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SJL CRIMSON 11/13/03~!

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The fans are quiet. Suddenly, the announcement rings over the sound system… “Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the singing of the national anthem.”


Funyon steps into the ring… but is suddenly clipped in the back of the head with a steel chair! He staggers forward, and behind him stands a smug-looking Japanese man… the last of the Bemani Cross Wizards, Thoth! He signals the guys in the back, and the soupy background music begins to play.


(There… you… are…) I hate you all

You all – all – all – all suck!

(Near… or… far…) Why can’t you just all stay the fuuuck away from me?!


It’s a lonely night

Alone in my room making these…

Stupid fucking rants! It’s pointless….

And I’m off key and I don’t care!


I don’t care cuz yooooooooooooooou [unintelligible]

That was my falsetto!

JD does it better!

Because he’s a tool, and you’re all tools as well!

But it makes me remember… in this bit


Because I can make fun of all you stupid fucking retards!


(There… you… are…) It never gets boring or lonely cuz you all suck!

(Near… or… far…) Why can’t you all just accept what I do is cool and leave me the… fuck… alone!


(There… you… are…)


The crowd stands, applauding Thoth’s stirring rendition of his Best Rant Ever.


“I’m out, yo,” he says. “Straight up, peace out! JD’s still a freak!”


Ejiro wipes a tear from his eye. “Just beautiful,” he says, weeping.

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Date: Thursday, November 13, @ 6 PM EST

Venue: La Arena de los Trubadores in Mexico D.F., Mexico. Or something.

Send Promos & Marked Matches To: Ace309


OPENING PROMO: Not called yet.



Alan Clark vs Dominic Korgath

Description: Alan Clark is back bizznizzatchezz. He’ll face Korgath in his first sortie back.

Rules: Standard match. DQ & Countout apply.

Word Count: 4000

Send To: Longdogger_Pete



Manson vs “Hollywood” Spike Jenkins vs Unknown Warrior vs Landon “La Cucharacha” Maddix

Description: What the hell is wrong with me? Oh well. You should have fun writing this. See rules for details.

Rules: Like a hardcore match, except with one difference. You can only use pies and the cheap tins they come in to hit your opponent. I’m fucking serious.

Word Count: 5000

Send To: Thoth





Insane Luchadore vs Todd Royal

Description: Aecas defends his title on Metal against a challenger of his choosing. But after that, one of these two men will get a shot. A normal match for these two will not do... and knowing me, I can come up with some wacky stips. So here goes.

Rules: In each corner, there is a lever like contraption. Each contraption can raise either a red circle or a blue circle. IL is red, Royal is blue (GET IT? ROYAL BLUE LLOLOLOLOL). The first man to raise all 4 colors is the winner. The poles are high enough that you’d have to stand on the very top rope to reach the lever to raise your color. Each pole starts out with no color raised.

Word Count: 6000

Send To: Ace309

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Speeding wildly back from commercial, the lovable SJL announce team seem ready for the action to begin.


“Welcome back to Crimson, fans”, Annie shakes her head, “and I still can not believe they stuck me with these two oddjobs.” She looks back and forth between the two men who are looking professional, for once.


“Next up the founder of the Decay, one Dominic Korgath…will be facing off against the returning…and seemingly endlessly cheerful Alan Clark…” Annie starts her own professional act, but is quickly cut off by Ejiro…


“…who we last saw being taken out of the Genesis Four Tournament by Yours Truly…” a big smile forms on his face as he receives a high-five from his partner.


“But you were eliminated by ME…remember…” Judge comes back and Ejiro’s smile fades as the lights drop out of the arena and the announce team goes quiet…only to be brightened back up by…


"Please Stand Clear of the Ring. Por favor Soporte Claro Del Anillo."


"For the safety and comfort of others...no smoking please. Para la seguridad y la comodidad de otras... el ningún fumar por favor"


"The SJL and the Walt Disney Company are proud to present...the following matchup."


The voice dies out…and a catchy melody soon replaces it…


“A-L-A-N-C…L-A-R-K…My oh my what a wonderful guy…”


“Oh no…” Judge and Ejiro moan to themselves as the tune of Zip-A-Dee-Dah brings an odd warmth over the crowd as slowly cheers begin to fill the arena for the arrival of Alan Clark, appearing from behind the curtain sporting a classy smile.


“And the Eerie Cheer Factor just jumped up about a million points…” Ejiro looks around oddly at the sudden happiness of the crowd.


“And those are some mighty fine overalls!” Judge puts a small twang in his voice as he tries to hold in his amusement of Clark decked out in his farmer’s attire - overalls and work boots.


“Ladies and Gentleman…the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL…introducing first…hailing from the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida…he is the Happiest Guy On Earth….ALAN CLARRRRRRRRRRRRRRK~!” Funyon bellows out the introduction as Clark slides into the ring, his hands raising in triumphant return style as the crowd cheers and sings along to the music.


“And his opponent…” Funyon begins but is quickly cut off by a drop in the cheery music…


"You sit alone in lightless chambers, all the love you had is gone

No one there to catch your fall, you never felt so alone

Blackened thoughts in lonely ruins, lifeless eyes an empty gaze

Death is but a promise now, life is just an empty phrase!"


These words bring the entrance of Dominic Korgath, the Decay founder moving slowly through the curtain as the crowd shows their disapproval of the massive wrestler, almost hiding their respect for his size behind the hate of his actions.


“…hailing from the Plains of Azeroth…he is a founding member of the SJL’s Decay…he is…




Funyon’s voice trails off as the boos almost overtake him. The announce team looks over the scene below them.


“Okay…so we have Clark…who is the happiest little twirp I’ve ever seen…and on the other side of the ring we have Dominic Korgath…you is not exactly known to be a figurehead of corporate friendliness.” Annie observes as Korgath steps through the ropes and into the ring, looking across at Clark, who is waving to fans at ringside, his smile brighter and brighter.


Yeah and we also have a relative newcomer that already has gotten a bit of ring rust going against a guy that has been fighting consistently for the past few months and has not taken any breaks at all” Judge sheds his own poignant view on the subject as Sexton Hardcastle briefs the two men of the rules and the bell sounds.




“And let the slaughter begin, everybody” Ejiro quips as Korgath moves right into Clark’s personal face and shoves him back into the corner, coming in with stiff punches and trapping Clark in the corner.


Sexton is quick to call for a breakup as Clark has almost been knocked over the top rope by the shots. Korgath steps away with his hands raised and Clark moves out of the corner, only for Korgath’s large arms to latch around the small frame of Clark as he falls backwards and tosses him end over end onto his back on the canvas.


