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Ashes 2 Ashes Losing Matches

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Well, here's the ICTV title match I wrote. I really thought I would have won it. Que Sera Sera. Someone please give a review and tell me what I could have improved on.


"Well, we went with one side of the gender and championships first, now we go to the OTHER side of the scale...as the SWF Intercontinental Television Championship is on the line."


"That's right Comet! Max King completely obliterating Landon Maddix to retain his ICTV Championship belt in the match that he made up!"


"For the rules of this match, we go to the ring!"


The crowd waits in anticipation as Funyon steps into the ring, the cage that will be used for the match hanging above ominously, almost taunting in nature. Daring whoever comes towards it to challenge its strength...it's power.


Funyon: The following contest is the first ever Royal Beating match, and it is for the SWF Intercontinental Television Championship. The rules for this match are as follows: the participants will be confined to the steel cage hanging above me and strapped to each other by a leather strap. The match continues to the first pin or submission, and then the participant who obtained the fall must touch all four turnbuckles in succession without his momentum being interrupted. The one participant who completes this goal will be the SWF Intercontinental Television Champion! And now...here are the participants.


The crowd is at a hushed silence for the moment, waiting to see who will be introduced first...








The eruption of cheers rise from the crowd upon the challenger's theme, "Megalomaniac", starts playing up over the speakers. Maddix steps out through the gothic archway, taking in how the crowd is cheering loudly for him as if he still can't believe it, and holds his hands out proudly as he begins his march, this time alone, to the ring.


Funyon: Introducing first, the challenger. From Huron, South Dakota...standing 5'10" tall and weighing in at 218 pounds...LANDON..."LA CUCARACHA"...MADDIX!


"Citizen Maddix has been waiting for this moment ever since he was robbed of the championship by Suicide King, after defeated Max King for the title in the dumpster match!" Comet concludes as Maddix leaps up onto the ring apron, dashing along it and climbing up the nearest turnbuckle to get into the ring. "And you can bet he's planning to show King NO mercy in this type of contest!"


"You're giving him too much credit, Comet. King created this match, I have a good feeling that Maddix right now is walking into a well-laid trap, and he'll once again be humiliated by champ in this match!" Riley replies.


"But keep in mind, this time King doesn't have Kelly to save him from Maddix getting the win. He'll have to actually do this match on his own for once, though the challenger is at the same state with Megan resting in the back." Comet finishes.


Maddix looks to the referee, who is holding the strap that will be used later in the match, and pulls him over rather quickly, grabbing the strap and quickly wrapping it around his wrist in an almost defiant manner!


"Look at the intensity in Landon Maddix, Riley! You say that he's not going to be ready for this match? I think he's REALLY ready for this match right now!"


Riley sighs. "Can't you see he's just over-psyching himself? He's going to blow himself out early on, and that's exactly what I'm waiting for!"


Maddix paces for a while in the ring, waiting rather impatiently now for the champion to make his way to the ring. After going to complain to the referee, the fireworks go off in front of the stained-glass windows of the cathedral like entrance, before the hard rock sounds of "Superstar" start to play over the speakers, the crowd's reaction quickly turning negative upon this.


Funyon: And his opponent...from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...standing 6'3" tall and weighing in at 250 pounds...he is the SWF Intercontinental Television Champion...'THE ICON"...MAX...KING!


Upon his name being called out, an explosion of fireworks blasts from the very center of the entrance, and Max King is now standing where they were, tonight adding a gold boxing-style robe to his ring attire, title securely fastened to his waist. He ignores the jeers headed his way as he walks to the ring, total focus on his face.


"Take a look at King, Comet! This is a champion that everyone can be proud of here! He's going to bring that title belt that he's wearing to levels the likes of which people have never seen before, and I for one can't wait to see it!"


"Tell me Riley, how much did Max King pay you to say all of these things in his favor?" Comet questions as King gets into the ring, just glaring daggers at Maddix as he does.


"Nothing Riley. I chose to do so because he's so great!" Riley says now.


Maddix and King stare at each other with intensity that is rarely seen in wrestling, a look almost of pure hatred for one another. King slowly takes off his ring robe and title belt, making sure that his gaze never leaves from Maddix as he does. The referee holds the title belt up over his head, showing the crowd that this is, indeed, what this match is going to be all about.


"Very tense moments right now between champion and challenger...you could almost feel how they hate each other by the way that they're glaring at each other in the ring!" Comet says, the camera going back and forth between the eyes of Max King and Landon Maddix. The camera pulls away now, showing the steel cage high above steadily coming lower.


"And now there's going to be no running away for Maddix!" Riley beams. "He's been acting all confident and cocky about this match, but I know that King has just the plans for thing to go his way!"


The cage completes its lowering process, both Maddix and King, as well as the referee, trapped within its confines without any chance of escape. King steps right into Maddix's face as soon as the cage is finished being lowered, literally looking down on the challenger as he does, and starts to berate his challenger. However, Maddix doesn't seem to be intimidated in the very least by King's words, and just stands there almost defiantly. The referee takes this moment to put the other end of the strap on King's wrist, and immediately after rings the bell to begin the match!




