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“WELCOME…TO SJL WRATH!” Judge’s voice omniously booms as pyro begins to explode around the arena. The Madison Square Garden is full up to the rafters with rabid wrestling fans, and the SJL has arrived to deliver some quality action.


“Tonight is shaping up to be an amazing night,” Annie begins, “we have a newcomer Sean Casey facing off against the leader of the Decay Dominic Korgath…” Judge continues…


“…as well as a special attraction…a New York Subway Elimination Match between Spike Jenkins, Manson, and the Unkown Warrior…” Ejiro finally takes his time to shine…


“…and the SJL Wooooooooooorld Championship is on the line as Aecas goes up against the Greatness that is Todd Royal!”


“Uhmmm…Ejiro…” Annie interjects, “you forgot to mention that Landon Maddix is putting up his European Championship against…” Annie cuts herself off…


“Against? Against who?” Ejiro questions…and suddenly a voice from above seemingly answers his question…


"Please Stand Clear of the Ring. Por favor Soporte Claro Del Anillo."


“OH NO!” Ejiro screams…but the voice continues…


"For the safety and comfort of others...no smoking please. Para la seguridad y la comodidad de otras... el ningún fumar por favor"


"The SJL and the Walt Disney Company are proud to present...the following…”


On the SmarkTron...Tinkerbell flies down from the sky and heads into an arena...flying all the way over a crowd and toward the entranceway...the camera then pans down to the curtain to see Alan Clark burst through the curtain at almost full speed as “Hakuna Matata” begins to blast out from every speaker in the building.


“…against Alan Clark…” Ejiro speaks solemnly as Alan high-fives various fans before rolling into the ring. Alan climbs up to the top turnbuckle and shows his appreciation for all those in attendence before hopping down and going for a mic…but suddenly…


“Whoa there Captain Happy!” a new voice comes from out of nowhere…and Ejiro’s sulk turns to a smile.


“What the hell?” Annie asks, but Ejiro is quite quick to answer…


“Its…it’s the voice of…the voice of…”


Before Ejiro can continue, Todd Royal comes through the curtain, flanked by Megan Skye, and stands in the center of the aisleway.


“it’s the voice of TODD!” Ejiro seems giddy as Todd stares into the ring.


“Before you start shilling…or whatever you are out here for…I don’t know if you got the memo, but this is MY show. Tonight’s the night the Word of Todd is fulfilled, and I take the world title home again. This is going to be a night people in attendance remember for the rest of their pathetic lives, and we don’t need you driving them away with your worthless babble. You don’t deserve a parade, you don’t deserve to dirty the ring I’ll be winning my title in, and you certainly don’t deserve to open MY show.” The MSG crowd boos as Alan looks on in bewilderment…Todd continues…


“See, I long ago proved my superiority to you. I pinned you on my first night in this company, and Todd Damned you so hard you STILL haven’t figured out who the hell you are!” Alan looks down at his Disney name tag and points, looking up with a smile on his face.


“For the love of Todd…” Ejiro can be heard softly saying as Todd continues…


“You think that’d be enough huh? You’d think holding every major title in this company, and wins over EVERY important superstar that’s come through here the past six months would be enough, right? RIGHT?”


“RIGHT!” Ejiro confirms, but the crowd seems to disagree. Todd looks around the arena for a moment before continuing.


“But I show up to work one day to find the locker room cluttered with more kiddie crap than Michael Jackson’s house. After some investigation, it turns out this company felt the need to sign some ridiculous deal with the Disney company to “improve the image” of the SJL. And the guy they sign to do it? Alan fricken Clark.” Alan’s smile slightly diminishes as this line is spoken…


“Hello? The only thing this company needs to do to improve its image is feature ME more. No ducks without pants, no talking dogs, and sure as hell no Alan Clark. You’re out here night after night worshipping some ridiculous mouse, when you should be kneeling down and praising Todd!!” Alan looks confused and tries to speak…but the sermon continues…


“You come out here and sing songs, sign autographs, and shill movies. Parents bring their children to SJL shows to gain firsthand knowledge of the Wisdom of Todd, and you corrupt them by presenting this false idol. This sham of an icon. This moronic mouse.” The crowd’s boos become louder and Alan tries to speak again, but is once again cut of…


“Wake up Clark. Neither you nor that stupid rodent are better than Todd Royal. I’ve beaten you once, and if you don’t drop this misplaced hero worship, I’ll be more than happy to do it again. There’s a pecking order here, buddy, make sure you follow it, cuz the Wrath of Todd is nothing to mess with.” Todd drops his microphone and turns to leave, and Alan is finally able to get a word in…


“Woah woah woah woah WOAH…hold up a second…” Todd stops and turns around slowly, seemingly incensed that Alan would beckon to him in such a way.


“False Idol? Hero Worship? I have no idea what you are talking about! I was hired by the Walt Disney Company to provide a bridge between the family friendly Disney name and the excitement of the Smarks Wrestling Federation and all it’s subsidiaries…including the SJL!” The mention gets a pop from the crowd…causing Alan’s smile to return as he continues…


“You say I don’t know who I am? Of course I do…I’m the same man I always was…no matter what name I call myself …Bloodshed…Apostle…I could come out here and call myself Ejiro Fasaki Junior…” this line causes Ejiro to almost jump over the announce table, but Annie is able to hold him down as Alan continues…


“…No matter what name I use or what music accompanies me to this ring… I’ve always been Alan Clark…and if I want to come out here and talk about my European Title Match tonight…or if I want to talk about how close I got to main-eventing Genesis a few months ago… heck…if I want to talk about The Lion King on DVD…I can talk about it… and I will talk about it… and if you do not like it… well just listen to…my…music….~!


HAKUNA MATATA!” Alan screams out and drops the mic as the music comes back up. Todd Royal looks on for a moment before turning and walking through the curtain just under the SmarkTron…where the camera is focused on Alan Clark, who…for the first time in a few weeks is showing a bit of a serious smirk on his face.


“…He disrespected the good name of Todd! Smote him! He said he wanted to call himself Ejiro Junior! I’ll break his legs!” Ejiro continues ranting on until Annie rears back and slaps him across the face.


“Calm down…geez…we’ll be right back…” Annie tries to comfort Ejiro as Wrath goes to it’s first commercial break.

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"You sit alone in lightless chambers, all the love you had is gone

No one there to catch your fall, you never felt so alone

Blackened thoughts in lonely ruins, lifeless eyes an empty gaze

Death is but a promise now, life is just an empty phrase!"


The opening lines of Grave Digger's "Demon's Day" hits as the massive form of Dominic Korgath emerges from behind the curtain. The crowd boos their hate as the Big Demon simply stands, motionless at the top of the ramp. Then, the Big Demon raises his iron staff high above his head in a sign of defiance as he starts making his way down to the ring.


Funyon: "Coming to the ring...hailing from the plains of Azeroth, standing six foot six and weighing in at a tremendous three hundred and fifty pounds, the DEMON FROM JAPAAN...DOMINIC KOOOORGAAAAATH!!!"


The big man climbs over the top rope as he gets into the ring and awaits his opponent.


Annie: "This has to be some sort of booking error, his opponent is almost giving up a hundred and twenty-five pounds."


Judge: "A nice welcome to the JL, facing a monster. This could very well be Sean Casey's first and LAST match in the league."


The lights in the arena go out and only a few flashes from cameras can be seen. About a ten second pause of silence ensues until...




Strobe lights begin flashing at a fast pace, illuminating the entrance way and ramp.




"This Is The New Shit" by Marilyn Manson kills your ears as the fans stand to their feet, awaiting SJL's newest member. A few moments pass and a man steps out onto the ramp, standing in a patch of darkness as the strobe lights dance around him. He begins walking down the ramp as he passes through bursts of light that reveal his full length blue wrestling tights. As he nears the ring the lights come up and his whole person is visible. He has a black, sleeveless t-shirt on with the word "wrestle." written on it in white, typewriter style font. He wears a black towel over his head, showing only his stubbled chin. Natasha follows behind him wearing a black wife beater with holes torn in it in the right places to catch your eye, a pair of black leather pants, and knee high black boots.


Funyon: "And the opponent...hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, standing six foot one and weighing in at a lean, mean two hundred and twenty-seven pounds, escorted to the ring by NATASHA, LIVE WIIIRE....SEEEAAN CAAAAAAASEY!!!"


Judge: "Now THAT'S an entrance."


Sean climbs into the ring and stands facing the entrance way. With one quick motion he tears the towel off his head and throws it into the crowd. A few men can be seen grabbing for it in the foreground. Sean reveals his sloppily spiked black hair and the stubble covering his face. He takes his shirt off in another quick display, this time tossing it to the outside of the ring. He lifts his arms to his side in a Jesus Christ-like pose. As his music dies down, Sean walks over to his corner and stretches himself on the ropes. He takes a knee in the corner with his hands grasping the top rope. With his head bowed in a quick prayer. As quickly as he bent down, he is back to his feet, turned facing his massive opponent. The ref signals for the bell and the match is officially underway.


Judge: "Here we go!"


Korgath walks to the center of the ring, hands at his sides, almost daring Casey to make the first move. Casey nods his head and walks right up to the big man and starts saying something to him. Korgath's face turns from a look of indifference to pure anger.


Judge: "Sean Casey has some balls. No brains, but balls."


Ejiro: "He's making a statement, but look out!"


Out of nowhere Korgath throws a haymaker that drops Casey to the ground. He falls flat on his back and rolls up to his feet, holding his left eye. He removes his hand, revealing a small stream of blood resignating from his left eyebrow. He nods and half smiles at Korgath before suddenly running and connecting to his head with a stiff elbow shot. Korgath shakes it off, but as soon as he does he's met with two more, causing the big man to take one step back. Sean back pedals into the ropes and runs full speed at Korgath but is stopped in his tracks by a big boot to his forehead. Sean drops like a brick, his head bouncing off the canvas violently. Korgath follows up by putting the boots to the ribs of Casey repeatedly.


