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As SJL Crimson opens up, we get the customary pyrotechnic display which brings the crowd to their collective feet. With the thousands in the UCSB Events Center going crazy, the camera cuts down to the announce team of Annie Onita, and the SWF World Tag Team Champions Ejiro Fasaki and 'Judge Mental' William Hearford...the latter of the two with their title belts clearly on show.


Judge: "Hello and WELCOME...to SJL Crimson! We are live here in the UCSB Events Center..."

Ejiro: "Can't we call it the Thunderdome...it just sounds better."

Judge: "Sure thing...champ. Tonight, here in the Thunderdome...we will crown a new number one contender to our new champion."

Ejiro: "That's right Judge! It's Todd Royal: Era 2. And this one promises to be longer, and even more inspirational than the last."

Annie: "Oh...puh-lease!"


"An' I'm sailin'...yeah!"


Judge: "What the hell!?!"


The crowd stop with their chattering, as over the P.A System plays an unfamiliar song within the SJL...the Red Hot Chili Peppers' classic "Suck My Kiss." Confusion fills the arena, as the music continues to play...



...suddenly the curtain flaps open, and from behind it steps...



Landon Maddix, to a HUGE pop!


Annie: "Some new music for Landon Maddix! And listen to this crowd!"

Ejiro: "Oh look...it's the FORMER European Champion. What the hell does he want?"

Annie: "Do you have to be negative all the time?"

Ejiro: "I'm not negative Annie...quite the opposite. Today's a great day. Todd's World Champ, this fool isn't European Champ...not to mention my 'big win' the other night."

Judge: "Can we please limit the gloating tonight here Ejiro?"


Maddix walks slowly down the ramp, clearly not in the mood to tag hands or play to the crowd, instead he simply walks down the ramp and climbs into the ring. Taking a microphone from ringside, Maddix looks around with a rather solemn look on his face, as there are the chants...





Landon looks down at the mat beneath his feet and shakes his head, waiting a few seconds for the crowd to die down before starting up.


Maddix: "Thank you...thank you for that welcome. Thank you. But...as much as I appreciate your support, I really don't deserve it."


The crowd boo, as Maddix encourages them to quieten down.


Maddix: "No...really. I'm sure you all know what happened on Crimson. I...lost. Alan Clark beat me fair and square for that European Title. Let's face it, it's him you should be seeing out here tonight, not me. But I'm out here for a reason...so if you'll bear with me. I'm not out here to make excuses for myself, don't worry. I don't do that. Clark beat me fairly...I'm fine with that. But I'm out here to apologise...because right now, and for the past few weeks...I've plain and simply sucked."


The crowd boo again in disagreement, as Maddix again stops and looks down in shame.


Ejiro: "He's got that right...he does suck."

Judge: "This is a different Landon Maddix we're seeing tonight. He shouldn't have to apologise for one loss...the Landon Maddix we know wouldn't do that."


Maddix: "I have sucked, and that's the truth. Admit it or not, you know it. You've been watching me get my ass handed to me by Aecas, watching me lose my coveted European Title to Alan Clark. I've been prancing around, being 'European'. I've been hitting people with bread for God's sakes. Entertaining...maybe. But in hindsight, it's just embarrassing. I've embarrassed myself, and I've been an embarrassment to my fans. And things nee..."


"Hold on just a minute!"


Suddenly, through the curtain steps the new SJL World Champion Todd Royal, holding a microphone. He steps onto the stage, to be met with a barrage of abuse from the crowd.


Annie: "Oh, come on..."

Ejiro: "Thank Todd, our new champ is here!"

Annie: "He's making a habit of interrupting people, eh Ejiro?"

Ejiro: "He's the champ, he can do what he wants."


With his new belt proudly wrapped around his waist, Royal walks down the aisle as the crowd continue to get on his case. From the ring Maddix glares down at Todd, as he slowly makes his way up the steps, and enters the ring.




The chants fill the arena, as Maddix goes to speak...but is cut off by Todd.


Todd: "Woah, hold on one second. Who in the world let you out here to open my show? MY show. You'd think this would be a fairly simple concept to grasp. All of these people are gathered here tonight to celebrate MY world title victory. Do you really think anyone wants to start the night off with a visit from Landon Maddix?!? The former champion. This is my Era Landon...this is not how it should start!"


Landon again goes to speak, but Todd quickly throws his hand forward, covering the microphone before shaking his head condescendingly.


Todd: "See, I'm not too happy with you right now, Maddix. I should be at HOME right now, kicking back and relaxing- basking in the Glory of Todd."


Boos from the crowd bring a smile to Todd's face, as he points down at his belt. He then turns back to Maddix, and gets back his disgusted look.


Todd: "But, no! I'm here, working! Mostly because of my misplaced faith in your worthless ass. I should have known better. I KNOW you're nothing compared to Todd Royal. Remember, I've proved it. You CAN'T beat me. Those "wins" you claim to have are garbage. You climbed a pole to win the first one, and it took TWO men to get you a pin the second time. I should have known you wouldn't get the job done!"


Ejiro: "He should have known...the kid's a failure."

Judge: "Ejiro, please!"


Todd: "All you had to do was beat Alan Clark. It's NOT hard. I've done it. All you had to do was keep that belt out of his hands. Keep prancing around like some idiot in a 6th grade geography fair for all I care, but just NOT let that Mickey Mouse moron get his hands on a title. But you FAILED. Just like you always do. Because you are a FAILURE!"


The crowd boo, as Maddix is beyond responding...now looking down at the ground shamefully. Todd sees this, and moves forward so he can talk directly into Landon's left ear.


Todd: "Look at you. Pathetic! You're a FAILURE...you're nothing. What sort of pathetic, sad excuse for an athlete comes out and apologises for being a worthless sack of crap? You're right Landon...you're DEAD right...you DO suck!"


The crowd again boo wildly, as Maddix is now looking at Todd, totally despondent as his words slowly sink in.


Todd: "You proved a long time ago, you just don't get the job done. Let's go down memory lane shall we? You couldn't beat me for the European Title at Genesis. You couldn't beat me for the World title in the three way. And you couldn't keep Alan Clark...Alan Clark...away from the European Title. And now I have to travel all the way here tonight, to this unworthy hellhole, just to make sure Alan Clark doesn't hold onto it for long."


The crowd sound out simultaneous chants of "LANDON" and "ALAN", to which Todd stops.


Ejiro: "Poor Todd..."

Annie: "Poor Todd!?! You really are blind to anything over than Todd aren't you?"


Todd: "So...get OUT!"


Judge: "What? What is Todd up to here?"


Todd gets up close to Landon again, and holds up three fingers...counting off them as he continues.


Todd: "You don't deserve to open my show. You don't deserve a shot at my championship. You don't even deserve to stay in my ring. You're a worthless loser, a pathetic failure...and until you accept the word of Todd, that's ALL you'll be. So get OUT of my ring, and have a nice life. Thank you, and goodnight."


