into his knee ! **


Stevens: And that’s the Original Midnight, made popular by one Edwin Mac Phisto !!


Riley: He’s retired, so it won’t work !!


** Cover by Nathaniel on Zenon. **






THR -- !


** Kick out at the last second by Zenon. **


Riley: See?


Stevens: Hmph.


** All three men are either down on the mat, or on their knees; all sucking wind, save for referee Billy Chioda of course. **


Stevens: A couple of minutes into this contest, and all three men have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at each other, and you have to wonder when the first elimination will occur !


Riley: If you ask me, anything can happen in this company. But what WILL happen in this match, is MY BOY Tod deKindes, becoming the new Number One Contender for the ICTV title !!


** As all three men are getting up to their feet, Zenon and Nathaniel are exchanging forearm shots and open palm strikes, while Tod watches on, waiting to make his move. With neither men budging, Tod advances towards Zenon and Nathaniel … who surprise him with a double back elbow to the head! They each grab a leg, almost as if to make a wish … but they turn it onto a “double half crab hold” (for a lack of better term) and send Tod ramming into the top turnbuckle with a “double catapult”! **


Riley: Hey, come on now !!


Stevens: A double catapult by Alex Zenon and Nathaniel Kibagami, if such a thing exists !!


** Zenon quickly surprises Nat with a gut shot, and puts his head back into the standing head scissor position. He lifts him up with a little bit of straining, but he manages to lock both of his hands under Nat’s chin … **


Stevens: And now it looks like Alex Zenon is going for the Genocide Level Event !!


Riley: The G.L.E. !! The G.L.E. !!


** Not one to be brought down so easily, Nathaniel dangles his legs as Zenon loses his grip … and falls back to the safety of the mat! Nat puts his head back between Zenon’s legs (??), but that’s only so he can have enough momentum to lift him up over his shoulder. **


Stevens: And now Nathaniel Kibagami looks to Erase The Past !!


Riley: Kiou O Kakekisu ~ !!


Stevens: … Um, right.


** Nat spins around, fighting to apply the move ... but he arrives right in front of Tod, who SMACKS him in the head with another jaw rocking standing side kick, causing Zenon to crumple to the mat in a heap. Tod grabs Nathaniel by the back of the head and neck, and with ease throws over the top rope and to the outside !! **


Riley: There will be NO past erasing of any kind while Tod’s around, thank you very much !!


** While Zenon gets back to his feet, Tod turns his attention towards him. Zenon charges with a fierce clothesline attempt. But Tod ducks … and locks in the Silent Scream!! **


Stevens: And there’s the Silent Scream on Alex Zenon !! Within moments, this will be it for Zenon !!


Riley: Once that move is locked in, it’s only a matter of seconds until you either tap out or PASS out !!


Stevens: Alex Zenon is trying to hang on !! So far in the move’s short history here, no one has survived it !!


** As Billy Chioda tries to compensate for the constant swinging around done by Zenon’s attempts at fighing the move, Nathaniel is seen slowly crawling back into the ring. While slowly fading away, Zenon reaches out towards the ropes, more precisely towards a corner. Chioda moves in closer to check … **


Riley: Watch out, Nathaniel is back on his feet …


** Nat sees the huddled mass in the opposite corner, and so he charges. On the other side, Billy Chioda barely has enough time to look up and see a bald headed flying wrestler, crashing into all three individuals. He naturally takes the brunt of it. **


Stevens: Nathaniel has managed to break up the Silent Scream with a big time corner splash, but he’s also taken out the referee in the process !!


Riley: Billy Chioda is OUT !!


** While Tod happens to roll out of the ring, Nathaniel pays no attention to him, as he picks up the noticeably weaker Zenon. He thrusts him back into the standing head scissor position, effortlessly lifting him up. After a half of a second, he DRIVES him down hard to the mat with a high angle powerbomb! … But he declines the pin attempt for now. **


Riley: What the hell ?


Stevens: Looks like Nathaniel is not done !


** With Zenon in perfect position, Nathaniel casts a glare towards the turnbuckles … and heads up! **


Stevens: Looks like Nathaniel Kibagami is gonna finish off Alex Zenon with the Year Of The Dragon, Bobby !


Riley: No doubt, if he hits it, that’ll be IT for Ol’ Z !


