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The windows were broke...again. Leftover beer bottles, a matress or two, it looks like the local teens have deicded to make the house a party haven once again. Happens every year or so, that tends to happen when you have a home abandoned but with all utilities and such fully functioning.


"Really isn't much, right?" said a voice behind me as I stared from across the street.


I turned around about to strikes first, and ask questions later when I saw the speaker...a woman. Well, girl more likely but who can tell these days? Did look oddly famliar though.


"Excuse me, and also, it's one o'clock in the afternoon. Shouldn't you be in school?"


She just giggled a bit, then said, "you do have a stick up your ass. I thought it was just an act for the rasslin' gig but it's still in full effect here. It's an inservice day David, ya big goof."


"Do you usually call people you've just met and whose property you are on goofs?"


Again, she just smiled.


"Geez, someone basically leaves for nearly five years and they forget everybody."


Wait a second. Auburn hair, blue eyes. Barely five foot. I guess the math does work.



"Wow, you remembered me. I should feel honored the big, bad wrestler hasn't forgotten all about the little rugrat he once babysat for."

"Well, you are a bit older -"


That got a look. The meaning which I have no clue about.


"Anyway...Babysat? More like was a big brother slash quasi-father figure for. What are you now, seventeen?"

"Eighteen in March. Quasi-father figure, David? It'd be sad if it wasn't so true."

"Speaking of which - "

"Still downstate. His term is up in about six months though.Was barely out a month before he fucked up again. Don't worry though, Mom's still clean and sober thank God. Amazing how quick you can straighten up when your husband has just been caught -"



Man, those eyes could still make you want to kill whoever caused them pain.


"I know what happened. I was there, at least for the final time. It's over, he's still not allowed within five hundred yards of you."

"But you weren't here anymore."


Ow. Punch in the gut.


"I haven't been here for a long, long time babydoll."

"You still made stops more before a couple of years ago. It's like you decided that this part of your life was over."

"It was. It is. I don't know. I try to visit the homestead every so often to make sure it's still standing. After all, I do own it. Deed and all."


I tried for a grin, but it didn't quite work out. Came out more as a cockeyed smirk. Ah, who needs a smile.


"Dave, happy go lucky doesn't suit you. I know you're a broody geek stuck in a linebackers body, so just flow with it."

"How do you know that? The last time I saw you - well, it doesn't matter but you'd barely hit double digits."

"You were a guy perfectly happy to watch an eight year old girl and have her scamper all around causing chaos while you tried to read a book that could kill a small dog."

"It was easy money and plus, you were so cute when you were a little munchkin. Too bad you had to grow up."


That got me a punch in the arm. Which I sort've felt. More because Drazon worked on that arm a few days back, which I'll -



"Sorry, was rambling in my mind a bit."

"Anyway, after you survey the damage how about you come out with me home. Mom missed ya' and plus, it'll do you some good to connect with people who don't want to send you through a table."

"Fury's been a decent guy."

"Who's just a smaller version of you. Sort've cute though."


I just had to shake my head at that.


"Still at the same place?"


She just nodded.


"Give me about an hour here and I'll head out."

"Cool, I'll tell Mom to bring out the fine china," she added in overdramatically.

"See you then."


She ran to her car, a late model job with a bad paintjob. Sort of like my car at that age. Waving as she passed by, honking her horn a few times, I had to smile a bit. At the same time, I had to make a call. My Spanish was still decent, but my accent was still horrible as ever.


"¿Juan? ¿Viejo amigacho, puede usted conseguirme la información sobre alguien en la pluma del estado aquí en Pennsylvania? Necesito cerciorarme de que él tenga algunas ediciones para los meses próximos. El precio generalmente será fino. ¿El nombre? Sala De Curtis."

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Guest Horse hockey!

Awesome promo. It's good to finally see some background for Cross. Looking forward to more. :)


Some of that Spanish got through.. where are the subtitles, man?

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Nice promo, if a leetle confusing. With possible kiddy-fiddling undertones. But hey!


"A book that could kill a small dog". Nice description.


At least he's not doing his Batman thing again.

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