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Rewriting History

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Thoughts on the PPV:


-Road Warriors? Blarrgh. They were so bad at this point. It's nice to try and bring back the tag division, but unfortunately much of the talent in the tag division at this point isn't very good.


-Taka/Aguila happened at WM14, and I don't think it was anywhere close to ***, though it had some nice dives.


-The Bradshaw/Windham feud continues? Might as well just have put JBL over and then had Kane attack after the match.


-Good stuff with Vader.


-Good stuff setting up Rock/Shamrock at WM14, like what really happened.


-Vader/Foley is great.


-Austin with the predictable but necessary win. Sometimes swerves aren't the best idea.


-I'm thinking triple threat with HBK involved at Mania, especially after getting the win here.


WM14 looks solid, with Hart/Austin/HBK (possibly), HHH/Owen, Kane/Taker, Shamrock/Rock, Vader/Foley, NAO/LOD, and whatever else you decide to add.

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Guest jm29195
Vader - Cactus Jack Feud - Bring It The Hell On.



Never mind Cactus vs Vader, I want to see Dude Love vs Vader!! Seriously, great work and I always wanted to see Vader/Foley in the WWF, maybe we'll get to see Foley's HIAC bump coming at the end of a great feud with Vader, giving it even more meaning, instead of in a thrown together match against Taker with no great backstory.....

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Waco, TX

February 23, 1998


JR said that the Road to WrestleMania had begun. Tonight's main event would have WWF World Champion Bret Hart in action.


The Road Warriors pinned The Godwinns when Hawk pinned Henry Godwinn after the “Doomsday Device.” (5:12) JR put over the Road Warriors saying that they had returned and they were gunning for the Outlaws.


Sgt. Slaughter's Tag Team Rankings

CHAMPIONS- New Age Outlaws

#1 Contenders) Road Warriors

2) Cactus Jack/Terry Funk

3) Quebecers

4) Headbangers

5) Rock and Roll Express


The Nation is interviewed about their loss the previous weekend at No Way Out. The Rock vowed redemption for the previous evening.


JR promised an update on Terry Funk and Cactus Jack later on.


Backstage, Ken Shamrock went into Commissioner Slaughter's office. Slaughter informed him that because of his clean victory over WWF Intercontinental Champion The Rock at No Way Out, Shamrock would receive a match with The Rock at WrestleMania XIV. Shamrock thanked Slaughter for the chance.


Ken Shamrock defeated Jeff Jarrett by submission to the ankle lock. (3:58) After the match, The Nation came out and attacked Shamrock viciously. Shamrock bled from under the eye after The Rock punched him hard. JR said that his orbital bone may be broken. The Rock posed with the Intercontinental title over his body.


During the commercial break, Shamrock refused medical help.


The New Age Outlaws were interviewed about their victory at No Way Out. The Outlaws bragged about "offing" Cactus Jack and Terry Funk. They denied Vader's involvement with the match. When asked about The Road Warriors, the Outlaws said that they'd taken them out of the wrestling game once and they'd do it again. The Outlaws said that fans would have to wait and see.


Ahmed Johnson defeated Barry Windham by count out (2:38) when Bradshaw came out with a steel chair and tried to attack Windham. The Windham/Bradshaw war was not yet over.


Backstage, Barry Windham and Bradshaw were being separated by officials.


Owen Hart came out to the ring and cut a promo, about wanting a one-on-one match against Shawn Michaels. He was furious over being pinned by Michaels during the tag main event at No Way Out. This brought out D-Generation X to the stage. Shawn Michaels and Triple H rambled about Owen being a "nugget" until Owen said that if he was such a piece of crap and he beat them, what does that make D-Generation X? They had nothing to counter back with and Owen said that if D-Generation X had a problem with the Hart Foundation, Owen would be leading the counterattack from now on. Triple H attempted to keep talking but Shawn Michaels stormed to the back, causing Triple H to chase after him. Owen Hart's music played as they left.


After the commercial break, Triple H was still chasing after Shawn Michaels. Triple H couldn't find him. He angrily kicked open a door which flew into Commissioner Slaughter's face. Slaughter swore loudly which caused Hunter to bust out laughing. Triple H then taunted him about his language and "representing the company" before walking off.


Mark Henry pinned Steve Blackman after delivering a powerslam. (3:22) JR put over the Nation as thugs but said Mark Henry was talented.


Davey Boy Smith hit the ring and called Steve Austin out. He said that he had more punishment for Austin. The glass shattered and Stone Cold came out. Austin hit the ring and Davey Boy had to plead with him not to attack him. Davey Boy said all he wanted was a simple handshake. Austin then cut a promo about "DTA". Austin said Davey Boy was a "dumb son of a bitch" because he knew being in the ring with Stone Cold was a death warrant. Austin told him that he would give him a handshake, just because he gave Austin a fight the previous evening, but he told him to warn his brother in law that Steve Austin was coming for his belt, and that was the bottom line. Austin extended his hand. Davey Boy went to reach it but then flipped Austin off and laughed in his face. Austin went into thought for a second, then punched Davey Boy right in the eye. Davey Boy bailed and walked to the back. Austin yelled at him from the ring as Raw went to commercial.


After the commercial break, The New Age Outlaws laughed at Davey Boy as he walked by backstage. Smith asked them what they found funny and the Outlaws taunted him about getting nailed in the face. Smith said that the NAO wouldn't find it funny later on when the Hart Foundation "crippled them" for getting involved in the brawl that cost Brian Pillman his job several weeks earlier. Davey Boy Smith then handed Jesse James a $20 bill and told them to "buy themselves dinner". He then left as the NAO looked on in anger.


The Great Sasuke pinned Pantera after executing a moonsault from the top rope. (5:18) Taka Michinoku was shown watching this match from the dressing room area.


A video aired covering what happened to the Undertaker several weeks ago. It was then announced that Undertaker would return in 2 weeks.


Paul Bearer and Kane had a vignette regarding the Undertaker's return. Bearer said Undertaker was lying when it said he was ready to return. Undertaker wasn't ever, ever going to come back because he was just too weak.


Big Van Vader defeated Bart Gunn & Bob Holly in a “No-DQ Handicap” match after powerbombing Gunn and then delivering the “Vader Bomb” to Holly. (4:49) After the match, Vader issued a challenge to anyone in the WWF. JR did a mega-sell of Vader, saying he was once again WWF Championship material.


JR had an update on Terry Funk and Cactus Jack. Funk had some bumps and bruises stemming from Vader's attack at No Way Out. JR said WWF Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter announced a Terry Funk v. Big Van Vader match for the following week. However, Cactus Jack has some damage to his lower back and will be out of action for some time.


Backstage, Marc Mero was caught on camera arguing with Sable. Mero asked the cameraman to leave them alone.


WWF Champion Bret Hart & Davey Boy Smith defeated WWF tag team Champions The New Age Outlaws by disqualification (10:28) when DX came out and interfered. Eventually, Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart came out to make the save. During the course of the brawl, Davey Boy Smith had his knee injured when Shawn Michaels nailed him several times with a steel chair. The show ended with Davey Boy on the mat in serious pain.

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-Road Warriors? Blarrgh. They were so bad at this point. It's nice to try and bring back the tag division, but unfortunately much of the talent in the tag division at this point isn't very good.


They way that we booked The Road warriors getting injured at the hands of the New Age Outlaws & DX gave them some time off and gave the fans a reason to see them return. The tag division may not be much right now, but we're trying to make it seem important again.




-The Bradshaw/Windham feud continues? Might as well just have put JBL over and then had Kane attack after the match.


I wanted to keep the feud going as basically just a television feud. They won't be having any more matches on PPV. And this gives them something to do in the mean time.



-Good stuff with Vader.


-Good stuff setting up Rock/Shamrock at WM14, like what really happened.


-Vader/Foley is great.





-Austin with the predictable but necessary win. Sometimes swerves aren't the best idea.





- I'm thinking triple threat with HBK involved at Mania, especially after getting the win here.


I don't to give away anything, but I really think the main event for a WrestleMania should be a one-on-one match. Shawn Michaels will get his shot at Steve Austin down the road, but right now it's Bret Hart v. Stone Cold as the WrestleMania XIV main event.



WM14 looks solid, with Hart/Austin/HBK (possibly), HHH/Owen, Kane/Taker, Shamrock/Rock, Vader/Foley, NAO/LOD, and whatever else you decide to add.


I hope you enjoy what we have planned for WrestleMania.

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[-Road Warriors? Blarrgh. They were so bad at this point. It's nice to try and bring back the tag division, but unfortunately much of the talent in the tag division at this point isn't very good.]


What is it they say - you can't polish a turd. I agree that the Tag Division is not the most talented - however I think in the circumstances that The Road Warriors are the best team to challenge for the Gold a WM14 - they will be over due to their long abscense and have a histiry of a feud with The Outlaws since the Fall last year (98). I will be suprised to see them take the gold though.


I think you have done a grand job of making the titles actually mean something - Well Done.


So it looks like Vader is set to get a nice push - as already mentioned his feud with Cactus Jack should be superb.


Still not sure where Shawn will fit in at WM14 I'm guessing against Owen Hart or maybe even a tag match with Davey Boy and Triple H.

