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Promo Questions, questions, questions...

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OoC: Just a short, quick promo just to reflect. Not even to give character progress but just felt "right." Note I said "quick."




www.bnhardonintrnt.com Is it really the end?



Hi SJL fanatics! It’s a sad yet historical week for the SJL federation as everything slowly comes to an end. Being a SJL employee as your favorite interviewer I’ve really seen a lot and taken a lot. I feel just as upset as every single one of you do that this merger is going to occur. But you really have to see it in perspective- now all your favorite stars will be on one program where matches we never thought possible like Wildchild and Maddix could happen. But I would feel like I’m ripping off the benalcoholics if I didn’t provide you with at least one interview that reflected the IGNML/JL and the SJL. So with that thought I went and contacted the one and only Insane Luchador to give me a brief interview to give us all the memories that’s been had.


Hardy: It’s great to talk to you again IL.


IL: Andrew. But yeah, it’s cool to be back.


Hardy: So Andrew, I was curious…


IL: Actually IL sounds better.


Hardy: Okay. Anyway, let’s do some ‘favorites’ for now.


IL: Have at it, man.


Hardy: Okay, favorite weapon.


IL: Ooohhh, I’d have to say anything. I took a real liking to glass tables but those turned out to be rare. Anything that goes crunch and makes the fans happy… and the opponent hurt works for me.


Hardy: Mm, creepy. Okay so who do you hate the most?


IL: Of all opponents?


Hardy: Yes.


IL: Jesus, so many. I still feel like I could have another go at Danny Williams, we still have some unsettled business… but I respect him, I guess. I think Erek Taylor, almost weekly I wish I could face him in the ladder/cage match again.


Hardy: Interesting. That was quite the match.


IL: Yeah… brought some closure.


Hardy: Favorite tag team partner?


IL: Renegade. No doubt.


Hardy: Makes sense. Destruction was always an… interesting stable… to be watching.


IL: Reminds how much bullshit anarchy really is, since not having leadership in that stable killed us.


Hardy: Still talking to Renegade?


IL: The number’s around if I ever need a helping hand.


Hardy: Cool. Favorite match?


IL: I loved facing Grimedogg. That was arguably one of the most painful matches of mine though. I took a lot of abuse and, well, I lived up to my name with that killer balconysault. I’ve only used that three times and there’s never been a better rush.


Hardy: Yeah, scary. What’s your favorite style to watch?


IL: To watch? I guess hardcore… it’s my nature to be brutal.


Hardy (Laughs): We’ve all noticed. Okay I don’t mean to hold you up. You got that special guest referee spot.


IL: Yyyyeeaahhh, I had to be involved someway.


Hardy: Sure. So favorite memory?


IL: You suck man… uh maybe the ML Dance-Off that show was such a great way to just sum up the ML. I guess finally winning the title at Countdown to Genesis was great too. There’s too many memories both good and the ugly.


Hardy: Like Afghanistan…


IL (Laughs): A good example. Or just how many times I’ve came so close.


Hardy: There’s been a good share of those. So one last question- your future?


IL: SWF superstar, this isn’t the ending, this is just the start. This is when I’m really going to kick things into high gear. I’m finally in the SWF so lock your back doors, folks.


Hardy: Very IL of you. Alright thanks and have fun at the last show.


IL: Yeah, sure. Later.

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