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SWF Joining FAQ! - Want to join? Click here!

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SWF Frequently Asked Questions

(Revised and updated, Wednesday, 27th of December, 2006; ver 3.6)





1. Read this page, top to bottom... without fail!


2. Using correct grammar and a neat style, fill out the SWF Stats Template on this page. Be original. Send them to Toxxic (Toxxic) or Landon (King Cucaracha) and wait patiently for a reply. You may be required to alter your stats. If not, proceed to step 3.


3. Post your stats in the stats thread. Do not do this before you’ve been approved!


4. Watch the cards. If you're booked in a match, write for it or we'll be asking why you joined.





Welcome to the Smartmarks Wrestling Federation!


If you are new to e-wrestling, reading this section is imperative. Even if you are familiar or even experienced with e-wrestling, you should still read this as it contains the valuable information you need to be successful in this federation, which is a bit different from any other fed we're familiar with. So yes, read it. Yes, read it. You heard me.


This is the Smartmarks Wrestling Federation Frequently Asked Questions document. It’s an idiot's guide to who we are and what you have to do to join. If you don’t read this before joining... you’re either a retiree returning or just plain silly. Read on.


Okay... so who are you guys, anyway?


The SWF is one of the more popular e-wrestling federations on the internet. It is a match-writing/angle-driven federation, where writers create their own storylines and write competitive matches to further their place on the card and to further their angles. Well over 200 people have joined since its creation in October 2000. In fact, I couldn't give you an accurate number, there’s been that many people. The roster got so big that we were forced to create subdivisions and lesser leagues for the people who wished to be involved with the SWF. This resulted in two leagues; the JL (Junior League) and the ML (Minor Leagues). Neither league exists anymore as they are no longer needed.


October 2000, eh? Not bad. Where does this fed trace its roots to?


Back in the day, there was the IGNWF message board. You see, we were a part of IGN.com, basing ourselves on their board system. Unfortunately, the boards went completely subscription-only. With over half the roster without Insider, the fed was thought to be dead. However, thanks to a contact with Jeremy Botter, TheSmartmarks was nice enough to take us in. Regardless, this was where everything took place. At first there was no board. The IGNWF was a small federation based on IGN’s WWF board. It got started by Jayson G - the author of the legendary Scoop Slam Post. The subject line said "I haven't done this here yet so I'll start..." and in the post he said "*Scoop Slam*" It started a mass brawl among the posters, spawning a huge thread that somehow managed organize itself into staged matches. Eventually, the newly-dubbed IGNWF got their own board and things skyrocketed from there.


In the first few days of the board's existence, the stats post (people who wanted to join put their stats there) went up to 30, then 50, and now it's lost in the annals of history. However, Jayson had a brilliant idea - split the fed into two. Have one main fed (IGNWF) and a minor fed (IGNJL). The idea was accepted and the IGNJL was made. Soon after, the IGNJL got too big as well. Therefore, we had to split it into two halves, the IGNML and the IGNJL. After rash of retirements by WFers and JLers, the ML was removed, because it was no longer needed. The rosters were merged back into the IGNJL. The SWF and SJL federations went strong for a long time, producing some excellent classes of match-writing students, but then tragedy struck. The influx of new wrestlers dwindled and basically stopped, and this coupled with the numerous retirements that occurred during this period turned the federation upside down. Unfortunately, it was decided that the SJL was no longer needed. The remains are still available to view, with title histories and big events pinned in the forum, so have a gander.


Moving on, we are now the single federation, the SWF. We are still the same match-writing/angle driven federation with numerous highly talented people... and we want you. Join us. You know you want to.


OK, I understand now. So, how do I go about joining up?


If you are new, visit the profile of Toxxic, who can be found in the 'Forum Led By' section when you enter these boards. He is a long-serving member of the fed, currently juggling the roles of writing and co-booking the fed with Landon (King Cucaracha), an even longer-serving member. Once you are viewing his profile, send him a private message. In the message send him a completed stats form, filled out vertically. That is, your character’s moves are not in one long line, rather they are listed one under the other.





Scoop slam








That’s how you want to do it. It should go without saying, but use proper grammar as well. It makes an impression, so don't bother applying if you're not going to make an effort. If you have any questions, feel free to PM Toxxic - he'll be happy to answer them for you, give your stuff a read-through and provide suggestions.


