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Kayfabe: The Genesis Chronicles

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Okay...so through tons of thinking and talking to others...this is what I believe will be my final plan for actually putting together a NOVEL based around the time between Ground Zero 2k3 and Genesis IV.


The book inside the book...if that makes sense...is actually a documentation of storylines, matches, and events written by Alex Zenon (or Zed if he perfers), Thoth, Longdogger Pete, The Suicide King, "Grand Slam" Mark Stevens, and the HVille Thugg....


The feuds and blowoff matches are as follows:


1. World Title

Edwin MacPhisto vs. Chris Wilson


2. The Mag 7 Explodes

"The Superior One" Tom Flesher vs. Frost

Last Man Standing


3. Stable Warfare - Good vs. Evil

Phoenix Uprising (Rane, Outcast, Cyclone Comet, Axis, and Mercury) vs. Prime Evil (Fallout, El Luchadore Magnifico, Silencer, and The Fallen)

Survivor Series style 10 Man Elimination Tag


4. Cruiserweight Title

Wildchild vs. Fugue

Ladder/Submission (thanks JL)


5. Tag Team Title

Double Jeopardy (Quiz & Show) vs. Justice & Rule ("Judge Mental" William Hearford III & Ejiro Fasaki)

No DQ Tornado Tag


6. Revengeancefulness

Chris Raynor vs. "The King Of Nightmares" Michael Craven


*note: matches with no gimmick listed will be straight matches.



Now...looking over this you can see alot of Mag 7 mentions...most noteably the Frost/Flesher feud, Fugue, and J&R...though I may include Janus and Atlas if needed for anything (this is going by the list Tom gave me)



Another thing is that the way each section shall be structured is with an introduction to the feud by one of the authors as well as some notes about the feud from Alex Tsirinov (if i spelled that right) and Aaron Carpenter - 2 lovable JL rookies who have no real clue what the fuck is going on.


The forward just may be written by Mr Galatea and the afterword will be an "interview" between the "editor" of the book and the "authors" where they explain how they got certain kinds of information and things of that nature.




I think overall that could really be something special...with the amount of actual wrestling being HUGE once I look over everything...


Other mentioned wrestlers shall be:


Stubby P. McWeed - President

Sexton Hardcastle, Nick Soapdish, Mathew Kivell, and Cedric Ordonez as referees/officials

Jayson Grant & NTD as the commentators

Funyon of course as ring announcer


and matches may include Insane Luchadore, Amy Craven, and Bobby Riley...among others if need be.

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Outline for Raynor vs. Craven: this outline is pretty basic but covers all the bases. Craven is US champion in this instance



Week One

Storm – Raynor vs. Atlas for US contendership, Raynor wins, Craven attacks Raynor – knocks him out, Craven escapes, Raynor promises revenge


Next Day – Michael and Amy chat


Lockdown – Raynor tries attack, Craven escapes, Raynor promo


Weekend – Raynor at an autograph signing


Week Two

Strom – Craven promo showing last years Genesis defeat of Raynor, Raynor then responds


After Show – Raynor is PISSED – talks to Stubby


Lockdown – Stubby promo that makes Craven vs. Raynor TONIGHT for US Title, Raynor and Craven respond, Amy interferes during the match and Craven wins. Raynor explodes again.


Week Three

Storm – Michael and Amy arrive, Stubby makes Raynor vs. Amy tonight, Michael barred from ringside, Raynor almost kills Amy


After – Michael complains


Next Day – Stubby gives Raynor Lockdown off


Lockdown – Craven promo


Week Four

Storm – Stubby sets up Raynor vs. Craven for US Title at Genesis – Amy barred, Both men reply


Next Day – Craven tries to complain and stop the match and fails


Lockdown – Huge Brawl between Craven and Raynor - seperated by officials

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Storm – Michael and Amy arrive, Stubby makes Raynor vs. Amy tonight, Michael barred from ringside, Raynor almost kills Amy


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If you could possibly throw in a mention of my run as Atlas, and then unmasking myself, that'd definitely be great. Just a short story about a former World Champion making an effort to return and nearly succeeding.


Or at least a sidebar somewhere...

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