Judge: "Sean tested the waters of the Japanese Demon and now he's paying the prize."


Ejiro: "Korgath is a wall of a man, it's gonna take more than just a few elbows to get him off his game."


Sean gets to one knee as Korgath backs up a little. He seems to struggle, grasping his ribs in pain. Korgath laughs to himself and walks toward Sean, but in a quick display of power and will, he explodes up with all his strength and catches Korgath with a ring shaking spinebuster on the big man! Sean falls to the side of Korgath, the move having taken alot out of him as well.


Ejiro: "Incredible show of strength from the Live Wire!"


Annie: "It took alot out of him, though."


Judge: "Here comes that she-devil Natasha."


Annie: "Hmm..."


Ejiro: "Mind on the match, Annie."


Annie: "What match..."


Natasha walks up the ring steps near the announce table, winking at Annie. The ref turns his attention to her, visibly swallowing hard as he sees the sex kitten. She slinks under the middle rope as a cheer from the crowd is evident. Sean slowly gets to his feet as Natasha negates the ref's attention. He looks around quickly before kneeling on one knee and digging into his left boot.


Judge: "Ha ha ha...smart kid."


Ejiro: "Nothing like some cheating to start off the match."


Natasha seductively rubs the ref's chest as Sean emerges with a good sized piece of chain! He wraps it around his fist and readies himself as Korgath gets to his feet. Sean rares back and swings mightily, striking Dominic directly in the jaw. He falls to both knees holding his mouth in agony. Sean quickly slides the chain out of the ring as Natasha suddenly climbs out of the ring, leaving the poor ref heart broken. She gingerly walks around to the other side of the ring, picking up the chain and tucking it into the back of her leather pants. Sean takes a few steps back, runs and flips over the knelt Korgath connecting with a variant of a neckbreaker. He quickly covers the big man, hooking the near leg.










Judge: "Casey getting a two count with the chain. That HAD to hurt."


Annie: "I wonder where she got those pants..."


Ejiro: "Um...her closet?"


Sean mouthes something to the ref and slaps his hand three times. The ref shakes his head with exception and holds up two fingers. Sean shakes his head before picking Korgath up to his feet and locking in a side headlock. Casey wrenches down on the hold, his bicep rippling as the head of Korgath turns a shade of red from the pressure. The crowd begins clapping rhythmically as Natasha slaps the apron in unison with them. Korgath lays a stiff right hand into the ribs of Casey, then another, and a third, causing him to break the headlock. Sean is shoved into the ropes and comes back to Korgath who grabs Sean in the Korgath Krusher bearhug. He locks it in perfectly as Sean is a good foot off the ground writhing in pain.


Judge: "Korgath Krusher!"


Ejiro: "Smart move here, slow it down, a man his size can't compete with Casey's high-flying maneuvers."


Annie: "The match could end right here."


Sean begins to fade as his arms fall limply to his sides. The ref comes in to check the situation. Sean shows a little sign of awareness but Korgath tightens the hold causing a yell of pain to come from the Live Wire. The ref asks Sean if he wants to quit but he shakes his head even as Korgath again tightens up on the bearhug. After a few moments of the intense pain, Sean drops his head in exhaustion and pain. The ref steps back in and lifts Casey's right arm and let's it fall.


Ref: "One!"


Judge: "There's one. It very well could be over."


Annie: "Look at the arms on Dominic Korgath...they're like tree trunks!"


Ejiro: "And he knows how to use them."


The ref lifts Sean's arm again and again it falls limply.


Ref: "Two!"


Sean's body seems lifeless as Korgath keeps the hold applied tightly. The ref, for a third time, lifts Sean's arm and let's it fall.


Ejiro: "That's it, Dominic Korgath with a impress-"


Judge: "No! Sean Casey is still in this. Unbelievable."


Annie: "That was a close call."


Sean keeps his arm up but just barely. A slight cheer comes from the crowd. Sean lands a stiff elbow to the temple of Dominic as the big man shakes it off. Sean lands another elbow shot to the same spot, causing Korgath to yell out in frustration and pain. Sean swings with another elbow but is cut short as Korgath violently tightens his grip causing Casey to drop in mid swing. Natasha yells something and the ref turns to see her. She blows him a kiss as he stands star struck. Sean takes advantage of the ref's ignorance and jabs a thumb into the right eye of Korgath, then quickly another. Korgath cries out as he staggers forward, but managing to slam Sean into the turnbuckle before tending to his eyes. Sean's rib area is visibly red as he slinks down in the corner, holding his midsection.


Annie: "Ouch."


Ejiro: "There's more than one way to skin a cat."


Judge: "And there's more than one way to get a monster off your ribs."


Korgath walks to the opposite corner, rubbing his eyes in pain. He turns his attention back to Sean, his eyes just as red as Casey's ribs. Sean lifts himself out of the corner tenderly as Korgath approaches. Sean lifts a hand to Dominic saying something to him.


Judge: "Is he begging off? This is the SWF, be a man!"


Ejiro: "He's in a bad way with those ribs."


Annie: "Don't be such a girl, Sean!"


Dominic puts a boot to the midsection of Casey, causing him to almost go down on his knees from the impact of the kick. Korgath pulls Sean's head in between his legs and lifts him up in powerbomb position. Sean, aware of his impending doom, begins hammering Korgath in the face with stiff elbows! Korgath's nose is quickly busted, bleeding steadily.


Ejiro: "My goodness, elbows galore."


Annie: "Dominic is bleeding all over the place."


Judge: "Now things are heating up here."


With a mighty roar, Korgath violently powerbombs Sean right over the top rope to the minimally padded floor some eleven feet below from his shoulders. The crowd explodes to their feet with cheers of disbelief. Chants of "HOLY SHIT!" begin building through out the arena. The ref begins the mandatory ten count as he shakes his head, glad he isn't a wrestler.






Ejiro: "That powerbomb destroyed the man! What a move!"






Sean crawls toward the announce table slowly, his entire midsection red. He shakes his head as he gets to one knee.






Casey grabs onto the announce table and trys to pull himself up, but apparently can't.




Judge: "Come on, kid. Get in the ring, finish this!"




Korgath walks over to the ropes proudly. He motions with his hand for Sean to get up, but he is still grasping the announce table.


Annie: "HOLY..."


Just as the eight count is given, Casey, with one sudden leap, springs off of the announce using all that is in him to spring a good five feet with a lethal elbow shot that hits low of it's intended mark, striking Korgath harshly in the throat! Sean hits the top rope rope oddly and falls onto the apron as the monster falls to the canvas holding his throat, gasping for air.


Judge: "...SHIT!"


Annie: "I've never seen anything like that before! Incredible!"


Ejiro: "WHAT AN ELBOW! Now he better capitalize."




Casey rolls back into the ring and climbs to his feet. He runs at Korgath and uses his propped up knee to push off of and hit a text book shining wizard! Finally, the Demon goes down, falling face first onto his stomach. The crowd cheers as Sean gets the match going in his favor now. Without hesitation, he picks up the big man's right arm and twists quickly while dropping to the mat, wrenching his arm. He keeps it hooked and repeats the wrenching again. Sean, using the big man's hooked arm, pulls it across his own throat and doubles down on the choke with a headlock. Sean stays on his toes, elevating the pressure. The ref drops down and clearly sees the choke and tells Sean to break it.


Judge: "Don't push it, you have things going your way now."


Sean refuses to break the hold. The ref begins the four count.








Sean lets go of the choke, raising his hands up, then quickly wrenching in the choke again. Again, the ref counts.








Again he breaks the illegal hold, raising his hands. Sean quickly locks the choke on again. This time the ref pulls at his arm until Sean pushes the ref away and stands up, getting in his face. The ref and Sean jaw at each other before the ref points to the ramp, threatening to disqualify him. Sean shakes his head and turns back to Korgath who has rolled onto his back, gasping for air.


Judge: "That elbow devastated Korgath's windpipe and Sean went right for the weak spot."


Ejiro: "Illegal, but smart."


Annie: "It's only illegal if you get caught."


Ejiro: "He DID get caught...three times."


Annie: "Exactly."


Ejiro: "Good grief."


Sean makes a cut-throat signal before walking over to the far corner. Sean pulls Dominic up right by his head. Again, he gives a cut throat signal and ducks under Dominic's right arm, bringing his left arm between his legs.


Judge: "Exploder time!"


Ejiro: "But can he get the big man up? He's almost dead weight right now."


Sean tries to hit the Innovation exploder '98, but can only lift Korgath a few inches off the ground. He tries again, yelling out in frustration. He makes a third attempt and fails again. Suddenly, Dominic breaks his arm free and sends Sean to the canvas with a powerful hip toss. He follows up quickly with a big elbow drop on the ribs of Casey. He writhes in pain and rolls out of the ring by Natasha who kneels beside Sean as he regroups.


Judge: "Korgath turns the tide again."


Annie: "Nice try by Casey, but that's one big man."


Ejiro: "He's not a man, he's a beast. An absolute beast!"


Sean walks around the ring, giving his ribs some much needed rest. The ref begins the count.










Natasha massages Sean's shoulders as he stares down Korgath. He walks over to the announce table and says something to Judge.




Ejiro: "What did he say?"


Judge: "He asked me if I liked elbows...?"


Annie: "Well, do you?"


Judge: "I like to give them."


Ejiro: "'Tis better to give than to receive."