With folded arms, Todd looks towards Maddix, as the crowd start up another "Landon" chant. Taking the microphone in his hand up to his mouth, Landon goes to speak...



...but suddenly stops. With a last look at Todd, Maddix throws his microphone to one side...and leaves the ring!?!


Judge: "Wha...what the hell are we seeing?"

Ejiro: "This is Todd's preaching! He just told Landon how it is, and like the pathetic little kid he is, Maddix is sulking off with his tail between his legs. This is great!"


Maddix slowly walks up the aisle, as the stunned crowd watch on, most of them at the sides of the ramp encouraging him to go back. Landon however seems in a despondent daze, not responding to any of the cheers and exiting back behind the curtain. Meanwhile, Todd also leaves the ring, laughing away as the crowd hurl abuse at him.


Judge: “I…I’m at a loss for words. Landon…Maddix…didn’t stand up for himself. He just…walked off. I don’t know why…”

Ejiro: “Because Todd told the truth, and Maddix couldn’t take it. Simple as that. That failure knows it.”

Judge: “Well…what will his state of mind be…he faces Korgath in little under a few minutes…this is…most different. Folks, we’ll be back in a second…”


Todd gives a last, title touching salute to the crowd before exiting backstage…as we go to a brief SJL commercial.

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Venue: UCSB Events Center (aka the Thunderdome)


OPENING PROMO: Landon Maddix.


The new champ, Todd Royal, has no matches scheduled, but he will be in the house!



Wes Outlett versus A Cardboard Box

Description: Just please, don’t job to the freaking box.

Rules: Standard match. DQ & Countout apply, but if you can’t pin him in 5 seconds, I mean, damn.



Dominic Korgath vs Landon “La Cucharacha” Maddix

Description: Maddix comes off a tough loss to Alan Clark, losing his coveted European Title. He’ll try to regain his footing against Dominic Korgath here.

Rules: Standard match. DQ & Countout apply.



Alan Clark vs “Hollywood” Spike Jenkins

Description: I hope Spike learned his lesson about jumping the turnstile. At any rate, new Euro-Disney man Alan Clark is moving up the ranks.

Rules: Standard match. DQ & Countout apply.





Insane Luchadore vs Manson

Description: Todd Royal’s challengers line up in a veritable bloody cyclone of violence.

Rules: No countout or DQ. The first person who cas put his opponent through a total of three tables wins. The tables do not have to come all at once, it’s just whomever gets to three first, wins.

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Wes Outlett was unable to make this show. Oddly, his travel partner was SJL road agent Mr. Bukkake, who also didn’t show up. Strange.

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“Welcome back to the THUNDERDOME~!” booms the voice of Ejiro Fasaki, who sounds in a very good mood for once.


The camera meanwhile pans around the UCSB Events Center, where the crowd are going wild, waving their signs and banners in the air. After a few seconds, we go over to the announce table and to Ejiro, Judge and Annie Onita…the latter of the three with a glum look on her face, Ejiro however looking ‘as happy as Larry.’


“Greetings…I am Ejiro Fasaki, and this is SJL Crimson!” beams Fasaki. “Welcome to the first night of the NEW Todd Royal era…alongside me are my good buddy William Hearford…hey Will.”

“Err…Hi…” Judge slowly replies.

“And also, our third wheel…Annie Ecl…sorry, ‘Onita’.” Finishes up Ejiro, before adding… ”How’s the leg Annie?” with a smile.

“Err, getting on with the show…” Judge quickly buts in, before Annie gets chance to reply…limiting her to just a glare. “…Landon Maddix is up next, and it’ll be interesting to see his frame of mind here tonight against Dominic Korgath…”


Judge suddenly stops, as Funyon is now stood in the center of the ring, waiting to start his introductions…


"You sit alone in lightless chambers, all the love you had is gone

No one there to catch your fall, you never felt so alone

Blackened thoughts in lonely ruins, lifeless eyes an empty gaze

Death is but a promise now, life is just an empty phrase!"


Grave Digger’s “Demon’s Day” begins to play, which brings the crowd to their feet in boos. The unmistakably large frame of Dominic Korgath steps out from behind the curtains, raising his trusty iron staff in the air as the boos increase instantly. Stopping on the stage for a moment, Korgath soaks up the boos from the crowd before slowly walking down the aisle.


“The following contest…” Funyon starts up, “…is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first…he hails from the Plains of Azeroth. Weighing in at three hundred and fifty pounds…he is DOMINIC…KOOORRRGAAATH!!!”


The big man slowly makes his way up the steps, and walks across the apron, towering over both Funyon and referee Ced Ordonez. Dropping his staff to the floor, Korgath enters the ring over the top rope, and walks over into one corner of the ring.



"An' I'm sailin'...yeah!"


Suddenly the crowd break out into a huge roar, as The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Suck My Kiss” hits…and Landon Maddix emerges, to a big pop from the crowd. Despite the cheers, Maddix walks to the ring obviously still smarting from the earlier comments by Todd Royal…a thoughtful and sorrowful look on his face.


“And the opponent…” Funyon chimes in. “He hails from Huron, South Dakota…weighing in at two hundred and six pounds…the former SJL European Champion…LAAANDOOON MAAADDIIIX!!!”


The crowd pop again, but again Landon fails to react. Rolling into the ring, Maddix briefly looks into the crowd…before looking down at his feet, shaking his head.


“This…this is most unlike Landon Maddix.” Judge adds, with concern in his voice. “Something has obviously struc…”

“Tell it like it buddy.” Ejiro buts in. “Todd told this kid a few home truths, and he’s sulking…not just because the truth hurt, not just because he knows Todd is right about everything he said…but because he knows, that everyone else knows Todd’s right.”

“Oh, quit talking out of your untalented, biased ass for once in your pathetic life!” Annie angrily replies, finally shutting Ejiro up.


Maddix’s music quickly stops, and the bell rings to start the match. With thoughts still running through his mind, Landon turns away from Korgath and tries to get himself focused…which is a mistake, as the big man charges and clotheslines Maddix down from behind. Korgath quickly goes to work with stomps to the back of Maddix, not letting him up to try and fight back. After a couple of seconds of stomps, referee Ordonez has seen enough, and starts his count…













Korgath breaks away, as Ordonez warns the big man…only to be ignored, as Korgath pulls Landon up to his feet. Reeling back with his massive arm, Korgath drives all the wind from out of Landon’s lungs with one stiff knifedge chop. The crowd ‘WHOO!’ as is now customary, as the breathless Maddix collapses back against the turnbuckles. Quickly Korgath moves forward, and drives an outstretched arm across the chest of Maddix, further depriving him of oxygen. In fact, this time Maddix is so weakened he cannot stand, dropping down to the bottom turnbuckle in a heap.


