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The Official Gateway Championship Wrestling Thread

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For the ...oh, one of you that might be interested.....the new GCW site is finally up




and the return show is October 1st in Overland Missouri. They've been inactive since mid-May. for problems with the Missouri State Athletic Commission.


Unfortunately I probably won't be able to be there because of work. But I'll see what I can do.

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Several Matches announced Overland Oct 1st



Monday, 20 September 2004

The card for Overland is heating up with the announcement of recent matches.




Both of these men are former GCW Heavyweight Champions, and both men hold previous victories over the current champion Chaz Wesson. On October 1st, these two men will battle out for the right to face "The Old School Warrior" for the gold...






...and the winner won't have to wait long for his title shot, as he'll face Wesson for the gold that same night! Chaz has been chomping at the bit for the past four months, ready to take on all comers who want a crack at his belt...and he'll face a tough test on 10/1 in the form of either Kory Twist or Kevin X






Four men, all former Light Heavyweight titleholders...and all gunning the belt that has been vacant since Commissioner Keith Smith stripped Nikki Strychnine of the gold in February! On October 1st in Overland, GCW will once again have a Light Heavyweight Champion!


Makaze was the inaugural GCW Light Heavyweight titlist, winning a ten-man tournament for the belt that included such contenders as Strychnine, Dingo, Mick Danger, and Matt Sydal! He is also the only person to hold the belt on three separate occasions...and he'll be looking for number four!


Dingo was the man that ended the reign of Makaze, and he punctuated that title win by putting Makaze out of wrestling for a year with a Dingo Driver onto a chair! Dingo is not only a top light heavyweight contender, but has shown that he can compete with the "big boys" as well, capturing the GCW Heavyweight Title in 2003!


OuTtKaSt brought Billy Mcneil's record-setting reign as champion to a screeching halt in August of 2002, and he's no stranger to multi-participant title defenses...he defended the belt in matches with two, three, or even five different challengers at once! OuTtKaSt's toughness is unquestioned...will he be able to recapture the gold?


"Slim Sexy" Sean Vincent shocked the Midwest by winning the Light Heavyweight Title not once but twice in early 2003...and his title wins were over two of his 10/1 opponents, OuTtKaSt and Makaze! Vincent may be viewed as the dark horse to win this contest...but he's found ways to win in the past!





Speaking of controversy...GCW's two female trainees will face off in Overland to determine who becomes an official part of the GCW roster! Who will follow in the footsteps of MsChif and Daizee Haze in joining Gateway's ranks...and what impact will the state athletic commission's ruling have on their GCW careers? The state law has dictated that women cannot wrestle men...what will the future hold for the "B-Team" members?



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from gatewaywrestling.com


Back In Bussiness - October 1, 2004 - Results



Saturday, 02 October 2004

An exciting night of action including the crowning of a new Light-Heavyweight Champ.

GCW's return to action kicked off with Jynx vs. Jackal! These two know each other quite well, as they were able to counter each other's signature moves on a few occasions. Jynx attempted a La Majistral cradle and Jackal kicked out, but Jynx quickly maneuvered Jackal straight into his crossface submission hold for the tapout victory!


In tag team action, D.N.S. took on Cabal & Rat Boy...while Jimmy Charisma and Melvin Talent were able to isolate Rat Boy for an extended period of time, Cabal finally tagged in and overpowered the opposition! D.N.S. tried to double-team the big man, but he countered a double whip attempt straight into a double chokeslam, pinning both!


GCW's female trainees took to the ring with an official GCW contract at stake, as Trainee #11 and Trainee #14 squared off! In the end, Trainee #14 resorted to bending the rules a bit, rolling up #11 with feet on the ropes for leverage to get the victory!


At this point, Sean Vincent and Richard Head entered the ring to "congratulate" Trainee #14...and then the truth was revealed. After Vincent's humiliating loss to Trainee #14 in Cape Girardeau back in May(a loss which resulted in haircuts for both himself and Richard Head), he went to the state athletic commission and got GCW busted for doing intergender matches! An angry Commissioner Keith Smith hit the ring, threatening to fire both men for what they had done to the promotion! Time will tell if this matter will escalate any further!


