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  1. Slingshot Suplex

    Role Models

    I'm kinda in this camp. I liked it quite a bit but it wasn't as funny as I was expecting. I was amped to see this the weekend after Christmas when it was at our local theater because it looked like it was going to be hilarious. Then they removed it when it ran less than a week (it was there the week of Christmas so it was only there till Wednesday afternoon) and I had to wait for the dvd. Anyway, I had a lot of moments when I would chuckle or smile but very few big laugh moments. I liked it but I was disappointed because I expected funnier.
  2. Slingshot Suplex

    NHL Thread

    Not that I'm a conspiracy guy but you KNOW the league really really really doesn't want Pittsburgh and the Golden Boy to not make the playoffs. Half of their marketing would be lost.
  3. Slingshot Suplex

    Finish Him!

    Usually by the time the RnR Express used the double dropkick, they had worn down their opponent with their quick tags and their speed. So the force of two men delivering synchronized dropkicks was enough to drive the air out of them and pin them.
  4. Slingshot Suplex

    Baseball cards

    I got back into it again a couple years ago after a couple years break. Still pretty much just building sets and I'll try to pick up a particular rookie that isn't in a set that I'm doing. Did the 2005 and 2006 Upper Deck hockey sets , although I still need a Crosby rookie to complete 05. I have a couple boxes of 2007 that should arrive Monday and I'll probably be getting a box of 2008 series 1 soon. I'm 3 cards away from finishing the 2002 Topps Heritage set and 4 cards from completing the 2007 Ultra hockey set. There's a couple older partial sets that I'm considering trying to finish and I'm awaiting a card in the mail that will complete the 05-06 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics jersey set. I have this 99-00 Pacific set that took me four years to complete. It's a gold parallel set numbered to 199 but it's 450 cards and they were only in the retail packs which didn't seem to get cracked as much as the hobby packs. I have other sets from 2003 and older and some older singles. I don't really have very many cool jersey or autograph cards though. Probably because I'm so specific in what I collect and outside of a handful of exceptions, I've never had a ton of luck with pulling from packs.
  5. Slingshot Suplex

    Potential WWE "Big Surprises"

    Explain this idea further. How would WWE working with any promotion boost ratings? There's only one other promotion that has TV and PPV, and there'd be no incentive for WWE to work with them. Just because it's a "surprise" doesn't make it a good idea. Dreamer winning the Rumble might seem like a nice visual, but it's such a stupid idea since Dreamer's a jobber and ECW's a third rate brand. People like Tommy Dreamer, but not in the let's shoot him to the moon kind of way. 5-7 years ago, Dreamer winning the Rumble could have been a really intriguing angle.He still had a good sized base of fans who probably would have gotten solidly behind the underdog in his pursuit of the Wrestlemania title match while Bischoff or whomever schemed to take it away from him because he wasn't a "main eventer". And it really would have given the Rumble a shakeup and removed a bit of the predictibility factor since every year, you know there are only a handful , at most, of realistic people ever in the Rumble that are actually going to win it. It still could be done but not with Dreamer at this stage. At least, I don't think it could.
  6. Slingshot Suplex

    Your first favorite band

    The first band I remember like was Creedence Clearwater Revival. Apparently, when I was like 5ish, I knew a bunch of the words to a bunch of their songs. My first concert : The Jackson 5.....but that was a friend's birthday party thing. My first actual concert that I wanted to see was KISS and Cheap Trick at the Pontiac Silverdome in 1979.
  7. Slingshot Suplex

    Worst indy show you've been to

    Yeah, apparently he won their hardcore title last night.
  8. Slingshot Suplex

    Worst indy show you've been to

    tekcop, there is a pretty good promotion running in Dyersberg called New Blood Wrestling. I've heard some good things about a couple other promtions over in west Tennessee but I haven't seen for myself yet.
  9. Slingshot Suplex

    Worst indy show you've been to

    None, although I was asked three times, heh. First match , I see this ultra skinny girl working against a guy and I'm thinking, "Huh?" . Then , as the night went on , I had someone come up to me about buying raffle tickets . All I could think was "What the hell kind of promotion have I gotten into?" They did it the first couple shows I went to but not after that. 6 months later and I might have actually won it cause by then , I was on friendly terms with some the GCW people , including Daizee. Oh well.
  10. I'm figuring they did that to actually give some doubt to the outcome of the match. Everyone knew Taz was leaving so I think they figured to take him out of the match early and let the focus be on the two guys that were still going to be in ECW. Considering Heyman and a good portion of the locker room were out on the walkway with Taz thanking him for what he had done for ECW, I don't think they really buried him by any means. As for the topic, I didn't see it but Lita's exit did sound unneccessarily harsh.
  11. Slingshot Suplex

    Worst indy show you've been to

    Just out of curiosity, why the hell would they rig the raffle? To make a few more dollars. The winner is usually someone the promoter knows, who'll give them the prize back after the show. They also raffle off stupid & degrading shit like a chance to whip the heel manager. Anytime you're at a show and they do a raffle, just know that it's an automatic sign that this promotion cares more about taking your money than they do about putting on a good show. The very first GCW show I went to back in 2003, they raffled off a date with Daizee Haze.
  12. Slingshot Suplex

    Name five of the greatest TV Champions

    Did Dusty EVER defend the title on tv? It seemed like the couple times he won it, the title would disappear off of TBS unless he was carrying it during a promo. For that alone, he was a horrible TV champ. Tully was the best, Arn,Regal and Rotundo would probably be on my list. And Muta cause I loved Muta when he debuted.
  13. Slingshot Suplex

    St. Louis-Area Wrestling Thread

    Harley Race runs WLW which I believe is World League Wrestling. They run a show in metro St Louis maybe 2-3 times a year but most of their shows are in the middle/ western side of Missouri. I think they are based out of Eldon.
  14. Slingshot Suplex

    Gateway Championship Wrestling

    GCW pushed their show back to September. They have nothing at all in August.
  15. Slingshot Suplex

    ECW in Poplar Bluff, Missouri House Show results

    Bluff was a fun show. The Van Dam bump was pretty scary. I don't know if Van Dam didn't tuck his head or if there was too much rotation but he came down straight on the top of his head . Punk was over but his reaction wasn't as big as I was expecting. But then again,to my knowledge, he's never wrestled in SE Missouri before. Punk making the cross was funny but even funnier was the guy in the crowd with an actual cross and what looked like garlic. Thorn was getting away from Punk's cross and ran right towards the guy in the crowd, saw that and begged off from him too. I was skeptical of going but I'm glad I did. Wish I had gone to Jackson the next night. From what I've read, the crowd was even more fun for chants.