The stats template is listed at the bottom of this document. Do not fret!


Toxx will soon get back to you and tell you if you're in or not. Once he does, and only once he does, post your stats in the stats thread on the Smartmarks Wrestling Federation board. From there, wait patiently until the card for the next show is posted. During your wait, it is highly encouraged that you make yourself known to the SWF community and become a part of the clique. You can do this by going to this thread and downloading the chat script and then joining chat! Post a thread in the community board, as well. Help us know you!


Alright, I've sent my stats in, I've been approved, and the next card is up. What now?


Naturally, note your opponent and refer to the stats thread to find their specifics. Adhere to the stipulations, if there are any, detailed for your match in the card. There should also be a "word limit" and a "marker" attached to every match. The word limit is the MAXIMUM amount of words that a specific match can contain. ‘Newbie’ matches are usually around 3000 words. This may sound like a bit, but once you get the hang of match-writing, you'll realize this is hardly enough to construct a simple match. Feel free to turn in something below this, but understand it will affect the quality of your match - we're used to longer, more involved matches and descriptions. When you finish writing, send a private message containing your match to the listed "marker." Markers are the people who read through the competing matches to choose a winner. They are always experienced federation veterans and have a good sense of the various things that make a good written match.



I see... I'm kind of confused. I've never been in a e-fed like this before; could you explain match-writing in more detail?


It's actually a very simple premise. The federation is, basically, a creative writing contest. Using the character you've created and using the stats from your opponent's character, you write your own wrestling match. Essentially, you write out longer and more detailed action scenes from literature, using the stats you've created for your character and the stats that your opponent has made up. The spots, the finish, the story you tell... granted, this is limited by the characters and the match stipulation, but how you go about plotting your own matches is up to you. The match-writing competition is the heart of the fed and thusly important to constantly improve on.


I shouldn't have to explain the actual details of writing a match, but if you're still a bit lost, refer to any of the recent SWF shows. You should understand what the match-writing aspect is after you have read a show through. Of course, a lot of the matches would be written by experienced veterans but don’t worry, you’re not expected to be that good at the beginning! (If you are, congratulations.)


Often, new writers are the subject of constructive criticism in comments or losing-match threads. Try not to take this too personally - the vets are just trying to help you improve.


Often, people object to the match-writing system on the premise that a writer can treat his opponent like a jobber. Understand that one-sided matches tend to be boring - if you write a match like that, it doesn't stand a very good chance of winning.


Interesting. Does this fed include any additional RP (role-playing) aspects, like most e-feds?


Yes. Although matches are the main competitive part of the SWF, the fed is driven by angles. We refer to RP's as ‘Promos’ around here and unlike writing matches, they aren't necessary to do to stay part of the fed. However, promoing is recommended, as it’s how angles/storylines/character progression/et cetera is done. Anything from interviews, locker room conversations, backstage confrontations, attacks on other wrestlers (provided you have their permission), a speech, vignettes, a challenge... whatever style comes to mind. And, of course, the locales of your promos are completely up to you. Lord knows bar/pub/tavern promos are a staple of this fed.


Anyway, there are two ways to have a promo seen - post it on the SWF board or have it included in the next show. If a board promo, make sure to entitle the post "PROMO: <title>", so that everyone knows it's a promo. There is no word limit on promos, but it’s recommended that they at least be 400 words. If they're shorter, you should generally go with the second option and send the promo to whoever is posting the next SWF show, making sure to specify where in the show you'd like it placed if you have a preference. Much like writing matches, if you're having trouble with promos, just read some of the other ones that have been posted.


I'd like to run an angle with someone in the SWF. How do I go about doing this?


Simply get in contact with them, via private message, chat or AIM, and explain what you'd like to do. I would classify anything as big as a feud or as small as an appearance in a promo/match run-in an "angle" that requires permission from a person to use their character. They should get back to you with a yes or a no and you can work out further details from there. Simple angles and feuds don't require clearance from the WF bookers, although we would prefer if you keep us informed of anything you plan to do, so we can book the shows more efficiently and effectively for everyone.


How are tag matches written?


Unless specified somewhere on the card, tag matches are to be written together with your partner. As in, they should write about one half of the match, and you should write the other half. If you’d prefer a more interactive style, organise a time for you both to be online at the same time and write it together. Contact them right after you see the card so you can work out the details.