Casey slides in and stalks right toward Korgath. Dominic motions with his hands to 'come on'. Sean throws an incredibly stiff right elbow to the temple of Korgath. The Japanese Demon returns the blow and they begin to fiercely trade elbow's back and forth, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Korgath absolutely decimates the Live Wire with a series of double elbow shots sending Sean on the canvas on his shoulders. He rolls back up onto his feet as if nothing happened! Korgath's eyes widen as Casey lays two exceptionally stiff elbows to the side of Dominic's head. He steps back and spins connecting with a textbook spinning elbow smash to the left temple of Korgath instantly dropping the monster to the canvas. Sean drops face first, Ric Flair style at the same time as Korgath. The crowd stands shaking the arena with deafening cheers.


Judge: "WOW..."


Annie: "...WOW!"


Ejiro: "Wow. There's no other word for a display like that!"


The ref, with a stunned look himself, begins the count as both men lay motionless.












Ejiro: "I'd hate to see it end like this."


Annie: "Come on guys! Finish strong."






Both men begin to stir, pushing up onto their hands and knees.




They begin crawling toward each other as the crowd begins to buzz.




Judge: "Come on..."


Both men make it to their feet just before the ref gets to ten. The crowd begins to cheer as the two competitors meet in the center of the ring again. Sean swings with another elbow, but Korgath ducks it and lifts Sean up in a torture rack position on his shoulders.


Judge: "He's got him in the torture rack!"


Ejiro: "It's over."


Annie: "Wait!"


Sean rolls off of Dominic's shoulders and grabs onto his neck on the way down, bringing the big man down with a neckbreaker out of nowhere! The crowd cheers as both men are down. Suddenly, Sean lifts his legs up and kicks them back out, bringing himself to his feet again. The crowd eats it up as Sean walks to the far corner and with one quick jump is on the top turnbuckle, crouched down, waiting to take flight.


Judge: "Veteran ring presence shown there by Casey. He knew how to capitalize out of the rack."


Ejiro: "A burst of energy and he's on the top rope. This could be it."


The crowd stands to their feet and a buzz is about them as Sean pushes off the turnbuckle with all his strength and sails three-fourths across the ring hitting Korgath with a leg drop to his chest, jolting both men impressively. The crowd cheers in appreciation of the maneuver.





























"This Is The New Shit" by Marilyn Manson kicks up as the crowd stands and cheers, with a few boo's mixed in.


Judge: "He got him! What a leg drop by the Live Wire. What height, what impact!"


Ejiro: "Sean Casey with an impressive first showing here in the Junior League."


Annie: "I'm impressed with him, and his valet."


Judge: "Oh, brother, here we go again."


The ref raises Sean's arm in victory as Korgath lays, half unconscious from the impact of the leg drop. Sean jerks his arm from the ref and climbs out of the ring. He heads up the ramp, Natasha at his side.

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Annie: Welcome back to the SJL, and to the SUBWAY MATCH!


Judge: This should be fun, this should be a GREAT hardcore rules match.


Ejiro: I have to say, the use of a subway station is inspired booking. This could be one of the most brutal matches in SJL history!


A subway train pulls up and out of three consecutive carriages step “Hollywood” Spike Jenkins, The Unknown Warrior and Manson! Spike poses and looks down the platform, and Manson braces himself when…


Annie: What the hell???


…all three men get escorted out by police! Spike struggles against the handcuffs but it’s no use. The screen fades out to




Ejiro: Let’s go to commercial.



FLESHER EDIT: And then Mr. Bukkake came on all their faces.

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“Welcome back to Wrath!” Judge’s voice welcomes the returning viewers as cameras pan over the sold-out Madison Square Garden crowd. Fans cheers are almost deafening as they get geared up for the next match.


“I would like to thank everyone that has stayed tuned into our program tonight after witnessing that wacky subway brawl…I mean…when I first heard about the match I almost thought it would have something to do with sandwiches!” Ejiro’s punchline falls on deaf ears as both Annie and Judge put their heads down in shame. Ejiro pays no mind to the peanut gallery sitting next to him and smiles proudly.


“Up next Alan Clark gets a shot at regaining the European Championship that he lost almost four months ago to English Dragon…” Annie tries to come back from the bad joke, “against Landon Maddix, a man that has been on quite a good roll lately, falling just short of winning the World Title from Aecas only five days ago on Metal…”


“…and if what we’ve heard from backstage is any indication…both Maddix and the World Champion are feeling the effects of Raynor giving the fans a chance to create their own mayhem for once instead of sitting back and watching it…” Judge continues, but before he can utter another word a large booming voice echoes throughout the arena…


"Please Stand Clear of the Ring. Por favor Soporte Claro Del Anillo."


"For the safety and comfort of others...no smoking please. Para la seguridad y la comodidad de otras... el ningún fumar por favor"


"The SJL and the Walt Disney Company are proud to present...the following European Championship Matchup…”


The SmarkTron comes to life to show Tinkerbell soaring over the Madison Square Garden crowd before tapping her wand on the curtain, signaling the entrance of Alan Clark, who bursts out into the entranceway just as the opening notes to “When You Wish Upon A Star” begin to send childhood emotion swelling through the audience like hives during a boyhood camping trip.


“Why must he do that….every….time…” Ejiro looks on as Clark, clad in his own custom-fitted Custodial costume, makes his way to the ring.


“Ladies and Gentlemen…the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the Smarks Junior Leagues European Championship!


Making his way down the aisle…he is the self-proclaimed and copyrighted Happiest Guy On Earth…




Funyon’s voice trails off as Clark walks around the ringside area, slapping hands with the fans. As he reaches the announce table he waves to Judge and Annie, but Ejiro tries to ignore the cheery superstar. Seeing this, Alan walks behind the announce table and lifts Ejiro out of his chair before locking in a big bear of a hug, causing the technical wizard to almost scream out loud before Clark releases the hug and rolls into the ring.


“I can’t believe I just saw that…” Judge snickers to himself…


“Me either…” Annie says as Ejiro can be heard almost inaudibly cursing under his breath…


“So…dirty…so very very dirty…” Ejiro shivers as Clark’s music fades out and those in attendance begin to look toward the curtain for the arrival of the European Champion…


Suddenly, “The Fight Song” by Marilyn Manson begins to play…but as the lyrics hit it is obvious that something is amiss…


Niente li soffoca più di

Passare degli eventi umani giornalieri

L'isolamento è la mascherina che di ossigeno fate

Il vostro alito dei bambini in sopravvive



“…is that….” Annie’s query is cut off by a giant Italian flag bursting onto the SmarkTron…


“ITALIAN~?!” The entire announce team…most of those watching live…and a good bit watching at home all wonder at once as Landon Maddix appears through the curtain, much to the amusement of the Garden crowd. Maddix seems to move a bit slower however, and a camera shot shows that Landon’s back is still a bit battered and bruised from Metal a few days ago.


“and his opponent…hailing from All Points European…but especially Huron, South Dakota…he is the SJL European Champion……..




The championship belt shines around the waist of Maddix as he makes his way to the ring, climbing the ring steps and stepping through the ropes. Maddix unclasps the belt and holds it out to referee Sexton Hardcastle, who shows it to Landon and then turns…showing Clark the championship he has held once before. Just before the bell rings, Sexton raises the belt high in the air and spins around slowly…causing cheers to echo through the arena.




“Here we go…European title on the line!” Annie says as Clark puts his hand out for Maddix, offering a handshake. Landon stares at Clark for a moment, not sure of what to do. After looking out into the crowd, Landon shakes Alan’s hand to another large pop from the crowd.


Both men back up and Sexton can be audibly heard telling the two men to start the match. After another small pause both men move toward each other and into a tie-up.


“…finally…” Ejiro mumbles as Maddix spins around Clark and hooks up his left arm in a hammerlock. After a moment of squirming, Clark turns it around and puts the lock to Maddix. Before Landon can make a move, Clark pushes forward and leaps into the air, letting go of the hammerlock in mid-jump and bringing Maddix crashing to the canvas with a bulldog.


“Landon Maddix takes the first hard blow in the match up…square to the face as Alan Clark gets an early advantage.” Annie comments as Clark pops off the mat and springs into action, bouncing off the nearby middle rope and spinning in the air, bringing his left leg down across the neck of the champion.


“Nice springboard legdrop there, right on that injured neck of Landon Maddix!” Annie continues as Clark rolls Maddix over for a pin attempt.







“Of course that cheery bastard would barely get a two count…it’s not even a minute into the match yet!” Ejiro quips as Clark pulls Maddix off the canvas and goes for an irish whip, only for it to be reversed. Alan bounces off the far ropes and comes back toward the champ, who is ready and waiting and falls to his side, whipping Clark over his body with a beautiful armdrag.


“Maddix showing off his quickness now…” Judge tries to stay a bit unbiased at the two crowd favorites as Clark rushes back in toward Maddix, only to receive another armdrag.


Alan tries one more time, and just as Landon drops down, Clark puts on the brakes, hooking his left arm inside Landon’s right and pulling him up into a standing position and into an abdominal stretch.


“Third time is a charm for Alan Clark, as he is now stretching out the champ!” Annie begins to remark…before Ejiro suddenly cuts her off…


“But not for long!” he says as Clark lifts Landon off the ground and holds him sideways momentarily before dropping him down toward the canvas and right across the knee of the Disney sponsored superstar…causing Maddix to drop to the canvas and arch is back in a bit of pain.


“Backbreaker!” Ejiro and Judge both comment at once as Clark tries for another pin attempt…










The champ gets his shoulders off the mat just before the three, and the crowd seems torn at whether to cheer or boo for the kickout, as part of the audience cheers and others boo.


“The crowd here in the Garden can’t seem to choose who to cheer for in this match! Both men are fan favorites and it may come down to who is the better athlete!” Annie remarks.


