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Australian Pride

If you could only watch one wrestler

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I can't believe I am the first to say it. RIC FLAIR. Of course, if your not a flair fan then you will question this pick but I can't believe nobody went with flair. Has his wwe run from 2002-present hurt him that bad ?


If we went with japan then it's a close call between Kobashi and Misawa.


Personally I was never a huge Flair fan even though I recognize him as a great wrestler. To me he always felt a little bit repetative and I was never the biggest fan of his style. As I wrote above my choice is Kobashi and thats because his style connects more with me and his matches feel more timeless to me. But thats just my opinion.

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Flair has some very interesting matches against guys like Garvin, Funk, Piper(NWA), and Hogan(WWF) where he smoothly fit himself into the other worker's formula to create something special and unique.


However there are far too many matches where he smothered far more capable workers like Gordy, Morton, Eaton, Dusty(in most of their meetings), game Scott Steiner and even to some degree Windham with "his" match. Sadly, Flair is a guy your not gonna be surprised by too often. Don't get me wrong, a great worker who had fantastic matches to be sure but not exactly ideal for me in this category either.

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