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SJL Wrath 9-21-03

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It's a beautiful Saturday night in the capital of the Golden State. Normally these fans would be cheering for their famous basketball team, but tonight, it's for their favorite SJL superstars as the introductions to the shows are played and the lights are dancing in the Arco Arena! Judge Mental, Annie Eclectic, and Ejiro Fasaki are at hand, waiting to start this show off as ringside technicians prepare the ring for a night full of action. The cameras give an outside view of the arena before fading inside, where it pans across the stage, giving the millions of viewers at home a live view of the thousands of fans in the house, holding up their homemade Xerox signs. The catchiest get the air time, including a lifesize cardboard cutout of Aecas!!


"(Judge) Welcome to SJL Wrath!!! We have a great show for you tonight, as all three titles are on the line!! Brian Bowers will defend his newly won TV title against Jay Morrison, Todd Royal will defend his newly won European title against Jimmy "The Demon" Liston, and last but not least, Insane Luchador will face the English Dragon for the World Title!!"


"(Ejiro) But first!"


"(Annie) Yeah, first we have a triple threat match between Brian Kingsmen, Daemon, and Dominic Korgath. All three have talent, but they seem to be losing alot, especially Brian, who's lost 3 straight since his 2 win debut. Dominic Korgath has been a disappointment to the hype he's received and Daemon can't get anything started. What a wreck!"


"(Judge) Without further adieu, let's go to Funyon, who's standing by in the center of the ring!"


The camera zooms out and gives a full crips view of the entire ring, full with banners and all. Funyon stands in the center of the ring with referee Eddy Long pacing by his side. Funyon clears his voice before bringing the mic up to his lips, and with a booming voice:


"The following contest is scheduled for one fall where the first pin will decide the winner...."


Immediately after, "The Gauntlet" starts to play over the speaker system. The crowds in Sacramento give a mixed reaction, not sure as to whether or not they should boo or just stay quiet for the man who has showed much promise but delivered nothing. Brian Kingsmen walks out, his arrogant attitude nowhere in sight as he races down the ramp and slides into the ring, avoiding his early taunts with the crowds.


"(Funyon) Introducing first, from parts unknown, he weighs in at 180 pounds..... Brian.... Kingsmen!!!!!!!!!"


Again, another mixed reaction from the fans. They decide to save their energy for their more hated wrestlers, and shower the arena with boos as "March of Death" begins to play over the speakers. The 350 pound Dominic Korgath comes walking down the ramp, absorbing the many snarls from the audience before sliding into the ring. He looks towards Brian Kingsmen, and immediately begins to chuckle, thinking how a small boy like him could beat a mighty man such as he. He starts barking out taunts, but Brian refuses to listen, instead working in the corner, warming himself up by hopping left to right, getting his agility up.


"(Funyon) And his opponent, from the plains of Azeroth, he weighs in at 350 pounds, Dominic...... KOOORGATTTH!!!!"


"(Judge) How can anyone stand up to that much power, that much strength?"


"(Ejiro) You and I both know that strength doesn't mean anything."


"(Judge) So true, Ejiro. What is your pick?"


"(Ejiro) I'm going for Dameon, he seems like the favorite to win."


"(Judge) And your pick, Annie?"


"(Annie) I'll pick the odds on favorite: Dominic."


Dominic begins to stalk Brian, who avoids any confrontation by walking away. Eddy Long has to restrain Dominic until the lights in the arena black out. Cradle of Filth's "Ghost in the Fog" blasts out of the speakers and Daemon emerges from the back. His intensity has gotten him worked up, displaying a few shadow boxing manuevers before racing into the ring.


"(Funyon) And his opponent, from Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada, he weighs in at 200 pounds... DAAEEEEMOOONNN!!!!"


Immediately, Dominic wastes no time in getting the matchup started, lunging towards Daemon and delivering an overhand punch that floors him! The referee spots the action and signals for the bell as Funyon scurries out.


"(Judge) Here we go, Dominic using his overwhelming strength to keep Daemon down."


***Ding ding ding!!!***


"(Ejiro) Yeah but he better watch out for Bri- OOOH!!!"


Ejiro is cut off at the sight of Brian Kingsmen racing in to join the action. He jumps up on the ropes before slingshotting himself in to deliver a dropkick to the side of the 350 pound monster. The dropkick staggers him back, but he doesn't fall. Dominic looks to his attacker and quickly engages in, delivering a right hand that pummels Brian Kingsmen a couple steps back. Dominic advances in, delivering another right hand that knocks Brian into the corner. The 350 pounder grabs hold of the high flyer's wrist before hurling him to the opposite corner, hard. Brian staggers forward, arching his back in pain as Dominic breaks off into a run, arms cocked back and ready. Brian sees the attempt, but tries to counter with a back body drop!!! NO!! Dominic is too fat, and Brian leaves himself open for attack, which is what Dominic does as he drops Brian with a double axehandle!!!


"(Judge) Wow, Brian Kingsmen tried to counter but the 350 pounds was just too much for him."


"(Ejiro) Exactly, he's going to have to use his speed if he's going to have any chance at all."


Dominic grabs Brian by the hair and brings him up, but before he can attempt any move, Daemon enters the scene, lashing out at the monster with a hard chop across the chest! The crowds responds with the usual "Whooo!" as Daemon delivers another chop before grabbing hold of Dominic's wrist and hurling him to the ropes. Dominic counters with a whip of his own, and as Daemon rebounds, Dominic uses the speed of his opponent against him, bending down before hurling Daemon into the air with a back body drop. Daemon pops right back up, holding his back as he turns around, only to walk right into a clothesline!! Daemon pops up again, and again he gets knocked down by a clothesline from Dominic Korgath. The 350 pounder grabs hold of Daemon's hands and pulls him up, taunting him as he slaps him in the face. The crowds boo Korgath, but all it does is to provoke him to slap Daemon again, which he does. Dominic shoves Daemon into the corner before moving in to drive an elbow into Daemon's neck.


"(Annie) That neck has got to be hurting right now after that shot."


"(Judge) Dominic Korgath showing so much strength in this matchup. Nobody seems to be able to shake him!"


"(Ejiro) That's what those 350 pounds will do for ya..."


Brian slowly rises to his feet, and spots Dominic in the corner, working on Daemon with repetitive elbows. He jumps at the chance and races in, delivering a dropkick that sends Dominic crashing into Daemon. Dominic doesn't fall, and he stumbles around as Brian pops back up and moves in to deliver a bone crushing hook punch! The "thud" echoes across the stage and the fans are in awe as Brian delivers another hook punch before grabbing hold of Dominic's wrist and hurling him to the empty corner. But Dominic counters, sending Brian to the corner instead. He breaks off in pursuit and before Brian can even blink, Dominic floors him with a body splash!!


"(Judge) Dominic Korgath showing the speed you won't normally see from a 300 pounder such as himself."


"(Ejiro) That's what makes him so damn dangerous."


Dominic races the other way, towards the rising Daemon, and quickly runs him down with a body splash too! Both his competitors are down and Dominic drags Daemon further away from the ropes before attempting the pin-









THR- and Daemon kicks out, popping his shoulder forward so everyone can see. Dominic doesn't waste time, bringing Daemon up and connecting with a hard right. Dominic advances in, delivering another hard right hand, a third, a fourth, and a fifth before grabbing hold of Daemon's wrist and hurling him to the ropes. Daemon rebounds and instinctively tries to get some offense in, but before he can attempt any sort of manuever, Dominic lunges forward and decks him with a clothesline! The impact pops Daemon back up and Dominic hooks his arm into his opponent's before planting him into the canvas with an arm drag!! Dominic attempts another pin but before the referee can count, Brian Kingsmen races in and hops on to Dominic's back, bringing his arms around the monster's neck and trapping him with a sleeper hold!! The fans are cheering for the underdog, but Brian isn't done there. Before Dominic can counter, Brian releases the hold and trips Dominic down with a swift kick across the floor! Dominic falls and the ring shakes and Brian crawls over for the cover-




T- and Dominic pushes Brian into the air, breaking out of the pin with authority!!!


Both competitors rise to their feets and Brian quickly engages Dominic with the first punch, but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the 350 pounder. Brian tries another punch, and again, Dominic doesn't even phase. The monster suddenly breaks through, lunging forward and flooring Kingsmen with a clothesline. Brian pops up and Dominic grabs him by the wrist before hurling him to the ropes with an irish whip. Brian rebounds, and Dominic raises his boot, ramming it into Brian's face as he comes running by!! Dominic drops down and hooks the leg for the cover-











T- and Brian kicks out!!! More resilient than ever, Brian tries to crawl away, knowing fully well he doesn't stand a chance in a fistfight against the Japanese monster. Dominic stalks his prey, eyes locked on Brian's body, not even noticing that Daemon has risen to his feet and is racing at him. Daemon dives towards Dominic's legs, delivering a forearm that stops Dominic in his tracks!


"(Judge) Good strategy by the two smaller fighters, trying to take out Dominic's walking ability, making him, basically a standing target."


"(Annie) That's the best thing to do in their case."


"(Ejiro) It's going to take more than just a forearm to take him down."


Daemon delivers another forearm but Dominic remains standing. Korgath turns around and grabs hold of Daemon's hair, dragging his attacker up before decking him with a hard right. Dominic limps forward, showing effects that the strategy used against him is working, before decking Daemon with another hard right. Dominic flips his hand over and slashes across Daemon's chest, delivering a hard chop that echoes across the arena!


"(Crowds) WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"


Brian rises to his feet and decides to help out Daemon, clobbering Dominic from behind with a forearm. That gives Daemon enough time to recooperate and the two begin to rain down heavy rights to the 350 pound monster, backing him to the turnbuckle. They take turns delviering hard chops, each one louder and harder than the last until Dominic's chest is crimson red. The two grab hold of Dominic's wrist before hurling him to the opposite corner. Immediately, Daemon races forward and gets down on all fours, setting up Brian Kingsmen, who races in and uses Daemon's back as a springboard. He leaps into the air and twists his body enough to deliver a jumping calf kick to Dominic Korgath! Dominic falls forward and immediately, Brian goes for the cover.... only to have Daemon pull him off!! Brian gets right into Daemon's face, and the two now-allies begin to argue.


"(Ejiro) That Brian Kingsmen, why doesn't he just let Daemon pin the fatso and get this match over with?"


"(Annie) The same could be said to Daemon. Why not let Brian just pin him and win?"


The two continue to argue, eventually shoving each other that they engage in an attack themselves. They pummel each other with stiff right hands, but Daemon gets the advantage, being the stronger of the two. He backs Brian to the ropes before grabbing hold of Brian's wrist and hurling him to the ropes. Brian rebounds and before Daemon can react, Brian leaps into the air, flooring Daemon with a diving clothesline!! Both competitors pop up but Brian is first to attack, swinging and connecting with a right hand. He delivers another right hand, not noticing that Dominic Korgath has risen to his feet and is making his way towards the two fighters. Dominic takes advantage, grabbing hold of both Brian and Daemon's heads before throwing them together! The two fall to the ground and Dominic stands tall.


"(Judge) Dominic Korgath back in this matchup after that short hiatus. He's really tough to beat when he's on his feet. How can anyone bring down that 350 pounder?"


"(Ejiro) You can't. Daemon has to bring him down using his intelligence."


"(Annie) Speed is the key."


Dominic pushes Daemon down and goes for the pin, but the martial artist kicks out at two. Dominic tries for another pin, and again Daemon kicks out at two. He gives up trying to pin the fighter for now, and brings him up to his feet .Dominic measures Daemon up before cocking his arm back and launching it forward, nailing Daemon in the face with a stiff right hand. Daemon staggers back, holding his face in pain as he tries to withstand another stiff right, to no avail. Daemon falls to the canvas as Brian pulls himself up on the other side. Brian spots Dominic and immediately goes to work, racing in and jumping on top of Dominic's back before using it as a springboard to the top rope! Dominic turns to face nothing, not aware that Brian is already on the top rope behind him. The fans applaud the acrobatic ability and Brian leaps into the air, delivering a dropkick to the back of Dominic's head!! Dominic drops to his knees and Brian quickly races to the ropes, rebounding off it before delivering a spinning heel kick that sends Dominic falling flat on his face. Brian rolls the heavy monster over and goes for the pin:











THR- NOO!!! Dominic breaks free of the pin with all his strength.


"(Judge) Dominic still full of life and you can see it, evidenced by that breakup with authority!"


"(Ejiro) It's tough to imagine the task for Daemon here. He has to beat the overweight bastard as well as that annoying pesk Brian Kingsmen."


"(Annie) And just a few weeks ago, you were praising Brian."


"(Ejiro) That is when he was winning."


Brian leaves Dominic to himself and heads towards Daemon. He brings the technical artist up and delivers a hard right before grabbing hold of his wrist and sending him to the opposite corner with an irish whip, hard. Daemon staggers forward, arching his back in pain as Brian immediately takes off, arms cocked back and ready. He tries for a clothesline but Daemon reads the attempt perfectly, ducking under before turning around to deliver a kick that doubles Brian over!! Daemon steps up and hooks his arms around Brian's head before pulling it into the canvas with a DDT!!! Knowing he can seize the match real soon, Daemon sets himself up, waiting for Brian to get up.


"(Judge) And in a strange turn of events, Daemon is the one who is at the advantage now after Brian Kingsmen took out Dominic, temporarily, with a series of aerial moves!"


"(Ejiro) That's what it should be!!"


"(Annie) Oh well, next match."


Brian slowly rises to his feet and stumbles around with his head in the air as Daemon sets up. Dominic slowly rises up behind Brian Kingsmen and as as Daemon shoots his leg out-


Brian's legs spark a plug into Brian's brain, forcing him to duck the kick!!!! The kick goes forward and nails Dominic in the face instead!!! The 350 pounder drops like a bag of stones and before Daemon can react, Brian Kingsmen rolls him over into the cradle and without the referee seeing, Brian puts his legs up on the rope to gain leverage!!!!













**Ding ding ding!!!***


"(Funyon) The winner of this match...... BRIAN! KINGSMEN!!!!!!"


"The Gauntlet" kicks up as Brian rolls out of the ring, evidently not waiting around for any payback. He races up the ramp, celebrating his first win in a long time as the scene fades to black and we go to commercials.

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[The crowd is buzzing in anticipation for the first title match of the show.]