“What a belly-to-belly suplex he just unleashed there…that’ll take the smile off your face!” Judge and Ejiro bust out a high-five behind Annie’s back, and even she gets a small smirk on her face as Korgath drops an elbow across Clark’s throat and goes for a quick cover…








Clark kicks out quickly and rolls to his stomach, trying to get himself back up to a standing position, but the masked behemoth pulls him up to his feet for him as he steps backwards momentarily before attacking with a vicious clothesline that causes the smaller Clark to flip end over end and fall onto his face on the mat.


“Simply vicious…” Annie responds to the shot.


“Look at that Disney wonder now…he doesn’t even know where he is!” Ejiro laughs to himself as Korgath pulls Clark back to his feet and whips him towards the ropes. Clark bounces off with speed and Korgath goes for a clothesline…but Clark rolls down and out of the way, his legs flailing high and only barely missing the outstretched arm of Korgath.


“Did he just…” Justice and Rule both look on in astonishment.


“That nutcase just did a CARTWHEEL!” Annie belts out as Korgath turns to catch a dropkick to the chest from the acrobatic Clark, sending him reeling back against the ropes. “…must have learned that during his training…I think he calls that the Wreck of the Miss Tilly or something…” Annie thumbs through some notes as Clark follows up with another cartwheel across the center of the ring and leaps into the air, his right foot swinging out and back in, connecting hard with the side of the Korgath’s face, causing him to roll to the outside of the ring and to the floor.


“That boy is doing more cartwheels than some cheerleaders I’ve slept with!” Annie pushes the censors a bit as Judge and Ejiro can be audibly heard chuckling a bit as a cameraman on the outside catches Clark rushing fast toward the ropes. He dives right through them and connects with nothing but the barricade as Korgath moves out of the way at the last moment, causing Clark to violently strike the protective wall and fall to the floor.


“The third time was not a charm as Clark wanted to be a showoff and got nothing but pain!” Judge remarks as Korgath picks Clark up off the floor and tosses him into the ring, sliding in after him before Sexton can even begin a count. Dominic rolls Clark to his back and crawls on top of him, going for another cover…














Clark’s shoulders shoot up before the three and Korgath slaps the mat in frustration that Clark can move after suffering the barricade shot on the outside.


“It is early in this contest and already Alan Clark has suffered a brutal shot on the outside” Annie remarks, but Ejiro decides to add his take to the situation…


“That boy deserved it…trying that dive on Korgath like that!”


Dominic pulls Clark off the mat and goes for another irish whip, sending Alan barreling toward the turnbuckle. Clark’s body hits the corner hard, causing him to bounce off wildly and right into the arms of the Decay founder, who wraps his meaty right arm around Clark’s head in a front facelock and falls backwards, driving the top of Clark’s head into the mat with a hard DDT. Boos erupt from the crowd as Korgath stands and looks out over the arena for a moment before falling to his knees and going for another cover…













“Kickout! And Barely!” Annie blurts out in surprise as Clark’s arm flies off the canvas. Korgath throws a few hard punches into Clark’s face, causing Hardcastle to almost forcibly get in between the two men. Korgath steps off and stands up, boos still echoing throughout the building. Clark rolls toward the closest ropes, but Korgath rushes past Sexton and attacks with stiff kicks that knock Alan down and out of the ring once more.


“Dominic just will not let up on his attack of the so-called happiest guy on earth!” Judge can be heard snickering under his breath in approval as Korgath steps through the ropes and jumps down to the floor just as Clark makes his way to his feet, still hunched over a bit in pain.


Korgath puts his large hand over Clark’s head and pulls him up to his feet before whipping him toward the ringsteps…Clark’s body bouncing off the steel steps violently, causing him to fall to the floor once more, audibly moaning out from the pain shooting through his back.


“Clark is taking so much pain into his lower back…that could seriously come back to haunt him as this match progresses…” Judge looks over at Annie and seems impressed with her sudden professionalism as Ejiro pulls a Pepsi-Max from under the table and pops it open.


“Is that what I think it is?” Annie looks toward Ejiro just as Korgath drops another elbow down onto the back of Clark on the outside. Meanwhile on the inside, Sexton’s count gets higher and higher…




The crowds boos continue as Korgath only momentarily acknowledges them before lifting Alan back up to his feet and tosses him back into the ring, following behind just as Sexton reaches a 6 count. Korgath wastes little time in going for another cover.












Clark kicks out from underneath the Decay founder and rolls away from him and tries to get to his feet. Korgath gets to Clark before he is totally vertical and brings a forearm down across Alan’s lower back, causing him to double-over in pain. Korgath moves in and places Clark’s head between his legs in a standing headscissor, motioning to the crowd that he wants to end it all now.


“Could he be going for a powerbomb? If this hits it might kill all the cheer in the building!” Annie remarks as Korgath pulls Alan’s body up over his head, stalling for a moment.


“Once Dominic gets on a roll he is tough to stop-“ Ejiro’s comment is suddenly cut off by Clark throwing a hard punch into the top of Korgath’s head before rolling his body backwards and clutching Dominic’s head between his legs, flipping both men upside down and bringing Korgath crashing to the mat in a beautiful hurricanrana! Hardcastle is ready with a count!


“Upset! It could be over!” Annie screams as Sexton’s hand hits the mat…













The stunned Korgath kicks out before the three, sending Clark reeling forward and off of the big man’s shoulders. The crowd explodes for the counter as Alan gets back up to his feet, still holding his back a bit from the shot on the outside.


“You were saying, Ejiro?” Annie quips as Ejiro takes another swig from his Pepsi before responding.


“You’ll see…you’ll see…” is all he can manage to say as Clark pulls Korgath back up to his feet and tries for an irish whip, but Korgath reverses and catches Clark coming back off the ropes around the waist and spins him up and parallel to the canvas before slamming him down hard in the center of the ring with a vicious looking sidewalk slam!


“Ahem…” Ejiro can almost be heard smiling at the sudden change of events back in favor of Dominic Korgath, leaving Clark down on the mat in pain once more. Korgath goes for another pin attempt.
























Clark barely gets his shoulder up in time, almost matching the rise of his arm to the fall of the referee’s, leaving some in the crowd in shock and others in pandemonium as cheers erupt from the rafters once more.


“He is barely surviving in there…hey Alan…less cheery training, more wrestling training, Okay?” Judge laughs a bit to himself.


