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Guest TheBostonStrangler

SJL Stats Thread!

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Guest TheBostonStrangler

Well, the old stats thread had been here since about June of 2002, and we needed a new one. So therefore, we made a new one. Man, we have these logical solution things DOWN. Anyways, a few important rules.


When editing your stats, ALWAYS EDIT THEM OVER YOUR OLD STATS. No wrestler should have more than one post on the stats thread at ANY time.


This thread is for stats and stats only, so no witty replies or sardonic criticisms. If you must comment on someone's stats or on a particularly cool move, start a separate thread or send a PM. I'll leave the original thread pinned until everyone has successfully posted here.


- SJL Staff -

Ring announcer - The one, the only, Funyon. Booming voice, fashion sense, and that's all you need to know.


Interviewer - The only official guy is the one and only Ben Hardy! Former wrestler from way back in the day. Heels, feel free to clobber him as necessary. Faces, you can too, if deemed appropriate! Ben Hardy = lovable tool.


Cameraman: Gus. He gets beat up a lot. Feel free to do so at your own discretion.


Commissioner - Chris Raynor. A lair, a cheater and a general no good conniving underhanded dirty rotten scoundrol, Raynor is notorious for his ability to misuse trust and turn on allies at any given moment (which included the JL fans, as he debuted as a face!). Is currently aligned with the Urban Decay. Raynor is, however, a mainly benevolent commissioner if you aren't directly against his will, although he does enjoy toying with the rest of the roster.




"Judge Mental" William Hearford - A submission artistin the WF, Judge is an impeccible wrestler beyond his age-diminished athletic skills. A heel, and tag team partner of Ejiro Fasaki (Justice and Rule), he plays the role of play-by-play man. Albeit with a condescending touch on his alalysis. Judge is level headed, and although he favours the heels somewhat, he's usually relatively unbaised unless prodded by Ejiro.


Ejiro Fasaki - Much like Judge, Ejiro is a submission specialist in the WF. However, unlike his partner, he's brash, outgoing, loud, pompus, arrogant, ignorant, and obnoxious. He'll favour the heel under the most ridiculous circumstances you can imagine. Tag team partner of Judge, as noted, the both of them will occasionally get buddy-buddy in their commentary at times. This, however, is counteracted by...


Annie Eclectic - Talk about your weird 3rd wheels. Annie is the face on the commentary team, but will only go as far in support of the faces in a given match as Ejiro will. More or less as a countermeasure that really annoys Fasaki. Annie also has loopy wit, so a lot of what she says is silly and unpredictable. And just because she wanted me to have this in bold: Annie is a lesbian. So she'll be drooling over your valet before you.



Matthew Kivell - He's the jobber you all crush in your dark matches, and he's a ref! Woo!


Anthony Michael Hall (credit: GOdrea) - You know him as dorky 'Brian' from The Breakfast Club...but he can count a pinfall, too!


Eddy Long (credit: Suicide King) - Rar! The evil referee, though if any of you start angles involving referees, I'll job you for life. Another name for you to throw around!


Sexton Hardcastle (credit: Sexton Hardcastle, aka Soul Assassin, aka Adrenaline, aka ass-head 9000) - He's an even bigger tool than Ben Hardy! A JL wrestler from years back who sucked harder than a Saigon whore taking the chrome off a doorknob.


Ced Ordonez - He's a retired JL'er and WF'er who wanted to live on in SWF lore. Unfortunately, we put him here. He likes DDR, and wouldn't cheat. Get someone else to do your dirty work.


These are the only official SJL staff members.

Edited by realitycheck

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Guest vitriol

Smarks Board Name: Vitriol

Wrestlers Name: Tryst

Real Name: Tristan Whitt

Nickname: The Sherwood Fable

Height: 6-1

Weight: 218

Hometown: Bairnsdale, Britain

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: none

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): He wears an arrowhead around his neck, held there by a worn piece of leather. In a pinch, it can make a handy weapon. Otherwise, his bow is quite strong, and he could use it by itself in defense if need be.

Quote: I don’t have one.


Looks: His hair is relatively short, not particularly kept in any style. A light beard runs over most of his face, and his piercing blue eyes are enough to bring any girl to her proverbial knees. To the ring, he wears loose black paints, and an unbuttoned shirt. Doesn’t matter what color, although he does tend to wear darkish green a lot.


Ring Entrance: As the lights blacken out, the crowd drops to a dead silence and their eyes are drawn to the entry way, where a deep green spotlight shines down from above. The Smarktron comes to life, the video running through a lush green forest at great speeds, finally stopping about 20 feet in front of a man, wielding a bow and arrow. He pulls the arrow back, releases, and as it reaches the screen, pyrotechnics on the opposite wall explode as “Forest” by System of a Down blasts across the loud speakers, and the sleeping crowd comes back to life as Tristan Whitt, also known as Tryst, comes rushing out of the back to stand within the spotlight, Bow in one hand, arrow in the other.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen...the following competitor stands at six feet, one inch tall, weighing in at two hundred and eighteen pounds...he hails from Bairnsdale, Britain...Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Tryyyyyyyyssssst!!!


Making his way down the ramp, Tryst takes off his quiver of arrows and hands it to the timekeeper, along with his bow as he rolls into the ring and soaks in the cheers from the rhapsodic crowd. The lights fade back up to normal, and he awaits his opponent.




Strength: 4

Speed: 6

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 6



Style: High-flyer, with occasional technical tendencies



Signature moves:

springboard plancha

corkscrew plancha

thrust kick

corner backflip kick

northern lights suplex


hammerlock belly to back suplex



Common moves:

spinning heel kick

drop toe-hold

cross body block


head scissors



(this is tedious, basically any common move will do.)



Rare moves:

Implant DDT


Fisherman’s suplex






The Crusade - Tristan gets a groggy opponent standing up in the center of the ring, and immediately leaps toward them, kicking them square into the chest and sending them bouncing into the ropes. As they stumble back towards him, he quickly lifts them up into a suplex, twists them, and drops them face first to the mat.


The Arrow’s path - front-flip corkscrew dropkick from the top rope.


Notes: He is completely guided by his sense of right and wrong, so he thinks everything through before he does it...but if it serves to complete his ultimate goal, he’s not adverse to bending the rules a bit. He believes that he is Robin Hood...as such, he often times carries a quiver of arrows and speaks of rescuing the King, which really does nothing but confuse people in most instances.


Bio: He was a delusional as a child, with few friends...his favorite thing to play was Robin Hood, and eventually his mind twisted the legend enough for him to believe that he was Robin Hood himself.


Extended history coming soon.

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Guest HollywoodSpikeJenkins

Smarks Board Name: HollywoodSpikeJenkins

Wrestlers Name: "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins

Height: 6'1

Weight: 220

Hometown: Hollywood, California

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Cocky, Arrogant Heel

Stable: None.

Tag Partner: None.

Ring Escort: None....

Weapon(s): Chair, Ring Bell, Title Belt.



Looks: Has dirty blonde hair (Just Like Corino's). Usually wears a black tank top, and baggy khaki's when wrestling. Has his wrist and hands wrapped in black or white tape. Wears shin high black boots.


Ring Entrance:


("Revolution Revolucion" by Ill Nino starts over the loudspeaker, as multicolored lights begin to flash over the arena.)


~~~~~~~ FUNYON ~~~~~~~


(Spike walks out onto the ramp, and makes his way down towards the ring, not paying attention to the fans. Spike walks up the steel steps and into the ring, where he poses. He takes off his leather jacket, and stands in the corner, waiting for his opponent. (or the ring bell.))




Strength: 3

Speed: 6

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 6


Style: Technical Highflyer who cheats like his life depended on it.


Signature moves:

1. Mid-Rope Neckbreaker (HSJ stands on middle rope in corner, HSJ leaps off ropes, catches opponent in a neckbreaker)

2. I Just Broke Your Nose (Van Daminator)

3. The Last Dance (Superkick)

4. Mid-rope Springboard Back Kick

5. Roll the Joint (Roll the Dice/Test Drive) - can be used as a finiser, and sets up the Silver Lining

6. 2 Kick Combo + Knock Out Kick (Opponent is on knees, and I give them two kicks to the chest, and back up, and give him one final one to the face.)

7. Tidal Wave (Opponent is in corner. I do handspring, into a double jump kick to the face.)

8. The Spotlight (Opponent is on shoulders {DVD like}, but I flip them fowards, and I drop down with them into a neckbreaker)

9. Dangerous Wizard (Shining wizard but with a kick to the back of the head instead of a knee)


Common moves:

1. Standing Enzuguri

2. Top Rope Hurricanrana

3. Kip Up followed by a Snap Spinebuster

4. Reverse DDT

5. Rocker Dropper

6. Phantom Neckbreaker (Huricane's Running Neckbreaker.)

7. Old School Expulsion

8. Hurricanrana

9. Any springboard move

10. Missile Dropkick

11. Lion-Sault (Asai Moonsault in the ring.)

12. Low Blows!

13. Top Rope Crossbody

14. 420 Legdrop (Spinning Legdrop)

15. The Smoke Out (Walls of Jericho/Boston Crab)


Rare moves:

1. Blue Thunder Driver

2. Defying the System (Styles Clash)

3. Shooting Star Legdrop (Always misses this, but if it hits, it usually means a win.)

4. I Just Broke Your Neck (Opponent is put in a powerbomb position, but with his arms double underhooked (tiger driver/peral river plunge), then gets flipped up, but I turn to my side in mid-air, having him in a reverse DVD position, and I drop down in a Burning Hammer (reverse DVD).) Very Rare!



1. The Ratings Grabber (Five Star Frog Splash) - Secondary Finisher

2. Highlighter (Rock Bottom) - Primary Finisher

3. The Silver Lining (Dragon Clutch - Dragon Slepper, but in the position of a camel clutch.) - Primary/Secondary Finisher

Edited by HollywoodSpikeJenkins

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Guest DiabloIIFreak1010

Smarksboards Name: DiabloIIFreak1010

Wrestlers Name: "Punk Rockstar" Matt Myers

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 221

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii (Origonally from New Haven, Connecticut)

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Hyper Active Super-Face

Stable: None!

Ring Escort: None!

Weapon(s): Anything ringside, but if he happens to stumble across his trusty wallet-chain, HELL YES!

Quote: No real quote, will usually make fun of the way his oponent looks, or something to that affect.




Basic Looks/Outside Of The Ring: Matt has taken a great change overnight. His jet-black hair is spiked, and some of the spikes are dyed bright blue, and others just have tips dyed blue. He usually wears jean pants, with one or two wallet chains. He seldomly wears a hat, but when he does, he always wears it backwards. And of course, always a t-shirt advertising a punk/ska band (Ex: Reel Big Fish, Catch 22, Blink 182, New Found Glory, Black Flag, ect.). And also, how can I forget the traditional black converse all-stars?!


Ring Gear: Regular black arm pads, and regluar long spandex tights. They're like Jericho's tights, and they might be a solid color (Either Black, Lime Green, Light Blue, Maroon, or Gold) or they might have a little zanyness in them (Plad tights that look like a checkers board, stripes going down the tights that are diffrent colors, ect...have fun with the ring gear, describe it the way you want). He also has regular black kneepads, along with his boots. His boots, to say the least are diffrent. It seems that Matt had a little fun with paint, and pained them up so they look like converse all-stars.


Ring Entrance:










The opening lyrics of "Over My Head" by Lit blast through the arena, as Matt simply walks out on the entrance way, as the arena darknes and a strobelight hits. Matt walks down the entrance ramp, slappin' hands of loyal and loving fans. He slides under the bottom ring rope and is annonced by Funyon, as the crowd is still going wild.





Strength: 4 (Can pull of a few power moves, but would rather stick to arm drags, scoop slams if anything other than flying moves. His strength is similar to the amount of Christian; he can lift people that weigh up to 250 Pounds)

Speed: 8 (What the...Which way did he go? His judo kicks are similar to Tajiri, very swifts and making a big impact sound and same for his high-flying moves. Has qualities of Rob Van Dam, Tajiri, with a smidgen of Billy Kidman)

Vitality: 2 (He can take somewhat of a beating, but a finisher will put him to rest.)

Charisma: 6 (He's so fricken' over! People love Matt Myers!)



Style: Matt Myers wrestles kind of like a cruiserweight, as he uses both high-flying moves and he has some technical moves up his sleeve. Also, Matt Myers will resort to martial art moves to get him trough matches, such as any martial arts kick, punch, or combos, such as spinning kicks and punch/kick combos, he often uses a swift kick to any body part to get out of a hold or submission


Signature moves:

1) Reel Big Jump (Corkscrew Moonsault. Sometimes will use this as a finisher in matches)

2) Less Than Splash (450 Splash. If Myers misses this, he'll be down for a bit)

3) New Found Glory (Dimond Cutter)

4) Op. Ivy Drop (Basically an evenflow DDT, all expect it's good enough to use as a finisher sometimes)

5) The Ska Stretch (Dragon Sleeper hold, but Myers usually sweeps the legs of his oponent, and hooks them as well, so they fall to the mat, making it very hard to move around)

6) Good Charlotte (Formerly known as Death Myers Driver I, Matt Myers scoops his oponent up into a Death Valley Driver Position, and then pushes his oponent over into a tombstone piledriver, and then slams them down. Even with a 4/10 strength, Matt can pull this off, just very quickly and not as affective if it was to someone lighter)


Common moves:

1) Leg Drop

2) Moonsault

3) Spinning Wheel Kick

4) Super Kick

5) Running Powerslam

6) Spinebuster

7) Powerbomb

8) Russian Leg Sweep

9) Tornado DDT

10) Flying Cross-body

11) Belly-To-Belly Suplex

12) Frogsplash


Rare moves:

1) Shooting Star Press

2) Gorella Press (Usually Done to smaller oponents that are less than 200 pounds)

3) TKO (Usually a last resort, but can be done when driven to the edge in matches. He usually does this one and only one, and it’s usually a complete desperation attempt)



1) Catch 22 (Basically a Ki Krusher 99, Matt catches his opoennt in a fisherman's suplex position, pulls them up into the air, and then turns them on to their back and slams them down in a piledriver type move. Very devistating)


2) Lit Up (For people who he quite can't pick up with the Catch 22, Matt kicks them in their gut, as they double over. Now this is where it gets kind of confusing. Matt gets on their neck so he's facing the way they are facing, grabs the arm and hooks them as if he was to do a pedigree, and jumps into the air and slams their head and neck on to the ground. So it's basically a pedigree with Matt facing the other direction)


3) Black Mist (The traditional black mist. Also comes in other colors)


Notes: Matt is a punk, and an enjoyable one as well. He has the attitude to get along with anyone, friend or foe, and itsn't a stranger to doing some pratical jokes here and there. He can seem hyperactive at times, and has his moments of cockyness.


Bio: After going through several Connecticut leagues, The man formerly known as Matt Myers enters the IGNJL, now renamed the SJL after several months of training. In the beginning of his career, he finds himself feuding with Erek Taylor, even having his first match against him. It all came to an end in a cage match, when Myers was taken in to a stable group called 'The Others', and was chaired off the cage, getting him the win. After breaking away from ‘The Others’, he found himself in the middle of a TV/European title feud with Stryke. Getting the TV Title out of the feud, Myers had a short reign as TV Champion, losing the belt to X-Force 9’s Annie Eclectic. After receiving a return title shot, Annie accidentally broke Myer’s collar bone during the match. Myers was out all winter break and several weeks, until he returned. He found himself aligned with Destruction, one of the most powerful stables in the Junior League, rivaling X-Force Nine. Matt won the TV Title once more, but lost it to fellow Destruction memeber "Natural Born Killer" Josh Tupper, which eneded their bloody feud, and also which ripped Destructon apart. After Destruction broke up, Myers decided to quit the wrestling league for a short time, because of lack of respect from people. He went into an insane state of depression, but now is back for vengeance from his opponents. Fans now are witnessing the return of the now strange, depressed wrestler once known as Matt Myers, returning with a strange new look. After beating Randy Turnrin a 'Find The Briefcase' Match, and next week in a singles match, he sent Mr. Turner backing back to Texas. He also targeted a man known as 'The One', which was actually Shawn Brody, but Brody abandoned the leauge after signing a World Wrestling All-Stars contract. Now he finds himself alighed with The New Sound, a group set on domonating the JL. The New Sound became powerful, as Mak Francis joined them, and on the same night, a shocking turn was made. Chris Wilson, long-time enemy of Commissioner Edwin MacPhisto, was given a manager licence and turned 'The New Sound' into his own former stable once named the IGNWO, now called the sWo. The sWo ran wild, as Myers changed his name to Poisyn. After a short break, Matt Myers has returned, once more, this time with a fighting passion. He demolished his stable once known as the sWo, first starting with his own friend and ally, Mak Francis, in a brtual Hell In The Cell match. He then went on an undefeated steak, only to be stopped by Judge Mental, the current World Champion at the time. Matt fought, and suprisinly, BEAT Judge Mental for the Smarks Junior Leauge World Heavyweight Championship on October 27th, 2002. Myers realized a huge change was needed in character, as he ditched his "Brother Red" personality in exchange for a very zany and diffrent look...

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Guest Crowe

Ripping off Sean...


"Bada-bing, bada-boom, bada-bumped!"


Well, I came, I conquered and now I'm going up to the big leagues. Janus and I can finally finish off that feud we never finished, so wish me luck... cause I'll need it. Enjoy life down in the JL, it's some of the best times you'll ever have, boys.



Career Highlights


1x SJL World Heavyweight Champion – 52 days

2x SJL Superstar Of The Month - January and April 2003


Yeah, you better recognise. :D

Edited by Crowe

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Guest Freakish_Twist_Of_Fate

Smarks Board Name: Freakish_Twist_Of_Fate

Wrestlers "Stage" Name: The Omega Storm

Wrestlers Real Name: Leandro Grines

Height: 6 feet, 3 inches

Weight: 245 pounds

Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut

Age: 31

Face/Heel: 'Tweener, leaning towards heel

Stable: None at the moment...

Ring Escort: None at the moment...

Weapon(s): Handheld tazer (The 'lightning' of the 'Storm')

Quote: "Prepare to be a victim of the Storm!" or "Lightning strikes twice when I'm around... Care to try your luck?"


Looks: Grines is of a muscular build, with crop-cut, jet-black hair, aqua-colored eyes, and a goatee... He has the classic 'villian-ish' look about him. For being from the Northeastern portion of the country, he's well tanned. His ring attire is rather simple: Black, semi-tight fit trousers with lightning bolts (colored a mix of indigo, a neonish green, and white) down the sides of the legs. If he wears a shirt to the ring, it's one of his own: A completely black t- shirt... On the front is a menacing-looking storm cloud; dark grays, with a vague greenish tint. The back features the quote "Prepare to be a victim of the Storm!" printed in green. Underneath, two pair of crossed lightning bolts, styled the same way as the ones on the trousers. Printed in a black, Old English- style font within the bolts: "Omega" on the left pair - printed upper left to lower right, "Storm" on the right - upper right to lower left.


Ring Entrance: The arena lights die out for a few moments, then relight in a fast strobe, going from neon green, to light blue, to white at random. The house speakers rumble with thunder for a moment, then a loud thunderclap is heard, accompanied with a bright flash of pyro from the entranceway. After the thunder, "One Of A Kind" by Breaking Point spins up nice and loud... The boos and crowd reaction are kind of a thunder on their own as Grines walks slowly down the ramp. He usually shouts back at the crowd and gestures (quite rudely, I might add), invoking more negative heel heat. He usually slides into the ring, stalking around for a moment, keeping the tazer he always carries clipped to his side. When the ref comes in to relieve him of the device, Grines usually grabs it, threatens the ref with it, makes reference to the ref's 'questionable lineage'... Then begrudgingly hands over the tazer (knowing he can 'relieve' the ref of it later, if needed). If he's last out to the ring, he stares down his opponent, flicks them off, then gets unwaveringly serious about the match. If he's first out, or waiting for more victims... Opponents, I mean... He stalks the ring, grumbling and yelling at the crowd until the next star's music spins up. Then he watches his opponent with a keen eye and a supremely serious attitude.



Strength: 6

Speed: 3

Vitality: 7

Charisma: 4


Style: Typical power heel (brawler with some rough housing) with a dash of speed on the side


Signature moves:


#1 - Manhattan Drop

#2 - Vertical splash body press

#3 - Short arm clothesline

#4 - Crucifix

#5 - Low blow (Yeah, it's a signature move. Lovely, eh?)

#6 - Underhook face first piledriver

#7 - Jackhammer by the book

#8 - Reverse fallaway slam

#9 - Facelock and Hammerlock Suplex: Put opponent in front facelock, and then a hammerlock with free arm, and suplex over a'la snap suplex

#10 - Rolling german suplexes (usually 4 or 5 in sequence)


Common moves:


#1 - La Majistral (It's a pinning move, but it's one of his common ones)

#2 - Delayed butterfly suplex

#3 - Falcon arrow

#4 - Arm wringer

#5 - Face first airplane spin toss: Lift over shoulder a'la Running Powerslam, spin around, throw opponent off, face first to mat

#6 - Bulldog lariat

#7 - Reverse underhook DDT

#8 - Fireman's carry to flap jack

#9 - Heart punch

#10 - Shoulder leg breaker: Grab leg, turn back to opponent, still holding leg... Bring leg over shoulder and sit down


Rare moves:


#1 - Yakuza kick (It takes a little speed to get that big boot up...)

#2 - Crossed arms powerbomb (Needs to be a light opponent to get the most power behind the move)

#3 - Thesz Press (Needs some speed, too...)

#4 - Enzuigiri (Usually only possible at the beginning of a match, when Grines is his freshest and 'fastest'... But the opponent is usually ready at the beginning, because they're fresh as well...)




#1 - Lightning Rod (top rope): It's a super piledriver. This move's usually reserved for when the opponent has had the beating of his life, and Grines can basically take him where he wants to go. It's the rarest of the finishers for that reason.


#2 - Omega Cloudburst (power): AKA the Tommyhawk. This is the finisher of choice. Set up like an upside down Razor's Edge, then drop them back into a Diamond Cutter.