Judge: In tonight’s next match, the Television title is going to be on the line, as Jay Morrison takes on the new champion, Brian Bowers!

Eijiro: This is Bowers’ first title defense since winning the belt at Metal this past Wednesday, and he’s up against a strong contender in Jay Morrison.

Annie: Morrison is actually the first non-Cruiserweight opponent that Bowers has faced in the SJL – not only that, but he slightly outweighs him.

Judge: Bowers has still got the height advantage on him, though – that extra leverage is going to make a difference.


[Funyon enters the ring, brandishing an SJL-branded microphone.

The crowd quiets down as he begins to speak.]


Funyon: Ladies and gentlemen...tonight’s next match is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the SJL Television title!


[A cheer goes up from the fans]


Funyon: Introducing first, the challenger...fighting out of London, England...he stands six feet tall and weighs in at two hundred and thirty-nine pounds...JAY MORRISON!


[The crowd begins booing at the mention of Jay Morrison’s name. It increases in intensity as “We Took Pelham” begins blaring over the PA and blue strobe-lights kick in behind the entryway.

Silhouetted by the strobe lights, Jay Morrison emerges from the entryway, wearing a gold-colored ring robe open over his gold singlet.

The boos for Jay Morrison are getting louder by the second, as a chain of red pyrotechnic bursts explodes along the sides of the entrance ramp.

Jay Morrison walks to ringside, seemingly enjoying the boos from the crowd.]


Judge: There aren’t a lot of people who can get under the fans’ skin like Morrison can!

Annie: They’re going to have a hard time finding anyone to get behind in this match.


[He reaches ringside, then enters the ring through the ropes.

Jay Morrison takes his corner, then removes his robe and hangs it over the turnbuckle.

A ring attendant carefully pulls it down and takes it to the timekeeper’s table.]


Annie: Jay Morrison with his usual over-the-top entrance, not exactly endearing himself to the fans here in the Arco Arena!

Eijiro: The thing about Morrison is, he can back it all up. He’s arrogant because he’s GOOD.


Funyon: And his opponent...from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada...standing six feet four inches tall and weighing in at two-hundred and thirty-nine pounds and accompanied to the ring by Kate Elliot...the SJL Television Champion, BRIAN BOWERS!


[The video screen cuts to static.

“The Gash” by The Flaming Lips begins blaring over the PA.

The fans are booing loudly, but not quite to the extent they did for Jay Morrison.

Brian Bowers emerges from the entryway, with Kate Elliot at his side.

wearing his usual torn army pants and maroon boots, along with a black Primus “Pork Soda” t-shirt. He’s wearing the SJL Television Title belt around his waist.

Both Bowers and Kate Elliot look paler and more raccoon-eyed than usual – this, along with the empty gin bottle Bowers is carrying with him to the ring – suggests that they have had an extended celebration for Bowers’ TV title victory.


Annie: That’s class – the “champ” doesn’t look like he’s been awake for more than an hour, and I’m positive he slept in that gear.

Eijiro: Give the guy a break – this is the first of his achievements that anyone can confirm actually happened, he has a right to celebrate.


[brian Bowers and Kate Elliot slowly make their way to the ring.

There is actually an occasional cheer among the boos, but these are quickly drowned out.

Brian Bowers doesn’t look particularly enthusiastic about them anyway, and Kate Elliot looks outright offended.

As Bowers and Elliot reach ringside, Brian steps up onto the ring apron. He hands the gin bottle back to Kate Elliot, then ducks between the bottom and middle ropes and removes the title belt from his waist.

He holds it over his head, drawing more boos from the crowd, then hands it to referee Anthony Michael Hall, who hands it off to the timekeeper as Bowers takes his corner.

Hall calls for the bell.]




[brian Bowers and Jay Morrison circle each other.]


Eijiro: Bowers and Morrison both trying to lure the other into making the first move...


[brian Bowers lunges at Jay Morrison with a right-arm lariat, but Morrison ducks out of the way. As Bowers follows through with the missed lariat, Morrison spins around him to catch him from behind. He quickly tucks his head under Bowers’ extended arm, then snaps off a belly-to-back suplex that drops Bowers’ hard on his upper back!]


Judge: Great heads-up counter by Jay Morrison! Bowers tried to open strong with that lariat, but Morrison saw it coming and countered into a belly-to-back suplex!

Eijiro: Morrison lifting Bowers to his feet...


[Jay Morrison grabs Bowers by the right arm and applies a standing wristlock. Jay Morrison throws his weight away to the side, twisting his body as he wrenches Bowers’ arm with a spinning wristlock takedown! Bowers hits the mat hard, but not before his arm is painfully wrenched. Bowers stays on the mat, clutching it.]


Eijiro: If Morrison can take Bowers’ right arm out of the equation, it’s going to essentially negate the champ’s leverage advantage!


[Jay Morrison hits Brian Bowers with a swift kick to the ribs, causing him to roll over onto his back. He grabs Bowers’ right arm, but before he can apply a hold, Bowers throws all his body weight in the opposite direction. Morrison tries to maintain his grip on Bowers’ arm, but he can’t hold on. Bowers powers up to his knees, planting his left hand to push himself up.]


Judge: Morrison was looking for an arm submission there, but Bowers was able to escape his grip!


[As Bowers gets to his feet, Morrison makes another grab for his right arm – but Bowers turns sharply and drills an elbow into his midsection! The boos for Brian Bowers diminish slightly as Morrison staggers back. Bowers, now on his feet, fires off a series of lefts to Morrison’s midsection...which is broken by a right hand to the head!]


Annie: Bowers and Morrison slugging it out!

Judge: Bowers and Morrison are fairly evenly matched – there’s only a three-pound weight difference between the two men, and both wrestle a similar style.

Annie: Bowers cheats a lot more, though. That’s always a factor.


[bowers reels back as Morrison hauls back for another punch. Morrison throws a wild right hand at Bowers’ head, which Bowers ducks. A boot to the midsection doubles Morrison over, and Bowers wastes no time hooking a front headlock!]


Annie: Bowers applying a standing front headlock!

Judge: There are a lot of places Bowers can go from this position...


[bowers strains as he tries to take Jay Morrison down with a DDT, but Morrison’s feet remain firmly planted on the mat. Then, grabbing Bowers by the waist, he takes him over with a Northern Lights suplex! He holds on for the bridge as Anthony Michael Hall slides into position. The boos for Jay Morrison are getting louder.]


Annie: Morrison counters the DDT! Bridging Northern Lights, and Hall is there to make the count!


Anthony Michael Hall counts:













Annie: Bowers kicks out at two!

Eijiro: Judge, you said there were a lot of places Bowers could go with a front headlock – well, one of those places is up and over Jay Morrison!


[Lifting Bowers up off his back, Jay Morrison grabs him by the arm and whips him into the ropes. Bowers, still recovering from the suplex, lurches forward and ends up draped over the top rope.]


Judge: Bowers had no momentum hitting those ropes, and he was able to stop himself!


[bowers doesn’t even get a chance to turn around, though, before Jay Morrison applies a waistlock and takes him over again, this time with a German suplex! Bowers takes the brunt of the impact on his shoulders, as Jay Morrison holds onto the waistlock, keeping his back arched for another bridge attempt.]


Eijiro: Another suplex, this time a Bridging German! Hall there to make the count...














[bowers does a full-body roll to the left, successfully getting his right shoulder off the mat and breaking up the bridge.]


Judge: Morrison with another cover, and another two-count!

Eijiro: Morrison is significantly faster than Bowers, and that has already been a factor in this match. He’s been able to keep Bowers guessing, and block or counter everything he’s thrown at him here in the early going.

Annie: And so far, it’s all gone back to the right arm. Even that German suplex landed Bowers on his shoulders, a deliberate attempt by Morrison to focus the impact of the move on an already injured area.


[As Morrison gets up, Bowers scrambles over to him and tries to lock on a chokehold, but Morrison is on his feet before he can. Bowers gives Morrison a two-handed shove from his knees, forcing him back a few steps. Bowers gets fully to his feet as Morrison closes back in on him...and he walks right into a reverse full nelson!]


Eijiro: Bowers walked right into that one!

Judge: That isn’t one of Morrison’s usual moves of choice, but it’s effective in this situation! Morrison putting a lot of pressure on the neck and shoulders of Brian Bowers!


[brian Bowers struggles to break the hold, unable to free his arms. Inspiration strikes, though, and he knees Jay Morrison square in the groin. This actually draws audible cheers, primarily from the upper rows of seats.]


Judge: But he CAN escape that way! A short knee to the groin forces Morrison to release the hold!

Eijiro: Bowers is drawing some cheers from the poverty contingent here tonight, who obviously read some deep symbolic meaning into a poor man kneeing a rich man in the balls.


[Morrison staggers back in pain, but doesn’t fall. Bowers grabs Morrison’s left arm with his right, pulls him in...and blasts him with a left-handed short lariat!]


Annie: Bowers pulling Morrison into a short lariat!

Judge: Now he needs to STAY on him.


[bowers measures Jay Morrison up and drops a quick elbow, landing low on Morrison’s chest. He tries to cover Morrison, but immediately gets thrown off.]


Eijiro: Bowers couldn’t even cover him!


[Morrison gets to his feet, but Bowers is able to grab him by the neck as he does so. Hooking another left-side front headlock on him, he throws himself back and spikes Morrision down with a DDT! Again, this draws a handful of cheers, but they are drowned out by the boos in short order.]


Judge: Bowers able to hit the DDT that time! It didn’t look good, but it did its job – it planted Morrison’s head on the canvas!

Annie: And the fans here tonight are so disinclined to cheer for anything Jay Morrison does that a couple of them are actually cheering for Bowers! I have to say, I didn’t expect that!

Eijiro: With Bowers, no matter how much he gets under your skin while he’s in the ring, you know that at the end of the day he’s still a bum. You can feel better about yourself knowing he’s going to sleep in his van tonight. Jay Morrison, on the other hand, sleeps on top of a pile of money with many beautiful ladies.


[Morrison is laid out face-first on the mat. Bowers, not moving much from the end position of the DDT, gets down on the mat, hooks his left arm across Morrison’s neck then clasps his left and right arms together in a front facelock!]


Annie: Bowers trying to keep Morrison on the mat and prevent that speed advantage from coming into play!

Judge: He’s also focusing what offense he gets in on Morrison’s neck, maybe looking to set up the Northern Spike!


[Morrison starts thrashing, and is able to break Bowers’ clasped hands up and escape the hold. Holding his neck, he gets to his feet, but Bowers stands up with him. Jay Morrison backs off, to boos from the crowd.

After taking a few steps back Jay Morrison signals for a test of strength, raising his arms in the traditional fashion. This is met with loud boos and jeers from the crowd.]


Judge: Morrison showing real confidence now, calling for a test of strength with Bowers!


[brian Bowers accepts, locking hands with Morrison.]


Judge: Bowers taking Morrison up on his challenge!

Annie: Not a smart move by Brian Bowers! He’s not going to win a test of strength with a bad arm!


[After a brief struggle, Morrison snaps out a kick to the groin...at the exact same moment Bowers does the same! The knuckle lace is immediately broken as both men collapse to the mat in pain.]


Eijiro: Bowers and Morrison had the same idea there!


[After an initial “ooh” of recognition and sympathy from the male portion of the crowd, they seem to be torn between boos and laughter.]


Annie: (laughing) I don’t believe it! Double low blow, and both competitors are down!

Judge: Anthony Michael Hall saw it, but he doesn’t know what to do! He’ll have a riot on his hands if he calls a double-DQ inside of the two minute mark!


[Anthony Michael Hall starts counting both men down...]








Eijiro: He’s doing the only thing he can do in this situation – he’s starting a double ten-count!









[bowers is starting to struggle to his knees, Morrison is moving but still down.]












[Jay Morrison is just getting to his knees as Bowers struggles to his feet. Anthony Michael Hall stops the count and backs off.]


Judge: Bowers is the first to his feet!

Annie: He’s the low blow expert – I guess he made better contact.


[bowers steps behind the kneeling Morrison and grabs Morrison’s arm, forcing it upwards. With the other hand, he locks on one of his patented “low chinlocks”, trapping Morrison in a modified Buffalo Sleeper!]


Annie: Bowers applying the Buffalo Sleeper, a move that’s been showing up more frequently in his matches lately!

Judge: It’s a great hold – easy to apply, effective, and hard to fight out of. Morrison’s in kind of a non-standard position, though, which might make it...


[Morrison, straining with the effort, powers up to his feet. Bowers is unable to hold him down, and is forced to stand upright with him. As Bowers stands up, Morrison squares himself up underneath his chin and drops him with a jawbreaker! Bowers falls back hard as the top of Morrison’s head collides with the underside of his jaw.]


Eijiro: Bowers couldn’t hold Morrison down! If applied on a sitting opponent, the Buffalo Sleeper is very difficult to escape. Bowers locked it on with Morrison on his knees, though, and he couldn’t hold him down! Morrison with a lateral press...


[Jay Morrison dives onto Bowers with a quick cover attempt, hooking the inside leg as Anthony Michael Hall drops to his knees to start the count...]












Judge: Morrison gets two and a half off the jawbreaker!

Eijiro: These counts are getting closer! Jay Morrison is one big move away from becoming the Television champion!


[Jay Morrison turns Bowers over and lifts him to his knees in a single motion. He applies the standing head-scissors and reaches down to hook Bowers’ arms...but Bowers takes him over with a backdrop! Bowers stands up with authority, putting all of his strength into throwing Morrison over his back. Morrison clears the top rope (if just barely – his legs make extended contact with it), and lands on his back on the ringside mats. Kate Elliot siezes the opportunity to get in a couple of cheap stomps to his upper back and neck. While her empowerment is recognized, her actions are met with mostly boos.]


Annie: Morrison sent over the top rope! Where did Bowers pull THAT from?!

Judge: Bowers doesn’t LOOK all that strong, but he’s got some power to draw on when he needs it...and he needed it right there! If Morrison had hit the underhook powerbomb, I have little doubt this would have been over!


[Just as Anthony Michael Hall starts the ten-count on Jay Morrison, Brian Bowers goes through the ropes, stepping down to the floor.

Hall restarts the count on both men.]















[Kate Elliot backs off Morrison as Bowers picks him up by the arm.