“Any ring rust that Clark had has probably been shook off by this point, as I’ve never seen a pinball as happy as that guy. Look at him now! He’s almost smiling in pain! We’ve seen that before from him…but I don’t think this is because he likes the pain!” Clark has made his way to the ropes as Sexton is keeping Korgath at bay to give the happiest guy on earth a little breathing room. A close-up shot catches a smile on Clark’s face.


“That smile has to be fake…” Judge comments as Clark can seem to be slightly wincing through the smile. Dominic almost shoves the ref out of the way and comes into Clark, but he is ready and hits a quick kick to the stomach of the big man before wrapping his arm around Korgath’s head once more in a facelock. Clark backs up and jumps up, his feet bouncing off the bottom rope before he leaps out and spins around, rolling his body sideways and bringing Dominic down to the canvas with a DDT!


“That was a beautiful springboard DDT he just unleashed there…but you know that had to hurt his back just that much more when he landed” Annie says and sure enough both men are down, though Korgath seems to actually be stirring a bit more than Clark as Sexton starts a knockout count.




Both men are crawling toward opposite ropes, but Korgath is a little closer to his goal.




Korgath reaches the bottom rope and begins to pull himself up, his left arm holding his head in a bit of pain after having it planted in the center of the ring.




Clark has made the ropes now, but is slower making it to his feet.




“Dominic is up to one knee!” Ejiro seems pleased as Dominic finally reaches his feet. On the other side of the ring Clark has gotten up to his feet as well, though slightly slower. Korgath builds up what speed he can as he comes across the ring, but Clark is able to duck at the last moment and push up with all his might, and Korgath flips to the outside, only to catch himself on the apron, Clark stands up vertically and eats a stiff punch from the big man, but Clark takes it and blocks the second, firing back with a series of hard chops. Both men go back and forth over with the ropes between them as Sexton tries to separate the two.












With a final punch Clark goes reeling backwards only to shake it off and throw himself between the ropes and into Korgath’s stomach, knocking him off the apron and to the floor. Clark sees an opening and rushes back against the opposite ropes, bouncing off and busting out his third cartwheel of the match…


“What is he doing now? A routine?” Ejiro wonders as Clark moves closer to the ropes before flipping his body backwards and moonsaulting over the top rope and toward Korgath, crashing down over top of him and sending both men to the floor in a heap.


“The Illumination! Clark with another desperation move at it pays off…but both men look to be feeling the effects on the outside!” Annie comments as the crowd explodes for Clark’s crazy attack. Sexton begins his count.




Clark is back to his feet faster than Korgath this time, and he grabs Korgath’s head and whips him into the ring, following behind and breaking the count before it really has a chance to go anywhere.


Alan pulls the Decay founder off the mat and tries for an irish whip, but Korgath reverses once more and catches Clark coming off the ropes and wraps his meaty arms around the smaller wrestler in a harsh bear hug!


“KORGATH KRUSHER!” Judge and Ejiro both scream out at once as Dominic tries to squeeze the life out of Clark, all the while Sexton checks for a submission.


“This could really be the end for the Happiest Guy On Earth!” Ejiro takes a big gulp of his Pepsi as Sexton sees that Clark is almost unconscious from the pain.


He lifts Clark’s arm…




…and drops it down!


“That’s one” comes the call from Judge…


…another drop!


“That’s two” Ejiro gets his call in.


Sexton raises the arm for the third time…



…he lets go…







…and it stays held high!


“Alan Clark is still in it!” Korgath drops the body of Clark down to the mat, and it is barely standing. Korgath falls backwards against the ropes and comes in and looks for another clothesline…and he connects!


“CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!” Judge and Ejiro’s voices echo out as Clark flips in the air and falls on his stomach.


“Go for the pin! Go for the pin!” Ejiro screams into his headset…but Korgath does not seem to hear as he pulls Clark off the ground. The ruckus crowd is almost adamant with hate as they can sense the end is near for Alan Clark.


“It looks like Korgath is going to finish Clark off right here!” Ejiro takes another sip of his Pepsi-Max as Korgath hooks his head under Clark’s arm and starts to lift him into the air.


“He’s going for that dreaded Torture Rack…..” Ejiro comments, but Alan Clark has seemingly other plans, shifting his weight in mid air, causing his body to fall out of the Decay founder’s grip and falls back, pulling Korgath down with him, bending his body over backwards.


“HE ESCAPED!!” Annie screams as Clark hooks in a facelock, Korgath’s chest pointed toward the sky as Clark raises his right arm high in the air and brings it down under the back of Korgath’s head as Alan spins his body 180 degrees and lays out, driving Korgath’s body down to the canvas with a vicious neckbreaker!


“CUTTING IN LINE! ALAN CLARK JUST CUT IN LINE RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE BIG MAN!” Annie screams out again as Clark gets to his feet…


…and pulls his overall straps down!!


“WHA-“ Ejiro’s reaction causes him to spit his Pepsi-Max all over the announce booth, sending Annie reeling to her left as she continues to watch the action.


“Why can’t the girls in the front row do that?!” She questions as Ejiro’s sputters and spits again, looking over at Annie with wide eyes as Judge just stares at the action in front of him in bewilderment.


Alan looks for approval from the crowd, who explodes in reaction to his cutting in line of Korgath. His straps now down he smirks before hooking Korgath’s ankle…


“Anklelock…ANKLE-wait…What is he doing now?” All three announcers, as well as most of the crowd and even Sexton look confused as Clark pulls Korgath ankle first across the mat toward the corner, letting go near the turnbuckles and dropping a quick elbow across the throat of the Decay founder before he looks toward the corner.


“Clark’s gonna fly!” Annie remarks excitedly as Clark climbs to the top rope and looks down at the unmoving form of Dominic Korgath. With one huge bounce, Alan leaps off the top and begins to rotate forward, his body slowly cradling into a ball as he somersaults heels over head…




His body falling smoothly toward the canvas…




And connecting with a picture perfect 450 degree Splash right on top of the big man…




…Clark takes a huge shot of pain into his injured back, but he does not have to move as he lands in a perfect pin position.


“That’s the Fauntleroy! That beautiful splash from the top!” Annie joins the crowd in their cheers, but is cut off…


“Man…It must suck to have a 200 plus pound Ball of Cheer crush your chest like that!” Judge snickers at his joke.


“Not if she’s good” Annie replys, causing another spit-take from Ejiro, who gives up and tosses his drink over his head in frustration just as Sexton falls to the mat and starts the pin count…





































The crowd goes nuclear with cheerfulness as Alan pops off the mat and “Zip A Dee Doo Dah” literally blasts through the arena. Korgath rolls to the outside of the ring clutching his chest as Sexton raises Alan’s right arm high as he tries to fix his overalls, a close-up showing an almost trademark smile plastered on his face.