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Cleveland, OH

March 2, 1998


The show began with Bret Hart coming out to the ring. He mentioned how Davey Boy Smith had "seriously injured his leg" the previous week. However, he blamed this on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin even though he wasn't in the ring at the time of the injury. He said Austin was trying to eliminate the Hart Foundation in time for WrestleMania, and Bret said he wouldn't let that happen. Bret looked into the camera and informed Austin that the WWF World Title was his and he wouldn't let a "worthless redneck from Texas" take his belt. Bret Hart used Austin's "bottom line" catchphrase. Afterwards, JR said that Davey Boy's unfortunate injury was the fault of Shawn Michaels. Jim Ross informed the television audience that Davey Boy Smith had a severe knee injury that occurred in last weeks brawl and would out of action for an indefinite amount of time. However, Hart Foundation comrade Jim Neidhart would make his return to full-time action tonight against Shawn Michaels. Also, Barry Windham fights Bradshaw one-on-one to settle the score.


Michael Cole said that Steve Austin was not at the building to issue a response yet.


Big Van Vader defeated Terry Funk after a powerbomb (5:48). After the match, Vader continued to assault Funk until Cactus Jack returned to make the save. Cactus and Vader nailed eachother with fists until both were slightly bleeding. Vader took off through the crowd as Cactus followed.


Outside the arena, Cactus Jack was brawling with Vader until Vader scooped him up and dropped him face first on a car. That stunned Cactus enough until the Mastadon was able to get in his vehicle and take off, with Cactus chasing the car in pursuit.


Jeff Jarrett had a pre-taped vignette where he played guitar.


JR and Jerry Lawler said that Cactus Jack was legitimately insane and that fans should try to stay away from him at live WWF shows. However, he really wants to prove something to Vader.


Sgt. Slaughter's Tag Team Rankings

CHAMPIONS- New Age Outlaws

#1 Contenders) Road Warriors

2) Cactus Jack/Terry Funk

3) Quebecers

4) Headbangers

5) Rock & Roll Express


On a big edition of Shotgun Saturday Night this weekend, the New Age Outlaws would be taking on the Headbangers in a non-title match while Triple H defended his WWF Television Title against Steve Blackman, and Steve Austin would be wrestling Jeff Jarrett.


WWF Television Champion Triple H came out to the ring. Triple H said that if people wanted to see him wrestle, they could watch that "crappy show" on Saturday, thanks to Sgt. Slaughter. However, no matter, because Triple H retains his title on that show. He said that he enjoyed Sgt. Slaughter's "interference" in his wrestling career so much, that he had a "tribute slideshow" done for the Sarge that he'd narrate right now. It was pretty much an attack on Sgt. Slaughter, with images like "Sarge's birth" (a chin in a blanket), the Sarge unleashing "homophobic rage" on Pat Patterson at MSG, his Iraqi heel turn and a picture of Slaughter in the midst of uttering his "first swear word" the previous week. Slaughter then came out to the ring and asked Triple H what he got from "humiliating" him every chance that he got. Instead of replying, Triple H acted as if Sgt. Slaughter's saliva was blinding him. Sgt. Slaughter got very angry and asked Hunter if it was a "match" that he wanted, because even if he was the WWF Commissioner, he was still allowed to give him an ass-whooping in the ring. Hunter said that was damn right and challenged him to a one-on-one "Boot Camp" match for the following week, which Slaughter accepted after a bit of deliberation. Triple H then explained who he would be facing. He brought out Pat Patterson, who cut a quick, broken English promo on Slaughter. Slaughter got fired up and said that he'd make "mincemeat" out of him the following week. Triple H seemed enthusiastic about the match and left the ring giving advice to Patterson as Slaughter did his old poses in the ring.


The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express defeated The Quebecers when Robert Gibson pinned Pierre. (4:28) Jerry Lawler said that the Rock and Roll Express were the best tag team in the world, but JR hyped the Road Warriors instead.


Marc Mero was asked by Michael Cole if he and Sable had sorted out their problems. He said that their relationship was fine and that she knew "her place" now.


Goldust pinned Marc Mero after a running bulldog. (5:31) After the match, Mero blamed his loss on Sable. He claimed that she distracted him. It appeared his was about to hit her when Goldust came back to the ring to make the save. Marc Mero left without an arguement.


Steve Austin came out to the ring to cut a brief promo on Mike Tyson and Bret Hart. The promo was done to get the crowd behind Austin, with Austin asking the crowd if he would beat Bret Hart at WrestleMania and if Mike Tyson deserved to get a Stone Cold Stunner after the three count. This was met with "Hell Yeah" responses. Eventually, Austin used some profanities to describe the "(S)Hitman" and then ended up drinking a few beers during a bit of "practice" for his match.


WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku pinned Scott Taylor after delivering the “Michunoku Driver.” (3:13) The Great Sasuke was shown watching this match from the dressing room area.


A short retrospective on Kane's path of destruction since entering the WWF was aired. After the vignette, JR said that he really truly hopes the Undertaker comes back to challenge his brother on Raw next week.


Barry Windham pinned Bradshaw after executing a piledriver and then making the cover. (4:38) Windham celebrated after the match.


JR talked about the NOD's vicious, prolonged assault on Ken Shamrock the previous week, but said that Ken Shamrock was a tough guy.


Backstage, Shamrock was shown talking to the Disciples of Apocalypse. He lifted his bandages to show his bloodshot and bruised eye. They told him he was really tough and said that they'd have his back in the future to prevent this sort of thing from happening again. He thanked them before leaving.


Backstage, The New Age Outlaws cut a promo on The Headbangers, Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon, The Godwinns and The Headbangers for next Monday's edition of Raw.


The Road Warriors defeated D’Lo Brown & Kama Mustafa (with The Rock, Ron Simmons and Mark Henry) when Hawk pinned Mustafa after a powerslam. (2:20) After the match, The Rock got in the ring and ordered Simmons and Henry to attack The Road Warriors. The Road Warriors dominated the pair. Rock bailed out of the ring before the Warriors could get him too, but Ken Shamrock (wearing a bandage over his left eye) ran down to ringside and tackled Rock into the security wall. Shamrock wailed on him with lefts and rights but Rock covered up. However, when he let his guard down, Rock drove his elbow straight into the injured eye and Shamrock went down. The Road Warriors got out of the ring and The Rock took his IC Title and walked out. Road Warriors, the DOA and WWF agents checked on Shamrock afterwards and helped him backstage.


Shawn Michaels cut a short, humorous promo on Jim Neidhart backstage, before their match.


Shawn Michaels pinned Jim Neidhart with the superkick. (4:49) After the match, HBK & Triple H attempted to injure Neidhart the same way that they did Davey Boy Smith. Bret and Owen Hart same out to make the save with Bret getting superkicked before D-Generation ducked out of the ring.


After the commercial break, JR talked in the ring. He said that several big matches had already been signed for the next week. WWF Tag Team Champions the New Age Outlaws would compete in a four corners match. Pat Patterson vs. WWF Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter in the "Boot Camp" rematch. And major match just announced, WWF World Champion Bret Hart would face Shawn Michaels in a one-on-one non-title match. This was announced as being the last match between the two in 1998. The final battle comes next week. JR was about to wrap up the show when Kane's music hit. He came to the ring with Paul Bearer. Paul Bearer instructed Kane to attack JR, so he delivered a chokeslam. Bearer then took the mic. He said that there was one week until Undertaker's supposed "return", but the fans were getting their hopes up for nothing. Undertaker would not return whatsoever. In fact, when he was around he showed no interest in attacking his brother. However, Kane did and screwed with the Undertaker's mind before ending his WWF career. Now with Undertaker's legacy out of the way, Kane's REAL dream will become a reality- becoming the World Wrestling Federation's number one monster. Bearer said that he had brought Kane back not only to get retribution from the Undertaker, but also to cash in while doing it. Kane's had no means of income and no fixed address for 20 years and now he deserves a break. No matter what WWF TV tells you, "Vince" is paying Kane huge dollars just because the Kane/Undertaker storyline is a ratings draw. However, now that Undertaker has retired for good, Kane's next target is working his way up to the main event. Bearer said Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and Steve Austin will all fall at the hands of Kane and soon, he would reign supreme as WWF Champion. At this point JR got up after lying on the ringside mats and called Kane a "no-good bastard" and said he really hoped the Undertaker came back to "kick his ass" all over the WWF. At this point, Bearer was about to cut a promo on JR but Kane grabbed the mic from him to Bearer's shock. After a long pause, Kane began to talk. He didn't say much, but he stated that the Undertaker "was dead" and that his "mangled and ruined body" would not "Rest in Peace". Kane and Bearer stared down JR and the fans afterwards as the show ended.

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WWF Shotgun Saturday Night- Special Edition

Cleveland, OH

March 7, 1998


JR and Jerry Lawler did commentary for a "big" episode of Shotgun Saturday Night. Steve Austin vs. Jeff Jarrett was hyped. JR said that he was recovering from Kane's attack on Monday.


Highlights were aired of the Godwinns and LaFon/Furnas victories on Shotgun two weeks ago, qualifying them for the match on the upcoming edition of Raw.


WWF Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws defeated The Headbangers by disqualification after Headbanger Thrasher used a chair to attack Billy Gunn. (3:48) After the match, members of the Godwinns and Furnas/LaFon threatened both teams from the stage.


Backstage, Jeff Jarrett talked about how he was getting a match with one of the WWF's hottest prospects, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Jarrett said that none of the other "losers" in the locker room could say that. Ahmed Johnson stood up and told Jarrett to shut his mouth. Jarrett stormed off after saying that Ahmed "ain't great".


Raw highlights were aired of Triple H's segment involving Sgt. Slaughter and Pat Patterson on Raw.


WWF Television Champion Triple H defeated Steve Blackman to retain his title after the Pedigree. (3:48) Triple H re-introduced his courteous bow after the match and then instructed the fans to "suck it".