Bowers applies a less-than-perfect hammerlock with his right arm, pinning Jay Morrison’s left arm behind his back...then rams Morrison into the ringpost, bouncing his head off of the steel! This draws audible cheers, but they are still insignificant compared to the boos. As Morrison’s head hits the post, Bowers holds onto the hammerlock…]


Judge: Bowers keeping that hammerlock on him...








[...and hooks his right arm around Morrison’s midsection. Bowers strains as he hits A HAMMERLOCK SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR! Bowers slowly gets up, holding his right arm.]


Judge: Unbelievable! Bowers not only hit the hammerlock suplex, but he hit it on the floor!







[bowers rolls back into the ring to break up the count, then quickly rolls back to the outside.]


Annie: That’s going to change the pace of this match...and maybe even END it!

Eijiro: But Bowers put more stress on that already-injured right arm when he suplexed Morrison – that’s going to further limit his potential follow-up.







[Morrison is just starting to move as Bowers raises him to his feet...and whips him into the ringsteps. Morrison hits hard with his back, whiplashing his neck and ending up in a seated position against the steps. Brian Bowers grabs the gin bottle, amid building boos from the crowd.]







[brian Bowers grabs the neck of the gin bottle in both hands and takes a huge side-on swing Morrison...WHO DUCKS OUT OF THE WAY! Bowers’ swing sails straight over Morrison’s head, and the bottle collides with the ringpost, sending glass spraying. Bowers yells in pain and grabs his right arm.]







Annie: Morrison ducked! Morrison evaded the swing, and Bowers shattered that bottle on the ringpost, sending a shock through his arm!




[Jay Morrison grabs onto Bowers’ right arm and uses it to pull himself up. After doing so, he vaults over the steps, leading Bowers by the arm, then dives into the ring on the opposite side, wrapping Bowers’ arm around the ringpost! Bowers screams in pain, audible even over the near-deafening boos for Jay Morrison.]


Eijiro: Morrison not only breaks the count, he may have broken Bowers’ arm!


[Kate Elliot runs over to Brian Bowers, but Jay Morrison is already pulling him into the ring. Taking him by his injured arm, he whips him diagonally across the ring into the corner...and follows him in with a turnbuckle splash to the back!]


Annie: Stinger Splash to the back of Bowers!

Eijiro: That forced all of the air out of Bowers’ lungs, meaning he’s going to have that much less fight in him when Morrison goes for...


[Jay Morrison grabs both of Bowers’ arms and bends them behind his back. He links his own hands together, then...TAKES BOWERS OUT OF THE CORNER WITH A TIGER SUPLEX! Jay takes Bowers over clean and lands in a perfect bridge position, holding on as Anthony Michael Hall gets into position.]


Annie: Morrison with the Tiger Suplex, and this should end it!

Eijiro: Morrison capitalizing on Bowers’ injuries AND practically dropping him right on his head with a brilliant move!




















[This is met only with boos.]


Annie: Come ON! As much as I dislike Jay Morrison, he HAD Bowers there! He had him beat clean, and Kate Elliot dove in at the last second to break up the fall! Bowers should be disqualified!


[Anthony Michael Hall threatens Kate Elliot with ejection.

Kate Elliot leaves the ring quietly.]


Annie: That’s it?! A WARNING?


[Jay Morrison gets in Hall’s face, gesturing wildly. Behind him, Bowers slowly gets to his feet.]


Judge: Apparently Morrison thinks there’s a disqualification in order, too!


[As Morrison argues with Hall, Bowers grabs onto his arm from behind...and whips him across the ring!]


Annie: Left-handed Irish whip by Bowers! Hall was distracted, and Bowers was able to hook him from behind!


[Jay Morrison turns to hit the ropes back-first, rebounding off them and bearing down on Brian Bowers.]


Eijiro: Morrison coming right at Bowers! If this is the running Yak...


[bowers ducks down and lunges forward, throwing out his right arm for the Grape Crush! As he makes contact with the crooked-arm tackle, Bowers turns inward and drills Jay Morrison with a knee to the groin!]


Judge: Morrison looked to be in control coming off those ropes, but Bowers came in low with the Grape Crush!

Annie: You call it the “Grape Crush”, I call it Bowers’ THIRD low blow of this match!


[Jay Morrison’s face contorts in pain as he falls to the mat. Bowers follows through with the move, swinging his body to the side and transitioning into a lateral press. He hooks both Morrison’s legs...]


Annie: Bowers with a pinfall attempt! Hall is there to make the count...

















[Jay Morrison just barely gets the shoulder up. He’s grimacing in pain, as the cumulative effect of the groin shots really starts to catch up with him. Bowers stands up, letting Morrison get to his hands and knees before stepping over his head, planting one foot on either side. He hooks Morrison’s arms, lifting him up the rest of the way into a double-underhook position.]


Judge: Could we actually see...


[bowers sits down, with Morisson’s head between his legs. Holding him in position via his hooked arms, Bowers wraps his legs around the back of Jay Morrison’s and pulls inward, pulling all of Morisson’s weight onto his own neck!]


Judge: ...there it is! The NMA! Underhook leg trap submission applied by the Television champ! Morrison looks like he doesn’t know WHAT to do!

Eijiro: We’ve heard about this move, but this is the first time Bowers has used it in the SJL!


[Jay Morrison thrashes left and right, and manages to break half of the underhook (shaking off Bowers’ right arm), but this only allows him to lean more to the right, not escape, as Bowers holds him fast with his legs.]


Judge: Bowers has Morrison all tied up in that unique submission hold!


[Morrison is unable to turn his rightward mobility into an escape. He’s slowing down significantly, and the crowd isn’t sure how to react.]


Eijiro: Morrison’s got nowhere to go!


[Morrison tries one last roll to the right...but Bowers holds on! Weakly Re-hooking Morrison’s free arm, he pulls his legs in closer. Anthony Michael Hall checks on Jay Morrison, who is barely moving.]


Eijiro: This doesn’t look good...


[Anthony Michael Hall asks Jay Morrison if he’s had enough...and Morisson nods! Morrison submits! Anthony Micheal Hall calls for the bell.]


Judge: Morrison submitted! This match is over!

Annie: Brian Bowers steals another one, extending his winning streak to four and retaining the SJL Television Championship!


[At least initially, a cheer goes up for Brian Bowers. It’s highly contained, though, and is completely overwhelmed by the background boos as even the most ardent Morrison-haters realize that Bowers going home with the belt is hardly ideal, either.

Bowers releases the hold, letting Morrison drop on his face, and stands up.

Anthony Michael Hall presents the Television title belt to him and raises his arm, which Bowers puts up with for all of a second. Bowers grabs the belt, then rolls underneath the ropes and walks toward the ring entrance, with Kate Elliot following him out. The crowd sends them off with boos.]

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Judge- Welcome back to Wrath...

Ejiro- And you're just in time, because we're about ready for our ne...


Before Ejiro gets a chance to finish his sentence, the opening chords of "The Fight Song" ring around the arena cutting him off. The crowd rise to their feet as out steps the now former SJL Television Champion Landon Maddix, the belt noticably missing from around his waist.


Ejiro- Ok...maybe we aren't ready for our next match after all.

Annie- Wrong again Ejiro? Don't you ever get tired of that?

Ejiro- He's not on my schedule to be out here...is that my fault? No. It's those monkeys in the truck's fault.

Judge- Ahem...regardless of that, Landon Maddix is on his way out here...I'm not sure what for though because he's not on my schedule either. But I'd presume it's to do with the Television Title, which is no longer in his possesion thanks to Brian Bowers, and of course Kate Elliot.


Getting to the end of the aisle, Maddix rolls into the ring and immediately demands a microphone, looking much less upbeat than usual. Even the chants of 'Landon, Landon, Landon' ringing around the arena don't seem to cheer him up at all, as he takes the microphone and stands in the middle of the ring. After a few seconds of waiting for the noise to die down, Landon raises the microphone to his lips, bringing quiet from most of the crowd.


Maddix- So...this is what it feels like huh? This is what it feels like...to lose. To get beat. You know, ever since I lost to Brian Bowers, I've been worried about coming out here again. Kinda stupid I know. But still, I was worried. I mean, everyone here was cheering for the unbeaten Landon Maddix. Would you except the beaten version? Well...for the reception I got out here, it doesn't feel as bad as I had expected.


A few cheers go up for that, as Maddix manages to struggle out a slight smile.


Maddix- But it still isn't a pleasant feeling let me tell you. It quite frankly sucks. Being the TV Champion for so long, I'd kinda got used to it. Got used to holding the belt, used to putting it in my bag before I leave my hotel, putting it back when I leave the arena. It was kind of like a routine for these past 30...40 odd days.


Judge- One of the longest reigning TV Champions in SJL history...


Maddix- Little things like that, I just got used to them. Maybe...I took them for granted a little. Maybe. Now they're all gone I'm not though. I just want that feeling back. And what makes it worse is I should have it right now. I got cheated. Now...I'm not out here to complain. I'm not out here to come after Brian Bowers. I'm sure some of you are thinking right now 'What...surely Landon Maddix isn't afraid of Brian Bowers'. I'm not. Believe me, I have no fear of anyone. Hell, I'm too stupid to feel fear. But my concern is not Brian Bowers. If that dirty, stinking cheat Bowers and his 'female companion' wants a fight with me, then by all means I'll give them it. I won't back down from anyone, or anything. I'm not hard to find, so if he wants to face me again then I'll have no hesitation in accepting. But that's up to Brian Bowers.


Maddix stops and walks across the ring, leaning over the ropes as he continues talking.


Maddix- See, I've got more important issues on my mind. Now I don't want to insult anyone here, but I personally feel I've moved on from the Television Championship. Don't get me wrong, being the SJL Television Champion was an immense honour. But with all due respect, I'm above the Television Title now. It's time to move on up. Which I'll admit is good timing. See, right now in the back...there's another man who's wearing a title belt. Another man...who quite frankly doesn't deserve that belt. I'm sure you all realise that I'm talking about one Todd Royal.


Loud boos ring around the arena at the mention of the current European Champion's name.


Maddix- You'll be aware that Todd and I are not exactly buddies. And you'll also be aware that I have a little unfinished business with My Royal. See...it was a few weeks ago that Todd Royal returned, and decided he'd attack me. All because I took his Television Championship. By attacking me, Royal proved himself to be nothing but a sore loser. It's funny...he tries picking a fight with me when I'm not expecting it, and with his little hussy with him to help. But since then, he's not had the guts to face me man to man, one on one. I've told you Todd...if you want a fight with me, I'm not hard to find. But you didn't have the guts to come and find me, did ya Todd. I'm right here now...and where are you? In the back, 'preparing for your match'. I can understand that, so I'm not going to call you out here right now. What I will do however, is issue a challenge to you.


Ejiro- Is he crazy...Todd'll destroy him, just like last time...

Annie- Wait...Landon won last time...

Ejiro- I meant when Todd went 'Citizen cane' on this kid, and beat the crap out of him. Do you remember that, because I do, and so does Todd...


Maddix- That's right, I'm issuing a challenge to you Todd Royal. See I am sick to god damn death of you. The 'better than you' attitude, the self centered bullshit you keep spouting. You say you're better than me. Prove it! You and me. I'm sure you've got a ballsack...and I know damn well Megan is the one out of you two with the balls. Howsabout you put them together to get yourself a set, and accept my challenge? And I don't want some 'Hand of Todd Match' or whatever like last time we met. I want to prove to you that I am a better wrestler than you are. Maybe then you'll quit whining about being beaten unfairly by me. That is of course..if you've got the guts.


Maddix slams down the microphone, and storms off as "The Fight Song" belatedly starts up once more. The crowd don't quite know what to make of this, some of them cheering but most surprised at this new found intensity in Landon Maddix. He walks down the aisle and to the back pretty quickly, as we cut back up to Judge, Annie and Ejiro, who too look surprised.


Judge- Well...a very determined Landon Maddix here...keeping his words short and...not too sweet.

Ejiro- You're lost for words aren't you?

Judge- Well...

Ejiro- You are. Ha! I like this kid all of a sudden.

Judge- Regardless of my partner's 'enjoyment'...he's still bitter over me beating him.

Ejiro- HEY!

Judge- Regardless...the question is how will Todd Royal respond to Landon Maddix's challenge? Todd will be in action when we come back from this...

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As the last commercial ends, television screens around the country explode back to life with the sights and sounds of SJL Wrath. The Arco Arena in California’s capital is alive with rowdy wrestling fans, shouting and excited for the rest of the night’s matches. As the camera pans the floor seats, signs are thrusted into the view of the camera by people desperate for 5 seconds of fame, and slogans like “El Luchadore LOCO!”, “ “Recall Royal” and “Manson is my shrink” dot the screen. The shot finally comes to rest on the ring as a trio of familiar voices kicks in.


Annie: Welcome back to Wrath! We’ve already seen one amazing title match tonight and we’ve still got TWO to go!

Judge: That’s right, coming up in our main event, English Dragon defends the SJL title against the “Insane Luchador” Andrew Rickman. It’ll be the first defense for the champ and only the second match back for the challenger.

Ejiro: But up NEXT, Jimmy Liston goes one-on-one with the brand European Champion, the Todd and Savior of Prague and Lisbon alike, Todd Royal!!


As the announcers finish running down the line-up the lights in the building suddenly drop. The crowd, thinking it is perhaps another in the long series of energy-crisis blackouts buzzes in frustration and impatience. A booming voice over the PA system, however, brings the crowd to life.


“Why don’t you ask me what it feels like to be a freak?!?”


Erupting as one, the crowd lets out a cheer loud enough to shake the rafters, nearly drowning out the thunderous voice of our respected announcer.


Funyon: Ladies and gentlemen…the following contest is scheduled for ONE fall, with a thirty minute time limit…and it is for the ESS JAY ELL EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP!!!


With Rob Zombie’s “Demon Speeding” rocking the PA, a series of explosions are set off at ringside. Firing up the ramp, the pyros erupt at the entrance way revealing Jimmy “The Demon” Liston and Tyler Sullivan beneath the flames. Liston pumps his fist in the air to get the crowd going and heads down the ramp, acknowledging the cheers of the fans as he approaches the ring.


Funyon: Announcing first…the challenger…accompanied to the ring by Tyler Sullivan and weighing in at two hundred and twenty eight pounds…from Boston, Massachusetts…JIMMY “THE DEMON” LISTON!!!!