“Alan Clark returns and he returns with a vengeance!” Annie comments. Alan waves to the adoring crowd as he exits the ring and makes his way backstage, leaving Sexton to try and help Korgath, only to be pushed away by the defeated monster as the cameras go back up to the announce booth.


“Damn that Dominic Korgath! He had to act all high and mighty with that stupid Torture Rack! He had the match won!!” Ejiro yells in disbelief over the loss.


“Alan Clark said that he was going to start back up where he left off in the SJL…and he proved himself here tonight with his second win over Dominic Korgath in as many encounters. Who knows, gang…we may have quite the cheery little monster to deal with in the next few weeks here in the SJL” Judge comments towards the camera as Annie tries to comfort Ejiro, who seems to be regretting tossing his drink into the crowd. As Annie pulls out another soda, Crimson heads to commercial.

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Returning from a commercial break, we quickly cut backstage to the catering section of the “La Arena de los Trubadores”…a couple of weird looking Mexican standing in the kitchen area watching on, as all around the catering section stand tables covered with pies. Each set of pies has a label…’apple’, ‘cherry’, ‘steak and kidney’…there’s even a section of good-ol’ clichéd cream pies.


The contestants are all stood around the catering area ready for battle, referee Sexton Hardcastle in the middle…wearing a full plastic outfit to avoid getting his referee’s garb pied. Meanwhile, Funyon stands in the middle with a microphone…why is a mystery, seeing as there’s a boom mic above his head anyway.


“Welcome back to Crimson!” Judge’s voice booms in the background. “And it looks like we’re ready for the pie m…”

“Judge…I’m always ready for pie!” Annie buts in.

“You’ve been waiting to say that all week haven’t you?” Judge questions.

“Bringing down the tone as ever.” adds Ejiro.

“Bringing down the tone? Have you not read the rules for this match!?!” Annie snaps back.


Suddenly, Funyon cuts them off, ”Fellahs…this is…the pie match! The rules for this are simple. There are pies around you. Use them. Do not eat them. You may also use the tin trays the pies come in. I must inform you…the SJL will not be held responsible for any cases of food poisoning as a result of this match…so keep your mouths shut. So…if you’re ready…





Funyon quickly dives out of the way, as the pies are suddenly flying!


“FOOOOOD FIIIIIGHT!!!” yells Ejiro comically.

“Well, don’t expect a classic catch-as-catch-can contest here tonight folks.” adds Judge. “Just to clarify, before they all become recognisable due to pie juice and p…”

“Ha…you said pie juice!” Annie jokes, butting in.

“Oh grow up.” snaps back Judge. “Anyway…we have The Unknown Warrior, Manson, Hollywood Spike Jenkins and the European Champion Landon Maddix out there…the title is not on the line tonight however.”


As numerous pies fly across the room, Maddix suddenly pulls something from his tights…as he ducks and weaves the pies thrown at him, Maddix snaps his wrist…unravelling…



…a bullfighter’s red cape?


Quickly Maddix covers his head with the cape, before charging down the catering area, and eventually bumping into and taking down Manson! Jenkins and Warrior meanwhile also stop flinging pies, each with one in their hand and closing in on each other. Getting close to each other, the two hold their pies behind their backs…before engaging in a scary staredown. Maddix punches away at Manson, as meanwhile Spike gives the ninja suited Warrior a theatrical look, and in his best Hollywood voice mutters…


“Go ahead punk…make my day!”


Warrior goes to throw the pie, but is hit by Spike before he is able to. Creamed apple flies everywhere, as Spike starts laughing…only to have a pie hurled in his face by Maddix from across the room. Manson capitalises with a pie shot to the back of the head, as all hell is breaking loose. Referee Hardcastle watches on cowering slightly, trying not to get hit.


“You know, this match would have never happened whilst we were here.” Ejiro says, clearly directing his words towards The Judge.

“True…” Judge replies. “We’re all about real wrestling…not throwing pies.”

“Coming from the two guys who contested the ‘ping-pong challenge’ a while ago…” Annie buts in, shutting both her announce partners up instantly.


Grabbing Maddix by the hair, Manson throws the Euro Champion into the ‘apple’ table face first. Meanwhile, Jenkins and Unknown Warrior trade blinded right hands, most of them not connecting. Quickly Manson grabs two ‘banana cream’ pies and walks over…smashing one into the back of each man’s head simultaneously, sending both men crashing head first into each other. Both go down, their heads covered in pie…as Manson grabs one of the tin trays, and smashes Warrior over the head with it.


Meanwhile, Maddix is back up…sneaking up behind Manson. Manson turns around in time to duck a pie throw, but gets a boot to the gut. Maddix locks on a front facelock, but adjusts Manson into a reverse DDT position. Grabbing a pie with his free hand, Maddix spins around, dropping Manson to the concrete with the…





…‘Pie Of The Hurricane’.


The pie is crushed across Manson’s face, quickly wiping the pie from his face so he can breathe. Maddix meanwhile grabs Spike Jenkins, and throws him forwards, crashing over a table wiping out the pies on it…almost all of them landing on him on the other side of the table.


“I bet they never did that to Spike in Hollywood.” Ejiro jokes.

“Oh, I don’t know…seems like a ‘Hollywood’ type of thing to do.” Annie replies, as ever disagreeing with Ejiro.

“Throwing pies? Obviously you’ve never been to Hollywood.” comes the sarcastic reply.

“The state’s run by Schwarzenegger…what more can I say?” Annie snaps back.


Maddix quickly grabs the Unknown Warrior, and throws him into another nearby table head first. He then grabs a pie, and goes to smash it over Warrior’s head…but Manson grabs it from behind. The confused Maddix turns around…to get WAFFLED with the tin side of the pie. A dazed Maddix crawls away, as Warrior gets a pie slammed across the back of his now food covered ninja suit by Manson. Manson follows the man who has defeated him twice in the past few weeks, grabbing him by the hair and throwing him hard into a nearby soft drinks machine.


“Hey…that’s not legal!” Annie cries out.

“It’s a soft drinks machine, not a machete! Of course it’s legal!” Ejiro argues.

“I mean not legal in the match!” Annie argues back.

“Will you two stop already!” pleads Hearford. “This job is hard enough as it is, without you two constantly bickering! This is an important match!”

