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King Cucaracha

PROMO: An SWF.net Exclusive

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**SWF.net EXCLUSIVE interview!**



Ahead of the upcoming edition of SWF Lockdown, Benjamin Hardy (remember him?) is standing backstage with Landon Maddix and his manageress Megan Skye, ahead of the big main event tonight.


"Hello smart-marks and welcome to a very special interview, with me Benjamin Hardy. On Lockdown it's champion versus champion, title versus title, Revolution Zero versus Martial Law...as Landon "La Cucaracha" Maddix takes on "The Perfect Storm" Sean Davis in your main event. I'm here with Landon now ahead of the show, along with Megan Skye. And Landon, before we discuss the title for title match, I first want to get your thoughts on..."


"Uhm, change of plans." Megan sheepishly interrupts. "Landon's trying to get his head straight before his match, so...I'll be answering the questions instead. If that's okay."


Hardy glances to his side at Maddix, who stands rock-steady, gazing deep into the silver plated ICTV Title belt in his hands...and decides not to argue.


"Oh...okay. Well, in that case, Megan...what is Landon's midset going into this upcoming match, considering that just five days ago on Storm, Sacred defeated him to become the two-time SWF World Heavyweight Champion."


"Well, obviously he's not in the best of mindsets Benjamin." sighs Megan. "Being the World Heavyweight Champion of this company, or for that matter any company...is the pinnical of achievement. That's every wrestler's goal. To be the World Champion. So to finally get the gold and then lose it on your first defence? Obviously, it's hit him hard. But, we're here..we're ready..and we're all business. Storm is forgotten for now, because on Lockdown, Landon has a chance to hit right back at Revolution Zero and to take another piece of gold from their clutches."


"Indeed he does. But, of course, it's title for title. So, by the time Lockdown is over, there is a chance Landon will have lost BOTH of his belts, in the space of five days."


To Hardy's side, Maddix hears the words in his entranced state, grimacing slightly at the mere thought.


"Your point?"


"...well...I was just covering all possibilities..."


"Benjy, I've got Landon as ready as he possibly can be. Sean Davis will have to be at the top of his game to beat my man."


"Okay. Now, back to the original subject..." Hardy begins, nervously, trying not to strike the wrong nerves. "That being the World Heavyweight Championship. Can we expect Landon to go after the World Title in the near future?"


"We'll see Benjy. But, for now, it's about the ICTV Ti..."



"They said...I couldn't do it."


Hardy jumps a little at the unexpected interruption...Maddix suddenly looking up from his reflection and beckoning the microphone over towards him. A rather pensive looking Megan motions for Landon to keep calm. Not that he notices.


"They said, I couldn't win the Cold Front Classic." Maddix continues. "But I did it. Then, 'they' said I didn't stand a chance in hell against Toxxic. 'They' said I wasn't World Heavyweight Championship material. 'They' said that I was out of my depth. I spent the last two months of 2004 proving 'them' wrong and I ended up sitting on top of the world, looking down on all the naysayers below me. I was riding high. And now, here I stand. Nineteen days into the new year. Former...World Heavyweight Champion. Standing in this position, it's not hard to see why all these ex-World Champions get so bitter and twisted. That's exactly how I felt on Friday night when my hand tapped the canvas. When I came to my senses, with Clark and Cortez checking on me, Revolution Zero looking on from the rampway. When I had to walk back into my dressing room, knowing I'd let not only myself down, but my team-mates down as well. I felt bitter and twisted. Having to go back, beltless, knowing that Revolution Zero had the ball back in their court. That was tough. But when I got back into that dressing room, I didn't throw furniture around and have some sort of tantrum. No, no. Instead, I looked into Alan Clark's eyes. I looked into Todd Cortez's eyes. And I told them the war had only just BEGUN!"


A nervous smile appears on Megan's face, as Maddix grabs the microphone from Hardy's hand.


"You wanna know if I'm going to go back after that World Championship in the near future Ben? You bet your ass I am! But I'm gonna do it my way. I'm not going to whine, I'm not going to bitch and I'm not going to beg for a rematch. Unlike SOME ex-World Champions I could mention. Instead, I'm gonna do what I did the first time...and EARN myself the World Title shot! And, considering I'm not World Champion anymore..."


Pausing for a moment, the ICTV Champion takes a deep breath before taking another look at the belt in his hands...and smiling, for the first time in probably the last five days.