Liston slides under the bottom rope and runs to the turnbuckle, his fist pumping in time with the throbbing music. Sullivan slides to ringside as referee Eddy Long begins to check the Demon for foreign objects.


Annie: Jimmy Liston proved on Metal that he’s back and better than ever and I firmly believe that the Demon would be the European Champ right now if not for the cheating ways of Todd Royal.

Ejiro: Yeah, well what do you know.

Judge: It’d be in Liston’s best interest to overpower the champ early and not allow Royal to set the pace. If he can do that we may have a new European Champion by the time we go off the air.


As “Demon Speeding” fades away, a soft white light falls from the rafters and illuminates the entrance way. The soft hum of a chorus gives way to the sounds of Motley Crue’s “Livewire” as the curtains part and Todd Royal and Megan Skye emerge into a sea of blue and white strobe lights.


Funyon: And his opponent…accompanied by Megan Skye and weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds…from San Diego, California…he is the NEEEEEWW SJL EUROPEAN CHAMPION…TODD ROYAL!!!


The boos rain down from all corners of the arena as the champion and his valet enter the ring. Skye, wearing a gray and lavender “Toddess” dress, separates the ropes for Royal as the champion removes his “Believe in Todd” vest to reveal the SJL European belt. Ignoring the jeers of the crowd, Royal mockingly stoops in front of Liston and feigns tying his boot, drawing an even louder chorus of boos from the Sacramento crowd.


Annie: Here comes another of our un-deserving champions. Royal carries that belt like he earned it, but he didn’t pin a single man and cheated to even eliminate Jimmy Liston. Royal’s too damn cocky and that’s going to cost him.

Judge: Todd may have won that belt with a less than legal strategy, but the truth is he has the title and its going to take a heck of an effort from any challenger to get it off him.

Ejiro: And that challenger is NOT Jimmy Liston!


In the ring, Eddy Long takes the belt from Royal and briefly shows it to Liston before hoisting it into the air and displaying it for the crowd. The champion yanks the title down a look of disgust on his face, and hands it to Megan. Skye furiously wipes Long’s fingerprints from the surface as she leaves the ring and hand delivers the belt to the timekeeper.




As the crowd buzzes, the champion and challenger warily circle each other. Liston, keeping his distance from the ropes and from Megan, lifts his arm in the air and towards his opponent, challenging Royal to a test of strength. Todd smirks and points at his bicep, giving Liston an opportunity to drop his hand and drawing more boos from the Sacramento crowd. The Demon simply stares Royal down, however, keeping his hand in the air and encouraging Todd to try him.


Royal shrugs and lifts his arm to meet Liston’s. As they intertwine their fingers, the two men raise their free hand, locking up with both arms and leaning in to each other in an attempt to gain an early advantage. Todd drives forward, but Liston scowls and presses his arms down, bending the champion’s arms back at the elbows and forcing Royal to back off. With a grunt Todd shoves his bodyweight upward, rocking the challenger but not doing enough to gain control. Frustrated, Todd reels back and unleashes a stiff shin strike to the left knee of the Demon.


Annie: Liston totally overpowered Royal, and the only way Todd knew how to react was to take a cheap shot. People like that don’t hold titles for very long.

Ejiro: Well, last time I checked this ‘aint an arm wrestling match. No one’s ever lost a title to a test of strength. KICKS are perfectly legal.


Liston grimaces as he lifts his leg off the mat and shakes the impact off. Sensing an opening, Todd immediately fires off a second kick, this time targeting the right leg of his opponent. As Liston flinches in pain, Royal lunges forward again, backing the Demon into the corner and crushing him in the ribs with a third strike. Liston finally breaks his grasp on Royal’s hands and Todd shuffles backwards raising his arms in victory and taking a bow.


Judge: Todd’s definitely confident in himself, taking time to celebrate escaping that test of strength.

Annie: Ass.


As the crowd lets Royal have it, Todd spins back around to face his opponent. Spreading his arms and letting out a conceited “WHOOO!” Royal’s celebration is quickly interrupted as Liston steps forward and plants his hands in Todd’s chest. As Liston shoves forward, Royal goes flying backwards, rolling over himself and then quickly out of the ring, a look of disgust on his face.


Ejiro: Well THAT was rude. Liston just shoved Todd right out of the ring while he was talking to him.

Annie: Talking to him?!? He was celebrating like an idiot instead of taking the match seriously!

Ejiro: No, he was CLEARLY asking Jimmy “WHOOO is that guy in the front row, he looks awful familiar..”


Megan finishes toweling Todd down just as Tyler Sullivan begins to circle the ring to force him back in. Royal slowly steps through the ropes and offers his hand for a handshake. Liston scowls again, grabbing Todd by the wrist and dropping backwards, hooking his opponent and arm-dragging him to the mat. The crowd pops as Todd jumps to his feet, dusting himself off and strutting back into the middle of the ring.


Judge: Liston’s not standing for any of Royal’s shenanigans, setting the pace by taking a no-nonsense approach.

Ejiro: Todd was trying to offer his hand in peace and Liston BLINDSIDED him. How will Todd ever trust again?

Annie: You’re an idiot. You do know that right?


Royal steps forward, engaging Liston in a collar-and-elbow tie-up and forcing him across the ring. The Demon begins to march his opponent back into the center, but Todd slips out of the lockup, wrenching Liston’s arm back and hooking in a hammerlock.


Liston struggles for a moment, trying to escape the hold, before ducking around Royal and reversing to a hammerlock of his own. Royal spits on the mat in frustration, struggling to reverse the hold again. Finally hooking his right leg behind his opponent’s, Todd falls to the mat, spinning out and dropping Liston with a drop-toe-hold. Capitalizing immediately, Royal floats forward, hooking the Demon with a headlock.


Ejiro: Now it’s Royal with the advantage, wearing Liston down and getting the momentum on his side. Its all about strategy baby!


Trying to free himself from the grasp of his opponent, Liston powers up to his hands and knees. Todd lifts himself from the mat and slams back down, foiling the Demon’s escape plan and flattening him to the mat again. Liston grunts and changes his strategy, rolling backwards and planting Royal’s shoulders on the mat. The fans cheer as Long hits the mat for the count.









Royal scowls as his shifts his weight and rolls back into a sitting position on the mat. Raking his forearm through his opponent’s blood red hair, Todd grinds the headlock in harder than before. With Tyler Sullivan leading the crowd in a series of claps and stomps, the Demon is able to plant his feet, growling as he powers Royal onto a standing base. With a deep-throated roar, Liston shoves his opponent forward, breaking the hold and sending Todd to the opposite ropes.


Annie: And again Jimmy Liston is able to escape by overpowering Royal and FORCING him off.

Judge: If Todd wants to walk out here with the belt he walked in with he’s going to have to wear Liston down and neutralize that power advantage.


Royal hits the ropes hard and rebounds towards the center of the ring. Liston drops his head, preparing for a back body drop, but Todd leapfrogs, landing behind his opponent and hitting the opposite ropes. The Demon snaps back up, spinning around and tossing his arm out, catching Todd and lifting him up in the air with a hiptoss.


Royal flips in the air and comes down on his feet however, shocking Liston and leaving the Demon open for a hiptoss from Todd. Liston crashes to the mat on the end of his spine, and Royal quickly capitalizes, reaching back and popping Liston across the upper back with a vicious shin kick.


Judge: Royal, the smaller and more agile man, is able to use that to his advantage, flipping out of that hiptoss and going to work on the Demon.

Ejiro: Yeah, and a few more shots like that will make Liston’s spine into Demon Jelly!


On cue, Royal reels back to fire off another shot. Spinning around this time and aiming for the head, Royal lets out a gasp of shock when Liston ducks. Todd’s momentum keeps him rotating, and he plants his foot behind his opponent’s body. As Todd catches his balance, Liston reaches up, hooking the tights of Royal and yanking him down into a sunset flip position. Eddy Long hits the mat again as the fans come alive.












Royal rolls through just before the count of two, planting his feet on the canvas and charging forward. Catching the Demon’s legs in his arms, Todd leans in, using Liston’s own body weight to pin him to the mat.









Liston grunts as he pushes his legs upwards, powering his shoulders off the mat and flipping his opponent head over heels. Royal comes down shoulders first on the mat and the Demon capitalizes, hooking Todd’s arms with his legs and forcing him down to the mat. Long slides into position as the Sacramento fans erupt again.













Half exhausted, Royal yanks his shoulder from the mat, using his momentum to roll completely off the canvas and across the ring. Todd looks to escape completely, but Liston reaches up and grasps his opponents legs, continuing to roll until he comes to a standing position. Royal desperately tries to use his momentum to roll away form Liston, but the Demon falls backwards, jamming Todd’s feet into the mat and sending Royal sailing over the top rope to the floor.


Judge: Amazing sequence there! Royal tried to out-flash Liston, but the Demon was able to keep up, eventually coming out on top and sending Todd flying!




Annie: And look at that, Liston sends Royal right over the tope rope. If Todd hadn’t cheated a move like that would have won Liston the European title on Metal!

Ejiro: Yeah, well THIS isn’t a battle Royal either and the Demon hasn’t won a damn thing yet!


With the crowd on their feet and cheering, Todd Royal gathers himself on the outside. After a quick toweling down from Megan, an obviously disgusted Royal pulls himself onto the apron. Liston spins around to face his opponent, but Todd grips the top rope in his hands and slingshots himself into the ring.


As Royal soars at him with a cross body-block, the Demon steps forward and catches his opponent out of the air. Royal kicks and struggles to free himself from his opponent’s grasp, but Liston drops backwards, firing Todd across the ring with a big fall-away slam.


Judge: Nothing Todd does seems to be effective against Liston here and the Demon just keeps on steamrolling Royal!

Annie: Liston’s a man out for revenge, and that can motivate ANYONE past their usual abilities.


As the crowd cheers him on, Liston stalks over his fallen opponent. Laying a pair of big boots to the face of Royal, the Demon jerks him to his feet and grabs him by the wrist. Todd struggles to break free, but Liston whips him into the ropes. As Royal rebounds, Liston spins around, catching Todd as he passes and pulling him into the air before crashing to the mat with a huge side slam.


As Megan screeches at ringside, Royal tries desperately to just crawl under the bottom rope and out of the ring. As he grabs the ring apron, however, Liston clamps his hands around his ankle and begins to drag him back to mid-ring. Cursing and spitting, Todd leaps into the air, pivoting on his captured leg and firing off an enzigiri. Liston ducks the blow as Royal’s foot sails by, and as Todd plants back on the ground yanks him backwards by the leg. Royal collides with the bigger Liston, and the Demon lurches backwards, German Suplexing Todd into the corner.


Annie: WOW! Amazing show of awareness and strength by the Demon, avoiding the kick and jerking Todd right into a German Suplex!


Liston slaps hands with Sullivan and throws his arms into the air to excite the crowd. In the corner, Megan fans Todd with the towel as Royal struggles to lift himself to his feet. As Todd makes it up, resting his head on the top turnbuckle, Liston charges in. Raising his boot in the air, the Demon plants it between his opponent’s shoulder blades, causing Royal to snap back in pain.


Judge: The champion is on the run now, with the bigger, more powerful Liston right on his tail. A few more of those brutal moves from the Demon and we could have an incredibly short title reign in Todd Royal.

Ejiro: I believe in Todd! Royal is the champion of an entire continent and the children of Finland depend on him!


As Royal’s body rebounds off the top turnbuckle, Liston steps forward and jams his head into the back of Todd’s. Royal grunts in pain and slumps forward again, but the Demon is right on him, hitting another head but and eliciting a small gasp from Skye at ringside. As Todd bounces off the corner again, Liston ducks down, letting Royal’s body slump over his shoulders before raising up and locking Todd into a Torture Rack.


“TAP!” “TAP!” “TAP!”


Annie: Torture rack!!! Royal’s done! Liston’s compressed the spine with slams and head buts and this has got to be it for the Todd! We could have a new European Champ!


“TAP!” “TAP!” “TAP!”


As the crowd urges Royal to submit, Megan leaps up onto the ring apron. As the crowd boos, she reaches up and grabs the wrist of her charge. Liston attempts to pull his opponent into the middle of the ring for the victory, but Skye leaps from the apron, pulling Todd out of the hold and onto the apron.




With the weight suddenly lifted from his shoulders, The Demon staggers forward and almost falls. Liston curses and flips his hair back, spinning back towards the ropes as Todd gains his footing on the apron. Liston snarls and marches forward, but Royal leaps up to the top rope and springboards into the ring. As Todd sails towards him though, Liston steps in and fires off a super kick. Royal, anticipating the move, grabs the Demon’s ankle and spins around, collapsing to the mat and wrenching Liston down with a super Dragon-Screw.




Annie: Holy crap!

Ejiro: Haha! Royal knew Liston couldn’t resist trying to boot him out of the air just like Todd did to him! He KNEW what was coming and used the Demon’s own need for vengeance against him! Praise Todd!


With Liston on the mat, clutching his knee, Royal bounces off the ropes with a baseball slide dropkick to the injured joint. The Demon spins on the mat, but Todd is right after him, grabbing Liston’s left leg and unleashing a kick to the inside of the knee. Liston kicks back, however, fighting to free himself of Royal and recover from the attack. Royal takes the blow to the ribs, but immediately drops to the mat, hooking Liston’s leg and wrenching back with a knee bar.


Judge: Todd Royal has an opening in the leg and knee of Jimmy Liston and he’s on it like a fat man to Crisco.

Annie: If Liston wants to win this match he’s going to have to get back on offense soon. Letting Royal work that leg for too long may put the Demon too far out of position to win that title.


As Todd torques the knee of his opponent, Liston uses his upper body strength to slowly scoot backwards toward the bottom rope. As he stretches his arms out to grasp the cable, however, Megan wraps her towel around the rope and leans back, yanking it out of Liston’s reach.


Annie: Megan Skye pulling that rope away, doing whatever she can to keep Liston from escaping that hold and going on offense.

Ejiro: Nonsense! Megan is simply using the cable to help do her stretches. You wouldn’t want her to lose that firm frame would ya?


As the crowd boos Megan’s actions, Tyler Sullivan makes his way around the ring. Megan yelps and releases the rope as Sullivan charges, snapping the cable back into place and allowing Liston to grab it for dear life. Todd unleashes a flurry of fists to the knee of his opponent before releasing the hold however, smirking as Eddy Long counts the break.


