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Guest Nanks

Well put Rendclaw. The former Melbourne Demons full forward Darren Bennett played for, might still play for, the San Diego Chargers. I know for sure he played in 2002. He went over there in 1995. I remember he's made news over there a couple of times because he's made a few tackles and so forth and he once unloaded a 60m plus drop punt, which is apparently illegal in the game or something but is the standard form of kick in AFL. He was one of the best full forwards in the AFL during his career, but he got too old for our game so he went over there. He's turning 38 this year, so he's going alright.

As for the most similar game to Aussie Rules, it's Gaelic Football, Ireland's national sport. It's not really comparable to rugby, outside of the fact it's a similar shape ball and Australia dominates the world in it.

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