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Guest Slingshot Suplex

The Official Gateway Championship Wrestling Thread

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Hey guys,


Anyone have a contact number for the Gateway staff? For those of you who don't know, I work at Wrestling Superstore, and I'm checking up on a lot of indies to possibly carry in the video selection.



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Guest PowerPB13

GCW TV Report for November 1st, 2003


GCW television is on the air, and The Grand Poobah and Tommy Jeans hype the show's huge main event: Madman Pondo vs. Diamond Back Dingo! Time for action...


Jackal(w/ MsChif) vs. OuTtKaSt


Poobah notes the history between KaSt and MsChif, as both were in the Ministry Of Hate but KaSt was left by himself once the Ministry disbanded...and KaSt blames MsChif for the group's breakup.


Lockup attempt and KaSt immediately shoves Jackal away. Jackal, having been duly notified of who the stronger of the two is, stalls a bit before moving back in. The next lockup results in some hold exchanging with Jackal gaining the edge with an armwringer. However, KaSt is close to the ropes, so he grabs the top rope, does a forward flip to ease the pressure, then reverses things. KaSt whips Jackal into the ropes, puts his head down, and Jackal tumbles over the top of his opponent with a flying armdrag! Jackal again runs the ropes and this time comes up with an airborne tornado DDT! Jackal celebrates, then covers for twooooo.


Jackal fires off his kneedrop/legdrop/flip senton combo, but KaSt avoids the flip senton part of it and fires away on Jackal. Whip and Samoan drop...then the Spineshank(over-the-shoulder backbreaker), then finally a missile dropkick off the middle turnbuckle! Two-count. KaSt whips Jackal into the corner and ascends the opposite buckles to set up for the Downfall Of Society(flying shoulderblock off the top), but MsChif gets involved, landing KaSt rather painfully on the turnbuckles. Jackal climbs up the corner and leaps over KaSt's head with a flying headscissors(a la Super Calo) to take him down to the mat hard! One...two...no!


Jackal decides to finish things with the Killswitch(aka Sliced Bread #2), but as Jackal walks the turnbuckles and flips backwards, KaSt blocks the move at the last second by staying on his feet, then turns around straight into the Six-Sic-Six(rolling Northern Lights suplexes)...and he hangs on for the Case Study(opponent stretched across back, spun into a bulldog-ish landing)! Count it, ref.




Hype graphic: TV taping on 11/8 at Aggies' in St. Louis, house shows on 11/14 at the Wild Acres Gym in Overland, MO and on 11/15 at the A.C. Brase Arena in Cape Girardeau, MO.


The Grand Poobah brings out Madman Pondo for some promo time, and Pondo immediately grabs the mike and enters the ring to address the people. Pondo says he hates this company, the fans, the boss, and "that dingus Dingo!" Pondo vows that while Dingo defeated him once before, it won't happen again, and vows to kiss the ass of every fan in attendance if he loses. Somehow I don't think that'll make TV...


Rob Van Dam and Fonzie tell us how cool GCW TV is. Free RVD!


Ian Storm vs. Rat Boy(w/ Jynx)


Rat Boy, with his usual ring attire on over his muscle suit, tries to warm up before the match with some muscle stretching equipment, but ends up entangled in it. Oh well, better luck next time.


Despite the pre-match mishaps, Rat Boy wants to start with a test of strength. Ian gains the early edge, but Rat Boy powers out and turns it around. (During this, Tommy Jeans speculates that Rat Boy has been following the Mark McGwire training regimen...blasphemy! He also has a line about stuff that McGwire, Rat Boy, and Liberace have in common that I don't know if I should repeat.) Anywho, Ian turns things around and clotheslines Rat Boy to the mat for a quick two-count, then slams him for another two. Inverted atomic drop is followed up by the infamous John Wu Dropkick(running missile dropkick), and that earns Storm another two-count.


Rat Boy suddenly comes back to life, ducking a clothesline and practically folding Storm in half with a full nelson slam! Rat Boy fires up a la the Ultimate Warrior, whips Ian into the corner, charges in, somersaults...and hits only turnbuckles as Ian moves out of the way. Well, that was short-lived. Ian decides to wrap this one up, literally, with his Toolbox submission hold, and while Rat Boy tries to hang on, he has nowhere to go and taps out.


WINNER: Ian Storm


Hype graphic #2.


Poobah brings out Makaze and Sindy, noting that Makaze has a shot at the GCW Light Heavyweight Title next week on TV against MsChif. Sindy runs down her protege, saying that he hasn't been following the game plan and that if he blows it next week, "your rising sun will set!"


"The Icon" Chris Hargas vs. Jeremy (Lightfoot)


Two GCW newcomers locking up here, though Jeremy has been slightly more successful...Hargas is still looking for his first win on TV.


Opening lockup results in an armwringer exchange, then Jeremy gets a headlock. Hargas sends him for the ride, leapfrogs him, but Jeremy reverses fortunes with a sitout hiptoss. Hargas blocks the tomahawk chop and punches away, but when he tries to go into knife-edge chops, Jeremy shows him how it's done(in rather loud fashion). WHOO!


Hargas manages to avoid further chops, ducks out of the corner, and catches Jeremy in a side suplex...for two. Whip and dropkick, and Jeremy decides that the ring apron would be a good place to collect his thoughts. Hargas tries to go after him and runs him into the turnbuckles a few times, but gets overzealous and climbs the ropes to continue the assault. Jeremy takes the opening and trips him up, leaving him straddled on the middle turnbuckle, then slingshots in with a somersault neckbreaker!


Back in, big slam, elbowdrop...misses. Hargas tries to seize the advantage, but Jeremy reverses a whip straight into a variation of the Lightfoot Driver(some may know it as a Falcon Arrow), and that's the ballgame.


WINNER: Jeremy


Hype graphic #3.


Poobah brings out Daizee Haze and C.J. McManus...Daizee wanted to personally thank C.J. for helping her out after the Jack Adonis match last week, saving her from further injury to her leg. Daizee suggests that they "get their groove on together" and team up next week, and C.J. says that would be "FANTASTIC!"


Madman Pondo(w/ shopping cart of plunder) vs. Diamond Back Dingo


Pondo wastes no time emptying his shopping cart, so Dingo wastes no time dashing out of the entranceway and kicking off hostilities. Pondo enters the ring for refuge, and when Dingo tries to follow, Pondo rolls the shopping cart right into him! Pondo, needless to say, has the momentum, and he takes advantage, hanging Dingo upside-down in the corner, putting a stopsign in front of his face, then simply thowing the shopping cart at him!


Pondo follows up by running Dingo's head into the cart, then sets him up on the cart and climbs the turnbuckles. Pondo leaps, flips...and lands on only shopping cart as Dingo moves out of the way! Dingo is quick to press his own advantage, stomping Pondo down and then putting the stopsign on top of him. Dingo then borrows Tommy Jeans' chair(Tommy: "Do I get time-and-a-half for having to stand up?") and leaps from the turnbuckles with a chair-assisted splash onto the stop sign and Pondo!


Dingo goes to the well again, but it turns out to be once too often as Pondo gets a boot up. Pondo whips Dingo into the ropes and BOUNCES the stopsign off Dingo's head! One...two...no! Pondo tries it again, Dingo ducks the stopsign, tries a sunset flip...but Pondo still has the stopsign and whacks Dingo with it again! One...two...NO!


Pondo sends Dingo into the ropes one more time...Dingo ducks the sign shot...ducks another...then kicks Pondo in the gut, followed by a field goal kick to knock the sign back into Pondo's face! Pondo seeks refuge on the outside, but Dingo baseball-slides into him, then does a somersault dive off the apron into Pondo! Dingo drags Pondo back in to finish things, but Pondo catches a cross-bodyblock attempt, turning it into a swinging Rock Bottom! One...two...NO!


Pondo sets Dingo up on the top turnbuckle, but Dingo fights out of that predicament...ending in a tornado DDT! Dingo heads topside, launches the Dingosault...nails it! One...two...THREE!


WINNER: Diamond Back Dingo


The fans start a "Pucker Up Pondo, Pucker Up *clap clap*" chant, but Pondo says they misunderstood...if he lost, THEY could kiss HIS ass! That's our show for this week...




When GCW returns to your television screen next week, you'll witness a huge grudge match that has been building up on GCW TV over the past month and a half...Kory Twist faces his toughest test to date as he faces former GCW Heavyweight Champion Jack Adonis of the Fourth Reich! We've seen these two get into it on more than one occasion, as Twist has involved himself in the Reich's business...who will emerge victorious next week?


That's not all...MsChif will defend the GCW Light Heavyweight Title against the man she originally won the belt from, Makaze! Sindy is threatening dire consequences if Makaze doesn't win the belt for the fourth time...will his luck change next week?


GCW's newest tag team of C.J. McManus and Daizee Haze will be in action, but their first TV matchup will be a tough one as they take on Nightbreed, Cabal and Jackal! Will they be able to overcome the team experience of Nightbreed...not to mention the sheer size of Cabal?


Also, Chaz Wesson will be in action against the man, the myth, the legend...Trainee #10! Be sure to tune in next week Saturday at noon on St. Louis Charter Channel 18!


Friday, November 7th at Aggies' in St. Louis, MO

"Adults F'n Only 23 Music Mayhem"


Saturday, November 8th at Aggies' in St. Louis, MO

Free-admission TV taping


Friday, November 14th at the Wild Acres Gym in Overland, MO

GCW's 100th house show!


Saturday, November 15th at the A.C. Brase Arena in Cape Girardeau, MO


Saturday, November 29th at the Knights Of Columbus Hall in DeSoto, MO

Title vs. Title!

-GCW Heavyweight Champion Nikki Strychnine vs. GCW Light Heavyweight Champion MsChif


GCW Website: http://www.gatewaywrestling.com/

The Fan Cam(featuring pictures from this TV show): http://members.aol.com/PowerPB13/gcwpics.htm



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Guest PowerPB13

Credit: David Rogers on the gatewaywrestling.com message board


Gateway Championship Wrestling will be ending 2003 with a bang with several huge shows over the next two months!


This Friday night, November the 7th, GCW will make its return to Aggies' on South Broadway in downtown St. Louis, Missouri for the 23rd addition of "Adults F'n Only"! At "AF'NO", all the language and violence barriers are out the window...these shows are not for the faint of heart!


The main event will be a Three-Way Dance. Team #1 is Diabolic Khaos, comprised of Delirious and GCW Light Heavyweight Champion MsChif. Team #2 is the duo of Diamond Back Dingo and Daizee Haze...and team #3 is the highly unusual combination of GCW Heavyweight Champion Nikki Strychnine and Kory Twist! Lately Twist has gotten involved in the Fourth Reich's business, but rumors have abounded that the Toxic Titan may actually be impressed with the newcomer...impressed enough to try to recruit him into the fold! Twist's hunger for competition and willingness to face any opponent may have landed him in a tough situation...but we'll see if he can make the most of it, even while paired up with Hatred Walking!


Another huge matchup for AF'NO 23 is a Last Man Standing contest featuring one of the longest-running feuds in GCW...or in Midwest wrestling, for that matter! Since the very first GCW show, it seems like Big Bad Ben and The Human Wrecking Ball Pete Madden have been at each other's throats. They fought in the finals of the tournament to crown the first GCW Heavyweight Champion, and they've been through all kinds of dangerous matches...including exploding barbed wire! This Friday night, another chapter will be added to this ongoing saga!


Finally, AF'NO 23 will feature the return of the one and only Heart Attack Jack...and if you don't know who Heart Attack Jack is, you'll just have to be at the show to find out for yourself exactly what HAJ is all about!


As for the rest of November, Saturday November 8th will be a free-admission TV taping, once again at Aggies' in St. Louis. A week from Friday, 11/14, GCW returns to the Wild Acres Gym in Overland, MO for its landmark 100th house show! On Saturday 11/15, GCW invades the A.C. Brase Arena in Cape Girardeau!


Finally, wrapping up November, GCW returns to the Knights Of Columbus Hall in DeSoto, MO on Saturday November 29th for "Challenge Of Champions III". GCW has had several Heavyweight Champion vs. Light Heavyweight Champion matches in the past, but all have been only for the Heavyweight gold...on 11/29, both belts will be at stake! Four-time Heavyweight Champion Nikki Strychnine takes on Light Heavyweight Champion MsChif in a battle that's been in the making for almost a year! Both Strychnine and MsChif have held their respective belts for six months...and it looks like the only people that might be able to end their reigns are...each other!


A year and a half ago, Strychnine recruited Diabolic Khaos for his Ministry Of Hate...but over time, it seemed as though "Hatred Walking" had actually developed some decidedly non-hateful feelings for MsChif! This didn't sit well with MsChif, who grew increasingly fed up with his protective actions until finally turning on him back in February! Strychnine sunk into a depressed state for several months, even changing his entire persona and calling himself "Nikodemus Ravendark"! After a few months of love poetry replacing venom-filled rants, the old Strychnine finally resurfaced thanks to the influence of Pete Madden...but until recently, the Strychnine-MsChif issue hadn't been brought to the forefront. Now, they'll finally go at it, with both of GCW's championship titles hanging in the balance!


Finally the year finishes up for GCW with AF'NO 24 on Friday December 5th at Aggies'...and it will feature "I QUIT 2" between Big Bad Ben and "The Alaskan Heartthrob" Jack Adonis! GCW fans still talk about the original "I QUIT" match between Ben and Adonis to this day...will they be able to top their previous encounter? The only way to find out will be to check out GCW on December 5th!


-Patrick Brandmeyer




Love hurts...


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Guest PowerPB13

Report on Friday's Adults F'n Only 23: Music Mayhem


The night kicked off with Sean Vincent threatening to remove his shirt for the fans in attendance, then declaring that we didn't deserve it...thank goodness for that.


The opening match of the night featured Trainee #11 vs. Thunderbolt...the masked man didn't take it easy on #11, but she hung in there and got the win with a turnbuckle-walk bulldog!


Next up was Makaze(w/ Sindy) vs. Jackal(w/ Cabal). Very competitive matchup, and Cabal got involved to turn the tide in his partner's favor. Makaze regained the edge, and when it looked like he was about to launch the Osaka Jam onto Jackal, he instead dove onto Cabal on the outside to take him out of the equation! Back in the ring, Makaze wrapped things up with the Blizzard Suplex...and when Cabal manhandled Sindy afterwards, he simply walked away!


At this point, Vincent(w/ Richard Head) showed his face again, taking it upon himself to relieve Adam Starr of his ring announcing duties while Head refereed the next match, Kevin Sharp vs. Super Castaldi I. It was an easy win for Sharp, who made Castaldi tap out to his cobra clutch/camel clutch combination hold.


Post-match, Vincent criticized Head's refereeing job and tried to pick a fight with Sharp, but ended up leaving his protege to the wolves as Sharp took out his frustrations on Head! At this point, Commissioner Keith Smith(in a neckbrace after the chair attacks he suffered two weeks ago in Overland and DeSoto) decided to set things right, putting Adam Starr back in as ring announcer and making Vincent do Starr's bidding for the remainder of the night!


In tag team action, Ian Storm and Shawn Almighty of Double Negative reunited to take on Team Trainee. Kevin Sharp took an interest in the matchup and watched from ringside as the two duos went at it. However, the recent inactivity as a unit showed as Storm and Almighty didn't work together as well as they used to. In the heat of battle, Almighty cleaned house, but when Storm was knocked into his partner, Almighty accidentally gave his partner a Diamond Cutter! Trainee #3 took advantage to score the surprise pinfall for the upset!


Afterwards, Sharp tried to convince Almighty to ditch Storm, saying that he wasn't being shown the proper respect...and noted that he himself, a former GCW Heavyweight Champion, was reduced to fighting a Castaldi on this night. Almighty didn't heed Sharp's advice, though, and he shook hands with his tag team partner...


Next up was Jeremy vs. Cabal(w/ Jackal). It was a tough matchup as Jeremy had trouble taking the big man down, especially after Cabal attacked his leg with a steel chair! Out on the floor, Jeremy hit a running somersault dive off the apron to knock Cabal down, but when he tried to finish things back in the ring, Cabal caught him on the second turnbuckle and chokeslammed him to the mat, scoring a major victory!


The last match before intermission featured the return to AF'NO of Heart Attack Jack as he took on..."Christopher Walken"? (While Walken may have borne a striking resemblance to The Croc, don't be mistaken...) Walken repeatedly enlightened his opponent and the fans in attendance with his words of wisdom, and despite Jack's traditional method of attack(involving various methods of attempted sodomy), Walken managed to make Jack tap out to the Greco-Roman wristwatch into the hindquarters...no, REALLY.


After intermission, it was heavyweight vs. light heavyweight as Chaz Wesson faced Matt. Matt did his best to outmaneuver the Old School Warrior, but it was not to be as Chaz defeated him with a double-underhook powerbomb and the Mullet Cutter.


Before the next matchup, Adam Starr, who had been repeatedly sending Vincent for refreshments all night, said that maybe a ringside fan should get a massage. The fans chanted for Louie to get it, so Vincent was forced to oblige(under the threat of being fired by Keith if he didn't do everything Starr asked him to do)!


