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Ring Of Honor - July 19th - Elizabeth, NJ

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Guest ConspiracyVictim
12/28- Konan gets moderate pop and gets claps for beginning sequences until he blows up

Word gets out...Pittsburgh fans boo...so what?

True enough, but I dont see anything wrong with that other than the fact that on 1/11 he didnt do anything horribly bad or worthy of being booed yet still was.


7/19- Hardy gets boo'ed out of building. What respect does he deserve? He has fallen through some tables and off ladders in the WEE. Never been in a match at ***1/2+


But the fans still cheer Da Hit Squad, CSC, and EZ Money who all havent exactly been in anything great. If you reasoning is that he just isnt good enough for the fans to get cheers then why are CSC...I guess if Jeff wants to get over he should come out wearing a boa, tight pants, and kiss Christian York on the way to the ring...then the crowd will love him!


Bring in Eddy, Benoit, Angle, Lesnar...they would be treated fine w ROH fans. Hell, bring in Matt and he would be fine. Jeff was at ROH because he got canned.


No argument there, but what if Angle just didnt care that night, and was working a guy like Low Ki. The match isnt all that good and Kurt didnt look all that great in it at all. Would the fans still cheer Kurt Angle? Im sure this most likely wouldnt happen but if it did, would they? What about after a Alexis Laree v. Mase match, why were there not "Dont come back chants" in that one? Personally, I havent seen any Jeff Hardy matches in over a year (since the one with Taker) but I dont think he did any worse than Abby in Night of the Butcher. At least he could do something...but there were not any "Dont come back" chants for Abby...or even boos at that. I guess Abby deserves respect for all those awesome matches he has had as of late or maybe just because he is old...

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