** As Nat stands atop his perch, he lets out a mighty scream to the crowd (mostly letting out some steam), and leaps off with the grace and style of a cruiserweight, and into an AMAZING Stardust Press! **


Stevens: There it is!! The Year of The Dragon !!


Riley: But there’s no referee !!


Stevens: Wait, what’s this at ringside ?


** Tod is seen trying to collect the ring bell from the time keeper, but the lovely young Angel tries to wrest it from his hands. **


Stevens: Wait a minute ! Tod wants to use that ring bell, and Angel has something to say about that !!


Riley: Get off of him you little bitch !!


** Tod establishes his manhood and superiority over the petite Angel, as he shoves her hard on her back, thus regaining control of the ring bell. Meanwhile in the ring, Nat is still covering Zenon and is yelling at Billy Chioda to wake up. (Crowd counts a “One! Two! Three! Four! …” chant for kicks). **


** What Nathaniel doesn’t see behind him is Tod climbing up the ropes, with the ring bell in his hands. He leaps off from the top rope … and DRIVES the ring bell on the back of Nathaniel’s head with a loud and audible “PING!”. Nat crumples down to the mat and rolls off of Zenon, knocked absolutely unconscious. Tod quickly disposes of the evidence by tossing the ring bell back to its original emplacement, goes over to roust Billy Chioda into waking up, and then falls on top of Nathaniel, hooking the leg (and the tights) for good measure … **












** A single (delayed) chime of the bell signals what Angel and a good portion of the crowd dreaded. **


Funyon: Nathaniel Kibagami, has been eee – liminated !!


Stevens: Aww, not like THIS !!


Riley: WOO !! And I’ll point out that he got pinned by MY BOY : Tod deKindes !!


Stevens: Well, nonetheless, it’s now down to Tod deKindes and Alex Zenon, one on one; and the winner gets the ICTV title shot !!


** As Chioda staggers to a corner, recovering from his sudden downfall minutes earlier; Tod goes right back to putting the boots on the fallen Zenon. Still down from Nathaniel's earlier offense, Zenon isn't showing much signs of life, as he lays still on the mat. Tod yanks him up by the hair, earning himself a warning by Billy Chioda in the process. After blowing him off with the standard and nonchalant "Shyadduuuup !!", Tod grabs Zenon by the arm and hoists him up into yet another fireman's carry position. Not one to pass up an opportunity for trash talking, Tod flaps his lips once more … **


Tod: I got him and his ass is goin' DOWN !!


** … To which he proceeds to DRIVE Zenon down hard to the mat with another death valley driver full of head dropping goodness. Another pinfall opportunity presents itself for the not so german grappler, but he chooses to decline it for now as he heads towards a corner. After a slow but steady climb of the ropes, he steadies himself by holding onto the ropes and surveys the situation, basically telling himself that he's gonna drop a big fuckin' elbow on Zenon. And that's just what he does; as he leaps off from his perch at an odd angle, but snaps back at the last second into the picture perfect position of a flying elbow, landing square on the chest of the former fun loving Z. After prompting Billy Chioda to get into position so that he gets a fair count, Tod puts on the lateral press for the pin attempt, with added forearm grind to the face. **






THRE -- … !!


Stevens: NOT QUITE !!


Riley: NOO !! Come on, ref !!


** Tod looks on in utter disbelief as Zenon as his arm way up into the air. He takes out his frustrations on him as he mounts him and hammers away at him with another series of rapid fire right hands to the side of the head. Getting off at Chioda's count of four, Tod throws himself into the ropes and drives the point of the elbow right on Zenon's forehead. Instead of going for another cover … he repeats that twice, and THEN goes for the cover, still with the forearm to the face. **






THR -- !!


Stevens: Only two !!


Riley: The end is near for Alex Zenon, I can SMELL it !!


Stevens: What makes you say that ?


Riley: Because he is getting the BEATING OF HIS LIFE, courtesy of MY BOY : Tod deKindes !!


Stevens: Beautiful.


** Tod picks up the near limp body of Alex Zenon by the hair, and proceeds to send him to a corner with a weak Irish whip, to which Zenon barely offers any resistance. Tod suddenly charges towards him and nails Zenon in the gut with a HUGE corner spear, driving out whatever air that was left inside the Z Man. He staggers out to the center of the ring, holding that very same gut; but Tod intercepts him with a front face lock and throwing his arm up and over his head. **


Riley: Aww, this is the BEST part !