Richard Head stuck around to referee the next match between Trainee #15(Hunter Johnston) and Super Castaldi VII. The trainee had a good showing against the surprisingly competitive Castaldi and appeared to have the match wrapped up after a sitout face-first suplex...however, Head's shoulder appeared to cramp up when making the count! #15 protested, and the distraction allowed Castaldi to roll him up...and Head made a fast three-count! This did little to improve Commissioner Keith Smith's mood, as he ordered a match between Trainee #15 and Richard Head for next month's show in Overland on November 12th!


In a match to determine the #1 contender to the Heavyweight Title, Kory Twist took on Kevin X, who was accompanied not only by D'Mon G, but his brother Steve Sharp as well! Kevin X was relentless in focusing his attack on Twist's arm...however, Twist refused to give in, surviving the Pavement(formerly the Makeover) and barely reaching the ropes when trapped in Kevin X's armlock camel clutch submission hold! D'Mon G distracted the referee and Steve Sharp climbed up on the ring apron with a chair, but Twist reversed an Irish whip and Steve hit his brother with the chair by mistake! One Fate Factor later and Twist picked up the victory!


After the match, D'Mon and Steve Sharp argued and it appeared as though Kevin X was going to play peacemaker and stick up for his brother...but then he superkicked his brother out of nowhere, leading to a beatdown by Thug Inc. on Steve Sharp!


The GCW Light Heavyweight Title situation was finally to be decided, as a four-way dance was held between four former champions: Makaze, Dingo(w/ Sindy), OuTtKaSt, and "Slim Sexy" Sean Vincent(w/ Richard Head). The match was chaotic from the start, with two men brawling outside the ring and two men exchanging maneuvers inside the ring at the same time. Makaze was the first competitor to be eliminated, falling victim to OuTtKaSt's Lost Cause! OuTtKaSt appeared to be on a roll, dropping Vincent with the Case Study, but made the mistake of going for a top-rope move instead of trying for the pin, and Vincent rolled out of the way of the corkscrew moonsault! Dingo capitalized, dropping KaSt with the Dingo Driver to eliminate him!


It was down to Dingo and Vincent, and the two went down to the wire as they each scored close near-falls on each other! Vincent tried to set up for his Sexy Elbow, but Dingo hit the ropes to knock Vincent off-balance on the top rope. Dingo then tried to set up a Dingo Driver off the top, a move he'd beaten Vincent with in the past, but Vincent fought out of the move and delivered a sunset flip/powerbomb off the turnbuckles, scoring the shocking pinfall victory and becoming a three-time GCW Light Heavyweight Champion!


Before the main event, Steve Sharp hit the ring in a rage, demanding that his brother Kevin X face him right away! The fight was on, as the two brothers went toe to toe in the middle of the ring! However, the ring wasn't big enough to contain the fight, as Steve Sharp backdropped his brother over the top rope and onto D'Mon G. Then the big man went airborne with a plancha onto both members of Thug Inc.! Kevin X and D'Mon G stomped him down on the outside as things got totally out of control, and Big Bad Ben ran in to even the odds as the match was declared a no-contest! Commissioner Keith Smith was quick to act, announcing that Big Bad Ben and Steve Sharp would face Thug Inc. next month in Overland!


In the main event, Chaz Wesson defended the GCW Heavyweight Title against Kory Twist! The saga continued between these two, as their previous three matches resulted in the belt changing hands all three times! The story was different this time around, as Twist was still favoring his arm from his earlier match with Kevin X. Chaz focused his attack on the already-injured arm, and while Twist fought hard to overcome the disadvantage, it was not to be. Wesson used a variety of armholds to wear down Twist, finally cinching in a Fujiwara armbar in the middle of the ring! Chaz kept pulling back on the arm and increasing the pressure until Twist had no choice but to tap out! Chaz Wesson once again reigns supreme atop Gateway Championship Wrestling!

