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“Ladies and gentlemen,” says Funyon, “please rise for our national anthem, sung live via satellite by two of Rhode Island’s favorite sons.”


The SmarkTron fires up, with Stewie Griffin and his talking dog, Brian, on the screen.


(Both) We're off on the road to Rhode Island

We're having the time of our lives.


(Stewie) Take it dog...


(Brian) We're quite a pair of partners,

Just Like Thelma and Louise.

'cept you're not six feet tall


(Stewie) Yes, and your breasts don't reach your knees.

(Brian) Give it time.


(Both) We're off on the road to Rhode Island,

We're certainly going in style.


(Brian) You're with an intellectual, who craps inside his pants.

(Stewie) How dare you. At least I don't leave urine stains on all the household plants.

(Brian) Oh, pee jokes.


(Both) We've traveled a bit and we've found,

Like a masochist in Newport we're Rhode Island bound.


((Brian) Crazy travel conditions, huh?

(Stewie) First class or no class

(Brian) Whoa, careful with that joke, it's an antique


(Both) We're off on the road to Rhode Island

We're not going to stop till we're there

(Brian) Maybe for a beer.


(Brian) Whatever dangers we may face, we'll never fear or cry

(Stewie) That's right, until we're syndicated Fox will never let us die, please!


(Both) We're off on the road to Rhode Island,

The home of that old campus swing.


(Brian) We may pick up some college girls, and picnic on the grass.

(Stewie) We'd tell you more, but we'd have the censors on our ass.

(Brian) Yikes!


(Both) We certainly do get around.

Like a bunch of renegade pilgrims

Who are thrown out of Plymouth colony.

We're Rhode Island bound.

Or like a group of college freshmen

who were rejected by Harvard and forced to go to Brown!


We're Rhode Island Bound..


(fade out)


The crowd applauds heartily as the show fades in.

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(5:00pm PDT, 8:00pm EDT; check local listings)


Send marked matches, promos, etc. to Ace309.



Hello, one and all! Welcome to the SWF Lockdown card. On this show, Stryke finds his way back into the squared circle against “The Sly One” Austin Sly, while Spike Jenkins gets put through the ringer in a triple threat match against wild men Johnny Dangerous and Alan Clark! And a battle of the Priests of Hardcore in a SWF stipulation first, the Rumble In The Pit match! But the real story of this show is the main event, a title for title classic straight singles match up between two of the SWF’s premiere talents, Landon Maddix and Sean Davis!


Alright, guys, let’s get cracking – I don’t wanna see any no shows. If you haven’t got a match, spend some time on a promo, alright? Cheers and good luck.


Opening Promo: Sacred.



Munich vs “The Icon” Max King

Max King hasn’t been having the best of runs in the tag division lately, so I think it’s time to give him some “alone time” in the singles world. But unfortunately singles life ain’t a walk in the park and his opponent, that tough nut cigarette smoking man with a ‘tude, isn’t going to make it easy. This should be a cracker of a curtain jerker with both men looking to get back on track with a W.

Rules: Straight up singles, one pinfall/tap-out will determine the victor. Disqualifications and countouts apply.

Word Limit: 3500

Marker: Justice



Carnage vs Danny Dagda

Carnage is in looooooovvvveee! Awww! But goddamn I am sick of this monster’s pining and puppy dog eyes. This one needs to find the carnage within, so hopefully he will against the impressive and hardy Danny Dagda in a brawl of epic proportions. Two wrestlers of the hardcore persuasion will wrestle in a match up of hardcore persuasion... fucking poetry, isn’t it?

Rules: Hardcore rules apply, which is to say there are no rules.

Word Limit: 4000

Marker: Crowe



Stryke vs Austin Sly

Stryke wants a match? He’s got one. However, on the other side of the ring is Austin Sly, recently returned to the squared circle and looking better than ever with an improved physique and newly found trenchcoat styling. I’m sure Austin will be determined to kick some ass and Stryke will obviously be willing to kick some back. Let’s see a good fight, guys.

Rules: Straight up singles, one pinfall/tap-out will determine the victor. Disqualifications and countouts apply.

Word Limit: 4000

Marker: 5_moves_of_doom



Hollywood Spike Jenkins vs Johnny Dangerous vs Alan Clark

Hollywood Spike Jenkins’ world needs to be turned upside for a little while. Why, you ask? ‘Cause he’s a douche bag, why else? Heh, I’m just kidding, Spike. Regardless, this will simply be a great match up and with the minor stipulation allowing expanded creativity and match options... I expect all three of you to show. If not, expect punishment match. :P And to the winner... the spoils!

Rules: You must “defeat” both your opponents to gain victory. Standard rules apply so a “defeat” can be achieved via pinfall, submission, countout or disqualification. “Defeats” do not result in eliminations.

Word Limit: 6000

Marker: chirs3



"Urban Legend" Todd Cortez vs Dace Night

Tom Flesher seems to think that wrestling nowadays is all trashy garbage wrestling. Well, I'm here to prove to Tom that wrestling can be hardcore but still maintain its class and quality. So, the Hardcore champion and Dace Night will enter into a barred steel cage and rumble until one of them is on the canvas unconscious. Dace gets a chance to re-establish himself as king of the hardcore mountain, while Cortez gets the opportunity to place himself firmly in the driver's seat of the hardcore division. Brutal? Yes. Entertaining? Oh hell yeah. It's gonna rock.

Rules: Participants are trapped inside a barred steel cage (none of that mesh shit on this show). There are no holds barred and to gain victory, one must beat their opponent into a knockout submission (unconsciousness). One weapon may be brought into the pit if desired.

Word Limit: 5500

Marker: Ace309









Landon Maddix © (ICTV Champ) vs Sean Davis © (USJL Champ)

Sean Davis earned the right to a World title shot after Slay Ride, when he was co-ranked #1 in the fed, with (who else?) Landon Maddix. However, Davis, businessman he is, decided to forego his World title shot, leaving Toxxic to mop up that mess. He instead decided to go after Landon's ICTV title, but wait! Maddix was also ranked #1, and he too has claim to a title shot! How do we solve this? Well, it's simple... two men, one match, for two titles. Coming off a hard loss to Sacred on the last show, I bet Landon Maddix is determined to keep this gold that seems all the more shinier today than yesterday – Davis is gonna have pull out all the stops to win this one.

Rules: Straight-up singles, one pinfall/tap-out will determine the victor. Disqualifications and countouts apply.

Word Limit: 6000

Marker: Chuck Woolery

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"Bitch" is playing over the speakers as we return from the break after the opening promo. Standing in the ring, looking very stunning in her shimmering silver suit tonight, and holding a microphone in her hand. The Women's Champion begins to speak before either Pete or Suicide King can get a chance to talk.


"Now I know you all are pleased with the fact that the Royal Order hasn't been doing that well recently, but you better not get used to it anytime soon." Kelly says. "After all, things only can get better when you're talking about someone as great as Max King...as he will prove tonight on his own, showing you all that this was just some bad cheating on our opponents part. So give it up for the man of the hour...someone who I know all you women are waiting to see and all you men are wanting to be..."THE ICON"...MAX...KING!"




"Superstar" starts to play over the speakers and the crowd's reaction is obviously less than stellar as "The Icon" makes his way out.


"Max King hasn't been doing well in the tag ranks, as Kelly has made mention to in her introduction of him. It seems that he and Korgath just haven't gotten a way to get on the right foot..." Longdogger Pete notes for the crowd.


"That's just because their opponents have been lucky up until this point. You know it, I know it, and anyone with an I.Q. more than 20 knows it. Which will obviously not the case with these morons of Rhode Island..."


King steps into the ring, but it's apparent that he has a lot on his mind right now as he doesn't even go for his pre-match make out session with Kelly. He simply goes to the center of the ring, warming up as he waits for his opponent to come out.


"It's rare to see King so focused for a match like this, even ignoring Kelly for the moment. He must be really angry at the fact that he hasn't been getting wins in the recent months." Pete notes.


"That or he and Kelly did something with Kelly before the..."


Pete stops Suicide King before he gets a chance to finish. "I don't think anyone really cares to know about the personal lives of those two." He interrupts.


"Gimme Shelter" starts to play up next, and the reaction from the capacity crowd does a complete 180 degree turn upon the music playing as King's opponent steps out from behind the curtain.


Funyon: And his opponent in this one fall contest, from Dallas, Texas...standing 6'4" tall and weighing in at 260 pounds...MUNi...


Before Funyon gets a chance to finish the announcement for Munich, and before Munich can finish up his traditional pre-match entrance routine, Max King rushes out of the ring to get on the attack. Munich seems to be ready for it though, almost as if he expected King to come out of the ring, and slugs The Icon right in the face when he's within range. King gets knocked back down the ramp a few steps, and Munich is there to keep up the assault, continuing to slug away with hard fists all the way down to the ring. Munich takes the head of King when he's at the ring, and slams it as hard as he can onto the ring apron before rolling him into the ring.




"And this match is now officially underway, and King is getting just what he deserves for trying to start off the match the way that he did!" Pete notes.


"Bah, that's just your opinion on the matter!" Suicide King states. "Munich should have just taken the beating that he was going to take like a man!"


King rolls towards the other side of the ring to step out again, trying to regain his composure as his plan "A" didn't work for him in this case, but Agent 27 follows "The Icon" out of the ring, not allowing him any moment of rest. The match pretty much officially starts off as a chase, with "The Icon" trying to out run Munich on the outside of the ring...until Kelly gets into the path of Munich as King passes by.


"Oh now come on!" Pete protests. "Kelly knows that Munich is against attacking a woman, and now she's just causing a distraction and moral debate for the agent!"


"And it's a perfect tactic too! Look at King come from behind, and a hard clip into the legs of Munich! See how smart 'The Icon' is?"


King grabs onto the leg of Munich while he's down on the arena floor, making sure to listen for the referee's count so he isn't counted out of the ring, and while on the arena floor holds up the leg of Munich and drops a leg right across the knee, causing a scream of agony from Agent 27 on the floor. "The Icon" grins at this, rolling into the ring and DEMANDING that the referee start to count Munich out.














"This is amazing, Pete! This match could be over before it ever really got started!" Suicide King notes.


"Yeah, thanks to Kelly and King's sneaky, despicable ways." Pete notes.







"You sounded like Cyclone Comet there, Pete." King notes, sounding disgusted at this.


On the outside of the ring, as the count reaches seven, Munich claws with all the fiber of his being to grab a hold of the ring apron, pulling himself up because his leg isn't giving him all the strength that he needs to climb back in. Rolling in under the bottom rope proves to be a bad strategy for Munich to get into the ring, as King rushes off of the ropes and drops a hard elbow right into the face of Munich while he's still on the mat. King reaches down and pulls Munich back up to his feet, but instead of keeping him on his feet he ties Munich's arms into the ropes, keeping him trapped there so he can't fight back like he might want to...grabbing the leg of Munich and kicking away at it while the ropes hold Munich vertical.


"Now this has to be stopped right now! It's bad enough that King cheated his way to attack the legs of Munich while on the floor, now he's cheating right into the face of the referee by using those ropes!" Pete notes.


"Who cares? Munich should have expected this when he made it public that his legs weren't in the best of health!" King notes.


The referee FINALLY gets on the case of Max King for the attacking style that he's using on the legs of Munich, and King replies in turn by hitting Munich with a clothesline, knocking him over the top rope and back onto the arena floor. Munich tries to land on his feet, but as he tries his legs give out from under him, causing him to fall onto the arena floor clutching his leg. King then tells the referee to start the count again.
















"It seems to me Pete that King isn't concerned with HOW he gets his win, as long as he gets the win that he wants in this match!" Suicide King notes. "What a smart move by King!"


"What a cheap move...he didn't want to have a competitive match tonight is my assumption, and that's probably why he's just content with the count out win instead of an actual victory!"







On six, Munich rolls back into the ring, but this time King is unaware of the fact. Munich climbs back onto his feet with the help of the ring ropes. King turns around to taunt at Munich outside of the ring, however for his troubles he gets kicked in the gut with the lesser hurt leg. With King doubled over from the kick, Munich reaches up and quickly snaps "The Icon" down onto the mat with a DDT, taking him down in the middle of the ring. Munich rolls King over onto his back, going for his first attempt of a win with a pin cover!




TW...Kickout by King rather early.


"I don't know what Munich was thinking in this moment, there's no way that he would have been able to get a win that early on someone the skill level of King!" Suicide King notes.


"He was hoping to get a win, and with his legs being attacked like they were by King in the early bits of this match, he's going for whatever he can get." Pete notes. "That may have been all he can get though..."


King manages to get back up to his feet before Munich can after the kick-out, going to kick Munich in the face while he's still down on the mat. Munich manages to be ready for "The Icon" and his attack though, grabbing the leg before it manages to connect with flesh, and twisting it as hard as he can to bring King down flat on his face. Munich, using the ropes to pull himself up to his feet, twists at the ankle of King while he has the chance, apparently trying to make King's leg in the same condition of his own as he twists at the ankle of King with an ankle lock! Agent 27 manages to let go of the ropes before the referee starts to count him out due to this...twisting away at the ankle of "The Icon" in an attempt to keep him down on the mat. King struggles with all of his might though, and manages to twist his body enough so that Munich gets flung somewhat across of the ring and off of his feet. King slides out of the ring, where the Women's champion is waiting on the outside to check up on her man.


"I think that King was surprised that Munich still had something left in him after what he did, and now he's gone out of the ring with his tail between his legs." Pete notes.


"King isn't a monkey...or a Rhode Islander, same difference. He doesn't have a tail!" Suicide King notes.


Pete sighs. "It was a figure of speech, King..."


Connelly pulls a towel out from, surprisingly, down her skirt...using it to wipe off "The Icon's" forehead while he stands on the arena floor. Munich comes on the other side of the ring while Max is getting his "special treatment"...pulling him away and slamming the back of King's head onto the arena floor by pulling King's hair. Munich pulls King back up to his feet again while he's on the floor, and tosses "The Icon" back into the ring again, not about to let King get his breath back, ready to slide back into the ring, but unfortunately for him he forgets about the Women's Champion, who quickly swings her fist right into the...lower extremities...of Munich.


"That's the way Kelly, don't let Munich cheat his way to an advantage!" Suicide King notes. "Great team wrestling by King and Kelly right here, Pete..."


"THIS ISN'T AN OFFICIAL HANDICAP MATCH, KING!" Pete protests. "Kelly had NO business whatsoever doing what she just did to Munich."


Munich is just hanging onto the ring apron, "The Icon" managing to distract the referee by holding him by his shirt in the ring. Kelly, using all the strength that she has in her shapely body, pushes Munich back into the ring, where Max King is waiting and posing for the crowd.


"Listen to this reaction from the capacity crowd for 'The Icon'!" Suicide King notes as King continues his posing. The camera's microphone manages to pick up the crowd, who are booing at the top of their lungs.


"Yeah, they hate 'The Icon' with a passion." Longdogger Pete states. "And deservingly so for what King and Kelly have been doing here."


King slowly and methodically stalks at Munich now, making sure that he doesn't get back up off of the mat and get another chance to get an advantage, simply resorting to stomping on the head of Munich while he's down on the mat. King, shaking his ankle a bit just to apparently get the twinges of pain that are in his leg out of it from the ankle lock that Munich put on him earlier in the mat, starts to scale the ropes now, climbing up to the top.


"Here we go now Pete! King is in complete control of the match right now, and he's going to drop the best damn top rope elbow drop in the history of wrestling right onto the body of 'Agent 27', ending this contest once and for all!" Suicide King states.


"King is up at the top now, this could be it if he hits with this move...he leaps off...going towards the legs..."


Just as Pete makes mention of that, Munich almost immediately rolls forward and out of the way, causing the body of "The Icon" to crash down onto the mat instead of a human body! The crowd is on their feet cheering loudly at this fact, glad to see that King didn't get a chance to further the punishment that he was putting on Munich. Munich starts to get back up onto his feet again, making sure to keep the majority of his standing ability on his GOOD leg, and looks over to King to wait for him to get up. When King is finally up to his feet again, Munich dives in, nailing King in the back of the head with a clothesline!


"There's Munich's Guilty Pleasure! Munich is bringing out some of his bigger moves...and now going for the cover again! Only the second of this match!" Pete calls




TWO...as soon as two hits, King puts a foot on the rope to break the count.


"No way Munich can get a win with a simple clothesline. Who does he think he is, a Texan Stock Market genius?" Suicide King asks.


"...I don't even wanna know what you mean by that, but right now the tide has turned into the favor of Munich. Munich waiting for King to get back up to his feet, he's got to have SOMETHING planned for "The Icon" right now..."


When King is back up onto his feet, Munich whips King towards the ropes. Max manages to reverse though, ducking his head down to backdrop Munich...but Munich just drops down and nails King right in the face with a punch as he slides under "The Icon". Munich wobbly gets up to his feet and stands behind King, stepping over and hooking King up before dropping back with him into a Russian Leg Sweep! Munich goes for another cover in the match, hooking both of King's legs as hard as he can!