OuTtKaSt, wearing a "Crash" wristband in tribute to the late Mike Lockwood(aka Crash Holly and Mad Mikey), faced the recently-unmasked Jynx. Very competitive outing, as Jynx was intent on proving that he could succeed without the mask. However, despite Jynx escaping the Case Study setup, KaSt got the three-count after a middle-rope springboard into a sunset flip!


In a grudge match, it was Big Bad Ben vs. Pete Madden to settle some long-standing scores. These two brawled all over the place and Ben ended up bloodied when Pete attacked him with barbed wire! Weapons of all kinds were used, and when Pete tried to put Ben through a table with a top-rope Frankensteiner, Ben cut him off at the pass and powerbombed him through the table for the victory! Pete laid out Ben with a kendo stick post-match, so I'm sure this one still isn't over...


Finally, it was the main event Three-Way Dance with Delirious & MsChif vs. Diamond Back Dingo & Daizee Haze vs. Nikki Strychnine & Kory Twist(w/ Pete Madden). Twist clearly didn't want any part of teaming with Nikki, despite Pete's encouragement. Nikki and MsChif repeatedly tried to go after each other, but the confrontation kept getting interrupted in some manner. Finally Nikki brought out a leather strap and choked MsChif down with it, even dragging her outside the ring to continue the punishment...and both were counted out as they fought to the backstage area.


Dingo and Delirious resumed old hostilities at this point...Delirious avoided a Dingosault and attempted the Bizarro Driver(modified fisherman buster), but Dingo reversed into a Dingo Driver attempt. However, Delirious reversed mid-air into a small package for a surprise pinfall on Dingo! Daizee tried to take the offensive against Delirious, but the masked man from Dante's Inferno cut her off quickly. Kory Twist tried to help, but nailed Daizee by mistake, and Delirious planted her with the Bizarro Driver to eliminate her.


It came down to Kory Twist and Delirious, and the two went through a fast-paced exchange with a lot of close calls. Twist incredibly survived Shadows Over Hell, so Delirious attempted a flying rana off the top rope. Twist blocked the move and repeatedly drove Delirious into the mat with a chain of powerbombs! On the third powerbomb attempt, Delirious countered into a rana, but Twist rolled through into a sunset flip to edge out the victory! When Madden attempted to reward Twist with a Fourth Reich armband, Twist wiped himself with it and threw it away!


Afterwards, the fans in attendance were treated to a musical performance by "Bloody Fetus" which had to be heard to be believed...'nuff said.






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Guest PowerPB13

GCW TV Report, 11/8/03


The Grand Poobah and Tommy Jeans welcome us to this week's edition of GCW TV! No time to waste, as we immediately head to the ring for our Light Heavyweight Title match...


Makaze(w/ Sindy) vs. MsChif(w/ Jackal) for the GCW Light Heavyweight Title


Things start off in technical fashion, but when Sindy decides to take early aim at MsChif with her kendo stick, Makaze quickly heads out to the floor to warn her against doing that. However, this allows MsChif the opportunity to jump him from behind while he's otherwise occupied. Makaze gets a really close look at the guardrail, twice, before MsChif sends him back between the ropes for more punishment.


MsChif knees Makaze in the back and hits the Call From The Grave(inverted swinging neckbreaker), but Makaze barely kicks out at 2 1/2. MsChif tries to set up a tornado DDT, but Makaze blocks the move...and while the referee tries to keep Jackal from making a fuss on the ring apron, Sindy nails MsChif with the kendo stick! Makaze could easily cover MsChif for the pin and the belt, but instead he foregoes the victory and gets angry at Sindy for her involvement! This allows MsChif time to recover from the shot and roll up Makaze(with a handful of tights) for the pinfall!


WINNER(and still GCW Light Heavyweight Champion): MsChif


Post-match Makaze and Sindy have another spat, and Makaze physically puts Sindy into the ring...it looks like he's going to attack her with the kendo stick, but instead he hits the top rope in frustration and walks away from his manager...


Graphic hyping upcoming shows: Friday November 14th in Overland, Saturday November 15th in Cape Girardeau, and Saturday November 29th in DeSoto.


The Grand Poobah introduces the Fourth Reich for some promo time. Nikki Strychnine says that while may people feel that Jack Adonis is an idiot and doesn't know what he's doing, and can't get anything right, etc., etc.(Pete has to stop him from continues)...Adonis is one of them, and he hands the mike over to Jack to voice his views.


Adonis says that due to the events in recent weeks, they've added "a little 'Twist'" to "the list". He also proclaims that while the fans consider them the "bad guys", America has never really known who the bad guys were...Osama bin Ladin was once an ally...we're in the middle of a "terrorist occupation" in Iraq...etc.


However, Adonis has to halt his promo in midstream...he says that the Reich had a power lunch earlier in the day. Adonis voted for the Olive Garden, but Nikki and Pete(and Lemmy) outvoted him to go to an all-you-can-eat steak buffet. He should have had a salad or a potato or something, but, Jack says, how often can a guy like him get all-you-can-eye ribeye for such a good price? Long story short...he's gotta run to the bathroom.


Nikki completes the promo, saying that Adonis will take care of Kory Twist in tonight's main event, which just happens to be a no-DQ match. Good luck...


Nightbreed(Cabal & Jackal) vs. C.J. McManus & Daizee Haze


C.J. and Daizee dance their way to the ring, having a good time, but Cabal and Jackal are in no mood to party and jump them from behind to kick-start the matchup. Once things settle down, Jackal corners Daizee and beats her down, then takes her down with a waistlock and stomps away. Jackal then locks Daizee in a pendulum sort of hold...ouchie. Daizee elbows out of that predicament, snapmares Jackal over, and tries a dragon sleeper. Jackal pulls the hair to escape that, leading to a series of reversals on the mat and a rollup by Daizee for two...reversed by Jackal into a pinning combo for two...re-reversed by Daizee for two. Jackal gets a quickie small package for two, then settles into a front facelock. Whew.


Daizee escapes that hold with a released Northern Lights suplex and tags in C.J., but Cabal tags in on the other side and the complexion of the match changes rather drastically. C.J. tries to springboard off the middle rope with a chop, but it barely moves the big man. C.J. comes off the ropes, ducks a clothesline...doesn't duck a big boot. Cabal then picks up C.J. for a slam...but Daizee soars off the top with a cross-bodyblock, dropping C.J. on top of Cabal!...for two.


C.J. and Daizee try to double up on Cabal, but a double shoulderblock has no effect. They try it again...and get double clotheslined. So much for that. Cabal hangs C.J. in the Tree Of Woe, then tags Jackal back in for the traditional baseball-slide dropkick. Jackal fires off his kneedrop/legdrop/flip senton combo...for 2 1/2. Killswitch setup...but C.J. shoves Jackal off into the turnbuckles, then picks up up in a swinging Rock Bottom!


C.J. makes a desperation tag to Daizee, then in a rush of adrenaline, runs across the ring and BLASTS Cabal with a superkick to knock him off the apron! Another superkick stuns Jackal, and Haze wraps things up with the Daizee Cutter(Stunner)! 1-2-3!


WINNERS: C.J. McManus & Daizee Haze


Graphic for upcoming shows.


Trainee #10 vs. Chaz Wesson


What a way to make your TV debut...


Things look sportsmanlike in the beginning, with the trainee making clean breaks in the corner and the two exchanging technical holds. Then, when Chaz backs #10 into the corner and pulls up the T-shirt for his trademark chops, he shows a rare compassionate side and backs off. Unfortunately, #10 can't leave well enough alone and slaps Wesson...twice. Ooh, not a good idea. Needless to say, Chaz changes his mind about those chops, and he dishes them out in his usual high-impact fashion, in and out of the ring. KICK WHAM PEDIGREE ends the massacre.


WINNER: Chaz Wesson


RVD and Fonzie talk to us.


No-DQ: Kory Twist vs. "The Alaskan Heartthrob" Jack Adonis(w/ Nikki Strychnine & Pete Madden)


Jack makes his way out to the ring, but Nikki gets pissed at him because there's toilet paper sticking out of the back of his pants. Oops.


As the camera focuses on a fan with a "Jack Wears Taint Cream" sign, the two lock horns, with Twist getting an armwringer and kicking away on the Heartthrob. Whip and side suplex, slam, and spinning elbowdrop, then a whip into the turnbuckles, clothesline, snapmare and twisting necksnap. It's been all Twist so far, and when he goes for the cover, Nikki is quick to jump up on the apron and distract the referee. This allows Jack to sneak in a low blow, then pick up Kory and TKO him onto the top rope, sending him tumbling out to the floor!


The Fourth Reich members out there stomp down Twist, but Diamond Back Dingo runs out with a chair to send them heading for the hills! Now that it's back to one-on-one, Adonis agonizes out on the floor that his backup is gone...and Twist decides to remind him about the ongoing match in grand fashion with a corkscrew Asai moonsault to the floor!


Twist has regained control...but only briefly, as Adonis reverses a whip into the ringpost, then tees off on Twist's head with a steel chair! Another shot and Twist is in a bad way, but when Jack runs at him, Twist backdrops him over the guardrail onto the chairs in the front row(the fans having evacuated the area)! Jack tries to get back up, but Twist springs off the guardrail to dropkick the seated Adonis!


Kory throws Adonis back over the guardrail, but Jack gets a desperation eye poke and gives him a reverse neckbreaker over the guardrail! Adonis, notorious for his creative use of steel chairs, pulls several out from under the ring, sets up two, and bridges them with a third. He then sets up a powerbomb onto the chair setup, but Twist fights out of it, lands on his feet, and does his OWN powerbomb to send Adonis crashing through the chairs!


The fight re-enters the ring, but Nikki makes a return to ringside to insert himself into the proceedings. Adonis hits a spinebuster out of nowhere, and then Nikki wants Adonis to hold Twist while he takes a swig from his toxic waste canister. However, when Strychnine spits the green liquid, Kory moves and Adonis is blinded! Fate Factor hits...1...2...3!


WINNER: Kory Twist


Post-match, Nikki's not happy and takes it out on the referee, but on this day, the Fourth Reich retreats and Kory Twist stands tall...







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Guest PowerPB13

David Rogers has posted the lineups for the GCW shows this weekend.


Friday in Overland will be "Heavyweight Title Night", with four former GCW Heavyweight Champions participating in a mini-tournament to earn a shot at champion Nikki Strychnine that same night. Big Bad Ben will face Kevin Sharp and Diamond Back Dingo will square off against Pete Madden, with the winners facing each other for the title shot.



-MsChif defends the Light Heavyweight Title against OuTtKaSt

-Kory Twist faces The Croc

-Three-way tag team dance, Double Negative vs. Nightbreed vs. Team Trainee

-Three-way singles match between Matt Sydal, Makaze, and the man Makaze unmasked last month in Overland, Jynx


In Cape on Saturday, "Season's Beatings 2":

-Nikki(if he's still champion) defends against Ben

-MsChif(if she's still champion) defends against Rat Boy

-Dingo vs. Twist, which could be a show-stealer

-Kevin Sharp vs. Ian Storm; Ian has a bone to pick with Sharp lately due to Sharp trying to break up Double Negative

-Searcher vs. The Croc in a battle of Midwest Powerhouse Wrestling standouts

-OuTtKaSt vs. Jynx vs. Makaze

-Cabal vs. Richard Head

-Team Trainee vs. The Super Castaldis

-Jeremy vs. Jackal


Of course, on 11/29 in DeSoto it'll be Challenge Of Champions III with Nikki Strychnine vs. MsChif, both belts on the line...and 12/13 will be the final house show of the year, Adults F'n Only 24 featuring "I QUIT 2"!



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Guest PowerPB13

GCW "100th House Show"(10/14/03, Overland, MO


GCW celebrated a milestone tonight with its 100th house show...the Light Heavyweight Title was on the line, a four-man tournament was held to determine a contender to Nikki Strychnine's GCW Heavyweight Title, alliances were broken, others were formed...and Sean Vincent returned to the ring! (He told me to write that.)


The first matchup was a Three-Way Dance featuring Double Negative, Nightbreed, and Team Trainee. The trainees held their own against the more experienced pairings, but Jackal outmaneuevered Trainee #3(aka Jim Aggie) and pinned him after the Killswitch. This left Double Negative and Nightbreed...Ian Storm and Shawn Almighty seemed to have things going their way, but miscommunication led to Almighty accidentally splashing both Cabal and Storm in the corner. Storm got upset with his partner and nailed him...causing him to run into a cobra clutch slam by Cabal! Cabal pinned Almighty to give Nightbreed the win!


After the match, Ian got the microphone and said that since Almighty had returned, he had done nothing but cost him matches...and he challenged his tag team partner to a one-on-one match later in the evening!


Next up, The Croc made his return to Overland...and his opponent was Rat Boy! The Croc said that he had requested a "special opponent", but Rat Boy wasn't the type of "special" he had intended... "If ya smelllll...take a bath!" The Croc controlled a good portion of the match, but Rat Boy managed to get some shots in and get The Croc in position for the Dolphin Dive...which missed. Shortly thereafter, The Croc picked up his first GCW win with the Croc Bottom! "FINALLY...The Croc...has won...a match!"


The next match was scheduled to be a tournament match between Diamond Back Dingo and "The Human Wrecking Ball" Pete Madden...but Dingo came out limping, saying that he had a knee injury and that the doctors told him that he shouldn't wrestle tonight. However, after an assertion by Madden that there may be some "yellow" in the Australian flag, Dingo jumped into the ring to battle Madden anyway! It wasn't a prudent move, as Madden zeroed in on the bad limb and punished it mercilessly...and Nikki Strychnine's added presence at ringside didn't help as he got his shots in as well! In the end, after Dingo hung on for as long as he could, Pete locked him in a figure-four leglock in the middle of the ring, and Dingo had no choice but to tap out!


Sean Vincent came out at this point to congratulate Richard Head on his refereeing job in the match, then complained that he and Head didn't have a match on GCW's 100th house show. Big Bad Ben then made an appearance, revealing that in the absence of Commissioner Keith Smith, he had been placed in charge of things! Ben said that there was a long list of guys in the back who wanted a chance to beat up Vincent and Head...and he brought out Kory Twist and Jeremy! Vincent seemed to get around the ring very well in his first match since WrestleFest IV, but Twist and Jeremy were just too much for the "Head Sexy Official" and his protege. After Kory and Jeremy dished out chops-a-plenty, Jeremy planted Vincent with a variation of the Lightfoot Driver, a sitout Tombstone, to get the three-count!


The second tournament match was up next, as Big Bad Ben faced Kevin Sharp! Richard Head refereed this matchup despite the beating he took in the previous match, and he ended up receiving some more pain from accidental bumps from Ben and Kevin! It was a very even fight, but when it spilled out to the floor, a hooded fan helped Sharp handcuff Ben to the guardrail...and the fan de-hooded to reveal himself as Shawn Almighty! With Ben unable to re-enter the ring, Head counted him out, giving Sharp the victory! It would be Kevin Sharp vs. Pete Madden later in the night, with the winner to get a title shot at Nikki Strychnine!


After intermission, it was the battle of Double Negative as Ian Storm faced Shawn Almighty, accompanied by Kevin Sharp. This match featured a lot of counterwrestling, as the two now-former tag team partners knew each other very well. Late in the match, Almighty distracted the referee and Sharp delivered a Makeover behind the referee's back...but incredibly Ian kicked out of Almighty's ensuing pin attempt! A frustrated Sharp held Storm as Almighty set up for a superkick, but Ian avoided the move and Shawn instead nailed his ally! Ian then caught Almighty with the Thunderstorm to get the duke!


Richard Head entered with Sean Vincent to referee the tournament final match between Pete Madden and Kevin Sharp. Shawn Almighty made another appearance to back up Sharp, and it turned into a chaotic affair. It would be Big Bad Ben who would get the last laugh, as he showed up at ringside to attack Sharp and handcuff HIM to the guardrail! Head refused to count Sharp out, so Ben brought out referee Jim Tennings to make the count instead! Pete Madden had won the tournament and would face his Fourth Reich compatriot Nikki Strychnine for the GCW Heavyweight Title!


At this point, Ben said that Commissioner Keith Smith was getting sick of Vincent and Head's recent antics...and he announced that a Referee Battle Royal would take place at Adults F'n Only 24 on December 13th...with the winner to become the new senior official of GCW! Sharp, for his part, declared that things weren't over between himself and Triple B...


In a triple threat match, it was Matt vs. Makaze vs. Jynx! Jynx was intent on proving himself after losing his mask at the last Overland show. Makaze was notably without Sindy on this night and was ready to show that he could win on his own. It was a great, fast-paced contest with a lot of close calls on the part of all three competitors. Jynx missed a swanton bomb and Makaze delivered a Death Valley Driver off the top rope, but Matt soared into the ring with a springboard 450 splash on Makaze while he was still down on the canvas! Matt then followed up with his signature shooting star press, pinning Makaze for the victory!