Stevens: Tod's Trilogy coming up !!


** Tod secures a grip on Zenon's pants, then snaps him over with a crisp suplex. Maintaining his grasp, Tod rolls over to his side, then his stomach, muscling the two back up. He lifts him up at a 45 degree angle into the air, only to violently drop him back on his stomach, completing Phase Two of the Trilogy. He muscles up Zenon for a second time, and lifts him higher up in the air this time, creating a full 180 degree rotation between the two men. Then, in a clever mixing of moves, he lets Zenon fall into a body slam position, adjusts his arm positionning accordingly … **


Tod: Aw HELL no !!


** … then DRIVES him down with full force with the Formula For Failure!! **


Riley: All right, that has GOT to be it, baby !!


Stevens: Tod deKindes nails the Formula For Failure, this COULD do it !!


** Thinking that this is finally it, Tod lays down on top of Zenon … and hooks a leg for good measure. **







THRE -- … !!


** Zenon waggles his free leg, lifts up his shoulder and KICKS OUT, to the joy of the slowly intensifying crowd. **


Riley: NO !!! Come ON !!!


Stevens: Alex Zenon still has some life left in him !! And Tod deKindes can NOT believe it !!


** Tod has a few choice words for young Billy Chioda, protesting the referee's count. Chioda reinforces his decision by Pointing To His Referee Patch On His Shirt ™, just as Zenon starts to shake the cob webs loose. Tod actually grabs Chioda by that same shirt and sends threats his way such as "Count right and I won't kick your ass after the show". While Chioda warns him of a disqualification, Tod gets bored with him and finally returns his attention towards Zenon. He pulls up Zenon by the hair to his feet once again, feeling that this one is in the bag. Before Tod can do any more significant damage, Zenon summons up one last burst of power … and knees Tod in the gut! Quickly taking the advantage, Zenon hooks Tod in his own vertical suplex starting position, but twists Tod around, moves his arm appropriately and then DRIVES him down in a modified neck breaker!! **


Riley: What the hell is THIS ?!!


Stevens: It's Tod's very own Cerebral Driver used by Alex Zenon !! This could turn things around !! Can Alex make the comeback ?!


** Both men aren't moving however, as Billy Chioda fires up the ten count; as similar situations have always required in the past. **


Stevens: Alex Zenon has managed (1) to absorb all of the punishment dished out by Tod deKindes and now he's scored with one big move to try and turn (2) the tide around !!


Riley: Yeah, one of TOD's (3) big moves !!


Stevens: And now, if Zenon can mount a comeback and deliver either his earlier attempted G.L.E., or if he can apply the (4) Ikari Shinkan - an unforgiving submission hold - then Alex Zenon can secure himself an ICTV title shot !!


Riley: You TAUGHT him that (5) move, Stevens !!


Stevens: That I have, Bobby, but can he (6) put it to good use ? That's the question at the moment !


Chioda: … SEVEN !!!


** Just as the young referee calls out that number, both wrestlers start to show signs of life. Tod slowly but surely staggers up to his feet, all while Zenon attempts to crawl up himself, while pounding rhythmically on the mat in order to try and gain some crowd support. The fans quickly buy into it, as rhythmic hand claps accompany Zenon's ruckus. Both men are now back up to their feet. Tod tries an errant right hand, but Zenon has it blocked! He counters with a MASSIVE knife egde chop that resonates throughout the entire arena. Tod staggers about, holding his chest, but he comes back and attempts ANOTHER right hand, but it's blocked AGAIN by Zenon! He replies with a standing round house to the head that can only serve to stagger Tod some more. Another right by Tod, blocked by Zenon, this time countered with a BRUTAL spin kick to the head that sends Tod down! Getting more vocal in their support, the crowd starts up a "Let's Go Ze - Non!!" chant, as Zenon fires off kick after kick to the head of Tod, whom is stubbornly staggering back to his feet every time. Zenon finally lays out Tod for good, as the pseudo german grappler is getting up one more time, Zenon charges towards him, boosts himself off of Tod's knee and SCORES with a Shining Wizard knee lift to the head!! **


Stevens: This should do it !! The cover !!