King still manages to kick out.


"I'm telling you Pete, there is nothing that Munich can do in this match that will keep "The Icon" Max King down for the three count!" Suicide King states. "That's three covers already, and King has kicked out of each one!"


"But if you notice, Max King has yet to make even ONE cover in this contest!" Pete reminds. "That could be something to think about."


Munich gets back up again...stumbling a bit as he is still feeling some of the pain from the work that was done in his leg...and he makes a gesture to the crowd that he's going to drop King down in the ring. He reaches down to King again, pulling Max up before "The Icon" knows what is going on, and pulls him up while upside down into a piledriver position. He sets up his arms between the legs of King while in the ring...


"He's setting it up...this could be all that she wrote for Max King! Munich has King set up for the C-4 Crunch...look at Munich use this move while having to balance on one leg!" Pete notes


And to an eruption of cheers from the crowd, Munich drops King down head first onto the mat with the C-4 Crunch! Thinking that this match is going to end right then and there, Munich falls right onto King, going for the cover!







But there is no count. Munich looks around, and sees that Kelly Connelly is standing on the ring apron, having the referee distracted!


"Damn that Connelly!" Pete calls. "If it wasn't for her, this match would have been over by now! She's screwing Munich out of the win!"


"Who cares if she is? The fact is that the referee is probably trying to hit on Kelly while she's on the apron, but she's busy making sure that the referee is aware that Munich is cheating!" Suicide King states.


Munich goes over to where the referee and Kelly are, pulling the official away to remind him that he has a match to call, trying his back to ignore Kelly so he doesn't break the rule that he has about not attacking a woman. Kelly smiles, her work done for the moment as the referee is now distracted by the fact that Munich pulled him, and reminds him that he could easily disqualify him for that fact. King, in the meantime, is starting now to recover, holding his area due to the fact that he was hit with the C-4 Crunch. Noticing that the referee's back is to him, he reaches into his kneepad and pulls out something that everyone knows King is famous for...those infamous brass knuckles! He slips them onto his hand rather quickly, rolling over onto his belly to hide his fist. King stays waiting, Munich finally finish his "argument" with the referee as he goes over to King. He starts to lift "The Icon" up to his feet, completely unaware of the fact King's hand is now loaded. King makes a wild swing to the face of Munich, and manages to connect in such a way that the referee is unaware that King's hand was covered with the knuckles.


"Damn it! King is going to steal this one...look at him kneel down and slip the knuckles in his trunks as the referee checks on Munich!" Pete protests. "This isn't right at all!"


"Who cares if it's right? This is what the people truly want to see! The want to see "The Icon" get the win and big time!" King states.


King smiles, and goes back over to Munich, leaning down for the pin...his first one of the match, surprisingly.






Suddenly and without warning, Munich reaches up, reversing King's pin into a cradle of his own!






King manages to kick out!


"What the hell was that?" Suicide King questions, not sure of what to make of what just happened.


"I guess that King didn't get all of the hit in...I'm not sure..." Pete notes as King and Munich both get to their feet. A split screen effect comes up...and it shows that as King is swinging, Munich leans back...only getting grazed by the hit apparently as he falls back, only faking the fact that he was hit!


"Now that is just wrong!" Suicide King states. "What a..."


"Smart move, blocking that attempted cheating win by Max King!" Pete states.


Munich ducks out of the way of another pin attempt by King, grabbing him by the head and dropping him with a reverse DDT into the ring, getting up almost immediately, trying to shake off the effects on his leg. Munich goes off the ropes to apparently try some extra punishment, but this time is grabbed by the leg by Kelly, stopping his momentum! Munich looks out to the ring, yelling at her for what she's done thus far...REALLY having a moral dilemma on his hands on what she's been doing thus far. Kelly denies her involvement to the referee who is now questioning her...allowing King another chance to reach into his tights and grab the brass knuckles once again. Munich turns around, and gets nailed right into his leg with the knuckles clad fist! Munich collapses in pain at the feeling.


"DAMN IT ALL!" Pete calls again. "Can't King win ANY match without cheating?"


"That's not cheating, the referee didn't see it...and he won't anytime soon!" King notes as Max King puts the knuckles back into his tights. With Munich on the mat, King reaches and grabs the legs of Munich...hooking up the legs into a figure four position and turning him over into the Texas Cloverleaf! Munich, desperate to keep his legs, taps out!




Funyon: Here is your winner, "The Icon" Max King!


"A miscarriage of justice, if you ask me!" Pete notes. "King cheated all the way through that match to get the win, and may have broken Munich's legs!"


"Not a big loss, if you ask me." Suicide King replies.


The camera fades as Kelly and King make their exit, leaving Munich hurting.

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The crowd at the Dunkin Donuts Center gives a huge round of applause as the lights begin to dim. Funyon hurries down the entrance ramp and is soon seen climbing the steel steps leading into the ring.


“This should be quite the match”Longdogger Pete states as the Suicide King takes a sip from his beverage.


“Should be decent, but truthfully neither of these guys has impressed me lately.”


“We’ll tonight we have two hardcore style wrestlers going at it in a hardcore rules match up. It should be pretty explosive”


“Yeah…I’ll let you know when I’m dazzled”


Funyon quickly goes for the mike as the house lights begin to dim. A spot light find the announcer as the crowd begins to quiet.


“Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is a hardcore rules match. Introducing first…he hails from Newark New Jersey…please welcome…DANNY DAG-DAAA!!!”



“Tearing Everybody Down” by Anti-Flag kicks up and the bursts of red pyro followed by pyro cascades down from the SmarkTron and blankets the front entrance ramp! Dagda steps out through the pyro’s and just struts down to ringside. The crowd reacts with a response Dagda has long been accustomed to.

The bog man from New Jersey is carrying a steel-folding chair into the ring and the odds are pretty good he’s not planning on sitting on it.




“And his opponent…he hails from Parts unknown…please welcome…CARRR-NAGGEE!!!


A fountain of white and red pyro’s explodes from the stage area. Carnage rips back the velvet curtain and makes a beeline to the ring. Both his manager Frisco and the Asian beauty Candace follow him closely. Carnage is carrying a wooden baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire and has a maniacal look in his eyes. He wastes no time in acknowledging the fans and immediately slides under the bottom rope and goes after Dagda.


The referee…practically useless in this particular style of match…quickly signals for the bell as both men meet in center ring.






Dagda immediately fires a chair shot at the head of the approaching SWF resident maniac. The shot seems to have little effect as Carnage smashes Dagda across the shoulder with the barbed wire bat. Blood instantly begins to flow as Dagda rolls out of the ring and onto the arena floor. He is followed closely by Carnage with bat in hand.


“Carnage being the initial aggressor in this match” Longdogger understates.


“About time!”


Carnage once again nails Dadga across the back as the big man hits the floor. Several large lacerations are clearly visible on Dadga’s back as blood begins to flow quite noticeably. Carnage shows his sympathy by firing a series of punishing kicks to the head and back of Dagda.






As Dagda struggles to get to his feet Carnage makes his way to the steel arena stairs. He grabs the top part and approaches Dadga from behind.




“Oh my God” Longdogger yells as Carnage sends the steel ring stair crashing into the skull of Danny Dagda.


“Ok…I’m starting to be impressed”


Carnage grabs Dagda and rolls him into the ring. The eyes of the New Jersey native are rolling in the back of his head as Carnage pulls him to his feet and effortlessly hoists him into the air.




“I thing I know what’s coming” Longdogger states as a sinister smile flashes over Carnages face.


“I’m freaking positive”





Carnage drives Dagda skull first into the center of the ring with his trademark Tombstone Piledriver. Dagda quivers briefly before slumping limply to the mat.


“Thanks for coming” Suicide King states sarcastically.


Carnage folds Dagda’s arms across his chest as the referee quickly makes the count.















“That was brief” the King offers as the referee signals for the bell.




“The time of the match three minutes and 9 seconds…the winner…CARNAGE!!”




Carnage immediately rolls out of the ring and grabs Candace by the hand. She appears shocked by his action as he pulls her into the ring.


“Oh my what is going on now?”


“Who the hell knows with this clown?”


Carnage mumbles something to Candace as Frisco appears bewildered by his actions. Candace looks on in disbelief as well as Carnage reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out a small black velvet box. As he opens the box Candace appears shocked. A sparkling one-carrot diamond engagement ring is waved in front of her eyes.


“What the hell? Is this freak proposing to her in the middle of the ring?” The King asks as Carnage falls to a knee.


“That’s a first!”


Carnage appears lost as she looks pleadingly at Frisco. The controversial manager motions for her to get out of the ring. She says something to Carnage but once again the mike fails to pick it up. The SWF Resident Maniac slowly gets to his feet as Candace appears to be pleading with him…again the microphone is useless in this situation.


“Dunkin donuts makes great coffee…but evidently their audio equipment sucks” the King bristles as he tries to figure out what is being said in the ring.


Carnage suddenly rolls out of the ring and storms back down the entrance ramp and to the backstage area. The audience is a buzz as Frisco enters the ring to talk with Candace. He quickly takes her hand and leads her up the arena stairs and away from the locker room area. A look of concern is visible on both Frisco and Candace’s face.

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"It's a wonderful place, oh what a wonderful place..."


"For you..."


"... for you..."


"For you... not me..."


A quick excerpt of Rage Against The Machine’s “Beautiful World” greets the viewers as Lockdown returns to the air, the boos of the crowd picking up immediately as they recognize the entrance as belonging to none other than Austin Sly.


LDP: “Welcome back fans, we’ve just witnessed some WILD hardcore action with Carnage and Dagda, but right now we’re going to switch things up with some great -wrestling- action, as two great talents, and may I say two very cocky ones collide in Austin Sly and Stryke.”


King: “For once I agree with you Pete, I just hope you can follow my example and keep it professional here, after all we all know you share quite the heated history with Stryke. One where he beat you damn near every time if memory serves.”


LDP: “Yes King, I know first hand just how good Stryke can be in that ring, but everything I’ve seen of Austin Sly tells me he’s just as good. Whatever you think of both men I’m sure we’re in for one hell of an evenly fought match tonight.”


King: “Yeah, but really, how many times did Stryke beat you? Six? Seven? EIGHT?”


LDP:“No more times than El Luchadore Magnifico beat you. Tell me, King, did you ever manage to get a win over him?”


With the Suicide King temporarily shut up Austin Sly steps out onto the stage, disgust on his face as blasts of red and gold pyrotechnics blast towards the sky on each side of him. Sly stalks his way down the ramp as the cover of “Street Fighting Man” now pulses throughout the arena, his trenchcoat trailing behind as the crowd hurls abuse at him from all sides. The reaction of the fans doesn’t faze him one bit however, Sly rolling under the bottom rope and pacing the ring as Funyon commences the introductions.


Funyon: “The following contest is set for one-fall! Entering first, weighing in at 237lbs from St. Louis, Missouri, this is AUSTIN SLY!!!”


Sly brushes his dyed black hair out of his eyes as he places his trenchcost over the turnbuckle, Sly solely focused in anticipation of his opponent’s arrival. He’s not left waiting long, a huge wall of blue pyrotechnics triggering Cypress Hill’s “How I Could Just Kill A Man”, the crowd’s icy reception for Sly not improving much for Stryke as he walks out of the entrance, his attention focused purely on the ring and his opponent inside it. Stryke hops onto the apron and raises his arm to the Rhode Island fans, drawing fresh boos for his troubles, along with a small smattering of cheers that are more anti-Sly than pro-Stryke.


Funyon: “Now making his way to the ring, weighing 228lbs and hailing from Sydney, Australia, STRYKE!!!”


LDP: “Both men have not seen regular SWF competition for a while, Sly returned from a layoff last show against Johnny Dangerous and we haven’t seen Stryke for over a month so both men are surely eager to get back into the swing of things with a win tonight.”


King:“Especially with the biggest opportunity of the year just a few weeks away in Clusterfuck LDP. I have an impeccable eye for talent so when I tell you both these men have the ability to win that match you’d better believe it. This will be Austin Sly’s first shot at the match while Stryke certainly has the experience advantage for Clusterfuck having participated in the last three, he’s hoping the fourth time is in fact the charm.”


Both men’s efforts are focused on tonight though, Sly and Stryke itching to square off as referee Matthew Kivell enters the ring, both Stryke and Austin exploding forward as Kivell signals for the bell!




Both men move to lockup but Austin slips under Stryke’s grasp and gets behind him, locking on a rear waistlock. Stryke reacts quickly though, running forward and latching onto the ropes, pushing back and using the spring generated to shove Austin off, Sly rolling through and right back onto his fee in a display of agility. Stryke charges and looks for an early clothesline, but Sly is ready as he ducks underneath, Stryke hitting the ropes and rebounding back. This time it is the Australian that has to duck as Austin Sly leapfrogs overhead. Sly lands and turns with a kick ready to catch Stryke on the next rebound, but unbeknownst to him Strkye has stopped on a dime behind him and is there to catch his leg mid-strike, shoving his leg up in an attempt to tip Sly over but Austin utilizes his speed to flip right over and land safely on his feet! This catches Stryke off-guard, and Sly responds with the first blow of the match, lashing Stryke’s chest with a knife-edge chop!




Stryke stumbles back from the sharp impact on his torso, Sly pushing him onto the ropes and using the momentum for an irish whip. Stryke has other ideas though, holding on and reversing the whip, but Austin Sly doesn’t give up so easily as he also holds on, finally getting the whip and sending Stryke into the ropes. Sly lowers his head on the rebound for a backdrop, but Stryke shows he has plenty of agility up his sleeve as well as he flips over Sly’s back and lands on his feet as well! A little frustration is evident on Austin’s face as he looks back and sees Stryke coming back at him, but Sly tries to stay one step ahead, running at the ropes himself and jumping onto the middle rope, springboarding up and over his opponent, catching Stryke at the last moment and pulling him over in a springboard sunset flip! Kivell doesn’t even have a chance to get down and count one though as Stryke’s momentum lets him roll through and out of Sly’s grasp. Despite caring little for either man many in the crowd applaud the fast and furious start to the match, Austin and Stryke at a stalemate after both fail to gain any advantage using their speed.


LDP: “A lot of similarities can be drawn between both these men. Past both being cocky to the point of near-arrogance at times, they match up very well in the ring. Similar in height and weight, both are around the same strength and as they just displayed both Stryke and Austin Sly are very agile with neither having a great speed advantage over the other. It’ll be interesting to see how they adjust their game plan in order to achieve the win.”


With their initial attack strategies failing to yield results both men come together once more, this time neither dodging out of the way as they lockup in a collar-and-elbow tieup. Each man fights for position, trying to force the other back, but without Sly or Stryke possessing a leverage advantage neither man budges and after a few seconds of struggle they’re left with no choice but to break off. Both being stubborn they move together once more, but after Sly avoided the initial lockup this time Stryke takes the initiative, shooting low and putting Austin on the mat with a lightning-fast single leg takedown. Stryke quickly slides forward and locks on a side headlock, since going at it with speed failed to draw results the Australian looks to gain an advantage taking it to the mat. Strkye wrenches on the headlock, but Austin Sly has his share of ground ability as well and knows enough to get his legs up and wrap them around Stryke’s head, pulling him off with a headscissors. Austin squeezes Stryke’s head between his knees, but Stryke keeps moving and squirming to prevent Sly getting the hold locked on. Stryke manages to turn himself over onto his hands and knees, and with his head still in place between Austin’s legs Stryke bridges forward, putting his body across Sly’s for the first pinfall of the match.




Sly kicks out immediately, but Stryke achieves his goal as Sly has to release the hold in the process. Both pop back to their feet quickly, Stryke rising a fraction of a second earlier but in his hurry to attack walks right into a side headlock takedown, Austin Sly turning the tides as this time he’s the one with the headlock. Stryke reacts before he’s locked in tight though, managing to reach up and smack Sly with a forearm shot to the face. This momentarily stuns Austin, and that’s all the invitation Stryke needs as he turns over and grabs a front facelock, the Australian again in control. Sly cringes in pain as Stryke works the facelock for all it’s worth, but thinking he’s in control his attention lapses a little, and that’s all it takes for Austin to twist his way out, taking hold of Stryke’s arm and before Stryke knows it his shoulder’s being pulled in unnatural direction by a hammerlock. Stryke yelps in pain as Austin pulls him to a standing base, keeping maximum pressure on the joint, but once more the back-and-forth reversals continue as Stryke reaches up with his free arm, placing it around Sly’s head as Stryke drops to his knees, pulling Sly over his shoulder with a snapmare, Austin unable to keep hold of the hammerlock.