“What a ruthless start from the monster.” Judge starts. “Maddix got attacked from the bell, and hasn’t got out of the blocks yet.”

“Well, we all know that this past week has taken it toll on Maddix, both mentally and psychically.” replies Annie. “Especially Dominic Korgath…”


As Landon sits propped up against the bottom turnbuckle, Korgath slowly moves forward and places his lower leg across Landon’s throat…his struggling alerting Ordonez to call for a break. Korgath complies this time, and pulls Landon up from the mat with one almighty tug. With a second tug, Korgath sends Landon careering across the ring and into the opposite turnbuckles…the two hundred odd pound frame of Maddix bouncing out of the corner from the force. Meanwhile, the three hundred pound frame of Korgath is on the move, as the big man hits a running clothesline which knocks the overwhelmed kid down.


Quickly Korgath drops to his knees, and makes a rather nonchalant cover…







































Landon only just escapes from the lax cover, much to the surprise of the crowd. Korgath meanwhile seems to be in control, now taking his time while the match is at his pace.


“That was damn close…this one could be over very quickly here guys.” comments Annie.

“I’m telling you, Todd’s right…” Ejiro quickly inputs. “This kid has lost all his self-confidence.”

“Yeah, and it’s your big-headed buddy’s fault too…and you know it.” Annie angrily hits back.

“Hey…what did Judge do?” comes the cocky reply back from Ejiro, knowing full-well what Annie meant.


Slowly Landon starts to get to his feet, but he doesn’t seem to be putting too much effort into getting back into the match. Slowly Korgath stomps over, driving a right hand into Landon’s forehead and sending him crashing back into the corner. Korgath follows in with yet another sternum crushing clothesline, and Maddix topples forward as Korgath breaks out into a thunderous laugh. In response, the crowd begin to boo…however, most of them are in stunned silence at what they are seeing. Hearing the boos, Korgath nods his head before grabbing the ruffled hair of Maddix and pulling him to his feet.




The crowd’s chants slowly build, as Korgath just smiles inside of his mask. Needing support to stand Maddix falls forward into Korgath’s clutches…and into a Bearhug! The big hoss from Azeroth seems to take great pleasure in squeezing the life from Maddix, laughing away to himself as Landon is slowly losing the rest of his remaining breath.


“Come on kid…” encourages Annie, losing her unbiased stance. “Come on, fight back…”

“No way. The kid’s a quitter…he’s ALWAYS been a quitter!” Ejiro counters.


The fans sense Maddix’s predicament, and start to try and get behind him…






The chants ring out through the arena, gradually building. As La Cucaracha shows no signs of responding, they grow again…until the entire arena is filled with the deafening chants.


“Would you LISTEN to this crowd!!!” Judge shouts over the tremendous noise.





Suddenly, as if a lightbulb was just switched on in his head, Maddix snaps back to life! The chants are broken apart from roars from some sections of the crowd, as a panicking Korgath quickly tightens up the Bearhug. But now Maddix IS showing effort, his body visibly shaking, as if it were soaking up the crowd’s energy.


“Yes! He’s fighting back guys, he’s fighting back!” Annie yells, as the crowd are now cheering wildly.


Korgath tightens up the Bearhug again…but Maddix grits his teeth through the obvious pain, and balls up his fist…




The crowd respond to a right hand to Korgath’s masked head from Maddix. The big man still clings on to his opponent, so Landon nails another right hand. This time Korgath seems to feel the effects, so Maddix continues the right hands, this time at a frenetic pace until Korgath eventually breaks the hold and stumbles back slightly. The crowd respond with even more cheers, as Landon celebrates his new-found freedom by running into the ropes, but he runs straight into a big boot from Korgath. Both men are now hurt, Maddix groggy from the big boot, and Korgath with blood now running down his chin from inside of his mask.


“Korgath’s busted open…” Judge quickly observes. “…possibly from his nose, which of course was also busted open on Wrath by Sean Casey.”

“That nose may well have been broken last week, and if not, it may very well be now…” adds Ejiro.


Seeing blood for the second time in a week, Korgath’s laughing exterior has gone…now breathing heavily, like a bull ready to charge. Slowly Maddix gets back to his feet dazed, and gets quickly grabbed by Korgath. One vicious knee doubles Maddix over, as Korgath pulls Landon into a powerbomb position. Before lifting Landon up, the monster lets out a huge roar of intensity…eventually hoisting Landon up…



…only for Maddix to escape behind, and try to pull the big guy down with a sunset flip.


“Uh uh, nothin’ doing!” Ejiro says joyfully.


Maddix struggles to pull Korgath down, as the big man shakes his head…before leaping upwards, and turning ninety degrees in mid-air to nail a BIG leaping legdrop!!! Landon’s body jolts from the impact, as Korgath quickly grabs Maddix’s leg for a cover…



















Maddix’s shoulder pops off the mat, as the crowd respond with cheers. Korgath meanwhile glares over at Ordonez, and holds up three fingers to which Ordonez responds by holding up two…so Korgath decides to show Ced one, and you can guess which one it is.


Grabbing Maddix’s head, Korgath pulls the youngster up to his feet again and grabs a hold of his wrist, pulling Maddix forward. With his other arm outstretched, Korgath steps forwards…but Maddix ducks the flailing clothesline attempt. Korgath stumbles forward a few steps, as Maddix charges into the ropes. As the speedy Maddix charges forward, Korgath again swings wildly with his right arm, but Maddix is able to duck and continue on…hitting the ropes and using them to launch forward looking for a flying forearm…


…only for Korgath to sidestep, and catch Maddix in mid-air! Frantically Landon tries to free himself, but Korgath suddenly drops forward, driving Landon down to the mat with a brutal diving spinebuster. Hooking up Landon’s leg, again Korgath drops his three hundred fifty pounds across for a pinfall attempt…






























“There’s some self-belief for you Ejiro…there’s no quit in Landon anymore.” Annie gleefully points out.


Growing angrier by the second, Korgath grabs a handful of Maddix’s hair, and drives a big fist into his forehead. Another couple of fists follow, as the big man relentlessly tries to punch his lighter opponent into submission. Another five or six stiff punches connect before Korgath releases Maddix, and waits on him to get up.


“You say there’s no quit in Landon…” Ejiro starts, clearly readying to argue with Annie again. “Well, if he’s smart, there should be. This has been a massacre so far…and it’ll only get worse as long as Landon drags it out.”

“Well, we’ll see…” Annie replies simply.