“It ALWAYS comes down to who is the better athlete, Annie…” Judge comments as Clark gets back to his feet. Maddix begins to crawl for the ropes, but Clark stops him and unleashes a few hard kicks before moving down toward the legs of the champion, wrapping his own ankles with the ankles of Maddix and leaning forward…


“We’re going to Mexico!” Ejiro tries to hold back a laugh as Clark grabs the wrists of Maddix and rolls backwards onto his back, lifting the champion of the mat in a Mexican Surfboard, putting more torture on the back of Maddix.


Referee Sexton Hardcastle checks for a submission by the champion as the crowd’s chants begin to overlap each other…






Alan wrenches back on the surfboard, but Maddix can be seen shaking his head at each insistence of the referee.


“The Champ just will not give up that easy!” Judge comments, and it seems as though Clark hears the commentary as he pulls back hard one final time on the champ and lets the hold go, causing Maddix to drop to the canvas, holding his lower back in pain.


Sexton pulls away from the action, but Alan wastes no time in throwing himself back into it, lifting Landon off the mat and tries for another irish whip, sending the champ toward the far corner. Clark follows closely behind, but Maddix catches himself on the top ropes and leaps up, causing Clark to duck and rush right underneath Maddix.


Maddix lands on his feet and quickly hooks in a waistlock, and before Clark can move the champ has him off the ground and over his head…bringing him down with a thud onto the canvas!


“Once again the quickness of Maddix puts him back in control…but it seems the German Suplex from the champ hurt him as well!” Annie says as both men seem hurt from the suplex, with Maddix holding his neck as well as Clark, but the champ sees a chance and goes for a pin…and Sexton is there…









Alan’s shoulder pops off the mat and he rolls toward the ropes, trying to get back to a vertical base, but the champ is a bit ahead of him, holding his neck as he pulls Clark up to his feet and knocks him back into the corner with a series of hard European Uppercuts…


“First we have Spanish, then Italian, then German, and now these uppercuts…this whole place is a huge European Funland!” Ejiro quips as Maddix grabs Clark’s wrist and pulls him onto into the ring and whips him across the other corner. As Alan hits the other corner, the force of the whip causes him to bounce out back toward the center of the ring, and Maddix is ready, rushing out and leaping into the air, spinning 360 degrees and almost taking Clark’s head off with a spinkick that puts Clark down on his back.


“The champion blasts Clark right in the face with that hard kick…and now what is he doing?!” Annie questions as Maddix leaves Clark down and heads for the corner. He throws his arms into the air to a large cheer from the MSG crowd before climbing to the top and pointing down at Clark.


Landon takes a huge bounce and leaps into the air, his arms spreading out like wings as he takes flight across the ring, crashing down onto Alan Clark…who tries to move but can not get away fast enough…as Maddix hits a picturesque headbutt that sends a resounding thud, along with much larger cheers from the crowd, throughout the arena.


“Diving Headbutt!!” Judge exclaims, but Landon is hurt from the fall and can not make a proper cover, his arm simply falls across Clark’s chest as Sexton slides down for the count…












“Landon Maddix does not seem to care about his body at all! He’s insane!” Ejiro points out, but Annie steps in to correct him…


“He just wants to entertain the people and do what he has to do to win…”


“Whatever you say…he’s still insane…la cu-ca-racha…geez…” Ejiro slaps his forehead in disbelief as Alan rolls out from under the champion, but is still slow getting to his feet. Both men work their way toward adjacent ropes and as Sexton looks on, the crowds cheers and chants become louder and louder…






“LA CUCHARACHA!” One fan can be audibly heard screaming as both the champion and the challenger finally get to their feet. Both men beeline for each other and almost collide, with Clark gaining a quick advantage, pushing Maddix back into the corner and unleashing with a fury of chops…causing the torn crowd to roar with approval…










…before Alan pulls Landon back out of the corner and does his own irish whip across the ring. Maddix hits the corner back first and seems a bit dazed as Clark rushes across and pulls another dazzling cartwheel out of his arsenal…


“…stupid cartwheels…” Ejiro mutters as Clark leaps into the air and brings his foot swinging around and connecting hard with the side of the head of the champion!


“The Wreck Of The Miss Tilly!” Annie exclaims as Clark lands on his feet and tosses an elbow back into the chest of Maddix to keep him on his feet in the corner.


“Clark seems in control of this match-up” Annie says…but almost before she can finish the thought, from behind the curtain, almost silently…comes Todd Royal and Megan Skye, each holding folding chairs!


“What the …what are they doing here with those chairs!” Annie yells, but Royal and Skye simply open them up and set them in the aisle before sitting down to watch the match.


“What luck…our Todd and Savior is here to watch down upon us all!” Ejiro exclaims as Clark lifts Landon to a seated position on the top rope and follows him up.


“Clark’s heading up top…but I don’t think he has spotted Todd Royal watching the match…” Judge starts…


“He has now…” Ejiro finishes as Clark looks down into the aisle way to see Royal clapping his hands and smiling sarcastically at the efforts of the challenger. Before Clark can return his attention to the match, Maddix does it for him, leaning back and shoving Clark hard off the second rope and down to the mat, where he bounces off hard. Landon takes a moment to also look down at Royal, but quickly ignores him as Clark gets back up to his feet, dazed from the shove by the Champion.


“Todd Royal just caused this whole match to change in an instant!” Annie comments…


“Now you have seen the Power of Todd!” Ejiro continues with his ranting as Clark turns to look for Maddix, only to spot him just as he dives from the top rope and brings his hands down across the forehead of Clark in beautiful tomahawk fashion that puts Clark down on the canvas once more. Maddix goes for a pin and after a moment of staring down the aisle himself, Sexton falls to make the count…













“Landon Maddix could have won this match had the referee not taken the time to look down at Royal and Megan Skye!” Judge points out, but Ejiro is quick to take offense…


“Sexton was simply doing what everyone should do…take time out from his day to show respect to Todd!” Annie almost slaps Ejiro, but restrains herself as Maddix gets back to his feet, pulling Clark up with him as well.


Before Clark can really remember where he is, Maddix hooks in a facelock and lifts him into the air before dropping him down chest first across the top rope, causing Clark to bounce into the air and over the head of the champion, who brings him down in a hard suplex!


“Beautiful slingshot suplex there…but you got to wonder if that also hurt Maddix a little…he has been favoring his back this whole match…” Annie questions, but Maddix seems okay as he gets to his feet quickly and waits for Clark to return to a vertical base.


As he does, Maddix leaps into action and dives in, catching Clark in the jaw with a flying forearm shot that sends Clark reeling backwards toward the ropes. Maddix shoots off the mat after the forearm shot and hooks another facelock on the challenger, but instead of simply lifting him up he hooks Clark’s left leg and raises him into the air, bringing him down head first into a Fisherman’s Buster!


“That could very well have knocked Alan Clark out!” Ejiro almost squeals with delight as Maddix rolls Clark over and goes for the pin…

























Alan is able to get his foot on the bottom rope at the last second! On the outside, Todd’s premature celebration is stopped short, as he awkwardly looks around before retaking his seat next to Megan, who simply pats him on the back.


“Ejiro…couldn’t Royal simply use the Power of Todd to end this match?” Annie looks over at her fellow announcer.


“Todd works in mysterious ways, Annie…” is all Ejiro can say as Maddix pulls Clark back to his feet and whips him into the far ropes. As Clark comes rushing back Maddix is ready and catches Clark mid-stride with another facelock…spinning his body and bringing Alan crashing to the mat with a hard DDT that puts Clark on his back once more… Maddix again wastes little time in going for the cover…
















“The adrenaline of Alan Clark has kicked in now…and he is not going to lose this match and his shot at regaining that title without a fight!” Annie starts…but Ejiro quickly interjects…


“…well DUH.”


“I strive for your wit, Ejiro…I really do…” Annie smirks as Maddix gets to his feet. Clark tries to crawl for the ropes but the champion stops him and pulls him back up to a vertical base.


Landon stops for a moment and tries for an irish whip to the far corner…but Clark is able to reverse and Maddix goes for the corner. Clark follows behind but Maddix leaps up and bounces off the 2nd turnbuckle, flipping backwards in mid-air and hitting a beautiful cross-body moonsault that puts Alan Clark down and back in another pinning position…































Maddix slaps the mat in frustration, and the crowd can be heard chanting for both men almost in unison now. On the outside, Royal seems in the same position as the champion, looking on frustrated at the action before him.


Back in the ring, Maddix pulls Clark back up to his feet and begins attacking with a series of stiff uppercuts that put Clark almost out on his feet against the ropes. Landon takes this moment to literally leap into action, jumping up and hooking his legs around the head of Clark and rolling backwards, flipping Clark over with a beautiful hurricanrana!


“Hurricanrana! Pin!” Ejiro yells as Sexton goes for the count…

























“My God! At the last possible MICROSECOND…Alan got his hand out and grabbed that bottom rope!” Judge is in as much shock as everyone. Todd Royal is more than shocked as he kicks the closest barricade and sits back in his chair, huffing.


“Twice in this match, the champ could have had the match won…but the ropes that provide salvation to some can provide pain to others…and in this instance it brought salvation to Clark…but pain to Maddix…” Annie is once again interrupted by Ejiro…


“What do you mean pain…this just means Maddix will have to wait a few moments longer to keep his belt around his waist…that’s all…”


The Champion seems to hear Ejiro’s comment as a close-up shows a bit of a smile on his face. Maddix pulls Clark off the mat and after another brief series of uppercuts he whips Alan back to the ropes, catching him as he bounces back with a beautiful headscissor takeover that almost puts Alan outside the ring, but the ropes seemingly save him once again.


“Maddix seems to be in the driver’s seat now and he knows it…how is he going to follow up?” Judge asks as Maddix goes to the corner and begins to slam his foot off the ground, and the ruckus Madison Square Garden crowd seems to know what is coming next…


“The champ is tuning up for a superkick here…and this very well could end the match!” Annie exclaims as Clark gets to his feet, still groggy from the headscissors. As Alan spins around, he is greeted by Maddix rushing him at full speed. Landon arches his back and raises his foot for a superkick…


…but Clark ducks!!