Both men pounce back to their feet and Stryke goes on the offensive for a little payback as he goes after Sly’s arm and shoulder with a Fujiwara takedown, but before he can even think of locking in the armbar Austin rolls right through and out of Stryke’s grasp, Stryke pounding the canvas with his fist in frustration that again both men are at a stalemate. Taking his eyes off his opponent nearly proves to be a fatal mistake though, as with Stryke on his knees Sly launches himself forward and looks to take Stryke’s head off with a surprise Shining Wizard! Stryke dodges out of the way at the last possible moment though, the crowd ‘oooohh’ing at just how close it was, Stryke in the ropes as Sly gives a wry smile, knowing he hits and it would be over that quick.


King: “Well I’m enjoying this, two guys just going out and wrestling, without any of that silly ‘playing to the fans’ Carny crap. You were right about these guys being equal, Pete, you may make a decent partner for me here yet…”


LDP: “Utilizing their speed got them nowhere, both of them using their mat skills got them nowhere, one has to wonder what it’ll take for a breakthrough. Austin Sly sent an ominous message with that Shining Wizard though, if that hits then I don’t think Stryke will be getting up.”


Despite possessing negative feelings for both Austin Sly and Stryke the crowd shows appreciation for the hard-fought action they’ve seen so far, but it doesn’t take long for them to remember why they hate at least one of them as Sly doesn’t give Stryke a clean break on the ropes, his new aggressive streak coming out as Sly pounds on Stryke against the ropes, a flurry of punches leaving Stryke reeling. Having taken advantage of a Stryke lapse in concentration Sly is sure not to make the same mistake himself, grabbing Stryke by the head and running forward before giving Stryke a close-up inspection of the canvas as Sly plants him with a swift bulldog as the boos fly, Austin rolling Stryke onto his back for the cover.














TH… Stryke kicks out right after two, taken off-guard or not it’ll take more than a bulldog for Stryke to go down.


Having established that both men are quite equal in skill Sly looks to milk his present advantage for all it’s worth knowing it might be hard to gain control again, and so he brings Stryke up with a headlock, keeping him close before picking him up around the waist and dropping to one knee, slamming Stryke across his extended knee in a backbreaker. The impact isn’t great but Austin looks to make up for it as he keeps Stryke stretched across his knee, pushing down on Stryke’s throat with his forearm, producing a double effect of the illegal choke and bending the Australian over his knee at a great angle, and the fans get right on him for it, though Sly hardly seems to care.


LDP:“Austin Sly resorting to choking Stryke, what started with great wrestling is starting to degenerate, hopefully Kivell gets in there and breaks it up.”


King: “I’m all for it, besides, put Stryke in the same position and I’m sure he’d do just the same. You gotta be aggressive, and Austin Sly is doing just that, to great effect I might add.”


Kivell starts the five-count to break, and naturally Austin Sly waits until 4.99999 to release, calming informing Kivell “I have ‘till Five”, before pressing his forearm down across the throat once more, using Kivell’s count for all it’s worth and releasing just before he has any cause to disqualify him. The boos continue to grow for Sly’s cheap actions, but again to little effect as Sly drops Stryke and makes a second pinfall attempt.














THR… NO, Stryke twists his shoulder off the mat, though a little laboured as Stryke coughs and splutters from the chokehold.


Kivell admonishes Sly for his actions, but his words go in one ear and out the other as Austin picks Stryke up again, sending him into the ropes and on the rebound looking to keep pressing his advantage as he picks Stryke up for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Sly drops back to one knee but as Stryke rotates around he lands back on his feet, and before Sly can react Stryke drills him with a hard European Uppercut. Austin rocks back from the impact, and with Sly in position on one knee Stryke sees an opportunity, taking a step back before running in and stepping off Sly’s extended knee as he looks for the StepUp Enziguri! Stryke swings in with the kick, but prior to impact Austin manages to lower his head just enough to avoid impact, Stryke hitting nothing but air as he lands on his hands and knees. It’s now that Sly sees the opportunity to strike, lunging forward and grabbing Stryke’s right leg, lifting it up and slamming it back down into the canvas, Stryke’s kneecap connecting the mat hard. Austin climbs to his feet and walks over, grabbing the same leg and placing his foot on the inside of Stryke’s knee, driving down and stomping his leg into the canvas even harder.


LDP: “We’ve seen Austin Sly attack the leg in the past and he may be going back to that strategy again, this could be just the thing that turns the tide in Sly’s favor.”


Stryke crawls towards the ropes, shaking his leg out as Sly stalks behind him, not letting the Australian get very far and as Stryke pulls himself up with the ropes Austin is right there, picking the prone Stryke up and slamming him down against leg-first with a shinbreaker. Stryke crumbles back to the canvas now more noticeably holding his leg, and Austin Sly is like a shark with blood in the water, picking Stryke’s legs up and motioning for the Figure-Four Leglock, the fans instantly letting their anti-Sly feelings known. Austin leans down to get a better grip for the hold, but he overestimates the damage Stryke has taken as the Australian shoots up, hooking Sly around the head and pulling him down in a flash rollup!












THREE… NOO! Despitebeing taken by surprise Sly has the awareness to kick out, quickly back to his feet and stomping away at Stryke’s right leg to regain control.


King: “I must say I enjoy this new vicious streak Sly’s come back with. He needs to be careful though, even when in full control it only takes one slipup and three seconds for things to be over.”


Sly drops down with an elbow drop targeted right to the side of Stryke’s knee, and this time Austin is sure to not make any mistakes, taking Stryke’s legs, stepping over and dropping back, locking in the Figure Four! Pain is clearly evident on Stryke’ face as Sly pulls back with all the force he can muster, Stryke yelling out in pain as Sly calls for him to tap over the jeers of the crowd.


King: “Stryke is in big trouble now, since Sly went to the leg it’s been all one-way traffic, Stryke is plenty tough but I don’t know if he can last in the hold for very long!”


Stryke struggles in the hold, fighting and reaching for the ropes, his escape just out of reach but the pain making them seem further away every second. Stryke reaches out for everything he’s worth, some of the crowd starting to clap in encouragement, and despite Sly’s best efforts Stryke reahes out one last time and BARELY manages to slip his fingers around the bottom rope, Kivell with no choice but to call for the break!


LDP: “Stryke makes the ropes! A very close call for Stryke there, but while it didn’t get the win it did do more damage, Stryke may very well be just one move away from going down in his return to action tonight.”


Although unhappy he didn’t get the submission victory Austin keeps his cool, grabbing Stryke’s feet and pulling him into the center of the ring, away from the safety of the ring ropes. With Stryke prone Sly stands tall, looking out into the jeering audience for just a second before running at the ropes, hoping on the middle rope and gracefully flipping backwards with a Lionsault, looking to finish Stryke off with his primary finish the Sky Surfer! Austin arches through the air and comes crashing down on top of the Australian, but the landing his not as smooth as he’d like as at the last second Stryke gets his knees up! A cheer resonates through the stands as Sly bounces off holding his midsection in sudden pain, but Stryke’s tactic comes at it’s own price, once again Stryke clutching at his leg with pain etched across his face, Sly’s entire body weight coming down onto his knees doing his hurting limb no favors at all!


LDP: “Stryke saves himself but perhaps at too high a price, while it may not have drawn the intended result Sly still succeeded on doing more damage to Stryke;s appendage, failed Sky Surfer or no things are still looking strong for Austin Sly.”


King: “Sly did hurt his ribs on that landing though, and that could be just the opening Stryke needs to mount a comeback, Sly got control after an opportunistic attack of a bodypart, we’ve seen how these guys are similar so Stryke may do the very same.”


Stryke hobbles to his feet as Sly tries to regain his composure on the ropes, seeing Stryke rising Sly moves in and tries to ground Stryke with a front facelock, but suddenly there is new fire under Stryke as he drives Austin back into the turnbuckles, repeatedly driving his shoulder into the stomach of Sly, escaping his hold and pounding his ribs with a barrage of hard shoulder drives, if the midsection wasn’t hurting before it is now. Stryke’s knows he can’t afford a mistake, and so keeps on his opponent, pulling him out of the corner and wrapping his arms around him, even with a hurting leg he has the strength to lift Sly up and over, slamming him unceremoniously to the canvas with a hard Gutwrench Suplex, staying on top for the cover!














THREEE… NNOOOO!! Sly still has enough to lift his shoulder, to the disappointment of the fans in attendance.


With the pendulum of momentum swinging his way Stryke keeps on Sly, getting to his feet and despite a slight limp hits the ropes, coming back and jumping right down on Sly’s ribs with an unforgiving Double Stomp! Austin folds up in pain but Stryke doesn’t stop, continuing onto the opposite ropes and second back with a second Double Stomp, and following it but dropping backfirst onto Austin’s midsection with a Back Senton, the fans coming alive as Stryke again makes the pin!














THREEEEE… NNNOOOOOO!!! Austin Sly doesn’t go down that easily, fighting through the pain to kick out.


LDP: “Stryke is going after Sly’s midsection in similar style to Austin’s attack on Stryke’s leg, one man is going to have to come up with something new or unexpected to triumph in this one.”


With Sly reeling Stryke looks to finish things now, hopping to his feet and moving towards the nearest turnbuckle. Stryke starts to climb, but his leg acts up and slows him in his ascent, and that gives Austin the time he needs to get back up, running over and cutting Stryke off before he can reach the top. With an opportunity presented to him Sly goes to make the most of it, hooking Stryke by the head and pushing off the turnbuckles, spinning and going for a Tornado DDT! Stryke knows the move as well as Sly though and blocks it, planting his feet and going to counter it with a Northern Lights Suplex! Sly fights out though and cuts Stryke’s comeback off at the knees literally and figuratively as he hits a dropkick right to the knee! Stryke crumbles to one knee, and that’s all the invitation Sly needs, jumping up, running in and TAKING STRYKE’S HEAD OFF with the Shining Wizard!!!


King: “Yes! Sly came close to hitting that earlier and he DRILLED Stryke with it there, this should be it!”














THREEEEEE… NNNOOOOO!!! Somehow Stryke inches his shoulder off the mat with milliseconds to spare!


Sly cannot believe it, his hands on his head as he gives Kivell an angry glare, before climbing to his feet and going for the finish again, springboarding off the middle rope for a second Sky Surfer Lionsault attempt!! Stryke is seeing stars but has just enough awareness to see Sly coming at him, knowing his leg can’t take much more and this time rolling out of harms way. Austin adjusts in mid-air and lands on his feet, but Stryke, acting almost on instinct is up and manages to just get a foot up, landing hard in Sly’s midsection and stunning him. Stryke looks at the corner, but knows with his leg he has to keep Sly down longer, and so he lifts Sly onto his shoulders and starts spinning around, and he keeps going and going with the Airplane Spin! The crowd start to count along with the numerous rotations, dizzying Austin (and himself, for that matter) greatly. After seemingly endless spins Stryke finally stops, dropping Sly to the canvas. Sly’s head is spinning and getting up to stop Stryke is the last thing on his mind, and knowing this might be his only opportunity Stryke drunkenly staggers to the turnbuckles, shaking out the cobwebs as he makes the arduous climb to the top. Stryke reaches the top and faces into the ring, setting himself for a second to gain his balance, and looking down on the still prone Sly his leaps out, cameras flashing as he tucks and spins, before unfurling and crashing down HARD on Austin’s midsection with a 450 SPLASH!!!


King: “Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that from Stryke before, that has to be it!”


















Funyon: “Your winner via pinfall, STRYKE!!!”


LDP: “What a hard-fought match we just witnessed! Both men even across the board, but in the end it’s Stryke finding that little bit extra to get the win with the 450. Sly was impressive in defeat though, and it could have easily gone the other way. Stay with us fans, there’s plenty more action coming up next!”

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"Folks, before we get to the next match of the evening, let's take you back to June 23rd 2004. A night where live, in the *historic~!* Kingdome, a certain young Spaniard began an ICTV Title legacy..."




**SWF Lockdown, June 23rd 2004**

*ICTV Title- Ace Lezaire vs. Landon "La Cucaracha" Maddix*


Up staggers Ace again, as Landon takes a back-step and charges at The Prodigy. Ace sees him coming though, side-stepping Landon while grabbing him around the waist and looking for an STO...


...but Megan grabs his leg from the outside!


"Yet again, sculduggery from Landon and his...well...what is she?"


"The Toddess!"


Angered, Lezaire reaches over the top rope and starts to point threateningly at The Toddess. Card steps in-front of her for safety, as Maddix has meanwhile sneaked up to the middle rope, which Ace has no idea of. Finally flipping Card and Megan off, Ace turns and gets booted in the jaw, before Maddix hooks Lezaire by the head...hearing the boos which fill the crowd as he leaps off the middle rope...










Ace's head bounces violently off the canvas from the Crash Landon, as Landon frantically cradles him up as tightly as possible for the pin...





































"YES!" booms Riley. "Landon did it!"


In pure ecstacy, Landon releases the cradle and flops to the mat with his fists clenched and held to the skies. Quickly Megan and Natasha enter the ring to congratulate and celebrate, as Card finds the ICTV Title belt and walks towards the rampway with it.




"The new era of Maddix has begun!" Riley erupts once more. "He's the NEW ICTV Champion!"





"How times change." chuckles King heartily.


"Yeah. Who were those idiots on commentary?"

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“Ladies and gentlemen,” bellows Funyon, right when the show returns from commercial break. “The following contest will be the TRIPLE THREAT DAY OF DEFEAT MATCH!” he pauses for the pop…then continues. “In this particular match one man must defeat BOTH of his opponents in order to win – be it pinfall, submission, count out, or disqualification!”


“An interesting stipulation to this three-way match indeed,” begins Pete. “Unlike most triple threats that have either elimination or first fall wins, you have to beat both of your opponents on two separate falls!”


“I have to say I’m actually excited for the possibilities this match can bring,” King tosses in. “It’ll either be awfully brilliant…or brilliantly awful.”


“Wow, way to kill the enthusiasm there, King.”


Introducing first…” Funyon pipes up, just before the opening notes of "Pardon Me" from Incubus begin to play and Alan Clark's face appears on the SmarkTron - his expression focused, and his smirk always present. As the first lines hit, Alan mouths along...


Pardon me while I burst...






“Alan Clark is on the scene!” shouts Pete, as pyro explodes all around the entranceway! It leaves the a cloud of smoke on the stage, which partially conceals Alan as he struts from backstage and finally emerges from the thick cloud at the top of the ramp to a huge pop!


“From Long Beach, California, weighing two hundred and twenty-five pounds, he is…AAAAAAALAAAN CLAAAAAAAAAAAARK!!”


Alan slides into the ring and immediately heads to the turnbuckles. He climbs them and pumps his fist to the crowd, getting another pop from the crowd, “-and Alan Clark certainly looks confident coming into this match,” notes Pete, “and he’s definitely going to need a lot of it to get by the two, very tough competitors that he has to face here tonight.”


Finally, the lights come back up to full power and Alan hops down from the post and heads to a far corner. He hunkers down and focuses on the stage as the sound of a needle scratching over vinyl comes over the speakers, and then…




The crashing guitars of Lamb of God’s “Black Label” send an electrifying jolt through the crowd! The drumming picks up, bringing the song into full swing, and the high pitched scream of Randy Blythe rings out!




Finally, the Revolution Zero member makes his way out from backstage with Jet at his side, entering to a massive, hate-filled jeer from the fans, which are, obviously, none of theirs.




“From Hollywood, California, weighing two hundred and twenty-five pounds, he is the LONGEST REIGNING SWF CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!! SPIIIIIIIIIKE JEEENKIIIIIIIIIIIINS!!!!!”


Spike marks the announcement of his name by crossing his arms into an “X” to symbolize his improved straight edge life style then begins his march towards the ring, rubbing the gold of his Cruiserweight title belt as he does.


“I find it rather odd that Spike wouldn’t put his title on the line in this match,” says Pete. “He could really make a statement by successfully defending against two former Cruiserweight Champions.”


“Maybe he would have put it on the line if Johnny and Alan actually earned a shot at the belt,” King spitefully replies. “Besides, Spike made a huge statement by defeating Dace Night on Lockdown in a physically draining, and mentally demanding match. I don’t think it’d be fair to ask him to defend against two people at this point in time – give him till Smarkdown to be fully recharged at least.”


Spike heads into the ring while Jet makes her way to a place at ringside, checking to make sure that place is within arms reach of a steel-plated chair. ‘Hollywood’ slowly unfastens the title from his waist, noticing that Clark hasn’t taken his eyes off the belt. He simply looks at his opponent, shaking his head no with a grin so damn cocky that it nearly makes Alan’s blood boil!


“Tempers are flaring already!” shouts Pete. “This match might get started before the Barracuda even gets out here!”


And then with a shrug he hands off the title for safe keeping to Ronald “Red” Herrington, the official for this match, as his music fades out and his overwhelming bright lights drop all the way out.






Providence, Rhode Island, lets out a thunderous cheer for the Barracuda as “After the Flesh” hits, and hits the speakers hard!


“Providence is on their feet!” exclaims Pete. “What an ovation for Johnny Dangerous!”