I'd like a specific kind of match against a specific person on the next show. How do I get it?


Send a private message to either Landon or Toxxic and explain to them what match stipulation you'd like and against who. They should be able to fulfil your request for the next card. If not, I’m sure they have a reason and they should get back to you on that.


What is the show schedule, anyway?


We now have a new schedule, the necessity of which was dictated by, among other things, the members of the fed growing older and having less spare time... we are aiming to run two shows a month, and we intend to try and find out if people will be available for the shows before we book them to ensure we get a maximum return. If no-one can manage a certain time period, we don't have a show then. Simple as. Consider it a Ring Of Honor-like schedule, if you will.


Who books what?


It's the British Invasion... after a long and proud tradition of Americans, Canadians and the odd Australian being in charge of the place and contributing to the running, Toxx and Landon are now joint head bookers. They come up with the card between them, so either one can be approached for any booking purpose.


I can't write for the next show/I need to take an extended break. Who do I tell?


If you can't write a match for whatever reason, private message your match marker and let them know ahead of time. (Please turn in something if you can - even if it's a half-written match, tack on entrances and a rollup finish. A bad match still beats a double no-show.)


If you need to take an extended break from the fed, private message Toxx or Landon. As stated above, we're trying to ensure everyone who gets booked is available, but a "don't book me until further notice" will save time instead of "can you be booked?" "No" exchanges taking place every two weeks.


Help! I keep losing my matches! What can I do to try and start winning?


Everyone goes through spells where they can't seem to buy a win, don't worry. Firstly, politely private message your match marker and ask them how they came to their decision on your loss, making sure to ask them for feedback on how you could improve. They should get back to you soon with suggestions. You can also post in the losing match thread, which is sometimes started after every show (you can start it yourself!), and ask for feedback from people there. SWFers shouldn't have a problem giving you a few pointers. Lastly, read other SWF matches. Learning from what others do is, without question, the easiest way to improve.


Keep in mind when asking for feedback that the markers are doing this with their free time, just as you're writing with yours, and that they've been through the same things. A little tact goes a long way, whether you're the writer or the marker.


So, is there anything else to do in this fed besides writing matches?


Naturally. There is a Community/General board at the top of the SWF forum index. This is where all of the conversational topics (amongst other things) are posted to keep SWF forum clean of off-topic threads and focused mainly on federation-related things. Don't be shy about joining in on the conversation or introducing yourself, even if you’re brand new to all of this. As I mentioned earlier in this FAQ, we also have a chatroom! Click here to access the thread that has the link you’ll need to download the official SWF MiRC script. There's almost always someone in chat, regardless of the time of day. If not, there are instructions in the thread to attract people to chat.


Alright, I think I've got everything, now. Anything else I should be aware of?


Here are some basic rules...


1. Only write matches you’re assigned to. This goes without saying, but sometimes, just sometimes, stupidity gets the better of us. (This doesn't just mean 'Don't write matches for someone else.' Only write the match you're assigned to write, even if it's a straight singles match and you'd prefer it to be hardcore. If you and your opponent both want a change in the stipulation, agree on it and tell your marker. We'll be happy to change it for you.)


2. If you do not want to be part of the SWF, don't post messages about how much you think it sucks. Keep your opinion of it to yourself.


3. Don't get too crazy. The old IGNWF used to have midgets fighting at McDonald's... so try to stay away from that and keep it in the ring.


4. Have fun, but make sure you don't stop anyone else's fun. We don't want anyone leaving the SWF due to badgering, so try to keep personal comments to yourself.


5. Be Original. Don't use "If you smell..." as your catchphrase. Try to come up with your own material. Also be realistic. Don't be "Hardcore Extreme Guy" or something like that. Try to portray your character in a real way. If you use a hackneyed gimmick, be ready for criticism and high standards - it's nearly impossible for someone without experience to write the Rock's gimmick and make it enjoyable.


6. When sending matches to your marker, carefully title it "Axis vs. Charismatic Kev - Kev's Match" or something legible and obvious. Stuff like "my match" just doesn’t cut it unless you're especially charming and witty, or have been around long enough to strut around like you own the place.