And Maddix goes right onto the offensive as soon as the bell rings, nailing King right in the jaw with a well placed fist that catches the champion off guard. King doesn't fall too far thanks to the strap attached to his and Maddix's wrist, as Maddix uses his strength to pull King back in and continue slugging away at "The Icon's" face. King tries to take a swing in retaliation, however Maddix's quickness comes into play this time around as he ducks King's wild swing, going behind him and quickly tripping him up with the leather strap! King, now flat on his face, tries to get back up to his feet, but Maddix takes advantage of his downed adversary by taking the strap and whipping King repeatedly in the back with it, much to the delight of the crowd.


"Leave it to the damn British to love something this sick and violent to someone so great as King!" Riley notes. "They're probably evil enough to want to see this done to the princes of this country!"


"This is a match, and they all hate Max King! They're just cheering the guy that they LIKE in this match." Comet retorts...as Maddix goes to wrap the strap around the throat of Max King, ready to choke him out with this and get the ICTV Championship back. King struggles in the grasp of Maddix, and manages to get an arm between the strap and his neck, pulling away and breaking the strangle-hold that Maddix had locked onto him. Not even bothering to turn around, King grabs the strap with his hand and pulls, causing Maddix to stumble forward and off balance. King doesn't waist a moment, seeing an opportunity he dives in and rolls Maddix up into a tight small package in the middle of the ring...making sure to hold a handful of tights as he does!








"King has gotten the first fall! And look how quickly he follows up by going to touch those turnbuckles! That's showing just how smart the ICTV Champion is, Comet!"


Inside of the ring, Max King starts to touch the turnbuckles, not realizing that Maddix is back up and aware that King is near a win. King manages to only touch two of the necessary four turnbuckles for the win, as the third turnbuckle has Maddix waiting for King there...as well as a nicely placed dropkick that takes the champion back down to the mat.


"Well, so much for that attempt at a quick win by Max King!" Comet states. "I don't know why Max thought that he would be able to get a win THAT fast."


Maddix vaults up from the apron to the top ring rope while King is starting to get up to his feet, and when King manages to get back up to his feet, he dives off, catching the champ with a top rope forearm shot! Maddix dives on top of King now, trying to return the favor that King gave out when he snuck in the pin!






However, King manages to shoot one of his shoulders up before the third count can be finalized. Maddix wraps the strap around his waist a few times, and pulls to get the 250 pound champion to his feet again...however this proves to be a bad idea as King knees Maddix right between the legs on the way up to his feet. With the challenger holding himself in pain, King takes the leather strap that he's bound to Maddix with and wraps it around the throat of his challenger...before leaping with it in a modified version of a neck breaker, making sure that the strap pulls against Maddix's throat in a bad way. King is all smiles as he lays on top of the challenger, putting only both his hands on Maddix's chest.






However Maddix manages to shoot a shoulder up, managing to make sure that this match didn't go further into the favor of King. "The Icon" shrugs a bit at this, possibly feeling that Maddix kicking out of his pin attempt is only delaying the inevitable result for the bout, an with ease pulls his challenger up by the strap. Seeing the steel cage all around him, King finally decides that it's time for the cage to be put into play, and goes to whip Maddix face first into the side of the cage wall!




The crowd obviously is feeling for Landon Maddix right now, seeing that he's not up to the great start, especially after seeing how he crashed face first into the cage wall. King laughs almost demonically at how Maddix smashed into the cage wall, and grabs him by the hair now, ready to do a repeat performance. However, Maddix shows that he's not totally out of this battle just yet, as he blocks with his foot on the cage wall, and takes King's face to the steel cage wall!




On cue, Maddix quickly pushes his shoulders up against the back of King's thighs as he's down on the mat, and showing turnabout is fair play puts his feet on the ropes as he goes for the pin!








"MADDIX CHEATED! THAT SHOULDN'T COUNT!" Riley shouts at the top of his lungs, trying to be heard over the cheering of the crowd.


"Hey, King cheated to get his first fall of the match earlier and you didn't say anything, why should Maddix be held any differently here?" Comet asks. "Now look at Maddix, he's just four turbuckles away from becoming a three time ICTV champion!"


Maddix makes sure to slap the first turnbuckle he reaches as hard as he can with his hand, a show of how much power Maddix still has left in the tank at the moment, and the crowd counts along with him as he touches the buckles.




Maddix takes a deep breath, before going over to the next turnbuckle in the line, trying to speed things up upon seeing Max King start to squirm. He manages to slap the second turnbuckle just in the nick of time.




"Maddix is halfway to victory!" Comet calls out, the crowd's cheering building up heavily now as Maddix makes his way to the next turnbuckle. King was starting to stir again on the apron, however it seems like he's completely out cold, and is not going to be getting up any time soon. Maddix drags King a bit, making sure he has an easier time reaching the next buckle, and much to the delight of the crowd, he touches it!