“Err…partner…they’re throwing pies at each other.” Ejiro mumbles, quietening Judge.


Manson then hooks on a front facelock, and quickly snap suplexes Maddix on the concrete, causing Maddix to yell out in pain on impact. Manson immediately makes a cover…


























…Maddix kicks out!


Angrily Manson grabs a pie from beside him, and throws it at Hardcastle! It hits Hardcastle in the face…and sends him backwards a couple of steps. Manson goes back to Maddix…when suddenly Hardcastle grabs a pie, and throws it at Manson! Manson staggers back, as from nowhere Spike Jenkins crawls over, covered from head to toe in cherry pie, and rolls Manson up…

















Spike fires right hands at Manson, and then at Maddix…suddenly a fire seemingly lit under him. Grabbing a nearby steak and kidney pie, Spike gets up, yelling out something about Hollywood…the pie seeping into his mouth causing him to mumble. Slowly Maddix gets to his feet, and gets the pie thrown at him…somehow he catches it before it hits him in the face…but Spike improvising, hitting the “I Just Broke Your Nose”…with a pie!?!


“Well…that was innovative…the I Just Broke Your Nose, with a pie…” Judge sums up what happened.

“You might call it…the…’PIE’ Just Broke Your Nose…” Ejiro jokes, before breaking into singular uproarious laughter.


Maddix holds his face, more from the kick than the pie…after all, it is an English flavour, so it’s all good to him…as Manson sneaks up behind Jenkins, and hits a quick back suplex.





The Unknown Warrior suddenly charges over…but Manson sidesteps coolly, causing Unknown Warrior to crash face first into the soft drinks machine. As he hits the floor, the near-smiling Manson shrugs his shoulders…before grabbing Spike up from the floor. Dragging him over to a table, Manson sets Spike up between his legs, hoisting him up for an attempted powerbomb. Spike however escapes over the back, and as Manson turns around, Spike sets up for the ‘Highlighter’.


“The Highlighter…” Judge quickly rambles…

“No, it’s the PIE-lig…” Ejiro starts.

“Oh, give it up!” buts in Annie.


Manson fires rapid elbows to escape, before hooking Spike’s arm over his shoulder…and throwing him over his head with a t-bone suplex…through the pies…






…and through the table!!!



“Oh my! What a move by Manson…” Judge says.

“But he used the table…Hardcastle’s got a decision to make!” adds Annie.


Hardcastle doesn’t know whever to call for the bell or not…his decision made for him as Maddix crawls over, and rolls up Manson…


























Maddix jumps to his feet, as starts throwing pies wildly at Spike…at Manson…at Hardcastle…even at Gus! Maddix then lets out a ‘roar’ of ‘intensity’…before grabbing another pie and SLAMMING it into the head of the Unknown Warrior.


Manson meanwhile is up, hitting a crescent kick which sends Maddix staggering back over to service part of catering…where one of the Mexicans suddenly passes Maddix a pie. Manson has a pie too, and goes to hit Maddix with it…Landon ducks though, and the pie connects with the smaller Mexican. This gives him time to hit Manson with the pie…knocking him down.


“Wow…what a shot that must have been!” Annie exclaims.

“Wait…that was just a pie?” Ejiro mutters. “I smell something, and it’s not pie! It’s a cheat!”


Rather than exploding, this pie has just dented slightly. Maddix looks down on Manson with a smile, holding the pie in his face.


Maddix: “Did that hurt Manson? Well that’s because this pie, is a special pie. A rather…hard pie. It was…a baguette pie! And it was made by my buddy here…who isn’t Mexican. He’s Spanish!”




Maddix flings the pie to the side, the pie hitting the wall and actually denting it. Hardcastle meanwhile can do nothing, as Maddix has broken no rules as such. The smiling Maddix jumps up onto a table, and waits for Manson to get up. He doesn’t look like doing so…



…The Unknown Warrior however does. Maddix sees him, and hooks the head…swinging off the table with a Crash Landon…onto the concrete floor!


Maddix makes the cover…




















Spike tries to make the save…








…but slips on the pie remains…























“Well…it’s over…” Judge mumbles, more relieved than anything.

“Thank god.” agrees Ejiro.



“The Fight Song” plays over a boom box in the corner of the catering section, as Maddix raises his arms in the air and begins to celebrate in amongst the pies. A quick shot of the ‘baguette pie’ is shown, not exactly looking appetizing, as Maddix is passed his belt, raising it in the air to the delight of…



…about 4 staff members, a girl in a French maid’s costume and commissioner Raynor, head in hands as to why he booked this match.


“Maddix wins the match…with the help of some baguette.” Judge says, trying his best to sound believable.

“Well, it’s a fitting end to this heap of cr…” Ejiro starts, but is cut off…

…by Annie, “Oh, don’t you have a sense of humour. Christ!”

“Well…the specially baked ‘baguette pie’ won i…” Judge starts, but stops suddenly. “Oh, I can’t say it without laughing. Let’s just go to a break whilst we clear the mess up backstage…”


Maddix leaves the catering, and takes the long walk…


…to his dressing room across the hall, as the scene fades out, Spike tucking in to some consoling cherry pie.

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Backstage, Alan Clark has returned to street clothes and is on his way out of the arena when he passes by the man he faced in his first ever SJL match…one Todd Royal, who is sitting by his locker room door drinking coffee.


“Good to see you back, Todd!” Clark cheerfully interrupts Royal, who is in mid-conversation with Megan.


“How dare you interrupt me! I come back from my vacation and I’m stuck in some stupid lever-pulling monstrosity of a match…and yet you return and you get a marching band and a float! What in Todd’s name is up with that?!”


“Well when you have Disney backing you up…you can get a lot of nice little perks…” Clark says as he continues walking down the hall.


“…oh…by the way…good luck with your match tonight, man…and have a Magical Day!”


The look on Todd Royal’s face is that of almost utter disdain as Clark disappears down the hallway and out of sight.

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With the sun setting over the Mexican sky-line, we zoom back into the ring for the conclusion on SJL Crimson!! Mexican flags fly through the stands and the fans leap to their feet as we hear the voices of the announce team once again.


Judge: Welcome back to la Arena de los Trubadores!! Es SJL ROJO!!!


Annie: We’re south of the border for a crazy night of SJL action! We’ve seen things tonight we’ve NEVER seen before, and we’re not through yet.


Ejiro: We’ve seen a PIE match already, but coming up next the ever-dangerous QUADRUPLE DOMINATION match!! Lets go to Funyon for an explanation!