Lights come alive, flashing in tempo with the music while smoke rolls out onto the stage for a knee-high, eerie, fog-like appearance. Finally, the Secret Agent strolls out from backstage, through the thick of the smoke, and to a second loud pop from the Rhode Island crowd!


“From Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, he is one half of the REIGNING SWF TAG TEAM CHAAAMPIOOOOONS…JOOOHNNY ‘THE BAAARRAAACUDAAAAAAA’ DAAANGEROUS!!!”


After slapping as many of the outstretched hands as he could, Johnny slides into the ring, grabs the title belt from around his waist, and triumphantly raises it out to the fans as hundreds of flashbulbs go off from all over the arena! He steps down from the post and heads straight over towards Alan Clark, exchanging a quick few words while casually glaring over their shoulders at Spike.


“Well, well, well, what in the hell do we have going on here!?” questions King. “It looks like Johnny and Alan are formulating some type of an alliance here!”


“You’re looking to deep into it, King. These two have a friendly rivalry and I’m sure they’re just wishing each other good luck. When that bell rings it’s everyman for himself!”


Herrington hands the titles off to a ringside assistant then calls all three men to the center of the ring, and makes a final run down of the rules, just to make sure everyone is on the same page. Finally, he turns towards the timekeeper, and to a loud pop, signals for the bell.






“Bells gone,” says Pete, and the second it’s sounded both Clark and Dangerous begin circling. The fans are already hanging on the edge of their seats, roaring loudly, but not for the fact that Johnny and Alan are about to engage in a much delayed rematch from times past, rather the fact that in the middle of these two men’s circle…stands Spike Jenkins!




“Already, Spike Jenkins looks to be in a bad, bad situation for this match,” says Pete. “Maybe you weren’t looking to deep into it, after all, King.”


“I wish I wasn’t right; it’s pissing me off,” King growls in response. “It’s every man for himself in this type of situation, but we couldn’t expect Alan and Johnny to play fairly…now could we!?”


Spike swivels his head back and forth, intently watching both his opponents as much as he possibly can while pulling up his closed fist, ready to swing at the first one to gun towards him. The situation seems bleak for the Cruiserweight Champion. He knows it, but he also knows there must be something he can do…something! There is no time to think, but only to react – quickly he tries to reason with the Barracuda, motioning with hand gestures for Johnny to join him in taking down Alan Clark instead.


“Apparently, Jenkin’s is trying to get past this one with some good old fashioned bribery,” says Pete, shaking his head. “I don’t think he’s taking into account the integrity of Johnny Dangerous here!”


However, Johnny stops and just glares at Jenkins, seemingly contemplating the offer as Spike watches - dripping with hope, while the crowd pleads against it.


“Spike is completely deluded if he thinks Johnny’s going to fight by his side!”


Clark’s eyes start to widen in horror – Johnny, to the surprise of everyone, nods his head in acceptance while smacking the back of his hand against his other hand and cracking a devilish smile!


“W-W-What the hell’s going on here!?”


“Ha!” snorts King. “Looks like Johnny isn’t so opposed to working with Spike Jenkins, after all! You need some help pulling that foot out of your mouth, Pete?”


“Shut up!”


It’s a sight that the crowd can’t believe they’re seeing – Johnny Dangerous siding with Spike Jenkins to take down Alan Clark!? WHAT? How could he!? They quickly make their feelings known to the world with a loud, horrendous, massive sized jeer!




Spike turns towards Clark with a smiling broadly and starts to waltz toward him with the Barracuda a step behind – without exchanging so much as even a single lick he knows the tides of this match have just been completely altered!


“Dangerous and Jenkins,” King cheerfully says, as Jet cheers this development on the outside. “Who would have thought we’d ever see this one coming!?”


Slowly they march towards Clark like a pack of hungry wolves, frothing at the mouth with the chance to sink their teeth into the Apostles hide! He backs himself up until there is nowhere else to go, backed into the ropes, and then…


























“HE DUPED HIM!” shouts Pete, as Johnny suddenly launches his fist straight into the back of Jenkins’ head, rocking the Cruiserweight Champion to the roar of everyone in the arena! “Spike thought he had the Barracuda in his back pocket - he thought he had suddenly gotten himself an edge in this match, but boy was he ever wrong!”




Clark rushes in and lands a second blow into Jenkins, sending him stumbling back the way he came!




“That son of a bitch should be fired for trying to hoodwink poor Spike!” cries King. “Now it’s back to Clark and Dangerous ganging up on Jenkins, and they’re raping the man of his dignity - where’s their sense of sportsmanship!?”








The final shot leaves Spike sprawled out on the canvas, and Clark leaps onto him for the cover!


ONE – NO! Spike easily kicks out then rolls onto his stomach and dazedly pushes up to his feet, only to have both arms snatched up by Johnny and Alan before whipping him across the ring. He hits the ropes and rebounds towards his two opponents, who step forward, looking for a double armed clothesline…




…and Spike ducks down, sailing right under Johnny and Alan’s arms, and keeps going for the ropes behind them! He hits the ropes and bounces back, then leaps up just as Johnny and Alan spin to face him…




…and slams into both men with a cross body block, knocking them flat on their backs with Spike landing right on top!








TW - NO!! The count is broken when Johnny and Alan both fling Spike off of them, sending him crashing into the mat several feet behind them.


“Close call there,” says Pete. “Spike almost beat both of his opponents at the same time with that surprise cross-body block!”


“Imagine what kind of statement that would have sent out,” adds King. “Johnny Dangerous and Alan Clark united unable to take down Spike Jenkins!”


Alan jumps back up to his feet and gets defensive, but Spike is already on him – he slams a series of right hands into Clark’s head then quickly spins around to greet Johnny with an elbow! Johnny stumbles back with a hand to his face, momentarily dispatched, so the Cruiserweight Champion returns his focus onto Clark and grabs him by his arm to whip him across the ring. Alan goes for the ride, hits the ropes and bounces back into…




…a picture-perfect drop kick by Jenkins that puts Clark flat on his back! There’s no time for a pin right now and the Cruiserweight Champion knows it – Dangerous could come springing back at any moment now, which is exactly what he does. Spike spins back around towards Johnny, as the Barracuda rushes in and puts one of his trademarked spinning heel kicks into motion! Jenkins barely drops in time and Johnny’s whizzes past, his foot lightly grazing over Spike’s unkempt blonde wig as the fans let out an “OOOOOOOH!” at the close call! He pops back up to his feet and Johnny stumbles back down on his, seemingly thrown off balance after missing his kick which makes it all the easier for Jenkins to leap forward while rotating in mid-air…




…and he violently brings the Barracuda down with a Phantom Neckbreaker!


“Beautiful!” King excitedly shouts, as Jet cheers from ringside. “Spike Jenkins is simply on fire right now – he’s bringing it straight to both his opponents and coming out on top!”


“How long can he keep this pace going though?” ask Pete, as Clark gets back to a vertical base. “He may have won that exchange with Johnny, but now he’ll have to deal with Alan!”


Almost as if taking a cue from the announcer, Spike looks up only to see Clark advancing – he’ll have to forgo a cover once more…another opportunity lost… and it was starting to seriously piss him off! He sprints towards Clark with a mighty growl, reaching for a lock up, and he gets it! They struggle back and forth, fighting for purchase like two Gladiators until the more refreshed Clark starts to get the edge on Jenkins and fluidly transitions into a side headlock.


“I can’t stand this anymore!” cries King, as Alan clenches down as hard as he can on Jenkins’ noggin. “These two are focusing entirely on Spike – they’ll drain him before this match is even half over!”


“That’s what I just said, King,” sighs Pete, as Spike bucks and flails to get free from the headlock, while pulling them back into the ropes. He finally hits them and uses the momentum coming off the ropes to shove the Apostle off of him! Alan doesn’t stop though; instead he heads across the ring towards the opposite ropes, picking up some steam before hitting them and springing back towards the Cruiserweight Champion, looking for a clothesline. Spike dashes forward, ducking the clothesline, and now he heads across the ring at full steam…




…and runs right into a MONSTROUS clothesline from the Barracuda!




“Johnny making his presence felt,” says Pete, as Dangerous shakes off his arm while massaging his neck with his other hand. “After that Phantom Neckbreaker he was probably looking for a huge hit on Jenkins, and he got it there!”


Spike bucks back and forth on the canvas in agony, clenching both hands to the side of his neck as Alan darts in, and leaps into a back-flip…




…and crushes Spike with a running shooting star press to completely silence the Cruiserweight Champion! He lands on top of Jenkins and immediately hooks the leg for a cover as the Rhode Island fans roar in delight!































“He got him!” Pete excitedly pumps his fists into the air as Herrington makes the pin official. “That was blindly fast, and now it just leaves Johnny to get his pin on Spike so we can get that Alan-Johnny showdown.”


“Un-freaking-believable!” snarls King. “Johnny just stood there and watched Alan take that pin. Doesn’t he realize he just put Clark that much closer to winning this thing!?”


“He knows. Johnny and Alan just want to get rid of Spike then have a good, clean race for the finish between them.”


“I’m not buying into that one,” spits King. “They couldn’t possibly be that stupid.”


Hoping to still capitalize off of the SSP, Johnny covers Spike just after Alan gets off.







T - NO!


“They may have gotten him once, but Spike will be damned if he lays there for both of them to consecutively pin him,” King says. “They’re going to have to try harder than that to beat THIS Cruiserweight Champion!”


Johnny pulls Spike back up to a vertical base, and rocks the Cruiserweight Champion with a stiff shot to the ribs, keeping him subdued while doubling him over, then ducks down to pull Jenkins onto his shoulders! The fans rise up a solid cheer in anticipation before Johnny takes a step… then summersaults forward, drilling Spike’s back into the canvas with a Spinal Explosion!




“This is really starting to piss me off here!” cries King. “They’re just sticking it straight to Spike, completely ignoring the fact that this isn’t a handicapped match!”


“Maybe you should be wondering why these two would be so willing to work together just to bring Jenkins down,” replies Pete. “It’s not everyday that you see Alan and Johnny on the same page.”


With Alan hovering suspiciously close by, Johnny hooks the leg and covers Spike as Herrington drops to count for:

















Alan steps in…









TH – NO!!!


“Alan had his foot up like he was about to break the pin,” reports King. “There’s dissention in the ranks of this five minute old Dangerous-Clark alliance!”


“Don’t be so dramatic, King,” replies Pete, rolling his eyes. “That was reflexes coming into play there – you saw how he realized what he was doing at the last second there and pulled back!”


“I saw Spike kick out, and that’s what stopped Clark’s foot from going any further – he’s saving the opportunity for later I tell you, trust me.”


Alan backs off as Johnny hops up to his feet. Spike’s resilience towards the Barracuda was starting to become a bit unnerving – did Clark just catch Jenkins by that much of a surprise, or is Clark really that much better than the Secret Agent? Johnny simply glances up at Clark and nods with a smile, pushing all thoughts on the back burner.


“That was the fakest smile I’ve seen in ages,” says King. “Another chapter of deceit is unfolding, Pete. How can you possibly be so blind to this?”


Pete just shakes his head at his announcing partner’s conspiracy theories, and turns his attention back towards the action inside the ring. Johnny pulls Spike back up and doesn’t even try to subdue Jenkins this time. He ducks down to haul Hollywood onto his shoulders and…




…Spike jams his knee into Dangerous’ chin, and the crowd deflates at the uncharacteristically dreadful way the Barracuda is handling himself. Johnny stumbles back, holding both hands to his mouth like he just bit his tongue as Spike charges after him. He may be hurting already, but he isn’t about to let these two get the better of him and he dives for Johnny, ramming his shoulder into Dangerous’ ribs with a spear! He hits Johnny and keeps going until he can feel the vibrations running down his shoulder from Johnny’s spine crunching into the metal post!






“Damn I love the drive that boy has!” shouts King. “He’s getting double teamed like there’s no tomorrow, but every time he gets a break he makes sure it counts!”


Spike pulls back off Johnny, letting the Agent slide down the post. He barely has the chance to let the triumphant feeling of taking Dangerous down sink in before Alan grabs him by the shoulder and spins Jenkins around to face him…






…and nails Jenkins with a hard elbow, dazing Hollywood before grabbing him by the arm and whipping him across the ring, directly into the opposing post!


“See, King, if there were dissention in this alliance as you said then tell me why Alan would still be pounding on Spike,” request Pete. “He’s already pinned Jenkins.”


“It wouldn’t be a very shocking revelation if he Alan didn’t make it look as if the alliance were still on,” King responds, quite matter-of-factly.


Spike stumbles out of the corner, holding dearly to his throbbing back. Clark heads back in, raining a series of fist into Spike. He beats Jenkins back into the corner then climbs the post and holds his arm out to the crowd to a big pop, before drilling Hollywood’s crown with a ten punch!












Finally, with the referee admonishing him and threatening a disqualification, Clark hops down from the post. He has Spike seeing more stars than he would see on a walk of downtown Hollywood anyway, and with Johnny getting back up to his feet, Clark grabs Jenkins by his arm once more to whip him back across the ring…




…sending Spike running straight into a Johnny Kick to a huge roar of approval from the fans! Johnny drops for the cover, and as expected, Herrington drops to count for:



































“Clark stood him up!’ exclaims Pete, having watched the oddity of Martial Law nail Johnny with a kick to the back of his head! “Alan Clark just stopped Johnny from getting a pin on Spike – he wants to keep his advantage over the Barracuda!”


“God damn it, I told you so, Pete! I was right all along!”


Johnny jumps up to his feet, absolutely livid! He can’t believe it! He doesn’t even seem to care that Spike rolls himself out of the ring – right now somebody was about to have their ass handed to them on a silver platter!


“I can’t believe I’ve just witnessed this!” exclaims King. “Alan Clark just pulled the wool over Johnny’s eyes, and when the Barracuda pulled it away from his face he found himself standing eye-to-eye with a big, bad, snarling wolf!”


“Well,” sighs Pete. “I can’t say they didn’t have it coming to them.”


Johnny gets right in Alan’s face, growling viciously as the fans go completely wild! Finally, they’d get to see a showdown between two of their favorites, and they are on the edge of their seats to see it! Dueling chants for both men rise up, “-and this crowd is literally split down the middle,” says Pete. “What was previously a two on one affair has now turned into everyman for himself!”




Alan swings his fist out and nails the Barracuda, right between the eyes!




Johnny responds in kind, rocking his opponent back with an equally stiff punch to the face!




Clark comes right back with an elbow to the Secret Agent’s jaw, “-and these two are laying into each other with every thing they have!”








Johnny lands a final, ferocious blow to Clark’s skull, staggering him for a second, then lunges forward and…





…Nail’s the Martial Law member with two Shotei Palm-strikes that sends Clark flying back into the ropes! He bounces off them and comes stumbling back towards the Barracuda as Johnny shoots his leg and hauls him off the mat…


“MI SLAM!” calls Pete, but Alan shoves off Johnny’s shoulders and lands just to the side of Dangerous, then rushes in and levels the Barracuda with a lariat!




Alan drops to his knees, too stunned from the palm-strikes to make any good out of the lariat on Johnny, and leaves himself wide open for Spike Jenkins, hopping back up to his feet, to deliver to quick kicks to Clark’s ribs! Spike takes a good step back as the crowd lets off some massive boos, then springs forward with a final kick, absolutely blasting the Apostle’s face, and flattening him on the canvas!




“OW!” King winces at the shot. “Spike with the three kick combo to remind everyone that he’s still in this match, and now he goes for a cover – he just may have it!”

























“The Barracuda broke the count,” reports Pete, as the crowd roars in delight at Johnny dropping an elbow to the back of Jenkins’ head! He pulls Spike back up to his feet with a quick arm wrench and steps forward, whipping the Cruiserweight Champion across the ring. Johnny doesn’t wait for the rebound, instead he chases after Spike and as soon as Jenkins hits the ropes and starts to bounce back, Dangerous leaps up…




“And LEVELS Spike Jenkins with a springing side kick!” exclaims Pete, as Johnny’s foot slices into the Cruiserweight Champion’s scalp and sends him tumbling out of the ring to the thinly-padded floor!




“Spike needs to just stay out of there for as long as he can,” says King, as Jet rushes to the aid of Spike, not one soul even noticing the chair at her side. “He’s coming back in, trying to even the tides much too soon and getting torn from limb to limb – let these morons beat each other senseless then just come in and steal the victory.”


“I hate to admit it, but I kind of have to agree with that,” says Pete. “Although slightly less venomous than you put it, King.”


Johnny turns back towards Clark as he, himself, gets back up. They don’t even stop for a beat, charging straight for each other in their bid for complete control as the crowd roars in delight! Alan fakes a bid for a lock up, which Johnny accepts and is burnt on when Clark dodges to the side and hooks his arm around Johnny's neck, but the secret agent's elbow lashes out to catch the Apostle in the stomach, doubling him over! Johnny hooks both of his arms under Alan's, pulls him to the side of the ring, hops up onto the second rope and LEAPS out of the corner! Both men spin in the air as Johnny pulls his opponent down to slam face-first onto the mat…


"INCREDIBLE!" Pete hypes. "A double under-hook tornado DDT - Johnny is really trying to punish Alan for his betrayal!”