Like a waiting snake, however, King leaps up and pounces on Maddix as soon as the crowd lets out the three, pulling the leather strap so Maddix gets pulled into King's waiting arms, and then gets dropped down to the mat with a hard German Suplex.


"HAH! Now what were you saying about Maddix getting the win, Comet? This match is FAR from over, and Max King decided to make sure of it in this case!"


"I do have to admit, for once he is fighting a match relatively fairly, and that was some good thinking on the part of the ICTV Champion." Comet notes, as King smirks out to the crowd, tapping the side of his head with a finger, making sure to step on Maddix's face as he walks around, scraping his boot along the bridge of Maddix's nose. The referee tries to admonish King, but the camera manages to pick up King's slightly defiant reply.


"Hey, this stupid son of a bitch knew what he was getting himself into. He should just deal with it." King's voice is heard saying to the home audience. The arena crowd most likely didn't hear what he said, as they are giving King an absolute barrage of a certain, familiar chant...







King shakes his head, as if he's embarrassed by the reaction of the crowd. He picks up Maddix again, lifting him up vertically and dropping him down on the mat with a nicely placed piledriver...a move that only infuriates the crowd even more. King finally seems like he's had enough, and DEMANDS to get a mike from through the cage wall, and grabs it roughly through the metal of the cage.


"Hey...you people really need to be educated on a few things." King says as he drops a knee right into the ribs of Maddix. "Remember people, you have a monarchy. And in a monarchy, Kings reign supreme. Meaning if you people had any brains, you'd CHEER for me!"


This commentary by King only causes some fans to start throwing trash in the general direction of the ring, making sure to let King know their dissatisfaction with him. King shakes his head, as he holds up DA STICK again.


"You know, I would have expected such from you people. You're all just jealous that us Americans are either kicking your ass or saving your ass, and are taking it out on me!" King says with a big grin on his face. "Well, you people better leaAAAA..."


King is unable to finish his sentence, as Maddix managed to get back up to his feet behind King and uses the strap to nail "The Icon" right between the shoulderblades. King falls down to his knees, however is still holding the microphone in one hand as he goes down. Maddix sees this, grabbing King's wrist and bringing it up to his own lips.


"Hey King, just shut up and wrestle!" Maddix states, before grabbing King's head and dropping him down with a reverse DDT while King is in a kneeling position.


"Well, it's about time Maddix got King away from blabbing in the ring, and now we can actually continue the wrestling portion of this match. King's bizarre mid-match choice may be exactly what costs him the title in this situation."


"Maddix is just upset that he couldn't get a chance to say the same things that King was saying in this match, that's why he decided to stop the talking."


Maddix stands up, holding the back of his neck as he's still feeling the pain that was given when he was dropped with the piledriver, but fights through the hurting that he's feeling as he goes off the ring ropes and slide-dropkicks King in the side of his head, making sure he doesn't get back up to his feet anytime soon. Maddix looks at the strap around his wrist, seemingly an idea forming in his mind...something that he might have done to a fan-favorite only a few months ago...as he takes the strap and wraps it around the face of King...before pulling it in an almost grinding motion!


"OW!" Riley calls out. "I'm not in this match and even I felt that!"


"Anyway you look at it, that's going to hurt. Especially with a rough, coarse leather strap like that. And...wait, I think King has been busted open now!"


The camera zooms in on the face of Max King, and yes indeed, he has a cut on his forehead that is trickling out blood at the moment. King seems too out of it for the moment to notice his blood on his face, which is just what Maddix is hoping for at the moment as he puts his foot on King's face, and like what was done to him earlier scrapes the boot right across the forehead, wanting to further open up the cut! The crowd is VERY responsive to that action...







"These damn barbarians have no concern for the welfare of a great man like King!"


"Yes they do Riley, they're concerned that he's not been punished enough in this match!" Comet replies. "Not that I condone it, but that's what their feeling is, I'm guessing."


Maddix seems to be getting re-energized by the cheering behind headed his way, and goes off the ropes to build up some momentum...before putting his knee out and giving his rolling knee-drop right onto the cut forehead of King, once again trying to further open the cut! Maddix dives on for the cover after dropping the knee onto King!








Maddix quickly falls off of the body of King, as the champion sits up with the microphone in hand...having used it to strike the champion right in the temple to break up the pin. King pushes Maddix off his body upon the pinning predicament being broken, and takes this moment to just lay back in the ring to catch his breath.


"See how smart Max King is, Riley? An idiot like Maddix couldn't possibly understand the skills and technique of a great man like King, and that's why he's been caught off guard so many times in this match like he has!" Riley replies.


"King is just lucky that he brought that microphone into the ring, or else he would have had to try to stop Maddix touching the turnbuckles again." Comet notes. "And I doubt that getting pinned twice in a row would have done good things for King's massive ego."


