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13th Hour Shameless Plug III

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To the calm tune of the tick-ticks of a clock, on a blackened canvas lit only by a spotlight shining from afar, the visage of masked man fades into view...



...He arrived with confidence...






...dominated his peers...






...promoted in record time...






...his arrogance preceeds him...






As the background shifts to one of greater color, the mask is removed to show the face beneath it as that of Michael Van Siclen....



...A lengthy struggle....






...A golden run, halted by malevolent forces...






...a false claim to which he took offense...






...a rage unleashed...






The earlier-seen masked countenance of Sean Atals returns, side by side with that of Van Siclen. In the distance beyond the two, a steel cage materializes, subtly showing a high angle view of the previous Caged Fury match...



...An experienced veteran...






...An mysterious phenom...






...Steel cage...






...Submission only...






...For pride, for dignity, for vengeance...






...The 13th Hour is upon us...



The tune of Seven Nation Army's chorus fades through.





















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Guest The Superstar

I'm now roughly 4.87 times more excited for this match than I was before :D Awesome~

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Guest Powerplay

I love the formatting with the tolling of the bells. It rocks the clock. A cool match that may have passed under the radar for a few, but one that I've been waiting to see, especially with the kickass stip given.

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Guest Chuck Woolery

...the response...


"There's a lot of things I haven't done..."


Mike Van Siclen steps out of a wrestling ring, forehead bloody.


"People credit me for being here forever... does it really matter when you've accomplished nothing?"


Van Siclen, holding up the United States championship.


"I haven't won since From the Fire..."


Michael Craven, scoring the fall on Van Siclen at From the Fire.


"I have never won a pay-per-view match..."


Snow Demon getting scanned by Jay Dawg way back at Wreck the Halls I.


"I've never pinned Sean Atlas..."


Sean Atlas hitting the Saint's Demise on Van Siclen.


"I've never made Sean Atlas tap out..."


Michael Craven making Van Siclen tap out to his own submission.


"If I'm going to be hailed as a legend, those things need to change..."


Van Siclen, holding up the SJL World Championship at Caged Fury I


"At 13th Hour, they will."


The chorus of Seven Nation Army begins to blast as the graphic appears on screen...


Sean Atlas



Mike Van Siclen



Caged Fury



13th Hour

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