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Dace Night and Toxxic drew after the 30 minute time limit expired in a Pure Wrestling Rules match. An 'unofficial' 5 minutes were added on the agreement of both wrestlers, leading to Dace winning with a Choke Sleeper.


Landon Maddix won the 2005 Clusterfuck to gain a World Title shot at From The Fire


Sacred defeated 'The Franchise' Mak Francis when Francis was disqualified for the use of a steel chair.

(Sacred retains SWF World Title)







'The Critic' Scott Pretzler made Carnage submit to the Snowflake Clutch.


'The Urban Legend' Todd Cortez pinned 'Hollywood' Spike Jenkins with the Riot Act Plus through a table.

(Todd Cortez retains the SWF Hardcore Gamer's Title)







Scott Pretzler made Kaine submit to the Snowflake Clutch. Kaine had to be stretchered out afterwards.


Todd Cortez pinned Danny Dagda after a 450 double-kneedrop.

(Todd Cortez retains the SWF Hardcore Gamer's Title)


Spike Jenkins beat Manson 5-3 in a No Gravity match.

(Spike Jenkins retains the SWF Cruiserweight Championship)


Landon Maddix, 'The Perfect Storm' Sean Davis, Austin Sly, Carnage and Ebony were prevent from participating in Mall Brawl VI by security.

(Landon Maddix is still USJL Champion)


Wild & Dangerous defeated the Royal Order when Johnny Dangerous pinned 'The Big Demon' Dominic Korgath following the Death From Above.

(Wild & Dangerous retain the SWF Tag Titles)


Alan Clark and Sacred fought to a no-contest in a Lumberjack Match when the Lumberjacks (Toxxic and Mak Francis) became overly involved and Crossfire ran out of time.

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This will be updated further when i have time to go through the painfully-slow search process again and again. Unless any of the bookers have a handy list of results so far they can PM to me, in which case I will update it to present then carry it on as and when.

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