The referee is unsure what to do for the moment, as both King and Maddix are down and aren't in any hurry to get back up to their feet. The two competitors are apparently catching their breath for the moment, neither one wanting to get up until one of them is ready for it. The crowd seems to be growing impatient at the stalling of both competitors, actually getting into the match just a little bit ago, and wanting to see what else these two have planned for the other. Finally, Max King sits up, as if it's no effort at all to do so, and is ignoring the blood that's on his face as he does. Turning to the downed challenger for his championship, King is smiling at the fact that Maddix is still holding his temple in pain, and decides to climb up to the top turnbuckle to drop something down on Maddix.


"OK, I'm a fan of King and all, but I don't know how wise a move this will be for him." Riley notes. "I mean, there is a roof on this cage here, and he won't be able to get that great of elevation for the move!"


"Max King is taking a big risk right now, and I don't think that he's going to get it to pay off for him...wait a second, he's pulling his wrist...I think he's trying to pull Maddix back up to his feet for some reason..."


"No he isn't, he's just pulling Maddix closer to where he is...this could be something really interesting, if you ask me."


King continues to pull Maddix towards the corner that he's in, making sure that Maddix is in the right position for whatever he has planned...and when Maddix IS in position, he leaps off the top rope, landing with both of his feet right into Landon's sternum...all of the 250 pounds of body weight landing there! King pulls Maddix away from the ropes and goes for a cover before Maddix can recover!








"Things are not looking good for Landon at the moment...if he doesn't get a chance to recover anytime soon, he's going to lose this match to King!"


Max stands up and brushes his shoulders off a bit, as if saying that this match is now in the bag, as he starts to walk to the first of the four corners. With a strut that shows off his arrogant nature, King pats the first turnbuckle, the crowd reaction starting to build in negativitiy. Needless to say, unlike what happened when Maddix did this, no one is chanting along with King as he touches the turnbuckles.


"That's one, Comet! He's only three more buckles away from getting the victory!"


King struts a bit more, brushing his hair back with his hand as he goes over to the next of the four turnbuckles, slapping it with authority as he walks.


"Two more Comet! Only two more to victory!"


King almost dances over to the next corner as he walks, laughing a bit as he does. With ease, he slaps his hand on the third buckle, and after makes sure to spit on the downed form of Maddix.


"Oh, now I suppose that you'd say that was a good thing to happen, right Riley?"


"Hey, it couldn't happen to a bigger jerk." Riley replies. "I also bet that's the first shower that Maddix has had in a LONG time."


King smiles a bit, seeing that Maddix isn't moving, even after the loogie that was put upon him, and confidently strides towards the final of the four turnbuckles, ready to slap his hand onto it and get the win. However, fate deals him a hand that he didn't expect, as Maddix suddenly dives his entire body forward, causing King to stumble back and hit the back of his head as he falls down!




"Desperation moving by Maddix saved his chances in this match, and King looks like he's in shock right now!"


"I'm in shock! That roach was squished! King's music should be playing right now and he should be headed to the back as the victor of this bout!"


"But he hasn't won the match yet, Riley! And thusly, this match is still going on. Landon Maddix still has a chance to regain the ICTV Title belt!"


King starts to get back up to his feet again, looking angrily over to Maddix at being cost the victory for a second time in this bout. He rushes over to the downed challenger, grabbing as much slack of the leather strap as he can, and with a viciousness that has rarely been seen by "The Icon" starts to whip away at the body of Maddix, causing welts to form.


"King looks like he may have snapped here, Riley. I'm almost wondering if he's all there right now, as he continues to whip Citizen Maddix!"


"Who really cares if he's all there, Comet? This is a thing of beauty right here, seeing how Landon is getting the beating that he so deserves!" Riley declares. "That will teach him to try and fight back from King's superior talent!"


Seeing Maddix's body starting to turn purple from bruises in some areas, King quits with the whipping and decides to try another way of punishment. He rubs the open wound on his forehead, remembering how Maddix busted him open, and glares back down at the challenger, grabbing him by the hair and lifting him up to his feet again, before pressing his face right into the nearest steel cage wall. He starts to grind and rub Maddix's face away into the cage, as if he were trying to break open the steel cage with Maddix's face! It doesn't take long for the challenger to get a cut similar to the one that the champion has on his head, and once the bleeding starts, he slams Maddix's face into the cage wall once again. King grins, and goes for another cover, thinking that's this match is all over but the shouting this time.






A sudden shoot up of the arm by Maddix causes the crowd to erupt into cheers, and Max King to fall back cursing REALLY loudly. The Icon grabs Maddix's face into a claw-type hold, about to attempt to bust open his face even more...but Maddix fights back, catching King in the jaw with a well placed palm strike that sends the champion back. Maddix gets back up onto all fours, making sure that there's enough distance between himself and King for the moment so that King can't get another attack in. Waiting for King to get back up onto one knee proves to be fruitful, and Maddix goes off the ropes, using King's knee for a boost before nailing him in the side of the head with a shining wizard! Maddix goes for a cover now, hooking both of King's legs just in case.