#3 - Unpredictable Weather (submission): Anyone familiar with the "move" called the Nelbina (or the variation done by Ciclope) will laugh their rear off when they mentally picture this move... The opponent's back down on the mat... Grines grabs their arms, and pulls them so their arms are behind their knees. Grines flips them over (like a hamburger on the grill), so that the opponent is resting on their knees with their arms trapped between their shins and thighs. Grines can then do whatever he wants: sit on them, kick them in the sides, elbow drops, leg drops... You name it! Usually he just sits on them until they submit from the pain (or embarassment). Obviously this one's a humiliation move, so use it accordingly.


Notes: Grines is a little unstable. He's a heel, after all. He's right now prone to not only rookie mistakes, but mistakes when trying to inflict huge damage on an opponent when maybe a pin would be better. This being said, he's not stupid. He'll only use weapons in a no-DQ or match (or when the ref is -really- distracted). He'll break counts when told to (but only when told to). He's cunning, but not sharp yet because he's new. He has a very keen eye, and will watch his opponent, figuring out tendencies, flaws, weaknesses, and the like. To sum it all up, he's a very cool, calculating heel.


Bio: Nothing has really been revealed about Grines yet... He hasn't been very open with bookers and interviewers. He's just been... Testy. Violent. A general a-hole. So... Don't expect anything too quickly.

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Guest Insanityman

illSJL Wrestlers Name: Insane Luchador -note the lack of 'e' there's a reason which I haven't harped on yet for that- (Andrew Rickmen is his real name). He'll now even prefer "True Plague" before IL.

Height: 6'2”

Weight: 200 (Slimfast does wonders)

Hometown: Easton, Pennsylvania.

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Tweener. Fans don't know how to accept him... they want to cheer yet he acts like a heel.

Stable: None.

Ring Escort: None.

Tag Team: None.

Weapon(s): Brass knuckles with little spikes on each knuckle, sell it. Trust me. Also an old and short chain. He likes to make table spots and also he gets a little extreme with ladders.

Quote: "I am the Next Coming..." "I am Enlightened." "I am saving souls yet taking others."


Looks: He’s way more built up now and tanned, but not a ridiculous amount. Still a wiry built frame, but you’d see the difference if he took of his shirt, etc. He wears khaki, loose cargoes. Mostly a baggy hooded black sweatshirt. He also has the same, jet black spiked hair… and the mandatory black skate shoes. His face is also an uncanny resemblance to Stephen Lynch.


Ring Entrance: “Man in the Box" by Alice in Chains slowly begins and the lights flicker. IL is absent until it gets to the second "Save me..." When it blasts into the main chorus pyro explodes everywhere. Andrew then leaps out of the pyro and rolls up to his feet. The lights finally go back to normal and he slaps at people and flips them off if getting negative response. Sometimes he'll slide into the ring or climb up the stairs and give the fans his best freaky look... which IS creepy.



Strength: 3 (His strikes hurt but he prefers to avoid straight lifting moves)

Speed: 6 (Zing! Zang~! Where'd the hell did he go? He's quick but nothing -too- special)

Vitality: 7 (Can you say masochist? He still falls for pain, but just watch him smile and enjoy it)

Charisma: 4 (He talks all the time and he draws whatever reaction he wants)


Style: He wants to break your neck, literally. ANY moves you'd use in a fight is perfectly fine for you to write (dropkick to the knees) and little luchador still in him. He hits the high spots.


Signature moves:


1. Now listen here folks, this is basically a finisher. It's just that he'll try to hit this before any other finisher. Headlock, going for a DDT right? He elbows the foe VERY harshly in back and the head, he spins around and changes the hold into a bulldog. He then slams you down on top of the head, not the face.


2. The Next Coming- Three to four rolling DDT's and he does his best to swing you around violently between each time.


3. Basic fighting, knee caping (he works on knee caps), punches galore, knife edge chops, shin kicks, etc.


4. Top Rope DDT, it's not that bad... the opponent usually lands more on their face.


5. Headlock and he grabs whatever he can and then swings the whole body in the air and finally falls for the DDT.


6. Reverse spear and then smashing the opponent's face against the mat.


7. Head pounds


8. Top rope moonsault


9. Planchas of every type.


10. Final Seconds- Brainbuster, he attempts to do them rolling.




Common Moves:

Huge Air (top rope) Leg Drop.

Low blows and all other heel moves

Dropkick from apron to outside

Ultimate Punching (from No Mercy)

180* Cross Body to pin (IL likes to go to the top rope for this).

Multiple punches in fluent motion.

A very quick DDT



Hip throw

Elbows to the face

Super Kick (the only reason it’s here is because it’s rare, but not rare enough).


Rare Moves:

Powerbomb… to lighter opponents

Piledrivers (Barely made it onto rare moves)

Top Rope Backdrop Driver (Please sell this one)

Blood mist, when IL bleeds- he'll spit it in your eyes


Hardcore Moves:

Balcony Sault: A moonsault off a high balcony in the arena through table(s) unless IL feels like commiting suicide. He rarely hits this.


Insane KO: In the corner with a slumped down opponent he sandwiches the opponent's head with two chairs and Insane Luchador runs and somersaults up into the air lands on his feet and then leaps up flipping in the air and he lands on the opponent with his feet. (This knocks them out).



Brink of Insanity (Savior's Verdict he'll call it): He does a full nelson to a dazed or confused opponent by the turnbuckle, without pause Rickmen leaps onto the top or middle turnbuckle, from there Andrew pauses (he retains the hold) and hits a Full Nelson Bulldog. End result; Top rope full nelson bulldog.


Evenflow DDT: The kick to the gut then he lunges (literally lunges) forwards and hits the headlock. He then leaps into the air and hits the Evenflow.


Destruction: Not rare anymore... It's hard to explain so re-read this probably. IL extends one of the opponents free arms, then turns back to back with the opponent. Then IL wraps his free arm around the opponent's neck. Next that extended arm gets hooked so it's hard to escape, then Andrew will bend down allowing the opponent to fall onto Rickmen. Plague will then leap backwards crushing the opponent, or will use it as a submission. For the lighter foes he’ll flip over crushing them (picture of this coming soon).


Notes: This covers everything down to why IL eats what he eats- almost.


He does not want to win... he wants to hurt you, and hurt the world. Now, he'll win the match and TRY if it's for a title... but if you hates you... well, hope your a good fighter.


He thinks he is some sort of prodigy, for the "lost." Think Finn MacCumail, Tyler Durden, True Plague IL, and IL rolled into one.



Here we go kiddies- Questions about IL and answers.


"Why is he a masochist?" Insane Luchador isn't a true masochist but he handles pain obscenely well. He uses that to his advantage to freak people out, ala Tyler Durden in Fight Club, and that gives him a masochist vibe.


"Why does he fight in street attire?" It's a mental thing, he doesn't really care about being 100% and having the advantage. It's what he's comfortable in.


"Is he really insane?" To an extent, yes. He has many issues but he's not going to be seeing shadows of clowns chasing him any time soon.


"What's up with the whole gangs thing?" Andrew Rickmen's older brother was in a gang and when his brother got slaughtered Rickmen felt like he had to jump into the gang to fight for revenge of his brother. It came to the point where it was to much and he had to run.


"What the hell was that Midget/IL thing?" Okay, Midget was a friend of IL who ran off with IL in the gang. Rickmen stayed back before jumping into the SJL and eventually he went in to replace Midget- but then he got into it and had to be himself.


"Afghanistan trip." Well, it was a very very well set rib by the whole SJL to dump Rickmen into the middle of nowhere- it worked. *Shifty eyes*


"What's the 'Next Coming' thing?" Wait, yeesh.


"What's IL's main feeling?" He doesn't feel one real emotion more than another. Anger and depression both balance out to make a terrible combination to live with.


"Okay, who's Jennifer and why do I care that she has a fiance?" You don't have to care, it's just another thing that IL has to bring himself through. It was his ex-girlfriend but once the violence kicked up again she left.


"What's his hate for Lexus" It's more of an emotional thing for him, he keyed one up because it belonged to a fellow he didn't like and ever since then it's clicked for IL to just hate them.


"Why can't IL take a hint and realize he won't be bumped?" Because the SJL is his only real direction for him to go in, and he's even beginning to burn out in that area too.


"Who does IL hate?" Many, many people.


"Is he Irish?" Almost all Irish with traces of mixture (one percent of this and that).


"Does he hit cruiserweight moves for flash?" No, for the pain factor and the win factor.




Bio: Way too long, PM me if you want the history.

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Guest fosta

Smarks Board Name: Fosta

E-mail: [email protected]

AIM Name: thylllklkslths

Wrestlers Name: Fosta

Height: 6'2

Weight: 235

Hometown: Chicago

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Weapon(s): Steel Chair (Used rarely)



Looks: Fosta has long brown shoulder-blade length hair. Some of his hair is slightly dread-locked, and he has several braids in random spots. He has an unkempt brown beard, and a very weathered face; looks about three years older.

When wrestling he wears a pair of loose, black leather pants and black boots with a silver studded belt. He sometimes wears a black tank top as well. He is of slightly above-average muscle mass for a professional wrestler, and well toned. He usually has a stone-faced expression when entering the arena and so on. When he is inactive, i.e. backstage etc. he wears normal, casual clothes or his wrestling attire with a t-shirt.


Ring Entrance: Theme: “Loco” By Coal Chamber

Fosta enters the ring calmly, preparing mentally for his match. He rarely interacts with the audience on his way to the ring, unless it is to steal a sign or to intimidate an audience member who is throwing obscenities. Once in the ring he limbers up a little more while waiting for his opponent.




Strength: 5

Speed: 6

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 4


Style: Technical: Likes to mat wrestle early in. Likes to dominate matches with an intelligent strategy. Will brawl and wrestle a hardcore style if it is needed.


Signature moves:

1. Indian deathlock (NOT reverse Indian)

2. Springboard forearm.

3. Elbow drop (Used as a substitute for the moonsault if needed, e.g. leg injured)

4. Reverse DDT

5. Guillotine splash (Opponent stands with his arms and neck over the top rope. Fosta climbs the turnbuckle and splashes across opponent’s upper back, putting one leg over either side of the rope, and holding onto the rope with his arms and legs to not be slung off the rope to the mat or floor. Used in hardcore style matches.)

6. Half-nelson suplex (Used on smaller opponents)

7. Camel clutch


Common moves:

Double-arm underhook backbreaker

Pendulum Backbreaker

Dragon screw

Figure four leglock

Dropkick to knee (From various positions)



Belly to Belly overhead Suplex

Arm and neck overhead Suplex

Belly to Back Suplex


T-Bone Suplex


Finishers: Turnbuckle Moonsault


Notes: Ethically, Fosta is comparable to the worst of them. He never thinks twice about gaining an unfair advantage if he thinks he can get away with it.

He sometimes loses his temper or decides he cannot win a match, and will attempt to get himself disqualified by using weapons or brawling outside for too long.

He has no moral struggle when deciding to focus on a body part for any reason. E.g. If he wrestles a man in his return match from a neck injury, he will exploit the injury to its full potential without thinking twice.


Bio: Fosta has traveled the indie circuit for years, gaining a good reputation as a heel, and a hard worker. He has served small stints for bigger promotions, but has been misused, and never made it far in national leagues. He’s hoping to get it right this time, and cement himself a role in a stable promotion.



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Guest Dace59





Rock on here guys :headbang: , you're doing a great job, keep it up.


Oh, and ANYONE nicks my moves, I'll kill you!


Thank You

Edited by Dace59

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They bumped me, they REALLY bumped me


Former SJL Heavyweight Champ


Now SWF Superstar...


See you in the big leagues folks

Edited by Rawknight

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Guest Pa|adin

Gone home where it's nice and peaceful...


Bye all.

Edited by Pa|adin

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Guest Aecas

Smarks Board Name: Aecas

Wrestlers Name: Aecas

Nickname: The Black Angel

Height: 7'

Weight: 315lbs

Hometown: Shrewsbury, England

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Psychotic Face

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): Anything not nailed down and liftable. Carries Flick Scythe to the ring with him. (See notes for description)

Quote: "Sanity is just a wierd form of madness..."


Looks: He has black hair that comes down to his shoulders, when backstage he wears it tied back in a ponytail but loosens it before making his entrance to the ring. His eyes are blue/green but he wears contact lenses that blot out the iris and pupil leaving them totally white. He wears black leather pants and a large pair of Goth New Rock boots from the waist up he wears nothing, his skin is pale and contrasts sharply to a snaking dragon tattoo that works its sinuous length around his chest and back.


Ring Entrance: The arena goes dark for several long moments, a graveyard bell ringing ominously, the Smarktron displays a figure shrouded in darkness, stabs of lights highlighting the scales of a winding tattoo that spreads itself across his chest. The stabs of light travel slowly up the figures body highlighting the blank white orb of an eye as a deep voice reverberates through the arena speakers.


"Are you scared?"


The voice echoes for a moment before several voices speak as one.


"He's here..........."


Emperor's "Curse You All Men" blasts out from the arena speakers as a lighting flash highlights Aecas on the smarktron, a sadistic grin on his face. Red lights begin to strobe around the arena, like an alarm system gone wrong - or a system that is warning of imminent carnage. The Smarktron displays A E C A S with blood dripping onto the top of the words. A series of sadistic moves are shown before A E C A S appears again this time with blood oozing halfway down the words. Another series of brutal weapon shots and vicious bumps is shown before A E C A S flashes up again, blood pooling at the bottom of the letters.


As the Smarktron plays the movie, thick smoke boils up from the entranceway, filling the air and carpetting the floor, a blood red spotlight picks out Aecas as he stands deep in the dephs of the smoke, an eerie shillouete will a large staff in one hand. Aecas raises the staff high above his head, a long wicked blade snaps forth from the staff, inciting a roar of approval from the crowd as he begins to stride down the aisle. As he walks the light flickers his face alternating from an impassive visage to a mask of almost demonic glee with each flicker. He enters the ring through the ropes as the lights slowly come up a grin on his face as he anticipates what is to come before his face becomes indifferent and impassive once again.




Strength: 8 (He's back and more pumped up than ever!)

Speed: 3 (Though he has sacrificed some of his speed for strength, he can still move around and will still fly from the top regardless of his health or his opponents.)

Vitality: 8 (Hit him in the face with a broken bottle and he'd give you another and tell you to put more effort behind it.)

Charisma: 1 (He looks positively gloomy unless involved in very brutal matches when he lets excitement break the surface. He talks little but his actions often speak volumes of their own.)