The GCW Light Heavyweight Title was at stake, with MsChif defending the gold against OuTtKaSt. The two attempted to trade ropewalking moves early on, and with the match remaining one-on-one for a time, it turned out to be a very competitive matchup. However, near the end of the contest, Cabal and Jackal made their presence known at ringside, and just when it looked like KaSt had the belt won with the Case Study, Nightbreed pulled the referee out of the ring! KaSt tried to maintain his advantage, but MsChif turned things around, getting onto KaSt's shoulders and flipping backwards into a reverse rana! MsChif held onto KaSt and turned it into a submission hold, and Nightbreed deposited the referee back in the ring to call for the bell as KaSt surrendered!


Finally, it was Nikki Strychnine vs. Pete Madden for the GCW Heavyweight Title. At first, it appeared that there wouldn't be a match, as Pete was prepared to lay down for the champion. However, Nikki's use of the word "bitch" in telling Pete to do so got under the skin of the Human Wrecking Ball. Pete reminded Nikki about who had backed him up so many times in the past...and the two fought after all! Things seemed to start out in a sportsmanlike manner, but the two started to bend and then outright break the rules as the match went on. Chairs and tables came into play, with Madden hanging Nikki from the Tree Of Woe and baseball-sliding a chair into his face! Pete tried to set up Nikki on a table, but it fell apart, so he instead suplexed Strychnine through the table's remains!


Madden hit his signature chairsault, but instead of going for the win, he positioned the timekeeper's table on the outside as if intending to set up an "Asai Chairsault". However, Nikki turned the tables with a low blow, then did a top-rope Frankensteiner to send Madden crashing through the table out on the arena floor! The two re-entered the ring and seemingly decided to settle it the "old-school way", via rock-paper-scissors, but the referee, under orders from Ben, refused to allow the match to end that way! So Strychnine and Madden reunited to abuse referee Jim Tennings...until Ben hit the ring to spoil the party! The Fourth Reich retreated after that, but it's far from over between Big Bad Ben and the Fourth Reich...




GCW TV Report 11/15/03


Welcome back to GCW TV! Your hosts are Tommy Jeans & The Grand Poobah, and we've got a big main event for this week: Kory Twist vs. Kevin Sharp! To the ring, ladies and gents...


Jackal(w/ Cabal) vs. Diamond Back Dingo


Dingo shows no intimidation of the man at ringside, spitting on Cabal before things get underway...


Things start out with some quick hold exchanging, with Jackal knocking Dingo down to a knee, then hitting a running somersault neckbreaker. Choking ensues, but Dingo will have none of that and trips Jackal down to the mat for a quick two-count. Rolling reverse cradle attempt is blocked by Jackal, but Dingo shoulderblocks Jackal down to the mat and then stretches him out with a modified bow-and-arrow hold.


Whip and Skyhigh by Dingo gets a two-count, then a camel clutch as the commentators add MsChif vs. Jynx to this show's card. Snap suplex for two-and-a-half. Whip and Dingo puts his head down for a backdrop, but Jackal leaps over for a sunset flip attempt. Dingo nails Jackal and picks him up by the neck, but Jackal fights out of that and gets a monkeyflip! Jackal attempts to press his advantage, stomping Dingo down in the corner. Killswitch(Sliced Bread #2)...hits! One...two...NO! Jackal gets frustrated and confronts newbie referee Hunter Johnston, then climbs to the top rope for a flying rana. Dingo blocks the move, drops Jackal down to the mat, then KICK WHAM DINGO DRIVER and that's all she wrote.


WINNER: Diamond Back Dingo


Graphic hyping the November 29th show in DeSoto...


Tommy Jeans brings out Nikki Strychnine and Jack Adonis for some promo time. Nikki says that he has his eye on somebody who is "not impure" and has shown cruelty in his eyes...Kory Twist. Strychnine says that he sees hate in Twist's eyes, and he finds that...respectable. Adonis interrupts, upset that Nikki doesn't talk about HIM the way he talks about Twist, doesn't look at HIM the way he looks at Twist, etc., saying that it's like he's "up his BUTT or something". Nikki yells at Jack for making gay references, but Jack says he wasn't doing that, he was just referring to two guys getting dressed up in next-to-nothing, getting oiled up, and WRESTLING and all that...um, yeah. Nikki: "...you sicken me..." Strychnine walks away, Adonis poses for the camera.


RVD and Fonzie talk to us.


Jynx(w/ Rat Boy) vs. MsChif(w/ Delirious) for the GCW Light Heavyweight Title


The fans are eager to chant for Rat Boy after his recent showing against Dingo at the "Earning Respect" show, but Rat Boy indicates that they should be rooting for the man in the ring on this night...


MsChif interjects a knee into the opening lockup, then drop toeholds Jynx to the mat and it turns into a mat wrestling exchange, with Jynx crucifixing MsChif to the mat for an early two-count. Jynx comes off the ropes...and runs into a clothesline. Jynx gets kicked away a few times, but sweeps MsChif to the mat for a two-count...then MsChif returns the favor, for two. Rollup by MsChif gets another two-count.


The two then lock up, with MsChif backing Jynx into the corner and firing away, then monkeyflipping him and dropkicking him in the back...for two. Whip, but Jynx reverses, tries a hiptoss but gets blocked...MsChif tries a backslide but Jynx blocks that, flips her over...nails the superkick! Near-fall as MsChif gets a foot on the ropes.


Whip into the corner and MsChif tries to spring over...gets a headscissors, but Jynx turns around with it to try a spinebuster. However, MsChif reverses that into a modified sunset flip, sending Jynx crashing backwards into the turnbuckles! At this point, MsChif decides to have a quick discussion with referee Johnston, allowing Delirious to sneak in and deliver a Panic Attack(running knee in the corner)! MsChif decides to add her own Panic Attack, then just to insure victory, holds the tights and puts a foot on the ropes as she covers for the three.


WINNER(and still Light Heavyweight Champion): MsChif


Hype graphic #2.


"Ahem...ahem..." Enter Sean Vincent, along with Richard Head. Vincent is upset that he and his protege weren't scheduled for anything on the show, and he complains about Jeremy...saying that Jeremy claims he has 86 different versions of the Lightfoot Driver. Vincent doubts this, but Jeremy himself makes an appearance to add to the debate. Vincent says he wasn't invited, then exits the ring and seemingly leaves his protege hanging...


Richard Head vs. Jeremy


Head tries to take the first shot, but Jeremy shrugs them off, backs him into the corner for some CHOPS. Jeremy then decides to show off a few Lightfoot Driver variations(with Tommy Jeans shouting out random numbers for each): Michinoku Driver, Falcon Arrow, Whiplash, Gory Special into a backwards faceplant, Owendriver...Head is dead weight, and Vincent throws in the towel for his ally...


WINNER: Jeremy


Jeremy adds a Kryptonite Krunch for one more 'Driver variation, having proven his point quite convincingly... Poobah: "Head is dead!"


Hype graphic #3


Jeans brings out MsChif(w/ Nightbreed) for a promo, where MsChif says, in short order, that there's no competition for her in the light heavyweight division and she wants to move on to bigger and better things...


Nova tells us that we're watching GCW television.


Kory Twist vs Kevin Sharp


These two traded wins earlier this year, so this will effectively be the rubber match...


Lockup and Sharp rakes the eyes right off the bat. Whip, but Twist reverses and nails the dropkick. Armdrag and armbar as Twist gains control of the contest. Sharp tries to armdrag his way out of that, but Twist rolls straight through and maintains his hold on Sharp's arm. Sharp then goes the more direct route by punching his way out, then hits his own dropkick. Snapmare and low-flying dropkick earn Sharp a two-count.


Sharp rubs Twist's face in the mat, then wipes him out with a flying clothesline for another near-fall. Quick rope-assisted choke, then a running powerslam...for two. Sharp confronts referee Jim Tennings over the count, but Twist rolls him up...for two. Sharp tries to keep things going his way, but Kory turns things around and connects with another dropkick. Bodyslam, but Twist's back is hurting from Sharp's assault. Snapmare and twisting necksnap...for two.


Twist tries to send Sharp into the ropes, but Sharp reverses and nails the side suplex...for two. Whip and spinebuster...for two. Suddenly, we have company, as Nikki Strychnine and Jack Adonis make their presence known at ringside. Sharp gets distracted by their arrival as they give the Fourth Reich salute to Twist...is he their newest recruit? Time will tell...but for now, the momentary distraction allows Twist the opportunity to fight back. Twist whips Sharp into the ropes, but Sharp slides between the legs...hits the Makeover(Flatliner)! However, Strychnine jumps up on the ring apron to distract referee Tennings, and behind the ref's back, Adonis jumps in to plant Sharp with the Beauty Mark(double-arm DDT)! Twist didn't see the interference, but nonetheless picks Sharp up, whips him into the ropes, and catches him with the Fate Factor on the rebound to get the victory!


WINNER: Kory Twist


Tommy Jeans deduces that Twist is indeed a new member of the Reich, but Twist certainly doesn't seem happy with the Reich's presence...and when he tries to explain to Sharp that he didn't ask for any involvement, Sharp simply decks him and gives him a second Makeover, leaving him lying in the ring...



Delirious vs. Mike Sharona

Jack Adonis vs. Chris Hargas

Chaz Wesson vs. Cabal

C.J. McManus & Daizee Haze vs. The Super Castaldis



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Guest PowerPB13

Results from Seasons' Beatings 2 last night in Cape Girardeau...


The evening kicked off with Sean Vincent hitting the ring, announcing his return to action in Cape Girardeau and mocking his opponent for the night, The Croc...


The opening match pitted Jeremy against Ian Storm. Both men have been on hot streaks as of late, and the two had a very competitive matchup. Each man survived some of his opponent's best moves, but Jeremy was the better man on this night, picking up the victory after a Kryptonite Krunch(one of many variations of the Lightfoot Driver)!


Next up was six-person tag team action, as Team Trainee(#3 and #10) joined forces with Trainee #11 against the Super Castaldis. The trainees had little trouble continuing the losing streak of the pride of Encinada, Mexico, as Trainee #11 pinned the black-suited Castaldi after a spinebuster.


Sean Vincent congratulated Richard Head on his refereeing job in the previous match, then readied him for his own match for the evening against the massive Cabal! Head was dominated in the early going, but scored with a low blow and tried to run away...only to get pulled back into the ring. Head managed to avoid a corner splash and attempted a diving Head-BUTT, but Cabal blocked the move and wrapped things up with the cobra clutch slam!


Next up was The Croc against Sean Vincent...and while The Croc didn't care much for the fans in attendance, he was still the crowd favorite against "Doogie". After a hard-fought match, Vincent tried to nail Croc with his "bling-bling", but decked Head by mistake. Shortly thereafter, The Croc spoiled Vincent's return to singles action by pinning him after the Croc Bottom!


In triple threat action, it was OuTtKaSt vs. Jynx vs. Makaze...and tonight, Sindy did accompany her man to ringside after being absent last night in Overland. This contest was just as fast-paced as the one the night before, with a lot of close calls for each. Makaze had KaSt in a front facelock, but Jynx jumped off the second turnbuckle for a flying neckbreaker, causing Makaze to DDT KaSt in the process! With both opponents subdued, Jynx tied up Makaze in the Orenishii leghold for the tapout, avenging the loss of his mask last month in Overland!


In a battle between two of St. Louis' best, it was Diamond Back Dingo vs. Kory Twist. Both were intent on proving that they deserved a crack at the GCW Heavyweight Title in the future, and this match could have easily gone either way. Dingo tried to ground Twist with submission holds, but Twist fought back and set up for the Fate Factor. Dingo nicely countered the move into a victory roll for a near-fall and took the offenseive, but Twist was able to catch Dingo with his finisher on the second attempt, scoring his biggest GCW win to date!


MsChif was ready to defend the GCW Light Heavyweight Title against Rat Boy...but Rat Boy entered in a smoking jacket and carrying some bubbly(and some Sippy Cups), looking for romance! MsChif didn't take the gesture well and nailed Rat Boy right off the bat...and while Rat Boy did give MsChif a good fight, he continued his efforts, even trying to "whisper sweet nothings in her ear" while holding her in an STF! However, the Dolphin Dive failed to find its mark and MsChif capitalized, setting Rat Boy up on the top turnbuckle and dropping him to the mat with a top-rope Gateway To Annihilation! That was enough to put Rat Boy away and allow MsChif to hang onto the gold...


The main event was scheduled to be Nikki Strychnine defending the GCW Heavyweight Title against Big Bad Ben, but Pete Madden stepped in for the champion, saying that Nikki got busted for jaywalking and was unable to make it to the show tonight. Pete even said that he offered to defend the belt for Nikki, but GCW management wouldn't let him do it...but if they HAD, he would have kicked Ben's BUTT...and he demonstrated by attacking referee Richard Head!


The confrontation turned into a game of one-upsmanship, as Pete and Ben both demonstrated what they would do to each other in a title match situation...on both Head and Sean Vincent! Pete gave Head the "Plastic Hip-Toss", Ben delivered a rolling senton and standing moonsault. Pete hit a moonsault, Ben climbed the turnbuckles as if setting up his own moonsault...but instead climbed back down and chokeslammed Head! The two then said that if they were fighting in a title situation, they would have gone for the hardcore stuff right away...and both got out tables. Ben set up to powerbomb Head through a table, and at that point, Pete "tapped out"...and when Vincent tried to insert himself into the proceedings once again, he got powerbombed through one of the tables! Pete laughed at Vincent's misfortune...only to get chokeslammed through the other table! Ben deposited Vincent's battered body on top of Madden's and left the ring, ending a chaotic night in GCW!



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Guest PowerPB13



I have a confession to make, folks...it's not an easy thing to say, but it's best if I just admit it right now, in front of everyone...I'M BORING! Now where the heck is Goldust to get me some theme music and dance moves...


Seriously though, let's put the focus where it belongs, on the wrestlers...if this gets out of hand, someone's gonna book Dingo and myself vs. Sean Vincent and Louie, and I don't think anyone wants to see that.




Will love hurt? Is there truly no fury greater than that of a woman scorned? Can I come up with any more lame cliches to hype Nikki Strychnine vs. MsChif next week?


At this point, it's my job to write about a ton of stuff that long-term fans have long since forgotten and that short-term fans weren't even around to see, so...


It seemed like Nikki Strychnine took an interest in MsChif from the moment she first debuted in GCW. He was seen on GCW TV watching her matches, and it was only a matter of time before their paths would "officially" cross.


In May of 2002, MsChif helped Strychnine defeat then-rival Pete Madden in an exploding barbed wire match. The writing was on the wall...a roster change was in order for the Ministry Of Hate.


When Rat Boy accidentally flattened Strychnine with his patented Dolphin Dive on GCW TV, Strychnine had to fulfill a promise that OuTtKaSt made to Rat Boy...he had to take him to Chuck E. Cheese. That was the straw that broke the camel's back...a roster change was in order for the Ministry Of Hate. Strychnine brought in Delirious and MsChif as new members of his group and Rat Boy was booted out.


Over time, the man who once displayed nothing but pure hatred for everyone around him started showing affection for his "Mistress Of Mayhem". Jack Adonis, Strychnine's rival at the time, pounced on the display of emotion, victimizing MsChif every chance he got and destroying Nikki's focus, as he seemed more intent on "protecting" MsChif than winning matches. MsChif didn't take this "weakness" very well, needless to say.


In the end, MsChif may have turned out to be Strychnine's undoing. Strychnine had the edge in his Alaskan Death Match against Adonis back in February, but turned his attention to MsChif once again. He went so far as to say "I don't care about hate...I only care about you!"


MsChif slapped Strychnine and threw him back into the ring, wanting him to fight.


However, with that slap, all the fight was gone from the Poison Prince...and Adonis simply covered him for the pin and title. MsChif was furious and delivered her Unhallowed Grace Lionsault with her spiked vest still on! Nikki simply laid on the mat in tears...a state that no one had ever seen him in before.


Nothing could have prepared the GCW fans for what they would see after that. The fans expected to see Strychnine fired up and looking for payback against MsChif...instead, they saw "Nikodemus Ravendark", a heartbroken soul in velvet instead of leather and denim, spewing love poetry instead of toxic waste. No matter what MsChif did to him, all he wanted was for MsChif to take him back.


MsChif repeatedly got the better of "Ravendark", who disappeared for several weeks. Fans wondered if they would ever see Nikki Strychnine again.


As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for.


Pete Madden posted on the GCW website message board, wondering what had happened to the man that had been through so many wars with him in the past, both with him and against him. As it turned out, Madden was Strychnine's saving grace. In May, the old Strychnine suddenly resurfaced, catching new GCW Champion Diamond Back Dingo off-guard and overwhelming him to recapture the gold.


Even as the Fourth Reich formed, fans wondered what would happen if Nikki and MsChif crossed paths again. The question was answered quickly, as Nikki refused to focus on a title defense against Delirious and repeatedly demanded that MsChif come out and face the music. While the two were part of the three-way trios match that ensued, the other participants repeatedly prevented a true one-on-one faceoff.


