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FWA: Seasons Beatings 15/12/02

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Heres my review live from the FWA: Seasons beatings show, that took place in Broxbourne, London. On the 15th of December 2002.


Alot of effort and time went into this review, so feedback on both the show and my work are very welcome :)


Seasons Beatings was my second FWA show. I saw British Uprising, and was kinda hooked, so I bought my seasons beatings tickets as soon as they went on sale.

I’m a huge AJ Styles fan, so I was looking forward to seeing THE MAN again, and also seeing the other FWA talent (that thoroughly impressed me last time around).


I arrived at the venue about 2 minutes before the bell. An accident on junction 27 of the M25 made it a complete nightmare of a journey. And to make things worse, some kind people had sat in our seats and refused to move (thanks for that, whoever you were).


Anyway, I finally got seated and luckily didn’t miss much of the first match.


Tournament rules:


Win = 20 points

Draw = 15 points

Loss = 0 points


* Doug Williams Vs Jonny Storm


Jonny opened up the show by tripping over the turn buckle as he entered the ring. This must be some sort of curse or something, because it happened to James Tighe (I think it was James) at Uprising. I thought this was a very good opener. It kind of surprised me, because I thought the guys would all start slow and build up through the night. But this match lasted, what seemed like, 15 minutes and involved some good stuff. The finish was botched, but I was into the show straight away after watching this one.


Jonny Storm picked up the win.



* Jody Fleisch Vs AJ Styles


WOW, this one looks good on paper, and it lived up to it. As I said, I’m a huge fan of AJ Styles, and Jody Fleisch impressed me no end at Uprising. In my opinion, this was the match of the night and I wouldn’t think twice about giving it ****+ The match finished with a power bomb into a Styles Clash combo. Awesome! The ticket price was worth it for this match alone. AJ went over aswell, which made it just that little bit better, because I was sure that we would see Jody win.



* Duke of Danger & Simmons & Mark Sloan


Hade Vansen & Chris Justice & Raj Ghosh


This was probably the worst match of the night, but it wasn’t THAT bad. Duke had good heat with the fans, and played the hell very well. Simmons was insanely over. I thought this was good for what it was. It served its purpose well. The main problem was that it just dragged on and on. If it had ended about 7 minutes before it did, then it wouldn’t have been that bad. But it just dragged on, and the heat with Simmons and Duke soon got old.

Not bad, but in a show of great matches, it was sorely lacking. Served its purpose well.

Was this a debut for Daisy? Speaking of Daisy… WOW! :)


Paul Birchill ran in on this match to give the heels the win. He looked monstrous again and I can’t wait to see him in a full match. The faces took huge bumps for him, and his twisting senton off the top rope looked awesome.



* Jonny Storm Vs Jody Fleisch


Both of the guys looked tired by this point, and hit finishers within the first minute of the match. Jonny repeated the finish he botched from the past match. I also noticed how Jonny fell down to hands and knees during his entrance, trying to make it look as if his fall from earlier in the night was planned. Nice try Jonny :) This match was good, but not as good as either of the opening tournament matches. The finish was amazing though, with Jody hitting a 720 DDT to the arena floor from the security railing!!


After Jonny was counted out on the outside, Jody got on the Mic and said he didn’t mean to hit him with a DDT to the outside, and that he went too far and doesn’t want the points from the match. Kind of weird this one. I don’t really understand why he did it, unless it was to emphasis the injury that Jonny was trying to sell.


During the Interval, we are told that Jonny can not compete in the rest of the show, because he has been take to a local hospital. I think that anyone with half a brain cell realised that this was so Jerry Lynn could enter the tournament. I was a little shocked that they did it this way, because it made the whole tournament process a bit of a waste of time.



* All England Championship match: Zebra Kid Vs James Tighe


I wasn’t really interested in this one, I was just eager to see the rest of the tournament. Saying that though, Zebra played the heel very well, and this match wasn’t bad at all. Tighe got in very very little offense, so it turned into more of a time filler than anything else for me. This was better than the 3 man tag but, for me, it still wasn’t on par with the rest of the show. I would have preferred to see some time cut from the tag match, and added to this one. That way, they could have made this into a decent contest, and the tag match would have benefited by staying fresher. Zebra kid did impress me as a heel though, and he’s lost his mullet now LOL.