The camera swings from the announce position up into the ring, where Funyon stands in a neatly pressed suit and a traditional toreador’s cap. The roaring fans settle into their seats as the announcer brings the microphone to his mouth.


Funyon: The following contest is for the number one contendership to the SJL WOOOORRRRLLLLDDDD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE…and it is a Quadruple Domination match! In each corner stands a pole, and on each pole a lever…Each competitor is represented by a color- blue for Todd Royal, and red for Andrew Rickmen. Pulling the lever down will raise the BLUE paddle, while pulling it up will raise the RED paddle. The first man with all 4 paddles showing will win the match and the #1 Contendership!!!


The fans, half of whom do not even understand the announcement, roar to their feet again, excited simply by the terms “World Title”, “Todd Royal” and “Andrew Rickmen”. The roar is quieted however, as the lights in the arena go down- and single spotlight remains- focused on the aisle way. As the soft drone of a chorus bursts into the roar of Motley Crue’s “Livewire”, the curtain parts.


Funyon: Announcing first…accompanied by Megan Skye and weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds…he hails from San Diego, California…TODD ROYAL!!!


Boos rain down as Megan Skye steps into the arena, her silver halter-top sparkling and a smile across her face. Pulling the curtain away, she induces an even larger series of jeers, as Todd Royal steps into the aisle. Pulling down his sunglasses, Royal glares into the crowd, spinning around and pointing at his “TODD’S COUNTRY” vest. Running to the ring, Todd slides under the ropes, examining the levers while his music dies out.


Judge: We’re seeing Todd Royal for the first time in two weeks tonight, as he’s been on hiatus ever since losing the World Heavyweight Title.


Ejiro: Yeah, but he’s getting right back into the title chase tonight with the Quadruple Domination challenge.


Annie: But the man he’s facing is the man who dethroned him for that belt in his last match, Andrew Rickmen. IL is looking for another reign with that belt as well, and he’s got the momentum coming in.


Suddenly, the Offspring’s “Gotta Get Away” blares over the loudspeakers, bringing the hot crowd to a boiling point. Pyrotechnics explode all over the arena- highlighted by red and green pops around the ring- and Andrew Rickmen explodes through the curtain.


Funyon: And his opponent…from Easton, Pennsylvania…weighing in at two hundred and one pounds…he is the INSANE LUCHADOR…ANDREW RICKMEN!!!


The crowd is deafening as IL takes off down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans as he circles the ring. Springing to the apron, Rickmen does a flip over the ropes- landing on his feet and sending Todd and Megan scurrying. As the Offspring fade away, Royal steps back in the ring, and referee Ced Ordonez steps in between the competitors.


Judge: The fans are going absolutely nuts for IL here in Mexico!!! What a reaction!!!


Ejiro: Yeah? Well they think dodging livestock is the most exciting sport in the world! They obviously have NO taste.


Annie: You have to give the advantage here to the Insane Luchador. He’s built his career on the highflying Mexican luchador style, and in a match that involves climbing to win, he’s got to be the favorite!!


As the fans lower into their seats again, Ordonez checks each man over, pointing to the levers on the corners as he explains the rules. Royal takes a step back, wringing his wrist, and Rickmen throws up his hands, riling up the fans as Ced signals for the bell.




*BLUE: 0, RED: 0*


Judge: And we’re underway here in the Quadruple Domination!!!


As the fans buzz, both men stare into their opponent’s eyes. Rickmen takes a step forward, but Royal shocks him by ducking and charging under IL’s outstretched arms. As Rickmen turns to try and catch his opponent, he sees Todd sprinting up the corner. IL curses, charging into the opposite corner and leaping to the top rope. The crowd pops as both men flip their switches throwing up red and blue panels in opposite corners of the ring.


*BLUE: 1, RED: 1*


Annie: Well, THAT’s certainly an interesting strategy by both men. They ignored contact with each other in favor of just trying to flip a lever as fast as possible.


Todd quickly scampers off his corner, running right to the adjacent one to try to flip a second switch. As he climbs the turnbuckles, however, Rickmen leaps down and runs diagonally across the canvas, leaping up and flipping up the first lever Royal pulled down. As both men jump back into the ring, Todd scowls, staring at the two red corners while the crowd erupts.


*BLUE: 1, RED: 2*


Judge: Todd thought he had the strategy figured out, but Rickmen threw a wrench into it, undoing Royal’s first switch and going up 2 panels to one.


Ejiro: Oh, I’m sure Royal’s got this all figured out. He’s mentally superior to all of you peons!


As the crowd continues to cheer, the Insane one takes off towards the one corner without a raised paddle. Royal sprints after him, however, chop-blocking him and cutting off IL’s progress. As the crowd deflates, Todd floats in front of his opponent, keeping Rickmen’s leg hooked, and unleashes a stiff kick to the inside of IL’s knee.


Ejiro: See, here we go, Todd’s got it down now. He’s going to keep Rickmen grounded, taking out his knee. Even though the Wrath of Todd won’t get a submission in this match, if he can take out his knee Rickmen won’t be able to climb those poles.


Todd stops between kicks to celebrate however, and IL capitalizes, kipping up and forcing Royal to flip over him. As the crowd explodes again, Rickmen gets to his feet and leaps up to the corner. Todd scrambles to regain his footing, but the Insane one is already to the top rope. As Megan screams in frustration, IL pushes the lever up, flipping up another red paddle.


*BLUE: 1, RED: 3*


As the third red signal pops up, Royal’s charge towards his opponent skids to a stop. His eye’s wide, Todd runs back to the one corner that has a blue panel up. Leaping up onto the top rope, Royal sits down and sticks out his fists.


Annie: Yeah, some strategy. Todd’s retreated into his corner to protect his one paddle. Royal’s on his heels and running backwards, and IL is one pull away from becoming the number one contender again.


Judge: Royal HAS to protect that one paddle though. If Rickmen can flip it back up, the match will be over. Royal’s focus has to be on that one corner until IL is incapacitated.


As Todd fortifies his corner, Rickmen comes charging in. Royal throws up his boot. IL ducks the blow however, coming up between his opponent’s legs. Grabbing Todd’s ankles, the Insane Luchador tries to yank Royal to the mat. Hooking his arms around the top rope, Todd plants frees his right foot and plants it in Rickmen’s sternum. Pushing off, Royal shoves his opponent to the mat, raising his arms in victory. He lets out a WHOOO, but immediately clamps his arms around the ropes again as IL gets to his feet.