Johnny rolls Alan over then floats over for the pin. Once more the referee drops to count:































THR – NOO!!!!




“Somehow, Clark gets the energy to kick out!” shouts Pete, as Johnny jumps up and argues with the referee over the count. He waves three fingers in Herrington’s face and begins a lesson on how to properly count that high, but the referee is stern in his decision. He holds up only two fingers, explaining that Alan did, indeed, get the shoulder up in time.


“Johnny better stop worrying about that last count,” warns Pete, as Alan pushes up to his hands and knees. “Clark’s on the prowl!”


“Let it bite him in the ass,” says King. “It’d be about time he got his comeuppance!”


The fans start growing uncontrollably loud as Alan slithers in behind Johnny…then reaches up, between his legs, and quickly rolls him up in a school boy! Herrington drops to count!


































THR – NOO!!!!


Johnny manages to power out of the roll up in just the nick of time, but when he rolls to his feet he’s met by a stinging series of right hands! Alan beats Johnny back into the ropes then draws his arm way back, looking to finish the Barracuda off with a knock out blow, but Johnny ducks down and rolls through as the Apostle’s hand breezes over his head!


“Oh, that was close!”


Johnny pops up behind Clark. It’s situations like this that are usually the damning of one man, but not tonight! Alan refuses to give him that chance and rushes back at Dangerous before that Johnny Kick can be put into motion! No matter, Johnny can adjust and he does – ducking down and scooping Alan up in a fireman’s carry takeover, then pivots on one foot and drops back as Pete bellows out, “MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-”




“MI SLAM! MI SLAM!” exclaims Pete. “Johnny’s about to gain his first victory in this match!”


Dangerous floats over for the cover and Herrington drops to deliver the count for…











































“Well it certainly took him long enough,” says King, as Herrington makes the pin official. Johnny holds his arm out to the cheering fans as he lets out a sigh of relief, backpedaling himself into the ropes to lean against and catch his breath.


“No time to rest now, Johnny!” shouts Pete. “This match isn’t over yet – Spike’s still out there!”


Herrington drops down to his knees, checking on Clark… while oddly enough, the crowd starts to cut loose with a loud boo! Johnny raises his brow in bewilderment then slowly turns around…



“Here comes that comeuppance I warned you about, Pete!”

















…and Johnny spins around into a face full of steel as Spike nails him with the chair!


“NO!” roars Pete, as do most in attendance when they realize that Spike is about to steal the match away. “Don’t tell me the ref didn’t see THAT!?”


Johnny drops to the mat like a stone, which couldn’t be a more beautiful sight for Jenkins after the ordeal he’s been through. He hands off the chair to jet then hops up to the outside apron, then hops up to the top rope and springs off, slamming into the Barracuda with a five star frog splash!


“The Ratings Grabber!” calls Pete. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jenkins bust out a springboard variation of that before!”


Jet screams at the referee, pointing towards Spike as he covers Johnny, and Herrington props Alan against the ropes then dashes towards the scene with the fans trying their hardest to get a disqualification called. The referee slides in, as Jet slides into the ring with the chair-






Jet tosses the chair down then kicks Alan in the gut, doubling him over into a side headlock-
















Then drops back with a DDT, slamming Clark’s head into the chair!










“One down,” says King, as Jet slides back out of the ring, taking the chair with her, “one more to go!”


The crowd is absolutely livid; cursing, and roaring in disbelief as Spike hops up to his feet and directs the referee to follow him across the ring to Alan.


“This is bullshit!” cries Pete. “Spike may have gotten beat down by Dangerous and Clark, but they didn’t cheat!”’


“Such is the way the cookie crumbles,” King sarcastically replies.


Spike drops down on Alan and covers him as the fans watch in horror…
















































“SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS!” shouts Pete, as Alan kicks out and the arena simply explodes! “Where’d he get that energy to kick out of that!?”


Spike’s jaw is left resting on the canvas – all he can do is stare in utter disbelief as Herrington rises up to his feet and extends only two fingers! Frustration starts to shine through in Jenkins, and he gets back up to his feet, steaming mad!


“GET UP, CLARK!” he angrily shouts. “GET UP!”


Surprisingly, Alan does start to pull himself back up, and all the crowd can do is watch in amazement at the determination in Alan Clark. The whole arena is spinning for him, but still he knows he must push forward, he has to – for the sake of Martial Law! Alan gets up, and takes one shaky step forward…and then another…and then Spike rocks his toe into the Apostle’s ribcage, doubling him over!


“NO!” cries Pete, as Spike pulls Alan into a standing head-scissors and the fans unleash a horrendous boo! Jenkins hears them and looks out to them. “SHUT UP!” he snarls, then bends over to gut-wrench his opponent, but CLARK LIFTS UP AND SENDS SPIKE FLIPPING OVERHEAD WITH A BACK BODY DROP!






“That’s the ticket, Alan! You can win this thing still!”


Spike lands on his back hard! His hand quickly shoots back to his spine as he growls in pain, while Clark drops to one knee, desperately trying to gather himself still as the fans chant his name!





Jet pounds her little fist into the mat, trying to keep Spike moving, but its Clark on the move this time! He grabs Jenkins by his head, pulling him up to his feet, but Spike slaps Alan’s hands away and jabs him in the throat!




Herrington admonishes Spike for the illegal hit, but right now he could care less what the referee has to say! He rushes in towards Alan, looking for his signature lariat, but Clark quickly ducks out of the way and pops up behind Hollywood. As Jenkins spins back around on his heel…




“Clark is fighting back!” exclaims Pete, as Alan steps in for another one, but Spike blocks it with a forearm and kicks his opponent in the midsection! Alan doubles over, clenching his stomach, and Jenkins brings a mighty elbow down across the back of Clark’s neck! He drops to his knees, and gets pulled into another standing head-scissors. This time Spike doesn’t give him a chance to react and he quickly pulls him up…then drops him face-first into the mat with his devastating Ratings Crash!




“It’s over – Spike has him!”




















































“NO! NO! NO!” King can’t believe it when Johnny, the man everyone presumed to be deader than a doornail, grabs Spike by his ankle and drags him off Clark! “What is this – the night of the living dead!?”


Johnny may not be clear-headed right now, but all it takes is the will to win to save this match and he does! He quickly steps over Jenkins and pulls his leg into his over-the-shoulder half crab as the jubilant fans rise to the occasion!


“The Barracuda - If he gets this locked in its curtains for Jenkins!”


Spike struggles violently; trashing back and forth while trying to claw his way towards the nearby ropes. He has to get to them before Johnny locks on his half crab, knowing full well, even as much as he would never admit to another living soul, that he couldn’t possibly hold out in his battered state. Herrington drops down to ask Spike if he gives, but the stubborn Jenkins refuses the offer. Instead he drags himself another inch forward and reaches for the ropes… almost there…almost…he can taste them now he’s so close!



























…and Johnny releases his submission then drops an elbow into the back of Spike’s head, leaving him sprawled on the canvas, face-first!


“Cheap!” cries King. “He knew he Spike was about to get them ropes!”


Johnny rolls up to his feet then reaches down and under-hooks Jenkins’ arms, locking in a full nelson to drag him up to his feet, “-and a Dangerous Driver coming up!” shouts Pete. “He’d better get the lead out though; I think Alan is coming around!”


The Agent notices his other opponent stirring as well. Even if he could get a big hit on Jenkins right now, Clark could still possibly break it. There is only one thing he could possibly do, and it had more than passed the time to end this match - Johnny drags Jenkins nearer to Clark, right over Alan’s head, then he hoists Spike up off his feet and drops forward…














…and swings Spike down, head-first, right into Clark’s forehead, cracking both of their skulls with the Dangerous Driver!




“GOD ALMIGHTY!” cries King. “I think Johnny just shattered both men’s skulls with that!”


Spike glances off Alan’s forehead and lands in a heap, both men are finally out! As Jet watches from the sidelines, screaming in horror, Johnny pins Spike down!

















































“Johnny wins!” Pete shouts over the roar of the crowd. Every fan is on their feet, applauding not only for the winner of the match, but for the total effort of all three men combined. “I think you were right King, this match, in the end, turned out to be awfully brilliant, after all!”


“At least I got one plus for this match,” grumbles King. “However, if Alan losing here is a foretelling of Martial Law’s outcome in the main event, I’ll be giggling like a schoolgirl!”


“Well, Revolution Zero lost here as well,” Pete reminds King, and he gets a dagger-like stare from his announcing partner in response.






The announcement is met by a single round of celebratory fireworks, firing just as the referee raises Johnny’s arm up in victory and “After the Flesh” begins pounding across the arena…










As we:


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"Wow, what a night King." Pete enthuses.


"Well, I..."


"And what a night it was on August the 1st, when we were in the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas...for Ground Zero. And on the night one young star made all the headlines by becoming the World Heavyweight Champion, another was further etching his name into the ICTV history books.




**SWF GROUND ZERO, August 1st 2004**

*ICTV Title- Johnny Dangerous vs. Landon "La Cucaracha" Maddix*


"What an EPIC battle!" booms Comet, ignoring him. "And Johnny Dangerous will not let it end without keeping his ICTV Championship!"


Getting back to his feet, Maddix limps across the ring wondering just what in the hell he has to do. Dangerous meanwhile is groggily coming back around...but the damage may have been done. Up he gets, and over he staggers as Maddix lines him up. Suddenly, a surge of energy allows Dangerous to charge at Maddix, arm out-stretched. But Maddix reacts and counters, drop-toe-holding Johnny forward and throat-first into the middle rope!




Dangerous hits the ropes, and bounces out of 605 position...falling to his knees in fatigue as Maddix turns...








"Oh, mercy mercy! WHAT a shot!" Comet clamours as Johnny slumps onto his back.


"He caught him with that one...and usually I'd say this one was over." mutters a worried Riley. "But...even I'm beginning to wonder."



Having hit the shining wizard, Maddix is once again feeling the effects...his kneecap hurting as much as Johnny's head will, once he's conscious again. But with Card yelling at him to capitalise, Maddix forgets the pain and dives on Dangerous, cradling the legs with all his might...



























































The air deflates out of the crowd, as finally Soapdish's hand hits the mat for the third and decisive time. Quickly he leaps to his knees, calling for the bell as he wipes the sweat from his brow.







"YES! IT'S OVER!" Riley explodes, in pure relief.





Landon releases the cradle in ecstasy, clasping his fists to his face. Meanwhile, Card rushes around to ringside and grabs the ICTV Championship from the timekeeper's table, rolling into the ring with it as Megan and Natasha begin to enter the ring as well.


"What a match..."


"And what a NEEEEEEW ICTV Champion!" Riley again exclaims, bashing his fists on the table.


Getting to his knees, Maddix still has his fists clasped against his face...the emotion taking over him. But as Megan enters the ring and wraps a hug around him, the hands come down and he wails a 'YEEEESSSSSS!' for all to hear.





***END FLASHBACK***[/i][/i]



"You guys in the truck are setting Maddix up for a mighty big fall, I'm tellin' ya." King mutters as the camera cuts back to him and Pete. "Can we get back to the action now?"


"Sure thing, King."

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"We are live from Providence, Rhode Island tonight, winding down one of the most exciting Lockdown's in recent memory!"


Longdogger Pete greets viewers back to SWF programming, as the hard camera is focused on the squared circle, now encased by the thick bars of a steel cage for our next match.


"The excitement is going to become pure brutality in just seconds, Pete, because what we've got coming up next is nothing short of a human cockfight. Todd Cortez and Dace Night, two of the most resilient, strong willed and determined competitors in SWF history are being locked up like two convicts in a virtual fight to the death!"


"It's been deemed the Rumble In The Pit, and the only way one man can get out of that cage is to make sure his opponent can't get to his feet. It's not going to be an easy task for either man..."


"...but it'll be damn entertaining to see Cortez and Night in there, killing each other for everyone's enjoyment!"


The blackness on the Smarkton shatters into pieces, running simultaneously with the thundreous drum solo that opens "Painkiller". Flashing lights and pyro light up the entrance ramp as the song kicks in, and through the smoke emerges "Horrorcore" himself, Dace Night!


"He has returned with a vengeance, and tonight is one hell of a proving ground for veteran Dace Night!"


"Ladies and gentlemen" bellows Funyon, our beloved announcer, "the following contest is the Rumble In The Pit! There are no holds barred, and a person is victorious only when their opponent is rendered unconscious! Approaching the ring at this time, he now resides in Tampa Bay, Florida. Weighing in at two hundred, fifty five pounds, he is “Horrorcore”…he is DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!”


Night powerwalks to the ring, running his hands through his red-streaked hair as he circles the piped fencing around the ring. Dace climbs up the steps and enters through the cage door, moving towards the middle of the ring and throwing up the metal horns taunt for the appreciative New England fans. As Dace circles the ring, taking in his surroundings, the flashing white and red lights are replaced by darkness, then by green strobing lights as a pulsing hip hop beat replaces Dace's metal theme. The fans welcome Dace's opponent just as wildly as the Hardcore Champion steps out onto the ramp, greeted by a loud pop.


“Listen to these fans, King! They’re split between two of their favorites here tonight!”


“The only split I wanna hear about is a split lip during this match, maybe a banana split after the show. In no way do I care about fan reaction…I just want to see some bloodshed!”


Todd Cortez peers at the crowd from behind his sunglasses, looking towards his supporters as he raises the Hardcore Title up high, parading to the ring proudly despite the stipulation that awaits him.


“His opponent, hailing from Hollywood Boulevard, is the current reigning and defending SWF Hardcore Champion! Weighing in tonight at two hundred, twenty six pounds, this is the Urban Legend, TODDDDD CORRRRTEZZZZ!”


The Spanish star makes it to ringside, and leaps up onto the wall of the cage, scaling it and then sitting atop the metallic wall, holding his belt up on display for the fans who are still going wild. Cortez then motions to Funyon to catch, as he tosses the Hardcore belt down into the arms of the announcer. Dace Night watches as Cortez climbs down into the ring, sliding the bulletproof vest off and giving that to Funyon upon his exit, then kissing his cherished cross.


“Kiss that cross, Todd. Kiss your ass goodbye while you’re at it!”


Veteran SWF official Jefferson Harding is the third man in the cage tonight, and calls for the bell. Upon hearing the DING echo through the arena, both men move towards the other, and start trading punches immediately!


“No time will be wasted tonight! This is going to be a fight to the death!”


Cortez. Dace. Cortez. Dace. Each man able to get one shot off before the other connects with a retaliatory blow. Finally Night gains the advantage, staggering Cortez and forcing him to move back against the ropes. Dace takes Cortez by the arm and sends him across the ring, getting some momentum by springing off the ropes himself and running at Cortez, firing off a lariat…DUCKED! Cortez keeps running, as does Dace, and Cortez tries for his own lariat upon the rebound…DUCKED! Both men keep running, and this time around Cortez leapfrogs over an oncoming Dace, then spins him around and stuns him with a jawbreaker! Night stumbles away, and Cortez follows, pinning him in the corner and then climbing up on the ropes to hammer away at Horrorcore!






THR-NO! Dace shoves Cortez off of him! The Urban Legend bounces off the mat and rolls to his feet, running full speed back to the corner and leaping up to monkey flip Dace out of the corner…AND GETS DROPPED CROTCH FIRST ACROSS THE TOP ROPE!


“I don’t think we’ll ever see any Little Legends invading the SWF anytime soon!”


Cortez straddles the top rope, and Night comes over and grabs the wall of the cage, using it to pull himself up so he’s standing on the second rope. As he keeps his balance by holding onto the cage with his left hand, Night takes his right hand and wraps it around Cortez’s head, then starts ramming it repeatedly into the cage wall, driving his foe’s cranium into the thick steel beams! Dace then gets off the ropes, while Cortez falls over back into the ring, where he’s immediately scooped up off the mat by the longtime favorite. Dace leads Cortez by the head towards the corner, and rams him headfirst into the turnbuckle before turning him so that they’re face to face…and drives his elbow into Cortez’s nose! The Urban Legend instinctively covers up, clutching at his face, as Dace hammers a closed fist down into his temple, forcing the street superstar down into a seated position! Dace backs up, while Cortez remains woozy and checking for blood, unaware that Horrorcore is charging for him, running towards the corner for a BOOTSCRAPE~!…NO! Dace has his foot caught by Cortez! The Urban Legend slowly gets up, his grip on Dace’s foot keeping him off balance…and then swings his leg up between Dace’s, delivering a field goal kick that could win Super Bowls!


“Jesus…BOTH of them are going to be sterile after this match!”