Last month in DeSoto, Strychnine faced Delirious again in a matchup that could have gone either way...but when MsChif inserted herself into the matchup, it nearly cost Strychnine the title(if not for a decision reversal by Commissioner Keith Smith). Then a few weeks later, Nikki and MsChif were in a three-way tag match at Adults F'n Only, but again, the other participants in the match prevented a true one-on-one faceoff.


Next Saturday night in DeSoto, it'll finally happen, Nikki Strychnine vs. MsChif. By decree of Commissioner Smith, everyone else is barred from ringside. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that both Strychnine's GCW Heavyweight Title(which he has held four times) and MsChif's GCW Light Heavyweight Title will be at stake. The two titleholders have faced each other in the past in GCW...but only the Heavyweight strap was at stake in those matches.


Nikki's thirst for revenge is his main motivation, with the Light Heavyweight Title simply being a potential addition to his already stacked GCW resume. MsChif has already proven many times that she can compete on the same level as GCW's male wrestlers...and she wants to be the first female competitor to hold GCW's top prize.


Who knows what these two will do to try to destroy each other next Saturday in DeSoto...


Back in March, Nikodemus Ravendark powerbombed MsChif over the top rope, with only a gang of security saving MsChif from serious injury.


What will NIKKI STRYCHNINE do to her...


...and will even that be enough?


My damage is done...check out the shows, and pay no attention to the man behind the baseball cap. He's just there to give the hype to the people who truly deserve it.


Feedback: [email protected]


Fan Cam: http://members.aol.com/PowerPB13/gcwpics.htm


So until a GCW show is headlined by Tito Santana vs. Pete Madden...arriba!




P.S. Matt Sydal, Delirious, and Daizee Haze are working IWA Mid-South tonight in Indiana, belated best of luck to them.

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Guest PowerPB13

GCW TV Report, 11/22/03


Your hosts are Tommy Jeans & The Grand Poobah, and tonight's main event should be a good one...Mike Sharona returns to GCW TV to face Delirious!


"The Icon" Chris Hargas vs. "The Alaskan Heartthrob" Jack Adonis(w/ Nikki Strychnine)


Last week Nikki was looking to recruit Kory Twist for the Fourth Reich, which didn't sit too well with Adonis...maybe he can try to prove himself this week.


Things start off fairly even as Poobah runs down the rest of the card, Chaz Wesson vs. Cabal and C.J. McManus & Daizee Haze vs. The Super Castaldis. An exchange of waistlocks ends badly for Adonis as Hargas hits a released German suplex, and when Adonis tries to set up a pumphandle suplex, Hargas escapes the move and hits a vertical suplex for the show's first two-count. Whip reversal sequence results in a belly-to-belly by Hargas, and another two-count.


Strychnine, REALLY not liking how this match is shaping up, climbs up on the ring apron to protest a lack of officiating competence on the referee's part. Hargas decides to occupy himself with this development, but the diversion allows Nikki to throw his title belt into the ring. Hargas, upon realizing this, turns around and gets a really close look at the belt, courtesy of Adonis. Ref turns around just in time to see the Heartthrob covering a dazed Hargas, and that's all she wrote.


WINNER: Jack Adonis


Post-match, Adonis delivers a Death Valley Driver...onto his knee(ouch) as Nikki surveys the damage. The beatdown continues, but Kory Twist makes a grand entrance with kendo stick in hand. Nikki and Adonis salute him as Hargas gets to his feet, and it looks like Twist is measuring up Hargas...but instead he turns and blasts Adonis with the kendo stick! Strychnine simply smiles and laughs, saluting Twist as he exits the ring(with Adonis protesting the whole say "HE HIT ME!")...


Upcoming shows graphic: Saturday, November 29th in DeSoto at the Knights Of Columbus Hall. Be there, or be...somewhere else.


Tommy Jeans interviews C.J. McManus and Daizee Haze about their upcoming tag match against the Super Castaldis...though what C.J. really wanted was to get a shot at Johnny Greenpeace for turning on Daizee. For now, they'll just have to whoop on the pride of Encinada, Mexico it would appear.


Cabal vs. Chaz Wesson


Not often that the Old School Warrior is at a size disadvantage...


Cabal overpowers Wesson in the beginning and throws him out to the floor, but that's not a safe place to be against Chaz...and Chaz delivers a few chops to the chest to back the monster off. Cabal is deposited back in the ring and Chaz goes airborne with a cross-bodyblock off the top rope...for two. Cabal rolls out of the ring and stalls a bit to slow down Wesson's momentum.


Back into the ring, Cabal tries to assert himself again, but three lightning-fast dropkicks by Chaz dictate otherwise, with the third finally knocking him off his feet. Cabal rolls out again, but this time Chaz follows...only to get thrown into a column! Cabal goes for a chair as Chaz looks under the ring for his sledgehammer, and in the meantime the referee's count reaches ten.


WINNER: None(double countout)


The two competitors have a standoff with their weapons, but Cabal leaves first as Chaz stares him down...


Upcoming show graphic for DeSoto, as Poobah hypes the main event: Nikki Strychnine vs. MsChif!


Tommy Jeans brings out Kory Twist for his first interview in GCW. Twist says he came to GCW because GCW is the best in the Midwest, and to be the best, he has to compete with the best. As for Nikki Strychnine, Twist says that Nikki has him all wrong...Nikki's all about hate and rage, and those things can blind you. Twist says that he's not about "Hateway"...he's about "Faithway" and having faith.


Twist then asks Commissioner Keith Smith to come out, wanting an open contract to wrestle anybody. Keith says that if Kory has an open contract, he could be put in any type of match situation, but Twist is cool with that...so next week, he'll be facing Ian Storm one-on-one. That'll work...


C.J. McManus & Daizee Haze vs. The Super Castaldis


The Castaldis make their way out, but before things can get underway, Johnny Greenpeace suddenly appears through the audience, nailing both Castaldis! He throws both into the guardrail and hits the ring, and it looks like C.J. should have been more careful about what he wished for...


Greenpeace tries to double clothesline the pair, but they both duck the move...Greenpeace then tries to backdrop both at once, but they come up with a double DDT! C.J. and Daizee show off some great double-team maneuvers, as Daizee drop toeholds Greenpeace so that he lands face-first on C.J.'s knee. Next, the old Kaientai camel clutch/basement dropkick combo(C.J. with the clutch, Daizee with the dropkick), then with Greenpeace on all fours, both climb to the second rope...Daizee double-stomps him in the back and C.J. adds a legdrop to the back of the head! Greenpeace staggers to his feet...and gets double speared! At this point, the referee decides that he might as well make this an official match...


C.J. McManus & Daizee Haze vs. Johnny Greenpeace


Unfortunately, as C.J. goes out to the ring apron, that leaves Daizee at a size disadvantage...which JGP establishes rather suddenly with a major clothesline. Greenpeace repeatedly manhandles Daizee and keeps pulling her away from her efforts to tag in McManus. Jeans notes the more aggressive attitude on the part of Greenpeace, saying that normally he's more mellow...err, in his words, "more stoned than Rush Limbaugh".


Greenpeace tries to end it with the Peaceplex(released dragon suplex), but Daizee kicks off the turnbuckles and gets a modified jawbreaker out of it! Finally C.J. tags in! C.J. ducks a clothesline, leaps to the second rope, and jumps off into a tackle to take Greenpeace down. Fantasticator(double-underhook Rocker Dropper)! C.J. tags Daizee back in to wrap things up, but her cross-body off the top is caught...but as Greenpeace turns around, C.J. blasts him with a superkick, causing Daizee to fall on top for the pin!


WINNERS: C.J. McManus & Daizee Haze


Before the main event, Tommy Jeans interviews the Fourth Reich members in attendance...but upon the mention of the name "MsChif", Nikki freaks out. "Who did you just say to me?!?" Adonis: "He said MsChif..." Nikki then goes on a major rant against MsChif, getting right in Jeans' face. "As long as I walk this planet, she will live in pain!" Once the rant concludes, Nikki storms off and Adonis sarcastically comments "Thanks, Tommy..."


Mike Sharona vs. Delirious(w/ MsChif)


This should be a good one...


Fast exchange of holds to start, ending with Delirious nipping up into a headscissors attempt. Sharona cartwheels through the move, triggering a fast exchange off the ropes, a blocked flying headscissors, and finally Sharona headlocking Delirious to the mat. Yikes.


Delirious turns the tide in more old-fashioned manner, with a thumb to the eye, a chokehold, and a series of kicks and chops in the corner. Whip into the turnbuckles, Sharona reverses, Delirious springs over the charging Sharona, but Sharona stops short and turns back around into a spinning heel kick! Two-count from that.


Spinning legdrop and a couple of snap legdrops earn Sharona another two-count...chops and kicks ensue, then the kick-kick-spinkick combo in the corner. Sharona sets up a double-underhook suplex and lifts...but Delirious manages to land on his feet to escape. Delirious runs to the corner and tries the springover again, but Sharona catches him on his shoulders and drops him throat-first onto the top rope!


Sharona keeps the masked man grounded with a revers chinlock, but Delirious fights out of it and hits the ropes. Sharona's spinning kick is ducked, Delirious' enzuigiri is not! Slugfest ends in Delirious' favor and he whips Sharona into the corner, but Sharona ducks an incoming clothesline...hits a full nelson slam! Sharona exchanges a few words with MsChif, then goes back to work, hitting a forward-roll Samoan drop followed by a moonsault off the second turnbuckle...


...and suddenly the show cuts off, returning to St. Louis Charter Cable's usual array of PSA filler. Um...I was at the taping, the match ending was really good, take my word for it... Delirious won with a more recent variation of Shadows Over Hell, splashing down onto a standing Sharona as he was bent over(you can see that AT THE FAN CAM PAGE *thumbs up, cheap pop*).


WINNER: Delirious



GCW Website: http://www.gatewaywrestling.com/

The Fan Cam: http://members.aol.com/PowerPB13/gcwpics.htm

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Guest PowerPB13

DeSoto lineup for Saturday announced:


Nikki Strychnine vs. MsChif - Title vs. Title

Pete Madden vs. Diamond Back Dingo

Kory Twist vs. Big Bad Ben

Shawn Almighty vs. Team Trainee - Handicap Match

Jackal vs. Daizee Haze

Rat Boy vs. Richard Head

Cabal vs. Jeremy

Jynx vs. Delirious

Ian Storm vs. OuTtKaSt vs. Matt (Sydal)

The Croc vs. Makaze



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Guest PowerPB13

The GCW invasion of NWA Wildside continues...Matt (Sydal), Delirious, Daizee Haze, and Diamond Back Dingo have worked shows for Wildside, and in a couple of weeks, OuTtKaSt will make his debut for Wildside at the next TV taping(facing Delirious). Best of luck to him!





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Guest PowerPB13
That's good for OuTtkast to get seen by more people.


Has he even wrestled Delirious in GCW? I want to see it myself.


And DeSoto looks really good. I'm gonna TRY and get there early for a change.

Strangely, Delirious and OuTtKaSt have only wrestled each other one-on-one once in GCW, a random match on GCW TV a year or two ago...and even more strangely, OuTtKaSt won the match, at a time when Delirious was on a hot streak.



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Guest PowerPB13

GCW TV Report, 11/29/03


Fast start to the show as Jack Adonis grabs the microphone...turns out Kory Twist's "open contract" included the fact that his matches can have any stipulation. So, it looks like we have a Very Special Guest Referee for tonight's opening match...


Kory Twist vs. Ian Storm - Referee Jack Adonis


SHOCKINGLY, Adonis is far from your basic unbiased referee, being slow to count when Ian has Twist down with a bridging fireman's carry pin. A nice series of reversals results in a backslide duel, but Ian maneuvers into a sitout inverted DDT...for a slow one-count. Twist backflips over Ian in the corner, runs to the opposite corner and leaps to the middle rope, then jumps backwards...into the John Wu Dropkick! Nice sequence there.


Twist, frustrated with Adonis' officiating, shoves him away as he tries to check on him, then dodges a second John Wu dropkick attempt and fights back. Twisting necksnap, slam, and twisting elbowdrop get a (fast) two-count, then a fireman's carry into a Flapjack gets another two. Side suplex and a beaut of a splash off the top rope gets...two and a half.


Twist sets up the Fate Factor, but Storm elbows out of it and tries his OWN Fate Factor. Twist escapes that, attempts a Thunderstorm(turnabout is fair play and all), but Ian escapes that, goes for his own Thunderstorm...hits it! But Adonis refuses to count a pin...and when Ian shoves Adonis, Adonis decides that enough is enough and, in a scene not unlike Yokozuna vs. Lex Luger at WrestleMania 10, Ian is disqualified for striking a referee!


WINNER(by DQ): Kory Twist


Twist, upset over the decision, decks Adonis, but Adonis still gives him the Fourth Reich salute as he exits...


After a graphic hyping tonight's DeSoto show, Tommy Jeans interviews Nikki Strychnine and Jack Adonis(being careful to NOT mention MsChif's name this week). Nikki says that the main event tonight was supposed to be himself and Adonis against Delirious and "she that will not be named", but by unanimous decision by the Fourth Reich members(including Lemmy), he will not be wrestling. So they need a Fourth Reich sympathizer...and the call is answered by Sindy of all people. Sindy, who controls Makaze's contract, puts her protege in the match for tonight...


Free RVD and Bill Alfonso talk to us.


Jackal vs. OuTtKaSt


A rematch from a couple of weeks ago, with a lot of fast action. Jackal rallies with an armdrag to counter a tilt-a-whirl attempt, then a rana, then another rana off the second rope. Killswitch hits, but Jackal makes the mistake of pulling KaSt up from the pin. Killswitch is attempted again, but KaSt throws him off, then decides to wrap this one up in a hurry with the Case Study. Count it, ref.




Hype graphic again, and now Sean Vincent and Richard Head make their presence known. Vincent says that tonight Head's losing streak will end because he's facing the equally-winless-on-GCW-TV Chris Hargas...looks like SOMEONE'S luck will change here...


Richard Head(w/ Sean Vincent) vs. "The Icon" Chris Hargas


Hargas controls things early, but Head rakes the eyes after Vincent distracts Hargas. Whip into the turnbuckles and Hargas slumps down in the corner, then Head follows up with his signature running diving Head-BUTT into Hargas' nether regions. Ouch.


Hargas doesn't take too kindly to Head's move and fights back, throwing him across the ring with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Next, a military press into a snap powerslam(showing impressive strength), but Head slings Hargas into the corner by the tights...right where the referee is standing. Vincent tries to throw powder in Hargas' eyes, but Head gets blinded instead, and Hargas catches Head in a version of the Tazzmission for the chokeout victory and his first TV win!


WINNER: Chris Hargas


Graphic one more time, then Tommy Jeans interviews Kevin Sharp. Sharp says that, despite being the longest-previously-reigning GCW Heavyweight Champion and being a fighting champion at the time, he still seems to be passed over for title opportunities. He blames himself for listening to the fans and vows that his days of autograph-signing and hand-slapping are over. He vows to regain the title, no matter what the means, and says what he does from now on "WON'T be pretty!"


"The Alaskan Heartthrob" Jack Adonis & Makaze(w/ Sindy) vs. Delirious & MsChif


...but no sooner does Diabolic Khaos make its entrance than Strychnine runs out the entranceway and attacks MsChif, choking her down! It takes a crowd of wrestlers, security, and Commissioner Keith Smith to finally pry him off, but there'll be no one separating them tonight in DeSoto...


The match starts up with Delirious and Makaze exchanging moves, but when Makaze gains the edge, he refuses to use Sindy's kendo stick. So, Adonis uses the stick himself to blast Delirious...and Makaze doesn't want to take advantage of that. Delirious fights back with a double-underhook facebuster and flying clothesline, then tags in MsChif(who's just recovering from the pre-match attack). MsChif hits a standing moonsault on Makaze for a two-count, but Makaze catches her coming off the ropes in a TKO!


Makaze again gets occupied with his issues with Sindy, allowing Adonis to run in and nail MsChif! Makaze takes offense to the cheapshot, and in the confusion Delirious manages to drag MsChif over to the corner to make the tag. Delirious enters in grand fashion with a dropkick off the top and unleashes a flurry of offense on Makaze...but Makaze blocks a Bizarro Driver into a Blizzard Suplex for a near-fall!


It's been all Makaze and no Adonis so far, and when Makaze again declines the use of a foreign object(this time a chair), Adonis says "screw this" and chairs Makaze, allowing Delirious to get the pin!


WINNERS: Delirious & MsChif


Adonis continues the abuse of his partner after the match as Sindy just looks on...Adonis delivers a Death Valley Driver onto his knee as Strychnine makes his entrance. Makaze is hung from the Tree Of Woe and a chair is put in front of his face, but when Nikki winds up with a second chair, Sindy stands in front of Makaze to prevent it from happening...


...then takes the chair and nails Makaze herself!