"The crowd has come alive once again, and Maddix getting up quickly! Look at him rush over to those buckles as quickly as he can!" Comet says. "He's determined to get the win in this contest!"


"That's just because he knows if this match goes on any longer, he'll have no chance at all of getting the win!" Riley states. "He's a desperate man at the moment, and that desperation is showing heavily at the moment!"


Maddix dives over to the first turnbuckle, and tries to get moving as fast as he can. He manages to hit the first buckle, and quickly dives over to get the second buckle as well. The crowd is chanting really loudly, slamming their feet onto the steps and clapping their hands in support of their choice for the winner of the match. Maddix manages to hit the third buckle, but before he can make a move for the fourth one, King manages to clip Maddix's legs out from under him. The crowd gives a loud sigh of negativity, then a negative reaction as well.


"Hey, these people should be happy! King gave them a chance to see this match go on longer. He COULD have easily put away Maddix by now if he wanted to."


"Then why didn't he?" Comet questions, obviously not believing in Riley's statement at the moment.


"Simple Comet, even for someone like you. King wants to prolong Maddix's suffering at the moment, and see how much punishment his challenger can TRULY take!"


Maddix's is now holding his legs in pain in the corner that he just touched, and King is like a shark that smells blood seeing this. He pulls Maddix back to the center of the ring, attempting to lock some type of leg submission on Maddix, but "La Cucaracha" acts quickly, wrapping his legs around King's waist and twists the best he can. King, being caught off guard with this, and his head crashes into the steel cage wall! King's body flops down onto the mat, "The Icon" laying flat on his back in the middle of the ring.


"Oh no! This is terrible!" Riley calls! "Get up King, get up now and fight to retain your title!"


Maddix leaps up onto the top rope, springboarding off of it and landing with all his body weight with a springboard moonsault! The challenger stays on for the cover, hooking the legs of the champ up!








"WHEW! That was too close for comfort! Come on King, show your power now! You've stalled enough now, you can finish this punk kid off now!"


"I don't think that King is stalling, Riley...and if you were actually WATCHING the match you might actually realize that!"


Maddix looks out to the crowd through his blood-covered face, seeing them cheering and holding up various pro-Maddix signs as well...and nods a bit, knowing that they want him to win...or to brutalize King at the very least. Feeling the welts on his back from when King whipped him like crazy just a few moments ago, Maddix gathers up as much slack with the strap as he can, before starting to swing it right into the back and ribs of the champion, ready to make the back and sides of King match his in the welts.






The crowd is continuing to chant in favor of the South Dakota native, seeing how badly the champion is getting whipped down and loving every moment of it. Maddix takes the leather strap and makes a noose-like loop with it, wrapping it around the neck of Max King once again and choking him down with it!


"THAT'S A CHOKE! THAT'S AN ILLEGAL CHOKE!" Riley yells, his voice almost hoarse at how hard he's shouting towards the ring, as if he wants the referee to see what he's yelling about.


"And this match has no real set of rules against something like that, Riley!" Comet reminds. "Besides, you know that King would do something similar if he had the chance to."


"No he wouldn't!" Riley says, but it's obvious by the tone in his voice that he doesn't really believe that.


Maddix continues to pull away at the strap, also mounting King's back in attempt to add more leverage and more pain to the already worn body of the champion. The crowd hasn't stopped their cheering yet, really enjoying seeing the arrogant Pennsylvanian getting choked like he is. However, their cheers DO die down when King manages to get back to his feet, keeping his balance as best he can with the 218 pound Maddix on his back. Maddix's choking attempt continues, but this only allows for King to keep holding Maddix on his back, before slamming his entire body weight into the nearest turnbuckle, crashing Maddix's body into it as well.


"A desperate yet effective move by Max King there, and now the strap has been loosened enough for him to get his neck free enough." Comet notes. "Now the question is if he can follow this up..."


"Of COURSE he could follow this up!" Riley says. "He didn't become the ICTV Champion by just doing one move and allowing his opponent to recover."


"No, he became ICTV champion because he had so many people helping him out in getting matches fixed for him in his favor."


Riley sighs. "You don't know ANYTHING about the real world's workings."


King takes the downed form of Landon Maddix and manages to get him back into a somewhat vertical position, propping him up into the corner, sizing him up before nailing him in the face with a hard elbow shot. Maddix starts to stumble forward, seemingly out of the corner...but King manages to push him back into the corner, sizing him up once again, and nailing him once again with an elbow shot in the jaw, this one knocking Maddix temporarily out just enough for him to fall into a sitting position in the corner. King doesn't let up with his attack though, and with Maddix still down begins to stomp away at the chest and face of the challenger, making sure that Maddix getting back up to his feet will be a big challenge. King ends things up by putting his boot right onto the face of Maddix, pressing as hard as he can now to grind his foot into the face.