Alan slips underneath the kick of Maddix, and comes up, catching the stumbling champion by surprise and hooking in an inverted front facelock before spinning his whole body 180 degrees and flattening it out, bringing his body down to the canvas hard with Landon trapped in the neckbreaker!


“CUTTING IN LINE!” Annie screams as Clark makes the cover…
























Maddix’s shoulder shoots off the mat and he quickly rolls toward the outside as the torn crowd explodes in both cheers and boos for the kickout. Sexton tries to begin a count, but before he can try Clark shoves him out of the way and bounces off the far ropes, flying across the ring with a springboard cartwheel before moonsaulting over the top rope and to toward the champion…





Todd Royal claps mockingly as Alan Clark crashes to the outside and Maddix falls against the ringsteps as Sexton begins his count again.







Maddix begins to stir, slowly making his way toward the dizzied Clark, who has barely moved since hitting the floor.






Maddix reaches Clark and pulls him off the mat and rolls him into the ring, following behind him and breaking up the count. Maddix crawls on top of Clark as Sexton drops for the pin…























On the outside, Todd Royal looks to have seen a ghost as Clark’s arm shoots to the sky. Maddix rolls off in disbelief before slowly making his way to his feet. Maddix shakes out the cobwebs from the neckbreaker and yanks Clark off the mat, holding him in place before leaping up and wrapping his legs around the head of the challenger…


“Second Hurricanrana coming up!” Judge exclaims, but as Maddix rolls backwards Clark is able to hold himself upright, blocking the champion in mid-turn!


Before Maddix can adjust, Clark takes his own legs and wraps them around the arms of the champion…the crowd and even Todd himself seem to know what is coming…


“Could it be?!” Annie asks excitedly as Clark leaps into the air and falls to his stomach, crushing the European Champion between himself and the canvas!


“BLOODY CARCASS! BLOODY CARCASS ON LANDON MADDIX!” Annie yells out…”He hasn’t done that move since his ‘Bloodshed’ days!” she continues as Clark gets to his feet, but only half of the Carcass is truly complete. Almost without thinking, Clark hooks Maddix’s legs in position and lifts him up, arching the back of the champion in the process before sitting down across the lower back of Landon…


“Texas Cloverleaf! Alan Clark is going to try to end this match right here!” Ejiro yells out as Royal looks to be having a coronary on the outside, with Megan calming him down as Maddix slowly tries to make his way to the ropes…


“The last time Alan used this move he got a win over Nathaniel Kibagami in one of the biggest upsets in SWF history!! If this move can take out Silent…it can damn sure take out Landon Maddix!” Judge goes for historical fact as the crowd tears apart once more…with half of the crowd behind the champ, and the other half behind the challenger…






Closer and closer Maddix inches toward the ropes…






Clark tries his best to hold on…
















“Break it up ref! Break it up!” Both Ejiro and even possibly Todd Royal are screaming the same thing, and Sexton apparently hears as well as he forces the hold to be broken. Todd Royal is on his feet now, trying to get the attention of Alan Clark, who gets to his feet and looks down the aisle…his happy cheery smile replaced by a what some would describe as a cold smirk.


“Look at that not-so-cheerful look from Clark to Royal!” Annie comments as Clark picks a hurting Maddix off the mat and hooks in another inverted facelock. With all of MSG watching Clark spins around once more and brings Maddix down to the mat in ANOTHER NECKBREAKER!!


“CLARK CUTS IN LINE FOR A SECOND TIME TONIGHT!!” Judge, Annie, and Ejiro explode along with the crowd as Clark gets back to his feet and moves down Maddix’s body, crossing his legs and pulling Landon’s feet up to his chest.


“It can’t be…not again!” Ejiro remarks as Clark turns to face Royal as he places his feet across the arms of Maddix and leans down, repeating what was done to Spike Jenkins only five days ago. With little fanfare, Alan Clark hooks on to the neck of Landon Maddix and rolls backwards, causing decidely much more fanfare as the crowd erupts for the submission hold!


“AND NOW LANDON MADDIX IS THE SECOND MAN TO TAKE A TRIP TO EPSOT!” Annie exclaims as Sexton begins to check for a submission…






The crowd is still torn between the two men…as chants echo throughout the Garden…










On the outside, Todd Royal looks to be on the edge of his seat, a dead stare on his face as he watches Landon writhe in pain…


“…can the champ hang on!?” The question from Ejiro burns through the arena…











“THE CHAMP TAPS OUT!!” Annie screams as Sexton calls for the release of the hold and the bell to be rung!









Suddenly pyro explodes all over the inside of Madison Square Garden as “When You Wish Upon A Star” begins to play over the loudspeakers. The European Title is handed to Alan Clark as he gets to his feet and the defeated Maddix rolls to the outside.


Clark holds the belt high above his head and looks down the aisle at Todd Royal, whose eyes are about as big as his ego, is staring straight through the new European Champion as Funyon makes his announcement…


“Ladies and Gentlemen…here is your winner…and NNNNNEEEEEEWWWWWWW SJL EUROPEAN CHAMPION…




The crowd explodes in cheers as Todd turns and walks away, with Megan left to fold the chairs and follow behind. Before heading backstage Todd looks into the ring once more to see Alan Clark celebrating his victory.


Just before Todd disappears, he looks up at the SmarkTron to see Alan’s smiling face bigger than ever shining down on him. Royal then throws the curtain aside and walks to the back, followed close by Megan who dares not look up into the SmarkTron.


“Todd Royal does not seem to be happy with the festivities here tonight on Wrath!” Annie exclaims underneath the cheers, music, and pyro…


“…me either…” Ejiro sighs to himself as Alan throws the belt over his shoulder and exits the ring…but instead of leaving down the aisle he dives over the barricade and into the crowd!


“Stay tuned fans…up next we have the man you just saw…the not-so-happy-as-of-late Todd Royal taking on the World Champion Aecas…you do NOT want to miss that!” Annie tries to do her job before Judge cuts in…


“What is he doing now!?” he asks as Clark begins high-fiving all those around him and making his way through the throngs of cheering fans.


“He’s having fun!” Annie points out as Ejiro keeps his head down. The camera stays on the celebrating Alan Clark as Wrath fades out and goes to commercial break.

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The lights in the arena dim and turn purple and blue as the crowd drop to a silence. The screeching voice of Morgan Lander rings out throughout the arena…


She is not scared to die.

The best things in life drive her to cry




…and out of the entranceway walks NATASHA! The Gothic Goddess steps up the entrance ramp and calls for a microphone to be thrown up to her in the ring as the male fans drool as she works her raven haired beauty to it’s fullest.


Annie: "It’s Natasha! The Ice Queen is back in the SJL!"


Judge: "You seem very keen Annie."


Ejiro: "That’s cos Natasha is like Mickey Mantle."


Judge: "What?"


Ejiro: "I heard she swings both ways…"


As Annie smiles her head off at the commentary table, Natasha sashays around the ring before stopping and raising the mic to her face, touching its tip softly with her lips. Natasha speaks clearly into the mic, spoiling the illusion of her fabulous looks a little with her nails on a chalkboard New Jersey accent.


Natasha: "The bitch is BACK. And I see it doesn’t matter how many times I leave, the fans of the SJL still come to see me."


The crowd cheers.


Natasha: "And it doesn’t matter how many times I come back, the crowd still wants to be with me."


The crowd cheers.


Natasha: "And it doesn’t matter how many times I come back, there isn’t one of you MISERABLE, DIRTY, FILTHY little people who would stand a chance of even touching me."


The crowd BOOS, and boos good. Natasha lets out a little laugh and smiles to herself.


Annie: "She didn’t include the commentary team in that."


Ejiro: "It’s Judge’s chiseled look that does it for her."



Natasha: "It always amuses me how easy you idiots are to work. I mean I expect slack jawed idiots, but COME ON! Do yourself credit. Show your little intelligence, if I call your home town, DON’T cheer… I THINK YOU’RE IDIOTS, REMEMBER?"


Ejiro: "They ARE idiots. How long have I been saying that. Disagree with me Annie. Annie?"


Annie: "…wha… sorry I’m miles away."


Natasha: "Now I’m not just out here to insult you all, fun as that is. I’m here for a VERY special reason. Now you know I managed Chris Card, but that ended. Chris Card is Technical Perfection, but there’s one man that’s better than perfection. Chris Card’s former tag team partner, and the ONLY man in this arena tonight with a pinfall over the Maori Bad ass."


Judge: "Hey, that’s not true…"


Ejiro: "Yes it is. Tom pinned him remember."


Annie: "And he had you BEAT at Genesis, Ejiro."


Ejiro: "I could have kicked out."


Natasha: "Three Time Former GFWA Light heavyweight Champion. Former GFWA Extreme Champion. Former GFWA WORLD Champion. First ever bWo Brutal Champion. First ever wWC Tag Team Champion. First ever oW Impact Champion. Founding member of the Elite Players. Founding member of the Syndicate. Founding member of Murder Inc and a man who in my personal opinion is FAR too good to be slumming it in this hellhole. Ladies and Gentlemen… LIVE~WIRE SEAN CASEY!"




Strobe lights begin flashing at a fast pace, illuminating the entrance way and ramp.




"This Is The New Shit" by Marilyn Manson kills your ears as the fans stand to their feet, awaiting SJL's newest member. After a few fleeting moments, Sean Casey steps onto the ramp, a towel covering his head, only his stubbled chin showing. He holds his arms out to his sides in a Jesus Christ pose. He wears black slacks, a black belt with a silver belt buckle made up of the letters "L~W". He has on an unbuttoned steel blue and white designer silk shirt that reveals a rippled stomach and sculptured chest. He has shoulder length jet black hair that is pulled back in a ponytail, and his trademark black Oakley sunglasses. The crowd is abuzz about the new superstar as he begins to walk to the ring smirking at the crowd. He stops as he is about to climb the ring steps and takes a child's paper and pen that he was holding out for Sean.