As Todd breaks the hold, Liston pulls his head and upper body onto the ring apron. Catching his breath, the Demon grunts in pain and gingerly twists his knee. Royal, meanwhile, takes this time to bow to the crowd, drinking in the jeers and mockingly limping across the ring. As Liston attempts to rise to his feet however, Todd steps through the ropes, scraping his boot across his opponent’s face and dropping the Demon to the mat in pain.


Judge: Royal may be a show boater, but he knows when to stop the song and dance and deliver a nice stiff shot. Liston had just enough time to think he was back in it before Todd cut him off again.


With Liston clutching his face, Royal grabs him by the leg and drags him back into the center of the ring. Flipping the Demon over, Todd hooks his opponent’s lower leg and falls forward, intertwining his hands across the bridge of Liston’s nose and wrenching back with an STF.




With the fans on his case, the champion leans further back, increasing the pressure on the neck and knee of his opponent. Liston continues to battle, however, planting his hands on the mat and pushing himself and Royal off the mat. Todd tries desperately to power him down, but the Demon retracts his arms and rolls to the side, rolling on top of Royal and pinning him to the mat.



















Annie: Liston’s still right in this match! Royal had him hooked in and was wearing him down, but the Demon was able to turn it into a pinning situation!

Ejiro: But he couldn’t finish the job! Liston’s got his share of near-falls, but he can’t put the champ down!!


With the crowd cheering the near-pin, Todd immediately breaks the hold and leaps to his feet. Kicking the bottom rope in frustration, the champion pulls his thumb across his throat and spits at the feet of Liston. Royal grabs the challenger by his hair and jerks him to his feet, hooking his head and stomping at the mat, flipping the Demon to the mat with a snap suplex.


Judge: Just a BRUTAL snap suplex by Todd Royal, he’s pissed at Liston and its starting to show.

Ejiro: I don’t think he’s done yet…


Indeed, Royal spins his hips and plants his feet on the mat again. Yanking Liston from the mat, Todd lifts him into the air, falling to the mat and nailing his opponent with a vertical suplex. Liston tries to absorb the impact, but comes down feet first, and as he clutches his knee, Royal rolls his hips again. Todd plants his feet again, and with a final pull, jerks the Demon parallel to his own body. The boos rain down as Royal continues to hold his opponent up, finally falling back with a delayed suplex and floating over for the pin.


















Royal pops off the mat, a look of shock washed over his face, as Eddy Long stops the count at two. The official holds his index and middle fingers high in the air as the crowd too reminds Royal of his inadequate fall.




Climbing off the mat, Todd slaps his hands together three times and begins cursing out the referee. Long stands his ground and holds up two fingers, motioning at his shoulder to indicate Liston’s escaping the cover. Royal spits at the ground in disgust and turns back to the ring just as the challenger raises himself up on one knee and raises his head. Sensing an opening, Todd barrels forward, pushing off the Demon’s raised right knee and crushing his own knee across the side of Liston’s head.



Ejiro: This one’s over!!

























The crowd erupts as Liston raises his shoulder from the mat and thrusts his arm in the air. Royal howls in anger as Long holds up two fingers again, and the champion boots the Demon hard in the side of the head as he gets to his feet.


Ejiro: How in the world did Liston kick out of that!?! He should be GONE!

Annie: The Demon’s still alive! He’s taken everything Royal’s thrown at him and more and kept on coming! It’s going to take something BIG to put this guy away, and I don’t know if Todd has it in him!


Royal pulls down the shoulder strap of his tights and lets out a holler as he forcefully jerks Jimmy Liston to his feet. Liston, slumping out of exhaustion and visibly favoring his left leg, valiantly throws a pair of elbows, trying desperately to escape the champion’s grasp. Royal deflects the blows however, spinning his opponent around and hooking in a full nelson as the crowd groans and deflates into their seats.


Ejiro: TODD DAMN! No one kicks out of this!!


Fasaki’s call proves premature however, as when Royal lifts Liston from the mat, the Demon hooks his legs around Todd’s waist and rolls forward, breaking the nelson and hooking the champions legs as they tumble forward. The crowd yo-yos back to their feet as Long falls to the mat to count the fall.


Annie: SMALL PACKAGE! Liston reverses!

Ejiro: ACK! C’mon, Todd- Kickout!!!





















Judge: NO!




The crowd erupts as Long flops to the mat for the third time. The cheers are soon cut off, however as the official springs from the canvas, his hand holding up two fingers again! As the crowd deflates, Royal shoves the Demon off of him, retaining a grip on the right leg however, and crawling to his feet.


As the crowds joy turns to jeers, Todd spins around and locks Liston’s right ankle across his injured left knee. Falling backwards, Royal wrenches in the hold, slapping his hands against the mat and demanding the Demon submit.


Judge: The Wrath of Todd!! Royal couldn’t hook on the Todd Damn, but he’s got Liston trapped now!

Ejiro: YES! Liston’s knee is trashed! There’s no way in HELL he gets out of this!!

Annie: Never say never! Liston’s clawed and battled through this match, he might have enough to keep going!

Ejiro: NEVER!




The crowd slumps back into their seats and boos as a weakened Liston slaps his hands against the canvas and taps out. Royal leaps up in celebration, grabbing his belt and immediately taking off to the back as Liston clutches his knee in pain.


Funyon: Ladies and Gentlemen…The Winner of this match and STILL SJL European Champion…TODD ROYAL!!!


Ejiro: WOOHOO!

Judge: The crowd may not like it, but Todd Royal escapes with the European title around his waist!

Annie: “Escape” being the key word. Liston was inches away. Stay tuned though, we have more to come on WRATH!

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SJL Wrath blasts back from its commercial break, the cameras sweeping over the packed and pumped up crowd that jam packed themselves into Sacramento’s Arco Arena. The cameras swing around to take in the sea of people that surround the ring, numerous signs are flashed up as the camera pans over the fans, before the view cuts back to the announce table, revealing Judge, Ejiro, and Annie ready as always to carry on calling the action.


Judge: Welcome back to SJL Wrath everybody! It’s been a wild show so far, if you’ve just joined us then you missed three great match ups already! Both the TV title and the European title were defended earlier tonight, but don’t worry because we aren’t done yet!


Ejiro: And if you want to know who won those matches watch the repeats or tune in earlier you lazy bums!


Annie: Tactfully put as ever Ejiro….


Ejiro: Hey Annie if people can’t be bothered to tune in to a show I ain’t gonna do no recapping for them!


Annie: And what if they weren’t able to get to the TV earlier and suddenly hear you slagging them off on live TV?


Ejiro: Dammit Annie stop trying to make me paranoid!


Judge: Are you two finished?


Ejiro: Well I had more, but you go ahead.


Judge: ……Thanks……Anyway! Tonight’s main event sees a returning Andrew Rickmen more widely know as the “Insane Luchador” taking on the English Dragon for the coveted SJL World Championship! IL earned his shot last week on Metal by defeating Spike Jenkins AND Aecas in a Hide an Seek match becoming the number one contender and earning his shot at the belt tonight!


Annie: It was a hard match for all three men but the Insane Luchador proved to everyone once again that he’s not a man to be messed with. IL had a good start with his return but the question is will he be able to capitalise on the momentum he has and take the title from the Dragon?


Ejiro: Not a chance Annie, the English Dragon is going to prove too much even for the Insane Luchador!


Judge: Well there’s only one way to find out who will win that contest and that’s to stay tuned! Coming up next though we have a 3 Way Dance pitting Aecas and “Hollywood” Spike Jenkins against a returning Manson!


Annie: Both Aecas and Spike have fought Manson on several occasions, and Spike can’t be happy with Aecas’ action on Metal. It’ll be interesting to see how this match plays out. I doubt we’ll be seeing any alliances in this free for all.


The arena lights shut off suddenly, plunging the building into pitch blackness as a graveyard bell tolls mournfully, the fans cheering as the Smarktron comes to life. Displaying a figure shrouded in darkness, stabs of lights highlighting the scales of a winding tattoo that spreads itself across his chest. The stabs of light travel slowly up the figures body highlighting the blank white orb of an eye as a deep voice reverberates through the arena speakers.


"Are you scared?"


The voice echoes for a moment before several voices speak as one.


"He's here..........."


Dark Funeral's “Dead Skin Mask” blasts out from the arena speakers as a lighting flash highlights Aecas on the Smarktron, a sadistic grin on his face. Red lights begin to strobe around the arena, like an alarm system gone wrong - or a system that is warning of imminent carnage.


Thick smoke boils up from the entranceway, filling the air and carpeting the floor, a blood red spotlight picks out Aecas as he stands deep in the depths of the smoke, an eerie silhouette will a large staff in one hand. Aecas raises the staff high above his head, a long wicked blade snaps forth from the staff, igniting a loud roar of approval from the crowd as he begins to stride down the aisle.


Funyon: The following contest is a 3 Way Dance and will decide the Number One Contender for the SJL World Championship! Introducing first! Hailing from Shrewsbury, England! Weighing 315lbs! HE IS THE BLACK ANGEL! AECAS!


Aecas jumps up onto the apron and steps into the ring, grinning for a moment before the lights come up and tossing his staff out of the ring to the Timekeeper and moving to a corner, his massive body resting against it lightly as the fans chant his name. The music fades away slowly only to be immediately replaced with Edgar Winter Group’s “Frankenstein” the arena lights dropping to a deep red hue as Manson emerges from the entrance way standing on the stage and punching a fist into the air to a huge pop from the Sacramento crowd!


Judge: And listen to this ovation for Manson!


Annie: It’s a great welcome back for a great athlete Judge! Manson actually looks like he’s enjoying himself more out there! This is a new side of him that we haven’t seen before!


Ejiro: Who cares if he’s turned over a new leaf Annie! We need the old Manson back!


Annie: How the hell can you say that when the guy has only just returned! You haven’t even seen him in the ring yet!


As Annie and Ejiro argue Manson begins to walk down the aisle slapping a few hands on the way but concentrating on his first opponent as he nears the squared circle.


Funyon: From Denver, Colorado! Weighing 225lbs and making his return to the SJL! Ladies and gentlemen please welcome back MANSON!


The crowd lets out a huge pop as Manson slides into the ring getting back to his feet and removing his jacket, tossing the garment aside before he moves to his corner, sitting down and locking eyes with Aecas across the ring.


The lights dim down once again, a multitude of light blue lights begin flashing from the entrance stage, as "King's Blend" by The Kottonmouth Kings starts up. After a few seconds, "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins strolls out from the backstage area and stops at the entrance ramp, the hood of his jacket covering his head, while he stares at the ground the fans popping yet again as the third man reveals himself. White pyro explodes from both sides of Spike, as Spike starts hopping around, getting warmed up.


Funyon: And from Hollywood, California! Weighing in at 225lbs! HE IS “HOLLYWOOD” SPIKE JENKINS!


Funyon exits the ring as Spike makes his way through the pyro and makes his way to the ring, climbing up onto the ring apron, and steeping through the ring ropes into the ring. The second he steps into the ring, Spike pulls back the hood over his head, and holds his arms out, doing a little spin before pulling the jacket off and tossing it ringside, moving to a corner of his own as he waits for the match to begin.


Judge: And finally all three men are in the ring and we’re ready to get this thing underway as soon as referee Eddy Long calls for the bell.


Ejiro: One of these guys is going forward to meet the English Dragon!


Annie: It could be the Insane Luchador they meet Ejiro.


Ejiro: I don’t think so Annie, my money is and always has been on the English Dragon, this guy is destined for greatness I tell ya!


Eddy Long checks that all three men are apart before moving to the ropes and signalling to the time keeper who raises the hammer and strikes the bell to start the match.


DING! DING! DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As soon as the bell rings Spike ruches towards Manson, obviously intent on picking up where he left off as the man formerly known as the Hate Machine gets to his feet, sidestepping Spikes charge and diving to the ground tripping the Hollywood Superstar with a Drop Toe hold that sends Spike’s face crashing into the second turnbuckle.


Judge: And that’s a bad start for Spike in this match, Manson showing that he’s not going to be taken down THAT easily.


Manson leaps back up to his feet with a grin as Spike hauls himself out of the turnbuckle anger plain on his face at being outwitted in the opening seconds of the match. Spike lunges at Manson and the two men slam together in a collar and elbow tie up, straining against one another each man trying to get the advantage. Manson has the greater strength but Spike’s quickness comes through for him as he breaks the tie up and quickly slips back to lock his arms around Manson’s waist.


Manson swings an elbow back at Spikes head but the Hollywood Superstar ducks under the limb kicking Manson hard in the gut before planting him headfirst into the canvas with a thunderous DDT.


Ejiro: Spike sure as hell got the drop on him THAT time Judge!


Spike kips up raising his arms into the air to a pop from the crowd, the fans seemingly spilt equally between each of the Superstars in the ring. The Hollywood Superstar grins as he bends down and grabs Manson by the hair dragging him up to his knees before stepping back a pace. Spike’s right foot flicks out and measures Manson with a stiff kick to the chest, drawing a “Woooooooooooo!” from the fans, Manson winces but glares up at spike and urges him on with his hands. Spike obliges and snaps another kick into his opponent’s temple before taking another pace back and sending a Buzzsaw kick straight at Manson’s head.


Manson ducks underneath Spike’s boot lunging forwards and slamming his forearm into the back of Spike knee, the leg folds underneath the pressure and drops Spike down to the canvas. Manson is all over Spike as soon as he hits the mat hammering a succession of hard elbows into the lower back of the Hollywood Superstar making his opponents back arch from the hard impacts.


Judge: Manson takes Spike down to the deck and is all over them with some hard shots right to the kidneys!


Manson grabs his opponent by the shoulders hauling him up to his feet and Irish Whipping him hard into the ropes, Spike rebounds off of the ring ropes, gaining momentum and ducking under an Back Elbow attempt by Manson. The Hollywood Superstar jumps onto the middle rope and springboards himself back into the ring catching Manson in the face with a huge elbow and taking him back down to the canvas.


Spike swings back up to his knees as the crowd applaud his quick thinking, the Hollywood Superstar gets back up to his feet still grinning before he turns around and gets the grin knocked from his face as Aecas floors him with a huge Yakuza Kick!


Annie: And Aecas finally gets himself involved in the match! Spikes going to be looking for his teeth after this one!


Ejiro: What a cheap shot that was! Spike wasn’t even looking the right way!