Dace doubles over, and Cortez sends him to the ropes, catching him on the rebound and planting him with an inverted atomic drop, continuing to work over that particular body part. Dace doubles over again, clutching himself in pain, and then finds himself dragged across the ring by his hair, and hurled facefirst into the wall of the cage by Cortez! The Urban Legend doesn’t stop there, however, as he pulls Dace up and rams his knee into the side of his head, sending him stumbling across the ring! Dace catches himself on the ropes and pushes himself back up, right into a rear waistlock by Cortez, which is countered…countered again…COUNTERED BY DACE…GERMAN…NO! CORTEZ FLOATS OVER! Todd swings his leg through both of Dace’s, and tries to snap him over with a Russian Legsweep, but Night hammers him in the face with another back elbow, driving him away…THEN TOSSES CORTEZ WITH A HIGH RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!


"Let the concussions commence!"


Cortez holds his head after being unceremoniously dropped on it, pushing up off the mat to his feet with one hand, and leaving himself prone for a running Dace Night to wrap an arm around his head and put him on his back once again, this time with a swinging neckbreaker! Night sits up and moves towards his foe, rolling him onto his stomach before leaping to his feet and bounding for the ropes, coming off with a legdrop to the back of Cortez's neck!


"Dace seems to have found a vulnerable target, more specifically the neck of Cortez."


Night pulls Cortez to his feet, clubbing him across the back of the neck with forearm shots before jerking him by the arm and sending him crashing into the corner. Cortez collides with the turnbuckles hard and staggers out of the corner, walking right into an oncoming Dace...and manages to counter his charge with a drop toehold! Night falls face first into the middle turnbuckle, clutching at his possibly broken nose, as a weary Cortez musters up enough energy to lift Dace up and prop him on the top rope, then pull him into a Tree of Woe position! Cortez fires off several front kicks to the exposed ribs of Night before walking across the ring to the opposite corner...then running in and smashing his knee into the ribs of Night! There's nothing Dace can do as he's caught in the tree and open to assault, and Cortez takes full advantage of the fact by following up his running knee smash with a baseball slide dropkick to the face of Dace!


"If that turnbuckle smash didn't break his nose, that certainly did!"


With Night still stuck in the Tree of Woe, Cortez ponders his next move, then steps out onto the small area between the cage wall and the ropes and starts climbing the cage wall. Cortez moves across the bars like Spider-Man, quickly manuevering himself so that he's hovering a few feet above the turnbuckle that Dace Night is propped up on...






"Pete, let's never see a replay of that...it made me squeamish."


The fans roar as Dace Night, who will probably sound like a fourteen year old girl in post-match interviews, flops off the ropes and down onto the canvas. Cortez immediately rolls Dace onto his back, mounting his foe and pinning his shoulder down with his knees as he holds Dace's head up and drives his right fist into his temple repeatedly, hoping that one of these shots could be the KO punch. Cortez then pulls Dace up and drags him near the corner, keeping hold of him as he seats himself up on the ropes for some elevation, then swings through the air while holding Dace in a front facelock, executing a Tornado...NO! Night pushes Cortez away from him before impact, but Todd quickly runs towards Dace and drives a knee up into the ribs again, then grabs him in a front facelock and lifts...BRAINBUSTER!


"Dace Night just came crashing down on his head, and that could be the fatal blow that costs him this contest!"


Longdogger Pete isn't as precise with his proclamation as he expected to be, as Dace is rattled, but not out cold as he needs to be for Cortez to put a check mark in his win column. Horrorcore lays on the mat, looking up at the ceiling lights of the smallest state's landmark arena.










Dueling chants fill the arena, as the Rhode Island fans let their voices be heard, some cheering on the straight edge street thug, and others hoping for a Horrorcore victory. Cortez, weary as he is, is in much better shape than Dace, and seeing his foe down, ducks out to the ring apron and then springboards off the top rope coming down with a kneedrop right between Dace's eyes! The ever agile Cortez rolls through with the move, coming up to his feet and then leaping to the middle rope, springboarding backwards and again coming down on his opponent, this time with a quebrada!


"A double shot of high impact manuevers from Todd Cortez has Dace Night reeling, but will it be enough to knock him out!?"


Dace is flattened like a pancake, and both Cortez and Harding stand over him, checking on his physical state, but a slight motion of the arm and a reply to Harding's inquiry of if he's OK show Cortez that Dace isn't ready to go down yet! Cortez immediately puts the boots to Night, stomping a mudhole in his foe before yanking him up from the canvas by his hair, then pounding him back down with forearms across the back! Dace rests on one knee, absorbing the shots as he's too drained at the moment to expel any energy in fighting back. Cortez clubs him a few more times and leaves him dazed, moving towards the corner and climbing to the top rope. Dace slowly pushes himself up to both feet, and tilts his head back to see Cortez anticipating the recovery and dive off the top, landing on Dace's shoulders with a flying huracan...NO! DACE CATCHES HIM...AND TOSSES HIM INTO THE CORNER WITH A TURNBUCKLE POWERBOMB!


"Did you see the whiplash Cortez just got, Pete? His head damn near came off!"


Dace falls back after hitting the move, and the fans (well, Dace's anyway) roar in approval, as the Urban Legend is now back on the defensive. A quick split screen replay shows the move in slow motion, as Cortez was hurled viciously into the turnbuckles, his head slamming hard against the top turnbuckle before snapping forward as his body jolted from the impact!


“Make no mistake about it, whoever wins this match is not going to feel like much of one. These guys are going all out and head on. Neither one is going to come out of The Pit at 100%, guaranteed.”


With Cortez rested in a seated position, having not moved since the toss into the buckles, Dace powers up to his feet, slicking his hair back with his hands and taking a few gasps of precious air. He looks around him, through the walls of the cage and then out at the fans, some of whom egg him on, and some who jeer his ability to counteract Todd Cortez. Dace’s attention then turns back to his foe, still propped up against the corner, prone for Dace Night to crouch into a sort of football stance before running forward, and driving his boot across the face of Todd Cortez!




Dace turns around, pumped by the roar of (half of) the crowd, and runs towards Cortez again, hitting a second bootscrape! Dace backs away, looking out to the crowd, this time for approval, and even though Cortez’s supporters jeer this tactic, Dace listens to his fans and sprints towards the corner for the third and final time, kicking his boot across the mouth and nose of his opponent and causing blood to drip from Todd’s nostril!


“A vicious move, one that could send Cortez in for some cosmetic surgery by the time this night is over!”


An adrenalized Dace walks over to his wounded foe and pulls him up out of the corner, dragging him to his feet and propping him up in a standing headscissors before lifting him up onto his shoulders…then charging forward while holding Cortez, and driving him back first into the wall of the cage!


“First the corner post, and now Dace Night has just powerbombed Cortez into the cage wall!”


As Cortez falls, the back of his knees hook on the top rope, leaving him hanging upside down in the small crevice between the ropes and the cage wall. Dace takes full advantage of this situation and measures his opponent up, giving him a receipt for when he was in the Tree of Woe earlier by sliding across the canvas and driving his feet into the back of Todd’s head, sending his face smashing into the wall of the cage!


“Baseball slide dropkick to the back of Cortez’s head, and it causes him to meet the cage wall head on!”


“These two are insane, Pete. These fans aren’t helping either, because for as beloved as both of these guys are, the crowd is nothing short of bloodthirsty and rabid!”


“These fans were promised a fight. Not a wrestling match, not a scientific classic, but a fight, and Cortez and Dace are going to live up to that hype, even if it comes at their own expense.”


Cortez slides off the ropes and falls in the small space outside the ropes, prompting Night to stay on top of things and come and scoop him up. Dace stands on the bottom rope and leans over, yanking on the strap of Cortez’s grey wifebeater and pulling him up to his feet, then snapping his neck down on the top rope, stopping Cortez from regaining his breath and sending him falling back hard into the wall of the cage! As Cortez stands stunned from the stun gun like move, Dace elevates himself into the air and plants both feet into Todd’s chest, hitting a dropkick that pushes Cortez into the wall of the cage yet again! Todd then slumps forward, hanging over the top rope, and Dace easily brings him up from that position, grabbing him in a facelock and hoisting him up, letting him remain suspended upside down in the air as Dace’s fans applaud his show of strength, able to hold Cortez up for several moments before suplexing him to the canvas!


“Nice little nod to his fans by Dace Night.”


“Yeah, because showboating is the thing to do right now.”


Cortez hits the canvas and doesn’t move, but his open eyes and panting keep us aware that he’s still hanging in there. Dace stands up and looks down at his foe, then simply drops an elbow into Todd’s sternum, rendering him stunned once again. Dace stands up, and then follows the elbow up with a legdrop, and Cortez reacts by rolling off to the side after the move, looking to escape the attack.


“At this point even the simplest strikes can be the most effective. Both men are growing weary, and Dace Night used two moves that didn’t exert much energy to successfully delay Todd’s recovery!”


“Jeez, Pete, an analysis like that belongs on CSI, not the SWF!”


Cortez curls up into the fetal position, trying to shell himself from assault, but Night drags him up to his feet, only to have Cortez desperately fire off some punches to the bread basket in retaliation…so Dace drives a knee into Todd’s ribs, then pushes him towards the corner, watching as Todd’s sore back takes the brunt of another simplistic, yet effective maneuver. Todd slouches down against the turnbuckles, but Dace comes over and pulls him right back up, then scoops him off his feet and rests him on the top rope, drawing the attention of the Dunkin’ Donuts center crowd as he follows Cortez up the ropes.


“The low key assault has paid off for Dace Night thus far, and now it seems that we’re going to take it up a notch!”


Dace climbs up the ropes, but then uses the cage wall to balance himself as he walks across the top rope, standing off to the side of Cortez, and then puts his boot into Todd’s throat, pinning his head into the corner of the steel structure! Cortez grunts and gasps, wrapping his hands around Dace’s ankle and trying his hardest to pry the boot away, but it’s ultimately Dace who ends the choke by taking his boot back and hopping down to the canvas. Dace then runs right back up the ropes, ready to send a beaten Cortez down to the canvas, but as he tugs on the waistband of Todd’s pants, Cortez cradles the top turnbuckle with his legs, preventing himself from being carried over! Dace realizes what’s going on and again resorts to the clubbing forearms, working over Todd’s neck some more before making a second attempt at a superplex. Again, Todd blocks the move, and then starts to push himself up, causing both men to jockey for position as they teeter up on the turnbuckles! Both Cortez and Dace stand tall on the third rope, each one trying to get some type of advantage, which comes to Cortez as he drops low, wrapping his arms around Dace’s waist…






The crowd roars as Dace flops around on the canvas like a fish out of water, again victimized by a shot to his “glass jaw” of sorts. Even Jefferson Harding seems to have been hurt by that move, as the look on his face as he watches Dace squirm is equivalent to the painful grimace on the face of Dace!


“Todd Cortez just took that simple, yet effective motif of Dace Night to the nth degree! A SUPER inverted atomic drop, when a normal one is painful enough!”


“There are so many genitalia jokes to be made tonight, Pete, but I’m going to refrain, because that poor sucker is in enough pain as it is!”


As Dace suffers from the latest turn of events, Cortez pulls himself up with the aid of the ropes, and then turns around and nearly knocks Harding over as he moves towards his injured rival. Cortez then suddenly stops short and looks over to Harding, giving him the once over, which sort of creeps the bashful official out.


“Is Cortez checking out Jefferson Harding?”


“What? No, he must…well then…”


In an odd turn of events, Pete’s commentary is interrupted by the sight of Todd Cortez, hardcore street thug, pulling referee Harding towards him and then…fondling him? No, Cortez undoes Harding’s belt buckle, and yanks the pant supporter from around the waist of the SWF official, then wraps it around his hand, buckle exposed!


“Ah ha! Improvise!”


“You call molesting an official improvising?”


“I thought you were going to refrain from the sex jokes?”


“That’s before Kobe here got frisky with poor Harding!”


Despite the odd circumstance surrounding it, it’s understood what Cortez was doing, as he walks over to Dace and pulls him up onto his knees, then takes his covered fist and starts hammering at the temple of Dace! Night’s forehead becomes raw as it takes shot after shot, and Cortez momentarily pulls away, but only to expose the metal prong of the belt so that it jabs Dace in the forehead as he gets hit! A wound opens up on the forehead of Dace Night, and drops of blood spatter on his nose and cheek as Cortez hammers away, turning those small drops of blood into more of a trickle as the beating continues!


“Dace Night is busted open, all thanks to Jefferson Harding’s belt!”


Cortez keeps hammering, working the cut like a prizefighter would, but gets cut off at the pass by Dace, who delivers his own low blow out of desperation to put a halt to the offense of the Urban Legend! Cortez doubles over, and Dace reaches for the ropes and pulls himself up to a standing base, moving towards Cortez at the same time Todd swings his belt wrapped right hand out with a haymaker…BLOCKED! Dace lifts up his own right arm and hooks Todd’s as it swings around, then spins behind him and hooks his left arm, then carries him over and DROPS HIM ON HIS NECK WITH A RELEASE DRAGON SUPLEX!


“Neck Brace City!”


Dace takes a few moments to get up, while Cortez kicking his legs is more than enough to prove he’s still conscious. As Dace pushes up onto all fours, he gets a gleam in his eye as he notices Harding’s belt laying on the mat, free from Cortez’s grasp. Dace crawls over and reaches out for the fashion accessory turned weapon, taking it and wrapping his right hand up with it just like Cortez did moments ago. Rather than pulls his opponent up, Dace stays grounded, rolling Cortez onto his back and then mounting his shoulders, peering down into his eyes before bringing his fist into Cortez’s temple!


“So I guess this is improvised vengeance, eh Pete?”


Dace returns the favor to Cortez in spades, as Todd gets busted open and has blood sputtering from HIS forehead thanks to the same tactic that gave Dace his crimson mask. Dace keeps hammering away, but Cortez pushes him off, and quickly rolls onto his stomaching, getting up on all fours and trying to push up to his feet, only to hear…




…and feel it too, as Dace unwinds the belt from around his fist, and sends the strap smacking across the back of Cortez!




And again!


Cortez tries to inch away, but Dace gives chase, whacking him a few more times in a taunting, almost playful fashion before swinging the belt out like a lasso and catching Cortez around his neck, choking him out with the belt!


“He could have him right here! A choke is enough to put any man out, and Dace Night could see victory just moments from now!”


Cortez tries to wriggle free, doing his best to pry the belt from around his throat, knowing that there are no rules in effect to save him! He does his best, circling the ring with Dace holding on tightly, blocking the air from reaching Todd’s lungs! Luckily for him, Cortez manages to back Dace into the corner, ramming him against the turnbuckles, but the reaction is short-lived, as Dace keeps the belt clutched, and pulls back on it, still trying to choke Cortez out. Todd continues to struggle, his energy starting to fade as a good chunk of the crowd calls for his comeback…and in a last ditch move, Todd reaches back and grabs Dace by the head, bringing his chin down onto his head with a sitout jawbreaker! Dace staggers backwards, but is caught by the corner, keeping him propped up while he tries to shake off the tide-turner…but he cannot shake off the Yakuza Kick that follows!


“Corner Yakuza Kick by Todd Cortez just caught Night square in the face!”


Night’s eyes roll back into his head as his legs give, his now raglike body supported only by the ropes. Cortez takes the belt back in his hand and returns to what he was doing mere minutes ago…pounding on Dace Night and adding some red streaks to his hair with the man’s own blood! Cortez props himself up on the second rope and fires away, drilling the belt buckle into Dace’s forehead until Dace musters up enough energy to push Cortez down to the canvas, the only counteraction he could manage! Todd shakes the shove off pretty easily and moves in for the kill yet again, but this time Dace bounds out of the corner with a LARRRRRRRRRRRRRIAAAAAAAAAAAATOOOOOOO that takes Cortez out and even has Dace falling over!


“I don’t know if it was the force behind that lariat, or the fact that any other man would be in a hospital bed right now, but that move took as much out of Dace Night as it did Todd Cortez!”


Both men lay on the mat for several seconds, but knowing that any longer could cost them the bout, they struggle to their feet, knowing that they’ll need one hell of a recharging after they make it out of this cage tonight. As they struggle to come to, the belt lay on the mat, free from both their grips…until each one spies it and dives for it, like a five year old who spots a hidden Easter egg! Dace and Todd come up to their feet, playing a game of tug of war with the strap, and as Dace seems to win, he pulls Cortez towards him, using the strap to aid him in executing a short arm lariat…DUCKED…AND THE BELT IS SWIPED FROM DACE’S GRIP! Cortez quickly throws the belt over Dace’s head, and fastens it around HIS neck, then pulls Dace up onto his shoulders and starts yanking down on the belt!


“Hangman’s neckbreaker with the aid of the belt, and now Dace Night is in danger of asphyxiation!”


“He’s got him dangling over his shoulder like Santa’s sack of toys!”