Judge: "Being with Natasha, I didn't think this Sean Casey guy would be so nice."


Ejiro: "I think you judged him wrong...Judge."


Judge: "I haven't heard THAT one before."


Instead of signing for the child, Sean promptly crumbles up his paper and hands it back to him. The child begins to cry as Sean pockets the boy's pen and makes his way up the ring steps.


Judge: "Ha ha ha...that's classic. He stole the poor kid's pen."


Ejiro: "I have morals...but that's just funny! Ha ha."


Annie: "...yeah, pens are good."


Judge: "We've lost her."


Ejiro: "It wouldn't be the first time..."


Judge: "And it won't be the last."


Sean climbs into the ring and takes Natasha by her right hand, bringing it to his lips and kissing it. Natasha smiles devilishly as she hands the mic off to the Live Wire. He let's the noise of the crowd settle before beginning to speak.


Sean Casey: "You little SWF bastards need to learn to show proper respect for a lady."


The crowd explodes with boo's directed at Casey.


Judge: "She's a woman...but I don't know that I could rightly call her a LADY."


Ejiro: "I like this guy already. How about you, Annie?"


Annie: "Yeah...sure."


Sean Casey: "Not only am I forced to come out here and introduce myself to you lowly fans, but I have to start my career in the MINOR league of the SWF. I have four years worth of headlining pay per-views, winning titles, leading stables and just out and out pure wrestling talent in me...and I'm in the SJL? There must be some mistake."


The crowd starts up with boo's again, not taking a liking to Sean's harsh words.


Judge: "He's not lacking confidence, that's for sure."


Ejiro: "I've read up on this guy...he's all he says he is and more."


Judge: "He knows that, and now he's making sure that we know it, too."


Sean Casey: "I'm not going to spend too much time out here, because frankly, the smell is becoming nauseating to me. But before as I go home to my Victorian mansion, and you go home to your apartments, and ride in my stretch limo, and you ride in your Luminas, remember that my time in the minor leagues of the SWF will be short lived. Talent like mine can not be denied, it can not be held down...and it won't be. Hell, why keep me down here in this gum ball operation when I could be putting asses in the seats at SWF events, ever deepening the pockets of the SWF big wigs?"


Natasha laughs as the crowd again boo's the duo.


Judge: "Good point, get this guy a SWF contract."


Ejiro: "I second that. Annie?"


Annie: "I thong th--I mean, third that."


Judge: "Ha ha ha."


Sean Casey: "What you saw earlier tonight was just a preview of better things to come. To put it in words that a crowd such as yourselves might understand, you ain't seen nothin' yet. So, feel privileged to watch me while I'm here and be sure to catch me in the SWF very soon. You're about to see just why i coined the phrase...I RUN THIS GAME!"


"This Is The New Shit" by Marilyn Manson kicks up again as the crowd boo's Sean and Natasha. Sean holds the middle rope up for Natasha to climb under, then climbs out and takes her hand, helping her off the apron. The two walk to the back soaking up the boo's of the crowd.


Judge: "Damn...I wish I would've copyrighted that one."


Ejiro: "It sure is catchy."


Annie: "Does she really swing both ways?"


Ejiro: "That's the rumor."


Annie: "Mmm..."

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As we return from our final commercial break, we see a group of die-hard SJL fans- without tickets, but standing outside the World’s Most Famous Arena, buzzing and waiting impatiently for first-hand information about the night’s title matches. As the camera pans past them and into the arena, we see that Madison Square Garden is packed to the rafters with wrestling fans. Zooming past signs that read “ß The Unknown Warrior! à” “Aecas = PAIN” and “Wes can plug MY Outlett!”, the camera comes to rest on the announce table.


Judge: Welcome back to WRATH!!


Annie: We’re inside the most famous arena in the world, MSG, and we’ve already seen an amazing night of action! After a brutal battle below Gotham City, and a hard fought European Title contest, what more could we see tonight?!


Ejiro: Oh, I’ll tell you what. Tonight’s the night Todd Royal topples that Satanic Sasquatch, Aecas, and retakes his spot atop the Throne of Todd as YOUR SJL World Champion!!! It’ll be a night to remember!


As the Smarktron’s commercial-break presentation of Ashes 2 Ashes highlights winds down, the New York fans scramble back to their seats, knowing the main event is moments away. As a hush falls over the Garden, the ropes part and SJL announcer Funyon steps into the ring, bringing the microphone up to his lips.


Funyon: Ladies and Gentlemen…the following is your MAIN EVENT, scheduled for one fall, with a 60 minute time limit…and it is for the S..J..L WOOORRRRLLLLDD HEAVYWEIGHT WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP!!!


As the crowd erupts, the lights in the arena flash out as one. After a moment of confusion, a soft chorus of voices cuts through the blackness, overcoming the buzzing crowd and echoing from the rafters. As the sing-song praise continues, dozens of small flames suddenly flick on beside the entrance way. The crowd and cameras turn towards the light, which now reveals a full church choir, donned in royal blue robes and belting out a continuous note.


Annie: What the…


As a portion of the crowd begins to boo, a spotlight snaps on high in the rafters, falling softly just above the entrance curtain. An audible groan leaves the audience as the light reveals a gigantic 10 foot stained glass portrait of a smirking Todd Royal…a scroll of “In Todd we Trust” unfurled below it.


Ejiro: This is GREAT!…


Suddenly, in front of the curtain, a ring of light rises from the arena floor. As the church choir winds down, a platform rises from beneath MSG, raising Megan Skye and the challenger, Todd Royal up into the arena. The crowd, long since out of patience, unleashes a furious stream of boos as the choir dies off, replaced with blue and white strobe lights and the roar of Motley Crue’s “Livewire”. Ignoring the jeers and basking in his grandeur, Royal hooks arms with Skye and struts towards the ring.


Funyon: Announcing first…the challenger…he is accompanied to the ring by Megan Skye and weighs in at two hundred and twenty pounds…from San Diego, California…TODD ROYAL!!


As Royal steps through the ropes, the booing intensifies, rocking the rafters of the arena but not fazing its target. As Megan removes his vest, Todd lowers his sunglasses down the bridge of his nose and points at the stained glass, grinning as it is raised back into the rafters. Suddenly, however, as if a switch was turned, the arena goes dark again and the arena erupts.




Where the obnoxious portrait hung moments ago, there is now a foreboding image of a large man- his tattoos highlighted by scant rays of brightness. The buzz in the arena grows as the camera pans up the man’s body.




Reaching the bowed head of the figure, the camera slowly begins to zoom in. As the light focuses in on the shrouded face, a deep voice echoes throughout New York.




With that, the dark figure’s head snaps up, his eyes fluttering open to reveal an opaque abyss of an eye. The crowd explodes as a soft chorus of voices echoes behind the first one.




As Dark Funeral’s “Dead Skin Mask” reverberates through the arena, a cloud of smoke begins to ooze from beneath the stage. Carpeting the entrance ramp and blanketing the curtain, the wisps of gray provide an eerie background for the blood stained words that flash on the Smarktron. Through the fumes, the shadow of a large man becomes visible, standing tall and holding a scythe above his head.


Funyon: And his opponent…from Shrewsbury, England and weighing in at three hundred and fifteen pounds…he is the current, reigning and defending SJL World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion… “THE BLACK ANGEL”…AECAS!!!


The crowd erupts as the giant flicks his weapon and stalks towards the ring. Stepping through the ropes and handing his title to referee Anthony Michael Hall, Aecas flashes a wicked grin as the lights flash on again, smiling demonically before closing his eyes and returning to a stony glare.


Annie: Geez, pretentious much?!


Ejiro: Yeah, I know. That big idiot has to have a fog machine, and bloody letters and a weapon. OOOOHHHH real scary. He’s…


Annie: Not HIM. Royal. A church choir?!? A stained glass portrait?!?


Judge: That parade for Alan Clark really got to Todd Royal. On Metal he demanded that Chris Raynor provide him a bigger and better entrance, and apparently he got his wish. Todd can’t stand to be second at anything, which may be an advantage in this match.


As the commentators debate strategy, Hall steps into the center of the ring. Patting down the boots and tights of each of the competitors, the SJL official warns Skye to stay out of the match before going over the rules of the contest. With the crowd at a fever pitch, the referee steps back, waving the men into the center of the ring and calling for the bell.




With the crowd electric in their cheering, the two competitors slowly stalk toward each other. Moving into the center of the ring, champion and challenger glare into each other’s eyes. Reaching back, the massive Aecas swings his arm forward, unloading on his opponent with a knife edge chop.






Wincing in pain and staggering backwards, Todd Royal widens his eyes in shock and rubs his hand over the welt forming on his sternum. Stepping backwards to the ring ropes, the challenger pauses briefly to allow his valet to towel off the spot of impact. With a scowl and a warning to his opponent, Royal marches back into the face-off.






Judge: Todd Royal is used to starting a match with a lockup and some wrestling holds, and the challenger seems shocked and appalled that the big, bruising Aecas is coming out of the gate with chops.


Annie: It’s part of Royal’s ridiculous superiority complex. He thinks EVERYTHING has to be done his way.


Staggering back again and cursing in frustration, Royal turns to Anthony Michael Hall, pleading for him to do something about his opponent. Hall simply shakes his head and begs off, leaving Royal scowling. Taking a step back, Todd charges forward, bending his arm in front of him and drilling the Black Angel with a forearm shot.


Ejiro: Yikes.


