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Lord of The Curry


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Anybody catch this shit?! It fucking OWNS YOU!~


- The Cheat is available for prom's and pizza party's~!

- The Cheat is a secret agent~!

- Strong Bad sings WHITESNAKE~! and you all party and freak out!

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*smacks Lord of the Curry*


Wrong folder you twitish idiot. This is the Video Games and Toys folder. Not "WE MUST SEE THE NEW STRONG BAD E-MAIL, AND I DON'T CARE WHERE I POST THIS"


I mean, geez. Is it bad enough we've got that shit happening in the WWE folder a lot of the time?


Although, I'll go check it out. Cause, you know, I like Strong Bad and all. He rocks and um... Well, he rocks.


[/poor version of a Strong Bad Reply]

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