Annie: That’s pathetic. Royal’s clamped onto that turnbuckle like I was to that cute waitress last night…


As Rickmen turns to the corner, Todd leaves his post, sailing through the air and grabbing IL around the head. Spinning to the mat, Royal drives his opponent into the canvas…snapping off a Tornado DDT.


Ejiro: Tornado…D…D…T!!! Royal DRILLS Rickmen with that move!


On the mat, Royal grabs his fallen opponent by the ankle. Raising Rickmen’s leg off the mat, Todd plants the sole of his boot on the side of the knee joint. Falling back to the mat, Royal torques his opponent’s knee, drawing screams of pain from Rickmen. IL spins his way out of the leverage, but Royal keeps on him, sliding his grip back and locking on a knee-bar.


Judge: Royal going back to that leg work now, trying to ground his opponent and prevent him from climbing to that 4th lever. Also, if he can ground Rickmen for a significant period of time, he can flip one of IL’s back.


Floating around to the side of his opponent, Todd goes from submission work to impact. Getting to his feet, Royal plants his foot in the back of IL’s knee. Grabbing his ankle, Todd pulls his opponent’s leg into the air before using his foot to drive it to the mat. As Rickmen groans in pain, Todd lifts him from the mat. Spinning behind the Insane one, Royal hooks IL’s arm over his head. With a jerk of the tights, Todd drives forward- crotching his opponent on the top rope.


Royal grins as he hooks both of Rickmen’s feet over the top rope. Pulling IL by the hair, Todd jerks him towards the canvas- hanging Rickmen upside down from the corner. Looking up towards the lever, Royal climbs the ropes, tossing kicks at his opponent as he climbs. Finally planting his feet on Rickmen’s knees, Todd reaches up and flips the lever down, switching the red panel for a blue one.


*BLUE: 2, RED: 2*


Annie: And just like that, we’re even at two. Todd’s got IL on the ropes…literally…and he’s got two of his panels up now.


Ejiro: That’s right. And now Royal can back off the defensive strategy and work on beating Rickmen into the mat and flipping up the other two panels.


The crowd boos as Todd leaps off the ropes and crashes to the mat. Dropping a knee to Rickmen’s chin, Royal rips his opponent from the corner and back onto the mat. Grabbing him by the hair, Todd sends IL to the ropes, firing off a dropkick. He comes crashing to the mat, however, as Rickmen stops himself on the ropes. The crowd comes alive as the Insane one leaps into the air, doing a forward flip and coming down with an elbow across Todd’s chest.


Annie: NEVER count the Insane Luchador out of a match! The guy can pull a victory out of ANYWHERE!


Going to work now, Rickmen mounts Todd and fires off a pair of forearm shots. With his opponent dazed, IL pulls him to his feet, chopping him hard across the sternum. Royal reels, and IL fires off a kick, doubling Todd over. Rickmen grabs a handful of tights and pulls back, looking for a suplex, but Todd slips out, catching a waistlock.


Planting his feet, Royal hooks IL’s arms across his body in a straightjacket and lurches back, hurling his opponent over his head with a straightjacket suplex. Royal celebrates, but the crowd erupts as Rickmen lands fully on his feet. Todd spins around and IL takes to the air, diving forward with a clothesline.


Ducking his head just in time, Royal avoids the clothesline. As Rickmen plants his feet again, however, Todd fires off a super kick. This time IL spins away, however, and the crowd erupts as the men stare each other down.


Judge: These men have faced each other several times over the past few months and it SHOWS there. They know each others moves, and they know when they’re liable to bust them out.


Ejiro: But since Rickmen’s an idiot, the advantage goes to Royal.


Judge: Can’t argue with logic like that.


Facing off, the stalemate quickly evaporates when both men turn their backs on their opponent. Running to the corner in front of them, each of the competitors climbs the turnbuckles. Grabbing the lever in front of them, both Royal and Rickmen flip the switch, trading blue for red on opposite sides of the ring.


*BLUE: 2, RED: 2*


Annie: Each man gets a panel there, but neither man gets an advantage as the panels stay even at 2 and 2.


As the frustrated men turn and jump back into the ring, they both take off toward the same corner, Royal looking to switch the panel and IL to protect it.. Reaching the turnbuckles simultaneously, both competitors try to scale to the lever. Todd swings wildly at the lever as IL fires off punches to keep him on the mat.


IL begins to pull his opponent down, but the crowd suddenly erupts in jeers, booing as Megan runs across the ringside area. As the ref tries to break the pair up, Skye slides under the ropes and jabs her fist upward, hitting Rickmen below the belt. As IL doubles over, Royal climbs to the top rope.


Judge: OH! Megan just hit a low blow on the Insane Luchador! That could be a free panel for Royal!


Reaching for the lever, however, Todd seems to think twice. With a grin on his face he reaches down and grabs IL by the hair. Pulling him to the top rope as well, Royal hooks Rickmen’s arm over the lever. Grabbing the wrist of IL, Todd jerks it upwards, flipping the panel to blue and wrenching in a hammerlock at the same time.


*BLUE: 3, RED: 1*


Ejiro: BRILLIANT! Royal’s using the switches as leverage to work over Rickemn. Heehee. “Leverage”.


Annie: You are a moron.


Rickmen yelps in pain and tries to power the lever back down, but Todd knees him in the spine. IL arches his back in pain and Royal shoves him forward, sending IL crashing to the mats on the outside. As the crowd erupts in boos, Royal pauses for a moment to soak in the jeers. Pointing to the last red panel, Todd leaps from the turnbuckles.


As he takes off for the fourth corner however, he falls flat on his face. The crowd erupts as the camera zooms in on Todd’s foot, and IL’s hands wrapped around it. As Royal scratches and crawls towards the corner, Rickmen yanks him back, jerking him out of the ring and to the floor.


Judge: Royal was just steps away from breaking loose and winning the match. Rickmen caught him though, and now the battle spills to the outside.


Annie: Todd’s cockiness is what cost him there, as he took time to celebrate rather than just running for the 4th panel. That’s not the way a champion wrestles.


On the outside, Rickmen pulls back, firing Royal into the guardrail. Todd screams in pain, but IL doesn’t miss a beat, leaping into the air and firing off a dropkick to the jaw, leaving Royal teetering on the railing. The insane one leaps to his feet and, as the crowd cheers, flips forward- hitting a somersault press onto his opponent and sending them both into the crowd.


“EE-EL!” “EE-EL!” “EE-EL!”


Annie: They love Andrew Rickmen here in Mexico!!


Ejiro: That, or seafood.