Maddix pulls himself to his feet slowly, as Korgath balls up his fist very deliberately. Turning around, Maddix sees the flying fist coming towards him, and ducks the right hand in the nick of time…before running to the ropes again. By the time Korgath turns around, Landon is already at full speed, and hits a clothesline on Korgath which can only stagger the big man. Maddix instantly launches forward again with a second clothesline, and again the monster is forced backwards a foot or two. Sensing a momentum shift, Landon charges again…




Unable to stop himself, Maddix runs face first into the size 16 boot of the monster Korgath. The crowd, having hoped for a Landon fight back boo in disappointment as Korgath shakes off the two clotheslines from moments earlier. A staggering Maddix gets back to his feet quickly, but is unable to do anything to Korgath before falling back against the ropes.


“Landon is on his last legs now.” Judge starts…

”Or…not.” Annie finishes, as Maddix falls back down.


The monster Korgath glares down at Maddix, as the youngster starts a futile attempt to pull himself to his feet. Rather than waiting on his opponent, Dom decides to back himself up…giving a cutthroat signal out towards the crowd as he strides across. Eventually La Cucaracha is up to his feet, having to use the ropes to stand. This prompts the big man from Azeroth to charge the length of the ring, raising his right leg just as he gets to Maddix…but before it can connect, Maddix dives to one side, causing Korgath to land with a leg either side of the top rope!!!


“Maddix avoids the Yakuza Kick, and causes Korgath to land VERY precariously across the top.” Judge quickly recaps. “That could very well be the turning point.”

“If there is to be one in this match, I’d imagine…that this…is…it.” Annie says…not making a whole lot of sense in the process.


Pulling himself back up, Landon leaves his feet and connects with a dropkick, the force of his two outstretched feet causing Korgath to fall from his ‘perch’, and crash to the floor. His three hundred plus pounds splat off the concrete, as Maddix takes a deep breath in the ring. Slowly the big man uses the announce table to pull himself up, as meanwhile in the ring Maddix charges to the ropes. By the time the big man starts to lumber towards the ring, Maddix is in mid-air, twisting his body as he flies over the top rope, and crashes down across Korgath with the It's a MAD MAD MADdix!





“HOLY…err…WHAT a MOVE!!!” Judge yells out.

“And what a way to get yourself back into a match!” adds Annie.


Now running on pure adrenaline, Maddix is straight back to his feet and soaking up the chants and applause from the crowd. However, Korgath is up too…and stalking Landon. With about the sixth handful of hair during the match, Korgath pulls Maddix backwards and locks both his arms into a full nelson. Showing amazing strength Dominic raises Maddix high into the air, with the full nelson still locked in. Maddix starts to flail and flap, trying to escape the death grip Korgath has on him…but to no avail, as Korgath starts to move forward, picking up speed as they get near the ring post.


At the last second, Maddix manages to escape the full nelson, and drops forwards using his hands to avoid crashing to the concrete. With his legs wrapped around Korgath’s thick waist, Landon then uses his hands to push himself upwards…releasing the waistlock and grabbing Korgath’s arm as he falls forward. The arm drag attempt fails as Korgath seems to be too big…but the leverage stills ends Korgath forwards, and crashing skull first into the ringpost!


“Damn…that almost moved the whole ring!” exclaims Ejiro.

“Not to mention finally knocking the big monster down.” Annie adds.


With Korgath knocked out on the floor, Maddix rolls in breaking any count that Ordonez may have thought about making, before rolling back out. Korgath’s nose has now been busted even wider open, blood running down from under his mask as he starts to get up. Waiting metres away, Maddix drops into a crouching, readied position. However, as Korgath gets back up, he immediately rolls back into the ring, forcing Maddix to do the same.




The crowd start up their chants, as Maddix grabs a hold of the masked head of Korgath and fires a couple of right hands to the busted up face. Quickly following those up with a boot to the gut, Landon then runs to the ropes. Korgath does the same though, admittedly a little slower…but Maddix sees him out of the corner of his eye, and leaps to the middle rope…



…using it as a springboard to moonsault back onto Korgath, ending up on top of Korgath for a cover…


























…NO! Two only!



Maddix pops quickly back up to his feet, as the Big Demon from Japan is not far behind. Readying himself once more, Maddix fires his right foot towards Korgath with an attempted superkick, but the big man is one step ahead, catching the boot in mid-air. Now stuck on one leg, Maddix has to use his other to stay up as Korgath drags Landon around a little way. Korgath goes for a clothesline, but Maddix reacts quickly and ducks the outstretched arm…and catches Dominic turning back around with shining wizard style kick to the back of the head!


“Now Maddix is using his speed, and it’s working for him.” points out Judge. “If only he’d done that earlier…”

“Yeah, if only Todd Royal hadn’t come out here and ran his fat mouth.” Annie quickly adds, clearly directing it towards Ejiro.

Who replies with “Todd is not fat…”


The kick sends Korgath stumbling forward, until he collapses forward, landing throat first across the middle rope. Getting that look in his face, Maddix cups his hands around his mouth and yells out to the crowd, who respond with cheers. Maddix then charges forward, and hooks the second and top ropes, using them to swing around…



…but Korgath avoids his legs.


Maddix ends up swinging a full 360 degrees, and ends up facing away from Korgath. Slowly the confused Landon turns around, and gets grabbed by the throat by Korgath! Before Landon gets chance to break free, Korgath lifts him in the air…only to get a boot to the jaw in mid move! This forces Dominic to release Maddix, and stumbles backwards a little way.


“Great escape by Maddix there…” Judge starts.

“That was a GREAT film. Never tire of that one.” Annie kookily replies.

“What are you TALKING about!?!” exclaims a confused Judge.


Landon charges forward, only to get caught in a powerslam attempt by Korgath…only to float over behind, with a reverse facelock hooked in on Korgath. Quickly Landon drops, hitting a diving reverse DDT. Korgath’s head bounces off the mat, as Maddix scrambles over to make a cover…


































With anguish etched on his face, Maddix questions the count for a moment…before shrugging his shoulders, and leaping to the middle rope.


“Here comes the end…he’s setting up for the Crash Landon!” shouts Judge.

“He can’t hit it…Korgath’s too big.” Ejiro defiantly comments. “Maddix is going to fail at this, just like he’s faile…”

“OH SHUT UP!” Judge and Annie shout in unison.



As Maddix waits for Korgath to get in position, he looks around the crowd who are still solidly behind him with cheers. Slowly Korgath stumbles over, and Maddix hooks the head over his shoulder…but Korgath counters with a driving shoulder into the gut, before pulling Maddix down from the buckles onto his shoulders.


Then, in one powerful, impressive maneuver, Korgath throws Landon up, and adjusts so Landon ends up across his shoulders backwards, and in the Torture Rack position!


“YES! IT’S OVER…I told you, he’s a failure!!!” a gleeful Ejiro yells.


As the big man wrenches back on Maddix’s back, and jolts him around with scary ease, referee Ordonez moves in for a closer look. A determined Maddix tries to fight, and drives an elbow into the bloodied nose. Another elbow connects, before Maddix seeks another escape route, and reaches for the ropes. A quick synch up from Landon denies him though, as the pain is evidently now setting in.