Dace desperately kicks his legs as if he’s running in place, trying to gain a leverage advantage that will put his feet on the canvas and help him counter, but Cortez keeps a firm hold! The crowd is at a fever pitch, with no favor being shown to either man right now. Instead, a sense of anticipation fills the crowd as they know the end is coming, but still don’t know whether to expect it for Dace or Cortez!


“Dace Night is fighting as much as he can!”


“How much fighting can a man being hung REALLY do, Pete? It’s over, just ring the bell now!”


Cortez tries to not let the belt slip through his sweaty palms, as Dace continues to kick, trying to move himself enough to throw Cortez off balance! Finally, Dace catches a break, as Cortez clings to the belt, but stumbles backwards, putting Dace in a position where he can kick off the ropes and push himself over Cortez’s back! Night floats over, landing right in front of the Urban Legend and freeing himself…AND AT THE SAME TIME TODD LEAPS OVER HIS BACK AND CRADLES HIS WAIST, SPIKING HIS HEAD OFF THE CANVAS WITH THE RIOT ACT PLUS~!~!~!~!~!




“All I saw was a damn blur! What’d he do!?”


The fans roar LOUDLY, probably even some of Dace’s supporters, as Todd Cortez managed to counter Dace’s resurgence in one fell swoop. Harding slides to the canvas and checks on Dace Night, who lay with his face buried in the ringmat, causing a puddle of blood to be absorbed by the canvas…AND THEN CALLS FOR THE BELL!


“Harding’s calling for it! Dace Night is out!”


The bell sounds, and many, if not most of the fans come to their feet, as an exhausted Todd Cortez doesn’t seem to believe it’s over. Harding reaches down and slowly helps pull the Urban Legend up to his feet, then raises his arm up in victory, signaling that the bout is indeed over!


“Ladies and gentlemen, your winner…TODDDDD CORRRRTEZZZZZ!”


“It was a fight. A brutal, bloody, hellacious contest that either one of these men would rightfully deserve to win. Tonight, that man happens to be Todd Cortez, and we really need to see how he did this on replay. Could we get that cued up?”


For both the commentators and the fans at home, the last few seconds of the match plays again, showing Cortez struggle to keep his grip on Dace Night, and Dace’s eventual counter as he kicked off the turnbuckles and floated over Todd’s back, which ultimately left him prone to the Riot Act Plus.


“There you see it, as soon as Cortez felt the weight of Dace Night lift off his back, he looked up and sprung off his feet, diving over Dace’s back, and…well, Dace never knew what hit him.”


“If he had hit that move right off the bat, these two would have never had to go as far as they did to try and win!”


“Give them credit where credit is due, Todd Cortez knows that sometimes you have to find any means necessary to counteract your rival. Dace Night might have some of the same beliefs, but tonight these two were put in a situation where they knew all allegiances needed to be put aside in hopes of their survival.”


Back in the cage, Cortez waits as the cage door is opened, and is helped out of the ring by SWF staff which have come to ringside to aid he and Dace. As “Breathe” plays over the loudspeakers, fans of Todd and Dace alike give applause to the two fan favorites for going into the cage tonight and creating a few new moments for the highlight reel. Cortez steps out of the ring and looks back through the steel bars at his foe being helped up, and points to Dace, then pantomimes an applause, telling the crowd to show some respect for the man after what they’ve just gone through.


“Look at that. Blatant sucking up!”


“I think Dace is perfectly comfortable knowing what had to be done tonight, King. It may not feel good in the morning, but he knew what to expect.”


“If you say so, genius.”


“Fans, that was nothing short of intense, but we still have a main event to go. Another member of Martial Law is in action tonight, and he’s determined to make up for his recent World Title loss. When we come back, Landon Maddix meets up with Revolution Zero’s own Sean Davis, title for title, ICTV vs. USJL. Who will emerge victorious? Who will pose a challenge to new SWF World Champion Sacred? We’ll find out when we return, after this!

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"Wow, what a battle we just saw..." enthuses Pete...almost, as if he's setting something up.


"You call that a battle?" King scoffs. "Why, back in '97, I ha..."


"And what a BATTLE it was in Manchester, England on November 7th...Ashes 2 Ashes 2004, the Royal Beatings Match for the SWF ICTV Championship. And on that night, the controversy was laid to rest and history was truly made. Let's roll the flas..."


"What the HELL is with all these ridiculous 'flashbacks'? I tell you, if I were in charge, I wouldn't be devoting all this dead-time to some wannabee star, EX World Champion in the hope of making people give a DAMN about him!"


"So, what do you suggest we do instead?"


"If it were me, I'd be trying to sell these people merchandise. Like THIS!" King quickly rummages under the table, pulling out a black t-shirt with his face adorned on it. "Now you too can be a color commentator in the comfort of your own home, with this new Suicide King t-shir..."


"Can we roll the flashback now?" mutters Pete.


"Hey! I need to sell these! I've got 20 boxes in my mom's garage and she's been nagging me all week to start selling them!"


"King, you know, you have absolutely no bid'ness selling merchandise that crummy on a show like this. Roll the flashback guys..."




**SWF ASHES 2 ASHES, November 7th 2004**

*ICTV Title- Max King vs. Landon "La Cucaracha" Maddix*


"King has passed out! The ICTV Champion is in the Land Of Nod and now, Maddix has to reach all four turnbuckles again!"


Releasing the hold, Maddix...blood in his eyes and all over his face...wastes little time in falling backwards towards the corner and touching the first corner!






Maddix then wearily pulls himself up on the ropes, breathing heavily as he looks to go for the second turnbuckle...and nearly decapitates King in the process, as he still has some of the strap wrapped around his throat! The crowd gasp slightly as King's head is wrenched back, before Maddix stumbles over and unwraps the strap. Now the strap is as long as it's going to get, so Maddix stumbles away and towards the second turnbuckle...








"COME ON KING!" Riley wails, desperation growing.


"Maddix is two away...TWO AWAY!"


But suddenly the oxygen and blood loss gets to him and Maddix falls to his knees. Only to then suck it up one more time and pull himself along the ropes, using them to get towards the third corner. Still he has to find the energy to reach up, and to raise his hand...







"ONE MORE MADDIX!" Comet screams, impartiality thrown out of the window.


"But King is up! King is up!"


He is. But, King is also incredibly weary and weak...what with just being choked out an' all. Maddix turns and sees King through the blood that is caked across his eyelashes...taking one last deep breath and pulling himself up. So smartly, King positions himself between the turnbuckle and Maddix, leaving the two men at a stand-off. Neither wanting to move neither wanting to give up their position. Until Maddix wearily flips King off again!




Suddenly, King loses his composure, charging at "La Cucaracha" and looking to take his head off with a clothesline. But Maddix ducks, looping up the strap as King turns back around...





..and nailing him in the FACE with the strap! King goes down and hits his head on the bottom rope as he goes, while Maddix makes a last effort for the turnbuckle. He's just inches away...before suddenly the strap tightens, King having landed on a portion of it as he fell! An agonising distance now seperates Maddix from victory, as he makes one last effort...
















The MEN Arena has exploded as Maddix slumps into the buckles, getting quickly freed from the strap by referee Hardcastle whilst the cage is being raised from the ring.





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We return to Lockdown ahead of the main event, with the Rhode Island crowd in typically rampant mood as the camera pans through the cheap-seats. Various signs around the arena are picked out, mostly the pro-Maddix variety, before the camera focuses on a set of eleven fans with large gold letters, spelling out "LA CUCARACHA". Although, beneath them, there is one fan wearing a Revolution Zero shirt holding up his "SUCKS" sign, almost perfectly placed.


"Welcome back to SWF Lockdown!" The Suicide King calls, as the camera switches to him, Pete strangely off screen. "We're moments away from the main event here in Rhode Island, which will pit Revolution Zero versus Martial Law, with two titles on the line. The ICTV and USJL belts, up for grabs tonight, in a match that could see our FORMER World Champion become a FORMER ICTV Champion and then, hopefully, a FORMER SWF superstar."


"I doubt that'd happen King..."


"We can only hope." King continues,














As the post-riff section of "Megalomaniac" blasts through the arena, the crowd go APE as Landon Maddix emerges through the curtains and pauses on the stage. Maddix, take aback a little by the reaction, thrusts his hands to the sides momentarily before turning back to the curtains, as Megan Skye emerges out after him. Checking her man is ready, Megan pats him on the back before the duo begin to stride down the rampway.


"Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is your MAIN EVENT!" booms Funyon. "Scheduled for one fall, it is for both the SWF USJL and SWF ICTV CHAMPIONSHIPS! Introducing first. Accompanied to the ring by Megan Skye... from Huron, South Dakota. He weighs in tonight at two hundred, twenty pounds. The leader of Martial Law and your current, reigning and defending SWF INTERCONTINENTAL-TELEVISION CHAMPION... LLLLAAAAANNNDDDDOOOOOOONNNN! "LA CUCARACHA!" MMMMMMAAAAADDDDIIIIIIIIIXXXXXX!!!"




Leaping to the apron in one bound, Maddix unstraps his title belt and places it upon the top turnbuckle, climbing to the middle rope before he scoops the gold (well, silver, but still...) back up and raises it above his head. Megan applauds on from the apron, as Landon leaps up and into the ring.


"There he is...the three-time Intercontinental Television Champion." Pete says proudly. "Fresh off of defeat to Sacred and losing the World Title in the process, this will be a true test of this young 20 year old's metal here though. This will be first time Maddix and Davis have ever been in a ring together for competition, so there's no previous experience to draw on for these men."


"Maybe not directly." rebuts King. "But I'm sure Sean Davis has been told ALL he needs to know by his Revolution Zero co-horts. That's the advantage of having men behind you, you should know that Pete."


"Well, let's not forget, Cortez and Clark have battled Davis in recent months too...so, I'm sure Maddix has some idea of Davis' capabilities."


Jigging on the spot, Maddix tries to loosen himself up, get himself focused as he knows he's in for one hell of a fight. Megan stands to his side with words of confidence which sink in through the cheers of the fans...




...until suddenly, the lights around the Dunkin' Donuts Center drop to near darkness. Low rumbles of thunder accompany boos. Anti-Revolutinary boos.


"Uh-oh...the storm's brewing." mumbles Pete.


"Yeah, and it's the Perfect Storm!"


The blinding white pyro suddenly illuminates the arena, like lightning bolts from the sky...





...and where there's lightning, there's thunder! The boos raise a notch as "F.E." by 40 Below Summer suddenly hits, as the stage is bordered by rising flames which surround the monsterous USJL Champion and his not-so monsterous associate, Marcus Washington.


"And his opponent..." Funyon again bellows. "...he is a member of Revolution ZERO..."




"...and is accompanied to the ring by Marcus Washington. From Jacksonville, Florida... he weighs in at two hundred and seventy five pounds! The current, reigning and defending SWF UNITED STATES-JUNIOR LEAGUE CHAMPION... "THE PERFECT STORM!" SSSSEEEEEAAAAAAAAANNNNN DDDAAAAAAVVVVIIIIIISSSSSSSS!!!"




Undettered by the boos, the Revolution's powerhouse stares up into the ring at his opponent as he reaches the ring, eyes locked right back at him from Maddix. Washington fires some harsh words at Landon, making sure to stay behind Davis as he does so, whilst the USJL Champion climbs to the apron.


"Well, for Sean Davis this is a HUGE chance to advance his career to the next plateau." Longdogger forsees. "Davis has never been ICTV Champion. Where-as, Landon Maddix has of course been the USJL Champion, back in May of last year...and of course, he legally owns two-thirds of the belt's lineage."


"He doesn't own the LINEAGE, doofus." King snaps. "He just owns the belts."


"Eh. They're worth more than lineage anyway."


"I highly doubt it. Those JL belts were mostly made of scrap-iron."


Davis enters the ring calmly and confidently, already towering over the ICTV Champion from across the ring. Referee Mathew Kivell takes the USJL Title from Davis quickly, doing the same with Maddix's ICTV strap...and holding both prizes in the air, sending all eyes upwards in the process.





Already the crowd are firmly in the ICTV Champ's camp...






...as the bell rings. As he calls for that bell, Kivell hands off the championship collection to Funyon as he leaves the ring. Meanwhile, Megan too leaves the ring with a parting smile to Maddix, a smile Landon nervously reciprocates as she goes.


"Look at that look, would ya?" chuckles King. "That is fear, right there!"


"I dunno about fear." Pete argues. "But, I guess it's clear to see, losing that World Heavyweight Title has shaken La Cucaracha's confidence a little."


As Davis and Maddix leave the corner, Kivell wisely steps out of the line of fire, leaving the two champions to meet in the centre of the ring. And immediately, it's clear that Davis has the height advantage, although Landon tries not to seem daunted. After a brief staredown, Davis finally extends a hand, looking for a greco-roman knucklelock to start. The nervous Maddix takes a deep breath before he goes for the hold, only for Davis to suddenly change his mind, locking up collar-and-elbow style with the youngster. And predictably, Maddix doesn't last too long, before finding himself getting propelled backwards across the ring!


"Wow! Impressive strength shown by Davis!" enthuses Pete.


Hitting the mat, Maddix rolls through to his feet and goes for broke, charging headlong...straight into a big boot, connecting square across his jaw! Maddix hits the mat like the proverbial sack of wet mice, scrambling to his knees holding his right cheek. Quickly, Davis keeps up the pressure and hauls Maddix up and into the corner, the ICTV Champ quickly covering up his face...only to get kneed in the gut once. Twice. And a third time. Groaning, Maddix doubles over, while Davis hooks him under the armpit...



...and beils him a good couple of feet above the ring ropes, sending Maddix into orbit before plunging back to earth like a poorly built space-shuttle!!!




The fans groan as Maddix is left laying in a crumpled heap in the centre of the ring, Davis seemingly in total control as he saunters over. Maddix slowly tries to get back up, Davis giving him a helping hand. Once the ICTV Champ is up, Davis reels back and delivers a brutal right hand, sending Landon reeling backwards and careering through the ropes, to the floor!


"And the ICTV Champion crashes to the floor. Maddix has just been completely unable to get into his stride here." Pete points out.


Megan is quickly over to meet her man, hiding her pensive look and checking that he's okay before she hands out some more encouragement and advice. Meanwhile, in the ring, Davis patiently (at least for now) waits, as Maddix rolls back in. Another deep breath from Maddix gives Sean a little more confidence...confidence which multiplies, as for some reason, Maddix lifts an arm, looking for a test of strength.


"That punch must have been harder than I thought." muses King. "Either that, or this kid is dumber than I thought. One of the two."


Looking at the hand almost curiously, Davis shakes his head and raises his on the opposite side, his left. Landon shrugs that off and carefully raises his hand towards Davis', but as he slowly starts to do so, Davis raises his hand inch...by inch...until his hand is out of reach.




Washington laughs away on the outside, as Davis continues to hold his hand out of the ICTV Champ's reach, almost taunting him in the process. So, unable to lock up with Davis, Maddix simply boots him in the kneecap instead! Davis grabs his knee with a low moan, which allows Maddix to grab Davis' hand now, not stupid enough to test strength and instead wringing his arm rapidly, releasing the Perfect Storm on the third wring...and dropkicking him firmly in the back. A reeling Davis stumbles forward towards the corner, Maddix hot on his heels, getting a head-start and barging him forward with all his might. Davis takes the buckles shoulder first, stumbling out whilst Maddix bounces off the ropes. Coming back, Landon ducks a flailing arm. Back again, another clothesline from Davis, again Maddix is too quick and ducks. Still Maddix keeps on runnin', rebounding and flying at his opponent with a forearm that crashes across Davis' forehead! The bigman stumbles and spins, falling across the middle rope...and with a quick dropkick in the tush, Sean finds himself on the floor.


"The...hell was that?" mutters King in disbelief.


"That was Landon's big advantage over this huge opponent- his speed and agility." Pete replies.


Davis doesn't appreciate Maddix's flashiness, as he's left fuming on the floor, Marcus trying to calm him down on the outside. But suddenly, Davis and Marcus scatter, as Maddix fakes them out with a 605! Rotating back into the ring, it's now Maddix with every right to feel confident, as he cockily motions for Davis to 'bring it on'.


"This kid doesn't want to make the mistake of getting over-confident here Pete. That may have been Davis' mistake. Getting lulled into that test of strength fake-out, due to over-confidence."


Far from over-confident now, the only emotion running through Davis' mind now is anger as he clambers back onto the apron. At which point, Maddix charges, clubbing Davis in the face with a forearm! Sean teeters over the concrete, as Maddix clubs him with three more quick forearms, still unable to cause Davis' downfall...emphasis on 'fall'. So, Maddix looks for some more momentum and hits the ropes. As he does, Sean quickly enters the ring and charges across the ring. Maddix still has time to adapt though, baseball sliding through Davis' legs and scrambling back to his feet behind the lumbering Jacksonvillian. Around turns Davis, ready to take Landon's head off, but not reckoning on the ICTV Champion being one step ahead...