Annie: Ejiro there are no friends in this kind of match, they can do whatever the hell they want to each other in there!


The Black Angel leans down grabbing Spike by the hair and pulling him up before shoving the Hollywood Superstar’s head between his legs and drawing his thumb across his throat, the crowd erupting into cheers as they see the signal for the Executioner.


Annie: Aecas is trying to end this one early!


Judge: This could be it for Spike!


Aecas leans forwards wrapping his arms around Spikes’ waist hauling the Hollywood Superstar up into the air and onto his shoulders, Spike grabs the back of Aecas’ head desperately trying to avoid certain elimination at the hands of Aecas. Salvation comes in unlikely form as Manson renters the fray and delivers a sharp Roundhouse Kick into Aecas’ gut, the Black Angel doubles over at the hard kick pulling Spike with him and smashing the Hollywood Superstar into the canvas with a hard Powerbomb!


Judge: Smart play by Manson! He just damaged both opponents with a single kick!


Annie: he’s playing it smart here Judge; he saw Aecas getting ready to eliminate Spike and used it to its full advantage!


Manson sends another sharp kicks into Aecas’ stomach before running into the ropes and staggering the big man with a thunderous Yakuza Kick to the side of the head! Aecas reels backwards into a corner, slumping and shaking his head in an attempt to clear it as Manson moves across the ring to the opposite corner. Signalling to the fans the former Hate Machine charges across the ring, jumping over the prone form of Spike Jenkins and somersaulting his body forwards slamming his booted right foot into Aecas’ head slamming the giant further into the corner.


Ejiro: And there’s a Koppou Kick!


Judge: Manson is on fire! He’s obviously not been idle during his absence!


Manson pulls himself back up to his feet and starts to lay into Aecas with hard kicks and punches, keeping the Black Angel pinned in the corner for as long as he possible can while Aecas tries to shrug off the two hard kicks to the head he just received. Suddenly a hand shoots up between Manson’s legs latching onto his belt and pulling him backwards as Spike Jenkins wedges his body against the back of his opponents legs. Manson loses his balance and falls backwards as Spike rolls him up with a School Boy, desperately holding on to the thrashing man as Eddy long drops down to his front to count the first pinfall of the match.














Manson kicks out of the pinfall attempt with authority, scrambling back up to his feet and lunging at Spike but eats a boot as the Hollywood Superstar snaps his right leg forwards flooring Manson with a hard Superkick. Wasting no time Spike runs over to Aecas who is still slumped in the corner, the Hollywood Superstar quickly climbs up the turnbuckle until he is crouched behind the giant’s head. Spike grabs Aecas’ head with both hands jumping forwards off of the top and slamming his right leg into the back of Aecas head, driving the Black Angel face first into the canvas with a devastating Rocker Dropper. Spike quickly rolls Aecas over onto his back and dives on top of him in a lateral press.











Aecas throws Spike off of him before Long can count three and sits up quickly, one hand rubbing the side of his face lightly as he slowly gets back up to his feet and turns around swiftly catching Spikes foot as he tries for a second Superkick. Aecas grins and shakes his head as Spike hops on one foot before throwing the leg away from him spinning Spike around 360 degrees.


As the Hollywood Superstar spins around to face him Aecas ducks low tossing Spike’s right arm over his right shoulder as his huge arm wraps around HSJ’s head. The Black Angel hoists Spike into the air, holding him up for a brief second before he jumps into the air himself, sitting out and driving Spikes jaw into his shoulder sending the Hollywood Superstar flying backwards onto the mat.


Judge: And there’s a Bareback Jawbreaker by Aecas! The action is coming thick and fast right now, these three men are all over each other!


Annie: This match won’t last long at this rate! They’re going to tear each other apart!


Aecas gets back to his feet and slowly drags Spike up with him, the Black Angel grabs the Hollywood Superstar by the neck and crotch and hoists him up into the air, effortlessly holding his opponent above his head. Spike struggles weakly as he is held 8 ft in the air as Aecas runs forwards from the centre of the ring jumping into the air and sitting out as he lands, flipping Spike forwards and slamming him into the mat back first shaking the whole ring with the impact.


Judge: Mother F’n’ Bomb!


Annie: Aecas is tossing Spike around like a ragdoll!


Aecas pushes Spike over onto his front grabbing his arms and pulling them backwards as h e wraps his massive legs around the Hollywood Superstar’s neck and arms in a Full Nelson position. Aecas starts to pull back hard on Spikes arms making his opponent scream in agony as the hold steadily tightens not seeing Manson pulling himself up to the top turnbuckle slowly.


Annie: And there’s the Wings of Fire! Spike had better get to the ropes quickly or this match is going to be all over for him!


Judge: This is a nasty hold to be put in Annie; it stretches your neck and back and tries to rip your arms right out of their sockets!


Ejiro: It may be a painful move Judge but Aecas chose the wrong spot for it! Spike’s almost at the ropes!


Slowly and painfully Spike’s flailing legs drag him closer to the ropes, desperately wrapping both feet around the bottom rope as he grits his teeth with the pain. Aecas shakes his head, as Eddy Long demands he break up the hold, the referee finally stepping back and giving the Black Angel a 5 count to break the hold before he’s disqualified.













And the count is cut short as Manson leaps from his perch on the top rope diving onto Aecas with a huge Knee Drop to the chest, Aecas lets go of Spike as Manson rolls through with the move popping back up to his feet to a roar of approval from the crowd.

Ejiro: And enter Manson with authority!


Judge: And listen to these fans!


The former Hate Machine wastes no time as the fans start chanting his name, he jumps onto the second rope springboarding himself off to drop a leg across Aecas’ throat as the giant tries to sit up. The Black Angel’s head is slammed back into the mat by the impact and Manson quickly slides on top of his much larger opponent hooking one of Aecas’ tree trunk like legs as Eddy Long counts the pinfall once again.










TWO AND A HALF!!!!!!!!!!!!






Aecas proves too strong to succumb to Manson’s attacks, throwing his opponent off of him before Long’s hand can slap the canvas for a third time, the giant lays on the canvas dazed as the former Hate Machine slowly gets back up to his feet locking eyes with a rising Spike Jenkins. Both men slam together once more in a collar and elbow tie up and almost immediately Spike is put on the defensive, as his abused back can’t take the strain as much as it could earlier in the match. Manson capitalises on this, forcing Spike back into the ropes before breaking the tie up and slamming a hard knife-edge chop into Spike’s chest.










Spike staggers down the length of the rope into a corner trying to get away from the stinging slaps; the hard impacts making his chest turn red as the blood rises to the surface. Manson slams a hard right hand into Spikes gut doubling his opponent over, the former Hate Machine pushes his shoulder into Spikes gut and hoist him up to sit on the top turnbuckle. Manson rocks Spike with a hard punch to the face before climbing up the turnbuckle after his opponent, wrapping his right arm around the head of the Hollywood Superstar as his left hand moves down to grab a handful of Spike’s shorts both men climbing up until they stand precariously on the top rope.


Judge: Manson pulling Spike all the way up to the top!


Ejiro: He’s looking for a Superplex Judge! You can smell it coming!


Spike rams his free hand into Manson’s gut, rocking his opponent as the two men teeter on the edge of disaster, the Hollywood Superstar strikes with another hard punch before wrapping arm around Manson's head and diving off the turnbuckle dragging Manson with him and spiking his head into the canvas with a DDT from the top!








Annie: The bottom just dropped out for Manson!


Judge: Did it ever! Spike just drilled Manson with a Top Rope DDT!


Spike slumps over Manson in a lateral press as Eddy long quickly rushes over while the crowd continue to chant.










TWO AND A HALF!!!!!!!!!!!!










At the last possible second Manson kicks out of the pinfall, his right shoulder shooting off the canvas as Spike rears up on his knees, hands on his head ass he can’t believe Manson is still in this fight.


Ejiro: And Spike still can’t put Manson away!


Judge: What an effort by a returning Manson! He just won’t quit!


Annie: Spike had better move quickly if he wants to get rid of Manson!


Spike gets back up to his feet on shaky legs, one hand favouring his back slightly as he moves back to the corner, grabbing the ropes and vaulting up there to perch on the top looking down into the ring. Spike slowly stands up on the top rope as the fans chant his name, the Hollywood Superstar crouches low and leaps high into the air, he tucks his arms and legs into his body in mid air before spreading them out wide crashing onto the prone Manson with a huge Splash!


Judge: FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! And will THIS be enough?!


Spike bounces from the impact clutching his aching gut for a few seconds before he crawls on top of Manson hooking a leg and leaning back on Manson’s chest as Long counts the pinfall once more.










TWO AND A HALF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!












Eliminated: Manson


Eliminated By: “Hollywood” Spike Jenkins via Five Star Frog Splash




Spike rolls off of Manson and slowly begins to get back up to his feet as the former Hate Machine rolls out of the ring to the outside, anger plain on his face at being eliminated from the match up. His anger is tempered by the fans as they cheer him for his efforts in the match, a loud “MANSON!” chant following him as he walks back up the aisle.


Judge: Manson has got nothing to be ashamed of with his efforts tonight!


Annie: He kicked out of a Top Rope DDT that would have put most people away.


Ejiro: Maybe Annie but he still fell victim to The Ratings Grabber!


Annie: And now Spike is all alone with Aecas, and if he’s not careful the black Angel is going to try and stretch him seven ways from Sunday!


Ejiro: Seven ways from Sunday? Where the hell do you get this shit from Annie?!


Judge: Wherever it is it’s the truth. Aecas already stretched Spike once in this match, even though Spike managed to get to the ropes quickly you have to believe he’s hurting. The human body is just NOT supposed to bend like that!


Spike gets back up to his feet leaning against the turnbuckles as he looks across at the last obstacle that stands in the way of him getting a rematch for his World Title. Aecas wastes little time as he charges at Spike crashing chest first into the corner as Spike dives out of the way, the Black Angel stumbles out of the corner turning around as Spike takes to the second rope once again, springboarding off of it and launching himself feet first at his giant opponent. The effort is in vain though as Aecas swats Spike’s feet away from him sending the Hollywood Superstar crashing down to the canvas in a heap.


Aecas grabs his opponent by the hair pulling him up and Irish Whipping him HARD into the corner, shaking the whole ring and making Spike arch his back as his spine slams into the turnbuckles. The Black Angel charges across the ring diving forwards and slamming his shoulder into Spikes stomach, squashing Jenkins into the turnbuckles with sheer brute force.


Judge: And Spike gets GORED into the corner!


Annie: The end is nigh for Spike Jenkins!


Spike slumps down in the corner crushed flat by the force of Aecas’ Gore sitting there looked out through glazed eyes as the Black Angel slowly climbs up the turnbuckles to sit on the top, reaching down and dragging Spike back up to his feet by the hair. The giants once again swings his legs up locking Spike in a Full Nelson as he pulls back on the arms.


Judge: The end really is nigh for Spike now! We haven’t seen this move in months!


Aecas pushes himself off of the turnbuckle, his weight pushing Spike down and slamming him face first into the canvas, Aecas grabs Spike by the wrists and pulls back hard drawing an agonised scream from the Hollywood Superstar as he bends Spike’s back the wrong way a sadistic grin on his face as he listens to his opponents pained cries.


Annie: Flying Wings of Fire!


Ejiro: No! Come on Spike fight out of it!


Spike cries out in pain shaking his head violently as Eddy Long asks him if he wants to give it up…he strains against the massive weight that presses down on him, trying to find some way to escape so he can go on and get his title back…


But there is no way out…


Aecas cinches the hold in a little tighter and finally Spike shouts to Eddy long, unable to tap he desperately cries out that he quits, Aecas releasing him from the painful hold as Eddy long calls for the bell to be rung.


DING! DING! DING!!!!!!!!


Funyon: The winner of the match! And the NEW Number One Contender! THE BALCK ANGEL! AECAS!


Dark Funeral’s “Dead Skin Mask” hits the speakers as the fans surge to their feet, applauding the efforts of all three men in the match and cheering for the Black Angel as he gets back up to his feet raising both arms in salute of his victory, a savage grin stamped onto his face as the arena erupts all around him.


Judge: And Aecas has done it! Spike fought to the end but there was just no escaping the Wings Of Fire!


Aecas slowly steps through the ropes and jumps down to the floor, moving over to the Timekeepers table and grabbing his Flick Scythe from its resting place, resting the long staff across his shoulders as he slowly walks around the ring the combined sound of his music and the cheers of the audience merging into one loud noise. The Black Angel walks up the ramp and pauses briefly at the stage, turning around and raising his staff one handed in salute to the fans, the wickedly sharp blade snapping out of the haft to yet more cheers. With one final grin he is gone, only the swishing of the curtain and the limping form of Spike Jenkins testament to the fact he was there at all.


Judge: Spike Jenkins and Manson both put up a brilliant fight in this match but in the end it was to no avail. It took a Top Rope DDT and a Five Star Frog Splash to keep Manson down for the three count, and he concisely proved that he has lost none of his toughness or wrestling ability during his absence.


Annie: And Spike was doing well for himself but as soon as Aecas locked on the Wings of Fire for the second time t was all over…not only are your arms back AND neck being stretched you have 315lbs of scythe loving psychopath on your back as well!


Judge: Well we’ve got our new challenger for the World title, but one more question remains. Who will Aecas face for the title? Our Main Event is still to come as the English Dragon faces off against the Insane Luchador Andrew Rickmen!


Ejiro: I already told you Judge, the English Dragon is going to be walking out of here with the belt still secured in its rightful place! Around his waist!


Annie: those are bold words Ejiro, but you’re forgetting that IL defeated both Aecas AND Spike in his first match back from a long absence. That was making a statement in itself, he earned this shot at the English Dragon and he’s not going to bring anything less than his best to the match!


Judge: Both the English Dragon and the Insane Luchador are going to give it their all tonight Annie, this match promises to be a classic and we will have our answer. Will the English Dragon retain his hold on the coveted World Title? Or will the returning Insane Luchador break the Englishman’s title reign in its infancy? We’re going to commercial now but stay tunes because our Main Event is up next!


The camera follows Spike Jenkins as he walks up the ramp and disappears backstage before swinging back to take in the chock full arena and the eager faces of the fans before it slowly fades out to commercial…and brings the eagerly awaited title match ever closer….