As Landon is slowly bent in half across Korgath’s broad shoulder, he reaches out and JUST about manages to grab a hold of the top turnbuckle pad. The ref calls for a break, as Korgath shakes his head.







Korgath: “NO!”







Before five, Korgath walks away with the Torture Rack still on…but Landon still clings to the turnbuckle pad…



…ripping it from the buckle!


The force of Maddix getting torn from the corner actually helps him break free from Korgath, and land on his feet. The turnbuckle pad rolls from the ring, as Korgath watches…before turning to the exposed turnbuckle and smiling. With evil intentions in mind, Korgath turns around...to get nailed with a spinkick, which connects with the BUTT of the jaw! The big man shakes it off...but gets hit with a second spinkick...this one knocking him down!


"The big man is down!" an excited Annie shouts out.

"Yeah, but only because Maddix cheated..." Ejiro snaps back.


"He pulled off the turnbuckle pad!"

"He hasn't even used it!"

"But he's planning to!"

"He didn't deliberately pull it off you idiot."

"Shut up, or I'll kneecap you again..."

"You don't have the ba..."

"AHEM!!!" Judge quickly 'clears his throat', stopping the bickering going on either side of him.


Korgath meanwhile gets back to his feet, as Maddix is on the charge, hitting a flying forearm which sends Korgath crashing through the ropes and to the outside! The big man is down and out on the outside, as Landon drops to the mat in exhaustion.


Referee Ordonez looks out at Korgath from the ring, and starts up a count as the big men is taking his time to get back up...


















Korgath is back up, but groggy...






Suddenly, Korgath shoves Funyon aside, and with an angry grunt grabs a steel chair, throwing it into the ring.


"HEY! What the hell is this?" Judge questions.

"THE END!!!" yells out Ejiro in reply. "It's the end of this failure for good!"


Korgath quickly follows in after the chair, but Landon is up...throwing frantic right hands at the big man. As he stands groggy, Korgath is brushed aside by Maddix, who leaps up to the middle rope. Just as quickly though, Korgath drives his elbow hard into the gut of the stood former European Champion, before turning back to the chair.



Landon steadies himself on the ropes though, and leaps off...as Korgath wields around, catching Maddix in mid-air with the chair!!!









"That's an automatic disqualification...this match is over!" Judge disgustedly points out, as referee Ordonez does call for a DQ.



"Here is your winner, as a result of a disqualification...LAAANDOOON MAAADDIIIX!!!"


The crowd cheer for the result, but suddenly go back to their boos as Korgath slams the steel chair down across the chest of Maddix!


"Come on...this is uncalled for, the match is over!" Annie shouts.

"Aw, come on." comes the expected Ejiro reply. "Korgath's just giving the crowd a little extra for their money.



Pulling the limp body of La Cucaracha up, Korgath nails a vicious short-arm clothesline which almost turns him inside out from the impact. Ordonez tries to stop the carnage, but gets a vicious clothesline for his trouble as the crowd are booing like crazy.


"This is out of hand...get some bodies down here!" Judge pleads.

"There's about to be a body in the ring Judge." Ejiro inputs. "And it's going to be Landon Maddix's limp body!"


Maddix bravely fights to his feet, only to be met with a boot to the gut from the monster, and be thrown into the powerbomb position. Unable to fight back, Landon is hoisted high, 6 foot something into the air...as Korgath walks forward a little way...before bringing Maddix down with a powerbomb AGAINST THE EXPOSED STEEL TURNBUCKLE!!!





"Good god..." Judge mutters in shock.

"Enough is ENOUGH! Get that monster out of the ring for God's sake!" yells Annie.


Maddix clutches his back in extreme pain, as Korgath raises his arms in the air, letting out an intense roar as he does so. With a last look at Maddix's destroyed body, the 'Demon From Japan' laughs and leaves the ring, as meanwhile EMT's and some other referees and officials enter the ring.


"Well, it's about damn time they got out here..." Annie angrily comments.

"Yeah...pity it's too late." sniggers Ejiro in reply.

"This shouldn't have happened in the first place!" quickly Annie snaps back. "That unpredictable monster has left a referee laying...he's possibly crippled poor Landon Maddix...there should be some MAJOR repercussions for this!"

"I think you're missing the real story..." starts up Ejiro again. "Todd was right. Landon failed to pin Korgath. He's a failure..."

"A little compassion please buddy." Judge buts in, trying to restore some order. "Let's...let's go to a break while this is sorted out. We'll see you in a little while."

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An image slowly fades into view, bobbing slightly as a cameraman walks slowly down a long corridor. The shoes of the bearer squeak slightly on the floor as he walks, passing junctions and side corridors until finally the camera stops in front of a half open door as a female voice emanates from inside it.


“You should not hold yourself in contempt for your loss. You were injured and you pushes yourself too hard.”


A deep growl is the only response to the voice, as a hand comes into view from behind the camera, slowly and carefully pushing the door open and stepping quietly into a dim dingy locker room. The camera slowly pans around the room, the walls are bare concrete, moisture beading on the hard surfaces and the cold stone of the floor. A single light bulb hangs from the ceiling casting a weak circle of light into the center of the room revealing two figures in the dim light of the dingy room. Aecas’ hulking form is seated on a single steel chair, the Black Angel leaning forwards slowly, his long hair obscuring his face as a tall gothic woman the viewers recognize as Serena applies ice to his back.


“There will be other chances, and you did what you set out to do. You captured the World Title, even if it was only for a brief time, and nobody can take that away from you.”


“My body betrayed me.”


“Because you pushed it too hard. You may be tough but you aren’t superhuman, last night showed you that.”


Aecas mutters something that the camera does not catch as Serena begins to apply fresh ice to his back, the camera slowly slides deeper into the room, staying in the darkness as it focuses on the two that inhabit the room. The camera drifts down slightly revealing Aecas’ huge hands clasped around a Potted Plant, the giant’s dead eyes visible for the first time are staring intently at the plant.


"So what will you do?"


The Black Angel continues to stare down at the Pot Plant, a fine tremor going through his arms. He still does not notice the cameraman, and responds to Serena with a low growl.


"That which does not kill me only makes me stronger.... I will heal...."


"And the World Title?"


"It will be..."


The Black Angel trails off, intense eyes lifting from the pot plant and staring straight into the lens of the camera. A sadistic smile begins to curve Aecas' face, and he crooks a single finger and beckons the cameraman forward.

The camera backs away slightly looking at the door fleetingly before swinging back to the gothic couple that occupy the room as Serena grins slightly, gently applying more ice to Aecas’ back as she shakes her head at the camera.


“Somebody is poking their nose in where it does not belong. You are intruding upon our privacy, but don’t worry…..”


“We won’t hurt you too much….”


Aecas finishes as he glares at the camera.