Sindy proceeds to end the partnership in dramatic fashion, ripping up Makaze's contract and then ripping off his mask! Makaze keeps his face down and Evil Jim runs out to cover up his head...but in the meantime, we have a new recruit to the Fourth Reich cause as Sindy gives the Reich salute to Strychnine and Adonis! What will this mean heading into tonight? We shall see...



Challenge Of Champions III at the Knights Of Columbus Hall in DeSoto, MO

Title vs. Title!

GCW Heavyweight Champion Nikki Strychnine


GCW Light Heavyweight Champion MsChif


-Grudge Match: Diamond Back Dingo vs. "The Human Wrecking Ball" Pete Madden

-Kory Twist vs. Big Bad Ben

-Handicap Match: Shawn Almighty vs. Team Trainee

-Jackal vs. Daizee Haze

-Rat Boy vs. Richard Head

-Cabal vs. Jeremy

-Delirious vs. Jynx

-Three-Way Dance: Ian Storm vs. OuTtKaSt vs. Matt

-The Croc vs. Makaze





Four-Way Dance: OuTtKaSt vs. Jeremy vs. Ian Storm vs. Mike Sharona

Daizee Haze vs. Johnny Greenpeace


Pics from TV are up at:




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Guest PowerPB13

Recap of Challenge of Champions III last night in DeSoto:


Jackal w/ Cabal vs. Sean Vincent: Richard Head was the referee for this one was was, ahem, slightly biased toward his mentor...to the point where he gave him advice on choking Jackal on the ropes at one point! Late in the match it appeared Jackal had it won with a turnbuckle-walk Tomakazi, but Head was slow in making the pin count. Jackal confronted Head, but Vincent rolled him up with handful of tights and Head made a fast three-count! With Vincent and Head already in the ring, it was on to match #2...


Rat Boy vs. Richard Head w/ Sean Vincent: Fairly even contest with both men pulling out new moves...however, things got chaotic when the members of Nightbreed came back out looking for revenge! While Jackal distracted the referee and Sean Vincent, Cabal leveled Head with a clothesline as he was setting up a piledriver on Rat Boy. Rat Boy took advantage and connected with the infamous Dolphin Dive to get the duke! Cabal stuck around, as his match was next...


Jeremy vs. Cabal: Jeremy did his best to try to chop the big man down to size, even managing to bodyslam him after escaping a chokeslam attempt. However, Jeremy hurt his back on the move, and when he tried to climb the turnbuckles to land a finishing blow, he got caught and chokeslammed back down to the mat! That was enough for Cabal to score the pinfall.


Trainee #3 w/ Trainee #10 vs. Super Castaldi I: The representative of Team Trainee made a nice showing in this one, and Castaldi's legendary losing streak continued. Trainee #3 won by submission with a combination STF/dragon sleeper which he called the "Tyco R-C Rechargable Battery". The trainees then stuck around for...


Shawn Almighty vs. Trainee #10 w/ Trainee #3: Almighty wanted some payback for a recent loss to Team Trainee by Double Negative...and wanted to prove that he was the better member of that team. Trainee #10 gave him a good fight, even managing to get a foot on the ropes after Almighty hit the Last Revelation(pumphandle Rock Bottom). Almighty used other means to achieve victory, rolling up #10 and putting his feet on the ropes for leverage to hold him down for three!


Makaze vs. The Croc: The Croc entered with his traditional posing on the turnbuckles(taking the opportunity to put on deodorant while he had his arm raised), then cut a promo about unleashing some Croc-arate on Makaze. Makaze was fresh off being dumped and unmasked by Sindy on GCW TV, but had his mask back for this one. No sooner did the match start, though, than the Fourth Reich(Nikki Strychnine, Pete Madden, and Sindy) made their entrance! Sindy vowed to take Makaze's mask once again if he lost this match...


This was a very competitive matchup, but when Makaze hit his Death Valley Driver off the top and went for the Osaka Jam to finish, Strychnine distracted the referee, allowing Madden to sneak in and deliver a jawbreaker. A Croc Bottom and Aussie People's Elbow later and The Croc scored the win! Madden tried to make good on Sindy's promise to take the mask, but Makaze fought him off and escaped with the hood intact.


Delirious vs. Jynx: One of the best matches of the night up to this point, as both guys survived a lot of close calls and were able to avoid or counter each other's signature moves. Jynx appeared to have the momentum after avoiding the Shadows Over Hell splash, but Delirious was able to win a backslide duel and hold Jynx's shoulders down to the mat for the three-count to win a close one!


Kory Twist vs. Big Bad Ben: Before the match, Twist said that he wanted to see Ben's "A-Game" in this one, having fought him twice before...and Ben said he'd give it to him, but only if they could shake hands again after the match. Ben certainly brought his A-Game, as the battle took place both in and out of the ring(including Twist sending Ben flying into a bunch of chairs in the corner of the Knights Of Columbus Hall!). Back in the ring, Twist was able to hit some aerial offense to keep the big man off balance, but Ben incredibly kicked out of Twist's springboard moonsault(the move that Twist had beaten him with in previous matches)! Ben stunned Twist with a DDT, then slammed him to the mat with his trademark powerbomb to score the victory! True to their word, the two shook hands after their hard-fought encounter!


Matt vs. Ian Storm vs. OuTtKaSt: Fast-paced action from bell to bell, far too much to properly call. Matt connected with a great springboard snap legdrop on Storm at one point, then later in the match Ian flattened both opponents with a somersault plancha to the outside! OuTtKaSt seemed to have things wrapped up after hitting the Case Study on Storm, but Matt took advantage and hit the shooting star press onto BOTH men as they were down on the canvas! Matt covered KaSt for the pin and the victory!


Diamond Back Dingo vs. Pete Madden: These two started off with a technical exchange of holds, but things got hot and heavy very quickly...to the point where Madden tried to walk out a couple of times! Madden insisted that Dingo was no longer on "the list", but Dingo said that Madden was on HIS "list" and pounced on Pete outside the ring! The momentum swung back and forth, but Dingo reversed a suplex into the Dingo Driver, then connected with a moonsault to seal the deal, scoring some payback for Madden's betrayal earlier this year!


Nikki Strychnine vs. MsChif: All extra parties(Delirious, Nightbreed, Madden, Sindy) were barred from ringside for this one by the edict of Commissioner Keith Smith. The hatred between these two had been boiling over for quite some time and they went at it with a vengeance! These two know each other very well, as Nikki countered the Gateway To Annihiliation and MsChif avoided the Lethal Dose, among other countermoves. The battle spilled out of the ring and Nikki threatened to powerbomb MsChif off the bleachers, but she delivered a low blow and threw him off, then dove onto him from the upper level!


Back in the ring, Nikki regained the advantage and punished MsChif, delivering the Toxic Salvation(despite MsChif's best efforts to block the move)...but he suddenly called for the microphone. Nikki said that with all that hatred, it must mean that she still cares about him in some form. Pete Madden came back out to protest this, but seemingly to no avail as Strychnine and MsChif hugged! The fans voiced their disbelief...but just when it looked like the "happy couple" was back together, MsChif slapped Strychnine!


MsChif had simply toyed with Strychnine's emotions once again, and with the momentum going her way, she brought the timekeeper's table into the ring to turn up the violence! MsChif set up Strychnine on the table and climbed the turnbuckles for a moonsault attempt, but Nikki got up, picked her up off the turnbuckles, and gave her a Razor's Edge-style powerbomb through the table! Nikki went for the cover, but stopped and picked her up like he was going to carry her back to the dressing room...but instead flipped her over his shoulder and Tombstoned her on the remnants of the table! MsChif was done after that...1-2-3. The night ended with the Fourth Reich celebrating in the ring and Nikki Strychnine holding both the GCW Heavyweight Title AND the GCW Light Heavyweight Title...all the gold is now with the Fourth Reich!


Pics are up at: http://members.aol.com/PowerPB13/gcwpics.htm



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Guest PowerPB13
Next year our goal should be to try and get them to allow us to do announcing on one of the home videos........


preferably an Adults Only so Louie can say the "F" word constantly

You know not what you ask...


Poll, preferred GCW commentary team:


a) The Grand Poobah & Tommy Jeans

b) Big Bad Ben & Billy McNeil(with Roland Chang filling in for Billy's matches)

c) Nemesis & Mike The Mime

d) Dan Greennoodle & Jay Bonzano

e) Myself, Emilio Lazardo, & Louie

f) Roy Swantner...just Roy Swantner



Edited by PowerPB13

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Guest PowerPB13

Gateway Championship Wrestling is closing out 2003 in a big way with its 24th installment of "Adults F'n Only" this Saturday night at 8 p.m.(doors open at 7) at Aggies' on South Broadway in St. Louis, Missouri!


GCW management has just announced a huge grudge match for the show: Diamond Back Dingo will take on The Human Wrecking Ball Pete Madden in a "Milwaukee Chain Match"! These two rivals are out for blood, and there's no better setting than AF'NO for violence!


Also, GCW will hold a Referee Battle Royal, with the winner becoming GCW's new head official! Who will it be...former "Head Sexy Official" Sean Vincent? His protege Richard Head? Jim Aggie, Melvin Root, Jim Tennings, Hunter Johnston, and even Roy Swantner will be participating for the right to be GCW's top ref!


Of course, there will be "I Quit 2"(participants to be determined)...to paraphrase David Rogers: Last year's I Quit match was a shocking surprise...so much so that this year's match will put to the test the sheer strength of two individuals. The ability to look their adversaries in the face and show no emotions, to demonstrate the ability to put personal issues aside and absorb the horrors brought up by the sick and demented minds at GCW...only the strong will survive.


Also according to Rogers, "Christopher Walken" may be making another appearance, and GCW will be hosting several matches from other local promotions...with all of this on tap, GCW's final show of 2003 will definitely be one to remember!



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Guest PowerPB13

GCW TV Report 12/13/03


Your hosts are The Grand Poobah and Tommy Jeans, and the main event for today's show is Pete Madden vs....Rat Boy? That'll be an interesting contest, but first...


OuTtKaSt vs. Kory Twist


These two tore the house down in Overland back in October at Wrestling For A Cause, this one should be a good one...


Things start with a series of lockups all sportsmanlike and such, with Poobah mentioning that Matt and Daizee Haze will be taking on the Super Castaldis later in the show. Jeans quips that he's surprised John Ashcroft let the Castaldis back into the country.


KaSt gets the first shot in with an armdrag, but Twist comes up with an armwringer on the next exchange. KaSt counters by grabbing the top rope and doing a forward flip to ease the pressure, then reversing things. Whip into the corner is reversed, but Kast walks up the turnbuckles and flips over Twist's back with a sunset flip...for two. KaSt tries to maintain the momentum but gets caught in a fireman's carry and spun around into a Flapjack!


Kory hits a suplex for two as Jeans notes KaSt's "Got MILF?" T-shirt, encouraging Poobah to speculate on its meaning. Poobah declines. KaSt reverses a whip but Twist blocks a hiptoss, attempting a backslide. The backslide duel ends in a stalemate, but Twist turns it around and goes for a short-arm clothesline...which KaSt ducks, going right into the Six-Sic-Six! He bridges for a pin attempt on the third suplex, but only gets two.


OuTtKaSt next tries for the Spineshank, but Twist escapes the move and plants him with a spinebuster. Both are worn down but Twist picks things up, whipping KaSt into the ropes and hitting a second spinebuster. Twist goes to finish with the springboard moonsault, and even as KaSt rolls out of the way, Twist lands on his feet. KaSt launches himself at Twist with a horizontal dropkick but Kory swats it aside and covers...for two. Fate Factor?...no, KaSt gets a victory roll counter!...for two. Whip attempt is turned around into a Case Study attempt for KaSt, but Twist elbows out, KaSt elbows out of a waistlock, and by the time the exchange is finished, Twist finally gets KaSt in position to hit the Fate Factor. Count it, ref.


WINNER: Kory Twist


Website plug for gatewaywrestling.com...


Tommy Jeans interviews someone who hasn't been seen on GCW TV in quite a while...Roy Swantner! He'll be hosting a new segment called the "GCW Hot Tub Party" starting next week, and he promises an event of epic proportions...with Daizee Haze as his first guest. Swantner guarantees that they'll be on location at the most "scorching and pulsating" hot tubs in the area, and he confirms that this segment HAS been safely tested on animals. I'll be looking forward to that one...


The Super Castaldis vs. Matt (Sydal) & Daizee Haze


Needless to say, Poobah is a bit out of sorts after hearing the news of the Hot Tub Party and its first guest, and Jeans has to calm him down a bit. Hey, as long as he doesn't start screaming about puppies...


In the meantime, Jeans astutely notes that Matt and Daizee are the favorites to win this one, and I fully expect the Castaldis' legendary streak of futility to continue as well. Poobah mentions that Matt and Daizee have been busy in appearing for NWA-TNA and NWA Wildside(free plugs, guys!). At any rate, Daizee gets the better of the white-suited Castaldi(Castaldi IV, I believe), then Matt tags in for a stereo running shooting star by himself and legdrop by Daizee. Nice.


Matt follows up his advantage with a reverse tiger suplex and a bridge, but only gets two. The Castaldis do their best to turn things around, but Jeans says "I think the Von Erichs feel sorry for the Super Castaldis," and sure enough Matt turns things around by wiping out Castaldi VII(I'll take Poobah's word for it) with an enzuigiri. Daizee and Castaldi IV tag back in and Daizee cleans house, hitting the Daizee Cutter on IV in short order. Matt adds a springboard 450 splash and Daizee covers IV for the three-count.


WINNERS: Matt (Sydal) & Daizee Haze


Website plug again...


Jeans now interviews Pete Madden about his match tonight with Rat Boy...Pete says Rat Boy has earned respect as a hardcore wrestler, but who's more hardcore than the Human Wrecking Ball? A fan yells out "Dreamer" and Pete tells him to shut up. Pete then asks the cameraman to follow him over to some guy who looks a bit like Louie, then rips off the fan's armband and yells at him for not being worthy of the colors of the Reich. Where'd he get that armband anyway, one wonders?


Anywho, Pete declares that "fat, ignorant, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life!" He then mocks the Hot Tub Party segment, saying that Daizee shouldn't be on there and that her "bony BUTT" should be considered a foreign object. He wraps up by saying that if he ever faced Daizee in the ring, she'd be suffing from a lifetime case of PMS...Pete Madden Syndrome.


Free RVD tells us how hot GCW TV is getting.


Rat Boy vs. The Human Wrecking Ball Pete Madden(w/ Nikki Strychnine and plunder)


Well, it looks like Pete is going to put Rat Boy's hardcore-ness to the test, as he's brought out the shopping cart full of weapons that I assume New Jack left behind at some point...and as if there isn't enough going on, Kory Twist has joined the broadcast team for this matchup...very interesting. In short, Twist wants Da Belt, and that about sums it up.


At any rate, Pete throws various objects into the ring, thus giving Rat Boy plenty to work with, and as such Pete gets nailed with a stop sign upon ring entry. Rat Boy fires away with anything that's not nailed down, but Pete gets a hold of a kendo stick to battle back. Madden suplexes Rat Boy and sets up two chairs with a stop sign bridging the seats, then puts Rat Boy on the top for the top-rope Frankensteiner into the wreckage...with Rat Boy doing a total header into the setup! OUCH.


It looks like this one will be over early and Madden hits the moonsault, but incredibly Rat Boy kicks out at two! Madden then hangs Rat Boy from the Joey Lawrence Memorial Tree Of "Whoa!" and hits a chair-enhanced dropkick into him! Now things head out to the floor, with referee Richard Head allowing things to continue, and the fight goes all the way out into the audience...but Rat Boy reverses a hiptoss into the chairs in the front row! Rat Boy chairs Pete in the back, then jumps off the guardrail for a dropkick! The landing doesn't help Rat Boy much, so Pete is able to return fire with an inverted atomic drop. Nikki hands Pete a barbed-wire-wrapped kendo stick, but Rat Boy ducks the swing and suplexes Pete onto the wire!


Back to ringside, Rat Boy winds up with the kendo stick, but Nikki nails him across the back with a chair to cut him off. Back into the ring, Pete DDTs Rat Boy on a chair, hangs him upside-down in the corner again, then brings in the shopping cart and the stop sign. Nikki holds the stop sign in front of Rat Boy's face and Pete delivers the coup de grace: The Greco-Roman Chuck-A-Shopping-Cart-At-The-Guy's-Head. No one can survive that one...referee Head makes the pin count.


WINNER: Pete Madden


Post-match Pete gets in Twist's face, but Nikki separates them. Twist says in no uncertain terms that he wants the title. Nikki says that Twist had better get on the same page with the rest of the Reich because he is "under" him(Strychnine). Twist then tells Nikki straight-up that he is not, and never will be, a member of the Fourth Reich. Nikki turns to the fans and responds with "He just needs some time to make up his mind!" With that, the Reich makes its exit and the show draws to a close...


TONIGHT! GCW Adults F'n Only 24: I Quit 2(8 PM bell time, doors open at 7)

-"I Quit 2": Participants to be determined

-Diamond Back Dingo vs. Pete Madden - Milwaukee Chain Match

-Referee Battle Royal with the winner to become GCW's new head official!

