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Lt. Al Giardello

Best Wrestling Quotes...

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Sorry to bump after two years, but I haven't seen this one posted yet except with bob_barron referencing to it in the WWE releases thread.


Jamie Noble in ROH after the double pin with Austin Aries for the ROH title at Stalemate:


"One minute, ah'm the Ring of Honor Champion, next minute, you know, you're takin' off mah belt, and ah'm stuck with mah dick in mah fuckin' hands! This is bullshit!"

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The show ending with a few very serious words from Arn Anderson. The soliloquy was delivered straight, without any change in camera angle. It was one of the best, and most serious, wrestling interviews I've ever seen.


"I asked for a little of WCW's valuable time. I never ask for anything but I called in a marker on this one. You see, something's either happened or is about to happen of unbelievable magnitude. A couple of years ago, I was in Japan wrestling and I saw a kid named Chris Benoit. And it just flew off the page. That's a Horseman. I went to WCW officials. I played a very big part in getting Chris Benoit here. And he's exceeded all of our expectations. And I told him, the first rule is, Chris, anything you want in this sport, the road doesn't rise up to meet any man. You've got to reach out there and take it. But, you see there's an unwritten rule, also. A cardinal rule. It doesn't just apply to wrestling or sports. It applies to every, every, every aspect of a man's life. Number one, you take care of your family. Rule number two, you don't mess around in another man's family. You see, I know now that you're in Germany. We can't find Woman. We deduce whatever we will. The fact of the matter is, Chris, there's going to come a time, and it's not that far down the road. You see, I've got more age and years. I've got more age in the business, in this great sport. And age denotes wisdom. There's going to come a time in my life and in your life when there's no more cameras. No more TV lights. No more people running up to you at the mall saying, "Can I have your autograph?" And whether you walk away from this great sport, or whether you limp away, or whether they roll you away in a wheelchair, the one constant will always be in your life, is your family. They're there. They pat you up when you're hurt. They prop you up. They build your ego up. And they send you back out that door. Well, Chris, I'm just going to ask you one time. Is this obsession with destroying every aspect of Kevin Sullivan's life worth losing your soul? Well, is it?"


That is downright eerie.

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