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Axels Angle - Big SummerSlam Preview

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My first column to be posted on TSM! Exciting!


Axels Angle – BIG SummerSlam Preview

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to my BIG SummerSlam Preview. It’s been a while, but when a significant room in your house floods, there isn’t much time to write now, is there? SummerSlam looks to be a reasonable show, even with the absence of some of the very top SmackDown stars, like John Cena. From now on in I will be rating the matches on shows with a 5 star rating, as it is a better indicator of how good the match is in relation to other matches.


Matt Hardy vs. Zach Gowen

HISTORY: Shannon Moore got a victory over Gowen about three weeks ago, and ever since then Matt and Shannon have been attacking Gowen after his matches. Zach has not won a match yet on WWE Television.

THE MATCH: This should be fairly fast paced, and I have not had the pleasure of seeing Gowen yet so I am looking forward to it. I get to see Matt on a big show so, I’m happy. I am expecting Gowen to get his first victory at SS, with a beat down at the end by Matt and Shannon. Good way to increase Matt’s heel heat and good way to give Gowen a little push.

PREDICTION: Zach Gowen by pinfall. *1/2


World Tag Team Championship: La Resistance (Champions) vs. The Dudley Boys

HISTORY: La Resistance have played The Un-American 2003 role, and The Dudley’s have seen it as their patriotic duty to kick their asses. The Frenchies have gotten the better of the challengers in the past two weeks, both times laying them out and putting Old Glory over them as if they had ‘died’. They employed a guy to dress up as a serviceman to sucker the Dudley’s in last week.

THE MATCH: The Dudleys will take their liberties here, kick the Frenchies asses, and win the Tag Titles. It will be a slugfest, as we have come to expect from the 17 time former Tag Champs. New Tag Champs here.

PREDICTION: New Tag Champions, The Dudley Boys, by pinfall. *


Fatal 4 Way Match for the WWE United States Championship: Eddie Guererro (Champion) vs. Chris Benoit vs. Rhyno vs. Tajiri

HISTORY: Guererro and Tajiri were the Ta Champs, until they lost the titles to Benjamin and Hass on SmackDown about a month ago. Eddie brutally attacked Tajiri at the end of the match, believing that it was the Japanese Buzzsaw that cost them the titles. Eddie drove Tajiri through the windshield of his low-rider. Benoit and Rhyno tagged for quite a while, pretty much ever since Rhyno made his return to WWE in March from a neck injury. Rhyno turned on Benoit during his US Title match with Guererro last month at Vengeance. All four men have a score to settle, and a title to win.

THE MATCH: This will be the match of the night. Easily. Eddie is the best worker in WWE today, Benoit is brilliant, Rhyno is intense, and Tajiri is the Buzzsaw. All four men are great workers, so this will be the match of the night. As for the victor, I think Eddie will retain here. There is no point for a new title to change hands only 4 weeks after its inception.

PREDICTION: Eddie Guererro by pinfall, still US Champion. ***+


The Undertaker vs. A-Train

HISTORY: Taker and A-Train were feuding early this year, to the point where Undertaker got the pin over the big hairy man at WrestleMania XIX, after his patented Tombstone. Th Undertaker and A-Train have been feuding on and off since then and it all came to a head when A-Train attacked The Deadman and cost him his rematch with John Cena. This match will (hopefully) bring the feud to an end.

THE MATCH: The only way that this will not be the worst match of the night is if The Undertaker pulls out a performance like he did against The Big Show at No Way Out. I think A-Train will get the win to continue failed push number 320. It won’t be Undertaker’s fault if this sucks, put it that way.

PREDICTION: A-Train by pinfall. *


Eric Bischoff vs. Shane McMahon

HISTORY: 4 weeks ago Kane tombstoned Shane’s mother, Linda McMahon. Shane returned the following week to kick Kane’s ass. The following week Shane wanted a match with Kane. Eric Bischoff refused, and then Stone Cold signed Shane vs. Bischoff in a Street Fight for that night’s main event. Eric Bischoff won the match after Kane came out and tombstoned Shane on the steel steps. Shane vowed revenge, and after Eric Bischoff signed a contract and beat Kane by count out, he earned a match with Shane at SummerSlam. Last Monday night Eric went to the McMahon household and forced himself on Linda. That made this personal for Shane.