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We return to SJL Wrath with the arena boiling over with excitement. The camera pans over a section of the fans, who wave, grin and make obscene gestures in response. We swiftly cut to the sight of our regular trio of announcers.


Judge: Welcome back to WRATH~!, where the atmosphere is electric. Everyone in the building has been looking forward to-

Annie: To seeing English Dragon LOSE the World Title!

Ejiro: Oh, Annie…you do say the funniest things.

Annie: He’s facing the INSANE LUCHADOR! That’s a cooler name, to start with.

Ejiro: Well, Luchador will be whispering it when Dragon knocks all his teeth out.

Judge: Luchador signed his name on a contract with his own BLOOD on Metal, defeating Aecas and Spike Jenkins to earn this shot.

Annie: And that shows that Andrew Rickman will do anything to earn the victory. Dragon should be afraid. Very afraid.

Judge: Dragon has been known to do whatever it takes himself. This should be quite the encounter. Funyon, let’s get it on.


In the ring, the icon that is Funyon smiles and bows to the crowd, before raising a microphone to his golden lips.


FUNYON: Ladies and Gentleman, THIS is your MAIN EVENT of the evening, and is for the ESS…JAY…ELL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE~!


An excited POP! from the crowd!


FUNYON: Introducing first, the challenger…


The Offspring’s “Gotta’ get away” smashes out, as huge bursts of white pyro erupt across the entranceway. The white is joined by shots of red and green, creating a maelstrom of colours, whipping the fans into a frenzy, before finally the Insane Luchador, Andrew Rickman, leaps out!


FUNYON: …from Easton, Pennsylvania, weighing two hundred and one pounds, THIS is the INSANE LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCHADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!


Luchador springs down the aisle, arms extended out on either side, slapping the hands of the fans who eagerly lean forward over the guard rail. Luchador zips into the ring and bounces to his feet. Clad in a long, black, baggy shirt and khaki cargoes, Rickman raises his arms and nods his head, appreciative of the rapturous reception he receives. There’s an intense, determined look in the Luchador’s strange, multicoloured eyes as he awaits the biggest match of his career to date.


Judge: Rickman is, if you’ll excuse the pun, insanely popular with the fans.

Ejiro: Phh, what do you expect? Look at the way he sucks up to them.

Annie: Ej, if anyone knows about sucking, it’s you. Is that Dragon seed on your chin?


There’s a silence, as the camera cuts to see Judge and Ejiro looking at each other in disgust.


Thankfully, we’re saved from further comment as the Offspring abruptly cuts out.


FUNYON: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand his opponent…


The arena heats up further, if that were possible, as they await the arrival of the World Champion. Luchador bounces on his feet in the ring, eyes focused on the entranceway. The seconds tick by, but still nothing.


The fans are starting to boo restlessly, when finally “Land of Hope and Glory” strikes up, its majestic tones bringing the arena to its feet. The English Dragon appears, the SJL World Title strapped firmly around his waist.


FUNYON: …from London, England, weighing in at two hundred and twenty three pounds…he is the ESS…JAY…ELL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, THE ENGLISH DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!


As Dragon walks down the aisle, there’s a sudden BANG, and floods of red and white confetti and streamers start to fall from the rafters of the arena. Closely followed by his huge, impassive butler, Robertson, Dragon strides down to the ring, ignoring the frenzied jeers and boos the capacity crowd showers him with.


The Englishman climbs to the ring apron and wipes his feet, before stepping into the ring, and waving to the crowd. Tonight wearing a deep red mask trimmed with gold and matching tights, EngDrag un-straps the title belt and kisses it on the plate, before reluctantly handing it over to our referee for this contest, the one and only Sexton Hardcastle.


Luchador looks up at the falling confetti and brushes it off his shoulders and arms, looking none too pleased. Throughout the building, fans are doing the same, disgusted at being, unwillingly, a part of Dragon’s celebrations.


Sexton holds the title belt up, showing the fans in attendance and the viewers at home exactly what this match is all about. As the lights catch the belt, making it glimmer radiantly, both Dragon and Luchador eye it eagerly.


Judge: There’s no doubt that both these men desperately want to be the World Champion. Gentlemen, how to you see this one playing out?

Annie: Hey!

Ejiro: Luchador is only effective when he’s flipping and flopping about the ring. While Dragon can easily compete on those terms, he’ll employ his mat skills to ground Rickman, tie him up, and destroy him. Simple.

Annie: Luchador is more than just a highflier. He can fight it out on the ground as well. Plus, he’s INSANE. In a good way, unlike Dragon, who’s just…weird. IL will confuse Dragon, outmatch him in the air, and deservedly take the belt.


In the ring, Sexton hands that very belt to the timekeeper at ringside, and beckons both men to him. Dragon arrogantly struts forward, and Luchador confidently walks to meet him. The two men are almost nose to nose, as Sexton briefly goes through the rules of the match, making an appeal for sportsmanship and fair play that our competitors may or may not have heard. Dragon is saying something to Luchador, who merely smiles back at the Dragon and smoothes back his wild black hair.


Hardcastle steps back, and claps his hands.




Dragon and Luchador maintain eye contact for a moment longer, before stepping back and starting to circle each other. Dragon stops, rolling his shoulders and wringing out his wrists, before leaning forward and beckoning Luchador on. IL obliges, making straight for the champion. EngDrag is ready, and snaps his arms around Luchador’s shoulders. IL returns the hold, as the two men go into a collar and elbow tie up.


Ejiro: And here we go, already. Luchador foolishly goes into a lock up- watch Dragon pick him apart.

Judge: Dragon has a slight weight and strength advantage in this match- which is unusual, as Dragon isn’t the strongest of wrestlers. Can he adapt to being the more powerful man in the ring?


Dragon indeed starts to push Luchador down a little…but the challenger digs in and pushes back! EngDrag quickly breaks the hold, switching both hands to IL’s right arm and spinning around behind him, twisting the arm into a hammerlock. Luchador is only in the hold a matter of seconds, however, before ducking around under Dragon’s arm, grabbing it with him and reversing to his own hammerlock! Luchador nods and grins as the crowd applauds the counter.


Dragon stomps his right foot in frustration, but quickly makes a move, thrusting to his left, breaking the hold. Dragon makes a 180 degree turn, swinging around behind Luchador and slapping his arms around his opponent’s waist.


Luchador immediately comes up with another counter, as, before Dragon can fully cinch in the waistlock, he makes another spin, slipping out of Dragon’s clutches. IL gets behind Dragon and grabs his own waistlock.


Judge: Luchador countering Dragon’s holds quickly, not letting the champ lock them on fully.

Ejiro: Dammit…he’s just mirroring the holds; that shouldn’t be allowed!

Annie: Aww, is your precious Dragon getting out wrestled?


Seemingly as unimpressed as Mr. Fasaki, Dragon abruptly swings an elbow back, connecting with the jaw of the Insane Luchador and dropping him away a step. Dragon turns, grabs the left arm of Luchador and attempts to whip him to the ropes. Luchador is pulled around, but tenses and stops the whip, instead pulling around on Dragon’s arm. The whip is reversed, and it’s the Englishman who is sent to the ropes.


The World Champion bounces off the cables and flies back, straight at Luchador, who gets side on to his opponent. IL hooks his right arm underneath Dragon’s left and pulls him up with the momentum, hip-tossing Dragon up and over…but Dragon flips over in the air, and lands on his feet!


Judge: The pace in the opening stages is frenetic! Fast counters, and a close escape from Dragon!

Ejiro: Magnificent agility!


Dragon gains his balance, turns, and runs at Luchador, who ducks down as the Londoner lashes a lariat towards his head. Dragon stumbles past Luchador as the swing connects only with air.


Annie: Yeah, that was real agile, Ej.

Ejiro: Luchador…

Annie: Yes?

Ejiro: …was…lucky.


As Annie chuckles at Ejiro’s somewhat feeble response, the champion turns once more. Luchador is in front of him and drives a boot in to the Englishman’s stomach, doubling up the masked man. Rickman grabs EngDrag’s left arm and flings him to the ropes. As Dragon is propelled back, Luchador falls to the mat, his left leg in front of Dragon’s feet, and kicks his right leg into the back of Dragon’s calves, tripping Dragon down to the mat with a drop toe hold.


Dragon crashes down onto his face to a cheer from the SJL crowd, and Luchador is quickly to his feet. IL runs to the edge of the ring, flinging himself off the ropes. As Luchador returns to Dragon he leaps high into the air, lifting his left leg up ninety degrees to his body. As gravity brings the challenger back down, Luchador’s leg DETONATES across the back of Dragon’s head and neck!


The crowd now gives a major ROAR for the stiff legdrop, seeing Dragon’s head snapped hard by the move. Dragon clutches the back of his neck with his right hand, as Luchador pushes him onto this back for the first cover of the match. Sexton gets down to slap the canvas:




















Judge: Just the two for Luchador, but that shot to the head looks to have rocked Dragon.

Ejiro: Why doesn’t he WRESTLE, instead of prancing like a monkey?

Annie: Feeling worried, Ej?

Ejiro: Only about my sister coming to the after show party. You keep away from her!

Annie: Believe me, I have no desire to get close to a Fasaki of any gender.


In the ring, Luchador gets to his feet out of the cover, pulling Dragon up with him. The challenger sends Dragon to the ropes with a brisk whip, but the Englishman ducks down on his way back, evading Luchador’s powerful clothesline. EngDrag bounces back from the ropes on the other side of the ring, running back towards Luchador.


The Insane one is ready however, and jumps into the air, flicking his legs out in front of him and snapping his boots hard into the jaw of the Londoner! The impact of the dropkick knocks Dragon to his back, but he bounces back up and, dizzily, staggers into a corner, where he supports himself on the top rope, shaking his head to clear it.


Luchador sees an opportunity, and runs forward. IL leaps through the air at Dragon, landing with both feet in to Dragon’s gut! The impact knocks the air out of the World Champ, as Luchador grips his head with both hands. The crowd cheers, happy to see Luchador well on top, as he wrenches back, falling backwards and monkey flipping Dragon out of the corner!


EngDrag is propelled high, up and over before crashing down hard to the canvas. Luchador rolls to his feet and makes after him, stinging Dragon with a swift jab to the head from his right hand as the Englishman tries to haul himself up.


Annie: Funny you should have compared Luchador to a monkey, Ej, when he just half crippled Dragon with that monkey flip!

Ejiro: Yeah, hilarious, Andrew. Why don’t you go shave, your moustache is tickling me from over there.

Judge: Children, children…


Luchador brings Dragon to his feet, opting to keep the fast paced offence going rather than interrupt the flow with a probably unsuccessful pinfall attempt, and grabs his left arm. A hard whip sends Dragon to the ropes, but as he reaches the cables he slides down, going out under the bottom rope to the floor, looking for an escape from Luchador’s attack.


The crowd boos as the butler, Robertson, comes over, providing a huge shoulder for Dragon to lean on. Luchador surveys the scene, and the fans ROAR their encouragement as he bounces himself off the ropes, heading straight towards employer and employee on the outside!


Ejiro: Hey, stay in the ring, you idiot!


Luchador LEAPS forwards over the top rope, somersaulting over forwards as he does so! Robertson looks up, sees IL almost on top of them, and pushes Dragon away! Luchador lands directly onto Robertson, flattening the butler to the floor to a massive cheer!


Judge: That’s the kind of help we could all use- Robertson saved Dragon from that plancha!

Annie: It’s about time the SJL officials stopped Lurch coming to the ring with Dragon.

Ejiro: Hey, he’s a perfectly innocent bystander. And Luchador just took him out! The officials should stop RICKMAN coming to the ring!


Robertson lies on his back, dazed, as Luchador picks himself up. IL absorbed significant impact himself, and holds his head briefly…before being forcibly propelled forward from behind by Dragon! The Champion grabs the seat of Luchador’s tights and a handful of hair and flings him forward, sending the challenger CRASHING into the solid steel of the ring steps! The steps are knocked over with a terrific clatter, and Luchador stays down, his head having smashed into the steps.


The audience BOOS as Dragon stands next to the fallen body of his opponent, and waves to the whole arena.


Judge: The numbers game caught up with Luchador there. He took out Robertson, but Dragon was on hand to take advantage.

Ejiro: Heh, stupid Luchador. Serves him right for illegally attacking a valet.

Annie: You know, I think I WILL “talk” to your sister, just to piss you off.


Dragon pulls Luchador up by the hair and rolls him back into the ring, stopping Sexton’s count out at 8. Luchador rolls onto his back, and Dragon follows him in, pressing his chest onto IL’s for a cover.


















Dragon looks at Hardcastle quizzically, but the official shrugs and raises two fingers. Dragon lets it go, getting to his feet and bringing his opponent with him. EngDrag pulls Luchador fully upright….only to get the Easton natives right hand to his face! The crowd yells its support as Luchador starts to fight his way back, but, just as quickly as their noise rose, it’s cut off, as Dragon rakes the eyes of the challenger, halting his assault.


As Luchador clutches at his watering eyes, Dragon unleashes a European uppercut, powering his forearm up into the chin of Rickman. Another uppercut, and Dragon swings Luchador around, pushing him into the nearest corner. With IL on the turnbuckles, Dragon steps back and LASHES him hard across the chest with the knife edge of his right hand. The sound of the chop echoes out, causing the fans to wince in sympathy. Dragon rocks back and delivers another pectoral flaying chop that has Luchador clutching his chest in agony.


Judge: Smart tactics from Dragon, as he starts to slow the pace of the match, using simple blows to wear down the Luchador.

Annie: Rickman has tremendous reserves of strength and will- it’ll take a lot more than this to keep him down.

Ejiro: Ah c’mon, my Grandma weighs more than him. He’s too skinny to have any strength.

Annie: Funny, you always say size isn’t important.


Dragon grips Luchador’s head with both hands, pulling forwards and dragging IL out of the corner with a snapmare take over that leaves Luchador sitting on the mat. Dragon steps back, and drives his foot hard, connecting with a stiff kick to the back of Luchador’s head. Again, EngDrag swings forward, CRACKING his boot into Rickman’s skull, leaving the Luchador stunned and clutching his head.


With Luchador still sitting on the mat, Dragon turns and climbs onto the second rope, facing his opponent. The Londoner jumps forward, bending his right leg back, driving his exposed right knee into Luchador’s head! The blow snaps IL’s head forward hard, before he slowly drops backwards to the mat!