"The ICTV Champion in control of this match now, brutalizing the challenger in the corner to try to get his advantage built up even more." Comet notes. "I have to wonder though if this attack style that King is employing right now is out of frustration...."


"It's not frustration in the least, Comet. King just is sick and tired of Maddix, and he's making sure that the roach doesn't ever bother him again! That's all that's going on here."


With Maddix's body slumped into the corner, beaten down and slightly bloodied, King takes a moment to taunt as best he can (considering that if he raises his hands up too much the strap would pull Maddix up out of the corner), and hearing the negative reactions being sent his way, he just decides to flip off the viewers.


"Oh now THAT was uncalled for..." Comet states.


"So was the fans not giving Max King a chance to win them over in this match. They're so biased and jealous against someone as great as the ICTV Champ."


King goes back over to the corner that he left Maddix in, reaching over to grab him by the head or hair, but for his troubles he gets a shot in the gut by Maddix...one that doesn't seem to have too much strength behind it, but a shot nonetheless. King takes exception to that, and quickly drops an elbow into the chest of Maddix while he's still down in the corner, before pulling him back up to his feet again, and sizing up the lightweight once again. King backs away from a wild swing by Maddix, and as the arm is coming back towards Maddix's body, he nails him in the back with a knee shot, following this up by a HARD kick to the face!


"That's the Complex, Comet! And that's what's going to get Max King the win that he so rightly deserves in the match!" Riley says. "Go on, count this cover that King is putting on the challenger!"








"Landon Maddix kicked out! Landon Maddix is still in this match Riley, and I don't think that Max King has what it will truly take to make sure Maddix is put away for good!"


"He does too have what it takes, Comet! He's going to get the win in this match, I have money bet on that fact!"


A close up of the face of Landon Maddix reveals that, hidden somewhere in his blood-stained face, that Maddix is barely conscious of what is going on at the moment. A close up of King's slightly bloody face shows a look of severe frustration, because he could have almost bet that he would have gotten the win by now. King grabs at the head of Maddix, ready to lift him up once again, locking in a standing front facelock as he does, apparently setting up for a suplex. He manages to get Maddix over his head, but before the suplex can be completed Maddix shows that, yes, there IS still some fight left in the bloody and bruised challenger as he grabs King's head on the way down, causing it to crash down to the mat with a modified version of the "So-Dak Moment!"







"Grr, someone shut these damn arrogant Brits up already!" Riley complains. "They've ruined King's concentration, and they're helping to get Maddix an unfair advantage!"


"That's why they bought tickets, Riley. The came to cheer on their favorites in the matches, and the effect that happens because of it is just a side effect."


Maddix reaches back towards a nearby ring rope, using it to pull his weary body back up to his feet, wincing a bit at some of the pain that he feels at the moment. However, another close-up of Maddix's face reveals that there is still a fire in the eyes of the challenger, a fire that seems to say that he's not about to give up the bout. Maddix pants a bit, and seeing that King is slow to get up, he starts to slam his foot onto the mat, almost as if he were counting...


"Maddix...waiting...Maddix is preparing...he's almost ready to show exactly the move that he has in mind..."


"Not this...ANYTHING but this!" Riley calls. "King, look out!"


Maddix keeps pounding his leg onto the mat, the crowd clapping in unison with the leg hitting the mat...everyone sensing a move that will get Maddix just the advantage that he's been looking for. King finally is back up to his feet, and turns around to just taste the boot of Landon Maddix, as the challenger nails the champion with Sweet Disciple Music! Amidst the cheering of the crowd, Maddix dives in for a cover!








"And that's a fall for Maddix! He's now got another chance of getting the victory...and I've got a feeling that he's feeling great about that fact!" Comet states.


"This is just wrong! Maddix probably gave up about a minute ago in this bout, but this damn biased referee won't realize it!"


Maddix gets to his feet, taking another deep breath before making his attempt at the victory in this contest, diving over to the first turnbuckle...




...touching it and getting down to one less buckle to touch. Using the top ring rope as a support, he walks over to the next adjacent turnbuckle, and reaches for it...


TWO! the crowd calls, calling out how many buckles are touched when Maddix touches them again, as they have in other points of the match as well. Maddix seems to be energized by the cheering for him...a huge smile on his blood-stained face as he moves to the next buckle...and reaches his hand out, touching it for another chance...




Maddix looks back now, seeing if Max is moving at all, and seeing that he isn't, starts to make his way towards the fourth buckle, feeling that he's just mere seconds...mere inches (or centimeters, since this IS in Britain) from getting the win. Maddix reaches his hand out, just about to touch it...but is unable to, as King pulls on the strap with all his might. Maddix turns around, and cancels out his attempt to win by kicking King right in the side of the head. He goes to touch the buckle once again, but the referee is quick to inform him that he won't be getting the win because of that.