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The new site's great. The only drawback is that I still don't have a decent picture of Makaze, and I can't get to the apparel part of the merchandise page

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I'm going to the Cape show Saturday. There's quite a few new and missing faces. Here's the lineups for this weekend (stolen from gatewaywrestling.com)


First off, on Friday, November 12th, Gateway Championship Wrestling will return to the Wild Acres Gym(2500 Ashby Rd.) in Overland, Missouri for "Repercussions"! After the events of last month's Overland show, Commissioner Keith Smith has vowed to take a more hands-on approach to dealing with rulebreaking...and you can be sure that those who do wrong in Killer Keith's eyes will pay for it!





These two have plenty of history with each other...Dingo is a former Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion, and at the Overland show back in May, he took then-champion Kory Twist to the limit! Of course, Chaz isn't about to let go of the gold that easily, so you can expect an all-our war in Overland!




At "We're Back In Business", we discovered that perhaps blood isn't thicker than water, as Kevin X turned his back on his own brother Steve! Triple B helped Steve Sharp fight off the two-on-one attack, and in Overland on November 12th, the odds will be evened up in this grudge tag team matchup!




Commissioner Keith Smith showed little patience for the "Head Official"'s partisan officiating at the last show...after Head cost the trainee a match to Super Castaldi VII, Keith ordered Head to face Trainee #15 in a match...with his job on the line! If the trainee can come out on top, Dick, er, RICHARD will be fired!




Two of the hardest-hitting competitors in the Midwest will square off once again in Overland on 11/12! Strider came out on top in their matchup in Cape back in May...will he make it 2-0? Both men will be making their Overland debuts on the 12th!




D.N.S. is looking to rebound from their loss to Cabal & Rat Boy last month...but they'll have a tough task ahead of them against the former GCW Heavyweight Champion Twist and his partner Jynx! This will be the first time that Twist and Jynx have joined forces...will the team experience of D.N.S. be the deciding factor?




Castaldi VII scored a rare win over Trainee #15 last month, but the winning streak for the pride of Encinada looks to be ending at "one" as the Castaldis must face the huge Cabal! I'm rooting for the masked guy in this one...err...




That's not all...the next night, GCW makes its triumphant return to the A.C. Brase Arena(410 Kiwanis Dr.) in Cape Girardeau, Missouri for "Nasty In November"!





These two will battle it out once again, in the same arena where they went to war back in March! Chairs, tables, and road signs came into play in that contest...will we see more of the same?




This could be the toughest challenge in the GCW careers of both men! Strider's going up against the former two-time Heavyweight Champion, while Twist is dealing with an opponent with an amazing threshhold for pain...and an opponent who can dish it out just as well as he can take it! One thing is for sure...both men have their eye on the belt, and this match could determine who gets the next shot!




Jack Miller hasn't been seen in GCW in a long time, but he is scheduled to make his return in Cape Girardeau on the 13th! He's got a tall order ahead of him in his first match back, as Jynx has been on a hot streak in 2004...look for a great technical matchup between these two!




Jackal has seemingly been "unleashed" as of late without MsChif around to control him. Brett Young had best beware...or maybe have his trademark steel chair handy!




This match will hinge on the outcome of Head's match in Overland the previous night...will Head still be gainfully employed by GCW by the time this match is scheduled to come about? The signing of this match raises another question: Is the ban on intergender matches on the verge of being lifted? Head and his mentor, GCW Light Heavyweight Champion Sean Vincent, have been outspoken about their disdain for women's wrestling...and it looks like they may have to eat their words very soon!




On top of that, GCW will be making its first appearance in a year and a half at North County Tech High School(1700 Derhake Rd.) in Florissant, Missouri on Friday, November 19th! Get ready for a busy month of November in Gateway Championship Wrestling!



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