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Has anyone seen this???


From totalvideogames.com


McGee and Romero Team Up


American McGee announces partnership with the zombie king to create the goriest game ever made…


American McGee has recently updated his personal website, with the pleasing announcement that he has partnered with Asylum Entertainment and “zombie-king” George A Romero, to create “the goriest game ever made”.


Sadly specific details on the City of the Dead are currently being kept a closely guarded secret, although we’ve been able to obtain the following concept artwork depicting a few characters and preliminary sketches of the game in action.


McGee is currently looking towards publishers interested in bringing the concept to life; certainly the combination of Romero and McGee should provide a tempting possibility.


We’ll have more information soon.


The pics:







There is also some vague info + more pics at American McGee's official site/blog, here - http://www.americanmcgee.com/blosxom.cgi/home/ [down the page]

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The one drawing looks like what Ken Foree looks like now. I say they call him and use his voice.


If this game happens, it's mine.

If the other game happens where you become a zombie, it's mine.


And it better go to PS2 or at least be readily available for computer.

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