* Doug Williams Vs Jody Fleisch


Jody comes out for the third time (Doug for the second), so I was sure that this was going to be a short match with a quick finish. And to be honest, I couldn’t have complained at either man for having very little energy left. However, I was completely wrong. By this time, Jody had huge bruising across the entire small of his back, but he still managed to put on a great match with Doug. This one must have gone on for about 15 minute’s aswell, and was, in my opinion, the second best match of the night. They guys battled to the outside, and we saw another insane spot from Jody. He threw Doug off the bleachers from about 6 feet up, and then proceeded to climb to the last row and moonsault to Doug (on the ground) from about 15 feet up. Looking back at this, I have mixed feelings. I’m not sure if Jody should keep doing things like this, because people are just going to expect it, and its going to loose its effect. At the time though it was amazing, and I was literally a few feet away from him when he made his jump (check out the photos to see for yourself).

I can’t praise Jody Fleisch enough for what he did. He fought three times; put two guys over cleanly and wrestled his ass off in every one of his bouts. He could have gone out their and half assed his final match, and nobody would have thought any the less of him for it, but he didn’t and I think that tells you a lot about him. I met him after the show and he was only too happy to sign autographs and meet the fans. I hope that 2003 is a great year for him, because he has really impressed me, and seems to be everything that a wrestler should. If he continues to put on performances like the ones I have seen from him this year, then he is destined for greatness, and should help the British wrestling scene to no end.



* Ulf Herman Vs Flash Barker


This was the hardcore fans section of the evening. And wasn’t bad. Along with the tag match and the all England title match, I think this did its job well and wasn’t all that bad of a time filler. Alex Shane did a good job on the mic and Ulf was hilarious with his one liner:


Alex: “And there’s two things you can do about it…”

Ulf: “Eat Shit and Die!


I don’t think this was a bad way to spend 10 minutes while the tournament guys caught their breath, and it set up the tag match for February pretty well.


Ulf got the 3 count, before the ref over-ruled for thinking that Alex hit him with a chair. We got a big table spot, which I got a good photo off. I’m looking forward to seeing Alex Shane wrestle, because I haven’t seen him in a match yet. His mic work impresses me though.


Ulf: “You, me and two blow jobbers at the next FWA show”. Sounds good to me.



* Tournament Final: Jerry Lynn Vs AJ Styles Vs Doug Williams


Jerry Lynn comes out, which wasn’t really at all surprising. I spoke to him in the interval and asked him who he was facing tonight:


Me: “Who you wrestling against tonight Jerry? Or is it top secret?”

Jerry: “You’ll have to wait and see, I was supposed to be in this tournament, but AJ’s changed all that”


Jerry tells us that he was supposed to be in the tournament, but AJ phoned the FWA and told them that Jerry wasn’t able to compete due to injury, and offered his services for the night instead. Everyone says that Jerry is rubbish on the mic, but it was pretty sweet seeing a bit of a heel turn for AJ, and Jerry managed to deliver a line which I will remember for one of my greatest mark out moments ever:


“You think a torn shoulder is going to keep me out of England?” Great Stuff!


Jerry gets the fans to chant for a three way dance, and Elisar Cabrera gets on the mic and agrees to give the fans what they want and make it a three way dance.


My mouth was watering at the thought of a triple threat main event, don’t get me wrong, but I kind of thought it made a bit of a mockery of the whole tournament process.


We had seen:







AJ had 20 points

Jody had 15 points

Doug had 20 points

Jonny had 20 points


AJ/Jonny couldn’t happen because Jonny was injured, and AJ/Doug was scheduled to be the final. So in effect it made sense and there weren’t any logical loop holes, it just seemed wrong that someone should be able to enter the tournament at this late stage and have the chance of winning it.


Nether the less, the match took place and it was good. It was very short, and only lasted for about 10 minutes. The crowd was super hot by this point though, and we saw some good offence from all three men. We had a great spot where all three guys stole each others finishers. AJ got Styles clashed by Lynn, Lynn gets cradle pile-driven (which I thought was outlawed by the FWA) by Doug, and then Doug gets hit with the Chaos theory by Jerry Lynn.