Aecas, a cold stare in his eyes, barely wavering as his smaller opponent rebounds off him. Shaking his head and rolling his shoulders, the champion grinds his teeth and wrings his wrists, daring Royal to continue the assault. Obliging the invitation, Todd rebounds off the ropes and charges full steam ahead, driving his forearm into the chest of the Black Angel.


The blow does little more than stagger the champion, however, and an enraged Royal growls before spinning around and blasting Aecas with a roaring forearm. As the Black Angel staggers backwards, Todd unloads, delivering a flurry of shots to his opponent, backing him into the ropes. A smile slowly creeps across the challenger’s face, but the big man quickly wipes it off, rebounding off the ropes and plowing him over with a lariat.


Annie: HUGE clothesline by Aecas!!


Judge: Todd tried to beat Aecas at his own game, backing him off with strikes. But Aecas has eleven inches and nearly one hundred pounds on the challenger. There’s no way Royal’s going to out muscle him.


Ejiro: Don’t be so sure, partner. Royal’s got the power of Todd on his side!!


Royal looks anything but powerful, however, as he scrambles to get off the mat. He makes it as far as his knees before Aecas reaches down, grabbing him by the hair and lifting him the rest of the way. Grabbing Todd by the wrist, the Black Angel pulls Royal toward him, grabbing him by the waist and spinning him through the air. Driving Royal into the canvas, Aecas pops back to his feet, grinning sadistically as he stands over his fallen opponent.


Judge: Spinebuster! There are VERY few people in this company who can snap that move off as crisply as Aecas!


Shaking the cobwebs from his head, the challenger has no time to react to his opponent grabbing hold of his ankles. As the fans stand and flashbulbs pop, Aecas drives the heel of his boot into Todd’s knee, eliciting a howl of pain from the fallen Royal. The corner of the camera shot briefly reveals Megan Skye with her hands over her face before zooming into the middle of the ring where the Black Angel is turning his opponent over into a Boston Crab.


Annie: Great strategy by the big man, immediately going to work on the knee of Todd Royal. It was only 5 days ago that the Unknown Warrior dismantled that limb on Metal, and the Black Angel is right on the weakness.


Ejiro: Weakness?! I know of no injury of which you speak. Royal’s armor has no chinks! The man is steel!


With Todd writhing in pain on the canvas, Aecas pulls back further, wrenching Royal’s knee and standing him almost vertical. The challenger spins onto his back to relieve the pressure, but his relief is fleeting as the Black Angel drives the heel of his foot into Todd’s kneecap.


Royal grimaces in pain as he crawls towards the ropes, but the champion refuses to relent on his assault. Grasping his opponent around the ankle, Aecas stoically drags him back into the center of the ring. Todd climbs to his feet and leaps into the air, spinning around his injured limb and firing his right foot toward the skull of the Black Angel. The champion ducks the enzuigiri however, holding his grasp on Royal’s leg and dropping to the mat in a reverse leglock.


Judge: Great agility shown by the massive Aecas, ducking the kick from Todd Royal and locking in that leglock.


Annie: We don’t usually see the champ work over a leg like this, but we know he can hook a mean Fujiwara Armbar. This variation is proof that Aecas can adapt his strategy to any situation.


Pulling at his face and gasping in pain, the challenger claws for the ropes to break the hold, heaving as he drags the massive champion across the canvas. With a last desperate push, Royal’s hand grasps the cable, forcing the referee to break the hold. As Aecas simply climbs to his feet and stares at his foe, Todd scurries to the outside, taking refuge on the apron.


Ejiro: Spectacular break by Royal to change the momentum!!


Annie: You can spin anything huh?


Judge: I’ve never seen Todd Royal down this much this early in a match. His knee is obviously in bad shape from that match with Unknown Warrior, and he’ll be lucky to escape this match on two feet, let alone with a title.


As Royal makes it gingerly to his feet, Aecas makes his way to the ropes. Ducking between the top and middle ropes, the champion drives his shoulder at his opponent. Todd spins away however, barely avoiding the shoulder block and roaring as he drives his elbow into the spine of the champion.




The fans in MSG let out a collective gasp as momentum swings in the challenger’s favor for the first time in the match. As Todd rocks back on his injured limb, the Black Angel recoils from the shot to the back, wincing and reflexively grabbing at his spine.


Judge: With all the talk of the weakened knee of Todd Royal, you can’t ignore the BRUTAL match Aecas went through on Metal with Landon Maddix. Aecas’ back took a beating in that match, and you have to think Todd knows that.


Ejiro: Oh, he knows it, and he’s going to use it to break down Aecas and walk out of New York with the World Heavyweight title!


Backing up, Royal steps in and lifts his left leg, drilling the champion with a shin to the face. As the Black Angel staggers back into the ring, Todd quickly hobbles to the corner, climbing to the top rope. Taking a moment to get his balance, Royal soars through the air with a cross body block.


Ejiro: Royal goes up top! High to the Heavens! To the Kingdom of Todd!!


Todd’s body collides with his opponent’s but the gigantic champion just grunts and takes a step back as he catches Royal and holds him across his chest. Scowling, Aecas drops to one knee, driving Todd’s back across his knee with a huge backbreaker.


Annie: That shot to the back may have temporarily stunned Aecas, but it didn’t do the damage Todd was hoping. In fact, it may have just made the Black Angel angrier, and now he’s back in control.




As the New York fans stand and praise the champion, the Black Angel simply circles his opponent, his expression never changing as he sizes Royal up. Todd just gasps weakly and grabs at his knee as his opponent reaches down, grabbing the challenger by the straps of his tights and jerking him from the mat.


Grabbing Royal in a standing facelock, the Black Angel hooks Todd’s arm over his neck. Reaching down, the champion hooks his opponent’s left leg, which is dangling limply by his side, and cradles it against Todd’s chest. Roaring as he stands straight up, Aecas powers Royal off the canvas and holds him compact above his head.




Judge: HUGE Fisherman’s buster by Aecas!! He dropped Royal straight on his head!!


Annie: Not only that, but he hooked the injured leg when he did it! The impact alone could have hyper extended the knee!


Holding the cradle and rolling Royal onto his shoulders, the champion arches his back, bridging the hold and pinning Todd to the mat. Anthony Michael Hall hits the mat, dropping to his knees to make the cover.



























Ejiro: Yes! Royal uses the Power of Todd to recover and kick out!! Todd Bless that man!!


Annie: Nearfall by Aecas, however, and he’s got Todd on the ropes. If he can pull out a big move, like the Wings of Fire or the Executioner, Royal could be finished.


As the crowd boos Todd’s shoulder coming off the mat, the Black Angel breaks the cradle and spins to his feet. Leaving Royal to struggle to his feet, Aecas stalks slowly across the ring. Lowering his head and glaring at Todd, the champion waits for his opponent to rise.


The challenger stumbles to a vertical base, but barely has time to plant his feet before Aecas charges from across the ring. Raising his massive boot into the air, the champion leaps at his opponent, preparing to decapitate him with a Yakuza kick. At the last second, however, Todd ducks the blow and spins around, clasping his hands and drilling Aecas in the spine with a double axe-handle. As the champion reacts to the blow, Royal leaps into the air, grabbing him around the head and dropping down with a neck breaker.


Judge: OH! Every time Todd escapes from Aecas’ attack, he hit’s the champ with a move to that neck and back area. He hasn’t got much offense in, but he’s making the most of the moves he hits.


As the men crash to the mat, Royal immediately scrambles to his feet, draping his body over his opponent and calling for the count.


Ejiro: It’s OVER!














Rolling off of the champion, Todd’s face drops as he reacts to the one count. As the massive champion begins to climb off the mat again, Royal attacks, laying into him with forearm shots and punches. The monster Aecas simply absorbs the blows, however, reaching his feet and grabbing his opponent by the throat. Royal gasps for air as the eyes of the Black Angel light up and he plants his free arms between Todd’s legs. Lifting the challenger in the air, Aecas gorilla presses Royal before hurling him over the top rope to the floor.




Annie: What a move by Aecas!! He just hurled Royal from the ring, and Todd might have landed on his knee on the outside!


Ejiro: Disqualify him! Aecas is trying to maim our Todd and Savior!! That was cheap and uncalled for.


The next move is anything but uncalled for, as the MSG fans are standing, begging for the champion to follow up. Grinning slightly, the Black Angel scales the turnbuckles, each step he takes amplifying the noise in the Garden. As he reaches the top ropes, Aecas pulls his thumb across his neck and leaps into the air, crashing down across Todd with a MASSIVE cross body block.




Judge: What a move! The seven footer just took off from the top rope with that body press to the outside!!


Both men are slow to move on the outside, but the champion is the first to his feet as the crowd roars. Megan Skye rushes to pull the big man off, but Aecas just grabs her by the hair, pulling her off her feet and grinning sadistically.




The Black Angel just growls however, tossing Megan to the floor and turning his attention again to Todd Royal. Pulling the challenger to his feet, Aecas grabs Todd’s wrist and steps back. Hurling his opponent at the ring post, the champion’s eyes widen as Royal plants his good leg and pivots, hurling Aecas spine-first into the steel.




Ejiro: YES! It’s a miracle! A Todd’s honest miracle!! Royal just DRILLED Aecas in that weakened spine!


Judge: This may be the last opportunity Royal gets in this match, so he better capitalize if he wants to win the match!!


Aecas grimaces as he rebounds off the post and drops to one knee. Gathering all his strength, Todd charges his opponent- bounding off the champion’s knee and driving his shin into Aecas’ skull.


Annie: Shining Wizard!


Judge: Modified Shining Wizard there, as Todd hit Aecas with his shin, instead of his injured knee. Great thinking and strategy there by Royal, modifying his offense to deal with his injury.