THE MATCH: Confused? Yeah don’t worry, I was too. Hopefully Shane will bump like a drunk man, and that will make this watchable. I like Shane, but this match pretty much personifies everything that is wrong with WWE at the moment. Shane will go over here.

PREDICTION: Shane McMahon by DQ or Pinfall. *


Rob Van Dam vs. Kane

HISTORY: Man, this is a long one. Over one month ago Kane lost his mask in a match against Triple H for the World title. That set Kane off, he went psycho, attacking everyone in his path. He chokeslammed Eric Bischoff off a stage, chokeslammed Stone Cold Steve Austin, set fire to Jim Ross, tombstoned Linda McMahon on the stage and tombstoned Shane on steel steps. It was revealed that it was RVD’s idea for Kane to lose the mask. Kane was put under house arrest when he set JR on fire, but that didn’t stop him from wreaking havoc. RVD said that he started this mess, and so he wanted to finish it. So this match was booked. Kane has got the better of RVD in the last two weeks, so he has the upper hand.

THE MATCH: This should be pretty good. Van Dam NEEDS to go over here. He has been made to look like utter crap in the past few weeks, so he needs to look good and win. If RVD doesn’t win, it will be a black mark against his name, and he may as well go to TNA or ROH, where he will be treated with the respect that he deserves. It pains me to see him treated like this; he should have been the Champ at least twice by now. You readers have no idea how much this annoys me. But that is another situation for another column. RVD is going over in a mediocre match.

PREDICTION: Rob Van Dam by pinfall. **.


WWE Championship: Kurt Angle (Champion) vs. ‘The REAL’ Brock Lesner

HISTORY: At WrestleMania in the main event, Brock Lesner defeated Kurt Angle to win his second WWE Championship. No one came close to beating Brock until Angle came back last month. Kurt defeated Brock in a Triple Threat Match at Vengeance for Angle’s fourth WWE Championship. Brock then turned heel three weeks ago and aligned himself with Vince McMahon.

THE MATCH: It won’t be as good as their WrestleMania main event, but it will be good nonetheless. I really think Kurt needs much more than one month with the belt, and that he needs to lose it to someone like Chris Benoit in a couple of months. Kurt to walk away, even with McMahon interfering.

PREDICTION: Kurt Angle, still WWE Champion. ***+


Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H (Champion) vs. Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton

HISTORY: Triple H has had matches with Nash, Michaels and Jericho over the past year and a half, coming out the victor in all, apart from the last elimination chamber at Survivor Series 2002. He beat Nash in a Hell in a Cell match at Bad Blood, he beat Jericho in the same type of match at Judgement Day last year and he beat Michaels in a 2/3 falls match at Armageddon. His latest challenger is Goldberg. The Elimination Chamber match was made to hide H’s groin injury, and to give him less ring time. He only has one ally, and that is his evolution team-mate, Randy Orton.

THE MATCH: This won’t be a classic by any means, but it will be very interesting. I really hope Triple H drops the belt for the second time in a year, and even though I would love for it to be Jericho who leaves with the gold, I am predicting Goldberg to walk away Champion for this match. Nash will eliminate Jericho to avenge Monday’s loss, and Orton will eliminate Michaels, only to be eliminated by Goldberg. The big man is winning this one.

PREDICTION: Goldberg, new World Champion. **


Well, this should be a mediocre SummerSlam, really not on the level of other years. I am still looking forward to this one though.

Thanks for reading.


Adam W.

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Guest The Real Nosferatu

I think RVD beating Kane by pinfall would be the worst possible thing for WWF to do right now with Kanes gimmick.

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Guest The Real Nosferatu

The easy solution is to have Kane get DQ'ed or counted out.


Or they can pull a No contest again, but thats not likely since this will be a blow off for Kane/RVD for a while.

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Yeah, but I don't think I could stand another RVD burial. It will be too much.

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