"HA! That moron Maddix just cost himself at getting the victory there! He thought that he was just mere moments away from getting the victory, and he blew it all just to try to get another attack in on King! That's why he doesn't DESERVE to be Champion, Comet!"


"I have to wonder about Maddix's thinking there...all he had to do was touch that last buckle and he would have three-peated in winning the ICTV title. That's a very dangerous risk that he just took."


The crowd is starting up a "BULL-SHIT!" chant at the referee not giving Maddix the victory, and Maddix goes over to argue with the official about the matter as well. While Maddix and the referee argue with each other, however, Max King takes the chance to sneak something onto his hand that he pulled out from his boot.


"...Riley, I think I just saw Max King put some brass knuckles on his hand!" Comet notes. "The camera zooming in...yes, King has brass knuckles on his hand! Where did he get those?"


"Who cares where he got them?" Riley asks. "The fact is he has them, and this is going to be something very interesting once Maddix finally decides to stop being a baby and just gets back to the match."


King gets back up to his feet, seeing that Maddix is coming over to him, and with his knuckles-clad hand clocks the challenger right between the eyes with a hard fist. Maddix has no chance to block, and falls to the mat like a sack of wet mice, and then gets covered by the smiling Max King.








"A cheap pin victory by Max King there, using those brass knuckles to get the win!" Comet states.


"Hey, you were praising Maddix earlier on in this match for cheating with an illegal chokehold, so stop showing a double standard!" Riley says.


King, seeing that Maddix is down and most likely out, begins his slow walk towards the turnbuckles. He's in no hurry, walking like he's taking a leisurely stroll in the park. He touches the first turnbuckle with one finger, smiling...knowing that at the moment everything is going his way. Keeping up the nonchalant pace, he walks over to the next of the three remaining buckles, actually doing a moonwalk to show off his arrogant nature (and possibly the extent of his dancing skills as well)...before touching the next turnbuckle with a finger.


"This is just wrong here, Riley! King is going to screw Maddix over and get the win with those damn brass knuckles!" Comet calls. "This is..."


Before Comet can finish his sentence, everyone cheers as Maddix starts to climb up to his feet, unbeknownst to King as he walks over to the third turnbuckle. King is just about to touch the buckle, however Maddix leaps up behind him, hitting him with a dropkick that, while it does cause Max King to hit the third turnbuckle (with his body though, and not the one finger that he has been doing for the past few), it also causes King to fall back onto his back, thusly causing the match to continue.


"There's something up, I know it!" Riley calls. "There's no way he could have taken such an attack to the head by King! He's got a metal plate in his head or something, I just know it!"


"No, he just has the heart of a champion and the spirit of a fighter, Riley! Maddix knows exactly what's at stake in this match, and he's going to do whatever it takes to get the win as soon as he can!"


Maddix grabs onto the ring ropes again, ready to pull himself up once more, as well as Max King pulling himself up on the other side of the ring. Both champion and challenger struggle to get up, turning around and starting to slug away at each other's faces...neither man showing any signs of giving in! King, being down on his knees, has to fight to get an advantage...but Maddix is able to get some more strikes in thanks to his speed.


"Maddix with the advantage at the moment...both men just content with slugging away at each other at this point in the match!" Comet notes.


"This is not fair! King didn't even get a chance to get a chance to get back up to his feet, and now Maddix is punishing the poor champion!"


Maddix continues his assault, King now pummeled into the ropes, allowing for Maddix to go off of the ropes to nail King into the face with a flying elbow shot and causing the back of his head to hit the steel cage! King stumbles out of the corner, his back facing the nearest turnbuckle...which Landon Maddix quickly climbs up to the second rope...leaping off and catching King on the way down with his tornado downward spiral!


"CRASH LANDON '04! Landon Maddix is just moments away from possibly getting the win in this match, Riley!"


"This is a travesty! The referee BETTER not count this, because that would just be..."


"Maddix going down for the cover now!"








"YES! There IS a God after all, Comet! Max King having enough sense to put his foot on the rope!"


"This has to be as big disappointment for Maddix right now, as he was so close to getting the win he could probably feel it."


"Maybe, but hey, this is MUCH better, if you ask me!"


Maddix sighs a bit, getting the word from the referee that he didn't get the fall and checking just to make sure he heard him right about that fact. Maddix takes a chance this time, not even bothering to try and measure the distance that he has between cage roof as he climbs up to the top rope, struggling a bit as his body is racked with pain from the match.


"High risk move is going to be attempted here...this is all that I think Citizen Maddix will need to get the victory now!" Comet states. "Maddix climbing up...trying to get his balance..."


As Maddix finally manages to get his balance on the top rope, he is almost ready to leap off...but before he can King rolls over, and due to the strap being on their wrists, Maddix is pulled off balance, and is crotched on the top turnbuckle!


OOOOOOH... the crowd calls out, showing their concern for Maddix in their own unique way.


"Maddix is prone, but I don't think that King knows it just..." Comet says, but then sees that King is getting back onto his feet. "OK, maybe I'm wrong in that situation."