Raw highlights were aired of Steve Austin's promo.


The Rock & Roll Express defeated Skull and 8-Ball when Ricky Morton pinned Skull. (4:18)


Clips of Ken Shamrock's brawl with The Rock and Cactus Jack's return to attack Vader were shown.


Steve Austin cut an in-ring promo where he said Jarrett wasn't in his league and that Jarrett didn't "deserve to work" with him. This prompted "Double J" to come to the ring and promote himself via song. Austin tried to walk out but Jarrett broke his guitar over Austin's lower back. Austin turned around and pummeled Jarrett with fists and the match began.


Raw highlights were aired of the Kane/Paul Bearer promo.


Steve Austin pinned Jeff Jarrett after the "Stone Cold" Stunner. (8:53) Austin celebrated after the match.


Don't forget, Undertaker is scheduled to return on Monday.


I think everybody's going to enjoy the buildup to WrestleMania.


We appreciate all feedback.

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Yeah, it was a special edition. Plus, if you look at it carefully, it gets the wheels in motion for one match at WrestleMania.

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Excellent work as always, though its still as distressing to watch Trips' rise to "power" here as it was back in the day.

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Wheeling, WV

March 9, 1998


JR said this would be a good night for wrestling fans. He said that Undertaker would be here tonight, no matter what Kane said. Also, Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels for the final time this year.


Sgt. Slaughter's Tag Team Rankings

CHAMPIONS- New Age Outlaws

#1 Contenders) Road Warriors

2) Rock & Roll Express

3) Quebecers

4) Headbangers

5) Cactus Jack/Terry Funk


The Road Warriors defeated The Quebecers when Hawk pinned Jacques after the "Doomsday Device". (3:28) The Road Warriors celebrated after the match.


Shawn Michaels and Triple H arrived at the arena together but immediately said their goodbyes and split off in different directions. JR said that both men would be involved in the Raw telecast that evening.


Kane waited outside with Paul Bearer (carrying a crowbar) for The Undertaker.


WWF Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws defeated The Headbangers, The Godwinns and Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon in a 4-Team Elimination non-title match. (12:38) Order of elimination: The Godwinns, Furnas & LaFon and the Headbangers. The Road Warriors watched the match backstage.


Backstage, Sgt. Slaughter is getting ready for his match. Vince McMahon walked by and asked Slaughter if he was sure he wanted to go through with this. Slaughter said he would show Triple H a thing or two about real men wrestling.


In a pre-taped vignette, Jeff Jarrett sang an insulting guitar melody written for Ahmed Johnson. He said that Ahmed was the WWF's biggest hack and he challenged him to a match at WrestleMania XIV.


WWF Intercontinental Champion The Rock came out to the ring with the Nation of Domination and a bag. He cut a promo where he said that he had taken out Ken Shamrock's eye the previous week, and to prove it, he reached into the bag and pulled out a fake eyeball. He then mocked Shamrock before wrapping it up by saying that Shamrock wouldn't even be able to see The Rock whoop his blind ass at WrestleMania and retain his Intercontinental Title, "if you smell what The Rock is cooking." He then called Mark Henry in the ring to wrestle his scheduled match.


In a huge upset, The Great Sasuke (with WWF Lightheavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku) pinned Mark Henry after a moonsault. (3:12) JR said that Sasuke and Michinoku had a mutual respect for one another. NOD was banned from ringside during the match. Afterwards, they came back out to do a beatdown on Sasuke and Michinoku but the Disciples of Apocalypse ran out to make the save.


The Rock & Roll Express had a vignette where they bragged about being the #2 Tag Team in the WWF and asked all their devoted fans to watch Shotgun where they would be in competitive action.


Kane and Bearer were still waiting for The Undertaker outside.


Backstage, the Outlaws cut a promo where they said that they were the best tag team in the world and that the Road Warriors would bow at their feet at WrestleMania. Jesse James said "Isn't that right, Rocco?" and re-introduced Rocco the puppet as a way of taunting the Warriors.


Sgt. Slaughter beat Pat Patterson (with Triple H) in a "Boot Camp" match when Hunter threw in the towel after he got bored. (1:44). After the match, Triple H hit Sgt. Slaughter with a TV Title. Pat Patterson tried to attack Hunter but was given the Pedigree. Triple H then gave the "crotch chop" to both of the unconcious men. JR said that HHH just assaulted the World Wrestling Federation's Commissioner and there was nothing anybody could do about it.


Kane and Paul Bearer got tired of waiting around and went back inside the arena. Just then, a hearse pulled up in the parking lot. After some delay, Kane ran back out to smash the windows out with Paul Bearer's crowbar. The driver bailed out and ran off. Kane looked in the back of the hearse and it contained pieces of the destroyed casket the Undertaker was attacked in and the sledgehammer Kane used. Bearer was a bit concerned, but Kane said it was just a prank.


Backstage, Owen Hart met up with Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels was about to attack him but Owen showed him the brass knuckles that he had. Michaels held his position. Owen told Shawn Michaels that for one night, he shouldn't be a "degenerate" and go out and have a "classic, old-school" WWF match with his brother. Owen said that if Shawn Michaels really had any respect for himself or the WWF title he'd do it. Otherwise, Owen might have to kick his ass. Michaels said that he would "wrestle" the match with Bret Hart later on, not just because Owen told him so but because he "can". Michaels said that he would embarass Bret Hart in their final match together and show the WWF who the better man really was. And Owen could never, ever kick Shawn Michaels' ass because he wasn't even half the fighter that his brother was. Michaels said that any new "attitude" that Owen was showing was just because he knew that "being his obnoxious self" wouldn't further his career anymore. Michaels said that Owen was "stale" and told him to go "where the big boys play" before walking off.


WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated Shawn Michaels in a non-title match after Michaels tapped out to the Sharpshooter cleanly. (20:05) After the match, Bret Hart ordered Shawn Michaels to shake his hand. Shawn did and then walked up the ramp a defeated man. As he did, the glass shattered and Steve Austin walked out to the stage. He was holding some sort of a paper and clipboard. Michaels waited at ringside while Austin explained that the official contract signing for WrestleMania was to take place next week. Austin said that he anticipated next week's Raw because that ment he would be signing a paper that allowed him to "kick some ass" at WrestleMania. Bret then got on the mic and told Austin that he had looked over the WrestleMania contract and he had seen to it that he got the kind of match that "he" wanted. Also, Bret said, Austin's "good friend" Mike Tyson would be at the arena for the contract signing the following week and he said that he didn't want "any shenanigans" during Bret's big moment.


JR hyped the contract signing, Hawk vs. "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn and Vader vs. Cactus Jack for the next week. Also, just announced by Sgt. Slaughter, Owen Hart vs. Triple H where the title would be on the line.


Kane came out to the ring to wait for the Undertaker. Kane got on the microphone and said that the time had come. He called his brother out while Bearer yelled that he wouldn't come. After a lengthy delay, Kane got on the mic and called Undertaker "a pussy". He said that he was able to light the fire that claimed his parents and scarred his face but he wasn't able to be a man all these years later and own up to it. Kane said that the Undertaker "storyline" was now done and that he would "slaughter the WWF like sheep" until he got the World Title. Just then, the lights went out and the Undertaker's music played. He slowly came out to ringside but was attacked by Kane before he could get in the ring. Kane manhandled him and ripped off his hat and jacket, revealing "The Undertaker" to be Bradshaw. Bradshaw got out of the ring and took the mic. He said he was going to be the first of the WWF locker room to step up to Kane. He said if Kane wanted to take over the WWF he'd have to go through him first. A ref came out to ringside and the match was on.


Kane pinned Bradshaw after a chokeslam. (2:11) Immediately after the match, all the lights in the arena went out. It was pitch black for about twenty seconds until a fireball was seemingly thrown somewhere on screen. When the lights came back on, Undertaker was in the ring while Paul Bearer was shrieking and holding his face. Kane slowly turned around to see his brother. Kane laughed at him and Undertaker backed up. Undertaker ran at him and gave him a big boot to the face. He then got on the mat and started beating viciously on his brother with lefts and rights. Kane rolled out of the ring and picked up his crowbar. However, he did not get back in the ring and carefully watched Undertaker (crowbar in hand) as he walked to the back. The Undertaker did his trademark pose as Jim Ross ecstatically closed the show at ringside.


Anybody have specific comments on one segment of the show(s)?


Undertaker return- good or bad?

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Pheonix, AZ

March 16, 1998


JR hyped the Undertaker's return bout against Barry Windham later that evening. Plus, Gunn vs. Hawk, Vader vs. Cactus and the contract signing. Also, as of this morning Ken Shamrock was able to return to action so we'd get The Rock and Ron Simmons vs. Ken Shamrock and the returning Patriot later on.


The Road Warriors cut a promo backstage on the New Age Outlaws. The Road Warriors said that they had worked so hard to make a comeback for all their fans and to defeat the Outlaws and take back their tag titles. They said that the disrespect The Outlaws had shown for absolutely everybody was disgusting and they vowed to "clean the place up" at WrestleMania in Boston. A clip was shown of the Outlaws throwing Cactus Jack off the stage in a dumpster which JR said could happen again if the Warriors weren't careful.


Sgt. Slaughter's Tag Team Rankings

CHAMPIONS- New Age Outlaws

#1 Contenders) Road Warriors

2) Rock & Roll Express

3) Headbangers

4) Quebecers

5) Too Much


Road Warrior Hawk (w/Animal) battle Billy Gunn (w/The Road Dogg) to a double disqualification when all four wrestlers began brawling. (4:17) Billy Gunn and Road Dogg came out dressed in Road Warrior attire (spikes, facepaint) to insult the duo. Refs had to seperate the teams after the brawl.