-Walken will be in the house!

-GCW will be hosting matches from other local promotions!


NEXT WEEK: A rematch from GCW's third anniversary show as Diamond Back Dingo faces Delirious!


Photos from this show can be seen at the Fan Cam site: http://members.aol.com/PowerPB13/gcwpics.htm




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Guest PowerPB13

GCW held its last show of 2003 last night at Aggies' on South Broadway in St. Louis, MO, capped off by "I Quit 2" and a violent Wisconsin Chain Match!


Chaz Wesson vs. Thunderbolt: Fairly one-sided opener, as Chaz made his return to GCW action a successful one via Pedigree.


The Croc & Curtis Payne vs. Nightbreed: The Croc was in rare form in this match, coming out dressed kinda like John Cena and doing the "white guy acting black" thing in his attempt to get along with his tag partner from Midwest Powerhouse Wrestling. Croc mouthed off for most of the match, but backed up his words as he and Payne gave Cabal and Jackal a fight in their first tag match together. However, after a double Aussie People's Elbow on Jackal, Croc decided to continue dishing out the punishment rather than go for the win, and he paid for it as Cabal mowed the two down. Cabal pinned Croc after Nightbreed's spike chokeslam finisher.


The Icon Chris Hargas vs. Spoiled Steven Kennedy: Kennedy, known for his work in other local indy promotions, made an impressive showing in his GCW debut. However, Hargas was too much for him, as he picked up the submission victory with a modified bow & arrow hold.


Christopher Walken vs. Mike The Mime: Walken had a lot to say once again, with the mime having little in the way of verbal response. Croc controlled the verbal and physical assault for the most part, but when Mike got in some offense and locked in a Boston crab, he was distracted by an unknown individual coming to ringside ringing a cowbell. This allowed Walken to mount a comeback and win via submission with a rather painful-looking groin-stretch hold.


Referee battle royal, participants Sean Vincent, Richard Head, Jim Aggie, Melvin Root, Hunter Johnston, Jim Tennings, and Roy Swantner, refereed by Commissioner Keith Smith: The winner of this would become GCW's new senior official, but Swantner jumped over the top to eliminate himself right away, pointing out that he hadn't refereed a match in a long time and plugging the GCW Hot Tub Party segment on GCW TV as he exited. Vincent and Head mocked Roy's quick exit, only to get jumped by the other officials in the ring!


Coach Chuck Farley was back in GCW managerial action to root for Vincent, and he looked on as the fight raged on. Tennings and Johnston were impressive in their first official in-ring outings in GCW, but Johnston was the first person to be involuntarily ousted from the ring, followed by Tennings. Aggie and Root(aka Team Trainee) used their tag team experience to work over Vincent, and Head and Aggie threw Head through the ropes(but not over the top). Aggie and Root set up to eliminate Vincent, but Vincent reversed a while and Aggie accidentally backdropped Root out, then Vincent dumped Aggie to the floor. Vincent thought he had won, but forgot that Head hadn't been officially eliminated...and Head pounced on the opportunity, low-blowing Vincent as he posed on the turnbuckles and throwing him out! Richard Head is the new senior official of GCW! Vincent was upset about Head's underhanded tactics, but Coach convinced him to celebrate the win for his protege instead...


Kory Twist & Jeremy vs. Kevin Sharp & Shawn Almighty: Two of GCW's newest duos squared off here and it was anybody's ballgame. Twist and Jeremy have been on a roll as of late, but this was Sharp and Almighty's first official tag match as a team and they were intent on proving themselves to the GCW faithful. Jeremy appeared to have the match won as he set up for a Lightfoot Driver variation on Almighty, but Sharp nailed him with a chair behind the referee's back allowing Almighty to get the three-count.


Matt (Sydal) vs. OuTtKaSt vs. Makaze vs. Jynx: GCW's trademark four-way dance ended up all over Aggies', and Matt pulled off an eye-popping move early on when he used a rana to send KaSt flying right over the top rope to the outside! Everyone hit their best moves, but there always seemed to be someone there to break up the pin attempts. Finally, OuTtKaSt hit the Case Study on Jynx, but Makaze hit KaSt with the Osaka Jam while he was still down on the mat, getting the victory!


Post-match, the Fourth Reich stormed the ring, intent on claiming Makaze's mask, but the other participants in the match stood up for him in the ring. Jynx then announced that Makaze had a "replacement" for Sindy, at which point Makaze brought out a blowup doll!


Ian Storm & Daizee Haze vs. Delirious & MsChif: These four know each other very well from past battles and it showed here. Ian and Daizee worked well in their first match as a team, but Diabolic Khaos had the edge in team experience. Like the previous match, we saw multiple finishers utilized, only for the tag partners to break up pin attempts. It took a tag team effort to finish things, as Ian picked up MsChif in wheelbarrow position and spun her around into a Daizee Cutter by Haze! Daizee scored the fall on MsChif to win the tag team battle!


Nikki Strychnine vs. Big Bad Ben, I Quit 2: Commissioner Keith Smith decided that since Jack Adonis wasn't around, the leader of the Fourth Reich should take his place in this matchup. Nikki initially refused to take part in a "joke of a match", but Keith(despite assuring Nikki that this match was non-title) threatened to strip him of his championship if he didn't participate. Nikki gave Keith the Light Heavyweight Title belt, but when Keith said he'd strip him of BOTH belts, Nikki reluctantly entered the grueling contest...


For those who are new to GCW, the concept of a GCW Adults F'n Only I Quit match is this: The two participants sit across from each other while various unusual occurrances take place in and around the ring. You lose when you can no longer continue.


This match had just about everything(other than actual physical contact between the participants). White Chocolate(or someone resembling him) came out impersonating Ben, singing the words to Ben's theme music as a Muzac version of the song played. Then Jackal came out impersonating Nikki and brawled with "Ben" to the back. Next Jynx came out with his best Michael Jackson act, only to get distracted from his performance by the presence of a young fan...and things got a little too up close and personal in that regard.


An unidentified person came out covered in shaving cream asking if anyone had a razor, then disappeared to the back just like that. A masked man in a trench coat hit the ring and flashed Nikki(with an uncooked chicken covering his unmentionables). Sean Vincent came out, preparing for an encore of his lapdance performance from I Quit 1, but Coach Chuck Farley came out in old-school attire along with Chaz Wesson, asking Vincent to help "get the band back together". Coach encouraged an "OSW" chant, but when Vincent turned down the offer, Chaz attacked Vincent, then Pedigreed Coach for the hell of it.


Heart Attack Jack then made his entrance in his own trenchcoat(and not much else), sighting two of his favorite past "victims" in the ring, Vincent and Coach. Suffice it to say, many unmentionable acts followed. Kory Twist came out in a dress and wig pretending to be Nikki's mother, encouraging him to eat his chunky soup. We then got a visit from the "Governator"(who looked slightly like Croc) encouraging people to vote for him for President in the future and groping everyone in sight(including Louie!). Then Christopher Walken came out and made his case for a presidential run...neither Ben nor Nikki were ready to give in just yet.


MsChif came out, but she refused to do the striptease that GCW management asked her to do and simply stormed out(as someone played fart noises over the sound system). At this point, Sindy entered the ring and said SHE wasn't a tease and she would do her own striptease for Nikki(not the fans, as she made clear). She then looked for a volunteer to join her in the ring, selecting Cat(of the Disciples Of Hate). The two women gyrated in front of Nikki, who finally surrendered the match(and had to cover himself with his title belt)!


Nikki was irate at Sindy for costing him the match, but Sindy said that at least it was over, plus he had both Sindy and Cat for the night...which made Strychnine feel a bit better about things. However, it was Triple B that had his arm raised at the end of I Quit 2!


Diamond Back Dingo vs. Pete Madden, Wisconsin Chain Match: This match had the stipulation that you had to touch the four outer ringposts(not the turnbuckles) to win, plus a bunch of pieces of paper with names of weapons on them were arranged on a ringside table. Fans could pick the instruments of destruction to be used over the course of the match. With Adonis MIA and Nikki and Sindy attending to other matters, Madden was left to fight one-on-one.


Dingo ended up bloody very early through Pete's use of a power drill(no, REALLY). Thumbtacks, mousetraps, a shopping cart, a road sign, and much, much more was used in this violent encounter! Dingo sent Pete crashing through a barbed-wire table and worked over him with the chain, leaving both men a bloody mess. Big Bad Ben was chosen as a "weapon", but when Pete encouraged Ben to chokeslam Dingo, he turned around and chokeslammed Madden instead!


A "?" was on a piece of paper selected in the matchup, so when Dingo was asked what that meant, Dingo got out a staple gun and stapled the "?" paper to Pete's forehead! A "Thirty-Second Lumberjack Lashing" was chosen and the GCW locker room stormed the ring to whip both participants with belts! A second table came into play and both tried to suplex the other through it, but Pete gained the advantage, set up Dingo on the table, and chairsaulted Dingo through it! However Madden was too injured to follow up on his advantage.


The end finally came when Dingo battered Madden at ringside, dumped him in the shopping cart, and pushed him all the way around the ring, tagging the ringposts to score the victory! In GCW's final show of 2003, Diamond Back Dingo was the man left standing at the end of the night!



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Guest PowerPB13

GCW TV Report, 12/20/03


GCW television is once again on the air! Your hosts are The Grand Poobah & Tommy Jeans and we're starting off fast with two of GCW's finest...


Diamond Back Dingo vs. Delirious(w/ MsChif)


Both men have been voted Local Wrestlers Of The Year by the fans in the past(Dingo in 2001, Delirious in 2002) and they've had some classic battles, including their best-of-three-falls match for the vacant GCW Heavyweight Title back at GCW's third anniversary show in March. I apologize in advance if I cannot do this match justice in recap form.


Turnbuckle-posing to start to establish that, yes, Dingo is the crowd favorite here. Opening feeling-out ends in Delirious getting a waistlock, but Dingo reverses out into an armhold and some general working-over of the masked man's arm. Delirious escapes the hold, but Dingo takes him over in a fireman's carry. Dingo sends Delirious into the ropes, but he rebounds with a shoulderblock...hits the ropes again, blocks a hiptoss, then maneuvers his way into a headlock takedown. Round one Delirious, methinks.


Dingo gets back to his feet and backs Delirious into the corner, and he breaks clean...only to get a thumb in the eye from Delirious. Delirious kicks and chops away on Dingo in the corner, but Dingo responds in kind. Whip into the opposite corner is reversed, Delirious charges in...but he blocks Dingo's raised boot and blasts him with forearms. Dingo shoves Delirious away, ascends to turnbuckle two, and comes off with a flying clothesline.


Delirious stalls on the outside, aided by Dingo having a brief confrontation with MsChif...and as Dingo re-enters the ring he gets stomped by the pride of Dante's Inferno. Poobah takes the time to plug the rest of the show, with Kevin Sharp facing OuTtKaSt in the main event and Jynx in action(with a new look, as we'll see later). Delirious' corner whip is reversed, but Dingo eats elbow charging in, and Delirious follows up with a corkscrew moonsault bodyblock off the top! Cover...for two.


Dingo fires back quickly, hitting an inverted atomic drop and chopping away, then whips Delirious...only to get reversed and kneed in the midsection. Two-count. Delirious hooks a chinlock/sleeper, yelling out "GOOOOO TO SLEEEEEP"...I don't know if that'll enhance the effect, but I'm not Delirious. Dingo's arm drops twice but not thrice, and he's able to work his way back up to his feet. Dingo elbows out, comes off the ropes...gets caught in the sleeper again...but escapes with a killer belly-to-back suplex! Quick cover...for two.


Dingo hooks a full nelson, asking the fans if they want to see a dragon suplex, but thus alerted Delirious scrambles to hang onto the ropes to save himself...then he elbows out of the hold and follows up with a standing enzuigiri! With Dingo down on the mat, Delirious smells blood and goes for Shadows Over Hell, but Dingo avoids the splash!


Both are slow to get to their feet and once they do, they slug it out once again, trading thunderous forearms until finally Dingo gets knocked back into the ropes...rebounding with a running boot to the mush! Full nelson and THIS time Dingo hits the released dragon suplex! Dingo doesn't go for the pin, instead electing to pull Delirious toward the middle of the ring. Dingosault attempt...but Delirious rolls out of the way! A wounded Dingo rolls to the corner, only to take a Panic Attack to the face! One...two...NO!


Delirious calls for a Bizarro Driver, but Dingo maneuvers behind Delirious in mid-move. Delirious elbows out of the waistlock, comes off the ropes and jumps into a rana attempt...but Dingo powerbombs him! Dingo holds on, hoists him up, and powerbombs him AGAIN, then lifts him up one more time, across the shoulders, into a Death Valley Driver! That's the Egobuster folks, and no one gets up from that. 1-2-3.


WINNER: Diamond Back Dingo


Plug for www.gatewaywrestling.com.


Tommy Jeans interviews Kevin Sharp, who's "happy" to be back in a TV main event...but his requested opponent, Chaz Wesson(described by Sharp as one of GCW's "great white champions"), is apparently MIA. Sharp says that he now knows how it goes on the "GCW plantation" and says that he'll make an example out of OuTtKaSt tonight, pausing to send a shoutout to Shawn Almighty as well. That one's later tonight...


Nova tells us we're watching Gateway Championship Wrestling.


Richard Head(w/ Sean Vincent) vs. Jynx


This is Jynx's first televised appearance since losing the mask vs. mask match to Makaze back in October in Overland at Wrestling For A Cause; Tommy Jeans comments that, upon further review, he wishes Jynx would have won that match.


As Jynx and Head lock up, Poobah remembers that the GCW Hot Tub Party debut is still to come with Daizee Haze as the first guest, and Jeans has to calm him down all over again. Jynx works the arm, which Jeans takes exception to since that's Head's pin-counting arm. Head manages to turn things around by reversing a whip into the turnbuckles, hard. Jynx ends up slumped in the corner and Richard follows up with his patented running diving Head-BUTT to the lower extremities...ouch.


Head whips Jynx into the other corner, but eats boot charging in, and Jynx gets a desperation flying neckbreaker off the second turnbuckle. Both are down, but Jynx is first to take advantage by dropping Head with a Michinoku Driver! Jynx climbs the turnbuckles for an attempted cannonball senton, but Head moves out of the way. Head hits a slingshot splash to Jynx's back and hooks a painful-looking Liontamer, but Jynx manages to power out of the hold. Jynx quickly grabs Head's legs and locks in the Orenishii

(Sharpshooter-ish leghold), and despite Vincent trying to push the ropes out for Head to reach, he can't quite do it and has to tap out.




Website plug again.


Tommy Jeans brings out the Killier Commish, Commissioner Keith Smith, for an announcement about next week's Christmas edition of GCW TV. It seems that Keith is giving the roster a Christmas gift, as there'll be a battle royal next week...and the winner gets a guaranteed title shot at Nikki Strychnine the following week on GCW TV! There's something to look forward to...


But now..."Freak out!" It's time for the GCW Hot Tub Party, hosted by Roy Swantner. Swantner appears in a robe, which he sheds to reveal...his refereeing attire. Heh. Swantner steps into the hot tub for his interview with Daizee Haze, who's already soaking(in her wrestling attire, notably).


However, just as Swantner tries to kick off the interview by asking about Daizee's falling-out with Johnny Greenpeace, we are joined by...referee Jim Aggie? He's more suitably dressed for a hot tub, but there's some dispute over what he's doing here. Aggie says he brought Daizee a White Castle burger in case she had "the munchies", but Daizee says she doesn't eat meat products like that, only organic-type food. Roy again questions how Aggie knew where they were... Aggie: "Well, I've kinda been following her in my car for three days..."


Aggie then asks Daizee for a lock of her hair for a "project" he has...and when Daizee presses the issue, he says he's gonna frame it on his wall next to some toenail clippings he found. Err...yeah. Offended, Daizee takes her leave, with Swantner left shaking his head and Aggie contendedly sitting in the hot tub and eating his White Castle burger.


OuTtKaSt vs. Kevin Sharp


Okay, back to the action, and Sharp wastes no time jumping KaSt at the bell. However, KaSt reverses a whip and Samoan drops him, sending Sharp rolling to the outside. Okay, Plan B. Sharp re-enters and goes right after KaSt again, but this time KaSt turns things around and flattens the former champ with a horizontal dropkick. As Sharp again contemplates his game plan on the outside, Tommy Jeans explains that Chaz Wesson's absence is due to injury, but Sharp had other ideas about why Wesson wasn't around.


Anywho, Sharp goes for rush attack #3 and this time it works, as he flattens OuTtKaSt with a clothesline. Whip and spinebuster reinforces Sharp's control in this one as the commentators discuss Sharp's claims to being "held back" since losing the GCW Heavyweight Title two years ago. Big fistdrop, then a vertical suplex...for two. Sharp chokes away on KaSt and hits the Bossman sit, then "covers" with one foot...for two.