Style: Power Based but mixes in some Technical moves.


Signature moves:

As Darkness Falls - Swanton Bomb

The Unholy Driver - (Double Underhook Face Crusher) Aecas Double Underhook's his opponent and lifts them up until they are draped across his shoulders in a Canadian Backbreaker like posistion. Aecas then spins around and sits out flipping his opponent forward and driving their face into the mat.

Running Powerbomb

Yakuza Kick

Release Fisherman Suplex


Leg Capture Suplex

Super Tiger Driver

The Gore

Fujiwara Armbar/Reverse Armbar


Common moves:


Double Arm DDT

Gutwrench Powerbomb

Double Powerbomb

Release German Suplex

Full Nelson Suplex (Release/With or Without Bridge)

High Angle Back Drop (Drops them almost right on the head and neck)

Pendulum Backbreaker

Stalling Brainbuster

Sidewalk Slam

Shoulder Breaker

Reverse DDT

Northern Lights Driver



Side Belly to Belly Suplex

Boston Crab

Top Rope Crossbody

Spinning Neck breaker

Big Boot

Northern lights Suplex


Rare moves:

Straight To Hell - Top Rope Burning Hammer (An almost never seen move only broken out if he is pushed that inch too far...PPV ONLY MOVE)

Top Rope Brainbuster (Most commonly used Rare move)

The Grave Digger - 3 to 5 HARD Powerbombs before Aecas flips his opponent up onto his shoulders and hits him with a Death Valley Driver (Piss Aecas off and this is what you're likely to get. The number of powerbombs depends on size and weight of opponent, for visual description see the Continuous Powerbomb to DVD on No Mercy.)

The Grim Reaper (Same situation as The Grave Digger but this move ends with Aecas letting his opponents battered body hang upside down before finishing them off with the Executioner.)

Descent Into Darkness Aecas either Irish Whips his opponent into the ropes or stands in their way as they run towards him, just before his opponent collides with him Aecas grabs him/her under the armpits heaving them up into the air in what appears to be a Flapjack posistion. As the opponent suddenly finds themself about seven and a half feet off of the floor, Aecas quickly steps between his opponents legs and grabs their trunks/pants/whatever at the hips before drilling them into the canvas with a huge powerbomb.







A spinning Hangman's DDT (ala No Mercy style) Aecas gets his opponent into a Powerbomb posistion and hoists them up in the normal way. However, instead of holding his opponent up, Aecas lets them flop down, leaving them hanging upside down with his arms wrapped around their waist. Aecas then jumps and spins around driving his opponents head into the canvas in an unprotected reverse Tombstone posistion, typically followed by a Darkness pin. Do NOT kick out of this move unless it is a title match, or you'll be jobbed for life ;)


The Fallen Angel


Aecas sets his opponent up into a sitting posistion on the top turnbuckle facing out towards the crowd, he then climbs upwards to the second rope wrapping his arms around his opponents middle with a tight waistlock. He then jumps from the second rope, using the rope to springboard himself upwards and across the ring culminating the move by German Suplexing his opponent in mid air dropping them practically on their head as they land. Nearest visual description of this move is probably Vega's Mid Air Suplex from Street Fighter II.


Wings Of Fire


Whilst the opponent is lying face down on the floor, Aecas sits down next to them facing towards their head and takes hold of their left wrist with his left hand and their right wrist with his right hand. Aecas Places his legs around the opponents arms and neck in a Full Nelson position. He then pulls back on the arms to apply maximum pressure on the opponent damaging their back, neck and the entirety of their arms. Unless the opponent is able to reach the ropes with his legs the only way out of the submission is to power out of it, but it will take a VERY strong individual to do so.


Flying Wings Of Fire


A variation of Wings of Fire. Aecas Irish whips his opponent into a turnbuckle. He beats his opponent down into a sitting position (by any means clothesline punches etc). Aecas sits on the turnbuckle facing inwards and pulls his opponent into a standing position by their hair or ears. Aecas lifts the opponent’s arms and applies his legs into the Full Nelson position. Perched on the turnbuckle Aecas uses his arms to push himself forward. The opponent will fall forward; landing on their face with Aecas on their back, once Aecas pulls back on his opponent’s arms the submission hold is irreversible. Unless Aecas lets you go, you ain’t going anywhere ;) As with the standard Wings Of Fire this hold damages the back and arms of the opponent, but it also delivers a nasty impact to the face and extra pressure on the neck as Aecas is resting all his weight onto his opponent.



Notes: Aecas never says more than he feels he has to, he has no concern or regrets about putting his health on the line to pull off a succesful match and seems to relish enduring as much pain as he inflicts. You can hit Aecas with everything you want to including weaponry, and he will love it, pain is another form of pleasure to him, he may scream but a grin will not be far behind it. Some view him as evil, other view him as mindlessly psychotic, despite this he still has a large and ever growing fanbase from his career in Japan to his work in the Smarks Wrestling Federation.


The Flick Scythe is as tall as Aecas, and heavy enough so that anyone who doesn't have a strength of 7 or above will find it difficult to wield effectively. This does NOT mean that soembody with say strength 4 could not use it, it simply means they would have a very difficult time trying to use it effectively. There are two hidden catches on the length of the staff, one when depressed will causes the Scythes blade to snap out and lock, ensuring its readiness for use. The other catch unlocks the blade and pulls it back down against the body of the staff.


Bio: Born in Shrewsbury in the United Kingdom little is known about his origins and entry into wrestling though it has been speculated that he built a career upon mindless violence and sadism in Japan. Not the sort of chap you'd want to bring home to see your parents he is nevertheless loyal to those he deems as allies. Little has been heard of Aecas for several months following his last documented match with Crow, some have specuated that the Antichrist Superstar injured him badly and he has been out for a few months rehabbing. Though people speculate they have no clear idea what this man has been doing during his absence but one thing is very clear, he is coming back bigger and stronger than ever.

Edited by Aecas

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Guest SupaTaft

New Gimmickage~!



Smarks Board Name: SupaTaft

Wrestler's Name: Viktor Tarakanov

Nickname(s): “The Red Rage”

Height: 6’6

Weight: 280 lbs

Hometown: Astrakahn, Russia

Age: 41

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapons: Anything really

Quotes: “I will BREAK YOU!!”


Looks: An intimidating man just from the sight of him. Viktor has a slightly receeding hairline of pitch black hair except in the middle, creating a protruding widows' peak. His beard is full except for on his chin under his mouth. Deep set dark eyes are hidden beneath a large pair of thick eyebrows. His body is nothing but muscle, as a result of life-long training and conditioning. Thich chest hair and light body hair in patches over the rest of his body. He wears a pair of simple black brief-style tights with a red stripe up both sides. Simple black boots with his wrists taped up with black athletic tape. Out of the ring, he'll wear a red windbreaker with a pair of athletic pants to match his wrestling trunks.


Ring Entrance: "Soviet National Anthem" by the Russian Red Army Choir strikes up as a large red pyro explodes on the entrance ramp. As the music continues “The Red Rage” walks down the ramp coolly, checking the tightness of his wrist tape. Viktor approaches the ring and sneers at the crowd before walking up the steel steps and wiping his feet on the ring apron as he steps into the ring. The fans often chant "U.S.A.!! U.S.A.!!" to unsettle him, which it often does.



Strength: 7 (His strength is in his punches. Though it is absolutely no problem to throw you around)

Speed: 3 (Doesn't move fast unless he's beating your ass)

Vitality: 7 (It takes a lot to exhaust him or hurt him... like a truck or something)

Charisma: 3 (He hates America so is almost automatically over as hated)



Style: He was a shoot fighter first so Tarakanov uses his strength to hit a a lot of strikes mixed in with lot of power moves. Focuses on punching first. He’ll try and attack you however he can and isn’t too shy to throw in a submission hold if the situation calls for it. Not very used to American wrestling style, he makes very little use of the ropes. Viktor is extremely violent and is unrelenting when he fights.


Signature Moves:

The Iron Curtain (Lariat)

German Suplex (optional release)


Series of punches where Viktor slowly gains speed until he is punching at an alarming pace

Eyebrow Buster- Grabs his opponent's head and punches with his knuckles downward on the eyebrow to cause it to split. Viktor likes to see his opponent's blood.

Soviet Judo Throw (Sambo Suplex)

Short Arm Clothesline



Heart Punch

Torture Rack- Can be followed by a variety of moves

Shoulder Arm Breaker- Viktor grabs the victim's arm by the wrist and lifts it so the opponent is behind them and their arm over the his shoulder. Tarakanov pulls down on the victim's arm in an attempt to hyperextend or even break the victim's elbow.


Common Moves:

Basic Sambo moves

Gutwrench Suplex

Back Fist

Ax kick when opponent is bent over

Spear and punches

Grab opponent by hair and punch

Running knee to the gut

Back elbow to face in close quarters

Back Breaker Drop

Choke with boot while in corner

Belly to back suplex (optional release)

Russian Leg Sweep- Hey, he's Russian, why not?


Rare Moves:

Face claw chokeslam- His real "Holy Shit!" move, takes a lot of his power

Burning Hammer

Multiple powerbombs- 2 to the biggest guys, 3 to guys around the same size as him, and 5-6 to anyone smaller



Bolshevik Revolution- Faarooq's Dominator. Viktor tucks his opponent's head between his legs and lifts him up onto his shoulder and then flips them forward and slams them face first into the mat. Technically: Gutwrench into Canadian backbreaker, followed by a released face-first power bomb.


Victory by Knock Out- He'll punch you so hard you dont get up until after the ref gives his 10 Count


Game Plan: Tarakanov enjoys physically dominating his opponent, it gives him a sense of satisfaction and pride. He would hit you with a powerful strike before a power move or a submission, but will adapt quickly to any situation. Viktor's style and ability is such that he needs not vary greatly from opponent to opponent.



Notes: He doesn't move very fast unless he's pummelling you or throwing you around. Suprisingly, he knows exactly what he's doing when he seems to throw logic to the wind and smash his opponent, seemingly at random. Every one of his moves has a purpose and it is rare that he throws a move out of chance. His only motivation is his anger and his love for money. Fighting gives Tarakanov a deeply gratifying sense of accomplishment and when he gets his paycheck, it makes him want to fight even harder. He has a one track mind: beating people up and getting paid for it. Its the American way.



Bio: Viktor's father was a Soviet general who was as successful as you could be at the time. Because of his status in the Red Army, the government was generous to his family. All throughout his childhood, Viktor was taught to thank the 'good' of communism for providing his comfortable upbringing. Even now after the fall of the USSR, he remains a loyal Soviet, even though it means nothing to everyone else.


His temper made him not cut out to be a soldier like his father. Viktor was trained from an extremely young age to become a fighter. Tarakanov conditioned his body and increased his strength until he was one of the top shoot fighters in all of Russia. His temper often cost him fights though, and after severely brutallizing several opponents to a bloody pulp with a rapid-fire series of punches and knees, he would get disqualified. After one particularly brutal bout, he emerged from his opponent's body covered in his blood. Disqualified for the utter brutallity, he simply stood there, dripping red, convulsing with anger. Viktor was immediately given the nickname, "The Red Rage" by his comrades.


Quickly moving to the top of the shoot fighting circuit, Tarakanov was enjoying his life and making what little money he could in Russia. After a while, beating people bloody became his gimmick and people would come just to see "The Red Rage" pound the weak into a puddle of their own blood. Viktor would often ask for a challenger from the crowd to test their strength against the terrible Tarakanov, and on one such occaision he got more than he bargained for. A smallish young man stepped forward and said that he would fight. Not going to turn down any chance to make money, Viktor easily destroyed the man but as he lay whimperring and bleeding, the man said that he would have his father arrest Viktor. The man's father, it turns out, was a high ranking government official, which caused Viktor Tarakanov to panic and flee his homeland to America until the heat died down.


As it turns out though, the heat never did die down. Just days after leaving Russia, the USSR collapsed and left Viktor stranded in America. The government collapsed just days after his 'crime', so he was left in an odd place legally. He could not be extradited for his crime, but if he ever happened to return, he could be tried. So Viktor was stranded in America and he loathed every minute of his existance. Everything about the US' government disgusted him... except one thing: the ease in which he could make such large sums of money. Viktor began to fight again and enjoyed how easily he could support himself. "The Red Rage" still burns, and now has found its terrible path to the SJL.


Notes about Viktor's current situation: To clear some things up. Viktor knows that the Soviet Union collapsed. He accepts this. What he does not accept is the stories about the poverty of his Motherland and the horrible state of its people. He passes this off as the US propaganda machine telling its people that Russia is no threat out of fear that it still is a major enemy. Not seeing his country now, he claims that it cannot be as bad as it seems to be, and that the great power of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics will rise again!

Edited by SupaTaft

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Guest TheHulkster

Smarks Board Name: TheHulkster

Wrestlers Name: "The Dark Rebel" Terry Wayne

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 230lbs

Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia

Age: 28

Face/Heel: Tweener, leaning towards face

Stable: none

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): anything not bolted down

Quote: "...and tonight, your tears of pain will only quench my thirst for your demise, my friend."


Looks: Average build, long brown hair, thick long mustache, like a cross between Jake Roberts and Magnum TA


Ring Entrance: Slow silent walk down the aisle, peering menacingly at the lowlifes in the stands. Comes down the cover of the Nine Inch Nails song "Hurt" by Johnny Cash. A grainy, black and white video of a snake eating a rabbit is shown on the smarktron.




Strength: 3

Speed: 3

Vitality: 7

Charisma: 7


Style: He's a very smart brawler. He will tease his finisher early in the match just to play mind games with his opponent. He's the master of mind games.


Signature moves:


Hangman's neckbreaker

Second rope kneedrop

Running neck snap (like Curt Hennig's)

Second rope double underhook suplex

Legdrop onto a prone neck on the apron

Flying lariat

Pile driver


Common moves:

Elbowdrop to the throat

Throat thrust

Eye poke

Choke on the ropes

Headlock punch

Russian leg sweep


Swinging neck breaker

Side headlock

Choke with a boot on the bottom rope



Rare moves:

Piledriver on the concrete floor



"The Fatal Flaw"