Steve Austin has arrived at the arena.


Backstage, the Great Sasuke and Taka Michinoku were conversing in Japanese with several Japanese businessmen surrounding them. JR said that they were finalizing the deal to have a WWF Lightheavyweight Title match at WrestleMania, which would be a great honor for their homeland.


Big Van Vader cut a promo on getting to the top of the WWF. He finally explained his attack on Cactus Jack and Terry Funk by saying that he wanted to get the attention of the WWF. They put four "hardcore" guys in a dumpster match and it took Vader to unleash the brutality. Well, if Cactus Jack thinks he's so tough then he'll have to defeat Vader tonight to prove that fact. He then said it was "Vader Time".


JR talked about the Vader/Cactus rivalry in "another federation" and said it was one of the most captivating things ever shown on their programming.


The Disciples of Apocalypse (Skull & 8-Ball) defeated The Godwinns when Skull pinned Phinneas after a leg drop from the middle turnbuckle. (3:53)


Bret and Owen Hart were shown backstage at the arena. Owen will have a WWF Television Title match in moments while Bret would be involved in the contract signing later on.


The DOA went backstage to find their motorcyles tipped over. They said that they knew who did this and vowed revenge.


Highlights were shown of Triple H embarassing Pat Patterson and Sgt. Slaughter.


Cactus Jack cut a lengthy, emotional promo about how Vader "claimed" his ear, ruined his back and broke his heart. Cactus promised revenge tonight and he said he'd show who "the man" really was. "Bang, bang!"


Owen Hart defeated WWF Television Champion Triple H by disqualification in a title match when Shawn Michaels attacked Owen during the match. (6:11) Triple H complained to Michaels about interfering afterwards, but Shawn took the mic and Triple H walked backstage. HBK talked down to Owen, saying that the most humiliating moment of his life occurred last week when he had to shake Bret Hart's "greasy" hand after losing. HBK blamed this on Owen, saying Owen's plea for an "honor system" during the match eventually cost him the bout. Michaels said that Owen was one of the dumbest people he had ever met and he hated his guts, he hated his family and that he wished Owen's parents had never produced such a "waste of life". Owen lost it, ran in the ring and grabbed the microphone from Shawn Michaels and beat him over the head with it before Triple H came back, dragged him off and threw him out of the ring. Triple H made sure that Owen couldn't get back in the ring. He also kept Michaels back as well as it went to a commercial break.


Mike Tyson arrived late in Pheonix.


A brief replay was shown of the previous segment. JR said that Raw doesn't often use the replay feature, but that heated segment "deserved it".


A clip was shown of Saturday Night Shotgun where Marc Mero went ballistic after losing to Goldust and blamed it on Sable. Goldust tried to calm him down only to get the TKO. Mero grabbed Sable and took off after the match. JR said that it was a sad situation.


In the back, Vince McMahon entered Sgt. Slaughter's office. Slaughter already looked very nervous and expecting bad news. He notified him that as of now, the WWF no longer needed a commissioner. Slaughter pleaded with Vince, but it was no use. Vince said that after his "embarassing" performance the previous week, it would be better for "both of them" if they just stuck to boardroom decisions from now on. Slaughter looked frustrated but asked if he could still be an in-ring competitor. Vince laughed really hard but eventually decided that Slaughter was serious and said that it was fine. Vince then shook his hand before leaving. Slaughter began clearing his office.


In the backstage area, Jeff Jarrett was singing a song about Ahmed Johnson to other wrestlers.


Jeff Jarrett defeated Steve Blackman by submission to the figure-four leglock. (3:45) Ahmed Johnson came out during the match and watched Jarrett wrestle. After the match, he came in the ring and picked up Jarrett's guitar and attempted to break it over his head, but Jarrett bailed out so Ahmed destroyed it in the ring anyway.


Backstage, Goldust cut a promo where he asked Sable to "leave" Marc Mero and said that he was a nutcase who didn't respect her. During this, Marc Mero attacked Goldust while Sable screamed and threw him into a wall. Goldust made a loud thud against it and slumped down while Mero walked off.


Backstage, Kane said that Paul Bearer was sent to the ER with scarring on his face from The Undertaker's cowardly attack the previous week. Now Kane had asked for a one-on-one match at WrestleMania and had apparently received it. Kane said he'd give him only his second loss at the big PPV and said that he'd take his brother's soul.


The Undertaker wrestled Barry Windham to a no-contest (:55) when Kane ran out and used a rag covered in chloroform on his brother for a few seconds before Windham attacked him. Kane delivered the chokeslam on Windham and left the ring as it looked like The Undertaker was out cold. However, his brother sat up as he was up the ramp. Kane swore and looked very frustrated as Undertaker threatened him from the ring (with the cut-throat sign).


JR said the contract signing will occur in moments.


Triple H and a very angry Shawn Michaels attempted to leave the arena. However, an angry voice called out from off-screen. Triple H swore at the off-screen person and said he didn't want another confrontation that night. The camera panned over and revealed Sgt. Slaughter. Slaughter followed Triple H and Michaels, swearing at Triple H for "ruining his life". The Sarge picked up a garbage can nearby and pitched it at Triple H, who it just came short of hitting. D-X got in the car and quickly left as Slaughter stood yelling in the distance.


The Rock and Ron Simmons defeated Ken Shamrock and The Patriot by disqualification when when Shamrock accidentally punched the ref. (4:32) Shamrock's blurred vision was blamed for this. After the match, The Rock taunted Ken Shamrock who eventually belly-to-belly suplexed him blindly. He even delivered the belly-to-belly to Patriot and the referee just for being in the way. He then screamed for everyone to get out of his way. Unfortunately, it was too late and he had left four men on the canvas, including WWF Intercontinental Champion The Rock.


Contract signing still to come.


JR hyped Vader vs. Cactus that would happen next. Also, announced for next week- Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Road Warriors, The Rock, Vader, Shamrock and The Rock 'n' Roll Express all in action. He also said that hopefully we'd see more victories and less countouts/disqualifications leading up to WrestleMania.


JR did a hard shill for WrestleMania XIV. Undertaker vs. Kane for the first time ever, can Undertaker stop Kane's winning streak and path of destruction? WWF Tag Team Championship, The New Age Outlaws vs. The Road Warriors, will the Road Warriors' regain the gold or will the Outlaws end a spectacular comeback? The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock for the Intercontinental Title, Taka Michinoku vs. The Great Sasuke for the Lightheavyweight Championship. Just added as a result of things that occurred earlier in the evening, Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels. Steve Austin/Bret Hart for the World Wrestling Federation Title with boxing legend Mike Tyson as ref will be your main event. Remember, WrestleMania is a four-hour show so there's more matches still to be announced.


Big Van Vader defeated Cactus Jack by countout when he powerbombed Jack on the steel ramp and got back in the ring. (8:32) Vader celebrated but the rest of the show came to a halt as Jack laid motionless. The announcers broke character and went over to check on the "dangerous" individual and a stretcher was brought out. Everyone wondered about the condition of Cactus Jack as Raw took a commercial break.


When Raw came back JR and Jerry Lawler were pretty much silent. They said that no man could absorb as much punishment as Mick Foley, but this was taking it to the limit. Cactus Jack was being transported to the hospital as they prepared for the contract signing.


The USA network went well past 11:30 Eastern Time to show the full Bret Hart/Steve Austin contract signing. Vince McMahon came out with Mike Tyson first, followed by Steve Austin and Bret Hart. Security guards and other officials were in the ring to make sure that nothing "went down". First off, Vince McMahon made a short speech about how WrestleMania XIV was going to be such a big event. He then said that Bret Hart was a great, respectable champion for the WWF. He also said that Steve Austin wasn't his "sort of champion", but he was popular with the fans. Austin gave McMahon a death stare during this. Mike Tyson got on the mic and spoke about what an honor it was to referee a WrestleMania main event. He thanked Vince McMahon and the WWF for the opportunity. He then said that he'd be very strict during the match and not let anything "slide". It was then Steve Austin's turn to speak. He said first off that Mike Tyson could kiss his ass. He then went on to tell Bret Hart how much the WWF ment to him. He did a short summary of everything it took to get him to the big time, including being "damn near crippled" by Bret Hart's brother. He said that he was willing to sacrifice everything he had if it ment winning that belt. He said he didn't give a damn what kind of champion Vince McMahon wanted because he was going to be his "own" kind of champion. He asked the fans to give him a "Hell Yeah" if they wanted to see "Stone Cold" win the title and Vince McMahon piss himself. Bret Hart said that if Steve Austin was going to lead the WWF into to the new millenium then he'd want no part of it. Bret said that Austin was now not so much a wrestler as he was "trash". Bret went on to disrespect Austin's style and wrestling ability as of late. He then said, as the champion, he had one bit of influence on their WrestleMania match- no closed fist punches. Bret said that Austin relied on those "stupid" punches for most of his matches and he said frankly, he wanted to put on a wrestling clinic and he didn't know if Austin was the man to do it. However, he said, the quality of the match doesn't matter to him as much as the belt does because he's willing to "take it home" in five minutes if it means keeping the belt. Bret told Austin to sign the contract and train hard, because he'd "have to wrestle". Austin got on the mic and said if it ment that much to his legacy and wrestling reputation that "Stone Cold can't use a damn punch", then he'd sign (which he did). However, he said that "the Stunner" would finish him off, 1-2-3. Bret got back on the mic and said that he'd "get the tapout he missed last year" when Austin submits to the Sharpshooter at WrestleMania. He signed the contract and then began arguing with Stone Cold until Vince McMahon intervented and began to close the episode of Raw and hype WrestleMania. However, the arguing between Bret and Austin escalated until they were both standing up and yelling at eachother after Bret moved to Austin's side of the table. Bret pointed to his chin and "Stone Cold" was about to strike him until Mike Tyson pushed both men apart. The show ended with the visual of Mike Tyson instructing WWF World Champion Bret Hart and Steve Austin as JR screamed about WrestleMania being a slobberknocker.


