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PROMO: 'Helpline'

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In a hotel room in Washington DC, Toxxic picks up the receiver of the phone. Jet is out checking out the nearby restaurants and the Straight-Edge Sensation has some time to himself. Time to think about his match tomorrow night against Dace Night, but also time to think about the future. And one match in particular.










“Eh up, how’s it going?” Toxxic asks, absent-mindedly twisting the phone cord around his finger.


“Toxx! I was wondering when I was going to hear from you!”


“Well, now you know,” the straight-edger tells the person on the other end of the phone. “So what’s new?”


“Nothing much. Some training, some working, the usual. But I’m guessing this isn’t just a social call, am I right?”


“Yeah, you’re right,” Toxxic admits, grinning ruefully. “I’ve been thinking about some things. Namely, as much fun as it is bouncing around this ring hitting people with flying wadjamacallits and springboard oojamaflips, I need to adapt a bit. I think the time will come where I’m gonna need to be able to do more than slap a hammerlock on someone if I need to take them down on the mat.”


“Well, you’ve come to the right place. But I’m not sure I can help you much in time for your match with Dace tomorrow-”


“Oh, don’t worry about Dace,” Toxxic laughs. “I know what he can do, and even if he beats me tomorrow, so what? I mean, it’s not like I haven’t beaten him before, he leaves straight after, and I’m the guaranteed Number One Contender. No, I’m thinking about that World Title match.”


“Go on.”


“Either way, I’m getting Sacred or Francis,” Toxxic tells the other person, “and that means, either way I’m getting someone who does that nasty Narcosynthesis or Bittersweet or whatever each one calls it.”


“Well, you saw how Landon got out of it, didn’t you?”


“Yeah, I know that,” Toxxic says, slightly impatiently. “But I’m not Landon, as well you know. Also, Sacred isn’t quite as good at it as Mak. Plus, I want to know all the ways of getting out, not just one, and preferably how to block it without getting in it in the first place!”


“OK, I can see that… look, I could give you advice over the phone but that just wouldn’t be the same. How about I head over and run you through some things after Clusterfuck? Then we’ll know exactly who you’ll be facing and how to prepare for them, plus I can show you stuff in person.”


“If you could do that it’d be great,” Toxxic tells the other person, looking slightly surprised. “Won’t that upset your training schedule though?”


“Huh, none of them are going to be making World Champion anytime soon. I know a couple of guys who can take over until I get back. Besides… you will be paying me for this, won’t you? I mean advice is one thing, a few training sessions is another.”


“Yeah yeah, that’s no trouble,” Toxxic assures the other person. “So when will you be flying?”


“It’ll be a couple of days, but no-one ever works the Storm after a Pay-Per-View do they? Especially not a World Title match. Don’t worry, we’ll have days to get stuff together. Just let me know where Storm is and we can meet up on the way.”


“OK man, no problem,” Toxxic grins. “I’ll be in touch. Wish me luck against Dace tomorrow.”


“Good luck. No offence Toxx, but you’re going to need it.”



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Nice, as always, I really enjoyed the dialouge because it was pretty recongizable- wasn't over-the-top or anything. Also leaves me curious but Clusterfuck's not the longest time away... so I should get back to my match. But this promo was definitely worth the quick break.

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