“Now you can come over here or I will drag you over here. Your choice.”


The camera slowly moves closer to the couple moving up slowly to focus on the face of the Black Angel, Serena’s arms drape over the giant neck as she brings her head down to rest on one massive shoulder smiling sweetly into the camera. The camera shivers slightly as the pair gaze into it, so similar in appearance, yet so different in temperament, Serena grins softly and tilts her head sideways to kiss Aecas on the cheek before she rises back up out of the frame. A ghost of a smile crosses the face of the Black Angel from the kiss, before his expression hardens once again as he gazes deeply into the camera, one hand brushing lightly over the leaves of the plant, almost as if he was stroking a cat.


“Though you are intruding on our private time, I do have a use for you little man….”


The cameraman tries to back up as Aecas leans closer, one large hand shoots out past the camera and a slight gurgle is heard as the fist closes around the neck of the bearer, dragging him closer to the Black Angel. Aecas stares into the lens of the camera and the eyes of the fans beyond, and especially the eyes of two individuals.


“Todd……Megan……enjoy this victory while you can. But you would be wise to remember one thing.”


Aecas’ face twists into a demonically psychotic mask, the camera begins to tremble as those dead eyes bore into it, the giants fist tightening around the neck of the cameraman as his madness bubbles just below the surface of his skin.


"The man who said 'We have nothing to fear, but fear itself....'"








Aecas’ right hand suddenly snaps forwards, smashing the potted plant into the lens of the camera, the view spins crazily as the camera drops to the floor, the image going completely dark. Sounds of a scuffle can be heard though the picture remains dark before a terrified scream splits the silence, swiftly followed by the sound of a body hitting the floor, and then the sound of a woman’s’ happy laughter….

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“Welcome back to Crimson…and I am beginning to hate this part of my job.” Annie welcomes everyone back from the break as she looks at both of her partners. Ejiro is the first to open his mouth.


“I don’t know what tripe you are feeding the fans, Annie…me and Judge were just looking back on the times when we beat you. Me, just a few days ago…and Judge, back during the Genesis 4 Tournament. By the way…how’s your knee?” Ejiro takes a slap across the face and Judge winces in his seat and tries to act professional to avoid the hand of the Hardcore Queen.


“Coming up next we have “Hollywood” Spike Jenkins, recently out of jail after the problems during that supposed Subway brawl in New York…and he is going against a man that had about the reverse of Spike’s luck on Wrath…” Annie is suddenly cut off by Ejiro…


“…Our new champion Todd Royal!?!” He blurts out excitedly…but Annie is there and ready to shoot down his expectations.


“…No, Ejiro…Alan Clark…who walked away an even happier guy after defeating Landon Maddix for his second European Championship!”


“You seemed to sum that up quite nicely, Annie” Judge points out as Ejiro can be heard mumbling incoherently on the other side of the table. The cameras then pan over the ring and the Thunderdome crowd explodes as they get ready for the following matchup.


Backstage, Spike Jenkins can be seen, head down, standing behind the curtain. An SJL employee passes him and wishes him good luck, joking about watching out for any uniformed officers. Spike simply chuckles and rubs his wrist a bit, waiting for his cue.


The arena is suddenly dropped into darkness as “Not Today” by Hotwire explodes throughout the Dome, and as blue lights cascade from the heavens and around the building, Spike Jenkins finally walks through the curtain and into the aisle, his head still looking toward the floor as pyro erupts around him, causing the cheers to grow louder. In the ring, Funyon is standing by, holding the microphone close to his lips as he recites…


“Ladies and Gentlemen…the following contest is for ONE FALL…and is a non-title match…introducing first…walking down the aisle…he hails from the land of Lights, Cameras, and Action…he is…


HOLLYWOOD SPIKE JENKINNNNNNNS~!” As Funyon’s voice trails off, Spike climbs the ring steps and looks out to the crowd for a moment, absorbing the cheers of the fans before climbing through the ropes. As flashbulbs pop through the darkness, Spike takes off his jacket and tosses it in the corner. He looks to the curtain just as his music fades to silence and a booming voice echoes out.


"Please Stand Clear of the Ring. Por favor Soporte Claro Del Anillo."


"For the safety and comfort of others...no smoking please. Para la seguridad y la comodidad de otras... el ningún fumar por favor"


"The SJL and the Walt Disney Company are proud to present...your European Champion..."


The arena falls to darkness once more, but only momentarily.




Two explosions of pyrotechnics shower the arena in light as “When You Wish Upon A Star” lulls out through the arena and the SmarkTron shows Alan Clark walking through the various European countries that dot the World Showcase in Epcot. After a moment, Alan walks toward the camera and suddenly appears out from behind the curtain, the European Championship around his waist. The crowd explodes in cheers for the new champion as Funyon continues…


“…and his opponent…representing DISNEYLLLLLLAAAANNNDDDDD PARIS…he is the NEWWWWW SJL European Champion….the Happiest Guy On Earth…


ALLLLLLAAAAANNNNNNN CLAAAAARRRRRRRKKKKKKKKK~!” Funyon finishes with a flourish and exits the ring as Alan makes his way to the ring, high-fiving fans before reaching the ring and climbing the steps. On the top step, Alan turns to face the crowd and pulls his title off, holding it high in the air to a large pop of the crowd before handing it to a ring side attendant and climbing through the ropes and into the ring, where referee Mathew Kivell waits with Spike Jenkins.


“It seems Kivell is the least liked man of this match…” Annie points out.


“Well he ought to be…he’s a tool!” Ejiro laughs to himself as Kivell stands between the two men and runs by the rules of the matchup. After a brief moment he looks to the outside and signals for the beginning of the match.




The sound of the bell echoes through the arena as the fans watch to see who will make the first move. Both men move in toward each other and suddenly Alan fires off a quick kick…




It barely misses the midsection of Spike as he leaps back, but Alan moves with him and fires off another…




Spike spins himself to the right to avoid the second kick, only to be trapped in a waistlock before he can make another move. Alan hooks his hands together and shoves Spike toward the corner, sandwiching Spike between the turnbuckles and the European champ himself.


Spike seems a bit dazed by the opening exchange, but Alan does not break the waistlock, instead Alan lifts with as much strength as he has and brings Spike over his head and down behind him with a beautiful German Suplex! Alan quickly rolls over and tries for a pin…




Spike kicks out easily and rolls over to his knees, catching his breath.


“Alan had to know that Spike would kick out that early…he had to!” Ejiro comments, but Annie cuts him off…


“I’ll bet he did too…but maybe Alan is sending a message to the world champ that he will take any chances to win a match!”


“Alan could never beat Todd…Todd is unfaliable…undefeatable…you should not even be speaking his name…it is above you!” Ejiro rambles as Alan pulls Spike up to his feet and whips him into the ropes and as Spike comes back toward the cheery superstar he is met by a flying clothesline to the chest that puts him back down on the mat.


