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Promo: An SWF Storm Exclusive

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In the backstage area of the Trump Plaza, tucked away in a locker room, Ben Hardy stands clearly somewhat keyed up.


“Hey,” says Hardy, the SWF’s resident interviewer. “Hey, I’ve been looking for you. I’ve been hoping to get an interview with you, since you’ve returned and all…”


“I’m not back yet. Still gotta’ pass my physical…” wafts the low voice of Mak Francis from off camera.


“Well, I’m sure you’ll be fine—Gus, come on!” adds an enthused Hardy, pausing briefly. “Err, with all this tension backstage, I’ve heard that Revolution Zero, in particular, Toxxic, has had something to say about your involvement with a certain member of his stable.”


Mak snorts at this, but says nothing, hardly taking his eyes off the television in front of him.


“Anyway, word going around is that you’re going after Sacred—I believe the exact phrase was,” Hardy pauses and clears his throat. “Soon.” The only indication Francis gives that he’s even heard Ben, is a slight smirk. Hardy stares at him for a moment and realizes he’s got to prod this conversation along.


“Any idea how soon—Soon, will be?”


“No, Hardy.”


Ben pulls a face at this, but quickly shakes it off, remaining undeterred. “A lot of people also seem to think that you might just interject yourself into tonight’s Main Event—screw Sacred out of his shot at the World title. What, if anything, are you going to do?”


“I’m not going to do anything.”




Francis sighs, as Hardy blanches and sits down on the sofa to collect himself. He was sure he had a great interview all lined up after finding Mak. But apparently, Francis didn’t get that memo. Mak puts his arm around Hardy and takes on the tone of a school teacher to a first grader. “There are a few things you pick up, as you spend time in the SWF, Hardy. Number one is nobodies ever completely retired. Number two is that low blows never get caught. And finally, number three is you’ve always, always, got to pick your spots. And this isn’t the right time. Besides, the slow burn is where it's at..." Mak mentions off-handedly. "I don’t know if Sacred can beat Maddix, but the higher up Sacred goes, Hardy, the better I’ll feel about knocking him right back down—and taking his spot.”


Ben looks quite shocked by the vindictiveness of the Franchise’s last statement, and is about to tell him so, when Mak raises a finger to his lips. “Shh, Hardy. The match is starting.” Both men turn towards the TV and then Gus does as well, focusing the camera on the graphic of “Landon vs. Sacred”, for the World Heavyweight Title, as we fade…

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