After the show, Steve Austin gave Bret Hart the "Stunner", which was later shown on Shotgun and pay-per-view previews.[/

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Guest jm29195
Anybody have specific comments on one segment of the show(s)?




I liked the Patterson/Sarge angle, does this mean that we're gonna get HHH/Sarge in some capacity at WM



I see you've already got Kane talking, that's an interesting development for the character as it took WWF (3?) years to get him talking unaided...


Henry vs Sasuke would be......interesting....


No Bulldog at WM?


Michaels/Owen, Austin/Bret, and Sasuke/TAKA, all have potential to be classics, I'm presuming Vader/Cactus will go on there, and I always thought that Jarrett/Johnson could have a decent match if booked correctly with a proper finish after seeing their Royal Rumble 1996 effort.


Good Work!!

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Yes, this is nothing but good for Kane to show his personality, maybe even and earlier unmasking... the way the WWF is right now, imagine evil, borderline psychotic Kane playing mind games with anyone he chose... possibly a feud with Owen to raise up both of their status?

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Tucson, AZ

March 23, 1998


JR hyped this Raw as being a major episode before WrestleMania. Rock vs. Austin, Shamrock vs. Simmons and the Hart Foundation tag team re-unites to take on The Road Warriors. Sgt. Slaughter would also make his return to in-ring action, as per the approval of Vince McMahon.


Backstage, Michael Cole asked The Rock what it was like being taken down the previous week by a partially "blind" man. Cole told The Rock that Ken Shamrock was one of the toughest men he had ever seen. The Rock then said Michael Cole was one of the "biggest monkey's asses" he had ever encountered and told him to leave "The Rock's promo". Rocky then ran down Ken Shamrock and said that he'd demolish what was left of him at WrestleMania. The Rock then said that Shamrock will gain nothing out of this and told him to quit the pro wrestling business. He then said Shamrock would see, with his one eye, The Rock holding high his beautiful championship belt at the end of WrestleMania. "If you smell what The Rock is cooking." JR said that Steve Austin, the former Intercontinental Champion, would "kick Rocky's ass" tonight.


Ken Shamrock defeated Ron Simmons by submission to the ankle lock. (3:13) Shamrock's eyesight got worse and worse during the match as Simmons worked on his eye. After the match, The Rock wandered out to ringside while Shamrock needed referee help to get up. Rock got in the ring with a chair as the fans screamed for Shamrock to see him. In a dramatic scene, The Rock nailed Shamrock in the back with the chair and he went down. He nailed him in the back again and then Rock waited on the opposite side of the ring to see what he'd do. Shamrock couldn't see anything, but he turned almost in The Rock's direction and screamed for him to hit him again. The referee (who had bailed to the outside) but was pushed down. Rock then absolutely creamed the "World's Most Dangerous" man's skull and he immediately went down. Two referees then tackled The Rock down at this point and they and a security guard escorted him to the back as Rock got angry about how he was being "treated". He did point and laugh at the unconscious Shamrock on the way out, however.


After the break, Jerry Lawler laughed and laughed while JR got very angry and put over Shamrock as a true hero. He said that The Rock didn't deserve the title of "human being", let alone the Intercontinental belt, and said that unfortunately there would be no way for Shamrock to take the belt on Sunday, and that was a damn shame.


In a pre-taped vignette, Kane was in the hospital with the injured Paul Bearer. Paul Bearer's hideous and scarred face was shown. Kane said it's "just like old times". Kane then blamed Undertaker for murdering their family and was borderline emotional before freaking out and screaming that he would kill The Undertaker. The cameraman then dashed out of Bearer's hospital room.


A clip was shown of Bret vs. Austin from IYH: It's Time, October 1996. JR said that it was one of his favorite matches of all time. This is what started Steve Austin out as a big-time contender.


JR said that there would be no Sgt. Slaughter Rankings this week. He then went over what lead up to Slaughter being removed from his role as WWF Commissioner. JR said it was all part of Triple H's devious plan.


In a pre-taped vignette, WWF Television Champion Triple H cut a short promo about how Sgt. Slaughter getting fired was all part of his plan. He said that the WWF locker room should be thanking him for ending the "dictatorship". Hunter said that now D-X would be able to do the things they want, when they want. He said that Slaughter was old and worthless and said if he wanted to wrestle so badly, he could take on WWF Television Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley at Sunday's WrestleMania XIV which would be "D-X Rated".


Sgt. Slaughter defeated a jobber after putting him in the "Cobra Clutch". (:56) JR said that this victory was impressive. After the match, Slaughter got on the mic and said that he wanted Triple H in a "Boot Camp" match at WrestleMania, and that was an "order".


In a pre-taped vignette, Undertaker regretted what led to the Kane/Undertaker match at WrestleMania. However, what Kane did to him a few weeks earlier wasn't any accident and what Undertaker would do to Kane at WrestleMania wouldn't be an accident either. Kane would "Rest in Peace".


A clip of Steve Austin winning the 1997 Royal Rumble, eliminating Bret Hart by throwing him over the top, was shown. JR said that this is when Bret Hart began to "hate" Steve Austin.


Backstage, medical staff worked on Shamrock's eye and head as Vince McMahon wandered down the hallway on his way to the ring. Vince asked a doctor if Shamrock would be "good to go" for his big WWF Intercontinental Title match at WrestleMania. The doctor said it was doubtful he'd be even 50% for the match. Vince looked him in the eye and said "make it happen", because Shamrock "needed to deliver". The EMT reluctantly agreed and went back in as Vince stood in the hallway.


JR said Triple H had approved Sgt. Slaughter's request of a "Boot Camp" match for the Television Title at WrestleMania on Sunday night. Lawler said Slaughter had no idea what he was getting into. However, JR said that Triple H had ignited a fiery passion in Sgt. Slaughter and that he was going to lay it in on the Television Champion at WrestleMania.


The last few minutes of the IYH: Final Four battle between Bret and Steve Austin were shown where Austin passed out while in the Sharpshooter. Jerry Lawler said that Steve Austin had never pinned Bret with the Stunner.


Backstage, Ahmed Johnson caught Jeff Jarrett singing his mean-spirited song about him to Kevin Kelly. Ahmed said that he'd give Jarrett a reason to stop singing his song as Jarrett backed off.


Ahmed Johnson won a four corners match against Goldust, Jeff Jarrett and Marc Mero when he rolled up Goldust while he was distracted by Mero yelling at Sable on the outside. (4:39) After the match, Mero brawled with Goldust and Jarrett attacked Ahmed before the faces cleared them from the ring. JR said a tag team rematch (Goldust/Ahmed vs. Jarrett/Mero) would happen on Shotgun.


A clip was shown of an NOD/DOA parking lot brawl from Shotgun Saturday Night. JR said that the DOA found out who trashed their bikes and now they were pissed. DOA will fight members of the Nation at WrestleMania.


Backstage, WWF Tag Team Champions the New Age Outlaws wished The Road Warriors good luck before their match. The Outlaws extended their hands for a handshake. The Road Warriors just kept on walking towards the ring while the Outlaws laughed and insulted them.


A clip was shown of the Warriors being powerbombed through announce tables.


The Road Warriors defeated Jim Neidhart & WWF Champion Bret Hart when Hawk pinned Neidhart after delivering the "Doomsday Device". (9:08) After the match, Bret told the downed Neidhart that "this" was exactly what he didn't want before Sunday night's WrestleMania. He then grabbed Neidhart's legs and put him in the Sharpshooter while still holding the mic. Bret asked Neidhart "how much" it hurt. Neidhart screamed and yelled before saying "a lot" and tapped out. Bret Hart cinched it in more before Neidhart soon passed out. Bret then got on the mic and said "Austin, this will be you at WrestleMania". He then got Neidhart up and helped him to the back. JR said that Bret was playing mind games with Austin. Lawler said that this was the vicious side of Bret that we were seeing and Lawler said that this Bret Hart could beat Steve Austin, "easily" at WrestleMania.


Michael Cole brought Vince McMahon out to ringside for a short promo. Cole asked if it was okay to finally admit on TV that Vince was the WWF's owner. Vince said that was fine with him. Cole said after XIV years of WrestleMania, would this be "the biggest of them all"? Vince then talked about how much this pay-per-view ment to him and his family, but eventually said that if his father knew that Steve Austin was in the title match of WrestleMania XIV, he'd "roll over in his grave". This prompted Steve Austin to come out. He went off on Vince for a minute before saying that if Vince Sr. saw what a stupid blue suit Vince was wearing, he'd "roll over twice". Eventually, Vince got a little bit angry with Austin before he ripped off part of Vince's outfit. Austin didn't apologize. He then ignored Vince and cut a promo on Bret Hart, basically saying that Bret and Neidhart faked the last segment and that Bret would fall to the "Stunner" at WrestleMania XIV. And that was the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so. Austin left while Vince looked more than a bit frustrated.