"Of course you're wrong about it. But we won't hold that against you, Comet. King is starting to get up...Maddix is struggling like the weakling he is..." Riley calls.


On the ropes, both Max King and Landon Maddix stand dangerously on the top rope, both trying to keep their balance on the relatively thin strand...the ropes bending a bit in the wrong direction. The crowd is watching with bated breath as the two start to struggle for dominance...slugging away at each other once again. Maddix SEEMS to have the advantage with the strikes...but as he swings his non-strapped arm at King, "The Icon" swings the strap out and grabs "La Cucaracha" around the neck with it, pulling in a choke! Taking one big chance, King walks across...and while still holding the strap as he is, leaps off the top rope, hooking Maddix's head and leg in mid air...dropping him for...




"And with that strap firmly wrapped around Maddix's throat, who KNOWS what kind of damage that could have caused! King going in for the cover now!"








"Max King got the fall, Comet! I'm on the edge of my seat!"


Max King doesn't waste time this time around, diving over to the first turnbuckle, touching it, and crawling over to the next corner.


"Maddix hasn't moved an inch since that move was hit, I think that Maddix has been knocked out cold!" Comet notes, as King touches the second turnbuckle that he has to get.


"That's OK by me!" Riley states. "Maddix can stay down for the entire night if he wants to, because this match is just about over!"


Max King has touched the third turnbuckle, and starts to crawl over to the fourth turnbuckle. Maddix finally starts to squirm...and makes a dive for King's ankle.


"Maddix has a hold of the Icon's ankle...but King is trying to fight it! Max King is one turnbuckle away from getting the victory..."


"Come on King, you can do it!" Riley adds.


Maddix tries to hold on to the ankle, but the strength of Max King proves too much for the weary challenger. King slaps the fourth turnbuckle, and the referee signals for the bell!




"Superstar" starts to blare over the speakers now, and the crowd is all boos as the steel cage starts to rise. King collapses down to the mat, a weary smile on his face.


Funyon: Here is your winner, and STILL SWF Intercontinental Television Champion..."THE ICON"...MAX...KING!


"Against all cheating, Comet! Against all the cheating by Landon Maddix, Max King has retained the SWF ICTV Title belt! This is a day that will be long remembered!"


"Well, one thing I do have to admit..." Comet begins. "That was the cleanest victory that I have ever seen by Max King. For once, he actually EARNED a match that he was in...and Maddix was just one move off from getting the victory."


The referee hands Max King his title belt, which "The Icon" holds high above his head, before rolling out of the ring, slowly making his way up the ramp to enjoy the victory.


Back in the ring, Landon Maddix slowly starts to get up. "Superstar" fades out as Maddix rises to his feet...looking slightly dejected and defeated morally.


...however, that expression changes as he hears something from the crowd...applause. Looking around, he can see that the capacity Manchester crowd is standing up, and is giving the former ICTV Champion a standing ovation for his efforts. "Megalomaniac" plays over the speakers again, and with a teary and bloody face, Maddix smiles softly, nodding to the fans as if to say "Thank You"


The camera fades out as Maddix rolls out of the ring in pain, enjoying the respect being sent his way despite losing.

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First off, this is in now way a 'bad' match and there's some things you managed to do better than me. Like spelling Intercontinental right, for a start.


If there were minor points to be found, it might be that your match had quite a few more pins than mine did. Which, may or may not have been a good thing. Also, when the pin did come, some of the turnbuckle attempts laked the DRAWMUH to stand out from the rest of the match. Some did admitedly, but some didn't.


Maddix dives over to the first turnbuckle, and tries to get moving as fast as he can. He manages to hit the first buckle, and quickly dives over to get the second buckle as well. The crowd is chanting really loudly, slamming their feet onto the steps and clapping their hands in support of their choice for the winner of the match. Maddix manages to hit the third buckle, but before he can make a move for the fourth one, King manages to clip Maddix's legs out from under him. The crowd gives a loud sigh of negativity, then a negative reaction as well.


This one, for example, don't look like they could be the match ending sequence. It looks too much like just another part of the match.


Maddix reaches his hand out, just about to touch it...but is unable to, as King pulls on the strap with all his might. Maddix turns around, and cancels out his attempt to win by kicking King right in the side of the head. He goes to touch the buckle once again, but the referee is quick to inform him that he won't be getting the win because of that.


Now, technically, would that count as a break in the sequence. I'm not sure as I haven't seen a strap match for months, but I would have assumed it's only a break once the person in the sequence is knocked down or there's contact from the other guy.


Maddix has no chance to block, and falls to the mat like a sack of wet mice


Having never seen a sack of wet mice, I can't comment.



There was plenty you did do right though. I preferred your ending, thought you did a better job of making a match without making it too dramatic in places, like mine. And it seems you spell-checked it, unlike moi. But as you say, Que Sera Sera. Besides that I can't really be impartial. Hope that helped some.

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