The match finished when Jerry Lynn sunset flipped both Doug and AJ from the top rope, to get the double pin and the #1 contendership with 40 points.

There was some confusion at the end, as to why we hadn’t seen all tournament matches, and if Jerry had won by inheriting Jonnys’ 20 points, or by being awarded 40 points for the double pin. That aside, it was a good finish to a great show. The FWA delivers the goods again, and I can’t wait for their next show in February.


This sets up Jerry Lynn Vs Chris Daniels in February. I can’t see us having an all American title match, so I think we can expect to see Doug Williams added to that match. I’m not sure 3 triple threats in a row is a good idea, but when you look at Lynn/Daniels/Williams, you can’t really complain, and I think that any Indy promotion would be proud of that main event. When you add the tag match of Ulf/Shane Vs Flash/Sloan in February, I think you’ve got a great looking card already.


I’m hopeless at rating matches when I’m at the show live, but its all a matter of opinion, so here are my ratings for the night:


* Doug Williams Vs Jonny Storm ***1/4

* Jody Fleisch Vs AJ Styles ****1/2

* Jonny Storm Vs Jody Fleisch **3/4

* Duke of Danger & Simmons & Mark Sloan Vs Hade Vansen & Chris Justice & Raj Gosh *3/4

* All England Championship match: Zebra Kid Vs James Tighe **

* Doug Williams Vs Jody Fleisch ***

* Ulf Herman Vs Flash Barker **1/4

* Tournament Final: Jerry Lynn Vs AJ Styles Vs Doug Williams **



I also want to mention how great the guys were after the show. They all waited around for about an hour and a half after the show to sign autographs and have their pictures taken, and they were all great about it. AJ styles is a funny guy as well and even started singing at one point :)


Thank FWA for another great night out, and I can’t wait for February.


Thanks for reading.





And now for my exclusive photos. (Please ask me first if you would like to use them):


The arena is set for the evening


Zebra Kid superplex on James Tighe


Zebra Kid hits his top rope elbow for the 1,2,3.


Jody and Doug get ready to face off


Jody and Doug


Springboard SST by Jody Fleisch (damn you digital camera)


Jody and Doug battle into the crowd


Jody Moonsaults off the 15 foot stand


Doug gets a rana


Ulf and Flash face off


Flash takes a trip to the outside


Ulf introduces Flash to the railings


Those railings come in handy again


Flash fights back with a chair


Ulf piledrives Flash


Ulf gets wood!


The ref takes a real bump


Show Stealer Alex Shane!


Show .... Stealer!


Doug Makes his way out again


Doug and AJ face off


We've got ourselves a 3 way dance final


AJ takes flight


Fly AJ fly


Jerry Styles Clashes AJ


Doug gives Jerry a Cradle Piledriver


AJ takes to the air again


Your winner and new number 1 contender, Jerry Lynn

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Great review. I've heard nothing but compliments about FWA Season's Beatings. Jody Fleisch-AJ Styles must've been awesome! I was wondering, what Jody Fleisch-Jonny Storm match do you think has been there best from any federation? I'm interested in checking out these two and I've heard they put on great matches together and I was wondering which one is their best. Nice pictures to.

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Guest Andy
Great review. I've heard nothing but compliments about FWA Season's Beatings. Jody Fleisch-AJ Styles must've been awesome! I was wondering, what Jody Fleisch-Jonny Storm match do you think has been there best from any federation? I'm interested in checking out these two and I've heard they put on great matches together and I was wondering which one is their best. Nice pictures to.

They've worked together about 300 times, so many of their matches fade into each other.


They're all good though.





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Guest ulfistgut

BoTB 2 is their best match by far, by their acknowledgement too


Their season's beatings match was a little different from previous matches. Less fast paced sequences, I think they were fairly worn down and so just did a spotfest really with some brawling. It was still a very good match

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Thanks for the positive feedback.


I would recommend the CZW: Best of the best 2 show aswell.


The fact that the crowd popped bigger for Fleisch than Trent Acid, at the end of the show, speaks for its self.


Also, if your from the USA, it might be easier for you to get hold of that tape, than it would for you to get hold of FWA stuff.



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