JR mentioned how WrestleMania’s match of Taka Michinoku vs. Great Sasuke for the Light heavyweight Title was in the Japanese press. Clips were shown of both men studying each other’s matches.


Big Van Vader pinned Bradshaw after delivering the "Powerbomb". (2:54) After the match, Cactus Jack came out and brawled with Vader. It took seven WWF officials to separate them. JR was absolutely flabbergasted as to how Cactus Jack was standing, because that powerbomb last week was "legit". Jerry Lawler said that Cactus Jack was indestructible and kept coming back for more. However, that doesn't mean Cactus Jack can pin Vader. In fact, he probably can't. JR said that match could go "either way" on Sunday.


A intercut video montage of Shawn Michaels' and Owen Hart's careers were shown. JR said that both guys were amazing performers and at WrestleMania XIV, they'd go head to head on the grandest stage of them all.


JR did one last hard sell before WrestleMania XIV on Sunday.

Four hours, eleven matches in all.

Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels

Vader vs. Cactus Jack

Taka vs. Sasuke for the Light heavyweight Title

Ahmed Johnson v. Jeff Jarrett

Goldust vs. Marc Mero

Nation of Domination vs. Disciples of Apocalypse

Sgt. Slaughter vs. Triple H in a TV Title "Boot Camp" match

WWF Tag Team Titles- Road Warriors vs. New Age Outlaws

The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock for the Intercontinental Title

Undertaker finally fights Kane

WWF World Title match, Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.


A pre-taped vignette was aired with Mike Tyson saying how much he was looking forward to refereeing the main event of WrestleMania XIV.


Steve Austin defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion The Rock in a non-title match by disqualification when Bret Hart came out an attacked Austin. (7:43) The Hitman took a steel chair and assaulted both of Austin’s legs. The show ended with Bret Hart standing over a fallen Austin and holding the WWF Championship belt high.

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That last show was just brilliant - great build up to all the matches - again well done guys.


Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels - Think Owen is due for a push - Maybe Stone Cold's next feud.


Vader vs. Cactus Jack Vader to win this time - however this feud I doubt will be settled here.


Taka vs. Sasuke for the Light heavyweight Title. Be a big win for Taka.


Ahmed Johnson v. Jeff Jarrett I think Ahmed is on his way out


Goldust vs. Marc Mero This could go either way?


Nation of Domination vs. Disciples of Apocalypse Again could go either way - however I can see Simmons taking the pinfall lose - which could hasten his exit from the nation.


Sgt. Slaughter vs. Triple H in a TV Title "Boot Camp" match. Just can't see Triple H droping the title to Slaughter.


WWF Tag Team Titles- Road Warriors vs. New Age Outlaws Outlaws to retain for me.


The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock for the Intercontinental Title I'm thinking Shamrock will over come the odds here.


Undertaker finally fights Kane - This will be a close one.


WWF World Title match, Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. A given.


Look forward to the show.

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WrestleMania XIV Preview


WWF World Heavyweight Title Bret "Hitman" Hart © vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin w/ special guest referee Mike Tyson

In the main event of one of the most important WrestleMania’s ever, Bret Hart will defend his newly won WWF World Title against "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Their storied rivalry goes all the way back to SummerSlam '96, when the then "King of the Ring" Austin lost a World Title match to Shawn Michaels after an altercation with special guest referee Bret Hart. Two months later at an In Your House PPV, Bret pinned Austin in their first match after he was able to reverse a sleeper hold. Austin would go on to beat Bret in tag matches, but he never could pin him with the Stunner. During 1997's Royal Rumble, Austin unfairly came back in and eliminated the "Hitman" before going on to win, something Hart took very personally. The next month, however, Bret caused the "Rattlesnake" to pass out from pain in a Submission match. Austin never tapped to the Sharpshooter but still lost the match. When that match was over, though, Bret left to jeers while Steve Austin had earned the respect of the WWF fans. Bret went on to form the Hart Foundation, and they ganged up on the Rattlesnake numerous times, even costing him the title at Cold Day in Hell. Bret and Austin's last in-ring PPV battle was at Canadian Stampede 1997, a tag match which Austin took the pinfall in. While Bret soon went on to win his third and fourth WWF Championships, Steve Austin captured and then vacated the Intercontinental belt before winning 1998's Royal Rumble to get the WrestleMania title shot. When it was announced that pro boxer Mike Tyson would be the referee for this huge fight, Stone Cold took it upon himself to get introduced. After an in-ring brawl, it is safe to say there is no love lost between the World's Baddest Man and the Texas Rattlesnake. Regardless of Tyson's affiliation, Austin is determined to win his first World Title at the PPV and become the new top star of the WWF. It may happen at WrestleMania XIV. Special note- As an added stipulation, neither champion or challenger is allowed to throw punches during the course of the match. This may tip the scales in favor of "The Hitman".


Brother vs. Brother- The Undertaker vs. Kane

Paul Bearer and the Undertaker have a storied history dating back to the Undertaker's debut. Bearer was Undertaker's manager and only friend from early on in his career to his shocking turn at SummerSlam 1996. After months of having his new protégés trumped by the Deadman, Bearer hit the jackpot while Undertaker reigned as WWF Champion. Bearer uncovered a secret he could use against the Undertaker- his brother Kane, once believed to be dead, was still alive! In fact, Kane had been waiting and training for 20 years to fight the Undertaker, the man he believed to have set the fire that claimed his parents. Bearer and Kane teamed up to get rid of the man they hated most. Upon discovering the existence of Kane, Bearer alluded to and even bragged about the return of his brother after Undertaker would defend the title. However, it wasn't until In Your House: Bad Blood, after the first Hell in a Cell match, that Kane would finally appear. He Tombstoned The Undertaker, and cost him a World Title shot. You'd think this would provoke The Undertaker to attack his brother, but he wouldn't. In fact, he completely ignored Kane for months, preferring to challenge for the WWF Title. While Kane and Bearer did everything they could to get under the Dead Man's skin, he wouldn't budge. However, when Kane finally did face off with the Undertaker in the ring, neither man wished to fight his own flesh and blood, or so it seemed. This began several weeks of The Undertaker forming an alliance with Kane, and it seemed like the two were on terms again, much to Paul Bearer's dismay. However, it was quickly revealed to be a ruse to get inside The Undertaker's head when Kane turned on his brother and violently attacked him with a sledgehammer while he was locked inside a casket. The Undertaker disappeared for weeks to think his life through, while Kane went on a path of destruction that devastated the entire Federation. When Undertaker came back though, it was clear that he now knew what he had to do- face up to his brother. Undertaker returned, scarring his former mentor Paul Bearer with a fireball and attacking Kane. Now that Undertaker is ready to fight, Kane promises to finish his brother off once and for all before he challenges the top of the WWF roster. Undertaker is looking for revenge, and may get it at WrestleMania XIV.


Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels

Owen Hart and Shawn Michaels have both had illustrious WWF careers. Both have put on dazzling performances at pay-per-views and have gathered the hate of fans with their antics in recent years. However, both men seem to have a mutual dislike for one another that has lasted all this time. Michaels' constant disrespectful behavior has even provoked the "King of Harts" to cut a perverse, foul promo on HBK that almost got Raw thrown off television! Shawn Michaels has lost cleanly to both Owen and Bret Hart in the last month, including being pinned by Owen at No Way Out of Texas. In this battle of major egos, Shawn Michaels looks for a victory and tries to regain some of his dignity as Owen tries to make it 2-0 against the Showstopper. Regardless of the outcome, this could likely be the most technically sound wrestling match of Sunday's PPV.


WWF Tag Team Titles The New Age Outlaws © vs. The Road Warriors

In October of 1997, Jesse Jammes and Billy Gunn formed the team that would soon be known as the "New Age Outlaws" to absolutely no fanfare. Within two months, they were the new WWF Tag Team Champions and had taken the Road Warriors out of the promotion. Throughout the Outlaws' four month reign, they have committed some of the most dastardly and heinous acts ever witnessed on World Wrestling Federation television. They've put the Road Warriors through the announce tables, pushed hardcore legends Cactus Jack and Terry Funk off the stage in a dumpster, and cut profane and homophobic interviews that have offended and disgusted absolutely everyone. However, as of the No Way Out pay-per-view, The Road Warriors are back and better than ever! Undefeated since their return, the Road Warriors dominated the tag team rankings. After winning the tag team contenderships in a 10-team battle royal, the Warriors got the rematch they were looking for. Can the Road Warriors regain what is rightfully theirs or will the Outlaws shut down the famous duo and continue their run? We'll find out.


WWF Intercontinental Title The Rock © vs. Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock's pinfall victory on the WWF Intercontinental Champion at the No Way Out pay-per-view was enough to garner him a Intercontinental Title shot. However, the obnoxious Maivia refuses to fight as a champion should and has performed sneak attacks on Shamrock in recent weeks. After finding out of his title shot, Shamrock defeated a competitor in a quick submission victory. However, the Nation conducted a beat down after the match that left Shamrock with internal bruising and a damaged eye and retinal bone. One week later, after a NOD tag match, Shamrock appeared to get revenge on The Rock. After dominating a quick brawl, "The World's Most Dangerous Man" took a devastating elbow to the eye that may spell the end of his career. Two weeks later the courageous and valiant Ken Shamrock returned to fight in a tag match that he clearly wasn't ready for. However, even while partially blind, Shamrock delivered a belly-to-belly suplex to the "People's Champion" that, if done correctly at WrestleMania, will earn him the Intercontinental Title. That's a long shot though, as on last Monday night's Raw, Rocky savagely beat on Shamrock's skull with a chair, requiring urgent medical attention. We all know how tough "The World's Most Dangerous Man" really is, but if he chooses to go along with this match on Sunday, he may not just lose the match, but also lose an eye. That, we'll have to see.


