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PROMO - Chaos.

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“Is he gone yet?”




“Thank Christ.”



Ah, the Penthouse suite. Excellence beyond description, just like the three men that inhabit the posh domain at that very moment. Devin Geddon stands at one of the large floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city, while behind him the Phenom sits on the couch, flipping through the television channels as Matt Harms takes another sip of coffee, uncaring of the fact that is past midnight. Stories below them, headlights continue to meander by as folks are still trying to get out of the arena, traffic jammed into the recesses of downtown as fans stayed after to meet some of their favorite wrestlers, only the Disciples of Chaos were long gone, taking it upon themselves to have an early night and head back to discuss their future plans. Alas, it has taken them until just now to get Warren Peace out of the room, as his constant babble had nearly driven Geddon insane, and he did not want to toss the poor guy through the window and onto the street below.


“Who would have thought those morons would show up?” Phenom turns toward Geddon for an answer, but the giant is silent.


“Who cares, man? We need to be worrying more about ourselves and less about what they think. They want to call themselves the best, well they can talk all they damn well please, but it’s our actions that are going to be proof of our dominance.” Matt speaks up, slamming his cup down and nearly shattering it on the marble counter. “Let them talk. We will act.”


“What do you propose first, then? Because if it comes down to it I might have to duct tape some mouths closed.” Phenom slams his fists together, a small smirk forming on his face. This time Geddon does speak, coming up behind his co-champion on the couch.


“Gentlemen, please.” Devin starts, his eyes watching the hover-cam float from side to side in front of him. “Our name says it all. Chaos. The one thing the ‘Elite’, as they call themselves, can not handle. Ever since we left the arena…” He tries to continue, but Matt cuts him off.


“…you’ve been one quiet and annoying little shit.” Devin glares, and Matt glares back, neither unaffected.


“I have been thinking of what we will be doing next week. And I have had a few ideas. Chaos is the name of the game, gentlemen. It’s the name of the game. So let me ask you two a question…”


Matt and Phenom watch as Geddon goes toward the dining area and lifts up a chair. He holds it in his hands and smiles before heading through the doors to the balcony, tossing the chair into the night and down into the street. The two men’s eyes open wide as car horns and car alarms pierce the air as Geddon watches on before turning back to his team. The camera moves toward the balcony, but the big man’s voice is loud and clear…



“Who better to bring the chaos…then us?”

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