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Promo - Disturbance

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We are in a hallway. It's a nice hallway. At the other end is a large pictureesque window, overlooking a busy city street. Everything is kept in spic and span condition. Down the hallway, we see the bulk of a familiar figure as Janus stands at a door and looks down to check the note in his hand.


*Knock Knock*


"Come in."


The door opens and Janus steps in, and we move up to see the giant stepping into what looks like an office. Sitting in a comfortable chair is a slightly nerdy looking man, who looks very slight compared to the giant's mass, and he motions the behemoth to lay down on the couch next to him. Janus swings the door shut and we see the sign of. "Dr. Frood, Doctor and Psychiatrist. And then we are in the room as Janus lays out on the couch, which is almost too small for him, putting his bag down by the couchside.


Frood: "Now, I understand you booked this appointment yourself, Mr....Janus?"


Janus: "That's...correct, Doctor...."


Dr. Frood: "Hmm, so tell me then, what exactly is troubling you, my giant friend?"


The giant rolls his eyes back in his head for a moment and closes his eyes before responding.


Janus: "I hear...voices...in my head. Two of them..."


Dr. Frood: "....I see..."


Janus: "One of them...sounds like a conscience. The other one...it's like he's another me."


Dr. Frood: "Mr. Janus, what is your occupation?"


The giant pauses momentarily.


Janus: "Professional Wrestling."


Dr. Frood: "Aaaah. Mr. Janus, are you familiar with the terms 'in-character' and 'out-of-character'?"


Janus: "....No..."


The giant shifts, moving from a laying position to a more sitting position as he looks at Frood for a moment, getting more comfortable as the unfazed doctor of psychology looks right back at Janus.


Dr. Frood: "In-character is when you are acting as someone else. Out of character is when you are acting like yourself. You are following me, yes?"


Janus: "...yes...I believe so..."


Dr. Frood: "What are your describing to me as 'another you' may very well be either your character in the ring or who you are out of it."


Janus: "....Are you saying...I don't know who I am when I'm in the ring and when I'm out!?"


The clear anger on the giant's face shakes Frood's composure, and the doctor rises from his chair, backing away from Janus slowly as the giant rises from the couch with fingers clenched.


Dr. Frood: "Mr. Janus! Is that your real name or your in-ring name!?"


Janus: "In ring."


Dr. Frood: "Then remember who you are outside the ring. You're not Janus 24/7, are you?"


~No, you're not.~


Janus: "Shut up, Terrence!"


Despite this obvious logic from the voice in his mind, and ignoring the fact he verbalised his reponse, Janus lifts Frood's chair off the ground. The giant grits his teeth before throwing the wooden chair to the side, causing it to clatter to the ground as the giant looms over the small doctor, who quaveringly repeats his "24/7" statement, causing Janus to seemingly cool down.


Janus: "......Maybe....maybe you're right."


His rage apparently dissipating, Janus steps back from the doctor and leans down to pick up his bag. He glares down at Frood for several moments.


Janus: "I'll schedule another meeting later, doctor. When I'm in a better mood..."


With that, the giant storms out of the room, and Frood looks down at his notepad as the giant goes.


He said Terrence. He's got some sort of mental problem, that's true. He seems awfully aggressive. But no one's that bad in real life, or he'd be in prison by now.


Sitting back down at his desk, Frood runs a hand over his forehead and looks over at the chair that lays on its side next to the wall, before pressing the buzzer on his table.


I'll see him again I hope. Although it's time for the next person...


**Fade To Black**

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Guest SupaTaft

Wow brother, that was a sweet promo. Great character development, I cant wait to see where this takes our massive world champion.


In honor of this groovy promo, I have written a poem.




Hey there, look out Frood

'Cause Janus is a crazy dude!



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Guest Freakish_Twist_Of_Fate

But I'm sure Terrance couldn't team up with Silent and sit-out Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne. :)

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