"...I've got a window free, January 30th."







"Quick on the draw as ever." Megan mumbles in the background, as Maddix simply nods at Hardy.


"Last year, I ended up having to defend the JL World Title against Sacred, meaning I couldn't enter the Clusterfuck with the rest of the JLers. Nobodies like Jimmy Liston and Alan Clark got the chance to go to From The Fire and get a World Title shot...and I didn't. But this year, there's nothing to stop me from entering. If Flesher, Stevens, Neilsen, Thoth...McCheese, or whoever the hell's running the SWF tommorrow wants me to defend whatever belt I may have at Clusterfuck...fine. I'll double-task. Doesn't bother me. All that bothers me...is that World Championship being under Revolution possession! I don't care who I have to go through to get it back. Wildchild. Johnny Dangerous. Dace. Toxxic. I know they're all looking at the Clusterfuck in the same way I am. Then there's Munich. Korgath. King and Davis. The big guys, who you'd automatically expect to have a good chance of winning. And who knows what surprises they'll throw up this year. It won't be easy. But, come January 30th, I challenge you to find a more determined man in that field of twenty."


"And, just before we wrap things up, we've been hearing..." Hardy stops, coughing awkwardly. "Well...things, regarding you state of mind in recent days. Can we expect a different Landon Maddix now?"


Maddix laughs to himself.


"What did you hear exactly? That Clark and Cortez have spent the past few days avoiding the subjects that matter, for fear of me going nuts? Or, that Megan's had me listening to frickin' Coldplay ever since I lost the belt, to try and 'keep my head under control'? Fact, is, I lost the belt. Did I take my eye off the ball, once I'd overcome all the odds? Maybe. A little. But the fact is, I lost to the better man. Sacred beat me, made me tap, fair and square, just as I did to Toxxic. So what? Suddenly, everyone's expecting me to grow a few extra personalities, maybe disappear and come back calling myself The Sombre Enigma or some crap? Please. That might not be out of the realm of possibility for a certain stablemate of mine, but that's just not really me."


"Well thank goodness for that!" chuckles Hardy. "I mean, seeing you trying to act like Janus would just be...well, funny as hell."


Hardy laughs, a laugh that becomes more and more nervous as he realises Maddix is staring directly towards the side of his head.


"You know...Ben..."


Stepping behind Hardy, Maddix places a hand on the crack reporter's shoulder, causing him to flinch ever so slightly. After all, to Hardy, even Landon Maddix seems pretty intimidating.


"...it's funny. I guess Toxxic isn't the only one who doesn't realise...I've got a dark side."









Chuckling to himself, Maddix pats a suddenly relieved Hardy on the back as he steps to his other side, smiling all of a sudden.


"Puh-lease! Let's face it, if you don't buy me as Mr Death And Doom then no-one would. But, I do want to say this to Toxxic, so I hope you aren't too busy on your little straight edge computer, drinking your little straight edge Pepsi Max, posting on your little straight edge message boards or whatever the hell you sober, drug-free bores do all day. I may not be the most intimidating wrestler on the roster. I may not be six foot eleven, weigh four hundred seventy pounds and have five alter-egos. But I DO know how to beat YOU! And even though I may have be the most intimidating personality in the world, if you think that I'm gonna sit back and take the shit fro...wait, can I say shit?"




"Second thoughts, half the people watching this are probably only doing it while they wait for their porn to download, so what the hell. Toxxic. Rev Zero. If you think I'm sit back and take the shit from you like that little cards I got sent from you, then you're dead wrong."


Nodding to Maddix, Megan has forgotten all about the 'keep Maddix calm and sane' plan as is just letting her man go with the proverbial flow.


"So, when it comes to Lockdown, Sean Davis really doesn't have reason to be intimidated. Where-as, on paper, I do. But rest assured Sean, you'd still better be Prepared For Landon. I may not be the epitimy of evil here. But I am royally pissed off with you and your little faction. So, come Lockdown, just like on paper...you will be big, you will be bad, but you WILL be my BITCH!"


And with that, Maddix bids the viewing smarks 'adieu' and saunters off screen, Megan following close after, as Hardy watches on in somewhat of a state of bemusement.



"I don't care how many personalities he says he has, that kid is messed up. This is Benjamin Hardy, signing off for SWF.net. Adios!"

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This is a fucking excellent promo. But I didn't BEG for a rematch, did I?

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