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  1. The Ill One

    Genesis X Comment thread

    G'damn, I missed out on the reunion, it's all good though. I logged into my old e-mail account today and saw the TSM forum e-mail from a week ago, so I ventured on back. So I'm under the impression it was a one-time thing, but then Francis proclaims the SWF still lives... was that just a cliche last line or is there an actual revival? If that's the case, then I definitely want in. Otherwise, cool to see everybody, hope everything's goin' well.
  2. The Ill One

    "Yo Quiero Discussion!"

    Yeah, same here, I had a lot going on, sorry guys. But, Dub, if you're down- we can try for it again (maybe even add a stip so I have a chance at winning, too ).
  3. The Ill One

    South Park Season 13

    That's now one of my new favorites and the kazoo playing while the headless chicken ran was perfect. ("Poof!")
  4. The Ill One

    "Yo Quiero Discussion!"

    You know, stubborn as I have been about it, if we did the time warp I'd probably would have spelt it right. But, hey, Dub-Cee if you want a good fight, I'm down.
  5. The Ill One

    "Yo Quiero Discussion!"

    Oh shit! If you can't wait then use the old stats, Dub, but I'm tweaking with them if you can wait until later tonight.
  6. The Ill One

    South Park Season 13

    The last two have been pretty damn funny, although my friends and I still lose it with the black guy being interviewed about Mysterion. I've been trying to find a picture when his head is cocked to the side and that lil' smile.
  7. The Ill One

    Genesis Talk

    Yeah, sorry I wasn't able to get anything in. This truly isn't because of the recent loss (hell, I hated the match I sent in and Va'aiga was tops) but thanks to recent events I have no clue when I'll be around next, could be a few shows or never, I really have no clue. I'm truly banking on swinging by in a show or two it's I can't make any sort of promises. In the meantime, it's been fun, guys.
  8. The Ill One

    Genesis Talk

    Hey Clark, give me some time so I can update my stats. This one oughta' be fun.
  9. The Ill One

    Prelude To Grandeur Talk

    Shit, I pretty much just read this and somehow blanked on the match. I can still get something in later tonight if it's not too late.
  10. The Ill One

    Ground Zero Aftermathing

    Congrats to our new World Champion, Va'aiga.
  11. The Ill One

    Who in MMA do you hate, and why?

    Diaz Brothers, Slice, Lidell, Penn (I loathe him but he's so, so damn good), Sherk, Hughes, Florian, Ken Shamrock, Bisping, Sylvia, Herman, Lutter
  12. I met Jeff Jarrett, he was actually pretty cool but it was really brief and I lost that autograph weeks later.
  13. The Ill One

    Promo- Warning

    The room is dimly lit and a single, lonely steel chair sits in front of a camera shakily propped up against an old tripod, it’s a scene that’s all too familiar for the SWF fans… it’s a scene that’s all too familiar for any attentive opponent of the man who suddenly appears, comfortably plopping into the chair, title belt over his shoulder, head tilted down, arms against his knees, and a smile plastered on his face. The Ill One looks up and cocks his head to the side, mouth slightly open, and almost looking uncertain of what he wants to say. “Usually I’d have a cute spiel to use as a segue to what I’m about to say…” IL pauses and rubs at his chin before shrugging. “But this message is so simple that I don’t want it to even think of it getting watered down by a lengthy prelude, alright? Va’aiga, you recently challenged me, proclaimed yourself as hardcore, and so you want a Hell in the Cell? You want to fight me, the Ill One, in a Hell in the Cell? I don’t even need to answer, do I because I know, you know, and the fans know what that answer will be… but, just to have it on record…” “If you want to have a Hell in the Cell at Ground Zero then you fuckin’ got it! You want to raise the stakes, you want to mess with the World Champ, you want to take it to the next level then fine, come see what happens! I know you’re down, I sure as hell am down, so we’re going to collide in a Hell in the Cell then, okay?” The Ill One settles down. “Honestly, Va’aiga, your challenge didn’t even rattle me, I put you through a flaming table the first time around for fun… so I feel the urge, no, I feel an obligation to warn you…” He laughs a bit and looks right into the camera, focused. “So I’m warning you right now, Va’aiga, I’m not messing around, I’m not trying to sound tough, and I’m sure as hell not trying to compensate- no, this is your one and only warning, this is something that better be echoing in that hard headed Maori skull of yours, okay? Are you listening, I mean, Va’aiga, are you truly… truly listening?” Insane Luchador takes a brief moment before leaning closer to the camera as if being ready to tell somebody a secret. “You better bring your best at Ground Zero, you better bring every-fuckin’-thing you got and you damn well better use it at Ground Zero because I will be. I’m going to bring my best because it’s who I am, World Championship defense or not, I am going to be throwing every move from the arsenal, you hear me?” He pats the World Title slung over his shoulder and smirks, comfortably leaning back into the chair before heavily sighing. “Now why am I saying that, Va’aiga, why would I be stressing such a cliché phrase that gets tossed around all the time? Well, I’m not going to lie… I’m not going to lie and say it’s out of sportsmanship, or out of respect, or out of a yearning to prove myself a worthy Champion, no I say that out of…” “Well, I say that out of the decency of one human being to another… don’t take reassurance in that, Va’aiga, don’t let that for a millisecond seem like a sign of weakness or some sort of concession what may or may not go down at Ground Zero. No, take that as your one warning of what will be coming your way at Ground Zero, I give you this warning so that after I’m staring at your mangled, tangled and crippled heap of a former human being there’s no doubt in my mind that you knew what was coming. That you knew you are stepping into the ring with the Ill One, the World Champion, and that you were the one who sealed your own fate, once again! I mean, shit, did you see what happened last time we met? I can’t imagine that you’ve taken –that- many blows to the head to forget exactly what transpired in our first lil’ rendezvous and what led up to it… hell, even I haven’t taken –that- many blows to the head to forget.” Insane Luchador briefly shakes his head before looking down at the World Championship, wiping an imaginary smudge off the belt before looking up with a smile. “You ran your mouth, Va’aiga, you ran your mouth and woke up one gore-iffically motivated side to me and now, here we go, some odd months later and you are doing it again! Come on, now, there’s nothing to compensate for, Va’aiga, you’re a tough guy with a hard head, I get that. You are a former World Champion and I get that too… but, really, you must be a masochist on a level that I can’t even fathom if you’re going to talk your shit, if you’re willingly just digging yourself a deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and….” He takes a long breath. “Deeper hole to get yourself out of but don’t worry, I’ll be right by your side to dig that ditch deeper, I’ll be right by your side while you keep running your mouth while that ditch damn near hits China, and I’ll be right by your side when I toss your limp body into that ditch… Va’aiga, are you listening? You’re going to pay for every syllable you spew, for every gesture you make, and for even fathoming to up the ante with the Ill One. So you see what I’m saying now? I’m guessing you do… but do you get and I mean truly grasp, comprehend and get what’s coming at you at Ground Zero?” Insane Luchador stands up, lazily kicking the chair away from him, and he leans in close to the camera while chuckling. “I know that you don’t.”
  14. The Ill One

    Bullshit and Drama

    Shit's going down. Seriously though, nice pomo.
  15. The Ill One

    Pineapple Express

    That movie was so eerily dead on when it comes to the deals or just high conversations in general, although I'm not really surprised by that but the whole "persona" thing had me dying. It was one entertaining movie and I wasn't disappointed at all. Oh and I give it a few weeks before some dumbass says they actually have pineapple express.