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Kill NHB?

What should happen to NHB?  

90 members have voted

  1. 1. What should happen to NHB?

    • Keep the folder, it's not hurting anyone and it's keeping the crap self-contained
    • Dump the folder, it's wasting bandwidth and it serves no purpose
    • Merge the folder with General Chat, or dump both folders and create a whole new one
    • Other

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Guest El Satanico

Make Banky the mod of the folder.


Now that would make it interesting.



Honestly, make someone the majority agrees with the mod of HD and let them keep the excessive garbage out be it deleting old and/or exceedingly stupid threads or banning people who get way out of hand. Of course Dames or another higher up mod should make the final call on the bannings.


That would be better than dumping HD and risking the HD stuff spreading every where.


Perhaps post a pinned topic encouraging people to post stuff that shouldn't start heated arguments in General Chat. Because there is alot of stuff that would be just fine in GC.


Or here's another idea. Don't allow people to start threads in HD and have mods move discussions that fit the criteria to HD. Of course then you'd need mods for every folder.

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Define "out of hand."


If a thread changes from one where something is actually discussed, to one where it's just 4 people flaming at each other, then it's out of hand. Like, I totally agree with you that flaming, in some ways, should be allowed; but it should never be allowed to be the focus of a thread, because that just ruins what could've been a decent thread.


I don't feel there's anything wrong with a heated debate that involves a bit of name-calling. But when that debate is heated enough that the only thing they're debating is who's the bigger asshat, then that's a problem.


And what did I mean by ban-worthy flaming? I probably could've stated it better (because looking back, it almost makes me look racist) but what I meant was pretty much what you said: Allow flaming in all folders.


As I understand, flaming someone in, say, Music can get you banned. Thus, I worded that as "ban-worthy flaming", because it is, really.

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The Smarks board had a GC like chats going in their flaming folder because there wasn't a GC, so all threads of the like went where it needed to go. Most of the shit in that folder was GC shit and posting cliques. The few flames in there were less than a page of flames with more of the shit being bullshit.


On this board lately, more threads in NHB/HD have nothing to do with flames. They are really GC shit in a different folder. Current Events gets better arguments going. It is mostly people who don't want to lose a hangout spot that has nothing to do with flaming. Besides, the good Doc has it right. Flaming is a weak attack. Most of the big shit to get a person banned is death threats(The Game), racism(The Brain), and the raped and found dead in a dtich(PerfectPlex). Most of the bullshit in HD is just bullshit. Even all the shit banky does, most of it is him having a good time and people taking this messageboard shit way too serious. Besides the SQL errors that that place brings up and the free memory from bullshit not killing the board, I can't think of other reasons to get rid of it.

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I'm not.


HD is effectively ruled by an established minority.


That pisses off anybody not as cool as us...

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