"Ouch!" Pete groans, felling Davis' pain as the Rev0 member clutches his chest. "Those suckers hurt, huh King?"







"No doubt." admits King. "Believe me, if someone chops you hard enough, you're going to be marked for days..."







"...but, I don't think Maddix is that someone..."





With a roar of intensity, Davis shrugs off the chops and just MOWS through Maddix with a vicious football tackle, straight out of Florida State...and Maddix sells it just like a Spanish footballer, rolling around in agony on the canvas. But obviously, Matthew Kivell isn't carrying any yellow or red cards...probably because he's American.


"I don't think you get tackled like that in the football Maddix knows from home." Pete points out.


Grabbing Maddix by the hair, Davis drags the ICTV Champion off from the canvas and to his knees, then to his feet. Weakly, Landon slumps into Davis' stocky frame, winded from the collision from moments earlier. Davis takes his time as he grabs Maddix by the wrist, sending him hurtling off into the turnbuckles, which Maddix hits at high speed sternum first! The turnbuckles send him staggering backwards and wraps Maddix's arm behind his head, in a full nelson. Up goes Maddix and DOWN goes Maddix, with a Full Nelson Slam! Quickly, Davis covers...




















Maddix shoots a shoulder out.


"We know Davis is naturally powerful, but the main advantage he has is that explosive power." points out King. "He can get a boost from seemingly nowhere, like on that move.


As Maddix struggles up, Davis lines him up and slams a boot across the side of his head. The force drops Maddix against the bottom turnbuckle, where Davis moves in and starts to grind his boot across the boyish good-looks of La Cucaracha, until Kivell steps in and moves him away. Not wanting more BOOTSCRAPING~, Maddix quickly uses the ropes to pull himself up. But Davis is lying in wait, charging with another football tackle, aiming for a big hit on the ribs...







...but instead, getting a BIG hit, shoulder first into the ringpost! Maddix drops to his knees, relieved to have avoided the contact, as Davis remains poleaxed in the corner.


"Now, that wasn't explosive ANYTHING...that was pure luck!" sneers King.


"Luck, judgement...either way, Maddix moved, Davis drooled."


"...that doesn't even rhyme!"


With a hand pressed to his ribs, Maddix advances on Davis and pulls him out of the corner. And smartly, Maddix locks on an armbar on the kneeling Perfect Storm. Not a particularly well applied one though, as Davis escapes in a matter of second and muscles Landon off to the ropes. Rebounding, Maddix again goes to slide through Davis' legs. This time though, Davis ready for the move, ducking down at the perfect time and catching Maddix like a baseball in his large catcher-like mitts...AND SITTING DOWN ACROSS MADDIX'S NECK WITH A HUGE LEGDROP!




"And the proverbial pendulum swings again!" cries Pete with a grimace. "Back and forth, these two aren't evenly matched physically, but in ability they are much similiar."


"Yeah, but not when one has a broke neck."


Still facedown, Maddix clutches his neck. Meanwhile, Davis bends down and flips La Cucaracha onto his back, looking for some ICTV goldage with his cover...



























"Kickout, but with little conviction." sighs Pete.


Sensing control again, Davis brings the empained Maddix back to his feet. Davis quickly hooks on a front facelock and throws the arm, setting Maddix for a suplex.





Davis stops, possibly with a little bit of a rookie mistake in reacting to the crowd...or, maybe not, as moments later he lifts Maddix up. With the 220 pounder up, Davis leaves Maddix hanging for a moment, before DROPPING HIM STRAIGHT ON HIS GOD-DAMN HEAD!!!!






"Oh man..."


Laid flat out, the ICTV Champion is in a bad way, Davis wasting little time in following up with the cover...































As Maddix shoulder barely grazes off the canvas, Megan slumps into the apron, hands underneath her chin and a nervous look etched on her face.




The call from Washington gets through to Davis. But rather than answer it, Davis instead pulls Maddix to a seated position...and after favouring his shoulder a little, locks on a reverse chinlock.


"Smart move." says King approvingly. "Almost a veteran move. Giving him time to relax, whilst putting more pressure on Maddix's neck."


For added measure, Davis adds in the knee directly under Maddix's neck. Kivell is in to check on Maddix's condition, but just like Eddy Long on Storm, he recieves a torrent of Spanish abuse for his trouble. Davis wrenches on the head again to shut Landon up though.





The crowd rally behind Maddix, which after a good period of time Maddix begins to react to it. Fighting up first to one knee, then to his feet, Landon alievates some of the pressure. But as he gets up, Davis releases the chinlock, replacing it with a waistlock. With a heeeeeave, Davis tries for a German, only to find Landon's leg intertwined tightly with his! Again Davis tries, again Maddix's block is just about sufficient, only getting a couple of feet off the ground before he teeters himself. So Davis releases the waistlock, but not Maddix, gripping his tights and YANKING him back into a rear clothesline!


"My LORD, what a shot!" gasps Pete as Maddix flaps and flops on the mat like a fish out of water.


"I'm telling you, explosive power."


With Maddix facedown again, Davis has Maddix in position for his Avalanche, submission finisher...but decided against attempting it. Just yet. Instead, he scoops Maddix from the canvas with a front facelock applied, throwing him against the turnbuckles. Maddix is helpless, as Davis peppers him...a right, a left, right, left, knee, right, right...the USJL Champion able to pick his shots.


"I don't get why Davis is prolonging this King." Pete announces.


"You don't?" King questions, as Davis throws Maddix out of the corner and into the centre of the ring, Maddix falling to the canvas. "I'll give you a hint. Toxxic."




"Believe me, if Toxxic has told Davis one thing besides 'Win', it's 'Destroy that little runt Maddix...once and for all'. Davis'll do it too, if Maddix makes himself a nuisance."


As Landon pulls himself up in the middle of the ring, Davis slowly advances on his smaller opponent, almost casually gripping his goozle. Maddix doesn't have time to THINK of a counter, as Davis grabs the tights and DRILLS Maddix into the mat with a hellacious chokeslam! Landon bounces off the canvas, bringing grimaces to the faces of fans around ringside, as Davis stands over Maddix for a moment. Finally, he does the smart thing and makes the cover...


































Undettered, Davis gets back up, waiting patiently. Not quite running on empty yet, Landon begins to get back up and instinctively he's drawn towards the ropes. Davis strides in after Maddix, grabbing him by the hair...and HEADBUTTING Maddix in the crown of his head, Andre style!! Wearily Landon drops to his knees, pulled up by the hair again...and headbutted again!! Megan is now watching through a shaky gap between her fingers, as Davis releases the hair, instead locking on the full nelson again. But, even in his dazed state, Maddix has presense of mind enough to place a foot on the middle rope.



"LET'EM GO!" Kivell screams dramatically, before putting on a count. He reaches three, before Davis hauls Maddix off the ropes, the flailing leg of the ICTV Champ connecting with Kivell's jinx as he's swung like a ragdoll. Like the referee he is, Kivell drops to all fours, winded. Davis doesn't notice and sets up for his Full Nelson Atomic Drop, not seeing Megan give Maddix the signal...












"HELLLLOOOOO!" Pete shrills.


Davis groans and crumples back against the ropes with a hold of his yambag, whilst Maddix collapses to his knees too. Just a second too late, conveniently enough, Kivell recovers and sees both men hurt, ignoring Washington's hysteric claims off the lowblow from the outside. After all, who'd trust a lawyer.


"That was HIDEOUS!" King seeths. "Davis had this match in hand by FAIR means, but of course, our 'proud' ICTV Champion couldn't fight fair in reply, could he?"


As both Davis and Kivell's testicles tingle, Maddix uses the ropes to get back up, Davis having remained upright but doubled over. Landon quickly boots Davis in the gut to keep him that way, before backing off the ropes and leaping up, stomping BOTH his feet across the shoulder blades of Davis and bouncing off him like Super Mario himself! The Mushroom Stomp brings Davis crashing down face-first, rolling onto his back once landed, as Maddix hits the ropes again and AGAIN drives both feet into Davis' body, this time across the sternum!!


"DOUBLE STOMP SERIES!" Pete cries, suddenly feeling Maddix's surging chances, despite Maddix favouring his neck in the ring. "Maddix having to use ALL of his 220 pound against the behemoth...AND THERE'S THE COVER!!"

























Despite Pete's reaction, Davis kicks out relatively easily.


"If only your hyperbole could actually help Maddix." King sneers at his broadcast partner.


Up to his feet, Maddix is feeling the adrenaline. He's also feeling his neck, aching considerably. Meanwhile, Davis is pulling himself up, his right shoulder bothering him again after the Mushroom Stomp. Maddix sees that and as Davis turns, Maddix clubs a double axehandle across the joint. Only for Davis to swat him away. Landon remains on his feet and uses the ropes to launch back, leap into the air and bring Davis down head-first with an almight DDT!




The crowd erupt as Davis is spiked on his dome, but after a seemingly potent manuoever Maddix doesn't follow up with a cover...instead, exiting to the apron and climbing up top! Noise from the fans swells as Landon clambers up the buckles, Megan willing him on, whilst Marcus wills his man to get up.



"Landon up top, Davis is in the centre of the ring...what's he thinking King?"


"He's NOT!" cries King. "I mean, let's face it, Maddix's neck can't stand his high-risk. And besides that, what can Maddix do from this distance?"



Reaching the top, Maddix stops and twirls his finger around his ear, making a motion to the crowd that he must be crazy.



"I dunno King...Swandive maybe?"


Adjusting on the top, Landon realises just how far away Davis is now, maybe having second thoughts.



"A Swandive!?! On an injured neck!?! He can't be that stupid..."


But he's come too far now. So, he plants his feet on the ropes, standing tall on the top...and sprining into the air...






"...okay, maybe he can..."












"SWANDIVE, MISSED!" cries Pete in dissapointment.


Up to his feet, Davis is a little lost momentarily, spinning around the ring until he finds Maddix, who has bounced off the mat on landing. Davis hurriedly locks him in a front headscissors. Dazed, Maddix has no counter, as Davis grabs his tights and pulls. The pull begins to bring Landon's legs off the mat, as Sean continues to tug...giving Landon a considerable wedgie...before sitting out, SPIKING Maddix on his weak neck with a Pulling Piledriver!!


"And that's it!" King calls prematurely...











































As Landon's limp arm shoots up, Davis can scaresely believe it.


"Maddix is hanging on for now." Pete points out. "But, how many more times can he survive Davis dumping him on his head?"


"Not many." King confidently predicts. "Especially if he's dumping himself on his OWN head too."


Pulling Maddix limply up to a seated position, Davis strides off behind the ICTV Champion, eyes targetted on his neck as if he had crosshairs for pupils. Backing up as far as the ring dimensions will allow, Davis then charges...









...and SMASHES Maddix's spine with a stiff kick!!


"Man alive...that was about a 50 yard punt." grimaces Pete.


"If not for some skin and flesh, Maddix's vertebrea would be in the fourth row right now."


As Landon groans in agony and collapses to the mat, back arched up from the kick, Davis now signals that it's time to end the match. Reaching down, he pulls Landon up to his knees, gutwrenching him there.


"Uh-oh...we could see the Cyclone Driver here."


Maddix knows what's coming and promptly goes dead-weight. Even then though, he doesn't have enough dead-weight, as Davis can still muscle Maddix onto his feet, gutwrench still locked in. The crowd know what Davis is planning and react accordingly.





But those chants seem to spur Davis on more than anything, raising his knee up into the breadbasket of La Cucaracha repeatedly until he's suitably weakened. At which points, Davis muscles up again, heaving Landon all the way up over his shoulders in Canadian Backbreaker position. However, Maddix chooses exactly the right time to halt his resistance, going out of dead-weight. As a result, Davis suddenly has too much force, allowing Maddix to slide over...






...until eventually, Davis's grip breaks and Maddix lands safely behind Davis! "WHA!?!" is all King can grunt, as Landon desperatly hits the ropes, rushing back. Furious, Davis doesn't bother to plan ahead, simply charging with a football tackle. But Maddix is prepared, side-stepping 'out of bounds', which causes Davis to sprawl throat-first across the middle rope!




"Ooh! Ooh!" Pete cries excitedly, as Maddix instantaniously runs across the ring. "I think Davis winded himself, which leaves him open for a 605..." And Pete is spot on, as Maddix bounces off the opposite ropes, charges back and hooks the ropes, whipping into Davis with the...



















Maddix's boots smack Davis in the face and he falls back, whilst Landon lands on the apron. And with Davis down, Landon again begins to head to the top rope!


"This again?" groans King.


"Well, I don't know why you're surprised King-man. Let's face it, Maddix has to use these tactics to keep the pressure on Davis. He needs speed. He needs to hit hard. And he needs to do it quickly, because one move simply won't keep this bigman down."


In the meantime, Maddix has reached the top rope and with Davis not moving, Landon makes it quick as he leaps off the ropes...




...touches the toes...






...and CONNECTS with the Frog Splash, remaining on for the cover...











































"OH!" Pete groans with the fans. "So close to Landon becoming two-time USJL Champion!"


Now it's Landon left to look surprised, questioning Kivell. But the referee brandishes just two fingers, so Maddix pulls himself back up and backs into the corner. Still his neck is clearly giving him great discomfort, but he puts it behind him momentarily as Davis is struggling up. From the outside, Washington is using his fast talking mouth to warn Davis. But one look into Davis' eyes tells Marcus his man is dazed and needs a break, so he leaps to the apron!



"Hey!" cries Pete...










"HEY!" King cries.


Washington collapses off the apron to the floor, as Maddix turns back to Davis, shuffling towards him and firing off some Sweet Cuca Music...






...but the momentary distraction has given Davis recovery time, allowing him to catch Maddix and DROP him with a desperation back suplex! But it's not desperation for long, as Davis pops back up and ROARS at Maddix to get back up!


"Oh my lord!"


"He's dead Pete...it's time to give up the ghost, because Davis is gonna kill this kid right now!"


It's then that Sean's shoulder comes back to haunt him, but he shakes it off and backs into the corner. Up comes Landon slowly, staggering in the general direction of Davis, who comes out of the corner...












...and RECIEVES the Music! The shot cocks Davis' head back but luckily he doesn't fall to the mat, instead falling back into the turnbuckles. Davis is dazed, Maddix weakened. The kick came from nowhere, his last reserve possibly gone. But Landon knows he has to find some more and drags Davis out of the corner. Landon then labours over twisting Davis around and pushing him forwards...









...into the ringpost for the SECOND time in the night! This time, Davis stumbles out of the buckles with a pained expression, turning around. Maddix is desperate now, resorting to a forearm flurry. Three. Four. Five connect, before Maddix tries for the sixth...





...which Davis avoids, locking on the full nelson...







...and hitting a Full Nelson Atomic Drop, compressing the spine of the ICTV Champion! But the expected bounce away doesn't happen as Davis, agonising shoulder and all, clings onto the full nelson despite the pain and rolls off to the side, sitting down across the kneeling Maddix AND APPLYING THE AVALANCHE!!!




"Avalanche! Avalanche, locked in!" cries King. "Maddix is trapped and he's completely screw..."




...but suddenly, Davis' right handed grip comes completely free, his shoulder unable to hang on any longer to Maddix's fastmoving, fighting arm. Angrily Davis curses at his own agony and tries to grab the arm of Maddix again. But by now, Maddix has taken advantage of the mere sniff of a reprieve, rolling to the side in a manner that frees his other arm, taking out one of Davis' legs in the process. Davis' tries to grab Maddix, but he scurries behind the bigman...







"Maddix reverses, and now it's Davis in BIG trouble!!!"


"HOW!?!" King cries in disbelief. "HOW DID HE DO THAT!?!"


Davis is trapped as Maddix manages to mount the back of Davis and pull back, trapping the bigman's bad arm in the process of applying the hold! Despite having a bad bodypart of his own, unlike Davis' arm, Maddix's neck isn't causing him to lose control of the hold, and Davis' shoulder is preventing him from fully powering out of the hold, his resstance and his internal lights... slowly... fading...













"IT'S OVER!" Pete explodes, as the crowd ERUPT into life!




As the crowd go absolutely nuts, Maddix releases the Land Of Nod and grabs at his neck, clutching it tightly, as Megan is left to retrieve the belt...the belts.





Megan slides into the ring and embraces Landon, making sure not to hurt his neck in the process, before pulling back and dumping the heap of gold into Landon's lap. Maddix is hardly able to believe he got Davis to tap, but thanks his lucky stars that he could, looking down and seeing two belts. A sight he must have thought impossible after Storm.


"Maddix did it, and what a war!" Pete enthuses. "Despite the punishment his neck took, Landon Maddix was able to get the victory, Sean Davis' bad shoulder all that was needed to swing the match. And now, Martial Law have a piece of gold BACK from Revolution Zero! We've run out of time, but, we leave you, with Landon Maddix...DOUBLE CHAMPION! AGAIN!"




Maddix, wearily, raises the belts over his head, our last parting scene...




...as we FADE OUT!

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