7. Don't send the bookers a private message with "hey” in the title. When sending them a private message, make sure what you want is carefully put into the title. For example, if you want leave, put "Leave of absence" in the title, not "Hey Landon". This is not because Toxx and Landon are cranky, it's just easier to go back and find the details of your leave of absence notice (or whatever) if it's marked as such in the PM box.


8. Show up for your matches! If you can’t for whatever reason, let your marker and your opponent know about it! No showing and not providing reason does not put you in favour with the markers and the bookers, mainly because your marker will be waiting for your match instead of out drinking beer, in getting laid, or in his basement playing video games.


9. The federation is not a slave-driving place. We tried that, it stopped working after a while. We all have time constraints, be it work or college or school or being a drug-addled rockstar. The point of the fed now is that you write WHEN YOU WANT TO WRITE, but that you let us know when you want to write beforehand so we don't book you and then get nothing! So if you want to come in and write a match but can't make the next show, that's fine. If you're a veteran who wants to return for a one-shot every couple of months, that's fine too. Just let us know so we don't end up with a show full of holes.


10. This is the most important rule...


...enjoy yourself! This is meant to be fun. Have a blast, people!


Stats Template


Ok, now that you've read the FAQ, you are allowed to see this beautiful piece of a template! Below is the SWF Stats Template you should submit if you'd like to join.




If your grammar is very bad or the template looks untidy, you will not be accepted. (We're a writing fed. Make a good first impression.) Obviously, delete the huge descriptions seen here.


Preliminary Question: How did you find us/hear about us?


Smarks Board Name:

Wrestlers Name:







Ring Escort:




Looks: [Description of how your character usually looks inc. ring attire.]Ring Entrance: [How you come out to the ring, music, etc. No need to be extremely specific.]









[Can not exceed 20 points in total... NB: Strength, speed, vitality and charisma play a vital part on what moves your wrestler is capable of. Keep this in mind when you write your move lists. See the guide down the bottom of this thread. Maximum of 10 per category. These can be changed as your character evolves, so don't agonize over stat point placement, but remember that these effect how you and your opponents will write your character.]


Style: [is your wrestler technical? Power based? Fast? Put it here. Give us an idea how your wrestler will take on different styles of opponents.]


Signature moves: [Maximum of 10. Minimum of 6. The moves that make your wrestler famous. John Morrison's corkscrew moonsault, Triple H's spinebuster, AJ Styles' 'Pele' kick, Samoa Joe's snapmare/chop/kick/kneedrop combo - hard-hitting or popular moves you see in every match that aren't finishers.]


Common moves: [Maximum of 20, 15 preferable. Minimum of 10. The more mundane stuff that your character might use. Wrestlers are expected to be able to perform basic moves like scoop slams, armdrags and such, so don't bother putting those unless they form a major part of your offense. These are things like Flair's knife-edge chops or a regular move done with a slight individual twist, like Jeff Hardy sitting out on his jawbreaker instead of dropping to his knees.]


Rare moves: [Maximum of 5. No minimum needed. The moves your guy might use every once in a blue moon. He's capable of them perhaps, but they might not fit his style or he may only go up against people he can use these moves on once in awhile. Think of Steve Austin's Million Dollar Dream, which he used only rarely and when it was extremely appropriate for the match, or how the Tombstone was a BIG deal back in the days of Biker Taker.]


Finishers: [2 preferred. 3 at the absolute most. Minimum of 1. EG, 1 power move, 1 submission, 1 top rope, etc... Try not to use the same finisher as somebody else. Don't have two finishers if you don't need them.]


Notes: [A general description of fighting style and ethic. Anything you want to say about how your character comes across.]


Bio: [Optional. A bit of background information about your wrestler.]



Stat's Points Guide


A bit confused about what the stats mean? Here is a rough outline, using the numbers so that you can more easily imagine exactly what those stats mean... if you're anything like me, you might be sick of being suplexed by guys with a ‘1’ strength. Keep in mind this is a very rough outline and there is room for interpretation. This is not canon, nor is it official rules; the stats are more of a guide.



1 - Here we're talking the level of an untrained manager, ref, or valet. Someone like... Kelly Kelly.

2 - Here are the majority of women wrestlers, as well as many male wrestlers. Examples would be Candice Michelle, or some of the smaller cruiserweights like Paul London - minimum strength to do a suplex well.