WWF Television Title Hunter Hearst Helmsley © vs. Sgt. Slaughter in a Boot Camp match

For months now, Triple H has seemed to have some sort of grudge towards Sgt. Slaughter and all his booking decisions. No matter what situation he was put in, Triple H has always been complaining about "unfair treatment" from the WWF Commissioner. Slaughter was the one who gave Triple H the opportunity to win his WWF Television Title, but that gets no recognition from one-half of D-Generation X. In recent weeks though, the war between the commissioner and Helmsley has been escalating though, with Slaughter even being provoked the point of attacking the champion grappler. Helmsley also gave the Sarge a serious headache after he roughly kicked a door into the commissioner's face. However, Triple H crossed the line when he dedicated an entire segment to embarrassing and humiliating Slaughter. This provoked him to make an impromptu return to the ring, where he thought he was going to face former rival Pat Patterson in a "Boot Camp" match, his own specialty. Instead, this was a setup for Helmsley to conduct a beat down on the WWF official that was an attempt to completely ruin his legacy. The damage to Slaughter's mind and career were so great that Vince McMahon removed him from his commissioner duty. Having lost his respect, job and possibly his sanity, Slaughter went over the edge, throwing a barrel of waste at the exiting Helmsley on a recent edition of Raw. Slaughter is allowed to be a competitor on WWF television, but possibly needs a win at the PPV to keep his spot on the roster. Slaughter is battling for everything in this match while Helmsley wants to kill the legend of the American soldier. This may be one of the most passionate and intense battles at WrestleMania XIV.


Grudge Match- Cactus Jack vs. Big Van Vader

Vader's surprise attack on Cactus Jack at No Way Out sparked some controversy- and for good reason. Fans may remember Vader and Cactus' violent feud during the early 90's that ended with Mick Foley (Jack) losing three-quarters of his ear! Since then, the deranged Jack has been persistent in attacking Vader, even after Vader nearly broke his back with a brutal powerbomb on to the steel ramp! When Big Van Vader fights Cactus Jack at WrestleMania, we'll see which man is the toughest.




WWF LIGHTHEAVYWEIGHT TITLE- Taka Michinoku vs. Great Sasuke

At this year's Royal Rumble, Taka Michinoku defeated 2 Cold Scorpio in the finals of the Light heavyweight Championship tournament to become the first ever champion. Since then, he has defended it in spectacular matches, stunning fans and critics alike. Taka now faces his toughest opponent to date in The Great Sasuke. Like Michinoku, Sasuke is one of Japan's top light heavyweight stars and can dazzle the fans with amazing high-risk offense. Both men have a mutual respect for one another, however they will take each other to the limit in their WrestleMania match. Both challenger and champion have been carefully watching the other's recent matches to see how they can outdo the other. This upcoming match, which has already made Japanese sports media, may just steal the spotlight at WrestleMania XIV.


Ahmed Johnson vs. Jeff Jarrett

In 1996, when Jeff Jarrett was on his way out of the WWF, a young upstart named Ahmed Johnson was just making his debut. Now, almost two years later, Jeff Jarrett has made his return and has seemingly targeted Ahmed Johnson. Singing offensive country songs behind his back, Jarrett uses every opportunity to make fun of the talented wrestler-- unless it's in front of his face. As of late, the cowardly Jarrett has been avoiding a confrontation with the Pearl River Powerhouse, but this match will happen on the grandest stage of them all.


Goldust vs. Marc Mero

As of late, Goldust has come to the aid of women in distress. First saving Marlena from the rampage of Kane, now he's taken offense to Marc Mero's recent tirades against his wife Sable. Marc Mero then lost to Goldust on the next week's edition Shotgun Saturday Night but once again blamed his loss on Sable. Goldust tried to talk some sense into him, only to get Mero's finisher, the TKO. After a recent tag team match, Mero even went so far as to make Sable watch Goldust being thrown into a brick wall! This has gone on too far, and at WrestleMania, Goldust will attempt to knock some sense into Marc Mero.


The Disciples of Apocalypse vs. Ron Simmons, D'Lo Brown and Kama Mustafa

While the Disciples of Apocalypse have always had problems with the Nation, recently the NOD tipped over their bikes, prompting a violent parking lot brawl that made WWF TV. This outcome of this match will show which group has the most unity and strength. It's going to be a slobberknocker.

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WrestleMania XIV

Boston, Massachusetts - March 29, 1998

(4 hours long)



Free-For-All match

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express defeated Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon (w/Jim Cornette) (5:39) when Richard Morton pinned Furnas. **



Pay-Per-View matches:



WWF Light Heavyweight Championship match

Taka Michinoku v. The Great Sasuke


Sasuke won the title from Taka (11:18) after executing a moonsault from the tope. **** ¼



The Disciples of Apocalypse (Chainz, Skull & 8-Ball) v. The Nation of Domination (Ron Simmons, D’Lo Brown & Kama Mustafa)


The DOA win the match (7:32) when Chainz pins Simmons after Mark Henry “accidentally” hit him with a steel chair. * ¾



Ahmed Johnson v. Jeff Jarrett


Jarrett pinned Ahmed (8:33) after using his guitar as a weapon. * ½



Goldust v. Marc Mero (w/Sable)


“The Wild Man” scored the pinfall victory over Goldust (9:57) after delivering the TKO. ***



“Boot Camp” match for the WWF Television Championship

Triple H (w/Chyna) v. Sgt. Slaughter


Helmsley scored the victory (12:49) after delivering the “Pedigree” to Slaughter. Throughout the match, Chyna interfered several times. **



WWF tag team Championship match

The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & The Road Dogg) v. The Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal)


The Road Warriors regained the titles (10:22) after delivering the “Doomsday Device” to Gunn. ** ¼



Cactus Jack v. Big Van Vader


Vader get the pinfall victory over Cactus (16:08) after delivering a powerbomb and the executing a moonsault from the top rope. **** ¼



WWF Intercontinental Championship match

The Rock v. Ken Shamrock


The Rock retained the title over Shamrock (7:34) by reverse decision. Shamrock originally won the match, and the title, but he continued to assault Rock after the match. As several officials tried to stop him he attacked them as well. The referee the then reversed his original decision and awarded the match to the Rock by disqualification. ***



Owen Hart v. Shawn Michaels


Owen scored a pin fall victory over The Heartbreak Kid (20:53) by reversing a small package. ****



The Undertaker v. Kane (w/Paul Bearer)


Undertaker pinned Kane (13:28) after delivering 3 “Tombstone” pilerivers. After the match, Kane got a steel chair from ringside and hit Taker over the head with. He then delivered a “Tombstone” piledriver of his own on the chair. ** ½



WWF World Championship Match

Bret “Hitman” Hart v. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

Special referee: Mike Tyson


Austin pinned Hart (28:13) after executing the “Stone Cold Stunner” to capture the WWF Championship. **** ¾

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Nicely done. The mark in me was thrilled to see Owen win/HBK lose, as the smark was terrified the opposite would happen.


Excellent show, excellent build, and lots of seeds planted. :cheers:


Keep up the good work.

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What did everyone think of the WrestleMania XIV preview?


We've been thinking of doing previews like that for the PPVs all of the time instead of doing the Raw results. What does everyone else think?


Should we continue with the Raw results?

Or should we just do the PPV previews from now on?


I hope that all of our faithful readers enjoyed WrestleMania XIV. We feel that it was one of our best PPVs to date.

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[What did everyone think of the WrestleMania XIV preview?


We've been thinking of doing previews like that for the PPVs all of the time instead of doing the Raw results. What does everyone else think?


Should we continue with the Raw results?

Or should we just do the PPV previews from now on?


I hope that all of our faithful readers enjoyed WrestleMania XIV. We feel that it was one of our best PPVs to date. ]


Yeah good WM.


I personale prefer you to continue the RAW results as it adds so much more when the PPV's roll around.

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Definitely keep the Raw results. I think the quality of the PPVs has really picked up since you guys have been doing them, and it allows all the readers to actually keep up with the feuds/stories as they occur.

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Definitely keep the Raw results. I think the quality of the PPVs has really picked up since you guys have been doing them, and it allows all the readers to actually keep up with the feuds/stories as they occur.



I would say maybe for the big 4 PPV's, not necessarily for the other ones.

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Definitely keep the previews for the big 4 PPVs... I like the Raw results as well, and things have gotten very very interesting... The Nation is on its way out, Austin is on the rise as is HHH.. I like that the cruiserweight division actually matters, and the tag division is halfway decent if not spectacular, and I know that is going to change for the better.


I don;t have any complaints at all. Keep up the good work.

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After talking with Hitman, it seems like we're doing-


a) Raw results but preview shows for the big 4 PPVs


b) There will be actual match reports where a match analysis is written (the depth of the match review will depend on it's placement in the card, but big spots and near-falls will be described for all matches)


You guys will like what's coming up.

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Albany, NY

March 30, 1998


The new "Attitude" logo was prominently featured in the opening credits.


A WrestleMania recap was shown, ending with Mike Tyson raising Steve Austin's hand in victory.