Alan is quickly back to his feet and some of the crowd seems to get behind him, while others can actively be heard cheering for “Hollywood”. Alan whips Spike into the corner and follows in with a barrage of chops to the chest, but quickly grows tired of it and spins Spike around, throwing more chops in right into the spine of Jenkins.










The crowd seems to get more pumped with each shot, and after a brief moment Alan backs away from Spike and goes across the ring. Alan waves his hands for a moment as if to say “watch this” before rushing across the ring and doing a trademark cartwheel before leaping into the air and bringing his right foot across the side of the head of Spike Jenkins.


“Spike is taking a beating early on in this match!” Annie remarks as Spike falls out of the corner and onto his back, and Alan falls on top of him and goes for another cover…










Spike shoots off the mat and gets to his feet back in the corner. Clark comes in and grabs Jenkins by the wrist and aims for another whip, but Spike reverses and Clark heads to the other corner, where Spike follows and catches him with a big splash!


“Spike just turned the tables on Alan Clark!” Annie comments as Alan walks out of the corner and right into a facelock from Spike, who drops Alan down face-first into the canvas with a DDT! Kivell hits the mat for the count as Spike covers the champ…








Alan Clark kicks out before the three but Spike does not seem happy at the early goings of the match as he pulls Clark up and begins hammering away on the champ, pushing him back into the ropes with punches. Alan tries to fight back but Spike whips him out and as Clark comes back Spike comes off the adjacent ropes and catches Alan with a harsh neckbreaker!


“Beautiful neckbreaker…and the crowd can’t decide who to root for!” comes the call from Judge as Spike goes for another cover and the crowd goes wild.














Spike leaves Clark down in the middle of the ring and goes to the top rope. Clark slowly gets to his feet and turns around just as Spike flies off the top and connects with a missile dropkick that sends Alan down and rolling out of the ring!


“The power behind that just put Clark on the outside!” Annie calls as the champ hits the floor. In the ring, Spike sees his chance and takes a run toward the ropes, and as Alan’s head appears over the apron Spike slides in…his feet connecting square to the face of Clark, causing him to fly backwards and fall against the barricade.


“A picturesque baseball slide has put Clark down on the outside and Spike looks like he isn’t finished yet!” Judge mentions as Spike is outside the ring and pulls Clark off the floor and lifts him into the air before dropping him down face-first into the barricade. Back in the ring, Kivell has started the count…






Spike pulls Clark off the floor once more and tries for a whip into the ring post, but on the last possible second the champ reverses, sending Spike back-first into the post, causing him to stumble out from pain, and Clark flies in with a clothesline that puts Spike down on the outside.






“They need to get back in the ring!” Annie comments as Alan pulls Spike off the floor and tosses him in the ring, following closely behind and going for a cover…











Clark pulls Spike off the mat and Kivell backs away from the two men. Alan hooks in a waistlock and lifts Spike up, dropping him down across his knee with an atomic drop…


…Spike stumbles forward and Clark rushes past, coming off the ropes and going to the midsection with a clothesline…and then continues off the opposite ropes and comes back once more, catching Spike with a beautiful bulldog.


Spike is face down on the mat as Clark rushes over and springs off the 2nd rope and backflips through the air…coming down across Spike’s back with a beautiful Asai moonsault!


“Alan Clark likes to call that A Walk In The Park! …but right now it seems like it’s everything BUT that for Spike Jenkins!” Judge remarks and Ejiro slaps his face with the stupidity of the joke as Clark rolls Spike over for a cover…










Spike throws his shoulder up and Clark looks somewhat frustrated as he pulls Jenkins off the mat and whips him into the corner. Clark backs up and takes a run in…diving in with a splash…





Clark bounces off the turnbuckle hard and stumbles backwards, and Spike is ready bounding off the ropes and catching Clark with a neckbreaker, bringing both men crashing to the mat, but Spike quickly is able to go for a pin…











“Alan Clark was caught by surprise by Jenkins there and he barely gets the shoulder up!” Annie comments as Spike pulls Clark off the mat and hooks in an inverted facelock on the champ before dropping him down with another hard DDT.


“Beautiful DDT there and Spike is back on top…and now where is he going!” Ejiro tries to act somewhat professional as Spike leaves Clark down and goes to the corner, leaping up to the top rope and steadying himself momentarily.


Spike leaps off and pushes his arms and legs inward before stretching his body out as far as he can with a frog splash…











“Spike took a chance with the Ratings Grabber and the champ got out of the way at the very, very, very last second…causing Spike to grab nothing but the canvas!” Annie laughs a bit at her joke causing Ejiro to slap himself with the stupidity of the joke as Clark pops off the mat and looks over to see Spike holding his stomach in pain from the splash.


Alan takes a run across the ring and leaps into the air, flipping backwards in one quick spin and comes down hard across the back of “Hollywood”.


“A Shooting Star Press from the canvas by Alan Clark right across that hurting back of Spike! And a cover!” Judge calls as Clark rolls Spike over and covers, hooking a leg…














Spike shoots both shoulders off the mat to show the referee he means business and Clark seems stunned as he pulls Spike up, but Spike pops out of the hold and send a kick whizzing into Clark’s midsection!




Clark stumbles from the kick and Spike fires another one in, putting Clark in the corner. Spike rushes in with another clothesline and then shoves Clark back in the corner. Spike hooks the champ under the arms and sets him up sitting on the top rope.


Spike climbs up and stands on the top for a moment before leaping and wrapping his legs around the head of Clark and flipping backwards, sending the Happiest Guy On Earth sailing off the top rope and over onto his back to the canvas!


“Top Rope Hurricanrana there…and Clark hits the mat violently!” Spike gets back to his feet and watches as Clark tries to make his way back up. Alan gets to his feet and tries to stand up, but Spike rushes in and jumps into the air, grabbing onto Clark’s left shoulder before bringing his right leg across the back of Clark’s neck and drives the champ into the canvas face first! Spike stands back up and flips into the air, landing in a seated position with a legdrop across Clark’s neck once more. Spike sees his chance and goes for a pin…


“Spike could defeat the champ here!” Judge remarks as Kivell makes the count…























Clark gets his shoulder off the mat just before the three and Spike looks angry. The crowd’s mixed cheers fill the arena as Spike stands to his feet and grabs the legs of Clark. With one fluid motion Spike rolls Clark over and leans back…hooking in a boston crab on the champion…


“THE SMOKE OUT! SPIKE JENKINS HAS THE EUROPEAN CHAMPION IN THE SMOKE OUT!” Annie screams out as Clark yells out, trying to crawl his way to the ropes….




…he inches closer…




“Can he make it?! Listen to that crowd cheer on both men!” Annie continues as Clark gets closer and closer.































