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If they were to release every Zelda game up to (but not including) Wind Waker on one disc for Gamecube and charged 50 bucks for it, I'd buy it.

Supposedly there is another Zelda disc planned that has Four Swords on it...and maybe some of the Zelda titles this disc missed. Maybe they'll have LTTP, LA, and the Oracle titles on it.

As much as I'd like to see this happen, it won't. With the GBA being able to play old Gameboy games, Nintendo would just as well have gamers go out and buy LA: DX and the Oracle games. With LTTP already ported to GBA, I don't see Nintendo giving it to us for free. Hopefully, they'll prove me wrong

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NES games usually didn't have epic endings. :P

They still could have done better. I've seen worse though...


What's up with the old dude during the final battle? He gave me the Triforce. Who was he?

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