Ejiro: Knee drop from the second rope- Luchador has got to be out cold! Cover him!


Dragon indeed gets over and hooks up a leg:



















THRE- No! Luchador has a foot on the ropes.


Judge: Dragon should have moved Luchador out of the corner before going for the cover.

Annie: Good thinking from Rickman in getting the foot on the ropes and saving the energy he would have expended kicking out.

Ejiro: Or maybe….he COULDN’T kick out! Eh? Eh?


Dragon gets off the body of his opponent, who still has the foot on the ropes. EngDrag takes advantage by quickly giving the exposed right leg a hard kick to the back of the knee! Luchador’s leg is bounced up by the move, but hits the middle rope and falls back to the bottom, allowing Dragon another stiff kick before Sexton makes him back off.


Luchador gets slowly to his feet, but the Englishman pushes Sexton aside and, with another hard kick to the leg, cuts IL back down to the mat! Hardcastle gets in Dragon’s face, and Dragon, with a hand on the official’s arm, gently turns him away from Luchador. The Champion talks quickly with Hardcastle, who angrily brushes his hand away and snaps back.


With Sexton’s attention drawn away, Robertson is quickly on the scene. The powerful butler grabs Luchador’s right leg from the floor, and bends it over the bottom rope, pulling down hard and applying a huge amount of pressure on the knee joint. The crowd goes into an apoplexy of abuse as they try to alert the hapless referee to Robertson’s assault. Eventually Sexton shakes his head and starts to turn away from Dragon. Robertson releases the leg, pushing it off the rope, and stands serenely in his place, hands behind his back.


Annie: Sexton…you blind bastard!

Judge: Annie! Our officials have a hard job to do, you have to cut them some slack.

Ejiro: Yeah! Poor Sexton. I know for a fact he’s not getting any at home, give him a break!

Annie: You two just love to see cheating, don’t you?


Hardcastle looks at Robertson suspiciously, but can do nothing as Dragon pulls Luchador to his feet. EngDrag grabs the left arm of his opponent and flings him to the ropes. Luchador rebounds back, and Dragon jumps low, powering his boots into the knees of Rickman with a basement dropkick. Luchador falls forwards as his legs are cut out from under him.


Judge: Our champion now clearly targeting the right leg of his opponent, a move which benefits him on two fronts.

Ejiro: That’s right- firstly, it will slow down Insane Idiot, limiting his aerial offence, and secondly it sets up Dragon’s DEVASTING figure four variation, the cross of St George!

Annie: When you’ve both finished masturbating over a few kicks to the leg?


EngDrag seems to believe his attack on the leg has been sufficient, as he rolls Luchador onto his back and picks up his legs, one in each hand. Dragon steps in with his left leg, bending Luchador’s right around it. The Londoner goes to spin around and hook in the figure four, but Luchador gets his right leg onto Dragon’s behind and shoves him off to a huge cheer from the fans!


Dragon is flung to his knees by the kick, but is immediately back up, and runs at Luchador as the Insane one is getting up. IL, half up, drives his shoulder into the midsection of his oncoming opponent, stopping Dragon in his tracks. Luchador climbs up and wraps his right arm around EngDrag’s head, before quickly dropping down, SLAMMING Dragon’s face into the mat with a DDT!


The challenger keeps the facelock applied and slowly gets back to his feet, bringing Dragon forcibly with him. Luchador steps around and drops back again, executing a second hard DDT! A third time, IL pulls himself and his opponent up, before hitting another DDT! Luchador releases his lock finally, and pulls up a leg for the cover, with the crowd now counting along:




















The crowd groans in disappointment, but Luchador quickly gets back on the attack as he starts to rise.


Judge: A close fall for Luchador, and we’re reaching a crucial stage of the match. Whoever comes out of the next five minutes on top may well secure a telling advantage.

Annie: And it’s Luchador who has control. Dragon tried to cut off his aerial offence with the leg attack, but Rickman used DDTs instead, taking Dragon by surprise.


Luchador is up, and has Dragon with him. A whip to the ropes for the Englishman quickly follows, but once there he manages to grab onto the top rope, halting his journey there. Luchador immediately charges after EngDrag, who drops down as his opponent approaches, before pushing up and managing to back drop Luchador out over the top rope!


Ejiro: Ha, his supposed aerial ability didn’t help him there!


As Ejiro gloats, however, Luchador twists his body and lands safely with both feet on the ring apron.


Annie: You were saying?


Dragon turns, and tries to grab at Luchador, but Rickman just leans forward and drives his head into Dragon’s with a hard BUTT! The impact throws Dragon away, clutching the bridge of his nose, and Luchador springs himself onto the top rope! The crowd yells its support for IL as he balances for a moment, waiting for Dragon to turn, before leaping forwards!


Luchador springs with his legs out in front of him, and wraps them around the head of Dragon! Falling forwards, he snaps his legs and drags Dragon over, spinning him around with a hurricanrana! The Englishmen is flung across the mat and lies, holding his head, stunned.


The challenger jumps back to his feet…and suddenly drops to one knee, as his right leg gives out!


Judge: Luchador seems to have aggravated the damage Dragon inflicted on his leg with the effort of that ‘rana!

Ejiro: And that’s exactly what Dragon was hoping for!

Annie: Let’s not forget the part Robertson had to play in damaging the leg.


Luchador rises to both feet again, and shakes his right leg out, before putting weight on it to test the limb. This delay allows Dragon to use the ropes to pull himself up. Luchador sees his opponent vertical, and moves over, only to be met with a hard kick to his right knee. IL fights back, kicking at Dragon’s left leg, and the two men exchange a series of powerful kicks!


The crowd gets behind Luchador as he begins to gain the upper hand, landing three successive kicks on Dragon’s leg, before the Englishman lands a kick of his own directly to IL’s knee that buckles the leg once more. Dragon breathes deeply, shaking out his attacked leg, before pulling Luchador up and whipping him to the ropes.


As his opponent rebounds, Dragon drops to his back, raising his legs up in an attempt to monkeyflip Luchador. The Champ doesn’t bank on Luchador’s leg slowing him down however, and the challenger stumbles as he bounces back. The trip stops Luchador, saving him from the monkey flip.


Annie: Dragon’s own work went against him there! Luchador slowed down too much!

Ejiro: Meh, it doesn’t matter!


Dragon, on his back, hasn’t noticed, and by the time he looks up, Luchador is standing over him. The Insane one nods to the crowd, before extending his elbow out on front of him and dropping it straight between the Englishman’s legs!


Annie: Oh sure, THAT doesn’t matter!

Ejiro: Low blow! Low blow! Disqualification!


Indeed, Sexton ticks of Luchador for the illegal strike, but allows the match to continue. Luchador stands, and pulls the groaning Dragon up with him. IL places EngDrag’s head between his legs and grabs him around the waist!


Judge: Luchador going for a piledriver!

Ejiro: No! That could break Dragon’s neck! That’s no way to treat a champion!

Annie: A soon EX-champion, you mean.


Luchador pulls up on Dragon’s body, but his grip isn’t tight enough and the Londoner flips forward and out of his hold, landing on his feet. EngDrag rushes forward to attack, but Luchador ducks his clothesline attempt. Dragon turns, spins and- THWACK!


Luchador catches Dragon square on the chin with a superkick! The Champ hits the mat as if he’s been struck by lightning and the fans are whipped into a frenzy, sensing a three count! IL, however, has once again gone down to a knee, having had to put all of his weight on his bad right leg in order to connect with his left!


After a moment, our challenger forces himself over for the cover, the crowd now SHOUTING along with the count:








































Luchador sucks air into his lungs, and gets up with a determined gleam in his eyes. Dragon is holding his head on the mat, and is easily scooped up by IL. Rickman stands behind Dragon and hooks his arms underneath Dragon’s, bending his own forearms back and placing his hands on the back of EngDrag’s neck. Dragon, feeling the pressure of the full nelson, starts to fight back, but Luchador keeps the hold on.


Judge: Full nelson applied, and this could be Rickman’s “Brink of Insanity”- top rope full nelson bulldog!


Ejiro: Tcch, good to see we have some nice, neutral commentators here. Get a grip, woman.


With the nelson on, Luchador steps backwards, forcing Dragon with him into the corner. IL climbs onto the first rope, but EngDrag shoves backwards hard, slamming Luchador onto the turnbuckles. Luchador keeps the nelson locked on, but Dragon slams him back again. This time IL’s grip is broken, and Dragon turns, firing a punch into his opponent’s teeth that rocks Luchador back. The champion starts to pull Luchador off the first rope, grabbing him around the waist and bringing him over so Luchador hangs down Dragon’s body!


Judge: Dragon Driver attempt! This could be it!


Annie: Are you mocking me, bitch?


Dragon attempts to hook back Luchador’s right arm with his right leg, as the crowd pleads for IL to escape. Rickman is waving his arm, keeping it out of reach of the leg of his opponent, and Dragon stops his attempt, frustrated. Luchador takes advantage, using his wiry abdomen to sit up on Dragon’s body! Cries of delight from the fans greet the nose breaking punch that Luchador slams into the face of Dragon! The Londoner’s grip is broken, and Luchador lands on his feet.


Before Dragon can react, IL grabs him around his masked head with both hands, and drops down, CRACKING Dragon’s jaw into the top of his own skull! The champ howls in pain and clutches his chin but doesn’t go down…until Luchador follows the jawbreaker by springing from the mat and almost decapitating Dragon with a vicious clothesline! A HUGE cheer from the whole arena!


Judge: Luchador may be a light man, but he has one of the stiffest clotheslines in the business. Dragon’s teeth will be shaking in his gums right now.

Ejiro: Dragon has it under control!

Annie: Oh yeah? How, exactly?

Ejiro: Ah…oh, just watch the match!


As Dragon holds his jaw from the double assault it’s taken, Luchador salutes the fans and steps out onto the ring apron, before climbing up to the top rope.


Luchador waits as Dragon struggles to his feet, and holds out his arm, signalling for-


Annie: The suicidal bulldog! Luchador’s going to hit it from the top!

Judge: Dragon needs to get his wits about him, and quickly!


Dragon slowly gets up, and Luchador leaps at him! At almost the last second, however, Dragon turns and sees his opponent coming. Dragon’s survival instincts get in, and, in one fluid movement, he reaches to one side, grabbing the shirt of Sexton Hardcastle and pulling the shocked official in front of him! EngDrag rolls to one side as Luchador tries to avoid Sexton, but can only SLAM into the hapless official, sending him flat on his back!


HUGE boos from the crowd!


Annie: God damn him! That’s a disqualification!

Ejiro: Hey, its Sexton’s fault for being too close. At any rate, a DQ means Dragon keeps the title. So watch what you wish for, my dear.

Annie: You smug motherfu-

Judge: Easy, Annie…Sexton appears to be in trouble here.


Luchador checks on the official, perhaps unwisely, as it allows Dragon to attack from behind! The Englishman slugs at IL with a flurry of blows to the back of the head, but Luchador catches him with a back elbow to drive the champ back. IL turns and runs at Dragon, who hooks his right arm between IL’s leg and flips him up and over with a POWERSLAM!


Judge: That’s the first time we’ve seen a move like that from Dragon!

Ejiro: Adopting to a lighter opponent…genius!

Annie: Or desperation, of course.


Dragon hauls Luchador into the middle of the ring, and grabs his legs up. The Englishman steps in with his left foot, bending Rickman’s right around it. Dragon spins around, drops back and hooks his foot over, locking in the figure four! Luchador immediately sits up, mouth open, shouting in pain! Sexton starts to stir on the mat, as Dragon rocks back and forth, wrenching on the injured leg of his opponent!


Ejiro: Tap! Tap! Tap!

Annie: No one’s joining in, Ej.

Ejiro: They just don’t have my rhythm.

Judge: Luchador doesn’t look like tapping…


Indeed, our challenger has his elbow down to his left and is attempting to turn the hold over!


Ejiro: NO! He must be in terrible pain!

Annie: The guy LIKES pain, Ej!


Dragon shakes his head, and yells out. The call brings Robertson into the ring…with a steel chair. More boos and jeers reign down as Robertson steps over to the two competitors. Luchador is straining to turn over, and doesn’t see the butler approach until its too late…




Robertson swings the chair HARD onto Luchador’s exposed head! IL crumples to the mat, his eyes glassy. Dragon is immediately able to turn the figure four back in his advantage. Robertson nods to his employer and makes to leave… when Luchador SITS UP!


The crowd pops HUGELY as Luchador slaps Dragon around the face! A look of shock even passes across the normally emotionless butler’s face, but he raises the chair again and-




The fans are irate!
















Robertson repeatedly drives the chair into the skull of the Luchador, who is now busted open, blood running down his face.


Judge: VICIOUS assault from Robertson!

Annie: This is SICK! Someone stop this!


Sexton is pulling himself up, and starts to turn back to the action. Robertson, chair raised for another shot, hurries out of the ring. Sexton dazedly stumbles over, and sees Luchador out cold in the figure four.


Annie: SEXTON! You idiot…someone tell him what happened!

Ejiro: Now, that would be interference! We can’t have that!


Sexton drops to the side of IL, and lifts his arm up.


It falls!


Sexton lifts the arm up a second time.









It falls!



The crowd is begging Luchador to get back into it!


Ejiro: One more time, baby!

Annie: Not like this…


Sexton lifts the arm…

















…..it falls!







The fans angrily boo Funyon, seemingly having hoped against hope that the official verdict wouldn’t come. Funyon wisely retreats backstage as the rapid crowd starts to throw trash into the ring. Dragon releases the figure four and snatches his world title belt from Sexton, who looks confused, not knowing what he’s done.


Robertson holds down the middle rope from the outside, allowing Dragon an easy passage out of the squared circle, as a handful of medics rush down to check on the prone Luchador.


Annie: This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life...

Ejiro: Worse than your mother?

Annie: Shut up. A good man and fine competitor is left lying in the ring while that…that… Dragon walks out with the World Title. What a screw job.

Judge: Sexton saw the damage that had been done to Luchador’s leg- it wasn’t such a huge leap to believe he had passed out from the figure four.

Annie: But he didn’t- he- damn it, I’m out of here.

Judge: We’re all out of here, we’re out of time, for Ejiro Fasaki and Annie Eclectic, I’m Judge Mental, Dragon is still YOUR World Champion, good night!

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