At this point Jeans plugs next week's Hot Tub Party segment, with the Fourth Reich as the guests. Poobah wonders about this, as Pete Madden said last week that they'd never participate in such a thing. However, he gets all psyched for the segment once Jeans reminds him that the Reich in the hot tub means Sindy in the hot tub.


At any rate, Sharp continues the pain with a camel clutch, then whips KaSt into the ropes...only to get reversed straight into the Six-Sic-Six! Two-count as Sharp gets a foot on the ropes. KaSt tries to press his advantage, only to get stopped with a high knee by Sharp. Sharp then follows up with a classic...the Garvin Stomp! Despite the crushing effects of that devastating move, Sharp doesn't go for the cover, instead choking KaSt some more and hitting a high-impact running powerslam...for 2 1/2.


Sharp goes topside to finish things, but takes too long and KaSt nails him...then springboards off the second rope to dropkick him to the floor! Sharp tries to collect his bearings, but KaSt comes flying off the apron with the Downfall Of Society flying shoulderblock! The two fight it out on the floor and KaSt reverses a whip into the guardrail, then KaSt goes for a chair...only to have Sharp superkick it back into his face. Oh yeah, the referee's been counting all this time, so...


WINNER: None(double countout)


Sharp wails on KaSt with the chair, furious over not being able to score a convincing victory, and the locker room empties to separate the two...looks like a little preview of what next week's battle royal will be like with everyone going at it!



-Battle Royal, winner gets a title shot at GCW Champion Nikki Strychnine the following week on GCW TV

-Delirious & MsChif vs. Double Negative

-Nightbreed vs. The Super Castaldis


Learn more about GCW at:



Check out photos from GCW events(including pictures from this TV show) at the Fan Cam page:






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Guest PowerPB13

GCW's had a busy couple of weeks...Matt, Delirious, and Daizee worked IWA Mid-South last weekend, and this weekend it'll be Matt, Delirious, and Billy McNeil working NWA Wildside...


TV report up a bit later...ooh, time to keep track of battle royal eliminations...



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Guest PowerPB13

GCW TV Report, 12/27/03


Merry Christmas from GCW! Your hosts are The Grand Poobah and Tommy Jeans and tonight's main event is a Christmas present from Commissioner Keith Smith to the Gateway roster...an over-the-top-rope battle royal with the winner to get a guaranteed title shot at Nikki Strychnine on GCW TV next week! Let's kick things off...


Double Negative(Ian Storm & Shawn Almighty) vs. Diabolic Khaos(Delirious & MsChif)


Two of GCW's top tag teams, though Storm and Almighty have had their issues lately to say the least...meanwhile, MsChif is looking to rebound after her loss of the GCW Light Heavyweight Title last month...


Delirious and Ian Storm start the match, and as they lock up, Kevin Sharp joins the commentary team to point out how the GCW brass has been keeping the brothers down. Well, thank you for that, Kevin. Ian gets an early near-fall off a nice bridging fireman's carry, then turns a blocked hiptoss into a flying neckbreaker. Nicely done.


Now MsChif and Almighty(making his first appearance on GCW TV in quite a while) tag in to go at it, and Almighty does quite well against the former LHW Champ...only to get caught by MsChif's Deja Vu double-rotation flying headscissors off the ropes! Two-count for MsChif, but Almighty manages to mount a comeback. Almighty whips MsChif into the corner, gets some major air on a flying splash into the corner, then follows up with a bulldog! Two-count for Almighty from that.


MsChif pokes Almighty in the eye to halt his momentum, then drops him with the Gateway To Annihilation(aka Eye Of The Hurricane). Tag to Delirious and Diabolic Khaos double-teams the bejeezus out of Almighty...Delirious forearms, MsChif clotheslines from behind, Delirious hits a double-underhook facebuster, MsChif clotheslines Almighty down, Delirious drops the Muta-esque twisting elbow. Eep. Only a two-count from the ensuing cover, though.


Almighty is in trouble as Delirious and MsChif make quick tag after quick tag, beating on Almighty in the corner. Sharp protests that Storm should be doing SOMETHING to help his partner, though he can't do THAT much other than wait for a tag. Almighty finally manages to get an opening by reversing a whip straight into the Last Revelation(pumphandle Rock Bottom)...but instead of going for the tag, he climbs the turnbuckles to try to finish things with the frog splash. Bad move, as Delirious rolls out of the way and Almighty crash-lands on the canvas!


As the commentators debate the reasons behind Almighty passing on the chance to tag out, Diabolic Khaos reasserts their control of the match. However, when they attempt to whip Almight into a double hiptoss, Almighty lands on his feet and hits a double Diamond Cutter on both opponents! This could be Almighty's chance to tag...but instead he goes for the pin on MsChif...and even more incredibly, pulls her up at two!


Almighty tries to finish off MsChif, but MsChif reverses a whip into the ropes and boots him in the gut. Unbeknownst to MsChif, though, Ian tagged himself in as Almighty hit the ropes, and as MsChif tries to set up Almighty for Code Green(her version of Code Red), Ian hooks her head and DDTs her to the mat! This results in some discussion between the tag partners over Ian taking matters into his own hands, and in the meantime the winning opportunity is lost as MsChif tags out to Delirious. However, Ian meets Delirious coming in with a thunderous John Wu Dropkick!


Sharp has had enough and goes to have a talk with Almighty, claiming that Storm is trying to hog the glory. Ian tries to join the conversation, but it seems that Almighty has heard enough and drops off the apron, leaving with Sharp! Delirious recovers from the earlier dropkick enough to nail Ian, then plant him with the Bizarro Driver(twisting fisherman buster). Tag to MsChif for Unhallowed Grace(Lionsault) and that's the ballgame.


WINNERS: Diabolic Khaos(MsChif pins Ian Storm)


Website plug: www.gatewaywrestling.com


Tommy Jeans interviews Jeremy, asking him about his decision to drop the last name "Lightfoot" in his wrestling career. Jeremy puts it simply: In other organizations, his last name was treated as simply a gimmick and he was known simply as "that Indian guy". While "Lightfoot" is indeed his real last name, he wants to be known for his wrestling ability and not for a gimmick. Next week, he has a big match against Pete Madden and he'll get a chance to prove himself...'nuff said.


Rob Van Dam and Fonzie hype GCW TV. Free RVD!


The Super Castaldis vs. Nightbreed(Cabal & Jackal)


Jackal is already fired up for the match, so much so that he shoves a fan down on his way to the ring. The ring entrance nearly lasts longer than the match, as Cabal jumps the Castaldis from the opening bell and hits the white-suited one with a side suplex and legdrop. Tag to Jackal, Cabal swats the red-suited Castaldi off the ring apron, and Jackal hits the Killswitch(aka Sliced Bread #2) on the white-suited Castaldi to wrap this one up in a hurry.


WINNERS: Nightbreed


The post-match festivities consist of some more abuse for the "pride"(?) of Encinada, Mexico, as Jackal drops the white-suited Castaldi with his cool turnbuckle-walk Tomakazi and Cabal drops the red-suited Castaldi with a cobra clutch slam. A successful night for the Diabolic Khaos crew so far as they're 2-0...


It's now time to "freak out!" as Roy Swantner introduces the GCW Hot Tub Party for this week, featuring the Fourth Reich: GCW Heavyweight Champion Nikki Strychnine, Pete Madden, and Sindy(who is looking quite lovely in her swimwear...err...ahem, lost my train of thought for a second there). The trio gives the Fourth Reich salute, splashing Swantner in the process...okay.


Pete had said they would never be in the hot tub, but it turns out that the MIA Jack Adonis was the one that booked the interview segment, even though Madden thought Adonis was on tour with Motorhead or something. Pete vows to call Pevely Dairy to put Adonis' picture on a milk carton so they can find him and straighten things out.


Roy turns the interview into word association... For Nikki: Jack Adonis. "Shallow grave." For Sindy: "Has-been." For Pete: Kory Twist. "My father..." "Your father?" "I don't want to go there..." For Nikki: Louis Gossett Jr. "Impure..." For Sindy: Diamond Back Dingo. "Hmm...interesting..."(Nikki gives her an odd look after that.) For Pete: William Shatner. "God!" For Nikki: MsChif...ooh, bad choice of word selection there, as Nikki attacks Swantner, Madden calls for the cameraman to "cut it", and the interview and segment both end rather abruptly




Richard Head is the last to enter the ring, and every other participant eyes him, intent on some serious "ref bumping". However, the new GCW head official decides that discretion is the better part of valor, and as the bell rings, Head bails over the top, deciding that a title shot isn't worth the beating he'll endure.


Commissioner Keith Smith joins the commentary team as everyone else goes to war. Funny moment as about ten people all have headlocks on each other at once in the middle of the fray. Jackal is the first to be involuntarily ejected at the hands of Jeremy. Tommy Jeans declares the scene to look much like Media Day at Rams Park...heh.


MsChif and Matt Sydal tangle on the ropes and both go over the top at the same time, and the two long-time rivals fight back to the dressing room...I doubt anything was settled there. Twist nearly gets Almighty over the top, but Almighty hangs on for dear life and is able to scramble back in. Meanwhile, Madden throws Daizee Haze out, with Jeans declaring that Haze got her case of PMS(Pete Madden Syndrome) after all. Delirious gets elbowed off the ring apron by Jynx and ends up furious over his elimination("BY JYNX?!?").


Either way, Jynx doesn't last much longer as he runs afoul of Dingo and ends up dumped over the ropes. Things are starting to narrow down, as Sharp crotches Jeremy on the top rope and dropkicks him to the floor. Ian rushes Almighty, upset over his partner's actions earlier in the show, and he nearly gets him out of the ring, but Sharp saves Almighty just in time and sends Storm to the floor in the process. Sharp and Almighty take a bit too much time in basking in the glow of their accomplishment, so OuTtKaSt sends Almighty packing.


This action reignites the issues from last week between Sharp and OuTtKaSt and they duke it out once again, with Twist and Dingo dishing out a beating on Pete Madden. We're down to five men, but not for long as Sharp rushes KaSt and clotheslines him over the top, but goes out himself in the process! Now it's the final three and Nikki Strychnine makes his way out to ringside to survey the goings-on. Madden's seemingly in a two-on-one situation, but Dingo takes a swipe at Nikki and, with a little help from the champion on the outside, Madden deposits Dingo onto the arena floor! We're down to the final two!


Pete Madden tries to buddy up to Twist, saying "we won!", but Twist has none of it. So Pete asks for a microphone and proposes that Keith make this final confrontation into a standard pin-or-submission match to settle things. Keith has no problem with that, but makes it clear who he thinks will be the victory(hint: not Pete).


Kory Twist vs. The Human Wrecking Ball Pete Madden


Both men took some abuse in the battle royal and now it's down to these two. Twist defeated Jack Adonis on GCW TV a few months ago, and now he's facing Madden...perhaps the final obstacle before he can get his much-desired title shot at Nikki Strychnine!


Things start off fairly technical as the two exchange holds, with Strychnine looking on. Twist gets a fast two-count, then says "screw this" and starts firing away with the fists on Madden. Mounted punches in the corner, clothesline, then a tour of the top turnbuckles in each corner. Madden bails to the outside but Twist is right behind him, dishing out some knife-edge chops!


Twist sends Madden back in but Madden stomps Twist on re-entry...suplex, up top for the moonsault...nobody home! Twist sends Pete into the ropes and powerslams him to the mat, then launches a beautiful springboard moonsault...which finds the mark! One...two...three!


WINNER: Kory Twist


Next week, Kory Twist finally gets his shot at the GCW Heavyweight Title! Twist poses on the turnbuckles and celebrates, while at ringside Nikki just smiles...does he know something we don't?



-GCW Heavyweight Champion Nikki Strychnine defends his title against the winner of the battle royal, Kory Twist!

-The Human Wrecking Ball Pete Madden vs. Jeremy

-Matt Sydal faces MsChif in a match stemming from their mutual elimination from the battle royal!


Finally, a reminder that GCW returns to action in 2004 on Saturday, January 10th for their next TV taping!


GCW Website



The Fan Cam(featuring photos from this TV show)






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Guest PowerPB13



2003 was a great year for GCW...entertaining matches, some surprising twists and turns, plus some of the mainstays on the roster made their mark on national television and pay-per-view!




Shockingly enough, the GCW Heavyweight Title belt ended the year right where it started...around the waist of Nikki Strychnine! After losing the gold to Jack Adonis and being turned on by MsChif, it seemed as though Nikki was a lost soul, even appearing on a few occasions as the heartbroken "Nikodemus Ravendark"! However, thanks to the motivation of former ally/rival Pete Madden, Strychnine returned to his old self and regained the gold...but instead of having the Ministry Of Hate(OuTtKaSt, Delirious, & MsChif) backing him up, he had the Fourth Reich(Madden, Adonis, and recently Sindy)!


Challengers have come from all sides...Diamond Back Dingo, having realized his dream of becoming the Heavyweight Champion, wants the title back from the man who won it from him. Big Bad Ben wants to avenge the Reich's attacks on GCW competitors, including GCW Commissioner Keith Smith. Newcomer Kory Twist wants to make his mark on the promotion...and after winning a battle royal on GCW television, Twist is now the #1 contender to the GCW Heavyweight Title!




The Light Heavyweight Title went through a chaotic few months at the start of the year, seemingly bouncing around from wrestler to wrestler at every show! OuTtKaSt started the year as champion, but three months later, the gold had been held by Sean Vincent(twice), Billy McNeil, and Makaze(two more times)!


With the Wind Of Destruction holding the LHW belt for the third time, the title situation seemed to settle down...but Makaze was upended by MsChif in May, and MsChif proved to be a dominant champion, holding the belt for six months! It took a title vs. title match with Strychnine, resolving their old issues, to end her reign as champion. At this time, the Light Heavyweight Championship is vacant, having been relinquished by Strychnine at the last show of the year...only time will tell who will be the next to hold the prestigious title.




The early part of the year was marked by Ryan Ash turning his back on his long-time friend and tag team partner Matt...after several attempts to cut Matt's hair and brutalize him with a ladder, the issue was settled at GCW's third anniversary show in a hair vs. hair/ladder match! Matt won the grudge match after a stunning shooting star press off the ladder and gave Ash a much-needed trim!




GCW's longest-standing tag team, the Old School Warriors, came apart at the seams this year...with Keith Smith out of action from neck surgery, Chaz Wesson moved into singles title contention, but seemed unable to capture the gold. Sometimes it was because of Coach Chuck Farley's interference backfiring, and sometimes it was because of Keith preventing Chaz from breaking the rules. It seemed as though Keith's life-altering injury had changed his perspective on the wrestling business!


Early this year, Coach recruited D'Mon G into the OSW fold...and when Keith tried to call off Chaz and D'Mon after a tag team win over Double Negative, they viciously attacked him, ousting him from the group! The very next night, the Old School Warriors gained another new ally, as "Head Sexy Official" Sean Vincent helped D'Mon win an exploding barbed wire match against Big Bad Ben!


Keith would have his payback though...after being named the new GCW Commissioner at the anniversary show, he stripped Vincent of his head official duties, returning C.J. McManus to his former post! Over the course of the year, Keith would be a thorn in the side of not only the OSWs, but other rulebreakers on the roster as well!


Chaz and D'Mon didn't gel nearly as well as Chaz and Keith had, and problems surfaced between the new partners almost immediately. While they did work together well enough to cost Ben a match to Madman Pondo, Ben vowed to get revenge by bringing in some backup...The Sandman! While D'Mon did score a shocking upset over Sandman in May(thanks to Chaz's help), things finally fell apart for good the next night when Sandman and Ben beat Chaz and D'Mon...and D'Mon, Vincent, and Farley turned on Wesson.


Now Chaz fights alone, Vincent has taken Richard Head under his wing as his refereeing protege(Head is now GCW's senior official after winning a referee battle royal in December), and Coach is seemingly siding with Vincent and Head. The dominant team is no more.




GCW had several special guests this year...not only Madman Pondo, who had some hardcore wars with Strychnine, Madden, Diamond Back Dingo, and D'Mon G...not only Sandman, who battled Chaz and D'Mon alongside Big Bad Ben...but also Jerry Lynn and Kid Kash, who wrestled in the main event of the anniversary show. Lynn won the match by disqualification due to the interference of Kash's then-valet Trinity. The following night, Lynn and Billy McNeil had a classic matchup at Adults F'n Only, with Lynn prevailing via cradle piledriver. Kash, injured in the match with Lynn, watched on as OuTtKaSt defeated Matt, seemingly earning a future match with Kash.


When Kash returned to GCW in October, he won a triple threat match against Matt and Delirious, but the next night his scheduled match with Dingo didn't quite go as planned. Matt wanted to get involved and OuTtKaSt wanted the match he had earned several months before. It turned into a tag team matchup with Kash and Matt against Dingo and OuTtKaSt. The odd couples made for an interesting matchup, and in the end Kash got more than he bargained for as he took a Dingo Driver from Dingo and a springboard 450 from his own partner Matt! OuTtKaSt, however, snuck in the back door and picked up the pinfall over Kash!


