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SJL Metal Card - 03.08.19

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SJL Metal, August 19th, 2003!

Due Date: Tuesday, 7pm EST.

Venue: MARK of the Quad Cities Center, Moline, Illinois.

Send To: Longdogger_Pete


Opening Promo!

Apostle wants to say stuff, in lieu of having to wrestle. And so he shall. Hoo hah.




Dominic Korgath vs "Suicidal" Jay Freeman vs Tommy Nguyen

Two of these men have been marred in slumps recently. The other, Freeman, lost his debut match. So to speak. Let's see if they can get on track here...

Rules: Triple threat. First pin wins.

Word Limit: 3500

Send To: TheBostonStrangler



Tryst vs Jay Morrison

Since his return two shows ago, the Sherwood Fable has yet to pick up a win, in two difficult matches against world champion Viktor Tarakanov and European champion English Dragon. Can he get the ball rolling again with a match aginst TV title #1 contender Jay Morrison? (Who will get his shot on the next show, as a note)

Rules: Hardcore. Which is to say, there are none.

Word Limit: 4000

Send To: WrestlingDeacon




Danny Conklin vs English Dragon©

Two European guys, fighing for their namesake title! One's a fun drunkard, the other's a snotrag! Uh, yeah, that's just about all I got. I wanted to give Liston the shot, but he's out. Danny will do just as well. Fight!

Rules: Standard singles match.

Word Limit: 4500

Send To: Tod deKindes





Aecas vs Viktor Tarakanov©

After a long, rocky mountain climb, Viktor Tarakanov has finally reached the summit. Unsurprisingly, he's sickeningly smug about it, too. On Crimson, Aecas took offense to the Red Rage's incredible ego, and laid down a bold challange: A boiler room brawl for the world title. Will Tarakanov be shoved off his glorious peak, so soon after reaching it?

Rules: Both Tarakanov and Aecas start out in the boiler room of the arena. They must make their way to the ring, and collect the world title, which is laid out on the canvas. First man to get there and take is declared champion. There are no rules otherwise.

Word Limit: 6000

Send To: Longdogger_Pete

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Folks, Metal and the Wrath card will not be up until tomorrow morning or early afternoon. This is because my computer has died.


So... don't wait up.


EDIT: It would appear that my computer is back up. So I should have the show momentarily.

Edited by Longdogger_Pete

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