Standard Piledriver, dropping them in a tombstone like position.



Notes: Terry is a dark, smart heel who one minute may try to lull his opponent into a false sense of security, then the next, be balls out offense. He’s not the strongest or the fastest, but has a very unique charisma and a sharp mind. Terry is a hard character to read and an even harder one to beat.


Bio: Terry grew up in a broken home as a youngster. His father was a successful psychiatrist and his mother stayed at home to raise him for his first 12 years. His parents had fought daily and eventually split for good when he was only 7 years old. His mother became so distraught throughout the years that she eventually took her own life. When Terry found his mother's body after a long day at school, he didn't cry or scream, but stood there in a state of shock. His father had fled overseas after the divorce, never to return to the life he had before. He was very young, but he knew that it was coming and that he couldn't do much about it. He feared being put under foster care worse than death itself, so he began to live on the street for the next 13 years. Over his years living in the bustling cities and the backwoods countryside, his father's shrewd side and interest in the human mind began to take shape within him. He studied the people around him and how he could manipulate their emotions to give him food, money, or to merely do his bidding. He got into many fights during his long tenure on the streets and grew from a frail teenager into a very tough man. One day he tried to swindle money off of what turned out to be a local wrestling promoter. The promoter was missing an opening card wrestler and offered Terry a job fighting the local tough guy. He agreed, and once he stepped into that ring, he fell in love. He found a place where not only could he get paid to fight, but screw with the emotions of his opponent and the crowd. When he looked across the ring at that local tough guy in his first match, the man was full of bravado. He got closer, and began talking down to Terry as if he were a child. Terry looked into his battle scarred eyes and saw the scared child within his opponent, a child that thrived on attention. He gave him that attention when they carried him out on stretcher after the match. When he had seen the tears in the eyes of that man's wife and the people in the audience, the same cold stare came over his face that has visited him many times since that day he found his mother with a bullet in her head. He was immune to the emotional pain that everyone around him felt for this man. Inside, he felt vindicated. The people in the crowd, with their nice houses and stable families, coming into the arena wearing huge smiles had made Terry insanely jealous. They had lives that Terry never really had the opportunity to have, and for one night, he could make them almost as miserable as he has been.


4/14/03: After battling long and hard in the SJL, he finally got a taste of gold and, most importantly, acceptance from the fans and his peers. Terry Wayne was on top of the world. His glory was shortlived though, as 2 weeks later, he was defeated in a hard fought Toronto Death match for the TV title with Quiet Death. This began a downward spiral for Terry. At the next 3 shows, he suffered 3 devastating losses. The depression overcame Terry and he returned to the wrong side of Norfolk a defeated man, wallowing in self doubt as the crowds that once loved him grew apathetic toward him. The demons that his own personal success had helped him overcome returned, ravaging him worse than he could've ever imagined, pulling him further and further into the darkness. What will become of the man known as "The Dark Rebel"? Will Terry Wayne, former SJL World Television Champion, world class competitor, unlikely hero to the fans, be the man to step through the ropes at the upcoming show? Or will it be the man without compassion, the man who will bludgeon the weak minded to further his own twisted agenda, The Dark Rebel?

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Guest The Last Free Voice

Smarks Board Name: The Last Free Voice

Wrestlers Name: Geddion [Gid-e-on]

Height: 6'3

Weight: 235

Hometown: None [He's a roamer]

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Heel [but doesn't really care]

Stable: none, but may form own

Ring Escort: none, yet

Weapon(s): None

Quote: The End is upon us, mans time on this planet has come to a close, I am your only hope.


Looks: White, with light blue eyes. Wears Black full legnth tighs with"the end is near" on back, lined in red. Think Sean O'Haires hair. Not overly muscular, an Edge type bulid.


Ring Entrance: Lights dim, then fade completely out, red spotlights move thru croud, and I come out to POD's Set it off.




Strength: 5

Speed: 5

Vitality: 6





Style: Technical, but is trained in Martial Arts


Signature moves: BrainBuster

Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex

Inverted DDT

Somersault Neckbreaker

Standing Phoenix Splash

Spinning Belly to back Suplex

Reverse DDT to Michinoku Driver

The Rapture- belly to belly in to a powerbomb


Common moves: Hangmans Neckbreaker



Over the Knee Neckbreaker

Henning Neck Snap

Chris Daniels splitlegged moonsault

Muta Power Elbow

Spinning wheel kick


AA Spinebuster

German Suplex

more or less all neckbreakers.


Rare moves: Standing SSP, Lyger Bomb



Finishers: Doomsday Driver- Spinning Fishermans Buster, The Final Blow- Corkscrew SSP- I spin 360 while upside down


Notes: Acts Heelish, Screems at opponents in ring," don't you see?" and 'your time has passed" etc. Same with fans. works nec mainly.


Bio: Was a prospect for a "big time organization" but was released due to "budget cuts" and left country to France, where he found the works of Nostradomus. Began to become fanatical about the end of times, and applied that to his wrestling. Some think he is psycotic.

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It's time for me to move on to bigger and better things...


Like e-feds that I can WIN matches in. No offense to the JL or WF.


I can write bitchin 2,000+ word rps... i just can't write 4-6,000 word matches well. Meh. It happens.


The SJL/SWF simply isn't for me. For those it is for, I wish you all the best of luck in the future.


Oh... one last thing. Don't count David Blazenwing out for good. Don't be shocked if I come back for a match or two somewhere down the road, either.

Edited by Ice Wolf

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Guest Picture Perfect

Smarksboard Name: Picture Perfect

Wrestler’s Name: “Picture Perfect” Aaron Carpenter

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 228 lbs.

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None as of yet

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Nothing specific, but he’ll use whatever’s appropriate.


Looks: Aaron looks very similar to Matt from Tough Enough 3 – roughly the same build, facial structure, etc. Aaron has short blond hair and blue eyes. His only tattoo is a small cross on his right bicep. He comes to the ring wearing a pair of full-length blue tights; the words “Picture Perfect” are spelled out in silver lettering on the left and right legs, respectively. He tapes his hands prior to his matches, and he wears plain black wrestling boots.




“Pictures in the mi-i-ir-or…”




Green pyrotechnics shoot down from the rafters to the entrance ramp as “Pictures In The Mirror”, by The Living End, starts to play. Once the pyro subsides, Aaron comes sprinting down the ramp, quickly slapping hands with the fans before sliding into the ring. He rolls to his feet and walks to the nearest turnbuckle, climbs to the top of it, and raises both hands to the crowd before hopping back off and stretching on the ropes to warm up a little for his match.




Strength: 3

Speed: 6

Vitality: 4

Charisma: 7


Style: Aaron’s style is limited by his lack of experience, and he likes to keep things on the mat with very basic maneuvers when he’s on the defensive. However, whenever the opportunity presents itself, Aaron loves to show off some of the high-flying moves he’s learned; he’ll attempt a suplex here and there as well, though they often fail him due to his average strength and poor ring psychology.




Exploder suplex

Picture That – springboard Side Effect

Picture This – Side Effect (Matt Hardy’s reverse bulldog – sorry, don’t know the technical name)

Northern Lights suplex

Tonight’s Highlight – Triple Jump Moonsault

Springboard Leg Drop

Snapshot – any number of jawbreaker variations. Be as creative as you can. I certainly will


Common Moves


Russian Leg Sweep

Vertical Suplex


Leg Lariat (often used in place of a clothesline)

Top rope elbow drop (will sometimes do a Shining Elbow drop from the top rope)


A variety of rollups

Swinging neckbreaker

Any arm drag you can possibly think of

Hammerlock DDT

Spinning heel kick

Kevin Nash’s “picture frame” elbow in the corner (it’s too perfect not to use…)


Headscissors takedown





Dragon Suplex

Unknown Origin – Half Nelson Chickenwing Belly-to-Back Suplex

The Walk-Off – Mark Stevens’ finisher. Only used when nothing else will get the job done.

450 Splash

Crucifix Powerbomb – only used on opponents roughly his size.




Aerial: Picture Perfect – Shooting Star leg drop.


Impact: Photo Finish – High-angle German suplex into a rolling inside cradle.


Submission: Seventh Inning Stretch – An Octopus Stretch, once employed with great effectiveness by ‘Grand Slam’ Mark Stevens.


Bio: Aaron Carpenter, the first graduate of the Bases Loaded Training Center, comes to the JL with no small amount of hype. After being accepted at Bases Loaded on the recommendation of a former SWF superstar, this phenomenal young man turned a number of heads in the front office by wrestling his trainer, former World champion ‘Grand Slam’ Mark Stevens to a thirty-minute draw. Though he’s more than a little bit brash, and he tends to talk himself into some uncomfortable situations, Aaron seems to have the wrestling acumen to back up his smart mouth. However, it’s certainly arguable that no amount of training, no matter how long you train or how skilled your trainer, can actually prepare you for the adrenaline rush, the screaming fans – the reality of your first real-live wrestling match. How will “Picture Perfect” fare in the less-than-picturesque Junior League?

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Guest Death by Numbers

Smarks Board Name: Death by Numbers

Real Name: James Knight

Wrestlers Name: Quiet Death

Height: 5 foot 10

Weight: 221 pounds

Hometown: Parts unknown

Age: 20

Face/Heel: Neutral

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): Steel Pipe

Quote: N/A


Looks: James Knight is an African American male with a skin tone of a resemblance of wrestler ‘Low Ki’. This person has a muscular build with a Japanese symbol tattoo on his left arm that says “Quiet Death”. He has a pretty wide neck with broad shoulders. He has 2% body fat as he supports a 6-pack abs. He has a decent length of arms and legs. Knight is bald headed by choice and does not wear any facial hair.


Wrestling attire: Quiet Death does not wear much in the ring, in fact, all he wears are black loose basketball shorts, length, above the knee. He does wear shin guards and wear cut off black gloves. He wears the typical black boots and that’s all he wears when he’s off for battle.


Ring Entrance: A cloud of smoke emerges around the area coming from the smoke starters by the side of the entryway. The illumination from the top changes colors from black to dark blue as two lightning bolts comes from the ceiling and hits the bottom part of the Tron, causing it to start as a figure emerge on the screen. No face, just a black hooded clothing material covering the figures head. Now the smoke is covering the entranceway not letting any camera angle take view of anything around that area. The Tron shows ‘Death’, but it slowly dissolves into a two words. “Quiet Death”. All of a sudden, a beat starts hitting the amps, slowly hitting people’s ears as the smoke slowly dissolves from the area.


Funyon stuff:


“Thou shall not fall…”


“Thou shall not fly…”


“Thou shall not fear…”


“Thou shall not live…”


The chorus of “Thou shall not cry” by Bauhaus hits the loudspeakers as the cloud clears up, showing an image of a male’s body, head tilted down to the floor. Drips of water mixed with sweats coming off his baldhead. The person known as ‘Quiet Death’ slowly lifts his head up as he breathes hard. He slowly makes his way down the ramp, the lights that they put by the edge of the ramp lights up with the color red on right side and the color black on the left side. Every step that ‘Quiet Death’ takes, the Tron shows an image of a rope formatted in a way of a hanging, a lethal injection, and a gun. He reaches the ring and slides in, ‘Death’ makes his way to the middle of the ring and stands there, by this time, the Tron images changes back to the person with the black hooded clothing over his head and faceless. ‘Quiet Death’ has his head down in the ring, and when he raised it, the image of ‘Death’ in the Tron removes the hoodie from his head displaying the face of…“Quiet Death”. The lights slowly turn back to the way they were as ‘Quiet Death’ goes towards the corner and crouches down waiting for his opponent.




Strength: 2 (He can lifts light weights easily, but isn’t going to have much success with people a lot heavier then him. Despite the lack of strength, Death can be seen performing some powerful moves given the right time and the right momentum.

Speed: 8 (He’s fast, kicks are fast, he runs fast, he’s just plain out fast. Can move with the best of them and can out hustle the bigger guys. Don’t blink, because things might happen.

Vitality: 6 (Can take a lot of punishment, although his back grounds of martial arts prevents any kind of punishment but in the wrestling ring, anything is possible. He takes a lot as much as he gives, that’s basically it.

Charisma: 4 (He’s a quiet guy. He usually does his performance in the ring, that’s where he does most of the talk, with his ability. Although, he is seen saying a few words here and there to show people that he is still alive even though he may not be wrestling at that particular time.




Style: Quiet Death style is mostly Martial Arts related hence he does a lot of kicks and submissions. He doesn’t throw people around a lot because his primary weapons are his legs. He does fly a lot and his style does cause the crowd to show their appreciation towards his performance, although he’s not looking for the crowd’s approval, he’s looking for respect. His kicks are deadly and struck with force and exactitude. His flying abilities do sometimes causes him to get into some trouble, but his quickness and quick thinking usually helps him out. He doesn’t present himself as cocky and conceited as he takes every match serious.


Signature moves: These moves are done at any time…they are all his favorites and he does it when the time is suitable.


1: ‘Quiet Thunder’ (This is a striking move done with kicks. It starts out with a kick to the back of the thigh causing the opponent to crumble to his/her knees. After seeing opponent on their knees, Death takes a few steps back, positioning himself for some damage. He curls up his fist as if he was gaining power from someone up above, and with sheer compel and precision, he connects a kick right to the side of the head/face of opponent, knocking them out for that time.)


2: ‘Unsighted Lightning’ (This move is similar to the ‘Quiet Thunder’ but it’s a tad different. The difference is that Death does not have to kick opponent in the back of the leg to make him/her get to their knees. Instead, opponent is already on their knees and Death is already sizing opponent up. He takes a step back, and comes forward with force kicking him/her right on the chest…he takes another step back and does the same thing again, kicking opponent on the chest. Now Death takes two steps back, closes his eyes and cracks his neck before stepping forward and blasting opponent right on the side of the head/face knocking them out for that time. [Think of Low Ki when you read this])


3: ‘Standing Death Star Press’ (Basically a standing shooting star press)