Getting to his feet, IL waves his hands and clears the surrounding spectators out of the way. As Rickmen backs off, Todd uses the barricade to get to his feet. Just as he gets his footing, however, the Insane Luchador takes off, leapfrogging the barricade and driving Royal’s neck across the rail in a leaping bulldog.


Todd slumps over the rail and back to ringside as IL springs to his feet and points at the turnbuckle. The crowd roars, and Rickmen’s eyes twinkle as he pulls himself up onto the apron. Megan rushes over to help her man as IL smiles and begins to scale the turnbuckle as well. Turning his back to the outside, IL spins his hands around, drawing a huge pop from the crowd.


Judge: Here it comes! The Insane Luchador is on the top rope!!


Before springing to the ground, however, IL pauses. Holding up one finger and tapping the side of his head, Rickmen reaches over, pulling down the lever and bringing back the red panel. The crowd cheers even louder as the red panel pops up and so does IL, backflipping onto Todd and Megan.




Annie: What a beautiful move by IL! And perhaps most importantly, he got that panel back!!


*BLUE: 2, RED: 2*


As the crowd jumps around, cheering and clapping as the two competitors and the manager lie breathing heavily on the floor. IL is the first to his feet, amplifying these cheers as he catches his breath and climbs to the apron.


Before he can step completely through the ropes, however, Royal is on him, grabbing his ankle and preventing him from getting in the ring. With a jerk, Todd pulls his opponent back to the floor. A scream of pain escapes Rickmen’s throat, however, as his left foot catches in the bottom rope, twisting his knee on the way down.


Ejiro: Oh! Brutal move by Todd! That could have CRIPPLED Andrew Rickmen!!


Judge: That’ll go a long way to keep IL from climbing poles and flipping switches.


Clutching his knee on the outside, Rickmen tries desperately to keep Todd from entering the ring. Todd pulls away, however, sliding under the top rope and immediately running across the ring. Reaching one of the red corners, Todd briefly yawns in mock boredom as he climbs the corner. Flipping the switch up, he draws boos from the crowd, and raises his color in a third corner. Taking a bow, Royal lurches backwards, backflipping into the ring.


*BLUE: 3, RED: 1*


Ejiro: It’s all over now but the crying! Royal’s got Rickmen crippled and hobbling, and he’s up 3 panels to one!!


Annie: Look!! IL’s up on the apron!! It’s not over yet!! NEVER count the Insane Luchador out!!!


And indeed, as Todd struts toward the fourth and final corner, the wild hair and gleaming eyes of Andrew Rickmen appear above the apron. Hobbling, but pulling himself up, IL makes it to the apron. An enraged Todd roars and charges, trying to knock his opponent from the apron.


Rickmen reacts lightning-quick, however, ducking his between the ropes and driving his shoulder into the gut of Royal. Doubling over, Todd clutches his chest, giving IL a chance to grab the top rope and slingshot in, flipping over Todd and slamming him to the mat.


Judge: What determination by IL! His leg is hurting, but he managed to use his shoulder to stun Royal, and his upper body strength to fly in and hit a sunset power bomb! Andrew Rickmen is still RIGHT in this!!


Pulling Todd into the center of the ring, Rickmen realizes it’s his turn to play defense. He pulls Royal’s foot off the mat, looking to incapacitate him in the same way Royal struck earlier, but Todd sweeps out his free leg, striking Rickmen in the knee. IL backs off in pain and curses as Royal gets up again.


Annie: Everytime these two get down to wrestling each other, we seem to end up in a stalemate. THAT’s how well these two know each other, neither one can sustain an advantage on the mat.


Judge: That’s a testament to how GOOD these two are. World class competitors showing off on the world’s stage!!


Staring each other down, the two gladiators inch closer to each other. Face to face, Royal cracks a grin, pointing to himself and holding up 3 fingers. Pointing to Rickmen, Royal smirks and holds up just one finger…his middle one. The crowd boos, but IL just scowls, reaching back and smacking Todd with a slap. As a wide-eyed Todd staggers back, the crowd erupts into cheers again.


“EE-EL!” “EE-EL!” “EE-EL!”


Stewing in a scowl of his own, Royal charges forward, locking up in a collar-and-elbow with the Insane Luchador. As the men push each other back and forth, neither seems able to push the other off. With a swift kick though, Todd turns the tide, nailing a shin strike to the knee of IL.


Annie: OH!


As Rickmen yelps and staggers backwards, Todd turns around and takes off for the red corner. Unable to catch him with a bum knee, IL turns himself, knowing his only option is to go to the close corner and flip the blue panel before Todd can hit his.


Judge: It’s a footrace now!!


Ejiro: But Rickmen’s got a busted wheel!


Both men hit their turnbuckles simultaneously, and begin to climb. Two turnbuckles up, however, IL’s left leg collapses, sending him toppling into the ring, hanging upside down from the middle rope. As the crowd gasps, Todd leaps up, pushing his lever into the up position and flipping up the last blue panel. Slumping back into the ring, Todd smiles as the bell rings.


*BLUE: 4, RED: 0*




Funyon: Ladies and Gentlemen…the winner of the Quadruple Domination match…and the number one contender for the SJL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP…TODD ROYAL!!!




Ejiro: Praise Todd!! Royal is back baby! And soon he’ll have that SJL World Title BACK around his waist!!


Annie: Don’t be so sure about that. Aecas is the only man to have defeated Todd Royal without ever losing to him at least once! Aecas could be the man to have Royal’s number!


Ejiro: No way. Todd’s number is ONE and soon he’ll be number one in the SJL AGAIN!!


With blue panels surrounding the ring, and “Livewire” blaring throughout the arena again, Megan Skye slides into the ring to celebrate with her charge. As Ced Ordonez frees Rickmen from the ropes, Todd looks towards the camera. Pulling his hands around his waist in the “belt” signal, Royal holds up two fingers, signaling a 2nd World Title reign. As the crowd boos vociferously, we go to the announcers for the final word.


Judge: That’s all from Mexico! We’ve seen Disney characters, pies, switches and much more tonight, but tune in every week for some more amazing SJL action. For Annie Eclectic and Ejiro Fasaki, I’m Judge Mental, and you’re all DISMISSED!


As the camera slowly pans away into the Mexican night, we see Royal and Skye disappear through the curtain. In the ring, we’re left with one final image- Andrew Rickmen on his feet, limping, but soaking in the adulation of the Mexican crowd’s standing ovation.

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Alan Clark returns!


mmm… Pie!


Alan Clark returns, and Todd Royal’s not happy about it!


Is Todd happy about the match? Read to find out!

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