“Spike just pulled him back! But wait…” Ejiro comments as Kivell rushes in and forces the hold to be broken. Spike drops the champion and gets in Kivell’s face. Clark crawls to the ropes and tries to get back to his feet, and Spike is still arguing. Kivell finally points to the back and threatens a disqualification, causing Spike to turn away from the confrontation.


“Jenkins almost got DQed and it would have been his own fault!” Judge remarks as Spike takes a run at Clark, who is almost up to his feet on the ropes, but Clark ducks the rushing superstar and Spike flies to the outside…



…but he catches himself on the apron! Clark pops up and throws in two quick punches to the face of Jenkins, then hooks in a facelock. Clark tries for a suplex…





…and he hits it! Clark lifts Spike high into the air and falls back, slamming Jenkins down hard with the suplex from the apron to the center of the ring. Spike does not stay down long, however…and he fights through the pain to get back up to his feet.


Jenkins rushes in, but Clark catches Jenkins and lifts him up off the mat, turning his body sideways and dropping him down back first across his knee with a backbreaker! Spike hits the ground and Alan instinctively goes for a pin.






















Jenkins gets his shoulder up before the three and Clark can’t believe it. Clark seemingly repeats Spike’s earlier mistake, getting in the referee’s face, but before Kivell can even fight back, Spike comes from behind and catches a rollup…













A surprised Clark rolls out of the pin attempt and looks up at Spike, who rushes in and leaps into the air…







“Spike just connected to the back of Clark’s head with that Dangerous Wizard!” Annie comments as Spike goes for another quick pin!














Clark kicks out and rolls toward the ropes, getting to his feet rather quickly, but still holding his head in pain. Spike Jenkins takes a run at Clark and dives in, but the champ is ready…










“Double Clothesline! Both men are down!” Annie screams as the two men collide in the center of the ring and drop to the canvas.


“I do not know how much more either man can take!” Judge comments as he watches the two men slowly get back to their feet. “Spike has had his back decimated but keeps on coming back…and Clark has been beaten and bruised the entire contest as well!”


Spike is the first to get to his feet, but holds his back and rubs it for a moment before taking a run at Alan, who is still in a seated position and trying to knock lose the cobwebs…














“Spike Jenkins tried for a second Dangerous Wizard but Clark saw it coming and he ducked out of the way just in time…and Spike took another hard shot to his back as he floated over the Happiest Guy On Earth!” Annie remarks as Clark rolls to his stomach and pops up to his feet. Spike is on his knees as Clark moves over and clubs him across the back. Before Spike can make a move Alan locks in a standing headscissors. With a hardy pull, Spike is lifted into the air and over Alan’s back, where his arms are spread out wide….


“Spike is going to take a trip down……”






“SPLASH MOUNTAIN!” All three announcers echo as Spike hits the canvas hard, his body almost limping out as his neck and spine are compressed. Alan gets to his feet and spins around momentarily in celebration…but quickly regains his focus on his opponent as he begins to pull Spike toward the center of the ring.


“What now…..” Ejiro solemnly asks as Alan crosses Spike’s legs and lifts him off the ground.


“We’ve seen this before, folks…we know where Spike is going…” Annie comments as Spike tries to squirm out of the hold, but Alan places his feet across Spike’s arms and leans down…


“Oh for the love of Todd…” Ejiro remarks to himself as Alan hooks Spike’s head and rolls back, causing Spike to be lifted into the air and have his body stretched out…


“Spike has taken his second trip to EPSOT!” Annie yells out as Spike tries valantly to escape...but the pain is just too much…





With no other option…Spike Jenkins taps out to the European Champion!


“He had no place to go and his back just couldn’t handle it…Spike Jenkins had Alan Clark on the ropes towards the end…but missing that Dangerous Wizard really cost him…” Judge comments as Alan releases the hold and Spike rolls out of the ring, clutching his back in pain.


“When You Wish Upon A Star” begins to play as Kivell hands Clark back his European Championship and Funyon makes the announcement.


“Ladies and Gentlemen…here is your winner via submission…He is the SJL European Champion…




The music continues playing as Alan leaves the ring with his title and heads backstage, high-fiving fans and signing a few autographs before the camera cuts back to Judge, Annie, and Ejiro.


“Alan Clark takes home another victory and is undefeated since his return a few weeks ago…maybe working for Disney has its strong points!” Annie remarks and Judge smiles…


“Our main event is up next and you won’t wanna miss it…as Insane Luchadore takes on Manson in a match to determine the number one contender to the World Champion Todd Royal!” Ejiro looks up at Judge, but still seems depressed…


“…But I guess our beloved Todd wasn’t planning on making an appearance…” Annie and Judge console Ejiro as Crimson goes to it’s last commercial break.

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As Crimson comes back from commercial, we are backstage. Inside a locker room, the camera is focused on SJL European Champion, Alan Clark. As the happy-go-lucky champion towels off his head and throws down the cloth, he flashes a grin and turns toward the camera.


Alan: You know....




Alan: What in the...


As a wide-eyed Clark turns towards the sound of the crash, the lockerroom door slams open. Alan barely has time to react before two forms rush through the open doorway, slamming into the Happiest Man on Earth and shoving him to the ground. As the camera backs up, revealing the attackers as Megan Skye and Todd Royal, the world champion unloads on Clark's knee with a baseball bat. The European Champion howls in pain as Skye takes the bat and begins jamming it into his throat. Royal simply grins, grabbing the lens and launching into a tirade.


Royal: Stop your whining, Clark. If anyone has the right to complain it's me. I should be at home shining my belt right now, but instead I'm here. Taking care of business.


See, I can't have you prancing around to your tinkerbell songs and Cinderella dances with that European Title belt around your waist. I spent weeks nursing that belt into something respectable after people like you dragged it through the mud with your previous reigns. When people see the SJL European Title I don't want them to think of fairies and ducks. I want them to think about the greatness and glory of Todd.


I warned you. Shape up and cut the crap. Cuz If I see you enter one more building wearing mouse ears and whistling theme songs, I'll make sure that you NEVER leave an SJL building with that belt around your waist.


Shoving the camera to the ground, Royal and Skye storm out of the locker room, leaving the cameraman to check on Clark and call for help.

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Manson through table.

He hurts very much so.

His back aches.


In the ring now.

Powerbomb through table from Manson.

IL now in pain.


Still in ring.

IL speared through table!

IL hurts more.


Manson acts very dickish.

The crowd does not like.

Manson is like Chono!


Manson on attack.

IL with Superman comeback!

Manson through table!


IL with the advantage.

He tries yet another time.

Manson reverses the attack.


IL tries again.

Manson is too strong.

IL through table.


Manson wins the match.

A winner is you, Manson!

Bell rings to signal.

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All in all, a pretty satisfying show to read, with several promos. We knew Outlett was gone, so no surprise there. The number of no-shows was pretty disturbing, though.


Results? No way.

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