THRE -- … !!


** Shoulder up by Tod, as the crowd lets out a massive collective groan. The seemingly re-energized Zenon doesn't let that bother him as he lets a "C'mon motherfucker!" slip out before he scores with a punishing body slam that puts Tod down. He points towards a set of turnbuckles, as the crowd knows what's about to happen. **


Stevens: It looks like Alex Zenon is going for that old Shotgun Moonsault of his. It's an oldie, but a goodie; and if he scores with this one, it might be over !


** Zenon vaults up to the top rope as if he were 18 again, and almost immediately sails backwards off the top rope in a flawless moonsault! **


Stevens: And there it is !! The cover !










THRE -- … !!


** Amazingly, Tod GETS THE SHOULDER UP!! **


Riley: HE KICKED OUT !! TOD KICKED OUT !! As good as God can be in this wretched cosmos of ours, Tod deKindes has KICKED OUT of the Shotgun Moonsault !!


** Zenon has finally had it. Eyes fuming, he props himself back up to his feet and orders Tod to do the same damn thing. Just then, a few people in the crowd are seen turning their heads towards the entrance area. **


Riley: Wait, what's THIS ?


Stevens: It's Nathaniel Kibagami !! And he's back with Angel !! But in the meantime, Alex Zenon is signaling once again for the Genocide Event Level !!


Riley: Wait, Angel's on the apron !!


** Indeed, as the young beauty hops up to the apron, Billy Chioda quickly scurries towards her position and duly warns her to get the hell down and out of here. Meanwhile, Nathaniel has his crosshairs on Tod and intends to pay him back for that bell shot from earlier which had caused his demise. He slides in the ring, and winds up his right arm, with Tod's head in his sights. He throws a massive Burning Lariat (with added scream for effect) … but Tod hits the mat, and Zenon takes it instead !! Seeing as his plan didn't quite work and that he didn't really wanna hit Zenon, Nat lets out an audible F-Word and slips out of the ring, while Angel follows her man and drops off the apron. Nathaniel storms off without taking his eyes off the ring, while Billy Chioda turns his attention back to the match. **


Stevens: Like a shark smelling blood, Tod deKindes can only capitalize on what just went through here !!


** As the crowd starts to boo, Tod picks up the lifeless Zenon one last time and thrusts his arm through his legs, appropriating him into the pumphandle position. **


Riley: This is what it's ALL about: GERMAN - WET - DREAM - MA-CHINE, baby !! Woooo!!


** Tod raises up Zenon onto his shoulder, only to DRIVE him back down hard onto his head, and securing his legs in the process. Billy Chioda is in position … **










** Bell rings. As Static X's "Cold" begins to play in a victorious fashion, Funyon turns on his microphone and makes it official … **


Funyon: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner: … Tod - deeeeeeeeeeeeee - Kin - deeeeeeeeeeeesssssss !!


** As Tod rolls to the outside with a celebratory shit eating grin, the referee goes over to raise his arm. By this time, Nathaniel and Angel are long gone, as Tod strides up the ramp holding the back of his head and holding up a fist in victory. **


Riley: WHAT DID I TELL YOU !! WHAT DID I TELL YOU, STEVENS !! Tod has DONE IT !! He is the NEW Number One Contender for the ICTV title and he will be the NEW ICTV Champion, I can guarantee you THAT !!


Stevens: But the story here is Nathaniel Kibagami, he actually meant to hit Tod with that lariat but he hit Zenon instead !


Riley: What can I tell ya, the guy needs better aim !


Stevens: But he hit him BY MISTAKE, damn it !!


Riley: Well, mistake or not, we can rest assured that Alex Zenon will want to have a few words with Nathaniel What's His Name !


Stevens: This is a bit unfortunate for Zenon on his return to Pay Per View, but nonetheless; Tod deKindes is your NEW Number One Contender for the ICTV title, folks !


Riley: And I could NOT be any happier for MY BOY !!


** As Billy Chioda tends to the fallen Zenon, we seamlessly ease into a package of video clips, recalling the recent events involving Annie Eclectic and the return of Danny Williams, and what led up to their anticipated pay per view encounter … **


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