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Chuck Woolery

SWF Storm Card, 1-14-05!

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All right, all my stuff is in.


To address Johnny's comments... yes, a marker deadline would be a very good idea, and it's been my own fault that I've avoided that subject. However, when you consider writers having a deadline and markers having a deadline... writers have four to five days, generally, and can get extensions. Markers, under any sort of deadline, would have two to three hours, and in my limited experience I really don't think that's enough time to make a good decision. The way that I thought of to address it was to bump the due time for writers up to 6 pm EST, but that would likely increase the number of extensions and also increase the number of no-shows. Other than that, I really don't know what we could do, although I'm leaning with Tom on this one, as Friday shows suck the big one. We'll discuss it in CC and try to come to a solution, and if any of you guys have ideas I'll start up a topic in Community/General to throw them out there and discuss them.

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