3 - Here is the low end of average strength for wrestlers. CM Punk. Maybe an imposing woman like Beth Phoenix.

4 - Here we get into a really strong female, like Chyna, or an average strength male wrestler, like the Miz.

5 - Here we have the guys who can do the occasional big power move and look sort of scary. Say, HHH, John Cena, etc.

6 - We begin to get into the realm of the big men now. Many BIG moves. People like Tomko. Or true female freaks like Amazing Kong.

7 - Sickeningly strong small guy, or average big guy... Snitsky, Abyss.

8 - Strong big guy... Undertaker.

9 - Sickeningly strong big guy... Brock Lesnar.

10 - The biggest, baddest and strongest... combines leverage with being freaking huge... Big Show.



1 – Slug... is painful to watch. The Great Khali.

2 - Still in the realm of the large men, but able to move, maybe even climbing to the top rope. Big Show.

3 - Low end of average speed... somebody who can move, but doesn't often. Say, HHH.

4 - Average, but capable of some acrobatics, might go over/through the ropes occasionally... . A lot of female wrestlers. Taker. Samoa Joe.

5 - Acrobatics begin to show and can do some high risk moves well. End of trail for agile big men... Sean O'Haire, or Lesnar when he could actually hit the SSP.

6 - Fast! Better be a cruiserweight... some springboard stuff... Shane Helms, Lita in her younger days.

7 - Faster! Springboard moves are no problem! Jericho, Jeff Hardy.

8 - Yowza!!! Suicide springboard here we come!! Rob Van Dam, Sabu.

9 - Which way did he go? Super Crazy, Sonjay Dutt

10 - What can't you do? Rey Mysterio Jr... before his injuries. Jack Evans. Dragon Kid.



1 - Can't even work a whole match... Mae Young. Remember her?

2 - Weak. Average valet level... Torrie Wilson, Stephanie McMahon.

3 - Low average level and can work a whole stipulation match... Trish Stratus.

4 - Average stuff... can do a Last Man Standing Match. Chris Jericho.

5 - If you want an Ironman match, you'd better be at least this good. Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, the Rock, HHH. Or, can chain wrestle obscenely well. Kurt Angle pre-injury.

6 - Presented as tougher than dirt, but will still go down to a finisher... Finlay.

7 - Wrestles hardcore all the time and doesn't mind it at all! Say, Undertaker... capable of brief bouts of no-selling. The ring bell doesn't hurt. Brock Lesnar. Goldberg.

8 - Can you say Mick Foley? Sure you can. Masochist... can take a hellacious beating. These days, Superman Cena.

9 - Seemingly impervious to pain, can continue without higher brain function. Terry Funk. Hulk Hogan during a Hulk-Up.

10 – A no-selling bastard... Kane, back when he debuted. The bastard took three tombstone piledrivers! Now, we'll have to go with the SWF's Nathaniel Kibagami.



1 - Ew. What's that on your face? Acid burns? Do you know English? Steve Blackman. Abyss, when he speaks.

2 - Farthest you can get without talking. Old Kane. Umaga.

3 - Minimum babe charisma. Beth Phoenix (who can't talk for shit, but might get a slight diva pop). Low average wrestler charisma. Snitsky.

4 - You have some merchandise and can talk when you get the mike. Gregory Helms. John Morrison.

5 - You have a cult following, even if it's just for your ring presence and ethics. LAX, Santino Marella

6 - People love you and they don't know why, or you're instantly hateable. Carlito, Brother/Bubba Ray.

7 - You have thousands of Jerichoholics. Jericho. So over, it's scary... Angle.

8 - You are the Game!!! HHH. Fantastic acting ability. William Regal

9 - People love you, or hate you with a passion normally reserved for Hitler. Stone Cold. Yes, still. Vince McMahon.

10 - You own the fed. The Rock during a comeback.




If you have any more comments, questions or inquiries not presented in this FAQ, private message Toxx or Landon.


This guide was originally written by DT_Spike of the IGN boards. It was revised by crusen86, and had parts contributed by emilvandro. It was revised yet again by realitycheck. It was then revised by Crowe (07/04/2004) due to outdated information and the removal of the SJL, edited repeatedly by Tom, and updated October 2007 by Toxxic.

Edited by Toxxic

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