4: ‘Whiplash Death’ (This is another form of a kick, ‘Death’ grabs opponent and whips them towards the corner. After opponent crashes on the turnbuckle, back first. ‘Death’ makes his way to the opponent and once he gets about 1 foot to them, ‘Death’ jumps up and swings his right foot right towards opponents face as hard as possible. (Think of Low Ki, but without the tumbling)


5: ‘Tiger Suplex’ pin or release (From Behind)


6: ‘DTO’ [Death to opponent] (A variation of the ‘STO’, but instead, Death grabs opponent by throat and sweeps their feet. Back of the head and back of the neck of the opponent is the first to make contact to the mat.)


7: ‘Death Wave’ (This is another form of a kick, opponent is up on their feet, I, ‘Quiet Death’ run towards the ropes, jumps on the second ropes and springboards back with a swinging right kick to the side of the head of opponent.)


8: ‘Deadly Wishes’ (Super Frankensteiner from top rope, opponent and ‘Death’ both has to be standing on the top rope.)


9: ‘Face Death’ (This is a variation of a face buster, Death lifts opponent from behind as if he was going for a back suplex. He puts his head under opponents arm from behind, lifts him up in the air and then whips him forward, causing opponent’s head/face to crash on the mat with speed and force.)


10: ‘Back Death Driver’ (Backdrop Driver in short, explanation: ‘Death goes for a backdrop, but at the last possible moment he grabs the legs of opponent with both hands and then drops to the mat hard. Opponents head hits the mat hard.)





Common moves: These moves does not go in any type of order, ‘Death’ uses em when the moment is right.


1: Hurricanrana

2: Leg Lariat

3: Spinning heel kick

4: Spinning leg trip kick

5: Springboard clothesline

6: Diving Reverse DDT

7: German Suplex (Bridge or Release)

8: Dragon Suplex (Bridge of Release)

9: Standing Moonsault

10: Headlock takedown

11: Arm Drag

12: Standing side kick

13: Suplex into an Ace Crusher

14: Guillotine Leg Drop from top rope.

15: ‘Enziguri Death’ (This is without using the other leg for leverage. ‘Death just jump up in the air, and kicks opponent right on the side of the head.) [Looks like an Enziguri, but it’s not]

16: Flipping Dropkick

17: Swinging Sleeper Drop

18: Swinging Neck breaker

19: Triangle Hold

20: Split leg split (Opponent goes to grab ‘Death’, that’s when ‘Death’ does a split, as his legs separate, it goes in contact with opponent’s legs causing their legs to separate against their will causing damage and pain around the groin area.



Rare moves: Once again, these moves are down when situations get really tight. These moves are done on special matches or matches with opponent that ‘Death’ and opponent have a personal feud going. There are no orders of when move is perform or what is the least and/or favorite move.


1: Pump handle into Backbreaker (This moves does take a lot of strength therefore it’s rarely used.)


2: Reverse Hurricanrana (This is rarely done, unless situations need drastic measures. Usually if Death is in a situation where he is on opponent’s shoulders, he tries to reverse it to a pinning predicament, but if all fails, this will do the trick.


3: 450 splash (When he goes to the top rope, it’s usually for the leg drop or for the ‘Soundless Tornado’ (See Finishers for details) Although he does perform this move to show his skills or to out due opponent. Rarely uses it because it usually backfires.







1: “Soundless Tornado” [Ariel] (This move is set up at the turnbuckle while opponent is close to the corner and is lying on the mat. ‘Death’ faces the crowd and then jumps backwards while flipping forward. He continues to flip forward until he lands, leg first, across opponent’s head/neck/any where on the upper body. This move is not only a spectacular sight, but it’s dangerous, and most of the time it hurts Death ‘ALMOST’ as much as it hurts opponent)


2: “Dragon’s Death” [submission] (This is a Dragon Sleeper but put in a camel clutch way. Death is on top of opponent while opponent is face first on the mat, Death applies the Dragon Sleeper and pulls back while holding onto opponent’s arm with ‘Death’s’ free arm)


3: “Death by Numbers” [impact] (This moves start out as a standing headscissors, death lifts opponent up so that opponent is on top of Death’s shoulders. Death then grabs the legs of opponent, pushes them out as if causing opponent to flip out of it, but this makes opponent’s fall to the mat, face first. Opponent’s face is by Death’s crouch and his facedown on the mat. Knocked out.)


Notes: “Quiet Death” is a quiet martial arts expert, he doesn’t speak much, and he just goes out there to win. He doesn’t look for much help from the crowd or anybody back stage. He just looks out for himself. He believes that his worst enemy is himself and his only friend is himself. Death usually sits alone and talks to no one, even though he’s quiet in speaking, wrestling, fighting wise, he speaks in volumes. He’s deadly with his feet and knows where exactly to hit you to hurt you. He usually adapts to any situation put in front of him, he adapts to hazardous environment and situation. His downfall is his ability to control himself where a challenge is issue and it’s not in his favor.


Bio: He’s a loner, no one speaks to him therefore they have no idea what’s his past is about.

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Guest Evolution

Edit - June 24th - Took out a couple of moves, put a couple of moves in.


Smarks Board Name: Evolution

Wrestlers Name: "The Sinner" John Duran

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 265 lbs.

Hometown: Champaign, Illinois

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): None

Quote: "I will become number one by ANY means necessary."


Looks: Jet black hair that comes down to Duran's neck and just above his eyes, simply combed straight down, with matching black tights, quite muscular, with dark brown eyes, very intense-looking. Tights have the name "Duran" on both legs running down vertically in big white lettering, and Duran commonly wears a black t-shirt reading "SIN TO WIN" in big white lettering, though he sometimes goes without the shirt.


Ring Entrance: Drowning Pool's "Sinner" plays as John Duran comes out, intensely staring at the crowd as they boo him, grimacing in anger as he walks down towards the ring.


(Funyon stuff here)


(Duran will likely do some kind of negative crowd interaction to piss them off. Be as creative as you want.)


Duran gets up on the apron and enters the ring, going to the center of the ring and raising his arms, anger and hate apparent in his eyes, before going to the corner and awaiting his opponent.


Urban Decay ring entrance: Zack de la Rocha's "March Of Death" plays as (insert members here) of Urban Decay come out to boos. They walk down to the ring and raise their arms up, pointing to the sky.




Strength: 7

Speed: 3

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 4


Style: Duran depends on his strength and his ability to take a beating in matches, dishing out an amazing amount of powerhouse offense to his opponent in every match, trying to disable everyone he steps in the ring with.


Signature moves:


Spear/Tackle (More of a tackle, he'll wrap his arms around you and drive you hard into the turnbuckle)

Hard punches in the corner (mostly body shots)


Powerslam (out of the ropes)

Double underhook DDT


Common moves:

Vertical suplex




Reverse neckbreaker

Running shoulderblock (when opponent is coming out of the ropes)

Full Nelson

Belly-to-belly suplex


Running forearm

Boot choke (when opponent is in the turnbuckles)

Knee strike (ala Kevin Nash)


Gorilla Press

Low blow

Eye rake

Waistlock suplex




Rare moves:

"Crash Landing" - Top Rope Death Valley Driver

"Blunt Force Trauma" - Basically a TKO starting it in a Burning Hammer/Torture Rack set-up instead of a Fireman's carry set-up.



"Break Point" - Full nelson bomb (Bubba Bomb), at which point Duran leans back and locks the victim in a body scissors. (Common finisher, variation of the "Lockdown" once used by the late Randy Turner)

"Ultimate Sin" - A sit-out Razor's Edge.


Notes: Duran isn't exactly a hardcore wrestler, but will use weapons if the situation makes it necessary to do so. Otherwise, he's a by-the-book powerhouse wrestler, attempting to break his opponent in every match.


Bio: The thought of even becoming a pro wrestler was laughable to John Duran, until his wrestling teammate in college and longtime friend Randy Turner died training in Mexico during the summer due to a freak accident which was likely the result of overheating while working out. Duran knew that Turner was working his ass off to become a better wrestler, since Randy had felt that what he was giving the SJL at the time wasn't his best.


Upset over the circumstances in which Randy left the world, Duran knew that the only way to avenge Turner's death was to make an entrance in the SJL himself. After training for almost 8 months, John Duran comes to the SJL. Filled with anger and hate towards the other SJL superstars, Duran makes his entrance into the ranks with only one thing on his mind: To be the king of the hill. For Randy.


3/9/03 - W vs. Aaron Carpenter

3/13/03 - W w/ Terry Wayne vs. David Blazenwing and Geddion (TV Title #1 Contendership Match)

3/18/03 - L vs. Terry Wayne (W) and Omega Storm (TV Title Triangle Match)

3/23/03 - L vs. Terry Wayne (TV Title Match)

3/27/03 - L w/ Spike Jenkins/Omega Storm vs. Va'aiga/Christian Blackwell/Aaron Carpenter (Lucha Libre Trios Elimination Match, Main Event)

4/1/03 - DNS vs. Fosta (TV Title #1 Contendership Match)

4/6/03 - W vs. Terry Wayne (L) and Quiet Death (TV Title Triangle Match, Title Win)

4/10/03 - W vs. Syndicate (TV Title Defense)

4/15/03 - NS vs. Viktor Tarakanov (Non-Title Match)

4/20/03 - W vs. Terry Wayne (TV Title Defense)

4/24/03 - W vs. David Blazenwing (TV Title Defense)

4/29/03 - L vs. Leo Breslin, David Blazenwing, and Charlie "Grappler" Matthews (W) (TV Title Loss, Four Corners Elimination Match, Bringin' The Funk)

5/4/03 - W w/ Kaine vs. Christian Blackwell (Handicap Match, European Title Contendership Match, Main Event)

5/8/03 - W vs. Christian Blackwell (European Title Match, Title Win)

5/13/03 - NS vs. Leo Breslin and Viktor Tarakanov (W) (European Title Defense, Title Loss, Triangle Elimination Match)

5/18/03 - W vs. Tim Dillon (Hardcore Match)

5/22/03 - L w/ Manson vs. Va'aiga/Tim Dillon (Dual #1 Contender Match)

5/27/03 - W vs. Manson

6/1/03 - L vs. David Blazenwing, Viktor Tarakanov, and Charlie "Grappler" Matthews (W) (Fatal Four Way Euro Title #1 Contendership Match)

6/5/03 - W vs. Chris Trepainer (Win-By-Countout Euro Title #1 Contendership Match)

6/10/03 - L vs. Charlie "Grappler" Matthews (European Title Match)

6/15/03 - W vs. Johnathan Clarke and Dan Caldwell (Handicap Match)

6/19/03 - L vs. Manson, Aecas, Viktor Tarakanov, Spike Jenkins and Charlie "Grappler" Matthews (W) (Six-Way Elimination World Title #1 Contendership Match)

6/24/03 - W vs. English Dragon

6/29/03 - NS victory vs. Spike Jenkins, Jimmy Liston, and Shawn Tybalt (Fatal Four Way World Title #1 Contendership Match)

7/3/03 - L vs. Aecas (#1 Contendership Match with Guest Referee Charlie Matthews)

7/8/03 - W vs. Scott Solomon (DQ Victory)

Edited by Evolution

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Guest hhh6294

“Canadian Thunder” Chris Trepanier


Boards Name: hhh6294

Height: 6’8”

Weight: 272 lbs

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Manitoba, Canada

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Pro-Canada Heel (Face in Canada, heel everywhere else.)


Looks: Very lean, muscular body, like Benoit. Short faded black hair with a mask covering his entire face except for his mouth area with a red Maple Leaf covering the entire face area. No Shirt, and long blue and red tights with “Canadian Thunder” down the sides of them.


Ring Entrance: “This is the New Shit" by Marilyn Manson. Chris doesn’t taunt the fans at all, just walks down the aisle, focused on the ring and the opponent (if there is one). Once in the ring, Chris may occasionally climb to the top rope and just stare out at the crowds, but not very often (like once every 2 or 3 shows).




Strength: 7

Speed: 2

Vitality: 8

Charisma: 3


Style: Technical/Submissions Master. Very prominent Martial Arts Background as well. No cheating Tactics at all.


Signature Moves:

1. Standing Fireman’s Carry into a Falcon’s Arrow with the pin (The opponent lands on his back between Chris’s legs, and he holds the chest down for the pin.

2. “Triple Entente” – 2 sharp, painful kicks to the chest, followed by a roundhouse kick to the head

3. Belly to Belly 360-degree side slam (Chris lifts the opponent off the ground, spins 360 degrees, and slams him down in a side slam on his back.)

4. Sit-out Power bomb

5. 4x-8x German suplexes (The last one always holds for the pin)

6. Fisherman’s Suplex Pin

7. Northern Lights suplex into bridge pin

8. Chicken Wing Headlock

9. Double Underhook Vertical Brainbuster

10. Tiger Driver w/ pin


Common Moves

1. Leg Lock

2. Samoan Drop

3. Guillotine Leg Drop

4. Russian Leg Sweep

5. Swinging Neckbreaker

6. Release German suplex

7. Standing Headlock into a Swinging DDT

8. Double Underhook Suplex

9. Pumphandle Suplex

10. Kick to the back when the opponent is in a sitting position

11. Tornado DDT


Rare Moves

1. Standing Crucifix Powerbomb

2. Pedigree

3. Test Drive

4. Top-Rope Moonsault



1. “Lightning Strike” – Vertebreaker

2. “Storm Front” – Single Leg Lion Tamer (the real one, with the knee in the back at the real high angle)


Notes: Chris is very devoted to his in-ring work, and really doesn’t give a damn about the crowd reactions he recieves. Chris is a very quiet man, and very rarely interacts with anyone backstage that he doesn’t need to. In the ring, Chris has lightning quick (no pun intended) reflexes, and can adapt very quickly to any situation that he is thrown into.


Bio: From the Age of 10, Chris has been a devout follower of anything having to do with the sport of wrestling. After he Graduated from Middle City High School in Rapid City, Chris made weekly trips down to Montreal, where he worked with an independent federation to train on becoming a wrestler. Chris was never really good at Wrestling, since he was a bit overweight, but under the teachings of his Father, long time Independent Wrestling great Fredrick Trepanier, Chris lost nearly 50 pounds, and began to learn the techniques of the Technical Superstar.


After about two years, Chris signed a contract with the Minneapolis, Minnesota Based United Wrestling League, where he quickly rose to the top of the ladder and became UWL World Champion on several occasions. After about a year, Chris Trepanier and the UWL parted ways, and Chris spent the next 3 years traveling from federation to federation, never finding a real home. Finally, Chris Trepanier returned to his Grand Rapids, Manitoba home where he was greeted by the townsfolk with warm enthusiasm.


In the spring of 2000, Fred Trepanier retired from the Working world and formed the TWF, Trepanier Wrestling Federation, quickly gaining the support of his son and about 20 other waiting to be found wrestling stars in the area. The TWF hosted weekly shows in the gym of Middle City High School, where Chris graduated. For the next year, the TWF flourished, and eventually landed a deal that put them on the Public Airwaves.


About a month later, tragedy stuck when Fred Trepanier and his son Chris were involved in an accident coming home from a Hockey Game in Manitoba. Chris’s father was killed instantly when a Semi-Truck who ran a stoplight at a crossing not just 10 miles from their house struck their Ford F250. Chris suffered minor head injuries and a few broken ribs, but was devastated at the loss of his father.


The TWF was closed down within a month after the accident, due to no one willing or able to take the reigns of the company. The Middle City High School gym was renamed Trepanier Gym, honoring Chris’s father. 2 years later, Chris rejoined the independent wrestling scene, when he signed a contract with the Heartland Wrestling Alliance. After only a month, Chris was fired from the HWA due to suspected drug use. Chris drifted from federation to federation, and finally found a home with the SWF, or to be more precise, the SJL, the SWF’s farm league.

Edited by hhh6294

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Guest emerald_fusion