The live show begins with WWF owner Vince McMahon already in the ring carrying a new WWF World Title belt. He said last night, the the landscape of the World Wrestling Federation changed forever as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin became the new WWF Champion. Vince seemed to be a little bit displeased at the crowd chanting for Austin. However, Vince still introduces him. When Austin comes out, Vince makes an attempt to apologize for "not believing in him" the past couple of weeks. Vince then nervously offers Austin that with Vince's brains and Austin's charisma, they could represent the WWF in a positive light. The crowd doesn't buy any of this. Austin says that he knows that Vince hates his guts. However, he mutually hates his "stinking guts" as well. Austin then cuts a scathing promo on Vince about how he isn't going to do things his way, but he's going to do them his own way. Vince tries to get on Austin's side, even briefly saying "I love you", which only makes things even worse. Austin basically tells Vince to shove it. Mr. McMahon eventually offers Austin two directions- the easy way, or the hard way. Austin contemplates it.. until he kicks Vince in the pills and gives him the Stunner. Austin then tells Vince that he's going to do things "the hard way". While Austin leaves, Vince moans over the mic for security to get him.


JR and Jerry Lawler then introduced the edition of Raw. JR says that (the Austin segment) is a sample of things to come. The Austin Era has definitely begun. Also, later tonight, Triple H will have an announcement after his match with The Patriot. Also, two WrestleMania winners do battle as Undertaker fights Big Van Vader.


During the commercial break, Vince McMahon ordered the arrest of Steve Austin for his unprovoked attack.


Dok Hendrix urged fans to buy the replay.


A clip was shown of the Doomsday Device the Road Warriors used to put away the New Age Outlaws.


WWF Tag Team Champions The Road Warriors defeated Too Much in a non-title match after the Doomsday Device. (1:49) After the match, Animal got on the mic and thanked the fans for supporting them during their comeback. He then said that he hadn't forgotten the role D-Generation X played in almost taking them out of the business. Animal said that they'd make them pay.


A WWF Home Video clip from the previous night was shown. It was taken immediately after Bret Hart dropped the WWF title to Steve Austin. In the backstage area, the Hart Foundation and some friends and family had set up a "Congratulations, Bret!" party where they were going to celebrate and party after the Hitman retained his WWF title against Austin. Instead, the silent Bret returned with Owen to a still appreciative crowd. Bret's wife said that he still tried his best and that he made his family proud. Bret couldn't even look at them. Bret then ripped a banner off the wall and threw it across the room. His family went silent as he stood there, shaking and seemingly furious. Bret's father, Stu then asked for a hug and approached Bret. "The Hitman" briefly looked at him, turned around and left the room with his wife and kids chasing after him. After a long silence, Owen yelled that he "beat Shawn Michaels" and cheered. Everyone else just looked depressed and left.


Owen Hart cut a promo backstage. He said how disgusting it was to see Austin arrested "like the thug he is" earlier in the evening. Owen stated that because of his victory over one of the WWF's top stars (who he didn't mention) the previous night at WrestleMania, he deserved to be named the #1 Contender to that thug Steve Austin's WWF title.


JR said that Bret Hart wasn't returning the office's calls and thus, he wasn't booked on any future WWF shows.


A clip was shown of Great Sasuke delivering a devestating brainbuster to Taka enroute to winning the WWF Lightheavyweight Title last night.


WWF Lightheavyweight Champion The Great Sasuke pinned Pantera after a moonsault in a title match. (4:19) JR talked about Sasuke's great fighting spirit. Taka watched this from the back, cursing in Japanese.


A clip was shown of Austin delivering the Stunner to Vince earlier in the evening.


JR said that Vince had "overreacted" and that officers were on their way to arrest Stone Cold.


Triple H came out and cut a short promo in his wrestling gear. He said that Shawn Michaels wasn't here this evening. However, he had a friend who was. Sean Waltman then came out and ran down Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. He said that WCW was holding the true D-X members, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, hostage but said that he, X-Pac, had escaped. He then said that he and D-X were going to rip ass on the World Wrestling Federation. Triple H, Chyna and X-Pac celebrated afterwards.


A clip was shown of Triple H pedigreeing a bloody Sgt. Slaughter as the Patriot made his way to the ring. JR said that the WWF wished Slaughter the best of luck in future endeavours.


WWF Television Champion Triple H defeated The Patriot to retain the title after delivering the Pedigree. (4:58) After the match, X-Pac got in the ring and celebrated with Helmsley.


Policemen were directed to Steve Austin's locker room.


Jeff Jarrett and the Godwinns vs. the DOA will happen on Shotgun Saturday Night.


Ahmed Johnson defeated Marc Mero by disqualification when Kane interfered. (2:49) Kane gave Ahmed two Tombstone piledrivers after the match. The announcers said Ahmed's career was over, no mortal man could take two Tombstone piledrivers. JR said even though Kane lost to The Undertaker, he was still a very dangerous individual.


Highlights of Kane tombstoning Pete Rose the previous evening were shown.


Goldust pinned D'Lo Brown (with Ron Simmons) after the Curtain Call. (3:13) After the match, Goldust got on the mic and challenged Marc Mero to a match on Raw the next week, "in Sable's honor".


Backstage, D'Lo Brown told WWF Intercontinental Champion The Rock that Ron Simmons didn't "do his duty" during the match. Rock then raised Simmons what would then become known as "the People's Eyebrow". Simmons argued with D'Lo until The Rock stepped in and talked about what a valuable asset Ron Simmons was for the Nation of Domination, and how he was "the leader" and always would be. He said that Simmons was the only member to help him out of the ring the previous evening and even got ice for his ankle backstage. He told D'Lo to cool off, and "next time, win". The Rock then turned to the camera (which he knew was there), asked his NOD members to move out of the way and cut a promo on Ken Shamrock. He said that while Shamrock did damn near break his ankle, he was too stupid and blind to win the belt. He said that he would limp out to the ring and whoop Steve Blackman's ass later in the evening.


Backstage, Steve Austin was arrested but still managed to headbutt Vince McMahon while he was in handcuffs.


WWF Intercontinental Champion The Rock (with the Nation of Domination) pinned Steve Blackman after a Rock Bottom in a non-title match. (5:01) After the match, Ron Simmons held up Steve Blackman so The Rock could hit him with the Intercontinental Title belt, but Rock swung the belt at an angle that it knocked both of them out. The NOD was going to help Simmons but the Rock made a big deal of his swollen ankle and asked them to help him, not Simmons, out of the ring and to the back. D'Lo Brown and the Godfather somewhat regretted it while Mark Henry carried Rocky to the backstage area.


Apparently, "Val Venis is coming".


JR mentioned how Ken Shamrock is undergoing medical evaluation because he is clearly unfit to be in a WWF ring at present time. He was going to talk further until McMahon interrupted. Vince McMahon came to the ring and apologized to the fans for what had happened earlier in the evening. He said that honestly, he didn't want to have to do that to Austin. Austin selected his choice, and he selected his. Vince then threw the mic over his shoulder and power-walked up the ramp.


Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon defeated The Headbangers when Furnas pinned Thrasher. (3:53) The Rock 'n' Roll Express appeared in the crowd during the match and distracted some female "fans" with their good looks, infuriating Jim Cornette.


Backstage, Cactus Jack cut a promo in the dark about how he was so disappointed in himself that he didn't beat Big Van Vader the previous night. He screamed that he was "not done yet" and said that he let down the fans, he let down himself, and he let down Vader too. He told Vader that he would make him feel better by ripping his eyes out of his sockets and doing other things before the promo cut out.


At this point Steve Austin used his "one phone call from jail" to call into the show and said some profane things about Vince McMahon. He said that since using the Stunner isn't punishable by the death penalty, then Austin would be out of the slammer the next week and Austin 3:16 would whoop Vince McMahon's ass.


Big Van Vader and The Undertaker wrestled to a double-disqualification when Kane and Cactus Jack interfered. (6:49) After the match, Kane and Vader remained in the ring while Undertaker and Jack were left laying.


Not all that much detail to X-Pac's return, but you get the idea.


One of the segments on the show is the last hurrah for Bret Hart, probably the top Rewriting History character ever.


I'm pretty sure these might be the longest results ever.



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Great Show again.


Looks like both Bret and Ahmed are on their way out.


Owen Hart as the first challenger to Austin's Title suits me fine.


Wonder if Michaels is to have a future with the company at this point??

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I've decided to post the roster that is currently competing in the WWF.


Roster as of March 30, 1998

Stone Cold Steve Austin - WWF World Champion

The Rock - WWF Intercontinental Champion

The Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal) - WWF World tag team Champions

Triple H - WWF Television Champion

The Great Sasuke - WWF Light Heavyweight Champion


DeGeneration X

Shawn Michaels, Triple H & X-Pac


The Nation of Domination

Ron Simmons, The Rock, D’Lo Brown, Mark Henry & Kama Mustafa


Cactus Jack/Mankind

Big Van Vader

Owen Hart

The Undertaker


Ken Shamrock

Jeff Jarrett


Marc Mero

Steve Blackman

The Patriot

Dan Severn

Bob Holly

Bart Gunn

Barry Windham



2 Cold Scorpio

Taka Michinoku

Brian Christopher

Scott Taylor



The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & The Road Dogg)

The Disciples of Apocalypse (Skull & 8-Ball)

The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher)

The Quebecers (Jacques & Pierre)

Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon

The Godwinns (Henry & Phinneas)




Jim Cornette

Paul Bearer


Coming Soon

Al Snow

Val Venis







Dick Togo

Mens Toeh

The Hardy Boys (Jeff & Matt Hardy)


If there are any matchups, feuds or angles that you would like see happen please feel free to let us know.

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