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I nearly ran over a black kid today.

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So I went downtown today, driving my mother's 1995 mercury villager mini-van, to get some legal documents I need. After picking up said documents I started driving home. I hit a red light on the way, when I notice these black kids (around 15) yelling across the street to each other. Real "gangsta" looking kids. The light turns green, and the kid started WALKING INTO THE STREET. And when I saw walking, I mean SLOWLY. On purpose. He was like a 90 year old man walking across the street, holding up ALL the traffic, and laughing it up with his friends across the street. I honked my horn and he gave me "the look". When I saw "The look" I mean the "I dare you to hit me, bitch" look. Well I'm not exactly a nice person, so I got VERY pissed, and decided to scare this fucker so that he would never do it again. So I started driving and pretended to be looking in the glove compartment for something and I see the kid start running like hell back to the sidewalk. I was very proud of myself and felt like sharing the story here at The SmartMarks.

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