Syndicate’s Stats Template V2.0


Smarks Board Name: emerald_fusion

Wrestlers Name: Syndicate

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 239lbs

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): Whatever takes his fancy at the time.

Quote: N/A




Syndicate has short black hair and brown eyes, with slightly tanned skin. In the ring he wears red and silver wrestling tights, with black boots. He’s also decently toned, with some muscle definition, particularly his upper body.


Ring Entrance


Several blasts of red pyro fire up from across the stage as “Burn to Burn” by Static-X kicks into action, Syndicate stepping through the smoke and sparks as he makes his way to the ring to the cheers of the crowd, Funyon beginning the introductions.


::Funyon Stuff goes here::


As Funyon finishes his intro Syndicate slides into the ring and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, raising his arms to the cheers of the crowd before hopping down and focusing on the match at hand.




Strength: 7 [Pretty good strength, can do a number of big moves]

Speed: 3 [Hardly a high-flyer, but he’s decently paced in the ring]

Vitality: 7 [Can take plenty of punishment, but will go down eventually]

Charisma: 3 [Gets over more on his in-ring ability, but he’s capable on the mic if the need arises]




Syndicate is more focused in the ring than he was during his first few JL stint, Syndicate usually targets the head/neck region of the opponent and doesn’t let up, the majority of his offence targeting that region. Syndicate isn’t known for his high-risk antics, but if the need arises he can bust out some faster-paced stuff, though his repertoire is limited.


Signature moves


* Exploder ’98 Suplex: From a pumphandle position Syndicate lifts the opponent up and falls backwards, planting the opponent head first into the canvas.

* Forward Russian Leg Sweep: Hooks the opponent for a standard Russian Leg Sweep, but instead of falling back he moves forward, driving the opponent face-first to the canvas.

* Spinning Backdrop Suplex: Syndicate lifts the opponent for a standard backdrop suplex, but spins around as he’s executing the move before swiftly dropping down, the opponent crashing back-first to the mat.

* Snap Spinebuster: Syndicate catches a running opponent, lifting them up before snapping them down very forcefully, the opponent hitting the mat hard.

* Piledriver: With the opponent in a standing headscissors, Syndicate will pull them up before sitting out, the top of the opponent’s head greeting the mat in an unceremonious manner.

* Hiptoss Neckbreaker: Syndicate executes a hiptoss, but with the opponent in mid-air Syndicate turns and grabs the opponent’s head, snapping down with a neckbreaker.

* Fireman’s Carry to Facebuster: Lifting the opponent up into a fireman’s carry, Syndicate then swings them out, dropping the opponent face-first onto his knee.

* Rolling [insert move here]: In particular the Straightjacket Suplex, Snap Suplex, DDT and Brainbuster, delivering a number of the move in succession.

* Top Rope Elbow Drop: Doesn’t go up top too often, but when he does this is his primary aerial move.


Common moves


* Straightjacket Suplex

* Double Underhook Suplex

* Snap Suplex

* Superplex

* Brainbuster

* Shoulderbreaker

* Neckbreaker, both normal and swinging variety.

* Flurry of elbows and forearm shots to the back of a doubled-over opponents head/neck. Eddie Guerrero does it sometimes.

* Powerslam


* Bulldog

* Dropkick

* Elbow Drop

* Leg Drop

* Any basic moves or holds.


Rare moves


* Cradle to the Grave: Kid Kash’s Bank Roll. Syndicate lifts the opponent up like for a Fisherman’s Buster, before forcefully driving the opponent neck first onto Syndicate’s knee. Strong enough to finish a match, particularly if the opponent’s neck has been worked over.

* Blackout: Powerbomb to Facebuster. With the opponent on his shoulders for a powerbomb, Syndicate flips the opponent over backwards, sitting down and slamming the opponents face into the mat with a facebuster, ending like an X-Factor.

* Ring Apron DDT: A DDT onto the ring apron funnily enough, obviously not used unless both men find themselves on the apron.




* Vertigo: Sit-out Tombstone Piledriver. The move Owen Hart broke Austin’s neck with, Syndicate holds the opponent as if for a regular Tombstone (though the opponents head is at Syndicate’s upper legs instead of his knees), before sitting out, drilling the opponents head into the canvas with plenty of impact.

Edited by emerald_fusion

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Guest The Superstar



Career Highlights:


*SJL Television Champion (24 days)

*SJL European Champion (UNDEFEATED, 19 Days)

*SJL Superstar of the month (May 2003)

*SJL World Heavyweight Champion (Current and Reigning)


SJL Record: 16-2 (Writing: 17-1)


4.16.03 - SJL Wrath - W - Charlie Matthews vs. Leo Breslin

4.23.03 - SJL Crimson - L - Charlie Matthews vs. Viktor Tarakanov (No Disqualifications)

4.29.03 - SJL Bringin' the Funk! - W - Charlie Matthews vs. Leo Breslin vs. Blazenwing vs. John Duran © (Fatal Four-way Elimination Match for the SJL Television Championship)

5.4.03 - SJL Wrath - W - Charlie Matthews vs. Leo Breslin (TV Title Defense)

5.8.03 - SJL Crimson - W - Charlie Matthews vs. Blazenwing (TV Title Defense)

5.13.03 - SJL Metal - W - Charlie Matthews vs. Tim Dillon (TV Title Defense)

5.18.03 - SJL Wrath - W - Charlie Matthews vs. Leo Breslin (TV Title Defense)

5.23.03 - SJL Crimson - L1 - Charlie Matthew vs. Leo Breslin (TV Title Ladder Match)

5.27.03 - SJL Metal - W1 - Charlie Matthews & Spike Jenkins vs. Syndicate & Tim Dillon

6.1.03 - SJL Wrath - W - Charlie Matthews vs. Viktor Tarakanov vs. John Duran vs. Blazenwing (Fatal Four-way Contenders' Match for the European Championship)

6.5.03 - SJL Crimson - W - Charlie Matthews vs. Aecas (European Championship Match)

6.11.03 - SJL Metal - W - Charlie Matthews vs. John Duran (European Title Defense)

6.16.03 - SJL Wrath - W - Charlie Matthews vs. Scott Solomon (European Title Defense)

6.19.03 - SJL Crimson - W - Charlie Matthews vs. Viktor Tarakanov vs. Aecas vs. Manson vs. John Duran vs. Spike Jenkins (6-man elimination match for #1 contendership to the World Championship)

6.24.03 - SJL Metal - W - Charlie Matthews vs. Spike Jenkins (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

7.8.03 - SJL Wrath - W2 - Charlie Matthews & Leo Breslin vs. Viktor Tarakanov & Tim Dillon

7.13.03 - SJL Wrathapalooza - W - Charlie Matthews (w/Crow) vs. Aecas (w/Va'aiga) (Stadium Street Fight World Championship Defense)

7.22.03 - SJL Metal - W - Charlie Matthews vs. Manson (Stairway to Hell World Championship defense, special enforcer John Duran)


*L1 = Co-write with Leo Breslin

*W1 = Co-write with Spike Jenkins

*W2 = Co-write with Leo Breslin

Edited by The Superstar

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Leo Breslin


Smarks Board Name: GLWUT

Wrestlers Name: Leo Breslin

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 230

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Age: 24

Alignment: Face, sometimes leaning toward neutral

Stable: --

Ring Escort: Scarlet Minjonet (A feisty manager-type woman who escorts Leo at ALL times unless rules say otherwise; she does NOT interfere and meddle in the action unless an outside force lessens Leo's chances of winning--at which point she steps in and kicks major ass [using various DDT-style maneuvers and strong kicks])

Weapon(s): Random



Looks: With a build similar to that of Hardcore Holly, Leo Breslin, when outside the ring, often finds himself wearing Dockers with a tight shirt of black, gray, white… nothing too eccentric. His dark brown hair is clean-cut and his face is clear of all blemishes, dark hazel eyes taking center stage. Inside the ring Leo wears long tights of varying colors, mostly dark, with his name or initials printed on either side in different fonts. No shirt is worn, showing off his superior upper body.


Ring Entrance: Breslin’s theme music, “Won't Back Down” by Fuel, starts up. Through the opening riffs, the lights go out and sporadic flames shoot up from the stage until Leo finally emerges from behind the curtain, a determined look on his face and fire in his eyes. The lights remain off with the exception of a two spotlights following Leo and Scarlet as they make their way past the shooting flames and down the ramp, all the way to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and gets up in haste as Scarlet walks around to either side of the ring and watches on, a smile on her face. Leo is soon bouncing up and down with athletic leaps. One final set of flames shoots high into the air, accompanied by four new flames from each of the posts as the song ends abruptly and the lighting returns.



Strength: 4

Speed: 4

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 6


Style: An amazingly trained pure wrestler who can take a beating but still have enough ring presence and skill to fight through it and come out on top by any means possible, though rarely illegally. Is very big on following up power moves with painful submission maneuvers, both common, rare, and innovative. Sometimes heads to the top rope for a simple air attack, which packs plenty of impact.


Signature Moves:

Breslin Deluxe - After a Razor’s Edge, Breslin grabs the legs before they drop back down to the mat and places the opponent in the Walls of Jericho

Leo Combo - Cobra Clutch is applied until opponent is significantly wearied. A Cobra Clutch Suplex is then performed. This is usually following by a pinning attempt.

Belly-to-Back Crossface Chickenwing Suplex

Belly-to-Back Hammerlock Suplex

Northern Light Suplex (bridge optional)

Straightjacket Suplex

Fisherman Suplex (bridge optional)

German Suplex (bridge optional)

Leg Capture Suplex

NOTE: Suplexes are commonly “flawless,” unless Leo is damaged or dealing with an extra-large opponent


Common Moves:

Diamond Cutter

Snap Suplex

Belly-to-Back Suplex


Reverse DDT

Double-Arm DDT

Evenflow DDT


Boston Crab

Ankle Lock

Figure Four Leg Lock

Pumphandle Slam


Rare Moves:



Powerbomb (on smaller or similarly-sized opponents)



Cyclone - (Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex) - Leo stands behind the victim; he crosses the victim’s arms in front of them (straightjacket), bends down, sticks head between the victim's legs and lifts them up so the victim is sitting on his shoulders. Leo spins himself around, falls backwards and drops the victim on their back. He usually bridges for the pin.

Landslide - The victim rests on the top turnbuckle, dazed, with his legs on the outside of the rope. Leo pulls the victim's head down and places it between his right arm and side (ala DDT), then proceeds to back up, pulling the opponent down and forward with him. After taking a few steps back, Leo holds the head of a horizontal victim whose legs rest on the turnbuckle--usually their shins. Leo drops onto his back, delivering a variation (more dangerous, of course, since it's a FINISHER) of an evenflow DDT. To completely obliterate an opponent, Leo may hook the two arms for a double-arm evenflow DDT... or, in situations where it's permitted, may cleverly place a chair, title (if he has one), or other foreign object to line up with the victim's head.


Notes: Weapons and underhand tactics are RARELY used. A pure wrestler in just about every way, even if his opponent is a sleazy cheater. Feeds off personal satisfaction and is fueled by love, hate, and any other emotion from fans and other wrestlers. Scarlet Minjonet offers support outside the ring and ONLY involves herself if someone ELSE attempts to help the opponent illegally. She does NOT attack the opponent or the referee.


Bio: Born, raised, and trained for years in Cleveland, Ohio… more could be revealed as time goes by.

Edited by GLWUT

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Guest Insanityman

SmarksBoard Name: InsanityMan

Wrestlers Name: Tim Dillon

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 190

Hometown: Limerick, Ireland

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Face. It’s really hard not to like him.

Stable: None.

Ring Escort:

Weapon(s): One singular green painted brass knuckles... and under the ring is usually a shaky wooden three-legged stool. He uses everything and anything

Quote: “Oi, you haven’t faced anything until you face the luck of the Irish!”

“I’ll sham-rock your world!”

“You’ll be tastin’ the back of my hand, laddie.”


Looks: He looks like a walking stick figure that came to life. His hair is a fine blonde (nearly white) and it goes down to his mid-forehead. He also has freckles on his nose, and a few on each arm. Eyes are a deep, piercing green, which are usually calm or fierce. He’s just wiry, and his looks make him look like an easy target. He wears khaki colored cargoes with green shamrocks painted on the sides. His shirt is usually a “Dropkick Murphy’s” or an “End the Fight” font in green with a black background. He wears black Emerica skate shoes and shamrock patches are above the toes. (Think Pitt from Snatch for body structure, and I guess looks too).


Ring Entrance: Dropkick Murphy’s “Barroom Hero” begins to play, the bagpipes begin to blare and then the lyrics start (“Face down in the gutter, won’t admit defeat… those clothes are soiled and black!”). Suddenly, cheap green shamrock confetti falls from the rafters. (“He’s a big, strong man with a child’s mind, don’t you take his booze away!”). Orange and Green pyro blows off to the sides and Tim appears on the stage. Soaking up the cheers he struts down the stage with his arms in a boxer’s defensive pose as he throws a few punches. He then slaps some fans hands and he sometimes will hand out little Irish flag to his loyal fans. He slides into the ring and on the PPV’s he may pull a Guinness beer can and chug it down.




Strength: 3 (He throws some damn hard punches).

Speed: 5 (Pretty speedy).

Vitality: 8 (Takes an awful beating, have fun trying to knock him down. He’ll fall from the second chair shot, but you won’t be able to get the pin just from that).

Charisma: 4 (Gets the chants going, he’s overall likable and pretty over)


Style: He brawls (read notes) but also hits simple moves. He can fly through the air due to his speed, but isn’t busting out a 450* anytime soon.


Signature moves:


“The Irish Fury” Dillon knocks him into the turnbuckle, hops onto the second one and gives a very speedy and powerful ten to twenty punches while the fans chant “Oi” in-between each one..


“Finn’s Fall” Three to four rolling DDT’s.


Leg drop: This is his “I’m going to’ jump off something really high” move, and favorite top rope move.


Snap suplex


Missile Dropkick: Off the top rope or something high.




The Snap: You cheat, hurt a friend, do anything to truly piss him off and you get this- Tim usually takes off his shirt quickly, charges and tackles or punches you down and just delivers a beating. It happens often though, and if you’re a composed fighter you’ll be able to avoid the beat-down… most likely. (Like drop toe hold when he charges and then rest hold until Tim chills, etc, you WILL NOT be able to brawl your way out of a snap)




Top Rope Bulldog: Usually from to the outside, or a suicide leap across the ring.


Last Calls: Hammerlock into quick reverse DDT.


Just pure brawling- kneecap shots, punches, slaps, violent headlock with punches, whatever works for you.



Common moves:

Springboard leg drop


Boston Crab

Arm drag

Quick powerslam

Gore! He follows up with pummeling the opponents with punches.

School Boy

Kick to the kneecap (tries to follow up with a clothesline).

Irish Flip- Monkey flip, but you’ll go flying.

Shoulder Barge




Rare moves:

Piledriver- He will hit it for a good spot, and a way to end the match... but he tries to avoid it.


Release German Suplex



“Blood and Whiskey” Inverted Elevated Reverse DDT. He goes for the Reverse DDT (like Sting used too) and he then grabs a chunk of pants and/or flesh. He then lifts them into the air, to the point of being horizontal, and drops to his back (very harsh on the back of head and neck). It's in No Mercy.


Notes: Tim’s hundred percent Irish. So he’ll sometimes use meaningful Gaelic phrases to get a point across, he’ll jig in the ring for the pop. He truly came back for the fans, he lives off the cheers and it fuels him to pull crazy spots. His ability to take pain and have no fear makes him the perfect candidate for hardcore matches… but he’s not quite a masochist.