Royal is obviously in pain, but his face is brightened by the advantage he holds. Rolling Aecas back into the ring, Todd climbs up onto the apron. Aecas begins to climb to his feet again, but Todd leaps, hurdling the ropes and catching the champion by the hair before driving him face-first into the mat with a bulldog.


Rolling to his knees, Todd grabs his opponent and pulling him to his feet. Chopping the chest off the big man, Royal slowly works Aecas into the corner. Blocking the view of the referee, Royal rakes the champions eyes before spinning out and Irish whipping Aecas across the ring. Hurtling forward, the Black Angel collides head on with the turnbuckles, crashing hard into the buckle as Royal follows him in.


Ejiro: Royal’s on a roll now! He’s got the advantage and he’s just seconds away from victory!! WHOOOOO!!


Annie: Todd’s got a ways to go yet, Ejiro. His knee is still trashed, and while he’s been working over Aecas’ back, he still hasn’t been able to keep the Black Angel down for any length of time.


With the champion’s back to him, however, Todd Royal drills him with an elbow to the spine. Aecas slumps over the top turnbuckle, leaving Todd time to back up and leap in with a jumping forearm to the neck. The big man recoils in pain, and Todd smirks as he steps back and unleashes another blow.


Judge: Normally, in a situation like this, we’ve seen Royal hit a jumping knee strike. However with the injured knee, Todd’s protecting that knee and using forearm shots instead to weaken the champion.


As the champion staggers out of the corner, Royal side-steps him and catches him around the neck. Grapevining his own right leg around the left one of Aecas, Todd sweeps forward, driving the Black Angel spine-first into the mat with a Russian legsweep. Letting out a “whoooo!” of victory, Royal rolls to his knees, grinning for a second as he turns Aecas over onto his face.


Straddling the Black Angel, Royal grabs his opponent’s left arm with his right hand. Reaching across and using his left hand to grab the right arm, Todd crosses the champion’s arms across his neck. Gritting his teeth and leaning back, Royal locks in the straightjacket camel clutch.


Ejiro: Todd’s Eye!! Royal locks in the Todd’s Eye on Aecas!! With the condition of the champion’s back over the past two matches, this HAS to put him away!!


*clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*


As the fans begin to clap, trying to bring Aecas to life, Royal tightens his grip and pulls back, dropping to one knee to avoid putting pressure on his left leg.


*Clap* *Clap* *Clap *Clap*


The champion’s eye begin to light up as he struggles to break free from the hold. Bending his knees, Aecas is able to plant his feet on the mat, slowly gaining leverage and moving to a standing position.




With a final roar, Aecas pushes up, sliding the challenger off his back and getting to one knee. Panicking, Royal slides his arms down his opponent’s body, straight jacketing his Aecas’ arms across his chest. The Black Angel roars and starts to power to his feet, but the challenger lurches back, taking the giant over and drilling him into the mat.




Annie: Straightjacket Suplex by Royal!!


Judge: The crowd willed the champion to his feet, but Royal took him over with a huge suplex. That had to take a LOT out of Royal though, because he had to do that with upper body strength alone.


Indeed, Todd is slow to capitalize on the suplex, breathing heavily as he turns over and crawls toward his opponent. Patting his waist briefly to signal the end of the bout, Royal falls on top of Aecas, hooking the leg and bringing Anthony Michael Hall to the mat to count.




















Ejiro: ACK! So close!! Todd was inches away from a second reign as SJL World Champion!!


Judge: Royal’s got to put Aecas away soon. He’s done a good job of protecting that injured knee for the past few minutes, but it’s got to be hurting him. If he wants to win, he’s got to finish the job quickly.


Shooting an angry glare at the official, Todd Royal climbs to his feet and steps through the ropes. As Aecas slowly turns over onto his chest, Royal scales the turnbuckles, pointing to his fallen opponent.




Smirking at the jeers, the challenger leaps from the top rope. The Black Angel begins to push to his feet, but is soon crushed back to the canvas as Royal comes down with an elbow drop to the small of the back. As Todd rolls away from the impact, Aecas groans in pain and grabs at his spine.


Judge: Beautiful flying elbow by Todd Royal there, focusing his attack in on the back that took so much damage in that Fans Bring the Weapons match.


Annie: Usually when Todd goes up top, it’s for a move like the moonsault or Shooting Star Press. But both of those moves put pressure on the knees on impact. He avoids exposing the knee again with the elbow.


As Aecas groans and makes his way to his feet again, Royal backs up and rests in the corner. Pulling down his kneepad and rubbing his knee, Todd is toweled off by a frazzled Megan Skye. The fans rise with the champion, and as the Black Angel spins to face his challenger, Royal steps out of the corner. Bending back and thrusting out his leg, Todd aims a super kick at the big man.


Annie: NO!! The super kick is blocked by Aecas!!


The crowd erupts in cheers as the Black Angel catches the incoming left leg and cradles it in his arms. Royal’s eyes widen and his jaw drops as Aecas scowls and brings his forearms down across the knee. A scream of pain escapes the lips of Todd as he crumples to the mat, his left leg still held in the air by his opponent. As the fans cheer him on, Aecas reels back stiffly kicking Todd in the kneecap.


Ejiro: NO! How’d he do that!! His back should be shredded! He should be crippled!!!


Judge: Todd had been protecting that knee the whole time he was on offense, but I think he got comfortable with that lead!


Annie: That’s right. Royal slipped into cruise control and fired off a super kick, exposing that left knee. That’s all the opening Aecas needed, and the big man is back in control!!


His eyes burning with pain and vengeance, Aecas jerks Royal violently to his feet. All the cockiness and fire drains from Todd’s face as the giant champion drives his knee into the challenger’s ribs with force. Doubled over, Royal provides little resistance as the Black Angel underhooks both of his arms.


As the NYC fans stand and cheer, Aecas powers Todd up, off the canvas and onto his shoulder. Royal’s eyes glaze over as the champion spins, yanking Todd back down and driving him headfirst into the mat.


Annie: UNHOLY DRIVER!!! Aecas just DRILLED Royal!


Ejiro: NOO!! He should be lying on his back in pain, how can he keep coming back!?!


As the fans erupt, Aecas lays on top of his opponent, hooking the leg and placing his forearm across Royal’s face as the referee drops down, the fans counting along with him.




































Ejiro: Kickout!! Royal kicked out of the Unholy Driver!! Todd LIVES!!


The fans react with shock as Hall holds up two fingers, but Aecas springs to his feet, roaring and bringing the crowd back to life. Clenching his fists and growling in his throat, the Black Angel slowly pulls his thumb across his throat once more.




Royal is practically dead weight as the champion peels him off the canvas. Thrusting out one huge hand, Aecas grips Todd around the throat. Tossing back his hair, the Black Angel stares into his opponent’s cloudy eyes.




Before Aecas can choke slam the challenger, however, Megan Skye extracts revenge on the big man. Pulling the ring bell from the timekeeper’s table, the valet drives the weapon into the spin of the Black Angel, doubling Aecas over and releasing Royal to the canvas.


Annie: That bitch! Megan just hit Aecas in the spine with that bell!! I think she needs someone to teach her a lesson. Yeah. Someone to tie her up and spank her. Teach her…


Ejiro: Calm down, Annie. Megan was OBVIOUSLY just brushing the dirt off of Aecas’ back. It’s not HER fault he’s too weak to take it.


Annie: Brushing dirt off with a BELL?!?


Ejiro: It was BIG dirt…


Aecas falls to his knees, but slowly rises up again, much to the shock of Megan Skye. Megan leaps to the ring apron, but is met by the scowling face of the Black Angel. Reaching out one massive paw, Aecas spins by Skye, pie-facing her and sending her to the mat and the crowd into a fever pitch.


Holding his back and grimacing, but with a look of victory in his eyes, the Black Angel places Todd’s head between his legs in a standing head scissors. Pulling his thumb across his throat again, Aecas lifts Royal up, leaving him dangling dangerously upside down over the canvas.


Judge: EXECUTIONER!! Aecas is about to finish Todd off!


As the champion begins to spin around, however, his face clenches, contorting in pain. As he rotates 90 degrees, he lets out a groan and his back arches. As the crowd gasps, Aecas collapses, his back crumpling and his body tumbling backwards. As he crashes to the mat with Todd on top of him, the champion’s legs kick up. Royal hooks them with his arms and leans forward, grabbing the middle rope. The crowd lets out a deafening stream of boos as Anthony Michael Hall hits the mat.









































Ejiro: Praise Todd!! Royal is the World Heavyweight Champion again!! Todd Bless us Everyone!!




Annie: No! Not again!!!


Judge: Aecas’ back was shredded in that match with Landon Maddix and Royal took every available shot during this contest. The Black Angel fought it off, but that bell shot from Megan may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back! Aecas’ spine couldn’t hold on anymore and he collapse with Todd on top of him!!




As “Livewire” blasts through the Garden again, drowned out at times by jeering, Royal releases the cables and rolls off his opponent. As Anthony Michael Hall raises Todd’s hand, Megan Skye grabs the World Title from the timekeeper and slides into the ring.


Annie: He CHEATED! He couldn’t get the job done, and he had to have a woman do it for him!! He’s a SHAM of a champion!


As SJL officials swarm the ring with medics, Royal shakes them off and slides through the ropes to the outside. Holding his knee and leaning on his valet for support, Todd kisses Megan on the cheek and raises the title to the sky. The fans boo heartily, but turn their attention to the former champion as the camera pulls back and zooms in on the commentary booth.


Ejiro: It’s the second coming of Todd!! It’s a Todd-Send! It’s…


Judge: We’re out of time on Wrath! We’ve seen an AMAZING night of action from the most famous arena in the world, capped off with a new World Champion! For Ejiro and Annie, I’m the Judge. See you next Week!

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Big show today, kids. Read it through.


Crimson will be due on FRIDAY, not Thursday, as a result of the holiday.

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