In retrospect, it wasn't the greatest year for Kash as far as GCW was concerned, as he was upset by Delirious at GCW's debut show in Cape Girardeau back in January...




Speaking of high-profile competitors, several GCW wrestlers made their mark in other parts of the country this year...NWA Wildside, IWA Mid-South, and even NWA-TNA on national TV(XPlosion) and pay-per-view!


Matt(aka Matt Sydal) was the first to appear for NWA-TNA, wrestling Wildside standout Jimmy Rave on XPlosion in February. Several weeks later, XPlosion was all GCW all the time, as Delirious faced Shark Boy, Billy McNeil took on Sonny Siaki, and Daizee Haze faced MsChif in the XPlosion main event that featured involvement by Trinity and Desire!


Ryan Ash would also appear on XPlosion in March, and Matt, Delirious, and Daizee became regular competitors on XPlosion. However, PPV was the goal...and it finally happened in July as Matt and Delirious took part in a six-way elimination match on an NWA-TNA PPV! Matt would appear on pay-per-view again a few weeks later, teaming with Wildsider Altar Boy Luke in a handicap match against Joe E. Legend.


On top of that, Roy Swantner appeared on NWA-TNA PPV for several weeks as one of the followers of "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. (No, that wasn't Altar Boy Luke.)


Matt, Daizee, and Delirious competed several times this year for Wildside, with Matt and Daizee developing an issue with Salvatore Rinauro. Daizee impressed a lot of people with her performance in an intergender match against Rinauro, then Matt took on Sal in a reportedly great matchup on Wildside TV! Dingo, OuTtKaSt, McNeil, and C.J. McManus have also competed for Wildside this year.




It started as simply a "mystery voice" at Adults F'n Only shows...someone was mocking Dingo for wrestling in the opening match, having seemingly "fallen" from the main events he had competed in.


Then the unknown "Dingo Hater" took his message to the GCW website message board. He repeatedly insulted Dingo, mocking his questionable losses in GCW competition and even taking some shots at yours truly for supporting Dingo. No one knew quite who Dingo Hater was...until the October AF'NO, "Earning Respect".


Dingo came out with Rat Boy, who had been insulted by Dingo Hater as well...but when Dingo called out "Dingo Hater", Rat Boy suddenly struck Dingo from behind with his bag of popcorn, which was loaded with a brick! The fight was on!


For most of GCW's existance, Rat Boy had seemingly been little more than a comedy figure, taking abuse and getting laughs from the fans...but, according to Rat Boy, he got no respect. That all changed in one night.


Dingo and Rat Boy went to war, with Rat Boy dishing out the punishment and absorbing an incredible amount of abuse as well...including getting his head sandwiched between the guardrail and a shopping cart, leaving a huge gash! The fan reaction certainly told the story...even though Rat Boy didn't win the match, he won something perhaps more important: The respect of the GCW faithful!




The return of GCW TV was a welcome addition to GCW's product, as Saturday afternoons became a showcase for the roster...especially the interview segments! The Fourth Reich and Sean Vincent took the opportunity to shoot their mouths off at every opportunity, and GCW TV also featured the debut of Roy Swantner's new segment, The GCW Hot Tub Party! Any segment that features Daizee and Sindy in the hot tub on consecutive weeks is AOK in my book...




The OSWs weren't the only team to part ways this year...the duo of Double Negative has also seemingly split up!


When Shawn Almighty was on the shelf due to injury, Ian Storm worked on moving up the ranks in the Light Heavyweight Division, earning several title shots at MsChif...as well as increased respect from the GCW fans. When Almighty returned, however, the team didn't seem to be working as well together as they used to.


Enter Kevin Sharp. Sharp was frustrated by his chaotic year and his lack of title shots, which he blamed on prejudice on the part of the GCW matchmakers. He claimed that Almighty had been "held back" and that Ian was hogging the glory.


For a while it didn't seem like Sharp's words were registering with Almighty...but at recent house shows, Almighty has been assisting Sharp in his matches, and on GCW TV Almighty walked out on a tag match, leaving Storm to be defeated by Delirious and MsChif!




The year also featured Crocodile Kid re-inventing himself as "The Croc" and also making appearances as "Christopher Walken" and "The Governator", showing the GCW fans just how entertaining he could truly be. IF YA SMELLLLL...take a bath!


...MsChif and Daizee Haze both proved once again that wrestling talent knows no gender restrictions, as they competed against male and female opponents alike and continued to earn the respect of the fans that saw their matches!


...Sindy returned and, over the course of the year, showed that loyalty wasn't high on her list of priorities. She appeared alongside Billy McNeil, but immediately double-crossed him to join Makaze. Then, as Makaze decided to leave his rulebreaking ways behind him, Sindy grew increasingly frustrated with his tactics and finally dumped him to join the Fourth Reich...and the two men she had managed once before, Nikki Strychnine and Pete Madden!


...Jynx lost his mask in a match against Makaze, but seemingly found new motivation as he's been picking up more wins as of late!


...several newcomers made their mark in GCW. At Gateway Challenge, Kory Twist and Jeremy (Lightfoot) made such an impression on GCW fans that they earned regular spots on the roster. Others made an impact as well, as MsChif recruited two new minions in the form of Jackal and Cabal of Nightbreed. Other new faces in competition included Mike The Mime, Steven Kennedy, Chris Hargas, Team Trainee(Jim Aggie/#3, Melvin Root/#10, and Lindsey/#11), Curtis Payne, and Richard Head!


I know I can't properly comment on everything that happened in GCW this year(and if I did, this column would be WAY too long...oh wait, it already IS too long)...but suffice it to say that a lot of people are learning about GCW and its wrestlers. This year had its ups and downs, arrivals and departures...but I think I speak for a lot of GCW fans when I say it's been a great ride!


See everyone in '04.


Feedback goes here: [email protected]


Pictures go here, at the Fan Cam: http://members.aol.com/PowerPB13/gcwpics.htm


So until we find out where the Light Heavyweight Title will end up...


...until we find out who will be the individual to finally knock Hatred Walking off his perch and take the gold...


...until we find out just who will be headlining THIS year's anniversary show...


...until myself, Louie, and Emilio Lazardo are guests in the Hot Tub Party...


...until Kid Kash wears a Doogie Sucks T-shirt on an NWA-TNA pay-per-view...


...and until I FINALLY figure out the names of everyone's signature moves(especially Billy's)...






P.S. I'm sure I forgot SOMETHING, so don't hold it against me. Stupid human brain...

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Guest PowerPB13

GCW TV Report, 1/3/04


Happy New Year, and welcome to the first edition of GCW television of 2004! Your hosts are The Grand Poobah and Tommy Jeans, and main events don't get much bigger than this: Nikki Strychnine vs. Kory Twist for the GCW Heavyweight Title! But first...


MsChif(w/ Delirious) vs. Matt (Sydal)(w/ Daizee Haze)


These two have fought on many occasions before, often over the Light Heavyweight Title...including a classic best-of-three-falls match in Cape Girardeau back in September. Last week they eliminated each other from the battle royal, so they fight this week...


Technical start to things, which Matt gets the better of in the early going. Poobah hypes Pete Madden vs. Jeremy for later on as MsChif does a forward cartwheel to escape an armwringer and turns it around into her own armwringer. Matt lands a kick to the midsection and does a standing backflip to ease the pressure, reversing things himself. Matt sends MsChif into the ropes and attempts a hiptoss, but MsChif turns it around mid-air into an airborne DDT! That earns her the match's first two-count.


MsChif maintains control, sending Matt into the turnbuckles and hitting a modified inverted DDT/backbreaker maneuver, then tries to make Matt tap out by hooking him in a sideways Sharpshooter sort of hold. Matt reaches the ropes to escape(with Tommy Jeans insinuating that Daizee may have pushed the ropes to help, but Poobah missed that). MsChif adds some more general punishment, including an ear bite that would have Mike Tyson cringing. Poobah laments the phone calls they'll get after that...


MsChif tries for a bodyslam, but Matt floats over into his Final Cut legdrop(known to WWE viewers as Big Show's "Hoglog")! Matt comes off the ropes and nails the running shooting star press, but Delirious is making a fuss on the apron and Matt abandons his pin attempt to try to swat him away. Delirious gets the first shot in though, turning things right back around. MsChif reverses a while and Matt knocks Delirious off the apron, then springboards off the middle rope for a flying kick! Cover...for 2 1/2.


MsChif manages to regain control by reversing a whip straight into a version of a swinging neckbreaker, then does a sort of bodyscissors takeover from the side...for another two-count. Matt is out of it in the corner...but only temporarily, as he gets an elbow up to stop a charging MsChif. Matt tries a clothesline and MsChif Matrixes to avoid it, but Matt catches her from the blindside with another clothesline! Two-count.


Matt sends MsChif into the ropes and she attempts a flying headscissors, but her feet catch referee Melvin Root in mid-air and he gets knocked down. MsChif lands on her feet and hooks Matt in tiger suplex position, and Delirious dashes into the ring to add a little bit "extra" to the move by nailing Matt with MsChif's spiked vest as she suplexes him up and over! The ref recovers just in time to see MsChif pinning Matt with the tiger suplex, and three-count is academic...




Daizee tries to explain to Root just what happened while he was down, but that goes nowhere...


After a plug for gatewaywrestling.com(check the message board for the Fan's Perspective Year In Review column!), Tommy Jeans brings out Nikki Strychnine and Pete Madden for an interview. Jeans wants to know about tonight's title match, but Nikki insists that his title defense against an "underling" will merely consist of Twist "doing the right thing" and laying down for his leader to pin. Jeans insinuates that Twist seemingly hasn't bought into the Reich hype, which earns him a tongue-lashing from Nikki...Nikki says that what Twist tells an "A/V geek" like Jeans may be a little bit different from what he tells the Reich. We shall see.


Nova tells us we're watching GCW.


"The Human Wrecking Ball" Pete Madden vs. Jeremy


Madden is a former two-time GCW Heavyweight Champion(and the promotion's inaugural titleholder), as well as the former two-time champion of GCW's predecessor, Midwest Renegade Wrestling. Jeremy has been wrestling in the St. Louis area for quite a while, and here he has a chance to prove himself against one of GCW's most established competitors. Jeans kicks off the commentary of this segment with ".........'A/V geek'?!?"


Anywho, Madden can wrestle hardcore, but he starts off in technical fashion with Jeremy, trading holds with him from the opening lockup. Jeremy manages to score a quick rollup for an early one-count, at which point Pete rolls out of the ring and demands that security eject some ringside fans that are distracting him. Heh.


After stalling on the outside, it's back to the wrestling inside the ring, with Madden gaining the advantage by snapmaring Jeremy over and holding him down on the mat with a reverse chinlock. Jeremy reverses out of it as we see the champion Nikki Strychnine(w/ barbed-wire kendo stick make his entrance to watch the match. Poobah insists that Nikki should be focusing on his title match, but Jeans insists that if Nikki SAYS Twist is going to lay down later on, that's what will happen.


Madden, after escaping Jeremy's hold, insists to the referee that Jeremy was pulling his hair(despite Pete having a buzzcut), pulling his tights, and he THINKS Jeremy tries to kiss him. Uh, okay, Pete. Either way, Jeremy takes the opportunity to roll up Madden again...for two. Jeremy then settles into a headlock, then runs down Madden when he tries to push him off into the ropes. Jeremy hits a flip senton, slams Madden down and hooks an armbar. Madden backs Jeremy into the corner and elbows him to get out of THAT.


Whip into the corner and Madden puts his head down for a backdrop, but Jeremy leaps over into a sunset flip attempt...however, Madden counters beautifully by breaking Jeremy's grip on one side and spinning around into a cross-armbreaker on the other side! Madden continues to punish Jeremy's arm with armbars and cross-armbreakers, also hitting legdrops onto the arm. Madden tries to finish things with a superplex, but Jeremy fights out of it and nails a beautiful cross-bodyblock off the top! One...two...NO!


Pete lands a shot to the midsection to halt the momentum and climbs the turnbuckles to pummel Jeremy in the corner...but Jeremy lands his own punch to the gut to stop that. Jeremy gets out of the corner and Madden, losing his balance, lands badly on the middle turnbuckle, allowing Jeremy to hit the Eagle's Wing(slingshot flip neckbreaker)! Cover...but Madden gets a foot on the ropes.


Pete tries to return fire with chops, but that's Jeremy's department and he shows Madden just how it's done, in decisive fashion. Ouch. Snapmare and rolling necksnap, followed by a double-leg rollover pin...for two. Madden won't stay down, though, and hooks Jeremy in a fisherman buster out of nowhere! Inverted atomic drop is followed by a nice superkick and Madden goes for a La Majistral cradle...one...two...no, Jeremy rolls through it into his own pinning combination...one...two...THREE!


WINNER: Jeremy


Needless to say, the Reich doesn't take this too well, as Madden attacks post-match while Nikki keeps the referee occupied. Pete holds Jeremy for Nikki to blast with the barbed-wire kendo stick, but Kory Twist runs in and takes the kendo stick away! Nikki motions for Twist to hit Jeremy, but instead Twist threatens to attack the Reich as Jeremy escapes Madden's grasp and gets out of the ring! The Fourth Reich backs off, but Twist will see Nikki later...


Website plug #2, followed by Tommy Jeans bringing out Shawn Almighty who requested interview time. Almighty casually walks past Jeans, grabs the microphone, and enters the ring. Heh. Almighty calls out Ian Storm to clear the air on a few things, and Storm indeed makes his entrance.


Almighty asks Storm why he tagged himself in in the tag match last week, but when Ian tries to answer, Almighty pulls the mike away and says "It doesn't matter..." He then asks why he tried to target him in the battle royal...Ian tries to answer, but "It doesn't matter..." Turns out that Almighty is starting to see things Kevin Sharp's way, and Sharp himself shows up to support his new ally.


Sharp says that Almighty shouldn't need to explain himself to the "anchor" that's holding him back...and they turn to leave. Ian tries to talk to Almighty to straighten things out, but Sharp nails him! Beatdown ensues, with Almighty holding his now-former tag team partner for Sharp's superkick. It looks like the days of Double Negative are officially over...


RVD and Bill Alfonso tell us how cool GCW TV is.


Kory Twist vs. Nikki Strychnine(GCW Heavyweight Champion)(w/ Pete Madden)


The history between these two is well-documented, with Twist getting involved in the Reich's business and battling both Jack Adonis and Pete Madden on previous editions of GCW TV. Tonight he gets his shot at the title, despite Strychnine insisting that Twist is a future member of the Reich. Referee Jim Aggie makes the mistake of holding up the belt as if this were a title match or something, earning a paintbrushing from Nikki for doing his job.


Strychnine tells Kory to lay down as advertised, and Twist DOES lay down on the mat...but as Nikki gloats, Twist quickly legsweeps him and covers for a quick two-count! Nikki is taken aback, but smiles and says that the Reich apperciates ruthlessness and tells him again to lay down. Nikki turns to the fans to shoot off his mouth, but Twist is right behind him, and I don't think he's listening...and he punches away on the champion!


Twist whips Strychnine into the ropes...but Madden pulls Nikki out of the ring on the rebound, and Nikki stalls out there. Once he's finally ready, he re-enters and the match settles into more technical stuff, leading to Twist getting the advantage with an armbar. Big fist, whip, side suplex...Twist goes for an early moonsault, but Madden crotches him on the top rope while the referee's checking on Nikki! Nikki recovers and positions Twist for Toxic Salvation(Northern Lights superplex), delivered as advertised. Nikki gloats, then covers...for two.


Nikki is clearly frustrated and delivers some thrusts to the throat and some old-fashioned choking, but Twist is game and fights right back. Whip and spinebuster...for 2 1/2. Twist tries to maintain the momentum but Nikki rolls out AGAIN, inviting Twist to follow him out there. The game plan works as Twist is suckered into chasing Nikki around the ring...only to get nailed by Madden, who's hiding behind a column out on the floor!


Strychnine whips Twist into the guardrail, then crotches him on the railing, superkicks him, and delivers a short-arm clothesline to knock him off his "perch"! Pete gives Nikki a quick shoulder rub to ease the tension, then Strychnine deposits Twist back in the ring and covers...for two. Whip and dropkick attempt, but Twist swats it aside! Kory whips Nikki into the ropes and lifts him into a fireman's carry, spinning him around into a Flapjack! Twist is fired up, but Strychnine rolls out to the floor one more time. Nikki stalls out there and it turns into a war of words, with Nikki yelling that he won't get back in if Twist won't give him space. All through this, the referee is counting...


...and Nikki gets counted out?


WINNER(by countout): Kory Twist


No title change on a countout, of course, but that's not the issue here. The Reich retreats, giving their salute to Twist...but if you ask me, they'd simply rather have Twist as an ally than as an opponent...




Saturday, January 10th, 2004

St. Louis, MO at Aggies' on South Broadway

-Free-admission TV taping!


Check out GCW on the 'net at:



Check out photos from GCW events(including this TV show) at:






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