Personality (out of ring)- Fun loving guy, he will be thoughtful if he just suffered a tragedy (running out of Guinness… kidding, like a title match loss), usually will be drinking, but he’s overall a very nice guy. But piss him off and you also have a very intimidating Irishman wanting to knock you out.


Ring style- Nearly all for the cheers, about 90%, 10% to win the match. That’s the main reason he keeps going, keeps jigging, and keeps getting back up. He has an amazing ring presence and just brings a good vibe to the ring. He’s usually focused during the matches but will play to the crowd. He goes for the pin more often than knock out now, but he’s no stranger to wanting to beat someone into a TKO win (mainly if he doesn’t like you). If you cheat, it pisses Tim Dillon off severely, and he’ll probably snap- but he’s also very vulnerable to a composed fighter while in the snap.


Bio: Tim Dillon grew up in the peaceful town of Limerick. He was a smart kid but never could pay attention or care about his grades. Instead of getting a steady job, he discovered his skill in fighting (it runs in the family, actually) during a brawl in Middle School. Needless to say he practiced the talent and became a well-known knuckle boxer. He’d gain a steady pay from all the bets. However, his life turned upside down as his father (who had became addicted to pain killers) took an over dosage and died. Dillon’s name was scarred and Tim took out all his anger by nearly killing his next opponent. The bare-knuckle boxer champion was soon kicked out of the loop. Dillon’s clan name was held in even higher disrespect. His mother had inherited the father’s money and she equally gave them money planning to send them away to a different country for them to bloom and to lead a new life. Tim decided to move into America, where he planned to find a way to earn honest money. He then decided to try out for boxing, but everyone thought that bare knuckle was too brutal and they were scared. Finally, as a last resort, he tried out for SJL. He was accepted and now he’s ready to incorporate his unique personality and style to the federation.

Edited by Insanityman

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Guest ClockTower_GunShot

Smarks Board Name: ClockTower_GunShot

Wrestlers Name: Dan "The Phoenix" Caldwell

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 250 lbs.

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Age: 34

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: none

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): His fist.



Looks: Cacuasian. Short black hair, which is usually gelled up. Generally good looking, but is usually bruised up in the face area. Wears black fighter shorts in the ring, black knee pads, black bag gloves and generic black boots.


Ring Entrance:


[Red lights begin flashing around the arena. "Guerilla Radio" by Rage Against the Machine starts up over the PA, and Dan "The Phoenix" Caldwell walks out wearing a black robe. Dan makes his way to the ring, as Funyon stands in the ring, and makes his introduction. Dan walks towards the ring, and quietly gets in. Dan takes off his robe, and punches himself on the side of the head to warm himself up for his match.]




Strength: 8

Speed: 2

Vitality: 8

Charisma: 2


Style: Technical Brawler


Signature moves:

1. Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex

2. T-Bone Suplex

3. Exploder Suplex

4. Rapid knee and elbow strikes (mostly to the head)

5. Guillotine Choke

6. Standing leg lock

7. Crossface (Crippler Crossface, without the arm scissors.)

8. Triangle Choke

9. Katahajime


Common moves:

1. Rear choke hold

2. High Angle German Suplex

3. Uraken (Back fist)

4. Udehishigigyakujujigatame (cross armbreaker)

5. Achilles' tendon hold w/ ankle lock

6. Roaring Elbow

7. Running Spine Buster (Dan runs at his opponent, and lifts them into the air, in a spinebuster position, and drives himself and his opponent into the mat.)

8. Mafia Kick

9. Jujigatamae

10. Guillotine Chokehold

11. Diving Sleeper Hold (Sleeper Hold, but Dan drops back first to the mat, wraps his legs around the opponents waist, and tries to choke him out.)


Rare moves (in order from rare to very rare):

1. Head-Arm Suplex

2. Destiny Hammer (diving enzui knee)

3. Burning Hammer

4. Fisherman Buster

5. Michinoku Driver II



1. Phoenix Rising (Laying Dragon Sleeper w/ Legs wrapped around opponent's waist.)

2. Tiger Bomb


*If anybody needs any information on any of the moves, just message me.*


Notes: A brawling/technical wrestler. Likes to throw stiff punches, elbows and knees, but also likes to use them to work on the body, to weaken the opponent. When locks in a submission, he is out to hurt. Counters by usually throwing his opponent on the ground, and to destroy them with punches or elbows.


Bio: Growing up in Chicago, during his high school days, Dan began his career in amateur wrestling. Dan was named a prodigy at the sport, but due to his anger, he was tossed off the team and kicked out of school for fighting. The next 6 years, all Dan did was train, and work for the city Sanitation with his father and brother. One night, while going out to a bar with friends, Dan got into a fight with some drunk, and Dan of course, knocked the guy out in a few seconds. But unexpectedly, at the bar, was a shoot fighting promotor. The promotor saw Dan, and wanted to bring him into the world of shoot fighting. Dan joined for two things, the money, and beating people up. Soon, Dan began to make a name for himself on the lower ranks, and was about ready to sign with the UFC, before breaking his leg in a car accident. After his leg healed up, he tried to go back to the UFC, but they no longer were interested in him. So, Dan went to Japan, but instead for shoot fighting, he joined AJPW, and trained to be a professional wrestler. Returning to the US, and after traveling around the indy scene, Dan is now in the SJL to wreck some havoc.

Edited by ClockTower_GunShot

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Guest Goose749

Smarks Board Name: Goose749

Wrestlers Name: "The Demon" Jimmy Liston

Height: 6' 4''

Weight: 228 lbs

Hometown: Boston, MA

Age: 26

Face/Heel: Heel (crowd enjoys, but he does real heel things, i.e. Guerrero)

Stable: None

Ring Escort: Tyler Sullivan (Former tag team partner on minor circuits, now manager out to help Liston with a new image)

Weapon(s): None

Quote: "How does it feel to be in the hands of The Demon?"




long, dyed red hair

trimmed mustache and beard

athletic body

wears black pants

long-sleeved top with flame design, lower half of shirt black, top half red (similar to Kane's old top). Shirt has white ankh decal in front

Wears black gloves and boots with a white ankh.


Ring Entrance:

The lights go dark. Milky chanting can be heard in the background as spotlights fly over the fans, and a single phrase is uttered over the arena's sound system:


"Why don't you ask me what it feels like to be a freak?"


Rob Zombie's "Demon Speeding" erupts from the speakers as pyros run up the ramp, from ringside to entrance, ending with an explosion and flash of flames, revealing Jimmy Liston at the top of the ramp. Liston raises a fist towards the crowd as Tyler Sullivan runs out from the entrance and joins him. The two walk down the ramp to ringside as Funyon proceeds with the introductions.




Liston slides into the ring, climbs the near turnbuckle, and thrusts his fist into the air in time with the music. Sullivan crosses to the opposite turnbuckle and taunts the crowd on that side of the arena. Liston walks to the far turnbuckle, and Sullivan slides out of the ring as the house lights are brought up, and the music fades.




Strength: 7

Speed: 5

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 3


Style: Suplex


Signature moves:

Hunt (Liston spears opponent, wraps his arms around opponent's waist, and drives his opponent's back into the turnbuckle)

Boston Crab

Torment (Choke takedown)

R.I.P. (Sleeper hold on sitting opponent)

Torture Rack

Cross powerbomb pin

Bloodlust (hook opponents arms, followed by repeated headbutts)


Common moves:


Fallaway slam

Reverse Suplex

Falling neckbreaker



Underhook suplex

Arm wrench with hook kick

Falling back drop

Headbutts to back of opponent's head


Schoolboy pin

Small package pin

Fireman carry

Rib breaker

Shoulder breaker

German Suplex


Rare moves:

Repeated Powerbombs (usually 3)

Judgement (Spiral Powerbomb Pin)




Damnation (Lift as for drop suplex, then finish with a falling driver)

Descent (Powerbomb to facebuster)

Demon (Diving) Headbutt (This move is rarely successful. When Liston does make contact, the move can be devastating.)



Liston comes across as a stuck-up guy. He promotes himself as the greatest by-the-book wrestler, and yet is more than willing to cheat in order to win a match. Liston likes to act big and bad, and admittedly has the strength necessary to back up many of his claims. But he often picks fights against the wrong people - those either bigger or faster than him, or both. In the ring, Liston reverses often, but not excessively. He also as the ability to evolve with the match. He can change fighting style to better fit his needs, though there are limits to the extent of change. Due to a short leap distance, he will tend to stay away from high risk moves from the turnbuckle. However, Liston will use the Demon Headbutt when absolutely necessary - and when he gets a chance. Overall, Liston is quite an athlete, and, despite some really heel things he may do, he still manages to click with the fans.


Bio: Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Jimmy Liston joined amateur wrestling leagues at 19 years old. He fought in various indy circuits, where he met "The Dragon" Tyler Sullivan. Together, they formed a tag team, and became crowd favorites due to their surprising agility and antics. However, the two were never tremendously successful in the ring, and never won a title. They went on to Japan when Liston was 24. In the Japanese circuits, their reputations were destroyed. The Japanese saw the antics of "The Dragon" as an insult to their culture, and so Sullivan was forced to change his alias to "The Reaper". Still, the Japanese crowd remained unimpressed, and the team split up. Sullivan returned to the States in disgrace, while Liston remained in Japan for another year, trying to make it big. Now Liston has returned to the US of A, and is trying to make a new start for himself in the SJL, with the help of his old tag team partner, Tyler Sullivan.


:firedevil: SJL Match History: :firedevil:

05-18 vs. Dan "The Phoenix" Caldwell (W)

05-22 vs. Syndicate (L)

05-27 Hardcore vs. Scott Solomon (L)

06-01 TV Title Contendership Battle Royal

06-10 TV Title Contendership vs. Syndicate (W)

06-15 TV Title vs. Leo Breslin (W)

06-19 TV Title Defense vs. Shawn Tybalt (L)

06-29 World Title Contendership vs. Jenkins, Duran, Tybalt

07-03 TV Title Contendership vs. Todd Royal (L)

07-08 Triple Threat vs. Manson, Lockwood

07-13 American Gladiators style Joust vs. Tarakanov (W)

Edited by Goose749

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Guest King Juggalo

Smarks Board Name: King Juggalo

Wrestlers Name: Mark Kinxx

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 300 lbs.

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Age: 33

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Steel Chair

Quote: "I like peanuts!"


Looks: Gray shirt, black leather pants, black shoes, short blond hair, ocean blue eyes, black wristbands


Ring Entrance: Blue lights begin swirling around the stage and crowd as "Juggalo Chant" by ICP plays across the SmarkTron. Mark Kinxx comes out to a decent pop, poses, then runs to the ring, rolls inside and awaits his next victim.




Strength: 7

Speed: 4

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 3


Style: Balls-out Brawler


Signature moves:

- Bookend

- Scoop Slam DDT

- Bomb to Facebuster

- Dangerous DDT

- Jackhammer

- Texas Cloverleaf

- Steiner Recliner


Common moves:

- Powerbomb

- Heart Punch

- Toe Kick

- Scoop Slam


- Suplex

- German Suplex

- Belly to Belly Suplex

- Spear

- Running Clothesline


Rare moves:

- Derailer

- Frog Splash



- Crippler Kinxxface (carbon copy of Crippler Crossface, except Kinxx laughs like a madman while the hold is in)

- Diving Spear (off-the-top-rope spear, rarest of the three because it can easily cause an injury)

- Jackknife Piledriver (lifts them up in a tombstone piledriver position, then drops them on their head, lifts them back up and does this 2 more times... most common of the three)


Notes: I like peanuts!


Bio: After a freak accident at the Planter's nut factory, Kinxx was left able to say only three words... I like peanuts! Now he hates the world... and HE HATES PEANUTS!!!

Edited by Thoth

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Smarks Board Name: thuganomics

Wrestlers Name: Scott Solomon

Height: 6' 5"

Weight: 256

Hometown: East St. Louis, IL

Age: 25

Face/Heel: Tweener

Stable: none right now

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): sometimes uses a chair or a sledgehammer

Quote: "If it takes the entire Arsenal, I'll bring you down."


Looks: Solomon is tall and powerfully built. He has shoulder-length black hair, and a goatee. He usually comes to the ring in just a simple pair of black trucks with a yellow lightning bolt down each side. He wears a matching pair of black boots. Usually, Solomon wraps his hands in white tape.


Ring Entrance: The lights dim momentarily as Limp Bizkit's "My Way" cues up. Solomon hops from foot to foot (a la Lesnar) as Funyon makes a quick introduction. Solomon storms down to the ring wasting no time on taking down his opponent.




Strength: 6

Speed: 4

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 4



Style: Solomon focuses mostly on power moves like Backbreakers, Slams and the like. Against bigger or stronger foes, Solomon uses his technical skills, usually focusing on arm and neck locks. If the match calls for it, he occasionally pulls out a high-flying move, although he isn't particularly skilled at them. He has earned the nickname "The Arsenal" for his wide variety of skills. Of late, Solomon has focused on a more technical style, especially since his shocking loss at the hand of Charlie Matthews.


Signature moves:


Electric Chair Drop

Falling Arm Breaker

Stalling brainbuster

Pendulum backbreaker

Swinging Chokeslam (against running foes)

Frankensteiner (top-rope)

Repeated German Suplexes


Common moves:

Standing Armbar


Sidewalk Slam

Belly to back suplex

Full Nelson Slam

Release German Suplex



Diving Elbow

Diving Clothesline

Samoan Drop


10 Punch

Knife Hand Chop


Rare moves: Jacknife Powerbomb

Pumphandle Slam

Shooting Star Press



The Blaster: Solomon hoists his opponent up as if he was ready to perform a powerbomb. He then throws them up and around, slamming them in to the ground with a facebuster.

Disarmament: A modification of a sitting reverse armbar where Solomon shoves his knee in to his opponent's back as the hold is applied.


Notes: "The Arsenal" is a wrestler first, a showman second. He's in this business to win, and to take no guff from anyone in his way. Solomon refuses to back down from a challenge, and he will always do what it takes to pull off a win.


Bio: Solomon has been an active wreslter since 2000 on the indy circuit. His career was inspired by the heyday of the nWo, whom he felt didn't go far enough. He plans to take no prisoners in his quest for the gold.


Record: 5-2-1 no show

05/22/03 Crimson (debut)- W - Dan Caldwell & Cassius Atkinson (3-way dance)

05/27/03 Metal- W- Jimmy "The Demon" Liston

06/01/03 Wrath- NS- Battle Royale for Television #1 Contendership

06/05/03 Crimson- W -Hollywood Spike Jenkins (Gauntlet Match)

06/10/03 Metal- W- Dan Caldwell & Johnathan Clarke (3-way elimination for European #1 Contendership)

06/15/03 Wrath- L- Charlie "Grappler" Matthews (European Title Match)

06/19/03 Crimson- W- Cassius Atkinson & Syndicate (tag farewell match for David Blazenwing)

06/24/03 Metal- L- "Canadian Thunder" Chris Trepanier (European Title Match)

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